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Microsoft Excel 2003 Essentials by xiangpeng


									 f r o n t i e r
                                                   F R O N T I E R         T R A I N I N G     &      T E C H N O L O G Y

                                      Microsoft Excel 2003 - Essentials
Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: This course is designed for a user who has basic knowledge of Windows and no knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Objectives: On completion of this course users will be able to automate spreadsheets using formulas and functions, create charts
and change the appearance of the spreadsheet to make it easier to read and interpret the data.

        Familiarisation with the Excel Screen
Working with Files
       Open / Close a Workbook                                      Naming Ranges of Cells
       Create a New Workbook                                              The Go To Command
       Enter Data
                                                                    Find and Replace
       Delete the Content of a Cell
                                                                            Find Text or Numbers
       Save a Workbook
                                                                            Replace Text or Numbers
       Navigate the Workbook
                                                                    Cell Referencing
Editing Workbooks
                                                                            Relative Cell References
        Edit Cells
                                                                            Absolute Cell References
        Select Cells
        Adjust Column Widths and Row Heights                        Functions
        Hide / Unhide Columns and Rows                                      Statistical Functions
        Delete a Range of Cells                                             The SUM Function
        Insert / Delete Columns and Rows
        Type into a Selected Range of Cells                         Charts
        Fill a Range of Cells                                                 Chart Wizard
                                                                              3-D View
Working with Worksheets                                                       Legends
       Change the Default Number of Sheets                                    Gridlines
       Move between Sheets in a Workbook                                      Add Graphic Objects
       Rename Sheets                                                          Protect / Un-Protect a Chart
       Group / Ungroup Sheets                                                 Print a Chart
       Change Order of Sheets
       Copy / Insert / Delete Sheets                                Viewing and Printing
       Hide / Un-hide Sheets                                                View and Zoom
                                                                            Custom Views
Cut, Copy and Paste                                                         Print Preview
       The Clipboard                                                        Page Setup
       Cut / Copy / Paste                                                   Set / Clear Print Area
       Drag and Drop                                                        Set a Page Break
       AutoFill Copy                                                        Page Break Preview
Formatting Spreadsheets
        Format Numbers                                              Multiple Windows
        Align Cells                                                         Window Menu
        Character Formats                                                   Arrange Multiple Windows
        Borders                                                             New Window
        Patterns and Colour                                                 Freezing / Un-Freezing Panes
        Conditional Formatting                                      Spell Check

Formulas                                                            Research Tool
       Rules for Building Formulas                                  Help
       Maths Symbols
       Rules of Precedence                                          Shortcut Keys

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