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					                           This organ promises to be a most exciting instrument
Crosshaven and beyond...   with a distinctly baroque character, a great addition to
                           musical life in an area where the East Cork Early
                                                                                                                                                                Y   o   u   r   b   u   s   i   n   e   s   s   t   a   g   l   i   n   e   h   e   r   e   .

                           Music Festival has already set high standards in the
                           performance of baroque music on period instruments.

                           Malcolm Proud; lecturer Waterford IT, organist of St.
                           Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny.

                            The goal-posts of Ireland's ever broadening organ
                            scene reach new heights in Crosshaven with this                                                                                                                                                                                     Fund-raiser Title
                            hugely exciting and innovative project at Holy Trinity
                            Church, one that promises to greatly reward the brave
                            and inspirational vision of the parish.

                            Peter Sweeney, Senior Lecturer in organ, Dublin IT
                            Conservatory of Music and Drama.

“When the existence of the new organ in Holy Trinity, Crosshaven,
is summed with the presence of organs like the one in St Fin
Barre’s Cathedral and the recently-restored instrument in St Pat-
rick’s Church on the Lower Glanmire Road, and the fact that the
Cork School of Music will be installing a new pipe organ by Paul
Neiland in the Curtis Auditorium of its state-of-the-art new building
on Union Quay to complement its Kenneth Jones chamber organ,
everybody - but particularly organ students - in Cork and its envi-
rons will be truly blessed: outstanding instruments and distin-                       Pipe Organ Appeal
guished teachers – a winning combination and both congregations
and audiences will reap the manifold benefits for many generations
to come.
                                                                                      Holy Trinity Church,
Dr Geoffrey Spratt, Director, Cork School of Music, CIT                               Crosshaven.                                                               Pipe Organ Appeal

                                                                                                      For further information please contact
                                                                                                        the Rev’d Daniel Nuzum, Rector or                      Holy Trinity Church,
                                                                                                            Ms Carmel O’Shea, Organist
                                                                                                Holy Trinity Church, Crosshaven, Co. Cork. Ireland                 Crosshaven.
                                                                                                                +353 21 483 1236
                                                                                            or by email at: organist.templebreedy@cork.anglican.org
                                                                                      or to watch the progress of the pipe organ as it is being built please
                                                                                                    visit www.templebreedy.cork.anglican.org
                                                                                                              from September 2006
                                                                  A new departure
Why a new organ?                                                   An organ is usually the single most expensive item a church
                                                                  will ever purchase. Its life-span will – or should be – measured
                                                                  in hundreds of years, and thus it must be built by a highly-
                                                                  skilled craftsman, according to methods of proven durability
As part of the overall restoration and conservation of Holy
                                                                  and using materials of the highest quality. In seeking a builder
Trinity Church, Crosshaven we are now embarking on the            for their new organ the people of Crosshaven parish have
provision of a classically styled mechanical action pipe or-      turned to the Netherlands, where the organs and building
gan. As the custodians of this beautiful church building of       techniques of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries - the
                                                                  golden age of the organ - are to be found in unparalleled
national importance designed by William Burges we believe         health today. Henk van Eeken, the chosen builder, is at the
it is important to carry forward the tradition in which it was    forefront of the Dutch scene; his work in historic techniques is
built by employing the best person to build this new pipe         without peer and his commitment to absolute quality is inspir-
organ and so we have commissioned the highly respected
Dutch organ builder Henk van Eeken to carry out this im-           Why, some may ask, should a thriving twenty first century
                                                                  parish build an organ in a seventeenth century style? The or-
portant project.
                                                                  gan’s primary function is to accompany the singing of the wor-
                                                                  shipping community; a task best undertaken by a beautifully
Because of our desire to make a significant contribution to
                                                                  voiced chorus of pipes housed in a solid case to project the
the musical compliment of Cork and beyond our new or-             tone, naturally winded and controlled by a simple and direct
gan will take 18 months to build and will cost €300,000.          key action. These principles were forged three centuries ago in
                                                                  the context of the reformation: congregations were encouraged
This is an ambitious project which needs the support of
                                                                  to sing and organs built to lead them. An instrument made in
many to succeed. William Burges sums this up best in a            this manner not only performs its liturgical duties most effec-
letter to the Bishop of Cork in 1877 where he writes              tively, but lasts for centuries, requiring minimum mainte-
“...Good art is far too rare and far too precious ever to be      nance. Tradition has its place alongside technology, and time
                                                                  and experience teach us that sometimes - from roof-thatching
cheap…”.                                                          to organ-building - the old ways are best.

We are confident that we can reach this target thanks pri-         This organ will be more than a beautifully made hymn ma-
marily to the generosity of parishioners and friends to date.     chine, however. The principles outlined above open the door
                                                                  to a new understanding of the vast corpus of solo music from
When the organ is installed it will quite simply be an exem-      the fifteenth century right through to the great works of JS
plar of all that is best in organ building and indeed will be a   Bach. As one of a mere handful of such instruments in these
work of art befitting the glory of the building in which it       islands, the new organ will have a significance far beyond the
                                                                  parish bounds. It will be a focus locally, nationally and interna-
will stand and make music sacred and secular.                     tionally for students, teachers and players, and will create a
                                                                  valuable link between the worshipping community and the
We look forward to your support...                                wider music world.

                                                                  Please do join us in this exciting venture.

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