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Program - Tallahassee Little Theatre


									A Note fro m t he Director…

The sto ry of D ra cu l a h a s f a scin ated u s fo r 110 ye a rs now, thoug h
un le ss you h a ve re a d Stoker’ s grou n dbre aking a n d i ngeniou s n o vel,
m o st of wh at you a ssoci ate with D ra cu l a co me s f ro m t he B a l dersto n
& De a ne a d a pt atio n o f t he 1920’s, w hich m a de Bel a L ugo si a st a r
a n d t hen s p aw ned literal l y cou ntless fil m s a n d ot her st age
a d a pt atio n s o ver t he next eight deca des. Ti me a n d ag ai n t he
ch a r a cter a n d story o f Dr acul a ca ptiv ate us. ( It h a s f a i led on l y
when p re se nted a s a m u sica l, w hich h a sn ’t stop pe d folk s fro m tryi ng
on m o re th a n o ne ill - a d vi se d occa sio n.) I’ ve wa nted to direct Dietz’s
D ra cu l a fo r ye a r s, becau se it is t he on l y a d a pt atio n t h at respect s
a n d f ol low s the book.

F i n a l l y given thi s ch a n ce, I h a ve been th ril led a n d terrified, which I
su p p o se i s a s it sh ou l d be. The re sp o n sibility i s o verw hel mi ng, to sa y
the lea st; t h a n k Go d I h a ve been su p p o rted by a n extrao rdi n a r y
p ro duction tea m a n d a n exception a l l y gifted ca st.

A directing teache r told me o nce th at if I ’ m a s ked “Wh at i s t hi s p l a y
about?” the on l y re a l l y a p p ro p ri ate a n swer s h ou l d be “mo st p l a y s
a re about two hou rs.” But D ra cu l a , obviou sl y, is abo ut so methi ng, or
it would n ’t h a ve quite such a h o l d o n our collective p s yche. It is
about the very t hi n line between fe a r a n d de sire, the very t hi n veneer
between sexu a lity a n d p ro p riety – a bout the so metime s
un a ntici p ated a n d o ften f rightening hu ngers th at lie bene ath o ur
genteel soci a l f ac a de s. Th o m a s Wol fe wrote th at every bo y, reigned in
by secrecy, “is to hi m se lf a mo n ster,” a n d Dietz h a s noted th at
everyo ne i n D r acul a i s kee ping secrets, fo r t he m o st well -i nten ded o f
re a so n s but alw a y s with di s a st rou s re sult s.

Dietz sa y s fu rt her th at w he n he w a s a d a pt ing the no vel, f rien d s
a sked h i m w h at hi s “take” on the story woul d be. W h at, the y w a nted
to know, di d D r acul a ”re p re sent?”

Dietz wrote th at “to m a ke D ra cu l a a meta p h o r w a s che ating. You
ca n hi de f ro m a met a p h o r. A meta p h o r doesn ’t w ait outsi de you r
window u n der a ful l m oo n. A meta p h o r doe sn ’t turn i nto a bat a n d
l a n d o n you r bed. So, in stea d, I took Mr. Stoker at hi s word:
Althoug h there are obviousl y m a n y met a p h orica l di men sio n s to
Cou nt D ra cul a, t he actu al being is the mo st h a u nting. The question,
then, i s not w h at D ra cu l a re p re sents, but wh at he i s: A brilli a nt,
se ductive, f a nged bea st waiting to suck the blood fro m you r th ro at.
Hide f ro m t h at.”

D ra cu l a ’ s desi re to h a ve ou r blood ( a n d ou r soul !), then, terrifie s u s,
a s ou r own de si re m a y terrif y u s a s well. An d yet: we choo se to
return to both of t he se h a u nting creatures, u su a l l y i n t he d a rk, ag ai n
a n d ag a i n, to be terrified a n d t h ril led.

W hich suggests to me th at t he line between fe ar a n d de si re . . .

                                           . . . m a y n ot actu a ll y exi st a fter a l l.

                             Cast o f Charact ers

Renfield .......................................... Martin Peac o c k
Mina .............................................. C o urtney Ward
Lucy .............................................. Eliza Kiss
Harker ........................................... J o e Heil
Seward .......................................... Na thanWilliamson
Dracula ......................................... Shawn Stoyer
Van Helsing .................................... Duncan Hoehn
Male Att endants/Ensemble ........... David Kimple,
                                                    J effrey Kurtz
Female Att endants/Ensemble ........ J ulie Burna,
                                                    Yadira Pot t er

                               Time an d Place
               London, England and Transylvania, 1897.

                                      Set t in g
Th e play moves quic kly amid numerous lo c ations, the primary
 ones being: Lucy’s bedroo m, Renfield’s cell, Dracula’s castle,
              and the gu est roo m at the asylu m
                          Pro du c t io n S taff

Direct or/D esigner ....................GuyWilliam Molnar
Stage Manager .........................Ryan Hendricks
So und Designer ........................Zach Cramer
Lighting Designer .....................Kimb erly Connelly
Cost u me D esigner ....................Sharon Christiansen
Cost u me C onstruc tion .............Wanda Tillman, Pat Maurer,
                    Rebec ca Mac kay, Hannah Maurer,
                    Claire Williamson

Pyrotechnic Effec ts/Audio Aut o ma tion               Sc o t t Freese

Produc ers .................................Nadiya Boyce,
                        Pa m Schult et us

Set C onstruction ......................Paige Brant, Mort Erstling,
                    Dale Holc o mb , Matt McC ormic k,
                    Gary Stilwell

Sc enic Painting & Dressing .......Paige Brand, Mort Erstling,
                   Pat Mauer, Rebec ca MacKay,
                   Matt McC ormic k, Wanda Tillman

Props Construc tion & Special Effects Nadiya Boyce, Chip
                  Chalmers, Sc o t t Freese, Rachel Gentry,
                  Random Got t , Dale Holc o mb ,
                  Matt McC ormic k

Lighting Crew ...........................J edidiah Roe, Michelle Mann,
                     Annie Heath, Rec c eca Franklin,
                     Sarah Maines

Running Crew ...........................Nadiya Boyce, Sa mantha
                    Ramb ea u , Rachel Gentry, Nic k H enn, Sean
                    Ferrer, Sc o t t Freese, David Neves
              Exh i b i t i ng A r t is t                     Suki Horne RN AP
       i n th e C o f fe e h ouse G a l l e ry               Acupuncture Physician
            Ba r b a r a A . Psi mas
        The artist works in her studio in                 • Addiction         • Neck Pain
 Tallahassee’s artists’ community of historic             • Depression        • Back Pain
 Railroad Square Art Park and is an active                • Arthritis        • Hypertension
  member of the FSU Museum of Fine Arts                   • Headaches         • Facial
  Artists League, 621 Gallery and COCA.                   • Infertility      Rejuvenation
She is inspired by Art History and uses a wide            • Migraines        • Board
     variety of mediums and techniques.                   • Stress Mgt       Certified
Barbara is well known for her iridescent                        850-219-9777
watercolors of Koi fish, Madonna paintings
and her Painting to Music Series inspired by
music of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Stones,
                                                                                Over 25 years
Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Enya and many                                          Experience
others. She is currently unveiling a new series                                  As an RN!
of Ornamental Miniatures featuring her
Madonna and continues exhibiting a new line
of Ancient & Vintage Designed Jewelry                            1260 Cedar Center
                                                                 Tallahassee, FL
  Galle r y Coor di n ator - Rich a r d A. Sta ffo r d                32301

          Tallahassee Little Theatre                     TLT e x t ends spe ci a l t hanks
             2007 - 2008 Season                              t o t h e f o l l o w i ng;

   Five Women Wearing the Same Dress                            Chip Cha l me rs
       Dec. 7 - 16 in the Coffeehouse                           Da l e Ho l c o mb
                                                                 Rand o m G o t t
                The Graduate                                     Z a ch C r a me r
     Jan. 31 - Feb. 10 on the Mainstage                       S a r ah EC Ma in es
                                                              R e b e cca F r ankl i n
               The Pillowman                                        Er in K eh r
    Feb. 29 - March 9 in the Coffeehouse                          Paig e B r and
             The Secret Garden                                         R o b Ek
       April 10 - 20 on the Mainstage                      Jean M cD an i e l L i ckson
                                                                  De b r a Ha l e
        Move Over, Mrs. Markham                             D o na ld S a g e Ma cKay
      May 29 - June 8 on the Mainstage                         Wanda Ti l l man
                                                           Quin cy Musi c Thea t r e ,
                Guys and Dolls                              Pat & Hannah Mau r e r
      July 24 - Aug. 3 on the Mainstage                           S c o t t F r e ese
                                                               O mb r a S and i fe r
     Visit our website for all things TLT                    Thea t r e A La Ca r t e                       The Ma cKay Fa m i l y
                                D ra cu l a Cast & C r e w B i os
David K i mp l e ( Asy lum A t t endan t/Ensemb l e ) is a Sophomore BFA Acting major
at FSU. Last year he was a part of The Philadelphia Story with the FSU School of Theatre
as the understudy for multiple characters, including Dexter, and performed as Dr. Parsons.
He would like to thank everyone in the cast and crew, as well as his family and friends. Hope
you enjoy the show.
Pam S chul t e tus (C o-Pr o du ce r ) is happy to be involved in her fourth TLT show
including Intimate Apparel, Once on this Island and Biloxi Blues. She would like to thank
Guy for the opportunity to be involved in Dracula and appreciates the hard work of the
cast, crew and TLT staff.
Duncan Ho e hn (Van He ls in g) made his TLT debut in the 1989 summer musical and
since then has appeared intermittently in supporting roles, large and small: most recently in
Lend Me a Tenor, 45 Seconds from Broadway, The Countess, and Shadowlands. Recent
leading roles have included King Lear with Capital City Shakespeare, and Witness for the
Prosecution and Last of the Red Hot Lovers at the Monticello Opera House. Between
theater engagements he sings with the Tallahassee Community Chorus and in the choir of
Trinity United Methodist, where he will direct a December production of Amahl and the
Night Visitors.
Guy W i l l i a m M o l na r (D i r e ct o r/D esi gn e r ) is in his third and final year as Visiting
Assistant Professor of Performance in the FSU School of Theatre, teaching acting and voice;
at FSU he also directed The Ledge and The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and appeared onstage
as Larkin in Six Degrees of Separation and as Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd. In December
he will appear as Dr. Carrasco in a benefit concert performance of Man of La Mancha with
Davis Gaines and Susan Russell. Before coming to FSU he taught at North Carolina School
of the Arts, Webster University, and Interlochen. He has acted and/or directed at the
Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C., the Arizona Theatre Company, Michigan
Ensemble Theatre, Riverside Shakespeare, Interlochen Center for the Arts, and the Utah
Shakespearean Festival, among others. Favorite roles have included Benedick in Much Ado
About Nothing, Leontes in The Winter’s Tale, the Sergeant of Police in The Pirates of
Penzance, Caius Lucius in Cymbeline, and Richard in Two Pianos, Four Hands. Favorite
directing experiences have included Drood, Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, and Les
Liaisons Dangereuses. A musician as well as an actor and director, he holds a Master of
Music degree in Piano Performance in addition to his MFA in acting. He is a proud
member of Actors’ Equity Association.
Ra ch e l G ent r y (P r ops) is excited to be working with TLT for the first time and is
thrilled to be working on her third production of Dracula. She is a native of Lutz, FL but
spent her first two years of college in Hickory, NC and is now attending FSU.
Nathan W i l l i a ms on ( S e w a r d ) has been involved in the theater for over thirteen years
in some form or fashion, and has never had the pleasure of working at a theater like the
Tallahassee Little Theater. Over the past three seasons, Nathan has graced this stage four
times. From the farcical exploits of What the Butler Saw and Lend Me a Tenor to the
dignified humor and wit of The Importance of Being Earnest and Biloxi Blues. He offers his
thanks to his family and friends for supporting his endeavors, his wife Claire for her
understanding and support, and to Guy for letting him get to know Dr. Seward.
                              D ra cu l a Cast & C r e w B i os
Mar ti n Peacock (Re nfield) is making his return to the TLT stage after an eleven year
absence. He was last seen at TLT as Billy Ray in On Golden Pond . Since then he has been on
and offstage in Tallahassee at YAT, TCC, QMT, and TLT. He was last seen as Don in A
Chorus Line (TCC), Hollywood in The Eight (TLT), and stage managed Lend Me a Tenor
(TLT). Martin is currently attending TCC and works with both the CHP Champions
program and at Killearn Lakes Elementary. He would like to thank friends and family for
helping him through this "mad" world. And to the audience, have a frightening good time.
Joe Oscar Heil (Harker) from Sandpoint Idaho, is currently a junior in the BFA Acting
Program at Florida State University. His previous roles with FSU include the detective in Six
Degrees of Separation and Sandy in The Philadelphia Story. This is his TLT debut. He
wishes to thank his friends and family back home for all their support.
J ulie Burna (Vixen / E n semble) is thrilled to be in her first TLT production and part of
this inspiring organization. She is a senior BA Theatre student at Florida State University
with a concentration in dance and minors in psychology, business, and religion. Last seen in
Quincy with Calamity Jane and A Wonderful Life (Violet), TCC's The Crucible (Abigail),
and FSU's New Play Festival (Madeline), she looks forward to a continued involvement
within Tallahassee's theatre community. Coming up, you can see her work on the Quincy
stage as choreographer for Bye Bye Birdie. Many thanks to Guy, cast, and crew for this
opportunity, and Alex, for being you.
Yadira Po t ter (Vixen / E n semble) was born and raised in Miami, FL and received an A.S.
in Musical Theatre from Florida School of the Arts and a B.A. in Theatre from Florida State
University. Her credits include Diana Morales in A Chorus Line, Cassie in Rumors, and the
Detective in Clue: The Musical. This is her second production at TLT, the first being A
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. She is really excited to be back and
working with such a talented cast and crew. Yadira would like to thank Dave and her family
for all their love and support.
R yan Hen drick s (Stage Manager/Assis tan t Director) is a sophomore BA Theatre and
History major at FSU. He is very thankful to Guy and TLT for this opportunity. Last year,
Ryan appeared in the ensemble of FSU's production of As You Like It, and as Mike in A
Chorus Line. He aspires to one day become a professional director and choreographer. A
HUGE thanks to the amazing cast and crew for their incredible talent. It has been a bloody
good time!
C o ur t ne y War d (Mi na) is in her first year of the BFA Acting program at FSU. Dracula is
her first community theatre production and she is excited to be making her debut at TLT
under the magnificent direction of Guy William Molnar. Courtney would like to thank her
family, Lauren, and Artiom for all of their love and support.
Mat t McCormick (Technical Director) joined the TLT staff in September ‘06, following a
year in St Louis, MO where he worked as a Scenic Artist for STAGES St. Louis. Prior to that
he was a graphic designer/photographer for nearly 20 years in Traverse City, MI where he
also spent countless hours working onstage and off with volunteer and professional theatres.
Among some of his favorite set designs were those for Art, The Tempest, Chapter Two, and
Great Expectations, (in Michigan) and Orpheus Descending, What the Butler Saw, 45
Seconds from Broadway, and The Night of the Iguana (at TLT). Most recently Matt directed
TLT’s season’s opener, Biloxi.
                                    D ra cu l a Cast & C r e w B i os
S ha w n S t o y e r (D r a cu l a) is delighted to be returning to the TLT stage for his third
performance here. He has previously appeared in The Importance of Being Ernest and
Orpheus Descending. He has also recently been involved in the FSU Film School, appearing
in several films including Kevin Johnson’s Eaten. Other performances include Macbeth,
Crazy for You, A Streetcar Named Desire and others. He works as a Network
Administrator at the FSU Foundation and lives here in Tallahassee with his wonderful
girlfriend Hadley. He would like to thank all his friends and family for their support and
enthusiasm during this production.
Za ch C ra me r ( S ound Des i gne r ) has been designing sound for over 15 years. He has
designed sound for such shows as The Who's Tommy, Peter Pan, Jekyll & Hyde, Ragtime,
Seussical, The Full Monty and The Scarlet Pimpernel. Other shows include a musical
review titled Broadway Memories, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change and FSU's USO
Tribute Show with Bay-Shore Productions and the Florida State University Center Club.
He is glad to once again have the opportunity to make evil sound good.
Je f f Ku r t z (Asylum Attendant/Ensemble) was originally birthed to a small hamlet in
South Florida, Jeff moved to Tallahassee to pursue a degree in zoology and theater. Jeff has
been acting for quite some time now and recently was featured as Hal in The Scarlet
Pimpernel. He was also privileged to participate in TCC’s last season in A Chorus Line and
Aesop’s Fables. Other credits include Fiddler on the Roof, The Three Musketeers, The Glass
Mendacity, and The Kennedy Center’s productions of The Yellow Wood (Original Cast),
Adaptation, and This is a Test. Jeff is so delighted to have had the opportunity to work the
amazing and talented actors he has met through Dracula. Jeff would like to thank the
thylacine, a dresser drawer, and the letter è.
Nad iya B o y ce (C o-p r o duce r/ Assistant S ta g e Mana g e r ) is a third year student
double majoring in Theatre and Marketing at Florida State University. Dracula is her first
(and hopefully not last) production at Tallahassee Little Theatre. After graduation, she
plans to pursue many different facets in the entertainment business such as marketing,
producing acting, and directing. This past year Nadiya performed in the MFA showcase and
the 10 Minute Play Festival and also completed a marketing internship at The New Group
Theatre in New York. She hopes you enjoy the show and would love to thank her friends,
her cast and crew, and her family for being in her life and making her smile.
Ki mb e r ly C o nn e l l y (L i g ht i n g Des i gne r ) hails from Brooksville, Florida. Currently
she is in her final semester at Florida State University receiving a BA in Theatre. At FSU, she
has worked on such shows as Sweet Charity, Urinetown, Sweeney Todd, and Into the Woods.
She has worked in several positions on these shows such as Spotlight Operator, Assistant
Stage Manager/Fog Technician, Assistant Master Electrician, and recently as Assistant
Lighting Designer. She is very excited to be making her Tallahassee Little Theatre debut. She
would like to thank her amazing family and friends for their love and support. Thank you
for joining us and enjoy the show!
N i ck Henn ( Runn in g C r e w ) A transplant from Merritt Island Florida, where he was
involved in many aspects of theater for most of his life, Nick has enjoyed his involvement in
the Tallahassee theater scene. He is grateful for the chance to work with such a talented cast
and crew and hopes to do it again soon.
                                D ra cu l a Cast & C r e w B i os
El i za Kiss (Lucy) is a senior BFA Acting major at Florida State University and hails
from Winter Park, FL. At FSU, she has performed in Rabbit (Sandy), Vultures (Audrey),
Marat/Sade (Simonne), Agnes of God (Dr. Livingstone), Much Ado About Nothing (Hero)
and will be seen in Afternoon of the Elves this fall. She has also performed with The Dorset
Theatre Festival in Vermont, in plays such as Peter Pan (Tiger Lily/Liza), The Heidi
Chronicles (Fran/Betsy/April) and the new musical Ocean Drive. Last fall she trained at
FSU's London Study Centre. Dracula is Eliza's first show with Tallahassee Little Theatre,
and she is ecstatic to be working with such a talented group of people!
David Neves ( Run C re w ) has been involved with TLT for nearly six years now and was
last back stage as Assistant Stage Manager for “Biloxi Blues.” He’s worked tech for The
Tempest with the Southern Shakespeare Festival, Will Rogers Follies at the Quincy Music
Theatre. At TLT, he’s enjoyed working on Shadowlands, and Don’t Dress for Dinnre. He’s
very pleased to be able to work with Guy. A 9th grader at Leon High School, David would
like to thank his Dad for helping make theatre a part of his life, his Mom for her love and
support, and “Grandpa” Don for all he’s done for him on and off-stage (including harassing
his Dad into taking him to London last summer).
S c o t t M . F r e ese ( Maste r El e ct r i c i an) having previously worked on The Importance
of Being Earnest and The Full Monty at TLT last season and taking a trip to Once on this
Island this summer, Scott is pleased to be returning to his home away from home. In
addition to his duties here at Tallahassee Little Theatre, Scott is also the Technical Director
for Theatre A La Carte, Stage Manager for the Tallahassee Ballet and Pas de Vie, tech team
member at Element3 Church, flunk for Fusion Production Labs, and many other random
acts of theatre. By day he works at a small software company in Tallahassee.

S ha r o n Ch r ist i ansen (C ostume D esi gn e r ) has worked both onstage and backstage
with Theatre A La Carte, TLT, QMT, Thomasville On Stage and Co. and The Mickee Faust
Players since moving to Tallahassee in 1998. She can also be seen in several FSU Film School
productions. She was last seen onstage as Miss Krumholtz in TLT"s How to Succeed. Sharon
studied drama and theatre production at San Francisco State University many years ago,
and is happy to have found a theatre home in Tallahassee.

S a man tha R a mb eau ( Runn in g C r e w ) is a freshman at FSU majoring in Social
Work. Previously from Saint Augustine Florida, Samantha has worked on such
productions such as 'Twelfth Night, Great Expectations and You Can't Take It With You.

S e an F e r r e r ( L i gh t B o a r d Op e r at o r ) goes to TCC studying technical theatre. Sean
has worked at TLT as the light board operator for Steel Magnolias and has worked on
running crew for several other shows. He also performed the role of Dog in TLT’s
production ofOrpheus Desending . He was the body of Audrey II (the plant) in Little Shop of
Horrors at TCC. Sean has worked extensively both on stage and off in his home town of
       A TLT Special Event


        In Concert!
       Feb. 23, 2008
All performers must be 19 years o f age or yo u n ger
             Au ditio n s Nov. 9 & 10
Our s in ce r e thanks and app r e c i a t i o n t o t h e f o l l o w i ng f o r t he i r g e n e r ous
                      g i fts t o Ta l l ahassee L i t t l e Th ea t r e :
   Ralph Co o k - $50,000. F ou n der o f the TL T E n dow ment F u n d
           Th e Family of Dr. Irving Fleet- $15,000.
                   ~ Please con sider con t ributi ng t o the fut ure of TLT~

              Bac ks ta ge B o o s t ers 2007-2008 Season
                                                                   G o ld - $500
                Plat i num - $ 1 0 0 0                      Anthony and Lenoir Brewer
                Ga r y and B a r b a r a                       Ted and Barbara Judd
                                                           Grady En low and June D o l l ar
                       Stil well                            M ichael and Judy Sheridan
                                                            Kev in & Michel le N ickens

                                           S i lve r - $ 2 5 0
             Chip Cha lmers                                              J im &Anne Kirschk
             E. Ann Cleare                                              B i l l and D o t t ie Lee
             Gera ld C. Da igneaul t                                               D i ana Lev y
             B i l l y and Ani ta D a v i                              J ohn & Susan Maher
             Bev DeMe l l o                                         Tom & Lynda McCaleb
             De l o s DeTar                                      James H. & Oneida Monroe
             Patricia and Cl iff G osney                                     R ichard Sherwin
             D a ve and Nancy Har vey                                             Paula Sm i th
             D a le W. Ho lcomb                                         J ohn and Lois S ojat
             Sam Kime lman                                           Kenneth & Ne l l S tager
             Lt. General Lawrence F. Snowden

                                         B r o n ze - $ 1 0 0

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