Microsoft EXCEL 2007 Features by xiangpeng


									Microsoft EXCEL 2007 Features

Office Button:
       New, Open, Convert, Save, Save As, Print, Prepare, Send, Publish, Close, Excel Options

Quick Access Toolbar: Customize to your frequently used tools
      Undo and Redo

         Clipboard - paste, cut, copy, format painter
         Font – font style, font size, grow and shrink font, color, bold, italics, underline, border
         Alignment – alignment, orientation of text, increase and decrease indent, wrap text,
                 merge and center
         Number – number format, $ sign, % sign, comma, decrease and increase decimal
         Styles – conditional formatting, format as table, cell styles
         Cells – insert, delete, format
         Editing – auto sum, fill, clear, sort and filter, find and select

         Table – pivot table, table
         Illustrations - picture, clip art, shapes, smart art
         Charts – column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, other charts
         Links - hyperlink
         Text - text box, header and footer, word art, signature line, object, symbol

Page Layout
      Themes – themes, colors, fonts, effects
      Page Setup - margins, orientation, size, print area, breaks, background, print titles
      Scale to Fit – width, height, scale
      Sheet Options – gridlines and headings
      Arrange - bring to front, send to back, selection pane, align, group, rotate

      Function Library – insert function, auto sum, recently used, financial, logical, text,
             date and time, lookup and reference, math and trig, more functions
      Defined Names – name manager, define name, use in formula, create from selection
      Formula Auditing – trace precedents, trace dependents, remove arrows, show formulas,
             error checking, evaluate formula, watch window
      Calculation – calculation options, calculate now, calculate sheet

         Get External Data – from Access, from Web, from text, from other sources,
                existing connections
         Connections – refresh all, connections, properties, edit links
         Sort and Filter – sort, filter, clear, reapply, advanced
         Data Tools – text to columns, remove duplicates, data validation, consolidate,
       what if analysis
Outline – group, ungroup, subtotal, show and hide detail
      Proofing – spelling, research, thesaurus, translate
      Comments – new comment, delete, previous, next, show/hide comment, show all comments,
             show ink
      Changes – protect sheet, protect workbook, share workbook, protect and share workbook,
             allow users to edit ranges, track changes

       Workbook Views – normal, page layout, page break preview, custom views, full screen
       Show/Hide – ruler, gridlines, message bar, formula bar, headings
       Zoom – zoom, 100%, zoom to selection
       Window – new window, arrange all, freeze panes, split, hide, unhide, view side by side
              synchronous scrolling, reset window position, save workspace, switch windows

      Menu Commands – learning object tools, educator tools, student tools
      Toolbar Commands – save learning object, import learning object
      Custom Toolbars – new learning essentials template, project assistance

      Create Adobe PDF – create PDF, preferences
      Create and Email – create and attach to Email, mail merge
      Review and Comment – create and send for review
      Connect – start meeting

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