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									                   Materials in the Instructional Materials Center (IMC)
                                     Miami University Libraries

                         Direct Access:

The Instructional Materials Center (IMC) houses the library’s video collection and collects resources to
support Education majors studying at Miami University. This includes literature for children and young
adults, teacher materials to support and supplement PreK-12 instruction, and educational tests and
measurements. The IMC is located on the ground floor of King Library.

Children’s and Young Adult Literature – The IMC collection includes over 18,000 picture books,
fiction, and nonfiction titles written for children and young adults; book kits including book and
audio/video tapes; and Big Books of popular picture books for use in story times.

Children’s Periodicals – The IMC subscribes to several periodicals geared toward K-12 students.
These cover several subject areas including language arts, science, social studies, and sports.
Current issues (3 years - present) are available for check out.

PreK-12 Curriculum Materials – The IMC has a variety of non-book materials for use in lesson
and unit planning. Curriculum materials include educational games, primary source materials,
posters, teaching units, manipulatives, models, charts, maps, transparencies, picture sets, puppets,
CDs/cassettes, and kits.

IMC Books – These books are geared toward PreK-12 teachers, and are full of ideas and activities
for PreK-12 classroom use in all different subject areas and different learning levels.

Textbooks – Our textbook collection covers all PreK-12 curricular areas. A variety of publishers
and publication dates are included. Most sets include student/teacher editions, although we do have
several supplemental materials (e.g. assessments, workbooks, etc.) as well.

Tests – Our test collection includes assessments used by professionals at the PreK-Adult levels to
evaluate and diagnose students in academic and counseling settings. Tests are not currently
included in the library catalog but there is a binder listing available tests at the IMC desk. IMC
tests may only be checked out by faculty/students associated with particular courses (EDP,
EDT). They are not for general circulation.

Ellison Machine – The IMC provides access to an Ellison die-cut machine. Our cuts include lower
and upper case letters, puzzle shapes, awards, and a variety of other school-related shapes.
(Construction paper is not available for purchase at IMC.)

Children’s Picture Book Database: This is a subject listing of all the picture (Easy) books in the IMC, and is
kept fairly current. It is at Miami also subscribes to the Children's
Literature Comprehensive Database which gives extensive access points for children’s literature. It is
linked in the Indexes and Databases area of the library homepage (

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Videos -The IMC houses nearly all of the videocassettes and DVDs available on the Oxford campus. They
can be located via the library catalog ( and retrieved by requesting them at
the IMC service desk, located on the ground level of King Library. If we do
not own it, you can check for availability via OhioLink, but most libraries in this consortium do not
lend films. If they do, you will be able to request it online, the same as a book. To have a film
purchased, see "Requesting film purchases" below.

"Booking" Films for Use on a Specific Date - Faculty may contact Mary Hubbard
( or 529-1674) to arrange for a film to be "booked" (this is different than
"reserved" - see below) for use on a particular date. This is important to ensure that the film is
available when you need it to show during a class and offers the convenience of being ready on the
"hold" shelf for you to pick up at the IMC desk. It is important to schedule films with as much lead
time as possible, as film use by faculty is quite active.

Films on "Reserve" - Library-owned or personal copies of films can be placed on reserve for
students to view outside of class time. They are checked out to the student for 2 hours for in-library
use only. Please make your students aware of this policy so they plan their time accordingly.

Viewing Films in the IMC - There are several individual viewing stations for which students can
check out headphones or bring their own (typically their ipod headphones). Up to 3 students can
comfortably plug into these monitors. We also have 2 viewing rooms with larger screens that can
accommodate 6-10 students. To schedule these rooms for small group viewings, the contact is
Mary Hubbard. Some faculty schedule films to be shown on MUTV. This is scheduled through
AV Services at 529-6015 but please let Mary know your need to do this, as it affects the loan
period of the film.

Film Loan Periods - Faculty may borrow films for one week if it is not on 2-hour reserve, in
which case the loan period is one day. There is some flexibility to extend that loan period if there
are no holds on the film or if it is not on reserve for a course. In the case of films being scheduled to
be shown on MUTV, the film will need to be provided to them at least 2 weeks prior to viewing

Requesting Film Purchases - Various funds may be used to purchase films. Your first point of
contact should be your subject specialist/library liaison, listed here:
You are also welcome to contact IMC librarian Frances Yates ( or 529-2117)
to connect you with the appropriate librarian.

Care of Films - Videocassettes are de-sensitized/re-sensitized using special equipment at the IMC
circulation desk. Any other sensitizing equipment can erase these tapes! For DVDs, please be
aware that they are rather fragile and should be kept in their case when not in the player. Many
DVDs are returned with scratches and our cleaning equipment often cannot buff those adequately to
alleviate the skipping that occurs.

Microfilm and Microfiche - All microform materials must be retrieved from remote storage on
Campus. The IMC staff typically retrieves microforms two times per day. You may locate
microforms in the library catalog and request their retrieval by clicking on the link to “Request
Items” at the top of the screen. Then click on the link for “Microform Storage”. There are
microform reader-printer machines located in IMC and copies can be made using a MUlaa card. A
reader-scanner is also available, so one could scan and download the resources and print elsewhere.
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