; pain therapy for animals
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pain therapy for animals


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									  new dimension

pain therapy
         for animals

                         HF Red Light
                       Radiation Lamp
REPULS® VET is …                                     a new, non-invasive, fast-acting treatment that
                                                     supports the healing of inflammatory
                                                     processes to bring relief from pain.

  The mechanism of action                       Method
          … influences the biochemical              - Frequency:
          processes of inflammatory mediators        REPULS® generates intensive red light in the water
          (12-Oxo-LTB4).                             window that penetrates deep into the tissue.
                                                     This red light is gentle on tissue and therefore causes no
                                                     discomfort or harmful effects. The required biochemical
                                                     effect is achieved by means of electro-mechanical
                                                     vibration of the mediators (organic molecules that control
                                                     inflammation) in the UV frequency range ("frequency
                                                     doubling"). This interferes with the effect of the mediators
                                                     so that the inflammation subsides.

                                                    - Pulsation:
                                                     The radiation rhythm of 2.5 light pulses per second (Hz)
                                                     in combination with the pauses between the light pulses
                                                     enables the body to remove the reaction products
                                                     through the blood stream. This proven measure makes
                                                     the treatment even more tissue-friendly.

                                                    - Side Effects:
                                                     There are absolutely no side-effects whatsoever.



            The red light emitted   … and is converted      This triggers                 The intervals between the
            by the REPULS® HF       into mechanical         a biochemical                 light pulses promote the
            Red Light Radiation     UV vibrations.          reaction that                 removal of reaction pro-
            Lamp penetrates deep                            blocks the effect             ducts through the blood-
            into the tissue …                               of 12-Oxo-LTB4.               stream.

                                                   Duration of one pulse
in animal practice
 The REPULS® VET Red Light Radiation Lamp is
 already being successfully used in veterinary medi-
 Continuing observational studies have shown that it
 can be successfully used in the treatment of:

 · Tendon disorders
 · Insertion desmopathies (suspensory ligament,
   nuchal ligament)
 · Joint diseases
 · Muscle tension
 · Back pain
 · Disorders of the cervical spine
 · Sesamoiditis

 The rapid and sustained restoration of suppleness in
 horses, especially after treatment of the spinal co-
 lumn, can be explained by the general, regulative ef-
 fectiveness of the light frequency administered in
 addition to the pain therapy.

      Treatment with the REPULS® VET Red Light
      Radiation Lamp:

      · irradiates skin, connective tissue, muscles and joints
        with cold pulsed red light
      · is simple
      · is performed by placing the REPULS® VET Red Light
        Radiation Lamp on the skin
      · takes between 5 to max. 20 minutes
      · can be performed twice a day
      · often has a positive effect during the first treatment
      · has no side-effects

      Animal owners should only administer treatment
      themselves after the vet has shown them how to do so.
       REPULS® VET
       for use:

                     … on   the nuchal

                                                    … on the   back

                                                                      … on the   iliosacral joint

… on

                                         … in the
                                         area of the origin
                                         of the suspensory
           … on   tendons                ligament

                                         … on the   cervical
is different: …   different to          Laser
              A laser emits highly concentrated light.

              The REPULS® Red Light Radiation Lamp spreads light
              more broadly and can thus treat larger areas. This is
              necessary especially when treating tendons and joints.
              Side-effects are avoided.

            …     different to          Infrared
              Infrared light is a warm light (invisible to the human eye).

              The REPULS® Red Light Radiation Lamp emits cold
              light because the special principles underlying treatment
              with the REPULS®-method is based do not require the
              delivery of heat.

            …     different to          UV light
              UV light does not penetrate very deeply so that the high
              level of energy required to achieve adequate results
              would cause serious damage to tissue.

              Irradiation with REPULS®-causes no skin reaction
              and thanks to its special frequency is able to penetrate
              deeply but gently into the tissue.
                                                                                                      HF Red Light
                                                                                                    Radiation Lamp
REPULS® VET and its Success
Dr. Matthias Keller                                                 Peter Gmoser
  Equine Veterinary Surgeon                                           Professional rider, national champion on
                                                                      several occasions
”REPULS® – a category 2b medical product that has                   ”Thanks to the REPULS® VET Red Light Radiation
been used in human medicine and as a parallel treat-                Lamp my horse was able to achieve its biggest suc-
ment in top-level sports since 2009.                                cess to date at the World Equestrian Games in Ken-
The convincing medical successes achieved prompted                  tucky 2010 when it reached the finals for the first time!
the development of a red light radiation lamp that has              Muscle tension after transport, minor wounds or hard
been optimised for use on animals. – REPULS® VET.                   training: The REPULS® VET Red Light Radiation
In cases where imaging diagnostics have not been                    Lamp brings about a sensational regeneration with no
used REPULS® pain therapy is now the first option at                side-effects.”
my practice for treating the spine, tendons and inflamed            www.petergmoser.at
joints. The accelerated regeneration of substantial and
chronic pain is equally convincing.“                                Walter Schellenbauer
www.matthiaskeller.eu                                                 Professional Rider, Show Jumper
                                                                    ”An acute injury to the cervical spine made one of my
Dr. Ursula Barth                                                    top horses unrideable: Head shaking, rearing. After a
  Equine Veterinary Surgeon
                                                                    week of treatment with REPULS®. the mare was per-
”This new therapeutic device is extremely useful for                fectly rideable again and became the Austrian Federal
treating sport horses, as it can bring about rapid impro-           Champion in the class 5-Year Old Show Jumpers.“
vements to muscle and tendon injuries.                              www.ws-sportpferde.at
The REPULS® VET Red Light Radiation Lamp is
very easy to use and the LED light causes no discom-                Michael Steinbrecher
fort or harmful effects. It is perfect for owners and vets            Professional Rider
seeking a form of medical treatment that is doping-free
                                                                    ”One of my top horses was supposed to be put out to
and suited to the needs of their horse.”
                                                                    pasture after the scintigraphy showed problems in the
                                                                    area of the origin of the suspensory ligament. But
Dr. Clemens Mahringer                                               thanks to treatment with the REPULS® VET Red Light
  Equine Veterinary Surgeon, Equine Clinic Tillysburg
                                                                    Radiation Lamp we only had to interrupt training for
”The REPULS® VET Red Light Radiation Lamp is a                      six weeks instead of the year that had been anticipa-
valuable addition to my therapeutic portfolio.                      ted.“
It provides an interesting and highly promising alterna-            www.horses4sport.com
tive for treating chronic pain of the musculoskeletal sys-
www.pferdeklinik.at                                          Attention: Treatment must be administered according to the
                                                                  diagnosis made by a veterinary surgeon. Animal owners
Dr. Xaver Sterrer                                            should only administer treatment themselves after the vet has
  Equine Veterinary Surgeon                                  shown them how to do so. In accordance with the applicable
                                                              safety regulations, protective goggles must be worn when
”I appreciate the effectiveness of the REPULS® VET                     using the REPULS® VET Red Light Radiation Lamp!
Red Light Radiation Lamp Lamp for both the treat-
ment and prevention of injuries in the sport horses in                         Distribution: RELUX Lichtmedizin GmbH
my care.“                                                              1100 Vienna, Austria, Wienerbergstr. 7 / 5. OG
                                                                                            Phone: +43 / 1 / 319 07 99
                                                                                            Fax: +43 / 1 / 319 07 99-15
Überreicht durch
                                                                                        office@relux.at, www.relux.at

                                                              The REPULS® Red Light Radiation Lamp was developed
                                                             by the Technical University of Vienna and Authenta GmbH and
                                                                        is protected by the Austrian Patent No. 505 280.
                                                                                         Invented by: Prof. Walter Toriser

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