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									                           House Call
   FALL 2008

               & CARDIAC

Traveling the
Road to
Officer Darryl
Henning’s Story

Tips for a
Healthy Heart
                                      Breast Cancer:
                                        What You Should
                                    Know and How Yakima
                                       Regional Can Help
                Yakima Regional
                Welcomes New Clinical Staff
                   Philip Capp, MD                 Alfredo Loera Jr., PA-C
                   Resident, Central Washington    Yakima Regional
                   Family Medicine                 Emergency Room

                   Urana Commet, ARNP              Janet Menieur, DA
                   Yakima Regional Hospitalists    Yakima Valley Farm Worker’s Clinic
                   Margarita Deluna, DA            Amra Nasir, MD
                   YVFWC Lincoln Ave.              Resident, Central Washington
                   Medical-Dental Clinic           Family Medicine
                   Joel Deming, PA-C               Patrick O’Brien, MD
                   Central Washington              Diagnostic Radiology,
                   Neurosciences Clinic            Yakima Valley Radiology
                   Joe DiMeo, DO                   Geoffrey Ping, DDS
                   Family Medicine, Terrace        General Dentistry, Viewcrest
                   Heights Family Physicians       Pediatric Dentistry
                   Byron Gatlin, MD                Ankur Rana, MD
                   Obstetrics and Gynecology,      Resident, Central Washington
                   Cascade Women’s Health Care     Family Medicine

                   Mark Gonsky, DO                 Tyrone Rodriguez, DDS
                   Resident, Central Washington    Pediatric Dentistry,
                   Family Medicine                 Children’s Village

                   Jennifer Hill, RCS              Amber Sheets, RCS
                   Yakima Heart Center             Yakima Heart Center

                                                   Pragati Singh, MD
                   Tracy Keniston, PA-C            Internal Medicine, Yakima
                   Orthopedics Northwest           Neighborhood Health Services

                   Seshurao Kruthiventi, MD
                   Neurology, Central Washington   Kathleen Stewart, PA-C
                   Neurosciences Clinic            Terrace Heights Family Physicians

                   Kerby Laguerre-Simon, MD        Maria Verduzco, MD
                   Resident, Central Washington    Resident, Central Washington
                   Family Medicine                 Family Medicine

                   Jonathan Wilson, DO             Rui Yang, MD
                   Resident, Central Washington    Resident, Central Washington
                   Family Medicine                 Family Medicine

2   FALL 2008
Building the Future
On May 2, Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center broke ground
on a significant expansion designed to raise the standard of patient
care available in central Washington.
  “We are currently working on three big projects—a        these construction
new pharmacy, an in-house magnetic resonance               projects? Changes
imaging (MRI) unit scanner, and a central energy plant,”   will include:
says Joe Ketterer, assistant administrator at Yakima         • a larger
Regional. “We began these projects to serve the needs      pharmacy with more
of our growing community and to improve the already        storage area and
high quality of care available at Yakima Regional.”        increased security
Looking AheAd                                              features. The pharmacy’s new location also will put this
  These construction plans are part of an ongoing          vital service in closer proximity to the emergency room.
effort to revamp the campus at Yakima Regional. By           • a permanent home for the leading-edge MRI
December 2009, residents of the Yakima Valley will have    equipment already available at Yakima Regional.
access to the area’s first in-house MRI, as well as 32       • an energy plant with three new generators so
new rooms designed to take comfort for patients and        Yakima Regional is fully supplied with power in case
their families to the next level.                          of emergency.
  What will patients see at Yakima Regional thanks to        For more information, visit

A Season to Remember
Each December, the caring staff and volunteers
at Yakima Regional Home Health and Hospice
gather with community members around the Tree of
Remembrance to honor and remember loved ones.
  The annual celebration began in 1990 after a chaplain
suggested establishing a special place where people
could come during the holidays to grieve and remember.
The 2008 event is slated for December 18 at 11 a.m.
in St. Elizabeth Hall at Yakima Regional Medical and
Cardiac Center. The service combines music, poetry,
and religious readings. Each attendee is also invited to
share memories of his or her loved ones.
  Dove ornaments cover the Tree of Remembrance,            Karen Hamilton and daughter Becky Jones reminisce at their Tree of Remembrance.
and at the end of the service, attendees can take a
dove from the tree home with them to create their own      Hospice. “We hope to help people express their grief
loving remembrance.                                        over their loss. People come back year after year
  “This ceremony is very important to our community        because our volunteers act as a support group that
because it provides comfort to those in need at a          offers hope and honor.”
painful time of year,” says Ellen Rowley, bereavement        To find out more about honoring a loved one or the
coordinator at Yakima Regional Home Health and             Tree of Remembrance Ceremony, call (509) 575-5093.

                                                                                                                        HOUSE CALL   3
traveling the road to recovery
March 5 began as just another day for Yakima Police Department Officer Darryl Henning. He was
conducting a routine traffic stop with his motorcycle lights flashing when a van failed to yield and pulled
out directly in his path.

    “I don’t remember the impact,” says Henning. “A
van pulled out and stopped right in front of me. I braked,
but my motorcycle couldn’t stop and struck the van on the
driver’s side. The next thing I remember is waking up on my
back in the street with people hovering all around me.”
  The impact was so forceful, Henning’s gun and holster
were found 15 feet from his body. Henning was rushed to
Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center.
  The accident left Henning’s body battered and bruised—
he had two broken wrists, a fractured pelvis, and his left leg
was broken in four places, including the kneecap.
  The initial going was tough, but never once did Henning
quit. After spending two weeks in the hospital, he began
physical therapy at Yakima Regional, also attending therapy
at the hospital’s outpatient clinic for help with his wrists.
  “When I first started out, I couldn’t do anything for
myself, not even scratch my nose,” says Henning. “For a
while, I got around in an electric wheelchair, and after a
couple months, I was finally able to walk again on my own.
You learn to never give up.”
An outpouring oF Support
  While Henning began his rehabilitation at Yakima
Regional, the community set out to comfort him. As
a member of the Yakima Police Department for nearly
two decades, Henning was well known throughout the
community for his kind heart and dedication.
  “When Officer Henning was in the accident, he and his
family received support from all across the community,” says
Marti Brunelle, CRRN, director of inpatient rehabilitation
services at Yakima Regional. “Not only did he receive

encouragement from the law enforcement community, but
he even had someone he’d given a ticket to previously write          Inpatient rehabilitation at Yakima Regional
him a get-well card. That’s the kind of reaction people have         Medical and Cardiac Center offers the
to Officer Henning.”                                                   community peace of mind by providing
  Henning continues to participate in physical                       intensive and expert care from an entire
rehabilitation, and his therapists are helping him regain            team of professionals who have hundreds
movement and strength in his legs and hands. With                    of years of combined experience. We
determination and the help of Yakima Regional therapists,            specialize in helping you feel better as
he hopes to one day ride again in the line of duty.                  quickly as possible. In fact, the average

  “I’d rather be on a bike than in a car,” says Henning. “This
                                                                     length of stay is only 9 to 10 days.
job is what I was made to do.”
                                                                            —M. Sean Mullin, DO, medical director of inpatient
  For information about rehabilitation services at Yakima
                                                                             rehabilitation services at Yakima Regional
Regional, visit and select
“Services” and then “Inpatient Rehabilitation.”

4   FALL 2008
Providing a
SAne refuge
 According to the National
 Coalition Against Domestic
 Violence, a woman is sexually
 assaulted every 2.5 minutes.
 Yakima Regional Medical and
 Cardiac Center provides help
 when women need it most.
                                                                                      THE HISTORY OF SANE
 No one likes to think about sexual assault, but if the unthinkable happens,             Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
you can rest assured that you will receive the most respectful and compassionate       (SANE) programs first appeared
treatment from the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) at Yakima Regional.           nationwide in the 1990s, but the
FiLLing the Void                                                                       story of these caring providers
  When Jacqui Bush, RN, BSN, SANE, clinical resource nurse at Yakima                   of vital services for victims of
Regional, realized that there were no nurses in Yakima County able to provide          sexual assault began several
specialized care to sexual assault victims, she approached her director about          decades ago.
taking the training course to become SANE-certified. The program has grown,              In the 1970s, locations
and now she is one of a handful of Yakima Regional nurses who are                      including Memphis and
SANE-certified.                                                                        Minneapolis began offering
  “Prior to this training, these victims might have been left alone in the hospital    programs for nurses with a
waiting room until a nurse and a physician became available,” says Bush. “Now, we
                                                                                       special interest in providing
immediately find a room and notify our local sexual assault advocate. The medical
                                                                                       compassionate care to sexual
staff is still very involved in the care of these victims, but a SANE nurse can
assess for injury and complete evidence collection in a timely and                     assault victims. The program
respectful manner.”                                                                    continued to grow through the
                                                                                       1980s and 1990s. By 1999, it
A SAne nurSe’S roLe                                                                    was estimated that 300 SANE
  After a sexual assault, SANE nurses:
                                                                                       programs were available across
  • get important health information from the victims
                                                                                       the country.
  • assess the possible psychological side effects of the attack
  • gather evidence and document findings
  • assist the victim in getting additional medical care, including referrals to
physicians or psychologists                                                           If you or a loved one
  “For me, there is a great deal of satisfaction in working on cases like this,
even though they can be emotionally draining,” says Bush. “We are always ready
                                                                                      has been sexually
and willing to help the victims of sexual assault because we focus on not only        assaulted, seek medical
collecting evidence after the attack, but also on providing the victims with          attention immediately,
emotional support.”
                                                                                      prior to showering or
  For more information about the programs and services offered through
Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center, visit             changing clothes.

                                                                                                            HOUSE CALL   5
      “You have breast cancer.”
     These are the words every
  woman fears. Recent studies
  show it’s time to take heart—
 detected at its earliest stages,
 breast cancer is treatable, and
    more women than ever are
     surviving. Yakima Regional
   Medical and Cardiac Center
    has the detection tools you
        need. In honor of Breast
Cancer Awareness Month, isn’t
    it time you were screened?

    Screen for                          better breast health
       “Early detection saves thousands of     younger women based on family          mammograms, breast ultrasounds,
    lives every year by allowing physicians    history and other risk factors.        ductograms, ultrasound-guided core
    to diagnose and treat breast cancer          • breast self-exams for women        biopsy, and needle localizations,” says
    at a less advanced stage,” says Joanne     starting in their 20s (optional).      Callahan. “Beginning in November,
    Callahan, RT(R), mammography                 • clinical breast exams—at least     women will also be able to receive
    coordinator at Yakima Regional             every three years for women in their   magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of
    Medical and Cardiac Center. “Women         20s and 30s and annually for women     the breast at Yakima Regional, which
    should take proactive steps by             over age 40.                           will provide patients and physicians
    performing monthly breast self-exams       WhAt SerViceS Are                      with an additional diagnostic tool.
    and getting mammograms every year                                                 Our goal is to provide complete care
    after age 40.”                                                                    for women’s breast health.”
                                                 Yakima Regional provides
       The American Cancer Society offers                                               For more information about breast
                                               comprehensive imaging and screening
    several steps women can take to guard                                             health services at Yakima Regional,
                                               services, including specialty exams
    their breast health, including:                                                   visit and
                                               needed for diagnosis.
       • annual mammograms for most                                                   select “Services” and then “Breast
                                                 “Our facility offers routine
    women ages 40 and older and for                                                   Health Center.”
                                               screening mammograms, diagnostic

                                                                                        Have You Had
tipS For hAVing A MAMMogrAM
                                                                                        Your Mammogram?
Have an appointment for your                  • Don’t wear deodorant or
first mammogram? The American                 antiperspirant to the exam. Some
Cancer Society offers the following           contain substances that can               In recognition of National
guidance for preparing for a                  interfere with the mammogram              Breast Health Month in
mammogram:                                    results.                                  October, Yakima Regional
                                              • Wear a shirt that is easily             Medical and Cardiac Center
• Avoid the week before your period           removable.
when scheduling a mammogram.
                                                                                        will be offering a discount
                                              • Speak with your physician or
Your breasts tend to be most                  technician regarding any concerns         on routine screening
swollen and tender at that time.              you have about your mammogram or          mammograms. For more
• Arrive 10 minutes early to                  what it could reveal.                     information, contact the
complete paperwork and allow 30                 To schedule a mammogram at
                                                                                        Breast Health Center at
minutes for the mammogram.                    Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac
                                              Center, please call (509) 454-6130.       (509) 454-6130.
6        2008
    FALL 2007
                   healthy Lifestyle expert
                   Coming to Yakima in February
  Yakima Regional Medical and            advice on living a healthy lifestyle   interviewed on the Today Show,
Cardiac Center is hosting a              in the real world. His work includes   CNN, Good Morning America, and
free public presentation by Joe          10 best-selling books that are         Fox News. He has hosted three
Piscatella, one of the nation’s          used by cardiac rehabilitation and     PBS television specials including
foremost experts on the relationship     wellness programs in more than         Take a Load Off Your Heart, which
of lifestyle habits to cardiac health.   5,000 hospitals. The books have        is currently airing nationally.
His February 5 appearance at             sold 7.5 million copies. His newest    He has served as the only non-
Seasons Performance Hall will kick       books are Take a Load off Your         medical member of the National
off Yakima Regional’s Heart Month        Heart, a cutting-edge book on          Institutes of Health Cardiac
efforts to educate the community         stress, and The Road to a Healthy      Rehabilitation Expert Panel, which
about issues related to                  Heart Runs Through the Kitchen—        is charged with developing clinical
heart health.                            straight information on a              practice guidelines for physicians.
  During the past two decades,           healthy diet.                            Only 400 seats are available for this
Piscatella has created “teachable           As a spokesman for a healthy        great event. Call (509) 575-5799 to
moments” for others—practical            lifestyle, Piscatella is regularly     obtain your free tickets.

Joe Piscatella’s
           Tips for a Healthy Heart
  These are a few of the steps you can take to help          week. Omega-3 fatty acids, found abundantly in
you on your way to achieving a healthy heart:                salmon, mackerel, and other oily fishes, have been
  Feel Your Oats Foods high in soluble fiber—                shown to lower cholesterol, reduce triglycerides, help
oatmeal, beans, fresh fruits, broccoli—form a gel that       prevent blood clots, and contribute to the body’s
not only interferes with cholesterol absorption but          production of anti-inflammatories.
actually helps excrete it naturally.                           Drink to Your Health Studies show that moderate
  Watch Out for Trans Fat One study showed that              consumption of coffee, black tea, and alcohol can
women who consume lots of trans fats had a 66                reduce heart attack risk.
percent higher risk of heart disease.                          Go Nuts One serving a day (about the size of
  Don’t Pass on the Sweet Potatoes Brimming with             a shot glass) of walnuts or almonds can reduce
beta-carotene, fiber, folate, and vitamins E and C,          harmful LDL-cholesterol.
the sweet potato is rated No. 1 healthiest vegetable.          Picture It A healthy serving size of meat = a deck
  Morning Math Choose whole-grain cereals that               of cards. Cheese = four dice. Peanut Butter = a golf
contain at least 3 grams of fiber per serving.               ball. Bagel = hockey puck. Pasta or rice =
  Nothing Fishy About It Eat fish at least twice a           cupcake liner.

                                                                                                           HOUSE CALL   7
Calendar of Events
Cardiac Rehabilitation Classes                     following questions will be addressed:
  Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center       • How often should I exercise?
offers the following free classes in the ICCU
Conference Room. Call (509) 573-3592 to find
                                                   • How long should I exercise?
                                                   • How do I know how hard to exercise?
                                                                                                        Yakima Regional Medical
out more about dates and times or to register.     • What if I don’t even like to exercise?             and Cardiac Center
Label Reading                                      Introduction to Relaxation Techniques
  Learn what facts on food labels are                  The ability to relax or de-stress is as simple
important and how to apply this information to     as taking a breath and as challenging as
your individual needs.                             focusing on that breath without distractions.        Monte Bostwick, CEO
                                                   Come and learn some simple tools you can
Tobacco 101                                                                                             Board of Trustees
                                                   use to create a more peaceful, reduced-stress
  A tobacco control manager from the                                                                    Dr. John Adkison                            Norm Johnson
                                                   life for yourself. Discover the power and
American Lung Association will help you                                                                 Maureen Adkison                             Jake Jundt
                                                   rejuvenating benefits of relaxation.
understand nicotine addiction and why it is                                                             Dr. Ashutosh Bapat                          Dr. Phil Menashe
so hard to quit. You will learn the benefits of    Heart Healthy Eating                                 Sen. Alex Deccio                            Ken Messer
quitting and tips on how to make a successful         Changing what you eat is one of the most          Michael Gamache                             Dr. Pat Overand
quit plan.                                         effective ways to reduce cholesterol levels,         Dennis Green                                Dr. Julia Robertson
                                                   blood pressure, and weight. This class covers
Getting to Sleep                                                                                        Gayle Hall                                  Betsy Roy
                                                   nutrition guidelines, label facts, restaurant        Rep. Bill Hinkle
  Would you like to look forward to going to
                                                   dining, and “good” vs. “bad” fats, as well as
bed and getting a good night’s rest? Many
                                                   how to put exercise and food together to make        For health information, physician referral,
people struggle with getting to sleep and/or
                                                   positive lifestyle changes.                          employment opportunities, and more,
staying asleep. This class covers the basics of
good sleep hygiene. Come and sleep better!         Pleasure                                             please visit our Web site at
                                                     Pleasure is commonly thought of as a     
Heart Basics
                                                   positive experience related to happiness,
  This class is designed to give you an
                                                   entertainment, and enjoyment. People usually            House Call is published by Yakima
understanding of how your heart works.
                                                   feel pleasure through activities like being with     Regional Medical and Cardiac Center as
Identified are basic heart anatomy and
                                                   loved ones, listening to music, writing, and/or      a public service to the people of Central
physiology, cardiac risk factors and ways to
                                                   accomplishing something. As we age and               Washington. This publication in no
reduce your risk, symptoms of heart attack,
                                                   confront illness, our experience of pleasure         way seeks to serve as a substitute for
and skills to assist those who have recently
                                                   can be interrupted. This class offers you a          professional medical care. Consult your
had cardiac surgery or heart attack through
                                                   chance to consider dozens of potentially             physician before undertaking any form of
the recovery process.
                                                   pleasurable activities and decide which new          medical treatment or adopting any exercise
Diabetes: Another Word for                         ones you might like to try. The presenter also       program or dietary guidelines.
Heart Disease                                      explains the concept of psychological neoteny,
  Diabetes is such an important risk factor        which might offer you a few ideas about play,        Editor: Janice Richards, marketing director
for heart attack that it is often referred to as   spontaneity, and reckless abandon—why not?           (509) 575-5282
“another name for heart disease.” Type 2
                                                   Understanding Your Medications
diabetes puts you at three times the risk for
                                                      A pharmacist will help answer your
the development of cardiovascular disease,
                                                   medication questions with regard to problems
and this class helps you to recognize the
                                                   frequently encountered, how to make your
signs and symptoms.
                                                   prescription dollar count, and how to keep your
Principles of Exercise                             medications straight.
   This class will highlight aerobic exercise,
strength, and flexibility. Answers to the           Want more information? Call (509) 573-3592.

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