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                                                                                      • The lead officer will provide written advice notes if required and
1.     Introduction                                                                     agreed 5 working days after the final meeting.
                                                                                      • For major applications, a series of meetings may be required.
1.1   You can seek advice and help from the Council’s Planning and
                                                                                      • A timetable for any meetings and for receipt of any necessary
      Building Service prior to submission of a planning application.
                                                                                        supporting information will be agreed between the planning
      Pre-application advice is intended to provide an initial view on
                                                                                        officer and applicant/agent at the first meeting.
      proposals, and to assist individuals by advising what is required of
                                                                                      • Identify Section 106 contributions and the justification for such,
      a comprehensive planning application. It is not a formal judgement
                                                                                        draft an agreement and provide an estimate of legal costs when
      of acceptability, or a prediction of the outcome of any subsequent
                                                                                        the draft agreement is sent.
1.2   It is always recommended that you seek the Council’s advice on all
      but the most straight forward cases. All responses will be given at       7.    Listed Buildings
      officer level and will be made without prejudice to the consideration
      of any future planning application. If the proposal relates to a Listed   7.1   Most proposals relating to alterations or extensions of Listed
      Building, see Section 7.                                                        Buildings cannot be readily considered by the Conservation
1.3   Depending on the size and nature of your proposal a variety of pre-             Officers without a site visit. Requests, therefore, for pre-
      application options are open to you. For small house extensions                 application advice should be made on the request form. A site
      and for small business proposals the best option might be to use                meeting will be arranged within 20 days and written advice
      the Duty Planning Service. For the largest schemes a formal pre-                provided within 15 working days of the meeting.
      application service is available which will, amongst other things,
      identify any planning contributions associated with the development.
                                                                                8.    Community Involvement
      Please note that achieving the timescales set out in this leaflet will
      be dependent on the resource availability at the time.
                                                                                8.1   Under the Planning Act 2004 the Council has prepared a
1.4   To encourage the use of the pre-application process the Council                 Statement of Community Involvement which includes public
      does not require a fee to be paid for any pre-application advice,               consultation/involvement in significant planning applications.
      no matter which pre-application route is followed. Please note that             The planning officer will agree with the applicant/agent how
      seeking advice from a Planning Officer on a particular proposal is              the community is to be involved in their specific proposals.
      no substitute for professional property advice.

2.     Consultation                                                             9.    Building Regulations

                                                                                9.1 Our Building Control Team can also provide help and assistance
2.1   The Council considers that a planning application which has had
                                                                                    prior to the submission of an application under the Building
      the benefit of consultation with stakeholders and interested parties
                                                                                    Regulations. A duty officer system is also available for building
      prior to submission will result in an improved scheme. Accordingly
                                                                                    regulation enquiries.
      you are strongly recommended to consider undertaking your own
      consultations with the relevant Parish/Town Council and local                   See back page for full details and contacts.
                                    1                                                                                6
      • This pre-application option is not exclusive to larger proposals
        and could be used for smaller proposals if required, especially        3.    Pre-applications and Confidentiality
        where a proposal is complex and involves the need for various
        consultees to be engaged in the process.                               3.1   The Council will initially consider pre-application submissions
6.2   Your commitment will be to:                                                    exempt under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental
                                                                                     Information Regulations. Once a response has been issued, the
      • Fully investigate the planning history of the site.                          information may then be made available to the general public,
      • Familiarise yourself with the development plan policies and any              unless it is commercially or financially sensitive.
         other supplementary guidance.
      • Visit the site and make a detailed analysis to establish site
        characteristics, constraints, opportunities and the surroundings.      4.    Duty Planning Service
        Accurate site survey plans, level sections/street scenes and
        tree surveys (where applicable) will be required if a planning         4.1 Who is this for? The duty service is for small scale domestic and
        application is to be submitted. Therefore, these survey plans are          business projects only.
        likely to be useful in the process of designing a scheme too. A        4.2 A duty planning service is available between 11.00am and 2.00pm
        draft Design and Access Statement should also be submitted.                on Mondays and 9.00am – 2.00pm Tuesday to Fridays. You do
      • Send or email under covering letter or Advice Request Form,                not need an appointment to see a duty officer.
        scaled plans to include site location, layout, elevations, levels,
        parking arrangements and photos of the site showing the                4.3 The depth of advice given is dependent on the information you can
        relationship of the proposal with the site.                                give the officer and on the questions you ask, as no prior research
      • Accept that the timescales for response will be dependent on               will be undertaken when considering the proposal put forward.
        the resource availability at the time.
                                                                               4.4 Your commitment will be to:
6.3   Our commitment will be:                                                        • Provide plans, sketches and photos which will all be useful to
      • You will receive an acknowledgement letter or email telling you                inform the planning officer.
        who will be dealing with your query within 3 working days.                   • Accept that any complex schemes will need to be submitted
      • A lead officer will be appointed to manage and co-ordinate your                under a more formal pre-application approach.
        proposal from pre-application to final decision stage and will be            • Understand that meetings will have a time restriction as other
        available to provide advice and assistance.                                    customers may be waiting for advice from the same planning
      • The officer will undertake a site visit.                                       officer.
      • If the proposals are for affordable housing, the officer will          4.5   Our commitment will be to:
        arrange a meeting within 15 working days of the written request
        for advice.                                                                  • Offer an initial view on the information submitted.
      • If appropriate, arrange a meeting either in the office or on the             • Be aware of the limitations of this service. If the proposal is
        site which will take place within 15 working days of the written               too complicated or requires further research it may be more
        request for advice.                                                            appropriate if the information is taken away and further in-depth
      • The service provided will be multi-disciplinary and pro-active, with           research and consideration given by the officer.
        ready access to professional advice and guidance from internal               • Use all endeavours to determine any subsequent planning
        and external officers involved in the development process.                     application within 8 weeks of registration.

                                  5                                                                                2
                                                                                  • Use the reference number given on the acknowledgement in
                                                                                    future communications regarding the same pre-application
5.    Small to Medium Developments Pre-Application                                  proposal.
      Advice                                                                      • Accept that the depth of the advice is based on the quality of the
                                                                                    submission you make.
5.1   You can write to the Council explaining the development and                 • Accept that the timescales for response will be dependent on
      enclosing plans and details. To help with this you can use the                the resource availability at the time.
      Pre-Application Advice Request forms available from Test Valley
                                                                            5.4   Our commitment will be to:
      Borough Council receptions (Tel 01264 368000 or 01794 527700),
      or the Council’s website (                  •   Acknowledge the submission in 3 working days identifying the
                                                                                      case officer and reference number.
5.2   Who is this for?                                                            •   Arrange a meeting, if necessary, to discuss the proposals.
      • Homeowners and businesses where the issues are more                       •   Try to give a response within 20 working days from the date of
         complex and where a more considered view is required.                        the initial submission, or the date of receipt of further information
      • Developments where you think the planning officer may need                    if requested within that time.
         to liaise with a number of internal consultees such as Highways          •   Where considered necessary, undertake a site visit to ascertain
         Officers.                                                                    impact.
      • Proposals for one to five dwellings or commercial and retail              •   Use all best endeavours to determine any subsequent planning
         schemes of no more than 1000 sq metres or a site area of less                application within 8 weeks from submission.
         than 0.5 hectares.                                                       •   Identify Section 106 contributions and the justification for such,
        (Note: Developments subject to an Environmental Assessment                    draft an agreement and provide an estimate of legal costs
        are considered to be large or significant proposals).                         when the draft agreement is sent.
      • Proposals for affordable housing are considered to be
                                                                            6.    Large and Significant Developments
5.3   Your commitment will be to:                                                 Pre-Application Advice
      • Send or email, under covering letter or Advice Request
        Form, scaled plans to include the site location, layout, levels,
                                                                            6.1   Who is this for?
        elevations, parking arrangements and photographs of the site
        showing it’s relationship to neighbours. A draft Design and               •   Normally for larger and significant or complex planning
        Access Statement should also be submitted.                                    applications, which for this process would be for 6 or more
      • Accept that if the proposal is considered by the planning officer             dwellings or commercial/retail developments of more than 1000
        to be a large or significant scheme then timescales will be as                sq. metres or on a site of more than 1 hectare. Developments
        published for that type of proposal.                                          which are subject to an Environmental Assessment would also
      • Be able to attend a meeting at a mutually agreeable time.                     be considered as significant proposals.

                                 3                                                                                  4

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