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      You judge the importance the
       author gives to something
•   Windmill in “A Worn Path”
•   Small, fragile like Phoenix
•   And her grandson
•   Phoenix’s generous nature
• Is like a symbol because it transfers and
  broadens meaning
• More sustained than a symbol
• An allegory is a symbol as a motion
  picture is to a still picture
• Often concerned with morality, religion,
  sometimes politics and social issues
• Much literature can be called “allegorical”
• Favorite method of teaching morality.
• In some countries, thought and expression are
  not free and this is a literary form of expression
  in a difficult world.

• Ex. – Star Wars and good vs. evil
• Obi Wan (intelligence) teaches Luke (hero, bold)
  in the ways of the “Force” (religion, morals) – a
  person’s quest for self-fulfillment
• More specifically –
  Evil Darth Vader imprisons Luke and Luke
  must exert all his skill and strength to

Allegorically – imprisonment may be the self
  doubt, discouragement, and depression
  that all people experience while trying to
  better themselves through education,
  work, friendship, marriage, and so on.
     Parable, Myth and Fable
• All related to allegory and symbolism
• Fable – often about animals that possess
  human traits
• Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote; Bugs
  Bunny, Mickey Mouse
  The Fox and the Grape by Aesop
• A hungry Fox came into the vineyard
  where there hung delicious clusters of ripe
  Grapes; his mouth watered to be at them;
  but they were nailed up to a trellis so high,
  that with all his springing and leaping he
  could not reach a single bunch. At last,
  growing tired and disappointed, “Let who
  will take them!” says he, “they are but
  green and sour; so I’ll e’en let them along.”
• Short simple story with a moral or religious
• Usually associated with Jesus and
  embody religious insights and truths

• “The Prodigal Son” by Luke
• A traditional story that reflects and embodies the
  religious, cultural and philosophical values of a
• Sisyphus, Hercules, Oedipus
• Most are fictional but some are based in
  historical truth.
• It can mean a current belief or idea that people
  hold true – like never-ending economic growth.
• The myth itself is in the allegorical or symbolic
• Cultural or universal symbols and
  allegories often ALLUDE to other works of
  a culture, such as the Bible, ancient
  history, literature.

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