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                                      Volume 17                                                          May 26, 2011                                                                Number 11

    Now that the “Back to Basics: Ritz-Carlton Style” sessions for all employees have been                 Some examples of topics that can be added to a
completed, it’s time to move to the next step in transforming the customer-service culture at          system huddle for a specific facility, department, or unit
Baptist Health –– the daily huddles, which begin May 26.                                               include daily patient reports, employee recognition, patient
    Baptist Health employees will take part in these quick mini-meetings with their co-workers         thank-you letters, and quality, financial, and engagement
every day, during every shift, in every department or unit throughout the system.                      measures.
    These huddles are extremely important for daily communication within a team and will keep              Facility captains are responsible for distributing a week’s
everyone focused on improving the service culture on a daily basis as well as provide facility-        worth of huddles to managers each Friday for use the
specific and department-specific information.                                                          following week (Monday through Sunday).
    They are also intended to be fun and short!                                                            Managers who did not get a huddle email should
    Your team’s huddles should be held at the same time each day in a non-public area if possible      contact their facility’s huddle captain.
and will usually last no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Anyone can lead the huddle, and everyone               Each department and unit will be provided a three-ring
should be involved.                                                                                    binder to keep daily huddle sheets for review or in the case of an employee missing a huddle. If
    The foundation of the huddles will be the same each day throughout the system, but facility        your department has not received a binder, contact your huddle captain.
captains can add information that is pertinent only to that facility, and managers can then add            Employees who miss a huddle can also
information that is relevant only to their team.                                                       find copies of the current week’s huddles            BEST Huddles, Continued on page 2

       By Robyn Edwards, Internal Communications Associate, Strategic Development
                                                                                                              Baptist Health’s new television commercials rolled out this week on local TV stations,
                                            It’s here!
                                                                                                          and this year the overall branding campaign focuses on the theme of Baptist Health as the
                                            Using the existing platform and keeping some
                                                                                                          “Leader in Quality Care.”
                                        of the existing content, the Academy WOW website
                                                                                                              The TV campaign includes five commercials. Two are running on local television
                                        has been transformed into a new microsite on
                                                                                                          stations during newscasts, and three others highlighting Baptist Health’s rural hospitals are
                                        EmployeeNet. Now officially called BEST (Baptist
                                                                                                          targeted on cable systems in the Arkadelphia, Heber Springs, and Stuttgart markets.
                                        Health Engaged Service Transformation), the site was
                                                                                                              In keeping with past years, Baptist Health continued to use real Baptist Health
                                        restructured to support employees as Baptist Health
                                                                                                          employees and patients rather than actors in all the commercials. Thirty-three Baptist Health
                                        builds a culture of world-class service for our patients
                                                                                                          employees are featured.
                                        and each other.
                                                                                                              Prior to creating the new branding campaign, Baptist Health conducted focus
                                            The BEST site is one way to support employees
                                                                                                          groups to find out what impact last year’s television commercials had on the targeted
                                        as they transform the system’s service culture. Divided
                                                                                                          viewing audience.
                                        into four sections –– Baptist Health, Engaged, Service,
                                                                                                              Those focus groups indicated that the messages regarding Baptist Health being the
                                        and Transformation –– the site is full of helpful
                                                                                                          leader in care and highlighting technology registered with the audience, and they believed
                                        information about major initiatives such as the capital
                                                                                                          that Baptist Health delivered on the promises made in the commercials.
                                        and branding campaigns, results from the Gallup
                                                                                                              In an effort to maintain brand consistency, the decision was made to continue running
                                        Employee Engagement Survey, daily huddles and
                                                                                                          one of the spots featuring technology but with updated numbers and statistics.
                                        facility-specific schedules, patient satisfaction resources,
                                                                                                              A new spot focusing on caring was created to emphasize the way a family member
                                        and employee BEST stories, just to name a few.
                                                                                                          relates to the care their patient received while they were in the hospital and how that care
                                            Below is a brief highlight of each area.
BAPTIST HEALTH                                                                                            supports the reason more Arkansans choose Baptist Health.
                                                                                                              In addition to the new “Care” commercial and updated “Technology” spot, three
    Media Gallery — host to hundreds of photos and multiple videos taken of the Ultimate
                                                                                                          other commercials feature community hospitals with the focus on caregivers and their
Fitness Challenge, 2011 television commercials, the Academy Awards celebration, and Ask Our
                                                                                                          commitment to provide compassionate care to their community.
                                                                                                              Print advertising is also being developed to compliment the television commercials.
    Ultimate Fitness Challenge — follow the journey of six employees as they battled to become
the Ultimate Fitness Challenge champion
during a 12-week weight-loss program              BEST Website, Continued on page 3                       TV Commercials, Continued on page 2

                                                             By Robyn Edwards, Internal Communications Associate, Strategic Development
        To kick off the new 2011 Baptist Health advertising campaign, the Strategic Development      Answer any one of the following:
    department is hosting a drawing for 50 free Baptist Health “Leader in Quality Care” T-shirts.    1) Name one of the four reasons given by patients or their family members for choosing
        There are currently five commercials airing. Two are running on all the local network           Baptist Health.
    television stations during newscasts, while the other three, which highlight Baptist Health’s    2) Name one of the five promises made to the community by the caregivers in the rural
    rural hospitals, will be featured in the Arkadelphia, Heber Springs, and Stuttgart markets.         hospital commercials.
        If you haven’t had a chance to view the commercials, simply go to        3) How many robotic procedures did Baptist Health perform last year?
    health_resources/video or the look them up on the new BEST site under “Media Gallery.”           4) List the number of patients watched by the eICU care command center daily?
        To be entered in the drawing, please provide your name, department, facility, work           5) What is the total number of people cared for every day at Baptist Health?
    telephone number, and T-shirt size along with the correct answer to ONE of the following             Everyone who submits a correct answer will be placed in a drawing for one of 50 T-shirts.
    questions that relate to the new Baptist Health TV commercials.                                  Winners will be notified by July 1, and T-shirts can be either picked up or will be delivered
        This information may be sent via email to or by interoffice by interoffice mail.
    mail to the attention of Robyn Edwards/Strategic Development/BHMC-LR by June 24.                     Good luck!
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                                                        BEST Huddles, Continued from page 1
   Baby-Sitting Course
   Offered This Summer                                   on the BEST website (see accompanying article in The Connection). The BEST site, accessed through EmployeeNet, has the huddle schedule for
        Would your baby sitter know what to              every department, a list of huddle captains, a huddle tip sheet, a frequently-asked-questions page, and video of a huddle.
   do in an emergency situation? The Safe                    All employees are welcome to submit letters from patients or success stories for use in systemwide huddles. These may be sent to Cara
   Sitter babysitting course is a medically              Wade in Strategic Development by interoffice mail, emailed to, or faxed to 202-1740.
   accurate, hands-on class that teaches boys                The daily huddles are an important component of the BEST initiative to take customer service to a higher level. The ultimate goal is to take
   and girls ages 12 to 14 years to handle               the patient experience to the next level and ensure the system’s future success by providing Baptist Health with an edge over its competitors.
   emergencies when caring for children.                     Thanks to partnering with the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and every employee’s participation in the BEST program, Baptist Health is
   Safe Sitter participants learn what to do             poised to be the “Gold Standard” for healthcare in the region for years to come.
   if a child is choking, CPR for infants to
   8-year-olds, safety for the sitter, how to
   call for emergency help, baby-sitting
   business skills, basic child-care skills
   such as diapering and feeding, how to
   entertain children, and how to keep them
   safe. This course, which is part of the
   Grace Steuri Women’s Health Forums
   series, will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
   on June 16-17, July 7-8, July 21-22, and
   Aug. 4-5 at the Women’s Resource Center
   in the Hickingbotham Outpatient Center at
   BHMC-LR. Seating is limited. To register,
   call the Baptist Health Women’s Center at
   501-202-1717 or visit

   TV Commercials, Continued from page 1
  Employees in TV Commercials                           Rebecca Gillespie, Medical Technologist, Lab          BHMC-Little Rock                                      space work for any type of scene.
  BHMC-Heber Springs                                    Annie Hatch, RN II                                    Jean Williams, Unit Supervisor, 3B                        » With good fortune and answered
  Jennifer Thomas, RN II, Med Surg                      Stacey Reeves, RN II, Stuttgart Medical Clinic                                                              prayers, the first shot of the production
                                                        Floyd Turner, Maintenance Specialist, Facilities      Fun Facts About New Commercials                       avoided being rained out, but the cast and
  Carla Rooney, LPN II, Med Surg
  Sherry Lewis, RN II, Emergency Department                 Management                                            » About five to seven hours of footage were       crew had to work around 40 mile-per-hour
                                                        Emily Neal, RN II                                     shot for each 30-second commercial, and those         winds as the shoot occurred at the beginning
  Clarence Blain Workman, Supervisor, Radiology
                                                        Dublia Huggs, Pharmacy Tech, Pharmacy                 featured in each were very patient in repeating       of Arkansas’ stretch of severe storms.
  Jenny Bartlett, RRT, Respiratory Care
  Mike Clegg, Medical Technologist, Lab                 BHMC-Arkadelphia
                                                                                                              their scripted lines over and over and over!              » The most interesting shot, in terms of
  Sheri Nelson, RN II, OR
                                                                                                                  » More than 5,000 still photos were taken         making a hallway work for the purposes
                                                        David Hennessee, Director, Radiology                  simultaneously during the three days of
  Joanie Schmidt, Scrub Tech II, OR                     Valorie Smith, Director, Lab                                                                                needed, was a hallway on the ground level
                                                                                                              shooting for future use.                              of BHMC-LR leading to the Hickingbotham
  Beverly Verser, Volunteer                             Mark Sanford, Unit Supervisor, Emergency
  Dell Goodnight, CSR III, N&FS
                                                                                                                  » Room 331 at BHMC-Little Rock has                Outpatient Center. With dramatic lighting
                                                           Department                                         become known as the “TV Commercial
                                                        Lauren Mann, RN II, Nursing                                                                                 and a prop sink, the crew was able to stage
  BHMC-Stuttgart                                                                                              Room” because it has been used for the last           a scrub area that gave the appearance of a
  Tommy Moss, Directory, Radiology                      Mark Pickens, Radiology Specialty Technologist, MRI   two television shoots. The full-length wall
                                                        Paul Tull, CRNA                                                                                             sterile, expansive area not commonly found
  Effie Everett, ES Tech, ES                                                                                  of windows provide great natural lighting,            in actual scrub locations. This shot is the
  Stahley Seeman, Scrub Tech, OR                        Crystal Phillips, LPN II, Nursing                     being at the end of a hallway helps to not
                                                        Nanette Malone, RN II, Labor & Delivery                                                                     director’s top pick because of the special
  Danny Goodwin, Medical Technologist, Lab                                                                    disturb patients and caregivers with all of the       lighting effects employed. t
  Tonya Barnes, Radiology Tech, Radiology               Lakesha Perry, RN II, Nursing                         equipment and crew, and there is
  Eric Peppers, RN II, Emergency Department             Lindi Alexander, Staff Technologist, Radiologist      great maneuverability to make the

                                                                                                                                                                    Personal Best
    Baptist Health thanks Craws for a Cause, an annual crawfish boil                  “Scotty Adams has been an amazing part of the NICU family for several         Recent professional or personal accomplishments
to raise funds for philanthropic causes in Central Arkansas, and event           years. His energy and commitment to this unit has resulted in not only financial   by Baptist Health employees.
organizer Scotty Adams for all the work he has done with this event              support but in getting the word out to Arkansas about both the unit and our
the last two years to raise money for the NICU at BHMC-Little Rock.              transport team,” said Janelle Green, unit supervisor of the BHMC-LR NICU.                     Congratulations to Dr. Joseph
    This year’s event, held earlier this month at Dickey-Stephens Park, raised        “Scotty not only supports NICU through the Craws event but also helps                    Nelson from Baptist Health
$8,500, and last year’s raised $10,275. That’s a total of $18,775 to the NICU!   NICU families during the holidays. He was instrumental in raising donations                   Family Clinic-Bryant for being
    In addition to the money raised, the event also generated a lot of           of 50 gift baskets for our families last Christmas,” she said. “Scotty is a                   voted best overall doctor in
publicity for the NICU and its transport team, which included a cover            tireless ambassador for the NICU. He knows firsthand the stress and needs                     Saline County for 2011 in the
story in Sync Weekly and numerous television and radio spots.                    of the families in our unit and works to help in any way possible.”                annual Benton Courier readers poll. Baptist
    The money raised from Craws for a Cause has been earmarked to pay                 Adams’ son was born 16 weeks prematurely and was given only                   Health Family Clinic-Bryant also won in
for the yearly dues of joining the March of Dimes NICU Family Support            a 50-percent chance of survival, but thanks                                        2007 for “Best in Healthcare” in the Bryant
program. Currently, UAMS is the only hospital in the state that is a part of     to caregivers and equipment in the NICU at                                         area. Congratulations to Baptist Health
this venture, and now BHMC-LR will be the second! The cost is $20,000 to         BHMC-LR was able to be treated, grow, and                                          Family Clinic-Bryant for delivering award-
join, so this money will help fund the first two years of membership.            eventually go home with his parents. t                                             winning care! t

   Chaplain’s Corner
   Making a Difference
   By Ronald Wilkerson, Chaplain Resident, BHMC-Little Rock
        Ever say to yourself, “But I’m just one person, what can I do?”                                            First, treat people kindly. You might not know it, but it’s a motivational booster when
        At some point, I believe this has crossed the mind of every person who cares. When we                  people are treated right.
    look around and see the state of our world, economy, neighborhoods, and friends, we wonder                     Next, be a good listener. No one likes to feel like they don’t matter. Always keep an open
    if our little bit could make a difference.                                                                 ear and you’ll be motivating people to come up with solutions and creative ideas.
        Many of us have experienced hard and difficult times, and during those times we all                        Last, get to know people. You may not want to be personal friends with someone, but that
    hoped that things would get better. People who have this hope always find a way to make a                  doesn’t mean that you can’t get to know them as a person. Remember what Marian Wright
    difference.                                                                                                Edelman said, “We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference,
        It was during the time of Hurricane Katrina when I was challenged to make a difference                 ignore the small daily differences we can make that, over time, add up to big differences that
    to a devastating period in the lives of so many people. As we watched the news reports of                  we often cannot foresee.”
    people in despair, my wife and I wondered what we could do to make a difference in such a                      In Romans 15:1-3, the scripture exhorts us, “Now we who are strong ought to bear the
    horrific time.                                                                                             weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves. Let each of us please his
        At first, we did nothing, but one day a friend called to tell us about how her family was              neighbor for his good, to his edification. For even Christ did not please himself.”
    displaced and had nowhere to go. My wife and I immediately responded, “Tell them to come                       The Roman church was a diverse community. It was made up of Jews and Gentiles, slaves
    here to Little Rock and we will help them.” When they arrived, they had an additional family               and free people, rich and poor, strong and weak. So it was difficult for the people to accept
    with them without our knowledge. So we moved over and made room for the unexpected.                        one another.
        Stevie Wonder said, “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” God has blessed                Accepting means taking people into our homes as well as into our hearts, sharing meals,
    many of us with the ability to make a difference in so many ways. As we realize we are many                activities, and avoiding racial and economic discrimination. We must go out of our way to
    members in one body and that we are all fitly joined together, there is nothing we can’t do.               avoid favoritism. Consciously spend time greeting those you don’t normally talk to, minimize
    Remember what grandma said, “You can do anything you put your mind to.”                                    differences, and seek common ground for fellowship.
        Here are three ways you can make a difference:                                                             In this way you are accepting others as Christ has accepted you, and God is given glory! t

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May 26, 2011
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                                                                                                                                   How long will the capital campaign
                                                                                                                               run? What impact does Baptist Health
    While many of Baptist Health’s annual employee appreciation parties have already taken place around the                    have on our community? Why should I
system, several parties remain at the Little Rock and Arkadelphia campuses!                                                    contribute? Why now –– is it really the
    Don’t miss the free ice-cream sundaes with whipped cream, hot fudge, nuts, and other toppings served up by                 best time for a capital campaign? Who will
supervisors, managers, and administrators!                                                                                     benefit from the campaign?
                                                                                                                                   These are the questions asked in the
Employee Appreciation Party Schedule — Remaining locations, dates, and times:                                                  latest installment of the Ask Our Leadership (AOL) videocasts found on
                                                                                                                               BEST (formerly known as Academy WOW). And Missy Lewis, executive
BHMC-Little Rock, BHSC, and BH Extended Care BHMC-Arkadelphia                                                                  vice president of the Baptist Health Foundation, is who answers.
 • Thursday, June 2 — 2 to 4 p.m.             • Wednesday, June 8 — 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.,                                             To view this AOL installment and all the previous ones, go to the
 • Thursday, June 2 — 9 to 11 p.m.            Main Dining Room                                                                 BEST website via the button in the left column on the homepage
BH Rehabilitation Institute                                  BH Schools Little Rock                                            of EmployeeNet. Next, click on “Baptist Health,” then “Ask Our
 • Thursday, June 2 — 2 to 5 p.m.,                            • Wednesday, June 8 ––                                           Leadership.” There you should find a link at the bottom of the page to
 In-Service Education Room                                    1:30 to 2:30 p.m., Student Union                                 the video.
 • Thursday, June 2 — 9 to 10 p.m.,                                                                                                After you click on the link, scroll down to the “Ask Our Leadership”
 Third-Floor Dining Room                                                                                                       heading from the drop-down box and select it. The “Ask Our Leadership
                                                                                                                               –– Missy Lewis” video should begin playing. You can also go directly to
                                                                                                                               the “Media Gallery” to find it as well.
                                                                                                                                   If you have a work-related question and aren’t quite sure who to
BEST Website, Continued from page 1                                                                                            ask or how to go about getting the answer, the AOL feature may be the
                                                                                                                               solution. Simply submit your question or questions to robyn.edwards@
modeled after the “Biggest Loser” TV show.                        Academy Awards –– a brief summary and links to      or fax to 202-1740 for consideration. We cannot
    Ask Our Leadership (AOL) — view answers to                 photos and videos are posted for employees to enjoy.            promise that all questions will be used, but we will notify you if selected.
many work-related questions direct from management’s                                                                           Please provide your name, department, and facility when submitting
mouths. The most recent video cast features Missy Lewis,       SERVICE                                                         your questions. t
executive vice president of the Baptist Health Foundation,         Tips & More –– magazine and news articles about
answering queries about the Capital Campaign.                  a variety of topics from listening to service recovery
    Capital Campaign –– along with general
information, you can download a pledge card, print
                                                               –– all important to taking Baptist Health’s service to a
                                                               higher level –– are available here.
                                                                                                                              Donate Diapers and Wipes
out an employee flyer, or click a link to view the
campaign video all from this one location.
                                                                   Patient Satisfaction –– a great all-in-one source for
                                                               locating the Priority Indexes, Press Ganey Starter, and       to Help Mothers and Babies
                                                               current copies of Press Ganey’s Partner’s magazine.
    Branding Campaign –– easy access to the new
television commercials or peruse the photo gallery
with a couple quick clicks, print out a poster of
                                                               TRANSFORMATION                                               During Drive Through May 31
your fellow employees who are the stars in this year’s             Best Stories –– find inspiration in the individual          Baptist Health’s Community Outreach team is coordinating a diaper drive
branding campaign, or learn behind-the-scenes                  stories of employees across the system who are              to help families in need and support services for new and expectant mothers
fun facts.                                                     making a difference in our culture by giving all their      at the Heaven’s Loft wellness center, St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church
                                                               best through service and who exemplify the Baptist          wellness center, and at Promise House.
ENGAGED                                                        Health values.                                                  All three programs are vitally important to women and their babies in
    Daily Huddles –– if you missed a huddle, you                   Human Resource Development –– learn who these           need of assistance and serve thousands of families annually.
can always find copies of the current week’s huddle            employees are and what they can do to help you in               Baby wipes and diapers in all sizes are the primary items that are needed.
as well as the huddle schedule for every department            your job, along with a brochure that provides more          It can cost more than $100 per month for an average amount of diapers
and facility, a list of huddle captains, a tip sheet, a        in-depth information about the classes and educational      needed for one baby, and low-income families cannot take advantage of free
frequently-asked-questions page, and video of an               offerings the team can provide to individuals,              or subsidized child care if they cannot leave an adequate supply of diapers.
actual huddle all under this section.                          managers, and departments.                                      Please consider making a donation at one of the following drop-off points
    Gallup Employee Engagement –– results from the                                                                         prior to the May 31 deadline:
                                                                   BEST will be updated frequently with new                    • Community Outreach office –– 9100 Kanis Road in Little Rock
most recent employee survey, explanation of the Q12            information. Be sure to explore all the areas by clicking
questions from the survey, employee newsletter articles,                                                                       • BHMC-Little Rock –– Health Management Center or Women’s Resource Center
                                                               on the link found on the left side of the homepage of           • BHMC-North Little Rock –– Health Management Center
and information helpful to managers can all be found here.     EmployeeNet. Thanks for helping us become the BEST. t           For more information, contact Community Outreach at 202-1540. t

By the Baptist Health Foundation Staff                                 • Accommodations sponsor –– Peggy Jones and Jenny Turner
     The Baptist Health Foundation is proud to announce the            • Media sponsor — AY Magazine/Vicki Vowell
success of Bolo Bash 2011 –– we raised more than $759,000                  We extend a special thank you to Distinctive Designs by
to support the systemwide Nursing Excellence campaign!                 Tanarah for transforming our conference center into a spring
     We thank each and every one of the Baptist Health                 event of calla lilies, tulips, and forsythia.
employees who contributed to this fabulous event!                          The Bolo Bash golf tournament was held May 3-4 at
     The luncheon was held on April 20 in the J.A. Gilbreath           Chenal Country Club and was presented by Baldwin & Shell
Conference Center and was presented by The Stephens                    Construction Company. Michael Shelley of US Bank chaired
Group. We thank Renata Byler of Roller Funeral Homes, who              this event. More than $592,000 was raised at this two-day
served as our chair for the second year in a row.                      tournament with 502 golfers on the course.                        Olivia and Archie Manning (center) meet employee volunteers.
     Olivia and Archie Manning entertained the crowd with an               Originally scheduled for May 2-3, Mother Nature even          The Stephens Group
informal Q&A to our audience of more than 420 people. The              took a step back so that we could successfully reschedule         Chenal Properties/Deltic Timber Corporation
“first family of football” delighted the crowd with their stories      472 golfers to play after the rain had passed.                    Coca-Cola Refreshments
of Archie’s football career as well as stories of raising their            The Golf Ball Drop featuring Baptist Health MedFlight was a
                                                                                                                                         Platinum Sponsors:
three sons, Cooper, Peyton, and Eli. First Lady Ginger Beebe           huge success both days, awarding a cash prize to two golfers.
                                                                                                                                         Carlton & Associates
presented an Arkansas Traveler certificate to the Mannings.                Chris Jinkins won the overall Johnny Heflin Memorial
                                                                                                                                         Regions Bank/Morgan Keegan/Morgan Keegan Trust
     Prior to the luncheon, attendees enjoyed a reception on           Skills Challenge competition sponsored by Iberia Bank. Six
                                                                                                                                         Standard Business Systems
April 19 at War Memorial Stadium sponsored by Renata Byler/            golfers participated in the Million Dollar Shootout sponsored
                                                                                                                                         US Bank
Roller Funeral Homes and hosted by Terri and David Snowden             by Verizon Wireless, but no one walked away with the money.
                                  and Chick-fil-A at Markham and           The Stephens Group was the overall winner of the                  Many other wonderful companies and individuals
                                  University. The Mannings chatted     tournament with Scotty Campbell, Jeff Campbell, Beau Glover,      participated, also.
                                  with guests and signed tickets and   and Jason Turner taking home the Bolo Bash Trophy.                    The luncheon and golf tournament are always a highlight
                                  footballs as a warm thank you.           Other sponsors for the Bolo Bash golf tournament included:    for the Baptist Health Foundation every year. However, we
                                      Other sponsors for the           Diamond Sponsors:                                                 recognize wholeheartedly that none of this would be possible
                                  Bolo Bash luncheon included:         Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield/Health Advantage                  without the unending support of Baptist Health employees.
                                  • Auction sponsor –– Dillard’s       Arvest Bank/Arvest Mortgage Company                                   THANK YOU!
                                  • Entree sponsor –– Simmons          Bank of America Merrill Lynch                                         More than 250 employees gave their precious time to
                                    First National Bank                Accretive Health                                                  volunteer for these events, and many departments and groups
                                  • Transportation sponsor ––          Luther King Capital Management                                    provided auction items this year.
Volunteers enjoy the                                                                                                                         Simply stated, our employees give All Our Best for these
                                    Sandy and Steve Landers            Terminix
sun on the golf course.                                                                                                                  events and more. We appreciate YOU! t

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                                                                                                                                                  Available One Week Only!
                                                                                                                                                  Purchase a Dillard’s Gift Card
     The Milliman@Lunch program kicks off June 1 and will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the BHMC-Little
                                                                                                                                                  to Benefit BH Capital Campaign
                                                                                                                                                      Dillard’s gift cards will be available for purchase from the Baptist
Rock cafeteria at a table near the J.A. Gilbreath Conference Center.                                                                              Health Foundation June 13-17, and a portion of the sales will be
     Bring your lunch and meet with Milliman representative Tiffany Guynes, who will answer your retirement-related                               designated for the Foundation’s 2011-2013 Capital Campaign.
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     Throughout the week, you can find Guynes in the Human Resources administration office located in the                                         payroll deduction (based on eligibility).
basement level of the Little Rock campus.                                                                                                             To be eligible for payroll deduction, you must be a full-time or part-
     Guynes is available in Little Rock from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and every other Friday.                                     time employee who has been with Baptist Health at least six months and
Monday afternoons and Fridays are primarily reserved for walk-ins. While these are her normal hours, she’s flexible                               is authorized for at least 40 hours per pay period. If you do not currently
and can meet with you at other times if requested in advance.                                                                                     owe Baptist Health from a previous payroll deduction, an amount not to
     She also visits other Baptist Health locations throughout the year and can be found at new-employee orientation                              exceed $250 can be eligible for payroll deduction. If you do owe Baptist
on Monday afternoons.                                                                                                                             Health, you are eligible for a $50 payroll deduction. Please contact the
     Guynes is here to help Baptist Health employees plan for the future and map your way to a financially secure                                 Foundation for details.
retirement. Using the tools and educational materials at, she can work with you to:                                              To purchase your gift card, send an email to pamela.neal@baptist-
     • See if you are on track to meet your future financial goals.                                                                      or, or call 202-1119, 202-1841,
     • Plan steps to take if you are nearing retirement.                                                                                          or 202-1839. Give your name, phone number, and employee ID number.
     • Roll over money into the Baptist Health retirement savings plan from prior employers’ plans as well as an AIG/                             Your signature will be required on the payroll authorization. The
VALIC 403(b) account. (Bring a copy of your latest AIG/VALIC statement to the meeting to facilitate completing the                                Foundation’s fax number is 202-7352.
necessary forms during your appointment.)                                                                                                             We look forward to serving you with another Dillard’s Days! t
     No appointment is necessary for Milliman@Lunch, so just drop by with your questions! t

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  The Connection’s classifieds section is free and open to any Baptist Health employee, retiree, board member, physician, or physician staff member to advertise items. Phone numbers appearing in ads cannot be Baptist Health work
numbers. All submissions must include a name and work extension. Classifieds must be submitted in writing and can be faxed to 202-1740, e-mailed to, or submitted on EmployeeNet no later than 4 p.m. on
the Friday before publication. Classifieds may be edited as needed.
   APPLIANCES: Antique wood stove,               ($20) and White Swan in size small             learn how you can earn the products           Call 501-776-2571 or 501-909-9839.               home building and remodeling for the
collector’s treasure, mint condition, still      ($10). Call 501-516-1180.                      that you love for free. The Pampered            SERVICES: Stand Out Designs, custom            past 15 years for myself and another
works, three burners with oven, would               FURNITURE: Bed and dresser, queen-          Chef could be a great business                website and graphic design, affordable,          seven years before that for others. Free
be great for your home or cabin, $800.           size bed including headboard, footboard,       opportunity for you if you want to earn       Christian based, a website is what you           estimate. Call 501-681-3657.
Call 501-250-6006.                               rails, and mattresses, matching chest of       some extra cash to pay off some debt,         need if you are a small business trying             SPORTS & FITNESS: AB Lounge Max 2,
   AUTOMOBILES: ‘08 Honda Civic                  drawers with armoire-style opening, $250       make a special purchase, or add to            to attract more business, get one for            good condition, $10. Call 605-1442.
EX-L, gray, 29,000 miles, fully loaded,          or best offer. Call 501-838-9707.              savings. Call 501-288-2541.                   as little as $500 per year completely               TICKETS: Cardinals tickets, Section
leather, sunroof, much more, $16,900.               HOUSE FOR RENT: Conway, 3BR/2BA,               MISCELLANEOUS: Scentsy is a safer          maintained, visit           234, Row 3, Seats 7-9, game date July 4
Call 501-658-7241.                               2785 Archer Lane, off Dave Ward Drive          way to make your house smell great,           Call 501-288-2541.                               at 5:15 p.m., also have a parking pass to
   AUTOMOBILES: ‘07 Chevrolet                    close to UCA, two-car garage, washer,          it’s smokeless, flameless, and wickless,        SERVICES: Lawns mowed and weed-                go with the tickets, selling at face value,
Colorado, crew cab, four door, blue              dryer and refrigerator provided if needed,     makes a great gift for that bride-to-be,      eated for a fraction of the price that           $115. Call 501-658-2687.
granite, power windows, tinted back              no pets, application required, $500 deposit,   birthday, anniversary, or just because,       these landscape companies charge,                   WANTED: In need of an electric dryer.
windows and back glass, cruise control,          $800 per month. Call 501-269-3000.             contact for more information on hosting       located in Little Rock. Call 501-658-7241.       Call 501-317-9395.
good gas mileage, never wrecked,                                                                or ordering. Call 870-917-9717.
                                                    HOUSE FOR RENT: Next to UAMS,                                                               SERVICES: J.B. Construction Company               WANTED: Any and all unwanted
$15,000. Call 501-249-6409.                      2BR/2BA, two-story duplex, $700 per               MISCELLANEOUS: Wood for smoking            for all your remodeling and home-                coupons from the Sunday paper, please
   AUTOMOBILES: ‘02 Chrysler Sebring,            month. Call 501-416-4288.                      food, hickory and pecan. Call 501-580-2369.   improvement needs including but                  don’t throw them out, I work at BHMC-
four door, V-6, green, 82,000 miles,                HOUSE FOR SALE: Mabelvale, three               MOTORCYCLES: ‘98 Yamaha YZ400F,            not limited to custom home framing,              NLR. Call 501-288-3486.
scratch above back-right tire, couple of         years old, country setting in Mill Creek       99-percent restored, first year of the        remodeling, room additions, custom
                                                                                                                                                                                                  WANTED: Coupons from the Sunday
other minor issues, must sell, in UAMS/          Estates just off Chicot Road, 3BR/2BA,         four-stroke craze, this bike has a fresh      screen porches, sunrooms, decks,
                                                                                                                                                                                               newspaper or mail, your trash is another
Hillcrest area, priced below Kelley              large deck out back, two-car garage,           reworked motor, do not ride anymore           roofing, siding, and general repairs.
                                                                                                                                                                                               man’s treasure, contact me for a place to
Blue Book value, $3,200 or best offer.           lots of room underneath house for lawn         and bike is just sitting in garage, $2,000    Licensed, bonded, and insured for your
                                                                                                                                                                                               drop them off or a way we can meet, at
Call 501-593-2778.                               equipment, sitting on 1 acre, retiring         or best offer. Call 501-467-5848.             protection. I have been a successful
                                                                                                                                                                                               BHMC-NLR. Call 501-840-5579.
   AUTOMOBILES: ‘54 Ford F-100 truck,            and want to move closer to children,              MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Clarinet,             general contractor and done residential
six cylinder, 50,000 original miles, garage      $210,000. Call 501-352-4013.                   excellent condition, purchased used about
stored, $5,000. Call 501-250-6006.                  HOUSE FOR SALE: Beautiful country           six years ago, $75. Call 501-288-2541.
   BOOKS: “Everyone Should Know
About Burns” was written by my mom
                                                 home, 3BR/2BA, situated on 5.6 acres
                                                 with natural spring pond, fruit trees,
                                                                                                   PETS: Miniature schnauzers, AKC, one
                                                                                                male in black and white, four females in
                                                                                                                                                Preschool Openings
and is the true story of a teenage burn          large detached garage with work space,         liver and white, visit sartinsschnauzers.         The Baptist Health preschool centers in Little Rock and North Little
survivor. It is currently available at           large storm cellar, about 7 miles from         com. Call 501-581-6514.                       Rock offer convenient, top-quality child care at affordable prices for Baptist
Hastings or can be hand delivered to             Greers Ferry Lake and 12 miles from               PETS: Pomeranian puppies, three            Health employees. All openings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
BHMC-NLR for $10 tax-free. This is a             Heber Springs, this is the perfect place if    females, two black and one white,             Applications must be filled out at the preschool center for specific openings
wonderful book and my mom sells                  you are looking for a slice of the country     available to be sold after July 15, will      after they have been published.
them on her own. She usually speaks at           life with privacy and peacefulness where       include AKC-registration papers and first
schools and sells them there, but due to         you can watch the deer play and fish in        set of shots. Call 501-249-1654.              There following openings are currently available at the BH Preschool Center-Little Rock:
health she is not able to get out as much        a pond, $110,000. Call 501-250-6006.
                                                                                                   PETS: Cedar is a loving 18-month-old           ◆ Toddlers (12 to 18 months) — Five openings
as she would like. It is a great book               MISCELLANEOUS: New building, 26'                                                              ◆ Two year olds (18 to 30 months) — Three openings
                                                                                                boxer/hound mix who needs a forever
written by an ordinary woman without             by 48', has never been used, still in                                                            Contact for BHMC-LR openings is Regina Scales at ext. 1946)
                                                                                                home. He is energetic and playful but
any previous book-writing experience.            binders, asking $6,500 if you move or          loves to cuddle and be part of the            There following openings are currently available at the BH Preschool Center-North Little Rock:
The teenage burn survivor is her son,            $7,000 if we move it. Call 501-352-4013.       family. He is crate trained, housebroken,         ◆ School-age summer program — One opening
and she has felt compelled to share her
                                                    MISCELLANEOUS: ADC purple                   and knows basic commands. He is good              (Contact for BHMC-NLR openings is Janice Stivers at ext. 6880)
story to help prevent other burn injuries.
                                                 stethoscope and sphygmomanometer, new          with other dogs and cats. He is up to
Call 501-253-3842.
                                                 in boxes, $30 for both. Call 501-516-1180.     date on vaccines and has been neutered.
   CHILDREN’S ITEMS: Girls’ jeans, shorts,                                                      Call 501-658-1221.
                                                    MISCELLANEOUS: Designer envelopes,
and shirts, size 5, summer and winter
                                                 standard long-size envelopes designed             PETS: Pit-bull mix, 50 to 55 pounds,
items, $2 to $10. Call 501-516-2003.
                                                 personally by artist, water resistant,         sweet, well-tempered, potty trained,
   CLOTHING: Wedding dress, from                 designs include butterflies, 3-D, flowers,     good with kids and other dogs, no cats,
David’s Bridal, strapless, sequin and lace,      robotic, animals, religious, graduation,       needs a good home with a backyard,
worn once, in excellent condition, has           military, Western, musical, nurse, much        free to good home. Call 501-786-3360.
been cleaned and preserved, size 12,             more, can be designed anyway you like,            PETS: Cocker spaniel, 3 years old,
paid more than $600, selling for $250.           cannot draw anyone else’s design such          male, great family pet since the age               The Connection is a biweekly newsletter published for employees,
Call 501-697-8336.                               as Spider-Man and Pepsi, all designs           of 6 weeks, moving and need a great              physicians, affiliates, retirees, and special friends of Baptist Health.
   CLOTHING: Coach purse, has been               authentic to wonderful artist who designs      home and TLC, free to good home.                 The Connection, with a circulation of 7,000, is published by Baptist Health.
carried very little and is in great condition,   envelopes with proceeds going toward           Call 501-310-2090.
authentic, has the smaller C’s rather than       helping him finish school, envelopes                                                            Editor: Matt Dishongh
                                                                                                   PETS: Shih tzu/poodle, white,                 Layout: Jennifer Ekrut, The Nicholson Agency
the new bigger C’s, beige logo, cloth            can be hand delivered at BHMC-NLR or
                                                                                                adorable, brother and sister, they are
material with leather on the bottom and          mailed (cost of shipping and handling                                                           Contributors: Robyn Edwards
                                                                                                a handful, she is a wild child but very
strap, inside of the purse shows no signs        applies if mailed), please call and let him                                                     Printing: Leader Publishing in Jacksonville
                                                                                                cute, they are about 12 weeks old, will
of use, $140. Call 501-516-2003.                 make you something wonderful, great                                                             Your submissions are welcome! Suggestions or information for The Connection
                                                                                                give away together or separately, free to
   CLOTHING: Prom dress, worn once,              for 2011 school/military graduates, $2
                                                                                                good home. Call 791-6914.                        may be e-mailed to, voice-mailed to
blue and very pretty, $150 or best offer.        each or 15 for $20. Call 501-253-3842.
                                                                                                   SERVICES: Mattingly Drywall, sheetrock        202-1811, faxed to 202-1740, or mailed to Baptist Health, Strategic Development,
Call 501-944-9391.                                  MISCELLANEOUS: Father’s Day is just                                                          9601 I-630, Exit 7, Little Rock, AR, 72205-7299.
                                                                                                hung, finished, or painted, free estimate,
   CLOTHING: Two sets of hunter-green            around the corner so check out our
                                                                                                big or little jobs, new or old homes.
scrubs, barely worn, Koi in size medium          great selection of grilling essentials and

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