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Port Collars
 For Selective:

Stage Cementing,




        ISO 9001:2008
        Certified Company

   Unexpected stage cementing operations can                                                           Rotational Type Port Collar
   involve substantial expense, risk or both. Including
   a TAM Port Collar in the casing string provides a
   reliable back-up means to improve cement quality
   in a variety of completion operations.                                                                             Spring-loaded Dogs
                                                                                                                      latch into the Port Collar’s
                                                                                                                      inner sleeve profile.

I n dustr y ’ s P rem ier P or t C olla r
For decades, TAM International has manufactured the
premier Port Collar for the Oil and Gas Industry. TAM
Port Collars provide a selective communication path
from inside the casing to the annulus. They engage,
open, close and release with minimal work string
movement. With sizes available from 2 7/8” through 26”,
their proven track record is attributed to solid design and                     F ea tures:
precision machining.                                                            TAM Port Collars operate with a simple (up/down or
                                                                                rotate) movement of the inner string and Combo Tool.
                                 Spring-loaded Dogs latch onto the
                                 Port Collar’s inner sleeve profile.            Special features such as Metal-to-Metal seals, a locking
                                                                                closed mechanism, slim line versions, premium threads,
                                                                                and NO Rotate to Release versions are available.

                                                                                Metal-to-Metal seals are useful in corrosive
                                                                                environments and in casing strings where casing
                                                                                integrity or a gas-tight environment is critical.

                                                                                In premium Port Collars, Metal-to-Metal seals are
                                                                                standard, and lock pins are used to prevent the sleeve
Sliding Sleeve Type Port Collar                                                 from opening accidentally after final closure.

Ben ef its:                                                                     TAM Port Collars are proven highly reliable in multiple
                                                                                open/close cycles required in selective production and
                                                                                integrity testing applications.
NO Drill Out: The TAM Port Collar is Full-Bore whether
it is operated or not.                                                          When the spring-loaded Dogs of the Combo Tool engage
                                                                                in the inner sleeve profile and the Port Collar is opened,
Premium Thread or Weld On Connector options                                     string weight can be set on the tool, allowing for
readily available.                                                              improved operating reliability of the Motion Compensator
                                                                                on floating drill ships.
Selective Operation allows the use of multiple Port
Collars in a completion assembly.

         By-Pass Channel    Injection Port     Spring-loaded Dogs latch into        Seal Cups     By-Pass Channel            Choke Sub
                                               the locator or Port Collar profile

                                                                                                Combination Tool (Combo Tool)
                                                                                    TAM PORT COLL ARS

                           T ypical Secon d Stage Cement Operations
                              An inner
 Seal                         string with
                              the TAM                              Port Collar is
                              Combination                          closed by the
 Spring                       Tool opens                           Combination
                              the Port                             Tool, tested.
                              Collar.                              No cement
 Dogs                                                              drillout
                              Opposing                             required.

 Sliding                      seals straddle
 Sleeve                       the opened
                              port to
                              perform stage
 Port                         cementing
 Collar                       through the
                              Tool & Port
 1                                             2                                    3

Permafrost - T wo Stage Option                                 Deep Water - Large OD Casing
In areas where cement displacement to the surface is           For casing sizes larger than 18 5/8”, TAM Port Collars
critical such as the permafrost regions in Alaska and          have been used since 1984 for multiple stage cementing
Siberia, TAM Port Collars offer a fast simple contingency      operations to flush cement from around the surface
for second stage cementing operations.                         casing near the sea floor to allow movement of the
                                                               subsea wellhead.
When displacement efficiency of the primary stage is not
satisfactory, a Combo Tool is run in hole to open the TAM      Stage cementing casing improves cement displacement
Port Collar and pump the additional stage. If the primary      through “flow” zones in deep water and shallow
cement operations are successful, no activation of the         applications.
TAM Port Collar is required.

Under Balanced Liner Drill-In                                  Exploration Well Options
The TAM Port Collar can be run as part of the drill in liner   A TAM Port Collar can be located in the intermediate
and utilized for cementing after reaching TD with the          casing string above the shoe to provide a means to flush
liner/bit system.                                              the annulus after primary cementing operations.

Using the Port Collar allows full well integrity by setting    If the exploratory section below the intermediate casing
the liner hanger and the packer prior to releasing from        proves nonproductive, the casing can be cut and
the liner. Once the inner string is pulled, the check valve    retrieved prior to abandonment.
at the shoe and liner hanger packer provide complete
well control.                                                  If the exploratory section is productive, an additional
                                                               cement stage can be pumped through the TAM Port
A second trip with the Combo Tool is required to squeeze       Collar prior to running production casing and completing
cement behind the liner or two (2) Port Collars can be         the well.
run with circulation established between Port Collars
while maintaining well pressure integrity.

                                                                   High Angle Horizontal Wells - Multiple Port Collars and TAM
                   Hydraulic Release                               Casing Annulus Packers can divide production zones in horizontal wells.
                                                                   This type of completion provides the flexibility to cement some sections,
                              Casing Shoe
                                                                   gravel pack others and leave other sections open.

                                Port Collar                  Locator Sub                CAP                 Inner Tubing String

         Production Tubing
                                       CAP (Casing Annulus Packer)
                                                                                          Locator Sub
         Production Packer                                                                                                 Combination Tool
                                                                                                                           • Inflation CAPs
         Release Sub                                                                                                       • Cements Radius

         Casing Shoe

                            Port Collar

             TAM Port Collar Dimensions
          SIZE                       OD
                               Sliding Sleeve
                                                                OAL                Horizontal Completions
2 7/8                               4.00                         32                TAM Port Collars are run as an integral part of the
3 1/2                                4.50                        36                horizontal liner with an inner string and Combo Tool to
4 1/2                                5.50                        38                provide a “ONE TRIP” system of completing a horizontal
5                                    6.37                        39                well, including cementing the build section even when
5 Slimline                           6.06                        35
                                                                                   running slotted liner or screens.
5 1/2                                6.75                        39
5 1/2                                7.48                        57
7                                    8.25                        39                Multiple Port Collars can be run in the liner completion
7 5/8                                8.75                        34                for use as gravel packing ports or selective treating and
7 3/4                                8.38                        44                testing, including proppant fracturing.
8 5/8                                10.25                       39
9 5/8                                11.25                       40
9 5/8 Slimline                       10.40                       39
10 3/4                               12.75                       40
16                                 17.88                         36
4 1/2                               5.63                         30
5 1/2                                6.75                        33
7                                    8.25                        29
7 5/8                                8.75                        29
9 5/8                                11.23                       34
9 5/8 Premium**                      11.50                       51
13 3/8 Premium**                     16.25                       63                               www.tamintl.com
13 5/8                               16.25                       63
                                                                                                  WORLD HEADQUARTERS
14 Premium**                       16.25                         63
                                 Rotational                                                       4620 Southerland Drive
9 5/8                               5.63                         25
                                                                                                  H o u s t o n , Te x a s 7 7 0 9 2
10 3/4                               12.75                       21
11 3/4                               13.75                       23
13 3/8                               15.50                       21                               Phone:       1-800-462-7617
18 5/8                               20.50                       26
20                                   22.00                       24
24                                   26.5                        36
                                                                                                  Fax:         1-713-462-1536
26                                   27.25                       19                               E-mail:      info@tamintl.com
All dimensions in inches.* Inside Diameters Depend On Casing Weight/Thread Type.
** Premium Port Collar with Optional locking device.

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