Checklist for government agencies purchasing commercial and by sparrowjacc


									Checklist for government agencies purchasing commercial and
financial advice through the Panel

                Is your engagement for commercial and financial advisory services for
Step 1         infrastructure and capital assets projects, or a commercial transaction?

                     Has your department or agency signed a Memorandum of
Step 2                    Understanding with DTF to access the Panel?

              Develop your specific terms of reference and formulate your Request for
Step 3
                                          Proposal (RFP)
                          Send your RFP to the Panel Manager at
Step 4
       for DTF authorisation
              Select which and how many service providers to whom to issue the RFP
Step 5

                          Seek financial delegate approval to issue a RFP
Step 6

                   Issue RFP with DTF authorisation number to selected service
Step 7
                    provider(s), and inform DTF via email to the Panel Manager
                       Assess response(s) from selected service provider(s)
Step 8

              Seek approval of financial delegate in accordance with your department
Step 9
                                or agency procurement procedures
              Issue an order as acceptance of the successful service provider’s quote
Step 10            confirming their appointment for the engagement, and advise
                                  unsuccessful service providers
               Following engagement completion, evaluate the services provided and
Step 11
                                  report performance to DTF

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