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									                                           Thomas P. Rosenberger
                               Apdo. 421-4005, San Antonio, Belen, Costa Rica
                  / telephone: 506-8364-1989

Tom Rosenberger moved to Costa Rica in 1992 and has had permanent residency there for 14 years. He has
been developing residential subdivisions and building and remodeling homes for over 25 years as well as training
the local Spanish speaking tradesmen to finish his construction projects up to North American standards.

For the last 15 years in Costa Rica, Tom has been completing construction projects as well as land and
construction inspections. Tom helps investors to see beyond the obvious and anticipate problems in order to
avoid paying for costly errors when purchasing property in Costa Rica.

                                  Client Testimonials & Recommendations

The following people know Tom and will attest to his work ethic and the quality of the work he continues to
provide in Costa Rica.

Client Testimonial #1: "I just wanted to let the readers of this forum know how very pleased I am with the
excellent professional services provided by Mr. Tom Rosenberger. I have used Tom's services for three
inspections for my home being built in the Central Pacific region North of Jaco Beach.

For all of the readers that are not residents in CR, but are having homes built in CR, I enthusiastically
recommend Tom. Tom's very professional reports are complete with color photographs and detailed descriptions
that provided me with valuable information pertaining to the construction of our "dream" home in CR.

Although the developer provides bi-weekly reports of construction progress, it was Tom's inspection reports that
gave me that "warm and fuzzy" feeling that our home is being built up to code and standards without any
significant defects. Doing inspections gives valuable professional assessments that allow you to make informed
decisions during the building process, and are dollars well spent.

I would also like to mention that Tom keeps his customers informed every step along the way to include meeting
with the developer and the developer's contractors when warranted. Tom's warmth and genuine concern for me
felt like I was his only client, but I know he has several others. Tom is a true professional and obviously a
master at what he does.

If you asked me to rate his thoroughness on a scale from one to ten, I'd have to say 100. He made sure I
understood each and every aspect of each inspection from start to finish, and I feel 100% more comfortable
about our investment. I will use Tom for another two inspections, and am really looking forward to meeting him
in person during the final inspection. He is definitely contributing to our dream of moving to CR when I retire this
coming November." Kelvin Owens.

Client Testimonial #2: "I have bought and sold properties in the U.S.A. and NEVER have I had the quality,
detailed inspection that Tom provides. The new home in Ciudad Cariari that we had Tom inspect for us, took him
5.5 hours to inspect with another day to provide the most detailed inspection report and recommendations
that I have ever seen. Even the builder of our house was impressed with the professional and complete
attention to EVERY detail.

You can trust Tom 150% to provide the same complete, and honest inspection of your property. With his report
you will know precisely where you stand for negotiating a purchase price and any repairs or restorations required,
and he also provides you with detailed information about the location and neighborhood you are looking to
purchase in. We highly recommend Tom Rosenberger for your protection and peace of mind." Cheri A. Rubin.
Texas, USA,

Client Testimonial #3: "We had Tom inspect a condo in Guachipelin recently and we were impressed by his
work. He did a very thorough inspection of the condo and came back the day after with a long written report of
every detail he found complete with a lot of photos and comments. We felt a lot more comfortable buying the
condo after knowing its issues. I don't hesitate to recommend Toms services to anyone that want to know more
about the property they are buying." Chris in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
Client Testimonial #4: "Tom is very prompt in responding to your request and is highly affordable to get a
complete home inspection report that benefits the seller and the buyer. I look forward to working with Tom again
in the future. I would and have recommended Tom to all my friends in Costa Rica. Great job well done, Tom!"
Belinda Ortiz LaPierre de Auld, Ciudad Cariari,

Client Testimonial #5: "I recently had a new condominium I was buying inspected prior to completion by Tom
Rosenberger. I have bought many properties in the U.S. and typically will have them inspected prior to purchase
to disclose problems that need to be rectified. There were a number of things I liked about Tom Rosenberger. I
felt that I had a tireless advocate looking out for my best interests. I felt with his experience in the building
industry, he might uncover things that someone else with a different skill set might not. His report presented a
general overview of Santa Ana where the condo was located, as well the amenities of the development and my
condo as well. Likewise, he was careful to point out deficiencies where they existed. I also thought Tom was very
prompt and responsive on e-mail replies, and with me living in the U.S., this was very important to me. His
photos of my property were also a nice touch. I would recommend Tom highly to anyone interested in purchasing
a condo or home in Costa Rica." R.S.B.,

Client Testimonial #6: “The one and only home inspector in Costa Rica. Tom is GoDutch Realty's #1 home
inspector. Trustworthy, competent, timely and the best in town”

Client Testimonial #7: I have known Tom Rosenberger for the last 15 years in Costa Rica. I have watched an
intelligent, driven, conscientious, knowledgeable, meticulous and well-organized builder; develop land, build
condominiums and custom homes. I have seen him go from dirt to selling the finished product. He is amazing. He
works hands-on with the laborers, suppliers and sub-contractors as well as attorneys, architects and engineers.
Always in total control and always professional. I personally hired him to build a large home for me in Costa Rica
and he built in on schedule and within my budget, without a problem. Since then, he has helped me troubleshoot
and solve several home maintenance problems. I always recommend to anyone who is considering purchasing
property in Costa Rica; call Tom for an inspection of whatever you are buying, before closing the sale. James E.
Sidwell, Ciudad Cariari & Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica.

Client Testimonial #8: "My wife and I operate an art gallery called the Iguana Tranquila and are partners in a
land development near San Ramon, Costa Rica.

Recently our focus on the land development has been the installation of terazza's, the site within each lot where
the home would be constructed. We have brought in local engineers, topographers and more to help us identify
where to place the terazza's to provide the greatest value to the buyer and minimize the impact on the
environment. We had been struggling with this for well over a month.

We recently heard about Tom Rosenberger via, an established Costa Rican website for
gringos, and contacted Tom to see if he could help. After his first visit to our development, Tom presented a clear
solution that met our criteria – value to the buyer and respect for the environment. Since then he helped us
identify next steps and worked with our environmental specialist to ensure that the solution for each terazza/lot
will meet the requirements of SETENA, the national environmental agency.

For any of you that have attempted to conduct business in Costa Rica, or have considered it, it can be extremely
frustrating trying to figure out the optimum solution within the framework of what the law allows you to do. Tom
has been instrumental in helping us navigate this aspect of our land development and we plan on using him in
the future.

Thanks to Tom we are now more excited about our project than ever before, and we were pretty excited to begin
with!!! Mike and Jacki Styles.

Recommendation #1: As one of the first and still active real estate brokers in the Flamingo Beach area, my
wife and I have witnessed a lot of undesirable construction and then when Tom Rosenberger came along in 1992,
we were very impressed with his determination and professionalism in completing the Endless Beach
Condominiums on Potrero Beach. One of the most obvious features of all his construction projects is the attention
to detail during every phase as well as the excellent finish work installed in all of Tom's projects. During our
many visits there, with prospective buyers, the condos were always in perfect condition and all installations are
still working properly. For a project that is only 50 meters from the ocean, the building materials installed still
look new, now some 14 years later. As a credit to his investment vision, every initial purchaser benefited from a
healthy return on investment and the condos are now selling for over twice as much as the original listing prices.

Back in 1994, when we were neighbors in the Cariari Country Club community, I recall the quality of the condo
renovations Tom completed in the Villas Cariari Condominiums. Even though most of those condos have changed
hands several times over the years, they still look great and continue to appreciate in value. To this day, I still
have clients that inquire if any of the units you remodeled are available for purchase. Additionally, the stunning
5000 sq. ft. home Tom designed and built in Lomas de Cariari in 2001 with the indoor pool and solar energy
systems is without a doubt the culmination of his many years of experience and desire to provide the most
innovative construction methods available.

After visiting Tom's new condo conversion project in 2007 in San Antonio, Belen, I still recognize his attention to
detail while maintaining a realistic budget. Given the current new construction permitting challenges in the
central valley, your ability to read the housing demand indicators and provide a needed product in a desirable
community is right on target for the current real estate market.

We have been developing golf course and waterfront housing projects in and around Flamingo Beach for the last
20 years and I wish I could talk Tom into working with us out here again. The local contractors in Guanacaste
leave a lot to be desired and someone with Tom's work ethic and vision would be a valuable asset to this area.
We highly recommend Tom and his inspection services to all of our clients who are looking to purchase or
construct quality housing. Sincerely, Jack and Donna Osborne, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.,

Recommendation #2: "I've lived in Costa Rica for 25 years and have lived in various types of housing here, so
I know what to expect from Latino construction. 13 years ago, I went to stay in a beachfront condo built by Tom
Rosenberger and was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable finished construction.

The interiors and exteriors of Tom's condos were finished just like the expensive housing back home in San
Diego. Since then, I have known several people who have purchased housing completed by Tom, and everyone
has been pleased with his finished products and follow-up service. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy an existing
home or build a new one, but without a doubt, I won't make a move without Tom being involved.

I recommend his construction and inspection services to everyone purchasing property in Costa Rica." Sincerely,
Richard Krug, Owner, Americana Real Estate & Sportfishing.

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