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									Developing a WSN application using Crossbow
            devices and software

                     Anil Karamchandani

   Introduction to Crossbow and Moteworks
   Description of Moteworks Platform
   Overview of Crossbow wireless sensor equipments
   Demo
       Introduction to Crossbow and Moteworks

 Crossbow was started in 1995 and was involved in the software and
  hardware aspects to develop tools for wireless sensors

 Crossbow was one of the first suppliers of the Berkeley-style MICA

 After the invention of MICA motes their other products included the
  MICA2 (868/916 MHz) and MICAz (2.4 GHz) motes, and the Intel-
  designed IMOTE2

 In the software design platform, Crossbow created MoteWorks for all its
  hardware application
       Introduction to Crossbow and Moteworks

 Key Features of MoteWorks

 Supports all Crossbow MICA and IRIS series Mote hardware and
  sensor boards
 MoteView: Rich interface for visualization and analysis of sensor data
 MoteConfig: Simple graphical interface to program flash and configure
  firmware images
 XServe: Powerful utilities for data logging, parsing, conversions, and
 Cygwin: Command line shell and development environment
 Programmers Notepad: Rich text editor and compilation front-end
Description of Moteworks Platform
     Overview of Crossbow wireless sensor

 Sensor Data Acquisition Boards

 Processor/Radio Platforms or “Motes”

 Gateways and Network Interfaces
Sensor Data Acquisition Boards
MTS 310 Sensor
Processor/Radio Platforms or “Motes”
MICA 2 Mote
Gateways and Network Interfaces
MIB 510
                        Project Demo

 Objective :
  To develop a simple sensing application (MyApp_Sensor) that samples
  the temperature on a sensor board and sends the message packet over a
  RS- 232 serial connection

 Tools Utilized:
  • MICA2 Mote: Standard edition of MICA2
  • One Sensor or Data acquisition board: MTS 310
  • One Gateway/Programming board: MIB510/MIB 520
  • A Windows PC with MoteWorks platform installed
Project Demo – Configuration and Procedure for
         developing a sensor application
                           Project – Demo

 Within the MoteWorks framework a minimum of five files
  will be placed in any application’s directory:

      MakeFile
      MakeFile.component
      Application Configuration written in nesc
      Application module written in nesc
      Readme (optional)
                          Project Demo - Steps

   Use Programmer’s Notepad

   Compile: Select Tools > make mica2

   If successful we get “writing TOS image” in output
   Load Program: Select Tools>shell and type in make mica2 reinstall
    mib510,com1 or Use MoteConfig

   Output: xserve –device=COM1

 (* Configure MakeXbowLocal file according to application and hardware need
    such as frequency, power, channel, port number etc. before following these

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