Microsoft Excel Gantt chart

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					                              Microsoft Excel Gantt chart

Here is an Excel file you can use as a template for making a Gantt chart.

Follow these steps to customize it for your project.

   1. Change the project title, client and company name.
   2. Insert the description of the task in column B.
   3. Set the start and end date for the task in columns C and D
   4. As your task progresses estimate the percent (0 to 100%) of the task that has been
      completed in column E.
   5. Do not adjust the dates in row 8. The spreadsheet will automatically look for the
      earliest start date and assign it to cell G7 which are then transferred to display as
      ‘week of’ in row 8.
   6. If some numbers do not appear you may need to add in the analysis toolpak. Go
      to Tools > Add-ins, and select Analysis ToolPak.
   7. Delete any extra rows at the bottom.

Happy project managing! 