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                                                                                                                                            Spring 2008

  to Footprint
                                                               Hat Trick Heroes
                                                                            e have started the
                                                                            year with a hat
                                                                            trick of
                                                               awards. The first award is
                                                               from the British Safety
                                                               Council. The Health and
                                                               Safety Executive is continuing
                                                               its support of the British
                                                               Safety Council’s International
                                                               Safety Awards, which
                                                               recognise and reward
                                                               companies who have
  Dear Colleagues and Readers
                                                               achieved success in reducing
                                                               incidents in the workplace.
  Welcome to the latest edition of “Footprint” our
  company newsletter. In this issue the leading
                                                               Over 200 people each year

  article features three awards recently won by the
                                                               die at work, the majority as a

  company, one from the Constructing Excellence
                                                               result of safety failings,

  organisation and two others from the Blackpool
                                                               failures that can be prevented
                                                                                                  Joe Moxham with the Mayoress Gaynor Wynne after the presentation
  Civic Trust Society. Achievement of consistent and
                                                               by companies putting

  sustainable performance continues to be the
                                                               employee health and safety

  company’s driving objective and recognition by
                                                               at the top of their agenda. British Safety Council Chief

  these organisations is just reward for the hard
                                                               Executive, David Ballard, said, “Through achieving an
  work put in by all the Management, Staff,
                                                               International Safety Award, winning organisations are
  Operatives and our Supply Chain.
                                                               helping to make our vision of a safe working
                                                               environment a reality.”
  Also in this issue you will read about the latest
  developments in the company, new and                         Only companies that achieve accident incidence rates which are better than the industry
  completed contracts, staff developments,                     average for their sector are eligible to apply. External adjudicators review a variety of
  company functions and much, much more. We
  are currently recruiting across all contracts
                                                               documents provided by the applicant, including safety policies, safety plans and the health

  management disciplines to strengthen our position
                                                               and safety officers’ qualifications. Winners must also demonstrate board level commitment

  and provide the infrastructure to accommodate
                                                               to health and safety as well as details of significant health and safety advances for the

  our increased growth.
                                                               qualifying year.

  The Transport Company continues to thrive thanks             Two other awards were presented by Blackpool Civic Trust Society at an awards ceremony
  to our customers and despite the government’s                held in the Council Chamber earlier this year. The Worshipful the Mayor of Blackpool,
  best efforts to stifle road transport with additional        Councillor Robert Wynne and the Mayoress Gaynor Wynne presented representatives of
  levies on fuel. Our new fleet of wagons are well             Carefoots with their awards for two recently completed projects. The first was the new
  bedded in and continue to haul materials the                 Children's Centre at Mereside Primary School and the second was for the Sports Barn that
  length and breadth of mainland Britain.                      we built as part of the health village in the Talbot & Brunswick ward of the town. More on
  I would like to thank all of the consultant teams
                                                               this award ceremony inside. (continued on page 2).
  and clients who have invited us to tender,
  negotiate or Partner for projects in the last six
  months or so and trust that we will receive as
  many enquiries in the forthcoming period.

  Finally may I once again thank all colleagues for
  your hard work over the past few months and the
  contribution you have made to the success of the

                                                                                                Construction Manager Derek Fairclough,
                                                                                              Architect Phil Nixon and Digby Moulden from
                                                                                              Blackpool Council with Mayor Robert Wynne
  Colin Carefoot                                                                                     pictured receiving their awards
  Managing Director
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         Civic Trust                                                            Leavers & Starters
                                                                                         e say goodbye to Francesca Hoyle from the
       Awards Ceremony                                                                   Business Development Department who has
                                                                                         chosen to pursue a career with BAE Systems.
                                                                             Contracts Manager Alan Puckett based in our Warrington
        in Blackpool                                                         office has also moved on after 8 years.
     (cont. from front page) The Worshipful the Mayor of
     Blackpool, Councillor Robert Wynne and the
     Mayoress Gaynor Wynne made a presentation to the
     Project Team which included Architect Phil Nixon,
     Digby Moulden from the Children and Young People’s
     Dept. and Derek Fairclough for the part they had
     played in delivering the new Children’s Centre at
     Mereside Primary School. In his presentation speech
     The Mayor congratulated the team “for the marvellous
                                                                                David Gardner    David Heginbotham    David Tallantire

     and improved facilities that replaced the old Mereside
     Surestart which was burned down”.

     Joe Moxham collected the other award on behalf of
     the Carefoot project team for the Sports Barn which is
     part of the regeneration of the Talbot and Brunswick
     ward. “Carefoots have built a wonderful facility for
     the residents of Talbot and Brunswick” said the
                                                                                 David Nield        David Bridge        Ken wright

                                                                                                There are plenty of new starters since
                                                                                                our last newsletter. We welcome Site
     Other award
     winners on the                                                                             Managers David Gardner, David
     night were Dayle                                                                           Heginbotham, David Bridge, David
     Harrison the                                                                               Nield, David Tallantire (5 Davids!!),
     Head Teacher of                                                                            Bert Maddock and Ken Wright.
                                                                                Bert Maddock

     Primary School
     which we built a                                                        Welcome to Michelle Carter who
     few years ago.                                                          has joined the Company to help
     Dayle introduced                                                        Joe Moxham in the Business
     a number of                                                             Development Department
                             Colin Carefoot pictured at the allotment site
     diverse interests
     for his pupils including an allotment where the pupils
                                                                             Welcome to Joiner Steven Barnes,
     have grown fruit and vegetables. Our donation to the
     school enabled the project to go ahead.                                 General Operative Odin Davison
                                                                             and drivers Stephen Bradley,
                                The Donna’s Dream House                      Simon Garth, Martin McKenna,
                                Charity is a locally based                   Martin Byrne, Stewart Fullard and
                                trust providing sponsored free               Peter Bullen.
                                                                                                                      Michelle Carter

                                holidays of a lifetime in
                                Blackpool for children with
                                                                             Local man, 68 year old Harry
                                life threatening illnesses and
                                                                             Lamb, knocked on the Transport
     their families. Len Curtis, the founder of this charity,
     also received an award on the evening for his efforts                   Office door one day enquiring
     in creating another holiday home called Donna’s Teen                    about some part time driving
     House for teenagers with similar illnesses. It was quite                work. Transport Manager Rob
     fitting, because we are currently sponsoring Donna’s                    Dean was so impressed with
     Dream House by providing labour and materials                           Harry that he offered him a job.
     together with other Blackpool Partners in refurbishing                  Harry drives approximately 3
     the exterior of the property. After the ceremony, all                   days a week and carries out an
     were invited into the Mayor’s parlour for canapés and
                                                                             occasional overnight trip.
     refreshments.                                                                                                     Harry Lamb
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    Spring Lambs
                             here must have been                                                        Congratulations to
                             something in the air last                                                  Transport Manager
                             summer because we have a                                                   Rob Dean, his wife
                         number of births on which to                                                   Samantha and
                         report. Congratulations to Diane                                               family on the birth
                         Holden from the Accounts                                                       of their 3rd child, a
   Department and her husband Chris on the birth of                         boy, who they have called Toby. Toby weighed in at a healthy 10lb.
   their first child, a daughter they have called Patsy.                    Mother and baby are both doing well.
   Congratulations also to Alex Norris and his wife                                      Congratulations to Peter Whittle and
   Donna who gave birth to a girl they have called                                       his partner Amanda who recently gave
   Lola Valentina Fay born 16th Jan 2008. Mother                                         birth to a girl called Jessica May.
   and baby are both doing well.
                                                                                         Congratulations to Sean Hobson and
                     Congratulations to Danny                                            his partner Kiera who gave birth to a
                     Morrison and his partner Abbie                                      girl called Lacey.
                     who recently gave birth to a girl
                     who they have called Ava Lily.                          Congratulations to all the families and we
                                                                               wish them all the best for the future.

     Congratulations                                                          RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
                                                                              FEATURES on Mandy Jones from our
                                                                              Warrington office are becoming a regular
             ongratulations to Derek Fairclough
                                                                              slot in our newsletter. In the last issue we
             who has been promoted to
                                                                              reported that Mandy had completed the
             Construction Manager. Derek will
                                                                              Flora London Marathon and had entered
     be introducing and coordinating a series
                                                                              the ING New York Marathon. Yes, you
     of management tools and processes to
                                                                              guessed, Mandy has now completed that
     facilitate our Continuous Improvement
                                                                              one too. The marathon route took Mandy
     Programme which will enhance Contract
                                                                              from Staten Island through Brooklyn,
     and Site Management Team performances.
                                                                              Queens, the Bronx and finally to
                                                                              Manhattan where the finishing line was in
                                                                              Central Park. As well as the support of
           Welcome Back                                                       family, friends and work colleagues Mandy
                                                                              was cheered on by almost 2 million
                       WELCOME back to full time work to Phil                 spectators who lined the streets to watch
                       Carney who has now fully recovered from                and motivate those taking part. Mandy’s
                       surgery and chemotherapy.                              tough training schedule included frequent
                                                                              trips to the gym every week, plenty of road
                      Welcome back also to
                                                                              running and a strict healthy eating regime.
                      driver Joanna Oakley who
                                                                              The charity that benefited from Mandy’s
                      we have supported                                                                                      A wave from Mandy at 25
                                                                              sponsorship was “CANtreat” respite care.        &1/2 miles in New York
                      throughout the period of
         Phil Carney

   her gender reassignment programme for the
                                                                                                       There is no holding the girl back! Not
   last two years and who has now completed
                                                                                                       only has Mandy entered the Paris
   her treatment.
                                                                                                       Marathon to be run on 6th April but

                                                            Joanna Oakley

                                                                                                       only one week later she is running in
                                                                              the Flora London Marathon on 13th April. As part of her
    Raising the Standard                                                      training routine Mandy has also completed the Wrexham half
                                                                              marathon. The cause that will benefit from sponsoring Mandy is
                                       he Considerate Constructors            The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. If you wish to sponsor
                                       Scheme have started issuing            Mandy retrospectively please contact her in our Warrington
                                       Certificates of Compliance to          office (01925 259136). Good luck Mandy.
                                  Site Managers who, when visited
                                  by a CCS Monitor, achieved                                Vicki Rudden, wife of our
                                  compliance with all eight sections                        Buyer Tim Rudden, is also
                                  of the Scheme’s Code of                                   running the Flora London
                                  Considerate Practice. Well done                           Marathon and she is running in support of the
    to Alex Norris for Ward 11, Blackpool Victoria Hospital, David                          Anthony Nolan Trust. Should anyone wish to
    Tallantire for Westgate Children’s Centre Morecambe and Tony                            support Vicki with sponsorship then please
    Matthews at Sandylands Children’s Centre.                                               contact Tim at our Longridge office.
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                          The Seasonal Staff

                                   O       nce again we held our annual staff dinner at the Dog and
                                           Partridge restaurant in Chipping in early January. As usual the
                                           evening started with aperitifs for the non-drivers and soft
                                   drinks for those who were.The attendees arrived in small groups and
                                   soon filled the bar area to capacity. This is one of the few
                                   opportunities that the office staff who don’t go out on site get to
                                   meet some of the site staff, so there is always a lot of catching up
                                   to do and like the alcohol, the conversation flows freely.

                                   People took their seats in the room which was reserved exclusively for
                                   us and we were served with a variety of dishes from the Christmas
                                   menu. The meal rarely varies at the Dog and Partridge and most if not
                                   all thought that it was good. Sam Duxbury (now nicknamed the
                                   Hoover) cleaned up any leftovers from those with lighter appetites
                                   than himself, and very little went to waste on his table for sure!

                                   For the previous two years we have had after dinner entertainment by
                                    way of a comedian, but this year decided against this because there
                                    was precious little time to mix and chat after the dinner before the bar
                                   closed. Colin gave his usual after dinner speech and then proceeded
                                   to draw the winning tickets for the free to enter raffle. Prizes this year
                                   went to Dale Nixon (Hamper), Andy Steele (Champagne),
                                   Tommy Woods (Irish Whiskey), and Wyn Saunders (Bacardi).

                                   Following the draw, groups split up and people
                                   moved to the bar area to continue chatting. For
                                   some reason, as the night drew on the voices got
                                   louder! The time passed very quickly and as the night
                                   drew to a close, everybody left to go home, appetites
                                   satisfied and thirsts quenched.

                                   We have booked a different venue for our next annual
                                   dinner and have brought the date forward. This year
                                   we are holding the dinner in the function suite at
                                   Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club in Fulwood on
                                   Friday December 12th. The bar will be open until
                                   1.00pm. The Club is sited very close to Junction 32
                                   of the M6 motorway for those who travel from
                                   outside the area.

                                   More details in the next issue of footprint.
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           TEAM CAREFOOT                                                 Considerate Constructors Scheme
                                                                                                 IN previous years we have only

                               e were invited by one of our Supply
                                                                                                 registered projects under the
                               Chain Partners to enter a team                                    Considerate Constructors Scheme
                               into a charity fund raising golf                                  when required to do so under the
                   competition held at Formby Hall Golf Club. The                                Terms of the Contract. However, the
                   charity in question was the Marina Dalglish                                   Company has now decided, that all
                                                                                                 projects will be registered. All sites
                   Appeal. Marina was diagnosed with breast              registered with the Scheme are monitored by an experienced
                   cancer in 2003. Kenny and Marina were so              industry professional to assess their performance against the
                   impressed and grateful for the concern,               eight point Code of Considerate Practice which includes the
                   understanding and treatment she received              categories Considerate, Environment, Cleanliness, Good
                   from such a dedicated team, that they vowed           Neighbour, Respectful, Safe, Responsible and Accountable.
                   to try and repay a little of what they had done       The Monitors’ role is to encourage
   for them. Alex Norris, Roy Barrington, Graham Littler and Tim         the site to want to perform to a
   Rudden were entered as “Team Carefoot” and spent the day              higher level. Monitors will either
   chatting to and mixing with celebrities and sports stars past         praise a site for initiatives/activities
                                                                         that are beyond the standard
   and present, including many ex Liverpool Football Club players
                                                                         requirements or suggest areas that
   such as Kenny Dalglish, Gary Gillespie, John Aldridge, David          could be improved. It is not the
   Johnson, Phil Neal, Jimmy Case and 6 time UK Champion                 Monitors’ role to explain to sites
   Jockey, Kieran Fallon.                                                specifically what they have to do to
                                                                         perform to a higher level, but simply
   After a reasonable round in                                           to monitor what the site is doing. It
   the Stableford competition,                                           is the responsibility of the sites to
   (but not good enough to                                               look for ways to outperform.
   trouble the winners), the
                                                                         There have been a number of effects that this strategy has
   teams enjoyed a sumptuous                                             had on the Company. Firstly it has raised the awareness of
   5 course dinner which was                                             the importance of being a good neighbour, secondly it has
   also an opportunity to raise                                          created a mini competition amongst Site Management Teams
   more funds for the Appeal. The event was a fantastic success          to out score the others and thirdly and perhaps the most
   and incredibly raised over £70,000 on the day. Pictured are           important is that our results have improved dramatically. We
                                                                         are now scoring consistently approximately 17% above the
   Team Carefoot, Alex Norris, Roy Barrington (hand on wallet!),         national average and are certainly in the territory for further
   Graham Littler and Tim Rudden.                                        awards. Keep up the good work Teams!

            Mayoral Dinner                                                                      NEWS
                                       COLIN Carefoot and Joe
                                       Moxham were invited to the
                                       Mayor’s Enterprise Dinner in
                                       association with Blackpool
                                                                                                • We received a letter from LSP Youth
                                       Business Leadership Group &
                                       Positive Steps into Work at the                          Development Group thanking us for
                                       De Vere Hotel in Blackpool.                              sponsoring their skateboarding competition
                                                                                                in Longridge. The event was a huge success
    We have given a number of                                                                   with competitors coming from as far as
    opportunities to people looking                                                             Bolton, Kendal, Blackpool and all over the
    for a way back into employment                                                              Northwest of England.
    after being out of work for a
    long time. We always look to
                                                                          • We have just made a £40,000 investment in our IT Systems
    utilise local labour initiatives in                                   which will enable us to perform more efficiently and effectively.
    the areas that we work, and                                           Our investment does not stop here. The benefits of a comprehensive
    wherever possible provide                                             IT installation are reaped throughout the company and we are
    permanent employment. One                                             planning further investment over the next few months.
    of our site operatives who had                                                                   • We have just purchased a new JCB
    been out of work for a long time and who was introduced to us                                     loadall for use on our construction
    by the Positive Steps outreach worker has now been able to get                                    sites. Manual handling on sites has to
    back on his feet, improved his self esteem and has been able to                                   be minimised and our investment in 6
    buy his own car. (Colin Carefoot pictured with The Worshipful the                                 of these machines has vastly reduced
    Mayor of Blackpool, Councillor Robert Wynne.)                                                     the amount of manual handling taking
                                                                                                      place. This makes for a much safer site
                                                                                                      for our operatives and supply chain. All
    • A group from the Longridge office celebrated                                                    our machines are fitted with RAC
    the Christmas break by booking lunch at the                           tracker devices, and on one occasion recently we received a call
    Plough in Grimsargh. The lunch was a great                            from the RAC to say that they had noticed one of our loadall
    start to the festive season. The Warrington office                    machines was travelling at speed near Manchester. We were
    celebrated in a similar vein. They dined at the                       actually transporting it on our low loader and taking it to one of
    Horseshoe pub & restaurant in Croft.                                  our sites. Thieves beware!!
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                                                nce again we held a
                                               teambuilding day at Forrest
                                               Hills Business and Learning
                                         Centre near Lancaster. We invited
                                         people to the event with whom we
                                         are working on a regular basis,
                                         including Clients from both the
                                         Construction and the Transport
                                         Companies, Architects, Quantity
                                         Surveyors and friends.

     As usual on arrival at the centre we were allocated a lodge for the
     day and tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches were served by our hosts
     Mr. and Mrs. Colin Newsham. During breakfast people chatted and
     got to know each other a little better in anticipation of the days

     Participants were carefully selected into 6 teams of 7, headed up by
     a Carefoot member of staff. After breakfast the team leaders
     mustered their troops and embarked on a series of activities set to
     test their teambuilding approach. There were three activities in the
     morning and three in the afternoon. The activities included digger
     driving, clay pigeon shooting, tractor driving, quad biking, archery and
     crate building, and the teams rotated each activity throughout the
     course of the day.

     In between each activity the lodge was available for teams to retreat
     into for a warm by the roaring log fire and a cup of tea or coffee.

     In front of the lodge is a large lake. Our hosts had placed a radio
     controlled speedboat suitably emblazoned with Carefoot logos on the
     lake and they had constructed a slalom course which provided a
     challenge for those who tried their hand before the boat was
     capsized in a reed bed.

     Teams were given a quiz sheet to take with them and complete whilst
     they were waiting for their turn. The quiz was loosely centred around
     the Rethinking Construction Agenda which was strange really
     because it was won by the team from the Transport Company (with a
     little help from an internet phone for sure!).

     After the morning’s activities when participants had worked up an
     appetite, a magnificent Lancashire hotpot was served by our hosts
     followed by a selection of equally tasty sweets. Teams were then
     ready for the afternoon events.

     The activities drew to a close late afternoon just in time before the
     rain set in. The day was concluded with a prize giving ceremony.
     “Prizes” were awarded to the winning team and to the winners of the
     quiz. The quiz team winners were each presented with a Christmas
     cracker containing a seasonal gift (a brussels sprout).The overall
     winning team were presented with another seasonal gift (a small Yule
     log covered in artificial snow).

     The day was again a resounding success and was enjoyed by all
     those who have attended before and those new clients who made
     their debut on the day. The team building activities get the teams
     working together which creates a better working environment,
     therefore improving behaviours and in turn boosting performance
     with effective communication instantly reducing costs. It is exciting,
     motivating, enlightening, exhilarating and in most cases exceeds
     participants expectations.
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                                                                    ISO 9001 Constr uction Contract
                                                                        Management / ISO 14001
                                                                  Envir onmental Management Systems
                                                               WE are currently preparing for
                                                               our annual audit for both of the
                                                               above accreditations. Graham
                                                               Clark our external consultant is
                                                               carrying out pre-audit audits to ensure that the auditors
                                                               from NQA accreditation body find no non-conformities. The
                                                               auditors are due to visit at the end of March to examine
                                                               our ISO 9001 Standard and June to examine our
                                                               ISO14001 Standard. All being well we are expecting to
                                                               retain our accreditations for another year.
                                                                                             Talking of things environmental,
                                                                                             Stuart Carefoot, a keen scuba diver,
                                                                                             joined a group of environmentalists
                                                                                             from the Marine Conservation
      LOW EMISSION                                                                           Society on a dive in Loch Fyne in
                                                                                             Scotland recently. The purpose of
                                                               the dive was to try to establish numbers of a little known
        ZONE (LEZ)                                             species of Sea Mouse in an area that was recognised as
                                                               a breeding ground. The Sea Mouse is actually a
                                                               segmented worm in the same family as the common
     OUR wagons which operate throughout the British           earthworm. The rather unusual name of Sea Mouse
     mainland regularly travel through London. London is       probably arose because of its colour resemblance to the
                                                               rodent, when the worm is washed up on the shore
     one of the most polluted cities in Europe for tiny                                            covered in silt. However, the
     particulates, these aggravate illnesses including                                             dense mat of grey-brown
     lung disease and asthma, and road vehicles are                                                bristles on its back with finer,
     responsible for two-thirds of this pollution. The 33                                          iridescent blue-green fur on its
                                                                                                   sides can make it an attractive
     boroughs of Greater London have been designated
                                                                                                   and interesting animal. It lives
     a Low Emission Zone (LEZ), where vehicles which do                                            buried head first in muddy
     not meet certain pollution standards will be                                                  sand but is rarely seen on the
     discouraged by charging.                                                                      seabed. The survey was
                                                                                                   completed, data analysed and
                                                                  Stuart launching his boat on     the species continues to breed
     Technically it came into force on February 4, but the                 Loch Fyne               successfully.
     London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has given each
     operator 28 days to comply from the first time they
     drive into the zone. The charge is £100-200 per
     day, from midnight to midnight, seven days a week,          (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops)
     every day of the year Penalties for non-payment
     start at £500-£1,000.

     The charge will be phased in over several years as
                                                                               A      number of our trailers are used for
                                                                                      hauling products that enter the food
                                                                                      chain and our systems for loading,
                                                                               delivering, cleaning and sanitising the trailers
     more vehicles and tougher standards are                   are rigorously examined. Driver training and drivers
     incorporated. Initially, only diesel lorries and other    procedures are also inspected annually.
     vehicles over 12 tonnes manufactured before
                                                               TASCC was developed because farmers and end users
     October 2001 will have to pay. This therefore does
                                                               wanted to be sure that crops of grain, oilseeds and pulses
     not affect our fleet, as regular readers of our           were treated responsibly once they left the farm. That includes
     newsletter will have read we have just replaced all       wheat processed by flour millers and malting barley for the
     our fleet with modern day tractor units. In effect,       brewers and distillers in the drinks industry. It provides
     vehicles built to Euro III standards or better will not   independent verification that the trade is meeting food safety
     have to pay, though the standard will rise in future.     laws.
     All our fleet is manufactured to Euro IV Standards
     which is better than Euro III. Emissions standards        The scheme is audited and certified by an independent
                                                               certification body, in accordance with the internationally
     will rise again in 2012 but our plans for fleet
                                                               recognised standard EN45011. This means that the
     replacement once again by that time will be well          certification body is itself independently assessed every year
     under way.                                                to ensure that the standard is implemented and administered
                                                               consistently and fairly.

                                                               TASCC is also recognised within the food industry as being
                                                               essential to maintaining traceability of assured combinable
                                                               crops after they have left the farm.

                                                               We were successfully audited by TASCC in February and have
                                                               retained our certification for another year.
Spring 2008 Newsletter   14/4/08    14:33   Page 9

       Our training programme is still in full swing, not only for      Contracts Managers Geoff Weldon, Mark
       site based staff and operatives but also for office staff.       Armstrong, Derek Fairclough, Wyn Saunders,
       Training does not always have to be carried out by               Health & Safety Manager Sam Duxbury,
       external organisations. It can be carried out internally also.   Estimators Mike Anderton, Keith Potts and
                                                                        Dave Woodhall have attended Lancashire
                   Pauline Gray from the Accounts Department            Construction Best Practice Club events on Site Waste
                   has been trained to provide some cover               Management Plans and the Construction Design &
                   together with Anita Isherwood for                    Management Regulations. Continuing Professional
                   Diane Holden whilst she is on                        Development (CPD) certificates were issued for both these
                   maternity leave. Pauline                             events.
                   generally works for the Transport
                   Company but is now having to                         Line Managers have undergone further training to update
       come to terms with the way the Construction                      them on employee appraisal meetings which are currently
       Company operates, using our Mandata                              in progress.
       accounting system.
                                                                        Site Managers are renewing their Site
       Our investment in the IT systems led to our IT Consultants       Management Safety Training Scheme
       running a series of interactive workshops demonstrating the      Certificates and First Aid Certificates as
       electronic information transfer systems available to us.         and when they fall necessary.

                             Joe Moxham has received further            Well done to Danny Morrison, Paul Briggs,
                             training from The Lancashire Education     Philip Lucking, Peter Whittle, Gerard Whittle
                             Business Partnership and is now a          and Michael Emmet who have all obtained
                             Construction Ambassador. Besides the       their CSCS cards.
       training, Joe also had to get Criminal Records Bureau
       clearance. This allows him to continue with his work in          Tommy Eccles and Tom Clarke
                       schools. The role of Construction                have completed their First Aid
                       Ambassador has a number of benefits. It is       refresher course. Dave Bridge
                       an opportunity to raise the profile of our       has done his First Aid at Work.
                       Company in schools and the local                 John Kilbane has completed
                       community. It also provides an opportunity to    his Tele-handler Course.
                       “give something back” to the local area. It
                       also allows us to influence the development      Odin Davison has just completed his Appointed Person
       of education in schools in Lancashire and shape the future       qualification.
       workforce. It is of course an opportunity for personal
       development and Joe has found the role very rewarding.           Sean Hobson, Paul Rotherham, Sean Woof, Stuart Eastham
                                                                        and Alex Verlander continue their apprenticeships whilst
                      Roy Barrington our Investor in People             Danny Moore has completed his apprenticeship and is now
                      Champion is still playing an active part in the   on our books as a joiner.
                      CITB Construction Skills sub regional Training
                      Plan Workshop Group and Innovation Circle         Tony Matthews,
                      events. They meet to exchange knowledge           Martin Moran and
                      on issues that interest them, and to develop      Paul Franklin have
                      effective ways to address those issues.           completed their
       Circles are made up of a cluster of companies and                Scaffold Inspection
       organisations with a shared interest. This keeps him abreast     course.
       of new legislation needed to maintain our accreditation to
                                                                        19 of our operatives have just completed their Lightweight
       Investors in People.
                                                                        Tower Course and 6 more are booked on the course
       Jenny Martin from the                                            imminently.
       Estimating Department has
                                                                        Congratulations to Phyl Weldon who has just
       almost completed her Masters
                                                                        gained her European Computer Driving
       Degree in Construction Law
                                                                        Licence (ECDL) Advanced Certificate in
       and Carl Shawforth from the
                                                                        word processing and spreadsheets.
       same department is continuing
       with his Honours degree in                                       Our Investor in People Champion Roy
       Construction Project                                             Barrington is currently preparing for our audit for the
       Management. All the Estimating Department have had               amended Investor in People Standard and the auditor will
       further training in the use of the Causeway Estimating           be interviewing selected members of staff in April when she
       package.                                                         visits.
Spring 2008 Newsletter    14/4/08   14:34   Page 10

      Strategic Framework Agreements                                                        We are approaching the end of
                                                                                            our 4 year Framework
                                                                                            Agreement with Blackpool

                                           e are carrying out                               Council and are anticipating to
                                           a number of                                      respond to the invitation to
                                           projects under our                               participate in the selection
                                Strategic Framework                 process for another Agreement shortly. We currently
    Agreement with Lancashire County Council including              have only one current project in the pre-
    one project at 6 different locations for Adult Services.        commencement stage which is for the new build
    Other projects include Longridge Civic Centre, Great            Community Centre on the Travellers site in Blackpool.
    Harwood Children's Centre,
    West End Children's Centre in                                                       We have completed a number of
    Morecambe, Sandylands                                                               projects under our Agreement with
    Nursery in Morecambe, a                                                             Blackpool Coastal Housing but the
    new Children's Centre at                                                            Agreement has now come to an
    Westgate Primary School in                                                          end. We are currently awaiting the
    Morecambe and a new                                                                 outcome of their selection
    Children’s Centre at Duke St.                                                       procedure which has been going on
                                       Work gets underway at Duke
    Primary School in Chorley.           Street School in Chorley   now for at least 6 months.
    We also are approaching the
    start of a project at Ribblesdale High School in                Other new projects include factory alterations and
    Clitheroe and a Family Support Centre in Skelmersdale.          extensions at BCP in Blackburn, factory alterations to
    The projects are all at various stages of development           RPC Containers in Blackburn, MRI Suite at Blackpool
    from pre-commencement stage to almost complete.                 Victoria Hospital, the latest phase of laboratory
                                                                    refurbishments at Hutton Grammar School.
    We are about to enter the pre-commencement stage
    of a new £3.5 million pounds primary school at Lostock
    Hall in Preston.

    We are approaching the completion of our 4 year                     LEARNING THE ROPES
    agreement with Lancashire County Council and are
    currently in the process of selection for an Agreement                                                  GONE are the days
                                                                                                            when new drivers
    for another 4 years.
                                                                                                            were tossed a set of
                                                                                                            keys and a work
                               We are in year two of our five                                               sheet and told to get
                               year (with possible extension                                                on with it. Training
                               to 8) Framework Agreement                                                    has become a big
    with Cheshire County Council and have a number of                                                       issue in the haulage
    projects at various stages of completion. The new                                                       industry and
    Children’s Centres at Manor Park School in Knutsford                                                    Carefoots were not
    and Hurdsfield School in Macclesfield have just been                                                    slow to recognise this
                                                                           Mick Burrow       Joanna Oakley
    handed over successfully, Weaver Vale School                                                            many years ago.
    Children’s Centre in                                              Firstly, when a new driver reports for duty, Traffic
                                                                      Coordinator Mick Burrow carries out the induction
    Frodsham is underway and
                                                                      process. He introduces the drivers to their vehicle
    going well, Woodlands
                                                                      (which they will be living in for most of the week) and
    Primary School Children’s                                         goes through all the different controls and features
    Centre on the Wirral has                                          within the hi-tech cabs. Once the driver is familiar with
    just started and Overleigh                                        his unit and it is time to start work, the driver is given a
    Primary School Children's                                         list of tipping runs. However the training does not stop
    Centre near Chester is in                                         here. Driver Joanna Oakley then takes over. The work
    the pre-commencement                                              load for the new driver is carefully selected so that two
                                     Manor Park Children’s Centre
    stage.                                                            wagons can be used for the same job, and Joanna
                                                                      shadows the new driver and continues to carry out the
    The Framework Agreement is working well and we look               induction process for a week. She instructs the new
    forward to being awarded further projects in the future.          driver how to carry out vehicle checks including coupling
                                                                      and uncoupling the trailers, fuelling, checking oil, and
                                                                      use of the cab phone. Joanna also works through the
                  We announced our success with our                   drivers handbook and work instructions issued to all
                  Framework Agreement with Wigan                      drivers. Topics for induction contained within the
                  Council in our last issue but had not               handbooks include Customers safety rules, use of the
                  started any projects at the time of going           digital tachograph, drivers hours, daily work sheets,
                  to print. Since then we have started the            expenses, defect reporting, loading and tipping.
                  £4.7 million new build Oakfield Special
                  Educational Needs School at Wigan                   Additional training including manual handling, sheeting
    which is scheduled for completion in November this                and unsheeting the trailer, shovelling, brushing and
    year. We are in the pre-commencement stage of a                   washing the trailers is also included. Once inducted the
    project at Woodfold School in Wigan and at a similar              driver is then on their own and soon gets used to the
                                                                      processes they are required to carry out.
    stage at Shackerley Primary School in Tyldesley.
Spring 2008 Newsletter      14/4/08    14:34    Page 11

                                                                                                                              e have just

         BOWDON                                                                                                               completed

                                                                                                                  construction of a new

       PARISH CENTRE                                                                                              Children’s Centre in
                                                                                                                  Macclesfield at

                                                                                                                  Manor Park School.
                                                                                                                  During the course of
                                                         constructed                                              the project we
                                                         a new                                                    carried out a number
                                        Parish Centre adjacent                                                    of activities with the
                                        to St Mary’s Church in                                                    children including
                                        Bowdon. The location
                                                                                                                  guided tours by the
                                        of the centre presented
                                                                                                                  Site Manager Tommy
                                        its own problems,
                                                                                                                  Eccles, an afternoon

                                        particularly gaining
                                                                                                                  of environmental

                                        access with plant,
                                                                                                                  activities hosted by

                                        equipment and
                                                                                                                  Joe Moxham, a talk

                                        materials, all having to
                                                                                                                  on the dangers of

                                        pass through a narrow
                                                                            Colin Carefoot presenting a cheque to playing on building
                                                                                members of the school council

                                        gateway. However, the
                                                                                                                  sites by our Health &

    resourceful management team of Alan Puckett, Chris
                                                                          Safety Manager Sam Duxbury and a visit by our very

    Ganley, Graham Littler and Duncan Worsley managed to
                                                                          own safety mascot Sammy Safesite. Following Sammy’s
                                                                          visit we invited the school children to enter a safety
    complete the project successfully. The Bishop of Chester              poster competition. The results were outstanding and
    The Right Reverend Dr Peter Forster officially opened the             it was so difficult to choose a winner that we decided
    Centre in the presence of The Mayor of Trafford,                      to make a donation to the School Council rather than
    Councillor Bernard Sharp                                              individual participants. The School Council have just
    and Mayoress Marilyn
                                                                          opened a new bank account and are getting used to
    Lucas JP. The opening
                                                                          handling money. Eventually the hope to buy a new
    ceremony was followed by
                                                                          climbing frame.
    speeches from the Bishop of
    Chester, the Vicar of St.
    Mary’s, Keith Hine, Ian
    Caveen from architects
    BCR. All were very
    complimentary towards the
    professionalism with which
    we had completed the
    project. After the official
    opening refreshments were Mayoress Marilyn Lucas, The Mayor
                                  of Trafford, Councillor Bernard Sharp
    served by some of the           & the Bishop of Chester The Right
    parishioners in the newly        Reverend Dr Peter Forster at the
                                            opening ceremony
    opened parish centre.
                                                                                    Our Health and Safety mascot, Sammy Safesite
                                                                                          on his visit to Manor Park School

                                 WE are currently carrying out the
                                 refurbishment of Weaver Vale Primary
                                 School in Frodsham and creating a new
                                 Children’s Centre for Cheshire County
                                 Council. To promote the new Centre the
                                 Head Teacher Mr John Hardman invited
                                 the local press to photograph the nursery
                                 children on the site. We conducted a
                                 guided tour of the site with the children,
                                 showed them how we build walls, and
                                 demonstrated how a mini-digger works. As
                                 young as they were, the children enjoyed
                                 the experience and will remember their “go”
                                 on the digger for a long time to come. Site
                                 Manager Dave Gardner is pictured with          Site Manager David Gardner, Staff and pupils of the nursery and Head
                                 staff and pupils of the school.                              Teacher John Hardman visiting the site
Spring 2008 Newsletter     14/4/08    14:35    Page 12

                                                                                                  WE have just purchased a piece of
                                                                                                  land in the centre of the market town
                                                                                                  of Garstang near Preston. The land is
                                                                                                  adjacent to Harrisons Fuel suppliers
                                                                                                  and used to house a DIY and Hard
                                                                                                  ware shop. These will be demolished

                                                                                                  before development takes place. The
                                                                                                  land is scheduled for retail units with
                                                                                                  duplex living
                                                                                                  above. We are
                                                                          currently in consultation with the local
                                                                          planning department to decide the final
                                                                          design, density and appearance of the

                                   W           e are currently building
                                               a new transport
                                               interchange in Nelson
                                    including a new bus station and
                                                                          units which we will be building. We may
                                                                          either add them to our property
                                                                          portfolio and rent them out, or may sell
                                                                          the units individually.
                                    a link to the railway station. The
                                    project involves an element of
                                    demolition, new build and hard
                                    landscape and works to the
                                    public highway. The Mayor of
                                                                            Completed Projects
                                    Pendle Councillor Allan Buck
                                    together with other                        Hurdsfield Children’s Centre, Macclesfield
                                    representatives from Pendle                Manor Park Children’s Centre, Knutsford
                                    Borough Council and Lancashire                Hutton Grammar School, Preston
                                    County Council carried out a
                                    symbolic turf cutting ceremony
                                                                                   The Rock, Offices & Retail, Bury
                                    (there wasn’t any turf to cut) on            Ward 11, Blackpool Victoria Hospital
                                    the site and took advantage of              Mereside Children’s Centre, Blackpool
                                    the demolition contractor’s
                                                                                  Ward 4, Leighton Hospital, Crewe
                                    machine to pose for this picture.
                                    Other dignitaries attended the                     Churchill Court, Blackpool
                                    ceremony including our very                 Well done to members of the Contract Teams including
                                    own Sammy Safesite. All were             Chris Ganley, Charles Carefoot, John Booth, Stuart Carefoot,
                                    invited back to the Town Hall          Tommy Eccles, Mark Armstrong, Duncan Worsley, Fred Dewhurst,
                                    after the ceremony for                  Derek Fairclough, Alex Norris, Barry Openshaw, Tony Matthews,
                                    refreshments.                             Peter Moore, Alan Turnbull, Steven Higham, Sam Duxbury
   At the time of going to press the project is well underway and is           and all the administrative support that enabled successful
   schedule for completion in August this year.                                             completion of all these projects.

     HURDSFIELD SCHOOL                                                    UP TO SPEED
                                                                               he Transport team of Rob Dean, Mike Fisher and Mick

                                                   e have just
                                                                               Burrow attended the Road Haulage Association Spring
                                                   completed a
                                                                               Briefing recently. Items for discussion on the agenda
                                                   new Children’s         included Employment Law, Working Time Directive, Personnel
                                         Centre at Hurdsfield             issues, Corporate Manslaughter, Health & Safety, and Digital
                                         School in Macclesfield           Tachographs. Briefing meetings such as these are invaluable in
                                         creating the centre from         keeping the Managers up to date with developments within the
                                         within an existing building.     Road Haulage Industry.
                                         Once again we carried out
                                         a number of activities with
                                         the children whilst we had
                                         a presence on site
                                         including a visit by Sam
                                         Duxbury our Health &
                                         Safety Manager, Sammy
                                         Safesite and Joe Moxham
                                         who talked to the children
                                         about using recycled
                                         materials.                                    Mike Fisher, Mick Burrow and Rob Dean
Spring 2008 Newsletter    14/4/08   14:30   Page 1

                                                               WE welcome feedback from our readers. If you have any
                                                               comments or information for inclusion in future issues
                                                               please contact Joe Moxham at our Longridge office

                                                                Acknowledgement from
      t’s our Health & Safety                                      Sandra Banton
      Manager Sam Duxbury’s
      turn to go under the
    spotlight this time.
                                                               Dear Colleagues & Friends of my Peter,

    Sam has worked in the construction industry since
                                                               I wish to thank you all for your

    leaving school to become an apprentice joiner. As his
                                                               support of myself and my family

    career developed Sam became a Joiner, Foreman
                                                               at this time of great sorrow. I

    Joiner, a General Foreman / Safety Supervisor,
                                                               know you will all miss my gentle

    Safety Officer, Health & Safety / Quality Assurance
                                                               giant. My Peter was a king of

    Co-ordinator and for the last 15 years as a Health &
                                                               men who loved life. Please

    Safety Manager. Sam joined Carefoots almost 3
                                                               remember him with a smile.

    years ago as our Health & Safety Manager.                  Regards

    Sam lives with his partner Ruth in Staveley near
                                                               Sandra Banton & Family

    Kendal and he has three children, Karen 23, Amy 19,
    and Liam 16.

    A keen sportsman, Sam enjoyed an illustrious career
    playing football for his local team, Kirkby Lonsdale.
    As a natural left footer Sam displayed an ability to
    play anywhere on the left, either back, midfield or
                                                                 Wear it Pink
                                                                                                TOWARDS the back end
                           One of Sam’s other hobbies is                                        of last year the staff in both
                           fly fishing which he does                                            the Longridge and
                           whenever he has time on the
                           local River Kent or whenever he
                                                                                                Warrington offices

                           goes on holiday, or whenever he
                                                                                                supported the annual “wear

                           visits his relatives in Ireland.
                                                                                                it pink” day. The day is a

                           Gardening, particularly the hard
                                                                                                key part of fundraising at

                           landscaping element, takes up
                                                                                                Breast Cancer Campaign.

                           more of his spare time. Sam has
                                                              To participate, staff had to make a donation to the

                           more than a passing interest in
                                                              fundraising campaign and wear something pink. On the

                           cookery and specialises in
                                                              day there was a wide variety of pink clothing in evidence.
                           Indian food particularly curry.
                                                              This ranged from feather boas, buttonhole carnations,
                                                              shirts, ties, blouses, nail varnish and lipstick.
    When Sam’s football playing career ended he
    decided to put something back into the game and he        Every credit to Graham Littler and
    decided to become a referee. Studying for his             Peter Moore From our Warrington
    qualifications Sam became qualified to level 5, Sam’s
    biggest achievement was to referee a game between
                                                              office who improvised with home

    Workington Town and Lincoln United from the
                                                              made pink paper ties!

    Unibond League in the F.A. Trophy. Nowadays
    though, Sam is happy enough to referee in the
                                                              The campaign is on track to raise

    Westmorland League and he manages to get in a
                                                              £3,500,000 from the Wear it Pink

    couple of games a month.
                                                              day. Well done and thank you to all
                                                              those who took part.

                     Blackpool Road, Off Derby Road,                           1 Froghall Lane,
                      Longridge, Preston, PR3 3AL                       Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 7JJ
                         Telephone: 01772 783711                          Telephone: 01925 259136
                             Fax: 01772 782161                                Fax: 01925 651328
                         Email: info@carefootplc.com                     Email: admin@carefootplc.com


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