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to His Life-giving Advice

 to   His   Call to Redemption
                      Thinking About Faith
      For some people it really is easier said than done.
      It’s not hard for those of us who preach to chide you for worrying. Not that we
 are wrong! We aren’t! Jesus said it himself. Worry is really pretty insulting to the divine.
 But some of us have to “preach” with the clear awareness that we ourselves are among
 the offenders. And others of us, who are not inclined toward worrying (and maybe
 we can unpack that part of the matter another time) find it pretty easy to say. It’s
 like a number of other weaknesses and sins. If that’s not one of mine I can be pretty
 outspoken about it.
     It does deserve our attention, though. And Tom will help us give it proper attention
 with both head and heart today.
       Let me just add one helpful suggestion. A number of folks have started making
 lists of all of the things that they worry about. They write it down thoroughly enough
 to understand the issue when they look back on it later. And they put a date and a time
 on it. Then they pray about it. It’s not that it will go away instantly, but the writing and
 the praying will give some relief. I’m taking it seriously, and I’m getting help.
      The big payoff is in the perspective and in the numbers. Anxieties about the
 future make up 80-90% of our worries, and 80-90% of them never happen. Add to
 that the fact that almost none of the things that we expect, if they do happen, are as
 bad as we feared.
     You and God both deserve that you give something like this an earnest try. It’s
 hard to think of anything that is profitable about continuing the fearfulness that we
 have practiced in the past.

  Welcome Friends & Guests — Thank you for joining us today!
Our goal is to make you feel welcome in our church home. On the back of the bulletin is
a brief outline of what to expect during our worship service.
Families with young children are encouraged to make use of the nursery and toddler area
located near the Atrium. Classes for children and youth are normally available in the
Education Wing during the 9:45 and 11:00 AM services. Also, we have a soundproof cry
room available during all three of our services. The cry room is located at the back of the
sanctuary near the West Entrance.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask someone around you. Otherwise, you
will find some helpful, friendly people at one of our Welcome Desks (one is located near
every entrance). Be sure to ask for literature, tapes or CDs that you can take home.
We also have a web site that you may find helpful. In addition to our bulletin and sermon
archives, the site offers information about a variety of ministries and activities within the
church. The site URL is: You may also call the church office at 614-
885-8389. If email is easier, you can find the church staff email addresses listed on the
back of the bulletin.
Another great way to get in touch with us is to fill out the Communications Card. You
can find one in the pew in front of you. Just fill it out and drop it off in the offering plate
or in one of our Communications Stations at any of our Welcome Desks.
We’re glad you’re here!
                                  Round Lake Camp
Many of our 5th-6th graders are headed to Round Lake for a great week of camp today.
This camp session is closed; however, there is still space available in the other 5th-6th grade
camps. Visit or call 419-827-2017 for more information.
Next week is 4th grade camp and two of the day camps for 1-2nd graders. There may still
be room for last minute campers if your child would like to go.
                             Jr. High to Seneca Lake
On Friday, July 24 we will be heading to Seneca Lake for fun in the sun. All students
currently going into 7, 8, 9th grades are welcome to come tubing, skiing, jet skiing, and
swimming. This the best Jr. High event we do all summer long. We will be leaving the
church at 9:00 AM and returning at 9:00 PM. This trip is free so invite your friends! Please
sign up at the Jr. High event board located on the Nxt Level.
                   Sr. High — “Built to Last” @ 11:00 AM
This is a series that we will be doing for our Sr. High hour located on the Nxt Level during
the month of July. So often our students gradually fall away from their faith in Christ. This
series is designed to help them bulletproof their faith.
                             2009 Haiti Mission Trip
We will be meeting at the church at 3:00 PM tomorrow, July 6 to head to Detroit. Please
remember to keep us, and our mission, in your prayers.

                                   Scrapbook Day
Do you like to scrapbook, but never have the time, or find it too solitary? Come to the
Family Life Center on Saturday, July 11 to scrapbook with all your friends! Doors will
be open at 9:00 AM and you are free to scrapbook until 3:00 PM. Potluck lunch will be
available if we all bring something to eat! The event is free and there will be no products
to buy or sell there. Just bring yourself and your supplies for a great time of scrapbooking
with your friends! If you have questions about this event please feel free to contact Carrie
Fenstermaker at or 740-369-5173.
                              Are you on Facebook?
If so, stop by the “Worthington Christian Church” community and join today! The URL
                              Church Board Meeting
Tomorrow the church board will gather at 6:30 PM to eat. At 7:00 PM, the business
meeting will include thoughts from Marshall on the state of the church today.
                        VBS Donation / Lending Needs
We are gathering a few last minute items for Bible Bayou (the interactive Bible lesson for
elementary children) and could use some help with the following:
  •	 Plastic	or	silk	greenery	— we will return this if you put your name on it.
  •	 10	couch	or	large	outdoor	lawn	furniture	cushions. They would be covered as they
     are to serve as “boulders” for the children to climb over as they enter the room. We
     only need these for Sunday and Monday morning, so could be picked up Monday
     afternoon (don’t forget to put your name on it).
  •	 125	brown	paper	grocery	bags.
  •	 10	empty	margarine,	butter,	cottage	cheese,	yogurt	or	other	tubs	with a lid that would
     be used to hold washable paint (and would need to be covered between sessions).
  •	 14	old	blankets	or	sheets	— these will be used to turn tables into “houses.”

        Prayer Focus from the Ministerial Search Committee:
 WCC is a church community that worships God. (Matthew 4:10; 28:9) In addition
 to the search process, pray that...
   •	 Worship	at	WCC	would	always	be	sincere	and	pleasing	to	God.
   •	 Each	of	us	would	be	singularly	and	fully	devoted	in	our	worship	of	God.
   •	 In	 the	 midst	 of	 change,	 even	 at	 WCC,	 we	 find	 security	 in	 worshipping	 an	
      unchanging God.
                                                 VBS Crocodile Dock
What’s Up?
   for kids
                           Our Bayou Blast is almost here! Our evening event is July 19-23
                           from 6:30 to 9:00 PM and our identical morning event is July
                           20-24 from 9:30 AM to noon.
                           As always, there is no charge — and you can register online at
                                             VBS: What's it all about?
                           We place a huge emphasis on Vacation Bible School. Why?
                           What’s it all about?
VBS is not about large numbers — although we will have a huge number of children,
teens and adults involved. VBS is not about entertaining children — although we will
have an extreme amount of fun.
VBS is about giving children the opportunity to grow in Christ. By the end of the week
we hope and pray each and every child will have grown to love Jesus, to live like Jesus and
to live for Jesus. That’s what it’s really all about!
                         VBS Information & Donations
Register, volunteer, sign up to donate food or meals, purchase t-shirts... If you think it's
too late to help or participate in VBS, you're wrong! Any and all VBS info is available at
the Crocodile Dock display at the entrance to the Children’s Center. Stop by today!
                             VBS Volunteer Luncheon
We want to show our appreciation to all those of you who have volunteered to help in this
year’s Crocodile Dock. On Sunday July 12 at Noon in the FLC we’ll feed you and your
family the best food the bayou can offer... This will be a great time for us to relax together
before we “rock the dock” at our bayou blast!

                             worthington christian church singles ministry
                             Summer Service Projects
 We're putting together our summer service projects! Saturday, Aug. 15 is the confirmed
 date to assist the Friends’ Ministry with cooking and feeding the homeless and
 underprivileged in the Franklinton area. We're working on other events for July, so
 keep your calendars handy and we hope to make this a summer of service!
                          Thrive! ’09 — Coming Soon!
 Mark your calendars now! Thrive!’09 is coming this October. That may seem like a
 long way off, but plan now to attend. It is October 16-17. Chris Coppernoll is making
 a return appearance! So many good comments on his time last year, we had to bring
 him back! Faith, Hope & Love is the theme this year, and we have lots of new breakout
 sessions to help us put that into practice. Alathea is also back to lead us in worship. It
 is going to be great!
   Looking for a Single Specific ABF for your Sunday Morning?
 There are so many Adult Bible Fellowships, but if you are looking for a single specific
 one, check out what Focus has to offer!
    •		Focal	Point (9:45 AM | rm. 122) is a mix of 30+ never married/divorced folks
       who come together each week to study God’s Word and choose to live by it.
    •		ReFocus (9:45 AM | rm. 145) comes together as a community impacted by the
       pain of divorce working toward healing, hope and refocusing life on Jesus.
    •		Focus	2x (11:00 AM | rm. 145) is our 20 something ministry oriented toward
       building strong relationships with each other and with Jesus Christ. Join us for
       great fellowship and challenging Bible study!
                                     Upcoming Events
THIS Week: JuLy 5 - JuLy 11
  Sunday          6:00 PM            Financial Peace University
  Monday          all day            Student Ministries Haiti Mission Trip
                  6:30 PM            Church Board Meeting
                  7:00 PM            Boy Scout Meeting
  Tuesday         all day            Student Ministries Haiti Mission Trip
                  11:45 AM           Worthington Christian Church Foundation — Trustees
  Wednesday       all day            Student Ministries Haiti Mission Trip
  Thursday        all day            Student Ministries Haiti Mission Trip
  Friday          all day            Student Ministries Haiti Mission Trip
  Saturday        all day            Student Ministries Haiti Mission Trip
                  7:30 AM            Men’s Bible Study
                  8:00 AM            Elder's Meeting
                  9:00 AM            Scrapbook Day
                  9:00 AM            VBS Training (preschool crew leaders)
                  10:00 AM           VBS Training (elementary crew leaders)

  July 12         VBS Luncheon
  July 14         Young at Heart to Creation Museum
  July 16         Jr. High to Zoombezi Bay
  July 18         VBS Training (9:00 AM — preschool crew leaders)
  July 18         VBS Training (10:00 AM — elementary crew leaders)
  July 29         MOMS Playgroup (10:30 AM — Highbanks Park)
  July 19-24      Vacation Bible School — Crocodile Dock!
  July 24         Jr. High to Seneca Lake
  Aug. 3          Jr. High to Zoombezi Bay
  Aug. 3          Red Cross Blood Drive (1:00-7:00 PM — Family Life Center)
  Aug. 9          Who We Are/What We Believe class
  August 26       MOMS Playgroup (10:30 AM — Whetstone Park of Roses)
  Sept. 6         Church Family Picnic (Camp Mary Orton)
  Sept. 9         MOMS Welcome Back Brunch (9:30 AM — WCC)
  Oct. 16-17      Thrive! (Ohio Christian Singles Conference)
                      Please visit the Worthington Christian Church website at
                  for the complete calendar.

                              Weekly Vital Statistics
ReCeNTLy ADDeD To THe FAMILy — 65 IN 2009
     Jennifer Norris (baptized)
     Roger Vagnier (Riverside)
GIVING FoR JuNe 28, 2009:
Contribution statements are supplied only for contributors using the offering envelopes.
     Church program giving:                         $20,673
     Building Fund:                                 $4,898
     Other Gifts:                                   $2,284

ATTeNDANCe FoR JuNe 28, 2009:
     Sunday	School	           510	                     Morning	Worship	          1,125
       Children               117                        Worship #1                191
       Youth                   72                        Worship #2                420
       Adult                  321                        Worship #3                347
                                                         Children                  167

                                      Elders on Call
     Keith	Fields	(ph:	614-210-0486	•	email:
     Jack	Alston	(ph:	614-873-7242	•	email:
               8145 North High St. • Columbus, OH 43235 • 614-885-8389 •
                              Worship Times: 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM & 11:00 AM

                                         Thank you for joining us today!
We start off our service with worship and praise for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. During this time we sing, welcome
those around us, read from the scriptures and pray. Song lyrics are displayed on the screens above the baptistry in
front of the church. Don’t worry if you don’t know the songs, none of us knew the songs at first, either.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, you are invited to share in the Lord’s Supper. When you receive the trays, please take
the bread and the cup, then pass them on. After a period of meditation, partake in your own time. Please place the
cup in the holder in front of you.
      Meditation & Prayer ........................................................................................... Keith Fields, elder

This is a time to share with the church financially. It is a way to thank God for God’s blessings. If you are a visitor,
don’t feel that you have to contribute — the only gift we’d like from you is your Communication Card. Consider this
service our gift to you! Don't forget to sign the attendance book and pass it to your neighbor so that we have a
record of our guests and friends who came to worship with us today.
      Offeratory ............................................................................................................... "For Freedom"
                             Larry Bilbrey, Julie Hendricker, Lindsay Meranda, Greg Shivener & the Praise Band

SeRMoN FoR JuLy 5, 2009
                                                   "Forget the Worry"
                                      Matthew 6:25-34 • Tom Sherrod, preaching
We can forget the worry when we remember three great truths about God:
   1. God is not helpless to meet our needs
      He is able to care for all of His creation — including us
   2. God is not apathetic towards our needs
      He considers us precious and relates to us with a personal love
   3.	 God	is	not	satisfied	simply	meeting	our	needs
       He calls us to a higher, heavenly, eternal purpose
Forget the worry. Have faith!

We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and that in Him we may have the forgiveness of our
sins, the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and eternal life. We accept that incomparable offer by believing in
Him as Savior and Lord, confessing that with our mouths, repenting from sin, and being buried in Christian baptism.
At invitation time we eagerly extend the call those who have come to believe in Christ to take these stands of faith.
And if you live here now, and are an immersed follower of Christ, we would welcome your active membership in
the Worthington Christian Church family.

This is a time when prayer needs are presented and/or special events are announced. The service is closed with a
word of prayer and a song of praise.

   Dr.	Marshall	Hayden	                                Lee	Cox	                                            Tony	Cason	
   Senior Minister                                     Minister of Discipleship                            Music & Worship Minister                                     

   Tom	Sherrod	                                        Don	Hooper	                                         Jay	Scott
   Children’s Minister                                 Singles & Young Adult Minister                      Jr. High/Sr. High Minister                                 

   Terri	Gallahue	                                     Karen	Wheeler	                                      Kristie	McGlaughlin
   Administrator                                       Receptionist                                        Communications & Design                               

   Norman	Moniger	                                     Joel	Montgomery	                                    Matt	Hite
   Building Services Manager                           Building Services                                   Building Services                          

   Michael	Harris	                                     Bulletin	Submissions	                               Prayer	Requests
   Imtern                                              articles, inserts & screen requests                 Maxine & Llyle Barker                                 

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