; Molten Salt for electric DiSpatch
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Molten Salt for electric DiSpatch


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									                                 eUci presents a Web conference on:

                                 Molten Salt for
                                 electric DiSpatch
                                 July 7, 2009   •     12:00 – 1:30 PM Eastern Time

                                                                        EUCI is authorized
                                                                        by IACET to offer
                                                                        0.1 CEU for this

Image by: Idaho National Laboratory
Molten Salt for
electric DiSpatch
July 7, 2009
August1:30 - 12, 2008 Time
12:00 – 11 PM Eastern

  OVERVIEW                                                                                       IACET
  Molten salt is already used in the petroleum, chemical, and metals industries as a heat-                        EUCI has
  transport fluid. Non-flammable, nontoxic, and liquid at atmosphere pressure, it provides                        been
  a very efficient, low-cost method in which to store thermal energy to create electricity on                     approved
  demand.                                                                                                         as an
                                                                                                 Authorized Provider
                                                                                                 by the International
  In many designs, twin holding tanks circulate 500F molten salt to a conventional system        Association for Continuing
  to produce superheated steam to drive efficient, high-pressure and high-temperature,           Education and Training
  steam turbines.                                                                                (IACET), 1760 Old
                                                                                                 Meadow Road, Suite 500,
  Stored thermal energy from the sun’s rays can be held for days in molten salt, if need be,     McLean, VA 22102. In
  and can provide up to 12 hours of dispatchable electricity.                                    obtaining this approval,
                                                                                                 EUCI has demonstrated
  This webinar is presented by the turnkey supplier and specialty melter that made Andasol 1     that it complies with the
  in Spain the first solar/molten salt storage operation in the world.                           ANSI/IACET Standards
                                                                                                 which are widely
                                                                                                 recognized as standards
  Our experienced presenters relate their actual successes in conquering the daunting
                                                                                                 of good practice
  challenges of bringing molten salt storage to drive renewable energy.                          internationally.

                                                                                                 As a result of their
  WhO ShOULd ATTENd                                                                              Authorized Provider
                                                                                                 membership status,
  •   Utility Executives with Renewable Energy Responsibilities                                  EUCI is authorized to
  •   Managers of Strategic Planning                                                             offer IACET CEUs for its
  •   Plant Engineers                                                                            programs that qualify
  •   Power Generation Managers                                                                  under the ANSI/IACET
  •   Procurement Managers and Analysts                                                          Standards.
  •   Renewable and Cleantech Project developers
                                                                                                 EUCI is authorized by
                                                                                                 IACET to offer 0.1 CEU
                                                                                                 for this program.
                                                                                                 requirements for
  •   define the logistical process of the molten salt system                                    Successful completion
  •   Identify the challenges and timeline of the process                                        of program
  •   Recognize and determine the capabilities necessary to reach a 6 fold scale increase in     Participants must be
      storage like that from Andasol 1 to new US facilities                                      logged in to the web
  •   Review the particulars of timing, equipment, personnel, and facilities to handle 150,000   conference for its entirety
      metric tons of salt                                                                        to receive continuing
                                                                                                 education credit.

                                                                                                 instructional Methods
  AGENdA                                                                                         Web based PowerPoint
                                                                                                 presentation and on-line
  •   Order timeline and production planning to secure salt supply and the melting system        interactive question/
  •   Salt delivery logistics to the United States                                               answer session.
  •   Necessary homeland Security permitting
  •   Proposed delivery schedule in order to supply 150,000/MT to a US project, at the
      same time, maintaining the salt suppliers existing core business
  •   Monthly distribution logistics - into a temporary warehouse, and the delivery of salt to
      the project site
  •   Personnel required for melting the salt, construction of the melting system, and the
      melting process

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Molten Salt for
electric DiSpatch
July 7, 2009
August1:30 - 12, 2008 Time
12:00 – 11 PM Eastern

  INSTRUCTORS                           program agenda
  Marc J lebl, ceo north america, haifa nutritech(hnt) inc.
  Marc J Lebl was appointed CEO haifa NutriTech (hNT) Inc. in december 2006. haifa NutriTech (hNT) Inc. is a wholly
  owned subsidiary of haifa Chemicals LTd out of haifa bay, Israel. he is responsible for establishing and growing haifa
  Chemicals presence in the North American marketplace relating to specialty fertilizers, food additives, technical chemicals
  and solar energy initiatives.

  Mr. Lebl’s tenure with haifa Chemicals LTd began in his previous assignment, working for Trans-Resources, Inc. the parent
  of haifa Chemicals LTd, where Mr. Lebl was Managing director for the Water Whiz division.

  Over the last two plus decades, Mr. Lebl has held roles of increasing responsibility, managing and running operations
  relating to sales & marketing, channel management, key vendor relationships, logistics, business development, finance
  and p & l responsibilities in both the domestic and international sectors for well known companies, such as ITT, Case
  Corporation, and Terex.
  A graduate of Westfield State College, Mr. Lebl holds a master’s degree in management from bryant University of Rhode
  Island. While attending bryant University, Mr. Lebl was listed in Who’s Who among students in American Universities &

  Dr. Michael Merz, Director, heat transfer Salts (htS), Durferrit Gmbh
  dr. Michael Merz made is Phd in Chemistry at the University of heidelberg and worked several years as scientist in different
  projects about catalysis and ion exchange reactions. In 2006 he started working for the German company durferrit, a
  member of the hEF-Group, formerly affiliated to degussa.

  durferrit develops and produces salt mixtures for the heat treatment of steels and heat transfer salts since more than 85
  years. dr. Michael Merz was involved in the project of Andasol-1, where durferrit melted down 28500 MT of heat transfer
  salts in less than 90 days.

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  Start Time: 12:00 PM Eastern Time
  United States Regional Start Times:
  9:00 AM Pacific :: 10:00 AM Mountain :: 11:00 AM Central :: 12:00 PM Eastern
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Molten Salt for
electric DiSpatch
July 7, 2009
August1:30 - 12, 2008 Time
12:00 – 11 PM Eastern

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