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					                       Presentations from the 4th
                             IBM TJ Watson Research
                                    April 17/18 2007

Speaker                Organization     Presentation                                            More
Ian Pratt              XenSource        Introduction
Ian Pratt              XenSource        Xen Project Update and Roadmap
Ian Pratt              XenSource        Smart NICs and I/O Virtualization
Ewan Mellor            XenSource        The XenAPI
Tim Deegan             XenSource        Shadow II update
Rich Persaud           XenSource        XenEnterprise 3.2: Features & Roadmap                   Demo
Jeremy Fitzhardinge    XenSource        Paravirt_ops Update

John McDermott         US NRL           Achieving EAL 5/6 Security in a Xen-based Secure VMM
Nils Nieuwejaar        Sun              Crash Dump Support in Solaris
Todd Clayton           Sun              Xen / Solaris Update
                                        Bug Tracking and Quality Management Tools and
Henning Sprang       Strategies

Jes Sorensen           SGI              Xen and the Art of Portability / Xen on the SGI Altix
                                        Secure Architecure and Implementation of Xen on the
Sang-bum Suh           Samsung          ARM 9 for mobile devices
Daniel Berrange        Red Hat          Secure remote management for Xen
Gerd Hoffmann          Red Hat          The Linux Console and Xen                               Paper
Markus Armbruster      Red Hat          Paravirtualized Framebuffer Support in Xen
Yoshi Tamura           NTT Labs Japan   High Availability Clustering Using Xen
George Coker           NSA              Xen Security Modules
Clyde Griffin          Novell           Novell's Key Roadmap Features
KY Srinivasan          Novell           Extending Xen to better support HVM guests
Guy Zana               Neocleus         HVM PCI Passthrough
Michael Kagan          Mellanox         PCI IOV Virtualization and Chanel I/O
Jun Nakajima           Intel            The Next Generation of XenLinux
Jun Nakajima           Intel            VT-d & MSI Support
Anthony Liguori        IBM              Merging QEMU-DM with upstream QEMU
Jimi Xenidis           IBM              Xen / PPC Update
Mike Day               IBM              Improving HVM Scalability

Muli Ben Yehuda        IBM              The Price of Safety: IOMMU Performance under Xen
Ryan Harper            IBM              QEMU-DM Device Performance and tuning
Senthil Benthachalam   IBM              IBM VSM integration with Xen

Stefan Berger          IBM              Managing the sHype Access Control Module via XenAPI
                                        XenSocket: High Throughput Inter-Domain Transport
Suzanne McIntosh       IBM              for VMs
Lucy Cherkasova        HP Labs          Comparison of the 3 Schedulers in Xen                   Paper
                                        Xen Network I/O: Performance Analysis and
Jose Renato Santos     HP               Opportunities for Improvement
Hitoshi Matsumoto      Fujitsu          Blktap SCSI Driver for Xen
Brendan Cully        Virtual Machine Checkpointing
Daniel Stodden       Semi-active Workload Replication and Live Relocation
Andres Lagar Cavilla   VMGL and Xen                                           Flash   Video
Himanshu Raj     Re-architecting virtualization for multicore
Tom Wilkie             Cambridge Univ   XM and XenAPI Development
Sebastian Biemueller   AMD              AMD ASID Implementation
Wei Huang              AMD              Nested Page Table Support

Kuniyasu Suzaki        AIST, Japan      OS Circular: A Framework for Internet Boot Under Xen

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