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OCCASIONALLY YOURS...                                                                                York Region Occasional
                                                                                                         Teacher Local
A Newsletter published by the: Occasional Teacher Local, ETFO-York Region District
                                                                                                     Issue #2, December 2010
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Betty Lou Twiddy                                                                  School Year: 2010-2011

September, October and November have certainly gone by quickly. Not only were there many
more LTOs this year but the levy information indicates daily work was up as well. I am sure
everyone is looking forward to some time off to relax over the upcoming winter break – a well
deserved rest.

New Vice President: (New phone numbers for VP and President…) Nadia Ciacci
was appointed Vice President effective November 5 and has hit the ground running. Nadia
brings a wealth of ETFO experience to the position and has been busy assisting members with
various job related challenges. We have included two business cards in this mailing. Please         Dedicated to communicating
note there are two new phone numbers where you can reach either the President or the Vice           with our members...no matter
                                                                                                           where they are!
President. If we are not available when you call, please leave a voice message as these are
checked regularly.
                                                                                                        INSIDE THIS ISSUE
“Read all about it!” (use the internet; paper stuff is stopping…)                Newsletters are   President’s Message          1,2
a very important means of communication for OTs. It is most important that you read all the        Health & safety update       2
information in Occasionally Yours. There will only be one more paper copy of the newsletter
                                                                                                   Int’l Women’s Day dinner     2
this year. All other copies will be posted on our site with a notification sent to you by our
                                                                                                   MS Office & Windows7         2
webmaster, provided that we have your non-Board email address! Next year we plan on one
                                                                                                   LOW pricing
newsletter in the Fall and all other communication will be on our web site. We are still missing
                                                                                                   EASP update                  3
over 600 non Board email addresses!
                                                                                                   Equity Workshop              3
    We NEED your non-board email addresses… please send this to webmaster@etfo-yr-ot.ca
                                                                                                   Prof. Development            3
If you are in an LTO position you must make sure you are being paid appropriately. There is
                                                                                                   OT’s “Staff Room” Social     3
some confusion for those who are in an LTO for the first time. Your salary is divided by 194
                                                                                                   More FAQ’s                   4
days. When you get your pay in January it will be substantially less than what you are used to
                                                                                                   Fall General Mtg Update      4
receiving because of the two week break. This can be a shock if you have not prepared for it.
                                                                                                   Contact info & Executive     4
You are receiving the same salary over the year as a contract teacher on the same step in the
grid – the difference is the contract teacher’s pay is stretched out over the year and the LTO’s
pay is not. In other words – you need to budget for that.
                                                                                                    WE NEED YOUR
Star System NOTES: (French Immersion schools not identified; students with
                                                                                                    NON-BOARD EMAIL
special medical needs; PLEASE dial the correct STAR phone number…)
                                                                                                    ADDRESSES! Email
   French Immersion Schools are not identified as such when the system calls you. You might        webmaster@etfo-yr-
want to run a copy of Schools at a Glance (found on the YRDSB site) and have it by your phone       ot.ca We
so you can check when the call comes in. (Note: we also have posted the PDF “Schools at a           will NOT send
Glance” on our website. Just use the search box at the top right.)                                  union emails
                                                                                                    via your board
   Some schools have a booklet they give each OT when they arrive. Please check that infor-        emails. We
                                                                                                    NEED your
mation and the daybook to see if you have students with special medical needs. If a student
                                                                                                    personal non-Board email
makes a request and you are unsure about what to do, check immediately with the office, e.g.        address to keep you informed!

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                               WEBSITE: WWW.ETFO-YR-OT.CA

                      OCCASIONALLY YOURS...                                                                 York Region Occasional
                                                                                                                Teacher Local

                       President’s message ...continued
    PHONE #’s:         If a student claims they need to check blood sugar levels because they are diabetic and you question this
905-727-7071 or
1-877-809-8053         request, call the office immediately to get direction.

                              Please make sure you are dialing the correct number when you want to reach the STAR
                                  system 905-727-7071 or 1-877-809-8053

                       I am sure you will find the information in this newsletter most informative. If you have any questions, do
                       not hesitate to email or call: President Betty Lou Twiddy: president@efo-yr-ot.ca OR Vice President Nadia
     READ              Ciacci: vp@etfo-yr-ot.ca.
  CAREFULLY!           On behalf of the ETFO YR OT Executive, I extend best wishes for the New Year.
                       Betty Lou Twiddy
We email you; post
info on the website;
and send newslet-
ters. The information
included is very im-
portant in your role
as an Occasional
Teacher in York Re-   Health and Safety: Melissa Bancroft– Health & Safety Representative
gion. Please remain
                       In the November 24, 2010 YRDSB “Weekly Update” there was a memo for all OT’s. On-line training
READ your Collective modules for OT’s have been developed and can be found on Connect2Learn. Please follow the
Agreement (CA) to
know your rights      instructions found in the weekly memo as soon as possible.
AND responsibilities.
(see the CA on our    The flow chart for ALL accidents/Incidents included in this mailing should be kept with you at all times. It
                      will help you if you ever need clarification in an accident/incident situation!

                       A new accident/incident form (P540-02) has been developed and has now been implemented in all
                       schools. This form is to be used for ALL accidents and/or ALL incidents. If ANY violence is directed at an
                       Occasional Teacher, please be sure to complete the P540-02 form and submit as required. You can find this
                       form on the BWW site, as well as on our website under Health & Safety.
$$$ SAVE $$$
                       The board is in the works of developing a ‘Footwear Guideline’ for all board employees. Please remember
    Microsoft          that this is a guideline and not a policy. Please look for this document in the weekly memo, as it should be
 “Work at Home         read by all employees.
 Program YRDSB”
The YRDSB has          Please feel free to contact me at any time for clarification for any of the information above and/or if you
both Windows 7         have any questions regarding health and safety.
& MS Office
2007 available for     Have a great holiday season! Melissa Bancroft—-905.252.7044—-health-and-safety@etfo-yr-ot.ca
OT’s at a greatly
reduced price.
Each OT can order
ONE copy of each
via the board.         International Women’s Day Dinner: February 24, 2011. $10. Speaker Dinner Refreshments. See website
To purchase visit:     and Eventbrite link for details.

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                                WEBSITE: WWW.ETFO-YR-OT.CA

OCCASIONALLY YOURS...                                                                                     York Region Occasional
                                                                                                              Teacher Local

                                                                                                         FIRST EVER “OT STAFF
                                                                                                         ROOM” SOCIAL EVENT:
EASP: (Employment Assistance Support Program, the YRDSB support program for employees be-                Come and meet your OT
ing away from work for more than 11 days)                                                                colleagues over compli-
 Do everything the same as before, i.e. Book off sick.                                                  mentary appetizers and
 Document why and when you were away.
 If you are called in to speak with admin, do NOT meet with the Principal and/or the VP without         beverages.
     your union rep being there. Call Betty Lou (President) or Nadia (Vice President).                   Meet, mingle and be
                                                                                                         mellow! It’s our first
This workshop will explore the cultural and religious practices related to world religions that teach-   February social evening
ers must understand in order to provide safe learning environments for all of their students. The        for OTs. We recognize
workshop will highlight the key components of the world religions as well as help to dispel myths,
stereotypes, and prejudices that are related to cultural and religious differences.                      that many OT’s have
                                                                                                         family and/or second job
Place: ETFO-YR-OT offices in Aurora. Date and Time: We are waiting on confirmation of these de-
tails. Please check your website and emails for further information.                                     obligations, so, drop by
                                                                                                         for a quick snack and
                                                                                                         beverage or stay for the
P.D. That Pays! (Tania Mardirosian– PD Chair)                                                            evening.

Question (OT): Will the full day PD workshops during the 2010-11 school year be paid sessions?           Ask your OT Executive all
                                                                                                         those questions that
On Fri. Nov. 12, 2010 ETFO-YR-OT offered its members two fantastic professional learning opportu-        impact your daily role as
nities; Technology in the Classroom and Effective Literacy Instruction. These workshops were spe-
                                                                                                         an OT and gain some
cifically requested from OTs as being subject areas where more professional learning support was
needed. As such, ETFO-YR-OT worked closely with the Board’s curriculum and technology depart-            more understanding of
ments to bring our members workshops that are relevant in today’s classroom.                             the role your union plays
                                                                                                         in helping you succeed as
Anticipating a high demand coupled with our mandate not to turn away any OT, the Professional            an OT. Casual dress.
Learning Committee prepared and ran two venues simultaneously. Unfortunately, attendance for
both venues was low. Time and again, members have reported that one of the key reasons that              We’ll have some door
they were unsuccessful in the interview process was rooted in the answers they provided to liter-        prizes and other draws
acy based questions. In particular, The Effective Literacy Instruction workshop was designed with        during the evening, so
the intention of helping OTs strengthen their understanding of literacy based initiatives as well as     come and beat the win-
enhancing their ability to answer literacy based questions with a degree of relevance, depth and         ter blues!
confidence. The bottom line is simple - if you want to secure an LTO position or a full-time contract
                                                                                                         More details to come.
position it is fundamental that you have a strong understanding of literacy in the classroom.
                                                                                                         Register on the Event-
On Fri. Jan. 14, 2011 ETFO-YR-OT will once again be offering its members both the Effective Literacy     brite link on our website.
Instruction workshop and the Technology in the Classroom workshop. Both sessions will be full day        Yours in Action,
events and will run from 9am to 3pm. OTs who attend either of these events will receive a $100           Michelle Colacci
honorarium (to be paid through payroll).                                                                 Political Action
If you are interested in participating in these workshops, please register ASAP via connect2learn.
Kindly note that these workshops are only for daily OTs and not for those in LTO positions (who
must be present at their respective schools on this day).

As we kick off 2011, I encourage OTs to broaden their exposure to professional learning opportuni-
ties and to dig deep to the core of curriculum based topics and instruction that are front and centre
in education today. Not only will this heighten what you bring to the classroom but it will also en-
hance what you will bring to your next interview.

Answer (Professional Learning Chair): Participating in PD sessions always pays!

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OCCASIONALLY YOURS...                                                                                            York Region Occasional
                                                                                                                     Teachers Local

    Some More FAQ’S:
1.  How many Preferred lists may I be on? Only TWO. The memo sent to all schools last June was also sent to
    your board email. You can find this information on the BWW. Call the office with any questions. Do not
    listen to rumours.
2. How do I know what my reference will say about me? Make SURE you ask the person giving you the
    reference what will be included. As a courtesy you should inform the referee (person giving the reference)
   that their name has been put forward.
3. Do I accept a call for a French Immersion (FI) school even though I do not speak French? Once the calls
   start coming to OT’s who are not bilingual or fluent in French, it means that the STAR system has exhausted      “The kids in our class-
   the French speaking OT’s, and is now trying to fill the vacancy with a qualified teacher. Most FI                room are infinitely
   administrators will recognize that situation and support your role as an OT that day. If you run into            more significant then
                                                                                                                    the subject matter we
   problems at an FI school after having accepted such a daily OT call, then call Betty Lou Twiddy (President)      teach.” -Meladee
   or Nadia Ciacci (Vice President) to get advice.                                                                  McCarty (Author &
4. At which Schools do you want to work? You can see the schools you have chosen on your profile at                 educator.)
   https://star.yrdsb.ca If you want to add schools/remove schools contact star.team@yrdsb.edu.on.ca by

                                         FALL GENERAL MEETING UPDATE
     Our first general meeting of the year was on Thursday, October 21. We had about 40 attendees. The President’s report
     and reports from the other members of the executive were heard. Michelle Colacci was voted in as our new Political Ac-
     tion Representative.

Your 2010-2011 York Region Occasional Teachers’ Local Executive: (see the website for all email addresses and other contact information)

     President: Betty Lou Twiddy          Health & Safety Representative/Officer: Melissa Bancroft
     Vice President: Nadia Ciacci         Political Action Chair: Michelle Colacci
     Treasurer: Anna Vallarino            Status of Women Chair: Edith Shore
     Awards Chair: Nelda Hennigar         Professional Learning Chair: Tania Mardirosian
     Human Rights Chair: Joan Cavanagh    Communications Chair & Webmaster: Dirk Mast

     Secretary: Christine Peckhover

Other Important Contact information
ETFO-YR-OT website: www.etfo-yr-ot.ca
ETFO-YR-OT office address: 126 Wellington St . West, Unit 216, Aurora, L4G2N9
President Betty Lou Twiddy’s contact info: Office Phone: 905-726-8316 Cell: 416-580-2497 Fax: 905-727-2637
Vice President, Nadia Ciacci’s contact info: Office Phone: 905-726-7925
OCT (Ontario College of teachers): 1-888-534-2222
STAR SYSTEM: 905-727-7071 or 1-877-809-8053 STAR Website: https://star.yrdsb.ca STAR Email: star.team@yrdsb.edu.on.ca
ETFO AQ Courses: www.etfo-aq.ca
ETFO professional relations services: 416-962-3836 or 1-888-838-3836
Occasional Teachers’ Resources: www.etfo-ot.ca

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                                                                                                           York Region Occasional
                                                                                                               Teachers’ Local

2010-2011 Professional Learning Workshops...
          The Café: 3 part Book Study Series              Jan.5,19,26     ETFO Office                        4:15 pm to 6:00pm
                                                                          CEC CENTRAL
See be-   The Daily 5: 3-part Book Study Series           Jan.11,18,25    Forest Run P.S.                    4:15 pm to 6:00pm
PAID PD Effective Literacy Instruction                    Jan.14          Premiere Ballroom                  9:00 am—3:00 pm
                                                          (PAID PD)                                          Registration at
PAID PD Technology in the Classroom                       Jan.14          Centre For Leadership & Learn-     9:00 am—3:00 pm
                                                          (PAID PD)       ing (CLL)                          Registration at
          Strategies That Work: 3-Part Book Study         Feb.1,8,15      CEC CENTRAL                        4:15 pm to 6:00pm
NEW       Step Forward with French                        Feb.7           ETFO OFFICE                        4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
          (Note: for OT’s NOT qualified in French
NEW       Tried & True, What Works for You:               Feb.9           ETFO OFFICE                        4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
          (Classroom Management for the OT)
NEW       Tried and True                                  Feb.28          ETFO OFFICE                        4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
          (...EXTREME EDITION)
          Differentiated Instruction                      Mar. 22 & 29 CEC CENTRAL                           4:15 pm to 6:00pm
          2-Part Series
NEW       Tribes Basic Training                           Mar.29,         Legacy P.S.                        4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
          8-Part Series                                   Apr.5,12,26
NEW       Symphony:                                       March 31        Centre for Leadership & Learn-     4:15pm to 6:00 pm
          Library Circulation Training                                    ing (CLL)
          How to Give Effective Feedback: 3-Part          Apr.6,27,       CEC CENTRAL                        4:15 pm to 6:00pm
          Books Study Series                              May 4
          Resume Writing & Interview Workshop             April 12        Centre For Leadership & Learn-     4:15 pm to 6:00pm
                                                                          ing (CLL)
          Resume Writing & Interview Workshop             May 4           Centre For Leadership & Learn-     4:15 pm to 6:00pm
                                                                          ing (CLL)

*Please note that the Daily 5 book study series in January is NOT on connect2learn as this workshop was added to accommodate
only those on the Fall waitlist.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above noted workshops, please register via connect2learn. All details pertaining
to workshop are noted on the registration page. Just because you register on connect2learn does not mean that your spot in the
course is guaranteed. You MUST send in a cheque for $35 made payable to ETFO-YR-OT. Please mail all cheques to the attention of
Lee Lewis, Centre for Leadership and Learning, 300 Harry Walker Parkway South Newmarket L3Y 8E2. If there is a wait list in ef-
fect and your cheque has not been received, you WILL be bumped off the list and your spot will be given to another OT.

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