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Intro to Computers
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       The Ipad is a great innovation created by Apple that is designed to symbolize

many aspects of a computer. Apple released this successful invention in April of 2010

selling about 3 million of these devices in 80 days. For a great amount of time this

product was very popular, from the release to even today. The design of the product is

very similar to the itouch, however it is much larger which in a way depicts a computer

monitor. The design is a 9.7 inch, 1024 x 768, touch screen LED-backlight board. Very

similar to other apple products, it has a very unique and stylish design that’s breathtaking;

however it’s not much different or exiting. This device has many of the same features as

other apple products, such as the itouch and iphone. Considering the device has as much

power as a computer tablet, the design is only about half an inch. However It does weigh

1.5 pounds which is heavier in comparison to other similar products, this information

doesn’t effect the sale of the product in any way.

       The Ipad runs the same operating system as the iphone and itouch, it runs various

other applications made for it as well as ones invented for the iphone. The additional

applications make this product more improved and innovated. The ipad applies Wi-Fi

data to surf the internet, which relates to past products by apple such as the iphone or

itouch. It has a unique display, which responds to two other sensors. One of the two is an

ambient light sensor that adjusts the screens brightness and an accelerometer to sense the

Ipads orientation which can switch between portrait and landscape modes. This aspect is

unfamiliar to both the itouch and iphone, which do not provide this. This device supports
a screen rotation in four orientations. In reality there are four main physical changes that

were made in the development that differs to the itouch and iphone. One being a home

button that returns a user back to the original home page, this button is located directly

underneath the display screen. In addition, there are also three physical switches on the

side which include a wake/sleep button, volume button, and an iOS 4.2 which plays as a

mute key. The ipad can utilize a Wi-Fi network trilateration that provides location

information for applications including Google maps; it even acts as a GPS. Also included

are two internal speakers, a TRS connector audio jack for headphones, also containing a

microphone used for voice recording. There is a built in Bluetooth which allows wireless

keyboards and such to connect to the ipad. There were three options that were released

for storing size, 16, 32, or a 64 GB flash drive. The flash drive is where all the data and

memory is stored for the device.

        The Ipad can also act as a computer with the insurmountable accessories attached

to it. Some of these accessories include a keyboard dock with hardware keyboard, a case

which can stand the ipad in various ways, connecter to VGA adapter, camera connection

kit, and several others. The keyboard dock really depicts a normal computer display. The

ipad only runs its own created software that’s been downloaded by the apple store or

written by registered developers of specific application. It comes with many of the same

applications accounted in the iphone, such as Safari, YouTube, mail, video, ipod, itunes,

app store, and several more. These applications are very noticeable considering they were

used in the iphone, so it is familiar to past users. A new development in this device is the

application ibooks. This is an optional application for the ipad that displays books,

magazines, and other downloadable content.
       The Ipad was a huge innovation deriving from the iphone or itouch that was very

successful and popular and still remains useful. This device was one of the many popular

inventions of the 21st century that positively affects the world today, making it quick and

easy to accomplish goals. Apple is a very successful corporation that really impacted the

21st century by developing many popular inventions that really changed the way we

accomplish things, and it will succeed and progress in the future in years to come. Apple

invented many notable devices that each derived and innovated from one another to

create a better and improved version. Some notable devices invented were the ipod,

iphone, itouch, Mac computers and laptops, the apple TV, and recently invented ipad.

Each of these inventions derived from one another to improve some aspect in regards to

become successful. The Ipad successfully derived from the iphone and itouch to create a

bigger more realistic computer depiction.
                 Cumalative Sales of Apple Inventions

            20                                          Ipod Legacy
Millions of
            15                                          Ipod Touch
            10                                          Iphone
            5                                           Ipad
                          Apple Inventions
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