and Become Killers Rather than Healers

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                                                                                                                   June-July 2008, Vol. 28, No. 2

 Doctors Pressured to Abandon Consciences
 and Become Killers Rather than Healers
     In both England and the U. S.,   the right of conscience of physi-      of unborn human life. He called             ican Medical Association meet-
medical associations are moving       cians and the reproductive health      ACOG’s actions a battering ram              ing, June 11-14, the AMA Board
to remove the rights of conscience    care of women so emphasizes pa-        to force pro-lifer doctors into             attacked a pharmacist’s right to
from pro-life physicians who          tient autonomy that it turns phy-      “pro-choice compliance.”                    refuse to dispense contraceptives,
refuse to perform or refer for        sicians into medical automatons            In defending its assault on             including those which may cause
abortions.                            forced to act against their best       the conscience of the physician,            abortion and told members that
     The lastest motion was pro-      ethical and medical judgment.          the ACOG committee made con-                the “AMA supports legislation
posed at the British Medical              The Bush administration            science a mere prima facie guide.           that would require individual
Association’s Annual General          asked the ACOG to withdraw their       “Although respect for conscience            pharmacists and pharmacy chains
meeting this July. The motion was     policy and Health and Human            is a value, it is only a prima fa-          to fill legally valid prescriptions
sponsored by Dr. Evan Harris, a       Services Secretary Mike Leavitt        cie value, which means it can               or to provide immediate refer-
member of Parliament and medi-        voiced his concern that “actions       and should be overridden in the             ral to an appropriate alternative
cal doctor known to colleagues        taken by ACOG could result in          interest of other moral obliga-             dispensing pharmacy without
as “Dr. Death” for his support of     the denial or revocation of Board      tions that outweigh it in a given           interference. It is clear that the
unlimited abortion and euthana-       certification of a physician who,      circumstance.”                              pharmacist’s deliberate refusal
sia. Dr. Harris is also a member      but for his or her refusal to refer          Many doctors still believe in and     to dispense a drug on religious,
of the BMA Medical Ethics Com-        a patient for abortion, would be       live by the Hippocratic Oath: “I will       moral, or ethical grounds places
mittee.        The proposal would     certified. Additionally, threats to    apply dietetic measures for the ben-        a pharmacist’s personal views in
change the rules so that doctors      withhold or revoke board certifi-      efit of the sick according to my ability    potential conflict with the best
with conscientious objections to      cation can cause serious economic      and judgment; I will keep them from         interests of the patient.”
abortion may not see patients with    harm to good practitioners.”           harm and injustice. I will neither give         This issue of The Life Advo-
unplanned pregnancies but must              Ethics and the Medical           a deadly drug to anybody who asks           cate has documented the move
refer them to doctors who perform                  Profession                for it, nor will I make a suggestion        to devalue unwanted human life,
abortions.                                Dr. Gene Rudd, vice-pres-          to this effect. Similarly I will not give   handicapped human life, and suf-
     Dr. Majid Khatme of the Is-      ident of the Christian Medical         to a woman an abortive remedy. In           fering human life by ending it and
lamic Medical Association said        Association, also complained to        purity and holiness I will guard my         using doctors as the deliverers of
Muslim doctors were very un-          the ACOG board, saying: “The           life and my art.”                           death.
happy about the proposal: “You        right to refuse on moral and ethi-          Once, doctors who broke this               When the preferred instru-
cannot force me, as a doctor, to do   cal grounds to participate in the      Oath also broke the law and were            ment for capital punishment
things against my conscience.”        killing of another human being         punished with removal of their              moved away from the electric
   Catholic physicians argued that    is based on long-standing, ob-         licenses or time in prison.                 chair to lethal injection, there was
it would be unlawful to deny the      jective medical ethics and moral            Today, there are still doctors         great debate over whether doctors
right to conscientious objection      principles.”                           who refuse to perform abortions             should be expected to inject the
that is enshrined in Section 4 of         He warned “ACOG member-            and/or provide contraceptives               death-dealing drugs. But doc-
Britain’s 1967 Abortion Act.          ship stands to drop dramatically       precisely because they have ex-             tors, remembering their calling to
     For years, the BMA has been      once its pro-life members realize      amined the empirical evidence               “cure”, not kill, refused.
one of the most ardent associa-       that their organization is actually    and believe abortion and birth                  Today, the physician’s own
tions supporting abortion in the      taking steps to undermine their        control drugs harm both the men-            organizations are pressuring those
UK. The latest British proposal       ability to practice. The last thing    tal and physical health of women            who object to killing their patients
is almost a carbon copy of the        women of this country need is for      and have decided these practices            to at least cooperate with the kill-
proposal made by the Commit-          yet more obstetricians to leave        contradict the best interests of            ing, even if they refuse to perform
tee on Ethics of the American         the field.”                            their patients.                             the killing themselves.
College of Obstetricians and              Dr. Joe DeCook, spokesman               In such cases, the ACOG                    The nation has now shifted
Gynecologists (ACOG) published        for the American Association of        proposes to override these doc-             into the killing mode and doctors,
last November and entitled The        ProLife Obstetricians and Gy-          tors’ best medical judgment in              not bartenders, mail carriers, fire-
Limits of Conscientious Refusal       necologists said ACOG should           favor of “standard care” as deter-          men or pastors but pharmacists
in Reproductive Medicine.             be honoring those who refuse to        mined by the ACOG.                          and doctors are pressured to carry
      U.S. opponents complained       have a part in doing or referring           Next came an attack on phar-           out the death command. What is it
that the balance struck between       for the elective, deliberate taking    macists’ right of conscience. At            about “Thou Shalt Not Kill” that
                                                                             the Board of Trustees of the Amer-          these leaders do not understand?

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 upon the capacity of each and all of us to
 govern ourselves . . . according to the Ten
 Commandments of God.”
                   James Madison,
             Chief Architect of the Constitution
                                                                                                     Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 1
 Pope Decries the ‘Scandal Given by Catholics Who
      Promote an Alleged Right to Abortion’
          by John-Henry Westen                of secularism in America. While secular-             God did not exist. The Pope noted that rather
WASHINGTON, DC.(            ism allows profession of belief in God, it           than thinking with the Church, some Catholics
At a Q&A session following Pope Benedict      can subtly reduce religious belief to a lowest       believe they have a right to pick and choose
XVI’s address to the Bishops of the United    common denominator, he said. Thus there              in the fiath, maintaining external social bonds
States, he addressed the particular problem   is a separation of faith from life: living as if                   (Continued below)

                                 During the 108th, 109th and 110th Sessions of Congress
 State      Name                  Party       1     2       3       4       5      6        7      8       9     10      X’s      0’s   Score
  AK       Murkowski, Lisa        REP         0     0       X       X       X      0        X      0       X      X       6       4      60%
  CO       Salazar, Ken           DEM         0      0         X    0       0      NA      NA      NA     NA      NA      1       4      20%
  CT       Dodd, Christopher      DEM         0      0         0    0      NV      0       0       0      0       0       0       9       0%
  DE       Biden, Joseph          DEM         0     0          0    0       0     NV       NV      0      NV      0        0      7       0%
  FL       Martinez, Mel          REP         X     X          X    X       X     NA       NA      NA     NA      NA       5      0     100%
  IA       Harkin, Tom            DEM         0      0         0    0       0         0     0       0       0      0       0       10     0%
  IL       Durbin, Richard        DEM         0     0       0       0       0       0      0        0      0       0       0      10      0%
  KS       Brownback, Sam         REP         X     X       X       X       X       X      X        X      X       X       10      0    100%
  KY       Bunning, Jim           REP         X    X       X       X       X       X      X        X       X      X       10       0    100%
  LA       Landrieu, Mary         DEM          0   0       X       X        0      0      X         0      0      X        4       6     40%
  LA       Vitter, David          REP         X    X       X       X       X      NA      NA       NA      NA     NA        5      0    100%
  MA       Kennedy, Edward        DEM         NV    0      0       NV      0       0       0        0       0      0        0      8       0%
  MA       Kerry, John            DEM          0   0       0       0       0      0       NV       NV      0      0       0       8       0%
  MD       Mikulski, Barbara      DEM          0   0       0       0       0      0        0        0       0      0       0      10      0%
  ME       Collins, Susan         REP         0    0       0       0       0      0         0       0      0       X       1      9      10%
  MD       McCaskill, Claire       DEM        NA   NA      NA      NA      NA NA           NA       NA     NA      NA
  NH       Sununu, John            REP        X    X       X       X       0  X            X        X      X       X        9     1      90%
 NJ        Menendez, Robert        DEM        I     0       0  0            0 NA           NA       NA     NA     NA        0     4        0%
 NM        Domenici, Pete          REP        X     X       X  X           X  X             X       X       X      X       10     0      100%
 OH        Voinovich, George       REP        X     X       X  X           X  X            X        X      X       X       10     0      100%
 PA         Casey, Robert          DEM        NA    NA      NA NA          NA NA           NA       NA     NA     NA       0      0
 RI        Reed, Jack              DEM        0     0       0  0           0  0            0        0      0       0        0     10      0%
 VT        Leahy, Patrick          DEM         0    0       0   0          0   0           X        0      0        0       1      9     10%
 WA        Cantwell, Maris         DEM        0     0       0   0          0  0            0        0      0       0        0     10      0%
 WA        Murray, Patty           DEM        0     0      0       0       0      0        0       0       0        0       0     10      0%
    KEY O - Voted against Pro-Life Position, X - Voted for Pro-Life Position    NV - Absent or not voting
            NA - Not a member of Congress at this time / not applicable I-Ineligible on this vote

 Senate Voting Records                                                                             sadness. As he said in his homily at National’s
                                                                                                   Park on April 17, the Church senses, often
 1. Funding of overseas pro-                                                                       painfully, the presence of division and polar-
    abortion organizations (109th).                                                                ization in her midst, as well as the troubling
 2. Funding of embryo-killing stem                                                                 realization that many of the baptized, rather
                                                                                                   than acting as a spiritual leaven in the world,
    cell research— H.R.810 (109th).
                                                                                                   are inclined to embrace attitudes contrary to
 3. Child Custody Protection Act                                                                   the truth of the Gospel.
    (S.403) passage (109th)                                                                           At a Q&A session with the Bishops, again
                                                                                                   at the Wednesday Mass, and again in his ad-
 4. Child Interstate Abortion                                                                      dress to the United Nations on April 19, the
    Notification Act (109th).                                                                      Pope stressed as the solution to many of these
 5. Federal Marriage Amendment                                                                     problems the tie between faith and reason; the
                                                                                                   intrinsic relationship between the Gospel and
    Act (109th).
                                                                                                   natural law; and the sound understanding of
 6. Harkin Amendment to Endorse               Pope Benedict XVI explained the                      freedom, seen in positive terms as a liberation
    Roe v. Wade (108th).                        true meaning of human rights at                    both from the limitations of sin and for an
 7. Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act             every venue during his U. S. visit.                 authentic and fulfilling life.
                                                                                                        Speaking at the UN on the last day of
    of 2003: passage (108th).                 without an integral, interior conversion to the      his U.S. visit, Pope Benedict spoke of the
 8. Abortion in military medical              law of Christ. We have seen this emerge in an        UN’s need to promote and protect human
                                              acute way in the scandal given by Catholics          rights, but also spoke of the responsibility
    facilities (108th).                       who promote an alleged right to abortion,”           of the international community to use sci-
 9. Feinstein Substitute Amend-               he lamented. It is this internal betrayal by         entific research and technological advances
    ment (single-victim substitute)           Catholics that seems to more deeply distress         in a way that does not vilolate the order of
    (108th).                                  the Holy Father. Besides the much publicized         creation, to the point where not only is the
                                              cases of sexual abuse by priests, the scandal-       sacred character of life contradicted, but the
 10.Unborn Victims of Violence                ous behavior of a majority of Catholics in po-       human person and family are robbed of their
    Act: passage (108th).                     litical life also gives rise to the Pontiff’s deep   natural identity.
Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 2
     Keep Track of Those Who Represent You
         Catholic Members of U. S. House of Representatives from Texas
 State       Member                   Party     1    2    3     4    5       6   7     8     9     10     Xs   0s    Score
   TX        Brady, Kevin              REP      X    X    X     X   X        X   X    X      X    NV      9    0    100%
  TX        Cuellar, Henry    DEM               0    X    X     X    X       NV X    NA     NA NA         5     1   83%
  TX        Gonzalez, Charles DEM               0    0    NV    0    0       0  0     0      0  0        0      9    0%
  TX        Hinojosa, Ruben   DEM               0   NV NV       X     0  0 X NV             X      X      4     3 57%
  TX        Lampson, Nicholas DEM               0   NA NA      NA    NA NA NA NA            NA     NA     0     1   0%
   TX        McCaul, Michael           REP      X    X    X     X        X   X   X    NA     NA     NA    7     0   100%
  TX        Reyes, Silvestre          DEM       0    0    NV    X        0   0   X    X      X      0     4     5   55%
  TX        Rodriguez, Ciro           DEM       0    NA   NA   NA    NA NA NA NA             NA    NA     0     1   0%

  House of Representatives
      Voting Records                                List of 52 Members of Congress
 1. Funding of overseas pro-
   abortion organizations (109th).                     Committed to Promoting
 2. Marriage Amendment Act
 3. Terri Schiavo Federal Court
    Review (109th).
 4. Child Interstate Abortion
                                                Texas Representatives, Jackson Lee and
    Notification Act (109th).
 5. Abortion in military medical
                                                           Johnson Joined
    facilities (109th).                        Washington, June 13, 2008 (LifeS-     (D-CA), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL),
 6. Coercive Abortion / U. N.                                                        Hilda Solis (D-CA), Debbie Was-
                                      - In a Capitol Hill
     Population Fund (109th).
                                               press conference last week, Con-      serman Schultz (D-FL), Hen-
 7. Unborn Child Pain Awareness
     Act passage (109th).                      gresswoman Tammy Baldwin              ry Waxman (D-CA), Anthony
 8. Human Cloning Ban: passage                 (D-WI) and Congressman Barney         Weiner (D-NY), Peter Welch
    (108th).                                   Frank (D-MA) announced the            (D-VT).
 9. Partial Birth Abortion Ban:                formation of the House Represen-
 passage (108th).                                                                      Members: Reps. Howard Ber-
                                               tatives LGBT Equality Caucus          man (D-CA), Earl Blumenauer
 10. Unborn Victims of Violence
                                               Baldwin introduced the biparti-       (D-OR), Robert Brady (D-PA),
     Act: passage (108th).
                                               san caucus and its founding mem-      Michael Capuano (D-MA), Su-
                                               bers saying that they all shared
    * EXPLANATION                              “a common mission: to promote
                                                                                     san Davis (D-CA), Rosa DeLau-
    * Before representing the 22nd dis-                                              ro (D-CT), Eliot Engel (D-NY),
                                               lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-    Anna Eshoo (D-CA), Luis Guti-
trict of Texas, Nicholas Lampson repre-
sented the 9th district. During that time,     gender (LGBT) equality.”              errez (D-IL), Phil Hare (D-IL),
Lampson voted twice against the Unborn                                               Rush Holt (D-NJ).
                                                  The Caucus, made up of 50
Victims of Violence Act, twice against
the Child Custody Protection Act, once         Democrats (two of whom are Tex-            Also Sheila Jackson Lee
to fund UNFPA despite its support for          ans and 13 Californians) will also    (D-TX), Eddie Bernice John-
China’s coercive one-child only abortion       push homosexuality outside the
policy, and once against prohibiting U.S.                                            son (D-TX), Patrick Kenne-
                                               US by working on foreign policy.      dy (D-RI), Dennis Kucinich
foreign aid funding private groups that
perform abortions or campaign for abor-        A release by the group listed the     (D-OH), Zoe Lofgren (D-VA),
tion legalization.                             membership as: Co-Chairs: Reps.       Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC),
    The votes cast on the abortion issue       Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Barney
are a matter of public record, but many                                              Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Ileana
                                               Frank (D-MA).                         Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Steven
have little knowledge of the anti-life votes
their congressmen and women cast dur-              Vice-Chairs: Reps. Rob An-        Rothman (D-NJ), Jose Serrano
ing the session. For that reason we have
                                               drews (D-NJ), Xavier Becerra          (D-NY), Chris Shays (R-CT),
printed on this page the voting records
of the 8 Catholic members of the U. S.         (D-CA), Lois Capps (D-CA),            Pete Stark (D-CA), Betty Sutton
House of Representatives of whom the           Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Joseph          (D-OH), Ellen Tauscher (D-CA),
Pope spoke.                                    Crowley (D-NY), Diana DeGette         Niki Tsongas (D-MA), Robert
     On the opposite page is the voting
                                               (D-CO), Keith Ellison (D-MN),         Wexler (D-FL), Lynn Woolsey
record of the 25 Catholic members of
the U. S. Senate. Sadly, the percentage        Raul Grijava (D-AZ), Mike Hon-        (D-CA).
of elected Catholics who vote to protect       da (D-CA), Barbara Lee (D-CA),              Only two members are Re-
all human life is very low and truly, as       James McGovern (D-MA), Jerry          publicans [Names underlined].
the Pope says, is “a Scandal.”
Check Family Research Council/Vote Smart
                                               Nadler (D-NY), Linda Sanchez
                                                                                 Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 3
            Governor Sebelius Vetoes Abortion
               Restriction Laws Once Again
                                                                                                        rights, she should refrain from presenting
   Kansas Gov. Kathleen                                                                                 herself for Holy Communion until she takes
  Sebelius Vetoes Late-Term                                                                             “the necessary steps for amendment of her life
                                                                                                        which would include a public repudiation of
        Abortion Bill                                                                                   her previous efforts and actions in support of
     It happened before and it has happened                                                             laws and policies sanctioning abortion.
again. Just before the close of the session,                                                               ”Not one of the 26 Catholic former or cur-
the Democrat Governor of Kansas vetoed a                                                                rent public office holders listed as Obama’s
comprehensive pro-life bill that had passed                                                             co-chairs or members agree with the Catholic
the state legislature, State Rep. Lance Kinzer,                                                         Church’s stand against abortion or embryonic
primary sponsor of the house version of the                                                             stem cell research” reported Bill Donohue
bill, said it was aimed at protecting minors                                                            of the Catholic League, who immediately
from being coerced into abortion. The bill                                                              checked NARAL’s voting scorecard of
would have required that before their abortion                                                          members who had served in public office.
women be given the option of hearing their               Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ 100% pro-              Donohue said he was incensed to find that
baby’s heart beat or to see it by sonogram.          abortion record puts her in good standing          “of the 20 members listed, 17 had a 100%
The bill would also give a family member             to become vice-presidential running mate           pro-abortion voting record. His organiza-
a chance to block an abortion if he or she           with Sen. Barack Obama on the Democrat             tion issued a press release and contacted the
could convince a judge that the woman was            ticket.                                            thousands of members of his organization.”
being coerced.                                                                                               “Practicing Catholics have every right
  Sebelius said she vetoed the legislation “be-      even more troubling in light of her his-           to be insulted by Obama’s advisory group.
cause it allowed a variety of individuals to seek    tory of accepting campaign contributions           What is the purpose of havng an advisory
a court order preventing a woman from obtain-        from George Tiller, the Wichita abortion-          group about matters Catholic when most of
inng an abortion, even if necessary to save her      ist, who has gained a national reputa-             its members reject the Catholic position?”
life.” She also said the bill jeopardized the pri-   tion for performing late-term abortions.”          Donohue queried. “Obama’s decision to
vacy of women and that she did not believe the           Then Sen. Barack Obama announced the           choose Catholic dissidents to advise him
bill would withstand constitutional challenge.       formation of his Catholic National Advisory        about Catholic concerns is mind boggling.”
     The governor’s reason for vetoing the           Council, saying he was deeply honored to                Soon it was reported that the Advisory
Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act were               have the support and counsel of these com-         Group was no longer listed on the Obama
not valid, according to Troy Newman, chair-          mitted Catholic leaders, scholars and advo-        web-site.
man of Operation Rescue. “Of the nearly              cates,” Named second on the list of National           Meanwhile, under the protection of Gov.
3,000 Kansas abortions of viable infants 22          Co-Chairs was Kansas governor, Kathleen            Sebelius, the illegal late-term abortions con-
weeks or older since 1998, none were for the         Sebelius.                                          tinue and the trial of those who broke current
physical health of the mother. In addition,                Immediately Archbishop Naumann is-           Kansas law may never come about.
Kansas already has a state abortion privacy          sued a public statement telling the governor
law that requires the removal of the pa-             that, due to her long-time support of abortion
tient’s name from any public reporting.”
     Although the bill had passed with the
necessary 27 Senate votes to override the            Feminist Majority and Kansas Governor
governor’s veto, the legislature worked to
strengthen the bill’s language and answer the
                                                           Honor Indicted Late-Term
governor’s concerns. But when the time came
for the vote, one former supporter voted in op-
                                                           Abortionist George Tiller
                                                          While under investigation by the Kansas       complained, the NEA responded that it some-
position and one pro-life lawmaker was absent
                                                     Atty. General’s office and amid increasing         times allows “like minded groups” to use the
at the time of the vote and the Comprehensive
                                                     calls for criminal charges by the Kansas Legis-    NEA building.                             After
Abortion Reform Act failed on a 25-14 vote.                                                             the event , Kristan Hawkins. executive direc-
                                                     lature, late term abortionist Geo. R. Tiller and
     The House had approved the legislation                                                             tor of Students for Life, interviewed Tiller,
                                                     his entire abortion facility staff were honored
by a veto-proof majority, so a victory in the                                                           video-taped it and placed the interview which
                                                     by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius at a lavish secret
Senate would have guaranteed the measure             party at Cedar Cress, the Governor’s mansion       can be seen on the group’s website. In the
have become law and Kansas would have                in early April, 2007.                              interview, the abortionist said he had done
had one of the strongest pro-life laws in the            Operation Rescue president, Troy New-          abortions up until the day before delivery and
nation.             Although the governor ve-        man, obtained a set of 27 photographs from         [if] you have 15 or 16 [abortions] and one
toed the bill, she continues to claim that “My       a confidential source who said Tiller and his      slips out with a heartbeat, that’s not a viable
Catholic faith teaches me that life is sacred.       staff were the only invited guests. He then        fetus.”
Personally, I believe abortion is wrong.”            requested information concerning the cost and
After her veto, Kansas City Archbishop Jo-           source of funding for the event under the Kan-
seph Naumann studied the governor’s votes            sas Open Records Act but received no specific
on abortion issues since her election to the         report. A second request was not answered.
legislature.         “Reviewing the record of        “If Gov. Sebelius is illegally concealing a tax-
Gov. Sebelius,” the archbishop said, “it is          payer funded gala honoring Tiller, the public
difficult to find a single instance, either in       has a right to know,” Newman insists.
a procedural or substantive vote, where she             Tiller is a major contributor to pro-abortion
acted in a manner that would afford unborn           candidaates in Kansas, giving hundreds of
children the maximum protection. In the              thousands of dollars through a hard-to-trace
1980s and 1990s, the Rep. Sebelius voted             complicated series of political action commit-
to weaken or eliminate even such modest              tees and non-profit organizations.
measures as parental notification, waiting                Adulation of the nation’s most famous
periods and informed consent. As gover-              late- turn abortionist continues in spite of the
nor, she twice has vetoed bills attempting to        fact that he still faces 19 criminal charges for
protect the health and safety of women by            performing illegal abortions. He was honored         Above, late-term abortionist Geo. Tiller
more tightly regulating abortion clinics.”           in Washington, D.C., by the Women’s Lead-          and his staff enjoyed the gala event in his
      The Archbishop concluded: “Her ve-             ership Conference. The event was held at the       honor given by Kansas Gov. Sebelius at the
toes of these clinic regulation bills were           NEA’s national headquarters. When teachers         governor’s mansion.

Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 4
     Ohio Governor Vetos Ban on Tax                                                                   Michigan Gov. Jennifer
                                                                                                       Granholm Will Again
     Payer Funding of Human Cloning                                                                      Veto Partial-Birth
     Columbus, OH ( — The
Ohio legislature sent Gov. Ted Strickland
                                                   to taxpayers funding either reproductive or
                                                   research-based human cloning.
                                                                                                          Abortion Ban
                                                                                                         Lansing, MI ( June 12,
(Dem.) a biotech bill that does not contain a          ORTL president Tracie Johnson said her
                                                                                                     2008- Gov. Jennifer Granholm said she plans
ban on human cloning the way pro-life advo-        group was concerned that HB 554 would
                                                   become an “open invitation to use tax dollars     to veto a state ban on partial-birth abortions,
cates wanted. The measure has only a more
                                                   to fund the creation and destruction of hu-       putting the governor who has been touted as
modest ban on forcing taxpayers to fund hu-
                                                   man life.”                                        a potential running mate for Barack Obama
man cloning but Strickland won’t allow that                                                          well outside the mainstream in her state. The
protection for state residents.                        “While Ohio’s biotech industry obviously
                                                   views ethical restrictions on their research as   legislature sent Granholm the ban after the
     Instead, Strickland used his line-item veto                                                     Senate backed the bill on a bipartisan vote
                                                   an unnecessary inconvenience, millions of
to axe the section of the $1.3 billion funding                                                       of 24 to 13 and the House by a vote of 72 to
                                                   Ohio taxpayers do not share their cavalier
bill banning state funds for cloning human                                                           34.
                                                   disregard for human life,” she added. “Those
beings.                                            taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the        Should Granholm follow through with
     At the end of May, the Ohio Senate voted      creation and destruction of human life through    her promise to veto the bill, the legislature
21-11 to ban the use of funds from the state’s     cloning.”                                         will need a two-thirds vote to override
Biomedical Development Program for any                 Meanwhile, a new Ohio law saying abor-        it. While the House would easily be able
activities involving human cloning.                tion practitioners must give a woman seeking      to do that, the Senate is five votes short
     Sen. Steve Buehrer, a Republican, offered     an abortion the opportunity to view the active    from having enough to make the ban law.
the amendment to HB 554, an economic               ultrasound image of her unborn child went              Granholm initially commented on the
stimulus bill that would fund grants, loans        into effect on June 20. The measure is another    new ban as the legislature was working on it
and loan guarantees for biotech research and       effort to give women information on fetal         and said she would likely veto it because it
medical products from it.                          development they don’t normally receive be-       doesn’t have a health exception, even though
     Mike Gonidakis, the director of Ohio Right    fore an abortion. “We are delighted that Ohio     the three-day-long abortion procedure is
to Life, told LifeNews “By vetoing a ban on        has adopted this common sense pro-life and        never needed to protect a woman’s health.
using taxpayer funds for human cloning, Ted        pro-woman law,” Mike Gonidakis, director of            The measure, Senate Bill 776, is de-
Strickland has demonstrated that he supports       Ohio Right to Life, told the press.               signed to mirror the federal partial-birth
treating human life as a commodity.”                    “Just as x-rays are commonly shown to        abortion ban and is needed, backers say, so
                                                   patients deciding on surgery, letting a woman     state and local law enforcement can make
     “Most Ohioans don’t share Governor
                                                   see an ultrasound can help her make a more        sure the prohibition is enforced.
Strickland’s cavalier disregard for the value
                                                   informed choice. Uninformed choice is no               In October 2003, Governor Granholm
of human life and they should not be forced to     choice at all.”
pay for its creation, exploitation and destruc-                                                      vetoed Senate Bill 395, the “Legal Birth Defi-
tion in cloning research,” Gonidakis said.          Gov. Napolitano Vetoes                           nition Act,” which sought to outlaw partial-
                                                                                                     birth abortion by granting full legal status
     The amendment ensures new money gen-           Arizona’s Partial Birth                          to the child as soon as any part of his or her
erated from new jobs under the bill will not
be used for research and experimentation that
                                                         Abortion Bill                               body emerges from the mother.
                                                        On April 4, Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed       After Congress approved the federal partial-
creates and destroys human life.                                                                     birth abortion ban, the Supreme Court upheld
                                                   a state partial-birth abortions ban which spon-
     Ohio Right to Life had supported the                                                            the law as constitutional, saying a health ex-
                                                   sors said was written to mirror the federal ban
cloning funding ban and was concerned the          against this late term procedure that was up-     ception was not necessary and noted that abor-
bill was on a fast track in the Ohio General       held by the U.S. Supreme Court in April 2007.     tion hurts women’s physical and mental health.
Assembly and that it could ultimately lead         The vetoed bill included criminal penalties for       The new Michigan partial-birth abortion
                                                   doctors and others who broke the law.             ban called the procedure “gruesome and in-
      South Carolina                                    Gov. Napolitano vetoed the bill saying the
                                                   federal law restricting partial-birth abortion
                                                                                                     humane” and said its “disturbing similarity
                                                                                                     to the killing of a newborn infant promotes a
      Governor Signs                               already applies in Arizona, inferring that the
                                                   Arizona ban was unnecessary. She said she
                                                                                                     complete disregard for infant human life that
                                                                                                     can only be countered by a prohibition.”
      Ultrasound Bill                              vetoed the state ban because it would not cap
                                                   criminal penalties nor would it allow physi-
                                                                                                         Gov. Granholm’s name is also on the list
                                                                                                     of possible choices Sen. Barack Obama is
Columbia, SC ( — South                cians to “seek the opinions of medical peers”     considering for a running mate. A number
Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has signed a            as a defense for conducting the procedure.        of feminist groups, enraged that their candi-
bill that would allow women a chance to see             On the same day, Napolitano also vetoed a    date, Hillary Clinton, lost the nomination for
an ultrasound of their unborn child before         bill that outlined how and when a minor could     president, have threatened to oppose Obama
an abortion. The southern state is now the         get court approval for an abortion without        in the general election. Putting a pro-abortion
eighteenth to have such a law, which pro-life      parental consent.                                 governor like Sibelius, Granholm, or Napoli-
groups and lawmakers hope will help to fur-             On May 10, the Arizona Board of Nursing      tano on the slate might pacify them.
ther reduce the number of abortions in that        met and voted to allow nurse practitioners to
state.                                             perform abortions during the first trimester.     to actually issue an official opinion that this
     The bill is another measure designed to       After the motion passed, Planned Parenthood       is an appropriate procedure for nurse practi-
give women information they do not normally        admitted one of their nurse practitioners had     tioners to perform.” In the same session
                                                   been performing unsupervised abortions since      of the nursing board, the panel decided not
receive from an abortion facility. Under the
                                                   2001.                                             to take disciplinary action against the nurse
measure, abortion practitioners are required
                                                                                                     practioner who had been performing illegal
to tell women they have a right to see the ul-          Dr. Michael Urig, OB-Gyn, warned that
                                                                                                     abortions at the Planned Parenthood facility.
trasound one hour before the abortion. When        there is no way a nurse practitioner has the
                                                                                                         Bob Stump, a Republican legislator, im-
used in crisis pregnancy centers, ultrasounds      training to handle complications that can
                                                                                                     mediately sponsored, introduced and passed
prompt many women to keep their baby.              arise during an abortion. There are numerous
                                                                                                     H.B.2269, a bill that prohibits non-doctors
     South Carolina Citizens for Life director     procedures that are done by gynecologists in
                                                                                                     from performing abortions in Arizona. In
Holly Gatling told Only South        those situtions but the wording of the decision   a voice vote on June 19, the Arizona Senate
Carolina and Oklahoma require the one-hour         placed no restriction on their doing any type     approved H.B. 2269. The measure must get
waiting period after the ultrasound to give        of procedure that a gynecologists would do.”      one more vote in the Senate before it can go
women a chance to reflect on the information       Deborah Sheasby, legal counsel at the Center      to Governor Janet Napolitano, who is pro-
without feeling pressured to continue with the     of Arizona Policy told the press the decision     abortion and has repeatedly vetoed bills with
abortion.                                          made Arizona “the first state in this country     any limits on abortions.
                                                                                                Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 5
  A Eugenics Mentality or Fear
   of Wrongful Life Lawsuits
 Has Taken Hold of the Country
    Every pregnant woman over 35 knows               In scientific circles, it is viewed as progress,
that at some point during her pregnancy she          but for many others, especially those who
will be pressured to have tests to determine         have children with Down syndrome and other
whether she is carrying a baby with Down             genetic conditions, it is much more sinister.      pregnancy and has the potential to cause a
syndrome. If she is older than 40 and pregnant,                       Simple Eugenics                   miscarriage.
a woman can begin to feel as though she needs           “It is a eugenics mentality that has taken          Now all pregnant women will be offered
to justify her pregnancy to doctors, nurses and      hold of our country,” said Mary Kellett,           the “safer” screening at 11 weeks, making it
neighbors.                                           whose son Peter has Trisomy 18 (a condition        easier to go through with the testing and easier
    In our society’s quest for perfection, a         like Down Syndrome in which a baby is born         to go through with an abortion if the results
willingness to forgo testing and accept the          with extra chromosomes, although Trisomy           are not to their liking, some experts said.
possibility of a special-needs child is viewed       18 is usually fatal), was told her baby would          The other is testing that can lead people
by many as naivete at best or irresponsible          not live longer than two weeks and that she        to abort their unborn babies for increasingly
at worst.                                            should “wrap him up” and do nothing for him.       minor issues that may or may not afflict the
    Now, because of new technology and new           He is now 2 years old and the apple of his         child. For example, some genetic testing can
recommendations from the American College            family’s eye.                                      predict a statistical likelihood for treatable
of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, every                 Kellett said that Peter, the youngest of 11   diseases such as certain types of diabetes and
pregnant woman regardless of age will be             children, is “our little teacher.”                 diseases for which environmental factors play
offered routine testing to see if her baby is           “These children have a tremendous amount        a role.
carrying the extra chromosome that causes            to teach us. They are really teachers of our           While, in theory, the tests may be given in
Down syndrome.                                       souls. The spiritual gifts they bring – love,      a value-neutral way, often “it ends up, practi-
    It is one more step down the slippery slope      compassion – that’s where you are going to         cally speaking for certain diseases, that it is
of genetic testing that is becoming part and         see a real loss for the world.”                    virtually the equivalent of a death sentence
parcel of prenatal care in this country and             Kellett said that pregnant women, espe-         for the child who is being tested,” according
around the world.                                    cially older moms, feel a tremendous amount        to Fr. Ted Pacholczyk citing the example of
    Testing is available for a host of conditions    of pressure to test for Down syndrome and          cystic fibrosis.
that directly impact newborns, but also for          other genetic conditions. Until the new testing        According to a study from Kaiser Perma-
conditions that might not impact a child or          was available, the most common diagnostic          nente, 95 % of the women who wee told that
adult until they reach middle age, if at all, such   test for Down syndrome was amniocentesis,          their unborn babies would have cystic fibrosis
as Type 2 diabetes or early onset Alzheimer’s.       which has to be conducted after 16 weeks of        opted to have an abortion. Fr. Pacholczyk
                                                                                                        said that even something as minor as an extra

        Genetic Testing Increases
                                                                                                        finger viewed on ultrasound will often cause
                                                                                                        a couple to abort.
                                                                                                            “It gets more and more trivial. Petty soon

          Abortion Numbers
                                                                                                        you get to the point that it is just a girl instead
                                                                                                        of a boy. Once you have crossed the line,
                                                                                                        then you have surrendered the basic principle
                                                                                                        and you don’t have much left to stand on,”
                                                                                                        he said. “So I think whether one’s dealing
   London – Hitler’s program was to make             by Ali al-Hellani, a Saudi Arabian fertility
                                                                                                        with Alzheimer’s very far down the road or
Germany the Master Race by allowing only             specialist in 2004.
                                                                                                        with something more proximate, we have to
the physically and mentally unchallenged to             It has since been perfected by the work of
                                                                                                        be challenging people to, up front, be asking
live. No one with birth defects were allowed         British researchers. The research team has
                                                                                                        themselves why they are doing this test.”
to survive. Before the Jews, and gypsies, the        applied to the Human Fertilization and Em-
                                                                                                            Fr. Pacholczyk explained that if people
crippled soldiers wounded in World War I and,        bryology Authority for permission to test for
                                                                                                        are requesting genetic testing so that they can
while the rest of the world recoiled in horror       further genetic diseases.
                                                                                                        prepare themselves for what is ahead or so
when they heard of the program, people with              Preimplantation genetic diagnosis has been
                                                                                                        that they can potentially treat a condition in
cerebral palsy and Downs syndrom were died           going on for some time. Parents, in increasing
                                                                                                        utero or immediately after birth, it is “morally
in the Nazi killing centers. The destruction         numbers, are using the technology to deter-
of those with birth defects was government           mine the gender of their children and aborting
                                                                                                            “When you are talking about prenatal test-
program to build that Master Race.                   when their wishes are not being fulfilled.
                                                                                                        ing, what is important to have as your point
    The Guardian reports that British fertil-            Health insurers will likely play a role in
                                                                                                        of departure is always the mind-set that you
ity researchers have increased the number            this as well. Many insurance companies pay
                                                                                                        are treating two patients here — mother and
of potential genetic malformations they are          for abortions, but will not cover pre-existing
                                                                                                        child. If you get out of that framework, then
able to detect in human embryos from 200             conditions. Pregnant mothers should be aware
                                                                                                        you get into hot water,” he said.
to almost 6,000. Using new procedures for            that if they submit to having genetic testing
                                                                                                            Kellett of Prenatal Partners for Life holds
scanning genetic information, the testing al-        performed on their unborn children and a
                                                                                                        that Catholics, in particular, should remember
lows researchers to identify a vast array of         predisposition to a genetic disorder is discov-
                                                                                                        that people are more than just bodies. They
previously undetectable genetic diseases.            ered, they may be offered a choice between a
                                                                                                        are souls as well. Special-needs children,
    Although the technology could conceiv-           paid-for abortion or no health care coverage
                                                                                                        especially those with mental impairments,
ably lead to increasingly advanced in-utero          for the child once he or she is born.
                                                                                                        are “little saints,” she said, and have much to
treatments for children conceived with treat-            Members of Congress must press for leg-
                                                                                                        teach the world.
able diseases, similar technology is rarely          islation that would prohibit discrimination
                                                                                                            “There is a place in the world for these kids.
used for this purpose. The vast majority             by health insurers and employers against
                                                                                                        They are loved and cherished and sent here
of detectable diseases are untreatable in the        individuals and their unborn offspring based
                                                                                                        by God for a reason, and I believe that reason
womb, and instead the detection procedures           on genetic testing information. Individuals        is to make us all better,” she insists.
usually lead to the abortion of the potentially      must be free to refuse to submit to a genetic      “It is a scary scenario if there are no children
unhealthy unborn child.                              test on themselves or their unborn children        like this, if we eliminate everything that does
     Known as preimplantation genetic hap-           without penalty of any sort.                       not meet our standard of perfection. In God’s
lotyping, the technique was first developed                                                             eyes, these kids are the perfect ones.”
Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 6
     Beautiful Mother Sees All Life as
    The headlnes read: Mom re-        prediction, opt to end their preg-   state Republican, is campaigning
jects abortion after Down Syn-        nancies.                             for her third term, even while she
drome diagnosis.                          Speaking for herself and her     celebrates the birthday of her son
   Who is the mother and why did      husband, Palin told the Associated   Cole, also born with the genetic
her decision make the news?           Press, “We have both been very       anomaly.
    She is Sarah Heath Palin, the     vocal about being pro-life. We          “It is in human nature to focus
current governor of Alaska and        understand that every innocent       on the negative,” Rodgers said,
the first woman to hold that office   life has wonderful potential.”       “on what the person can’t do.              Gov. Sarah Heath Palin
as well as the youngest. Palin and         The day after the birth, the    In our minds, we are focused on        convictions and forceful as well.
her husband, Todd, welcomed           Palins released the following        what he can do, what he will be        Her opponents have nicknamed
their fifth child, a 6-pound, 2-      statement: “Trig is beautiful and    able to do and do very well.”          her Sarah Barracuda. . . Chal-
ounce baby boy named Trig Pax-        already adored by us. We knew              Gov. Palin, also a Republi-      lenging circumstances now have
son Van Palin, on April 18.           through early testing he would       can, has a similar outlook. In an      made her a shining example of
Last December, Palin’s doctor had     face special challenges, and we      e-mail she sent to relatives and       personal pro-life convictions.
told her that prenatal tests indi-    feel privileged that God would       friends the day of Trig’s birth, she     Washington’s Weekly Standard
cated the child she was expecting     entrust us with this gift and al-    wrote: “Many people will express       magazine’s two-page feature
would be born with Down syn-          low us unspeakable joy as he         sympathy, but you don’t want or        article on Gov. Sarah Palin has
drome, a genetic condition that       entered our lives. We have faith     need that, because Trig will be a      a photograph of her “that would
stems from an extra chromosome        that every baby is created for       joy . . . Children are the most pre-   stop traffic.” Many have made
that impedes a child’s physical,      good purpose and has potential       cious and promising ingredient in      great suggestions for her future.
intellectual and language devel-      to make this world a better place.   this mixed-up world. . . Trig is no    With a smile that could melt all
opment.                               We are truly blessed.”               different, except he has one extra     the tundra of the Arctic Circle
   For the busy governor and her         Gov. Palin has some precedent     chromosome.”                           - as well as absolutely astound-
husband, who had four active          to follow. U. S. Representa-            Sarah Palin of Alaska is known      ing political success and integrity
children already, abortion had        tive Pete Sessions, Republican       as a beauty. A former pageant          - Gov. Palin ought really be seri-
never been an option although         of Texas, has a son with Down        winner, she was featured in a          ously considered as an absolutely
statistics show that between 80%      syndrome, US. Rep. Cathy Mc-         Vogue magazine photo shoot this        glorious running mate on the Re-
and 84% of women hearing that         Morris Rodgers, a Washington         year. She is also strong in her        publican Presidential ticket.

   Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers’ Goal is to Expand
        Educational Opportunities for Individuals
                 with Down Syndrome
                                          To that end Morris Rodgers       leading edge education, medical        the U.S., but past and current
                                      helped form the Congressional        and work-related initiatives that      funding at the NIH is dispropor-
                                      Down Syndrome Caucus on May          support individuals with Down          tionately low when it comes to
                                      1 of this year. The caucus goal is   Syndrome.                              funding treatments and increas-
                                      to allow every child with Down       • Identify and strike down bar-        ing understanding of secondary
                                      syndrome to reach his or her full    riers in the law for persons with      disorders that often afflict people
                                      potential.                           mental disabilities.                   with Down Syndrome.
                                        The mission of the Congressio-     • Expand opportunities for the
                                      nal Down Syndrome Caucus is to       Down syndrome population in
                                      educate members of Congress and      education, the work place and
                                      their staff about Down syndrome.     society at large.
                                      The Caucus will support legisla-            Goals of the Caucus
West Coast magazine                   tive activities that would enhance   • Raise expectations and improve
featured a story of Rep.              the quality of life for those with   outcomes in education.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers                Down Syndrome.                       • Eliminate barriers to economic
                                            The Congressional Down         opportunity in employment and
and her year-old son, Cole.                                                in programs that promote savings
                                      Syndrome Caucus will:
     U. S. Representative Cathy       • Urge relevant authorizing          and investment.
McMorris Rodgers has added a          committees to support Down Syn-      • Promote and fund research that
new goal since the birth last year    drome programs and patient care      accelerates the development of ef-
of her son Cole who has Down          through letters and testimony.       fective treatments and therapies.
                                      • Hold informational events for      • Promote the translation of               Republican Congress-
                                      Members and staff in DC to in-       Down syndrome research into            woman Cathy McMorris
   “When my husband Brian and
I heard the news about Cole, it       crease awareness of the disorder     effective new treatments through       Rodgers and husband, Bri-
was most difficult,” writes the       among members.                       interdisciplinary cooperation          an, have great expectations
congresswoman from Washington         • Ensure Down Syndrome is ad-        among the various National In-         for their son, one-year-old
state. Every parent has hopes and     equately addressed in all relevant   stitutes of Health, the Federal
                                                                                                                  Cole. Young as he is, Cole
dreams for their child. Down          legislation and regulations.         Drug Administration, the Center
                                      • Continue to build House Con-       for Disease Control and privately      is happy and already full
syndrome is not on the list. It
                                      gressional Down Syndrome Cau-        funded scientists and clinicians.      of life.
is not what we expected, yet we
have embraced Cole as the special     cus into a sustainable, dynamic
gift from God that he is. We are      politican force and informational    • Promote inclusiveness for
developing new dreams for our         clearinghouse by increasing mem-     people with Down syndrome.
son and other children with Down      bership and activities.                 There are more than 350,000
syndrome.”                            • Work with national and local       people with Down syndrome in
                                      syndrome groups to develop
                                                                                                Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 7
  My Parents Saved Their Best Child For Last
                                                            by Mary Feehery Halbleib

    “We’re bringing home an Angel,” my par-        competitive work. Soon Dorothy and scores            her hands to direct the congregation if she
ents explained as they presented our young-        of others were making great developmental            believes they needed her help to sing.
est sister, Dorothy. There began the reverent      strides and encouraging progress.                          Dorothy’s child like faith brings her of-
mystery, awe and wonder that continues in                 Dorothy’s Texas Rehabilitation Com-           ten from the choir loft hurrying to reach the
the lives of her nine siblings and in most         mission Counselor had classified her as              altar when Father invites those celebrating
who know my sister, Dorothy. At her birth,         unemployable yet she continued to train and          anniversaries and birthdays to come forward
the doctors advised our parents not to bring       in less than 2 years graduated from the Dio-         for a blessing. She comes more often than
our sister, who has Down’s Syndrome home.          cese of Galveston Houston’s Adult Institute          any other parishoner. One searches one’s
Instead they suggested that my parents insti-      for Independent Living Skills and, in 1989,          mental calendar as she breathlessly reaches
tutionalize her; that she would never have a       was hired by Burger King on Kirby and the            the altar. Did I miss her birthday? No, she
“life.” Little did the doctors “know” just how     Southwest Freeway.                                   reveals, it is the anniversary of her baptism,
much Dorothy’s life would come to mean to              Dorothy - “Employee of the Month”
                                                                                                        first communion, confirmation, employment,
so very many people.                                   The average fast food employee remains
                                                                                                        or graduation. Her frequent presence at the
      Clearly different from the rest of us; the   only 6 months. Dorothy spent the next 17 years
                                                                                                        altar in celebration and observance of these
mystery with which Dorothy was introduced          and 3 months at Burger King, assembling and
                                                                                                        special days reminds one how many graces we
somehow guided us on how to regard her and         giving out orders for drive thru window cus-
                                                   tomers, preparing their drinks, and went on          have to be grateful for and to humbly thank
navigate these differences. She was definitely
cuter, yet much slower to walk and talk. We        to serve counter customers and even cleaned          God often for those blessings.
seemed to readily scoop her into our arms, or      the dining room and restrooms. When she                  Dorothy is an avid fan of the Dallas Cow-
seat her on our shoulders or her brother’s big     received the “employee of the month” award,          boys and during the season she can quote
feet to insure she was together with us. Doro-     she was congratulated for having personally          statistics on every player. As for herself, she
thy was always ready to “go” and definitely        increased sales in the drive-thru because of         loves swimming, basketball, and bowling and
had a mind of her own.                             her smiling and cheerful service. When               plays on Special Olympics teams. She loves
        Our Early Morning Shopper                  health problems caused Dorothy to need an            playing cards and board games with the rest
      Early one Sunday morning my parents          extensive leave of absence, her manager told         of the family and enjoys popular music and
answered the telephone to learn our tiny but       her she would be welcomed back as a ‘lifer’          singing like a star into her Karaoke micro-
active 6 year-old pajama-clad Dorothy had          and would always have a job as long as she           phone.
risen before us, unlocked the door, walked to      wanted to work.                                          Dorothy left her job at Burger King in the
the grocery store some four long blocks away,         Celebrating Birthdays ‘a la Dorothy’              summer of 2006 to take on a quieter life at
filled a cart, and was bringing it home. The           Birthday celebrations are Dorothy’s spe-         home with our parents. As a child, she learned
store manager somehow guessed from the             ciality. She creates the banner posters for all      and assisted with family chores and duties like
fully extended little arms pushing the cart in     family birthdays, then at the appointed times        everyone else. Now she has scheduled her
those snap together sleepers that this was not                                                          calendar with specific household duties she
                                                   gathers us into the den, puts on her earphones
a typical shoplifter. She told him her phone                                                            performs – recycling, emptying trash, cleaning
                                                   and listens to Bette Midler as she sings to all of
number and he called our parents. Contrary                                                              bathrooms, changing bed linens, vacuuming,
                                                   us a capello “Wind Beneath My Wings.” The
to what the doctor’s predicted, Dorothy defi-                                                           dusting, and folding laundry. Daily she sets
                                                   falsetto sung melody makes each listener wish
nitely had a “life” and “no”, it would not be                                                           the tables, makes drinks, assists with dish
a life of crime.                                   for a pair of ear phones as well, but Dorothy’s
                                                   joy is obvious and not to be missed.                 washing and errands.
     Mother encouraged us to help Dorothy to
                                                        She was invited to become a member of                Every year she volunteers to help in the
crawl, walk and finally to talk since she proved
                                                   the choir at Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic         Houston Rodeo cookoff serving line where
slower at each. This mystery took her and our
                                                   Church in 2002, as a result of her clear desire      she stands in her hat and apron with tongs
mother to Boston to see Harvard psychiatrist
Clemmons E. Benda whose specialization             to join. Dorothy in the choir? This seemed           in hand and serves brisket and sausage with
with children with Down’s Syndrome resulted        miraculous since the melody Dorothy sings            speed and dexterity.
in thyroid and vitamin therapy to promote her      is not on the sheet music but rather in her            When Dorothy was criticallly ill with pneu-
development. Mother also found a special           most beautiful soul. With great dignity, she         monia and in intensive care, I knelt on the
woman, Doris Vinegre, whose success with           processes into the church each Sunday with           unit floor during my overnight watches and
her own special needs son prompted her to          the rest of the choir and occassionally raises       prayed for her return to health and realized,
welcome other children with special needs to                                                            more than before, what a gift from God her
learn in her home. She taught Dorothy in a pio-                                                         life had always been.
neering kind of “Early childhood head start”                                                                  Dorothy reveals the immense value to
before programs like that existed. My parents                                                           God and to others that her life and the life
always looked for and found what would most                                                             of others with special needs present to the
help bring Dorothy into all of life.                                                                    world. It is thrilling to see one who struggles
       The public schools offered little more                                                           to achieve even the smallest accomplishment
than a “janitor’s closet” and no real educa-                                                            with enthusiasm, determination, love and joy
tion for Dorothy. Catholic schools attempted                                                            and finally succeeds.
to include this youngest in our family with                                                                 I cannot imagine my life without Dorothy
endless older siblings who had excelled and                                                             and am so glad my parents decided to bring
contributed to their school. Still, Dorothy’s                                                           their best child home to the rest of us instead of
needs proved too much for her teachers and                                                              institutionalizing her. My precious sister, who
she left before she graduated.                                                                          has Down’s Syndrome, also has a mysterious
       Observing that her older siblings went
                                                                                                        power to elicit from us generousity we might
on to college and to work, Dorothy hoped she
                                                                                                        otherwise never have known. Whenever she
could expect these life outcomes as well.
                                                                                                        calls, whatever she asks, we do for her. We
        Determined that her hopes could be
answered, Bishop Joseph Fiorenza agreed                                                                 value and love her beyond measure. Dorothy
                                                   Above, Dorothy processes into Our Lady               changed my life, my career, my understand-
that we could open an office of ministry for       of Walsingham Catholic Church with the
Persons with Disabilities, and continue reli-                                                           ings and my faith. She truly is the wind be-
                                                   choir. The choir sings the Latin High Mass
gious formation and offered the St. Dominic                                                             neath my wings, and brings joy to everyone
                                                   every Sunday morning and Dorothy was
Center as a place where those with special         delighted when she was asked to join.                in her simple, humble and direct relationships
needs could train for independent living and                                                            of love.

Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 8
    Down Syndrome is Not the End of the World,
               but the Beginning
     [The following is a heartwarming piece,         dog are a constant delight.
written by Simon Barnes, the chief sports                The dog is one of Ed-
writer of the (UK) Times, on life with his           die’s special joys. He will
Downs’ Syndrome son, Eddie.]                         climb into her basket and
     At the hospital, when they discovered on        curl up with her, and the
the scan that Down’s Syndrome was a pos-             dog, a gentle labrador, does
sibility, they very kindly offered to kill him       no more than sigh.
for us. They needn’t have bothered. My wife              Eddie is lucky in many
is, unlike myself, an exceptional person in the      ways, not the least in his
field of loving and caring. Please do not read       choice of a brother. Jo-
this as a brief genuflection, one of the ploys       seph is seven years older
of married life. Nor is it a literary trick. It is   than he, which means that
rather the literal truth. One small example. I       they are not competing on
have two goldfish in my study, both the size         the same level or for the
of a salmon. When one fish was much smaller,         same things. Joe has his
Cindy found him dead: flat on the bottom of          mother’s generosity. He
the tank. She lifted him out and somehow re-         and Eddie have wonderful
vived him. It was a long and elaborate process,      big-brother, little-brother
and it worked. That is the sort of thing Cindy       games, full of piggybacks
does. The idea of not caring for something in        and tumbles and chasing
your care is an abomination to her. The idea         and pouncing. Eddie makes
of not caring for her own child was impossible       everything fun when he is up, so he becomes        sufferer or the parents. I will go futher: hu-
to contemplate. Amniocentesis? Not a chance,         the center of attention. Joe, however, takes       man beings are not better off without Down’s
it puts the child at risk. And no matter what        that in his stride and enjoys Eddie’s social       Syndrome.
such a test would say about the child, she           triumphs.           Some bits of life are hard,        A chance gathering in my kitchen: three
would go ahead. There was a life that had to         some bits are easy, some bits are fun, some bits   people — my wife, who has some gypsy
be cared for.                                        are a frightful bore. That’s true of life with     blood, Eddie and a friend who is Jewish —
     This was not negotiable. It sounds, I know,     Eddie. It is also true about life with Joe. But    and the realization that, under Hitler, all three
a little dreadful to put it this way. Certainly, I   you don’t go into parenthood to make sure          would have been bound for the ovens. Down’s
lack the courage to stand between Cindy and          that the benefits outweigh the deficits.           Syndrome, any more than Jewishness or
someone she loves. The Devil himself lacks               What is it like to have Down syndrome?         gypsyhood, is not something that needs to be
that sort of courage. Had life turned out dif-       How terrible is it? Would I want Eddie             wiped out for the good of humanity. Down’s
ferently, had I been married to another, had         changed? If you were a parent, would you like      Syndrome is not the end of the world. In fact,
that woman preferred to go the way of amnio-         the essential nature of your child changed?        for me, it was just the beginning.
centesis and termination, I have no doubt that       If you were told that pressing a button would         I am here to tell everybody that Eddie is
I would have gone along with that, too, and          turn him into an infant Mozart or Einstein or      my son and he is great. I have a life that a lot
treated parents of Down’s Syndrome children          van Gogh, would you press it? Or would you         of people envy. I live in a nice house in the
with a lofty pity.                                   refuse because you love the person who is          country. I keep five horss and, as a family,
     But, thank God, I did not marry someone         there and real, not some hypothetical other?       we are comfortably off. For all these things
else. And that left me with a straightforward        No, I do not want Eddie’s essential nature         people envy me. But I have a child with
choice. I could either say that Eddie wasn’t         changed. That would be as much a denial of         Down’s Syndrome and, for that, people pity
part of the deal and bugger off, or I could keep     myself as a denial of my son.                      me. And I am here to say: wrong. Wrong,
on keepin’ on with the humdrum routines of               I am not here to talk about abortion but       wrong, wrong. I am not to be pitied but to be
life and hope that this would be enough for          I am here to tell you that Down’s Syndrome         envied.
the arrival into our lives of this unimaginable      is not an insupportable horror for either the

                                                          Another Downside to Prenatal Testing:
creature we already knew as Edmund, or
Eddie. Well, we needed a name and Joe, to

                                                          Unnecessary Worry, Unnecessary Costs
whom I had indeed read the Narnia stories,
was especially keen on that one.
     So Eddie was born and I have spent the                                                    by James Pinedo
subsequent years living with him. Not living             February of 1988 was an emotional time.          They told us that the chances of our baby
with Down’s Syndrome. What a ridiculous              My mother had recently died, I was running having Down’s Syndrome were 1 in 256 yet
idea. Living with Eddie who is my boy. And           for political office in Austin and my wife and they still recommended that we get an amnio-
that is really the beginning, the end of it and      I were eagerly expecting the birth of our first centesis to make sure that our baby did not
the day to day routine of it.                        child.                                            have Down’s Syndrome.
     A name changes everything, and even                 One morning, after my wife had left for           We were not going to abort our baby
when he was in the womb we were not                  work and before I had left, a call came in whether he had Down’s Syndrome or not and
wondering about how we would cope with               from my wife’s doctor’s office. The person we knew that the amniocentesis was an unnec-
a “Child With Down’s Syndrome.” We were              calling informed me that my wife had taken essary risk without any benefit so we did not
wondering about living with Eddie.                   a test called “AFP” and the results had come follow their recommendation. There is always
    Eddie was born on May 23, 2001. He has           back negative. The caller then informed me risk of permanent damage, even death, to the
Down’s Syndrome all right. He has me as his          that this meant our baby was at risk of having baby whenever an amniocentesis is done and
father, and his father is not a saint. His father    Down’s Syndromeand said that we needed to there were reports of 15% false negatives and
also enjoys his life very much, and Eddie            have an ultrasound to determine the baby’s 15% false positives. Ultimately, we realized it
does not compromise that: au contraire.              exact age so that the doctors could tell us what didn’t matter what the tests would show. We
    Eddie enjoys his life very much too, most        the risk was.                                     were going to love our baby unconditionally.
of the time; he makes that quite clear. And               We went for the ultrasound. Following We also decided that we would never have
when he doesn’t, he makes that pretty clear as       the ultrasound, the doctors told us that, based any of those prenatal tests again.
well. Being a child, Eddie has a huge relish         on its head size, the baby was more advanced         Several months later, the Lord blessed us
for giggles. He also loves a ball game, and our      than they had expected and the risk of Down’s with a beautiful nine pound, fifteen ounce
improvised games of chucking the ball into the       Syndrome was significantly lower than they healthy baby boy. We nicknamed him “BJ.”
wastepaper basket or kicking the ball for the        had originally thought.
                                                                                                   Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 9
     Excuses for Killing by Abortion Expand
         to Infanticide and Euthanasia
     In 2005, the world was horrified when                          The New Ethic                         everything it can to provide for its citizens,
Netherlands doctors openly admitted that they                Turns Doctors into Killers                   ending the life of those babies who will suf-
had killed disabled newborn infants, and were           “The whole point of the protocol is to help       fer is “the most caring response,” clarifying
actively promoting child euthanasia through        physicians end the lives of newborns who are           that “the judgment must be made with fear
a program called The Groningen Protocol            so severely afflicted that neither their dying         and trembling.”
for Euthanasia in Newborns. A committee            nor their living should be prolonged. That                 “Concerning the larger question of
directing the Protocol recommendations,            being the case, the pertinent distinction is not       whether the practice for which the protocol
sets the guidelines that must be followed in       between babies who will die and those who              was developed can be morally justified, we
making and executing the decision to kill a        could live, but between babies for whom life-          think it can - in the Netherlands, at any
newborn infant.                                    ending decisions should be made and those              rate. When a tragically impaired infant is
     Newborn euthanasia is common and ac-          for whom such decisions cannot be morally              born into a society that is hospitable to its
                                                   justified. In bringing within its compass babies       children, offers universal access to decent
ceptable in the Netherlands. By 2006 the of-
                                                                                                          health care, and promotes an ethos among
ficially reported number of Dutch euthanized       who are in no danger of dying - and, indeed,
                                                                                                          its citizens whereby they look after each
victims was 1,923. In 2007 the number had          with proper care could live to adulthood - the
                                                                                                          other as a matter of course, we believe that
risen to 2,120.                                    protocol is even more radical than its critics
                                                                                                          the doctor’s ending the baby’s life could be
     These 2,120 legalized killings did not        supposed.”
                                                                                                          the best, most caring response.”
include the almost 900 terminations without             The authors took to task those critics of             Conservative bioethicist Wesley Smith
request or consent. These are reported each        the protocol who have suggested that it would          has responded to the Hastings Center article
year but not added to the euthanasia death toll.   be more ethical to ensure that babies with             both on his blog, and in an article printed by
Assisted suicides, which generally number          disabilities are aborted in utero, rather than         the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network,
about 500 each year, also are omitted from         killing them after they are born.                      saying that he was “taken aback” at the article,
the 2,120 total.                                        “The supposedly morally superior alter-           which has firmly placed infanticide into the
     The report also does not include inten-       native [of abortion]…does not strike us as             mainstream.
tional overdosing using pain control with the      superior at all,” they said.“We join disability            “It wasn’t many years ago that almost
intent to kill rather than alleviate pain. In      activists who condemn the routine recom-               everyone accepted that infanticide is in-
1990, the Dutch Government reported over           mendation of abortions performed for no                trinsically and inherently wrong,” wrote
4,000 such deaths.                                 other reason than to prevent the birth of an           Smith. “No more. With personhood theory
     Nor do they include the increasing num-       affected baby.”                                        and the ‘quality of life’ ethic increasingly
bers of terminal sedations or eugenic infanti-          It would be wiser, they suggested, to kill        permeating the highest levels of the medical
cides which number about 90 a year according       the child after it is born, if it is then determined   and bioethical intelligentsia, we are moving
to reports in The Lancet. Other studies have       to have poor prospects of a “satisfactory” life,       toward a medical system in which babies are
indicated that about 40 percent or about 1,000     than to hide behind the false moral justifica-         put down like dogs and killing is redefined
of the deliberate killings are unreported.         tion of killing the disabled child in utero.           as compassion.
     A recent article in The Hastings Center            Lindemann and Verkerk also clarified that             “But bigotry is bigotry even if you spell it
Report, defended The Groningen Protocol as         in order for a newborn child to be killed by           c.o.m.p.a.s.s.i.o.n. And to think, after World
                                                   a physician, it is not necessary for the child         War II German doctors were hanged for do-
humane and perfectly ethical. It especially
                                                                                                          ing precisely what is being promoted in the
defended the protocol’s provisions for kill-       to be suffering in the present, but physician
                                                                                                          ‘prestigious’ Hastings Center Report.”
ing newborns whose physical conditions             and parents can make the choice to kill a
would not prevent them from living for many        newborn based upon a judgment of suffering
years.                                             in the future. “The protocol has been taken to
     The article, entitled “Ending the Life of     apply not only to pain, but also to other kinds
                                                   of serious and unrelievable conditions…The                 Italian Minister
                                                                                                              Accuses Holland
a Newborn by bioethicists Hilde Lindemann
and Marian Verkerk, began by pointing out          protocol thus leaves room for cases in which

                                                                                                              of “Nazism” for
that the protocol is much more extreme than        the suffering will take place in the future.”
its critics believe it to be.                           Once again the authors argued that the

                                                                                                              Euthanasia Laws
     As the authors explained, there are three     radical and far-reaching nature of the proto-
classes of newborns that can be euthanized         col is, in fact, a sign of its ethical superiority,
under The Groningen Protocol, including:           saying “This forward-looking feature of the                       By Gudrun Schultz
   1) Those who have no chance of survival.        protocol is justified on the grounds that it is
                                                   inhumane to keep a baby alive until it begins          AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, March 20,
   2) Those who “may survive after a pe-
                                                   to experience intolerable suffering.”                  2008 ( – An Italian minis-
riod of intensive treatment but expecta-
                                                        The killing of newborns, whether for              ter has accused the Netherlands of adopting
tions for their future are very grim” and
                                                   current or for future pain and suffering, is
     3) Those “who do not depend on tech-                                                                 Nazi-style eugenics laws under the banner of
                                                   justified by the authors by “quality of life
nology for physiologic stability and whose         criteria”. They observe that it is already true        euthanasia.
suffering is severe, sustained, and cannot be      in the Netherlands, and indeed throughout                 “Nazi legislation and Hitler’s ideas are re-
alleviated.”                                       much of the world, that quality of life judg-          emerging in Europe via Dutch euthanasia laws
     Lindemann and Verkerk argue that the          ments are frequently made by physicians and            and the debate on how to kill ill children,”
whole point of the protocol is “precisely for      family members in deciding whether or not              said Parliamentary Affairs minister Carlo
those babies who could continue to live, but       to continue treatment for an adult. “It is one         Giovanardi on an Italian radio programme.
whose lives would be wretched in the extreme,      of the harsh realities of twenty-first-century             He said it is “eugenics” to debate killing
who stand in most need of the interventions        medicine that quality-of-life judgments must           children “who are ill or have Down Syn-
[euthanasia] for which the protocol offers         be made. What we must not do is pretend that
                                                                                                          drome. We could just as easily apply this to
guidance. Those babies, they write, who are        we do not already make them, and that there
born with painful abnormalities and, if al-        is somehow something morally different about           senior citizens,” he said.
lowed to live, would live well into adulthood      doing it for a newborn baby.”                              Giovanardi is a member of the conserva-
- are the ones who should be euthanized. In             In conclusion, Lindemann and Verkerk              tive Christian Democrat party in Italy. Dutch
these cases “the baby is judged to be better       wrote that because newborn children are                Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is also
off dead than forced to endure the only kind       born into such a caring society, that does             a Christian Democrat. He was outraged by
of life it can ever have.”                                                                                Giovanardi’s comments, reported Expatica.
 Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page          10
      British Defend Mental Capacity Act as Protecting
       the ‘Rights of the Unborn Disabled’ to be Killed
LONDON, February 1, 2008 (LifeSite News.              Smeaton said SPUC has complained about         “many of those whom I have seen bear little
com) - Seriously disabled children should           certain wording in the Mental Capacity Act.      resemblance to human beings.”
be considered non-persons and would be              “especially the term ‘best interests’ in that         But Baroness Williams of Crosby said the
better off having been aborted, according to        ACT that can be defined in such a way that       permission to kill the disabled before birth
Molly Baroness Meacher, speaking to fellow          mentally incapacitated patients may now be       is at odds with the nation’s efforts to help
members of the House of Lords in January.           killed in their own ‘best interests.’”           disabled people throughout their lives. “We
Attempting to couch her assertion in terms of           Lord Ferrers said he had hoped Lady          have a society where once people are born
children’s “rights”, Molly Baroness Meacher         Swinton’s bill would pass, “because I do not     we increasingly go to extraordinary lengths
told the Lords that children born with se-          think it right that human beings should decide   to look after them if they are disabled.”
vere disabilities are “not viable people”.          at one moment that this child, who is a hu-           “One of the things that really frightens me
   The comments came as the House of Lords          man being, should not be born.”                  is that, if we pick out the potentially disabled
debated an amendment to the Human Fertil-                Baroness Tonge, a leading supporter of      at the age of 25 or 26 weeks, we will sooner or
ization and Embryology Bill, put forward by         the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, said that      later develop an attitude towards the severely
Lady Swinton, Baroness Masham of Ilton.             the children referred to were not “disabled      disabled who have been disabled since birth,”
That bill would have protected unborn dis-          human beings” but “grossly abnormal human        she said.
abled children from abortion after the 24-          beings”. Citing the “grotesque appearance”            [See More on Doctors into Killers on
week gestational time limit. The amendment          of children with anencephaly, Tonge said,        pages 15 and 17]
was defeated by 89 votes to 22.
    Under Britain’s current abortion law, chil-
dren judged to have some form of disability,        Euthanasia Provider to Alzheimer’s Patients:
including such comparatively minor disabili-
ties as club foot or cleft palate, can be aborted                     ‘The Best Remedy is Death’
up to the time of natural birth.                    SYDNEY, June 20, 2008 (LifeSiteNews .com)        “euthanasia” death of a 71-year old Sydney
    “My belief is that there are children who       - Euthanasia provider and activist Dr. Philip    man, Graeme Wylie, in 2006.
are not viable people. It would be in their         Nitschke has released controversial statements       Shirley Justins, the wife of Wylie, was
best interests to have been aborted,” Baron-        that essentially instruct anyone who believes    convicted of manslaughter for giving him
ess Meacher said. “The Mental Capacity Act          they are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease      a suicide drug. Caren Jenning, who jour-
refers to the child having capacity; if they        to avoid obtaining a diagnosis in favour of      neyed to Mexico to purchase the lethal drug,
do not have capacity, it is important for the       seeking a doctor who can help them commit        Nembutal, was convicted as an accessory to
professionals to consider their best interests.     suicide as quickly as possible. These com-       manslaughter. Both women, who claimed
There rests my case. We need to consider the        ments came on the heels of a New South Wales     Wylie wanted to die this way, face up to 25
best interests of these babies.”                    jury ruling that convicted two women for the     years in prison.
John Smeaton, national director of the Society                                                           After hearing that four months before
for the Protection of Unborn Children, wrote
that Baroness Meacher’s comments match               Waking After Brain                              his death, the husband and father could not
                                                                                                     recall his birthday, how many children he
recent British legislation that created a man-
date to kill the disabled and vulnerable.            Death Raises Organ                              had, or what sex they were, the jury decided
                                                                                                     Wylie was not able to choose suicide, and
    Cuba’s Communist                                 Donation Questions                              therefore convicted Justins and Jenning with
                                                    CHARLESTON, West Virginia, May 27, 2008
  Government Takes Stand                            ( - A Virginia family was           Dr. Nitschke, who heads the assisted
    Against Euthanasia                              shocked but relieved when their mother, Val      suicide organization, Exit International, said
VARADERO, Cuba, June 3, 2008 - The com-             Thomas, woke up after doctors said she was       the ruling sends a “dreadful message” to Al-
munist government of Cuba has reaffirmed its        dead. 59 year-old Mrs. Thomas, while being       zheimer’s patients, and urged those suffering
opposition to euthanasia, according to media        kept breathing artificially, had no detectable   from the disease to avoid a doctor’s diagnosis
reports.                                            brain waves for more than 17 hours. The fam-     and seek assisted suicide as quickly as pos-
     The statement, made at the Fifth Inter-        ily were discussing organ donation options       sible in order to protect one’s family from
national Symposium of the Network for the           for their mother when she suddenly woke up       similar legal battles.
Definition of Death last month in the resort        and started speaking to nurses. Ethicists have
city of Varadero, ratified the government’s         strongly criticized developments in organ             Patient Revives During
“position against euthanasia and defends the        donation criteria that would have made Mrs.
medical principles of curing, alleviating, or       Thomas a candidate for having her organs             Organ Removal Process
accompanying the patient,” according to the         removed before she woke up.                          A patient, presumed dead, revived as
government’s National Information Agency.              At 1:30 am Saturday May 17, Mrs. Thomas’ transplant surgeons in Paris began the process
      The purpose of the symposium was to           heart had stopped beating and she had no pulse of removing his organs.
discuss brain death, organ donation, and end        when the family called paramedics. She was           The city’s university hospital’s ethics
of life issues.                                     without a heartbeat or oxygen for 15 to 20       committee has reportedly been told that doc-
                                                    minutes before being put on a ventilator and tors massaged his heart for 90 minutes before
                                                    transported to a Charleston, West Virginia surgeons arrived. He began breathing and
                                                    hospital.                                        now can talk and walk.
                                                         An attempt was made to lower her body           France recently changed its law to allow
                                                                                                     the harvesting of organs without a declaration
                                                    temperature but her heart stopped three times
                                                                                                     of brain-death.
                                                    causing doctors to estimate that her chance
                                                    of survival was less than 10 per cent. The            Ireland - Too Few Hospital Beds
                                                    ventilator was kept running for nearly 18                     For Palliative Care
                                                    hours and rigor mortis had set in while Mrs.         Just 100 out of the 20,000 beds in Ireland’s
                                                    Thomas’ family considered organ donation. healthcare system are devoted to palliative
                                                    The decision was taken to discontinue life care. The National University, Galway, sur-
                                                    support but ten minutes into the process, Mrs. veyed 300 institutions and also found regional
                                                    Thomas moved her arm and began speaking variation, and staff working in palliative care
                                                    to nurses.                                       without special training. The health service
                                                        Mrs. Thomas was examined in a clinic in said it had recently increased funding.
                                                    Cleveland to investigate her heart problems.
                                                                                                 Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 11
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                                                                              Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 13
Hello - My Name is Kelly
    I came across Foundation For Life
while I was trying to look for abortion
clinics. They were actually the third
number I called while trying to find a
price I could afford for the abortion.
When I called, I thought they were just
another abortion clinic, so when a lady
answered the phone I proceeded to ask
how much they charge. The lady asked
me if I have had an ultrasound yet, and I
told her I had just found out I was preg-
nant before I called. She told me they
offered free ultrasounds and said that it
would be a good idea to come get one
because some clinics will tell you that
you are further along in the pregnancy
than you really are so they can charge
you more for the abortion.
    It was late in the afternoon and she
said they were closing in 15 minutes
but would wait for me if I wanted to
come in. So I accepted her offer and
drove across town to where they were            Kelly and her little son, brought her visiting mother by the
waiting for me.                                    Foundation for Life Office to meet her new friends.
    When I arrived, they greeted me and
their friendly faces made me feel warm           My partner kept telling me he         could shop for special items like baby
and welcome. After I filled out some         wanted a family but we had a lot of       bouncers or even a baby crib. The
paper work, a very nice, soft-spoken         problems we had to work out our-          Foundation for Life was so amazing
lady came to speak with me and ask a         selves before bringing a new life into    because, not only did I learn a lot from
few questions about why I had chosen         the world. As the days passed, I de-      the free classes, but I also was able to
the abortion path.                           cided that I didn’t want to go through    get the things I needed for my baby.
    It was only then I realized that I had   with another abortion. I had one at       Coming across the Foundation for
not called an abortion clinic. She told      the age of 16 and remembered the          Life’s number was the best thing that
me that their organization would help        physical and emotional pain I had felt    could have happened to me at this stage
me through the pregnancy, if I decided       and never wanted to feel again.           in my life.
to have my baby. She assured me they             Finally, I decided that I was go-         At 7:01 p.m. on July 13, 2007, I
would help me through all the things I       ing to have the baby no matter what       gave birth to a healthy baby boy. If the
might be worried about — like, provid-       anyone else thought, because it was       Foundation for Life had not come into
ing my child with clothes, furniture or      my life and no one had to live it but     my life, I would never have experienced
whatever it might be.                        me. When I told my partner what I         all the great joy I feel with every breath
    That evening I had my first ever         had decided, he was very happy and        my son takes!!
ultrasound and was told I was 6 weeks        told his family straight away that we         I thank God every day for putting
pregnant. t The lady pointed out a little    were having a baby. I, on the other       Foundation For Life in my life to show
speck which was actually my baby.            hand, wasn’t in such a hurry to tell      me there was another path to take and
Before I left they told me that I could      my family.                                that I did not have to walk it alone. I
come back for another free ultrasound            I called Foundation For Life and      will always have a place in my heart for
in a month if I decided to go through        asked if I could come for my second       Foundation for Life. They will always
with the pregnancy.                          ultrasound. When I arrived and told       be a big part of my LIFE!
    My baby was much more real to            them that I had decided to have my
me at that point but I still left that day   baby, they couldn’t have been more           Kelly is just one of more
thinking that I couldn’t bring a baby        excited. They were happy for me and
into this world if I didn’t have every-      assured me that they would be there       than 2,000 women who
thing he or she deserved.                    to help every step of the way.            called on the Foundation
    Over the next couple of weeks I              They helped me apply for the          for Life in 2007. Her letter
must have changed my mind about one          Medicaid program and led me in the        of thanks is printed here
thousand times. One day I was going to       right direction with everything. I at-
keep the baby; the next I was going to       tended free classes so I could learn      because our readers, our
abort it. This was the hardest decision      more about parenting and childbirth.      volunteers, and our sup-
I would have to make!! I knew I was          With all the new expenses, I needed       porters need to know their
still very young and didn’t even have        to learn to budget so I took that class   sacrifices and donations are
my life in order, but the biggest hurdle     as well.
was telling my parents. How would I              For each class I attended, I re-      deeply appreciated by those
tell them?                                   ceived Life Dollars and with those I      we serve.
Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 14
 TEXAS NEWS                                                                                               Operation Outcry
  Late-Term Abortion                                                                                         Testimony
   Facility in Dallas                                                                                     Influences Court
    Closes June 28                                                                                        To Protect Women
                                                                                                          from Abortionists
     Only three clinics in Texas are authorized
to perform late-term abortions—and on June
27, one of those, Aaron Women’s Health
                                                      Legislative Hearing on
Center in Dallas, closed its facility. The abor-      Adult Stem Cells Cures                               San Antonio, TX - July 2, 2008 - The
tion ccnter was renovated in 2005 to comply             On Wednesday, May 21, 2008, the Texas         United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth
with a law that then certified its facility as      House of Representative held a historic hear-     Circuit on June 27th upheld South Dakota’s
an “ambulatory surgical center.” After the          ing on adult stem cell research. No legisla-      statute requiring abortionists to tell a woman
certification, Aaron Women’s Health Center          tive panel in Texas has ever before focused       that “the abortion will terminate the life of a
specialized in destroying the life of pre-born      exclusively on adult stem cell research with      whole, separate, unique, living human being,”
babies past 16 weeks gestation.                     such depth.                                       defined as a member of the human species
     When Bishop Charles Grahmann began                 The Appropriations Subcommittee on            (Homo sapiens).
leading a monthly “Second Saturday Rosary”          Adult Stem Cell Research heard invited tes-            The most basic question many women
outside Dallas abortion facilities in 1990, there   timony on the current and future state of life-   ask before an abortion is “Is it a baby?” One
were 13 abortion centers in the Dallas area.                                                          would assume that abortionists and courts
                                                    saving adult stem cell research and treatments
Seven closed between 1990 and 2001.                                                                   would be able to answer this question. How-
                                                    in Texas and the potential for commercializing
Recently, pro-life groups in the city organized                                                       ever, Planned Parenthood does not want to tell
                                                    that research.
an ecumenical effort to pray 24 hours a day,                                                          women abortion kills a human being. They
                                                        “We commend the House leadership,
7 days a week at Aaron’s center. More than                                                            consistently do not tell women that abor-
800 people from 89 churches, representing           including Speaker Tom Craddick, Appropria-
                                                    tions chairman Warren Chisum, and subcom-         tion is being performed on a human being, a
several denominations, participated in the                                                            member of the species Homo sapiens, a living
prayer vigil.                                       mittee chairman Betty Brown for convening
                                                    this hearing,” said Texas Alliance for Life’s     organism.
     The Catholic Pro-Life Committee an-
                                                    executive director, Joe Pojman, Ph.D. “They            The women of Operation Outcry and
nounced that groups from multiple churches
                                                    are wisely moving Texas beyond the pro-           other women are extremely pleased that the
will continue to be prayer warriors. They will
                                                    tracted debate about the ethical problems of      Courts are now listening to real women who
continue to pray and offer information about
abortion alternatives outside the five remain-      creating and destroying human embryos for         have been hurt by abortion and beginning to
ing abortion centers.                               research into the wide, wide world of adult       protect women from abortionists, rather than
     The Catholic pro-life community has            stem cell treatments that are already saving      listening only to Planned Parenthood, the na-
maintained a constant presence of peaceful          lives. Because obtaining adult stem cells does    tion’s largest abortion seller.
prayer and sidewalk counseling in front of          not harm the donor and because the adult               The women of Operation Outcry are also
Aaron’s for over a decade and participated in a     stem cell treatments are highly effective, we     extremely pleased that the Eighth Circuit Court
“40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil” in 2004. At         strongly support the state’s continued invest-    of Appeals cited the portion of the Supreme
that time the ecumenical effort was organized,      ment in this promising technology.”               Court’s recent Gonzales v. Carhart decision in
church members of various denominations                 Among those testifying were Texas pa-         which the testimony of post-abortive women
joined the daily prayers and fasting for an         tients who have successfully been treated for     of Operation Outcry was cited to show that
end to the late-term killing of unborn babies       sickle cell anemia, cancer, and heart disease     “some women come to regret their choice
inside the clinic.                                  usinig adult stem cells. No one at the Houst      to abort the infant life they once created
     “We are overjoyed to hear that this noto-      committee hearing reported any cures using        and sustained. Severe depression and loss
rious place of death is finally closing,” said                                                        of esteem can follow.”
                                                    embryonic stem cells. [Embryonic stem cells
Karen Garnett who helped organize the effort.                                                              The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals cited
                                                    have at least two significant disadvantages.
“Not only is this a victory for the pro-life                                                          this Supreme Court passage on page 16 of its
                                                    They involve grave ethical problems because
movement, for mothers and for babies, but it                                                          opinion.
                                                    obtaining embryonic stem cells requires the
is a victory for Dallas as well. After June 27,                                                            This citation of post-abortive women’s
                                                    destruction of human embryos. Secondly,
the horrific practice of the killing of unborn                                                        pain by this second major court demon-
                                                    they have not proven effective in treating
children will take place at one less location                                                         strates again that the voices of the women
                                                    patients, and the FDA has not approved their
in our city and Dallas will no longer be the
                                                    use.                                              of Operation Outcry are beginning to have
home of a late-term abortion facility. “We
                                                        Cured using adult stem cells: Joseph and      a deep and long lasting impact on the courts
thank God for the many lives that will be
                                                    Darlene Davis’ son Joseph, Jr., was cured         of the United States.
saved and many mothers who will be spared
                                                    of sickle cell anemia with adult stem cells            While the Supreme Court and the Eighth
the agony and regret of abortion with the clos-
ing of Aaron’s. We stand ready to offer help
                                                    from his younger brother’s umbilical cord         Circuit have now recognized that abortion
and healing to those who have made the abor-
                                                    blood. Dr. Beverly Nuckols’ granddaughter,        hurts some women, the Supreme Court also
tion decision at Aaron’s or any other abortion
                                                    Veronica, was also cured of a fatal immune        said “we find no reliable data to measure the
facility. We mourn the tremendous loss of so
                                                    disorder using adult stem cells from umbili-      phenomenon.”
many thousands of innocent human lives, and
                                                    cal cord blood.                                        That is why Operation Outcry needs
we’ll continue to pray and work towards the            Below, Channel 8 in Austin covers the          more declarations (legally admissible evi-
day when Dallas is an abortion-free city and
                                                    testimony of Joseph Davis, Jr., at the Texas      dence) to take back to the Supreme Court.
                                                    House Committee hearing on Adult Stem             Women can go to www.operation outcry.
the blood of innocent unborn children is no
                                                    Cells cures.                                      org and complete the Declaration form on-
longer shed here.”
     Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Diocese of                                                           line (confidentially) or download it and mail
Dallas welcomed the news and expressed                                                                it in. Operation Outcry needs One Million
his personal gratitude to everyone who has                                                            Voices to take back to the Supreme Court
offered prayers and sacrifices for an end to                                                          to show them the size of the psychological
the killing.                                                                                          and physical problems women have expe-
     On Saturday, June 28, the Catholic Dio-                                                          rienced as a result of their “legal” abor-
cese of Dallas held a special Mass of Thanks-                                                         tion. A copy of the South Dakota opinion
giving for the closing of Aaron’s late term                                                           is also available on the Operation Outcry
abortion facility.                                                                                    website.

                                                                                                 Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 15
 World-Wide Reports Continue with Multiple
   Cures from Adult Stem Cells Therapy
                         Australian Researchers Believe ASC
                       Cure for Parkinson’s Disease Will Be Soon
SYDNEY, Australia, June 12, 2008 (LifeSite-                                                              in a straight line. - New research on stem-cell therapy                                                                According to Mackay-Sim, the evidence
shows scientists have found that the cure for                                                            showed the injected stem-cells had differ-
Parkinson’s disease may lie right under one’s                                                            entiated into “dopamine-producing neurons
nose - or rather, in it.                                                                                 influenced by being in the environment of
    Researchers from Griffith University have                                                            the brain.”
published a study in the journal Stem Cells that                                                             Mackay-Sim explained that, like all stem-
has found adult stem-cells harvested from the                                                            cells, these adult stem-cells from the olfactory
noses of Parkinson’s patients developed into                                                             nerve in the nose are “naive,” since they have
dopamine-producing brain cells upon being                                                                not yet differentiated into any particular type
transplanted into the brain of a lab rat.             on the human brain. The lesions caused the         of cells.
    Professor Alan Mackay-Sim said research-          rats to run in circles; however when stem-             “They can still be influenced by the en-
ers simulated Parkinson’s symptoms in rats by         cells from the noses of Parkinson’s patients       vironment they are put into. In this case we
creating lesions on one side of the rat’s brain to    were injected into the affected area of the        transplanted them into the brain, where they
imitate the damage Parkinson’s disease wreaks         brain, the rats re-acquired the ability to run     were directed to give rise to dopamine produc-
                                                                                                         ing brain cells,” he added.
     Scientist Admits Embryonic Stem Cell                                                                    “Significantly, none of the transplants led
                                                                                                         to formation of tumours or teratomas in the
       Research Has Not Been Successful                                                                  host rats as has occurred after embryonic stem-
                                                                                                         cell transplantation in a similar model.”
London, England ( – In an                been spent on embryonic stem cell research             Embryonic Stem Cell Research has
interview with The Scotsman newspaper, Lord           ($3 billion in California alone), not a single     yielded a lot of nightmares but no workable
Patel of Dunkeld, chairman of the UK National         promised miracle medical cure has material-        therapies.
Stem Cell Network and a chancellor at Dundee          ized. Even former researchers are now ad-              The contrary continues to be true with
University, said that embryonic stem cell re-         mitting that the stem cell argument is over.       adult stem cell therapies. There are very
search is not working and may never deliver           There are three reasons why the use of             hopeful advances in restrengthening cardiac
treatments for diseases. In terms of embryonic        Embryonic Stem cells should not be con-            muscles, and now hopes of eradicating Sickle
stem cell therapy, he told the press, there is cur-   tinued.                                            Cell Anemia and repairing damage after
rently no such therapy available.                          • There is strong moral opposition to         strokes.
    Although huge amounts of money have               obtaining embryonic stem cells by killing a
                                                      five-day-old living human embryo and ex-
                                                                                                            University of Minnesota
 ASC Research Therapy                                 tracting cells from that tiny forming body.         Medical School Researchers
                                                           • These cells are foreign tissue if im-        Announce Remarkable ASC
  Gives Sight to Blind                                planted in another human. The embryo has
                                                                                                          Fatal Genetic Disorder Cure
                                                      a different DNA and cells extracted from this
    Arkansas Girl                                     tiny body will probably be rejected by the             On June 7, the Los Angeles Times carried
                                                      recipient body, just as a transplanted heart,      a story of Nate Liao, a 2-year-old boy suffer-
Mountain Home, AR ( - A                                                                     ing with a genetic skin disorder that is rare but
9-year-old girl is back in Mountain Home after        kidney or lung would be. Some argue that
                                                                                                         always fatal. The disease, called recessiive
undergoing eye surgery in China. Kacie Sallee,        as we clone these embryos, the potential of
                                                                                                         epidermolysis builosa, affects one in every
who is blind, returned last week from China,          rejection will be nullified, but this conjecture
                                                                                                         100,000 children.
where she received umbilical-cord stem cell           is totally unproven.
                                                                                                             Because such children lack a critical
                                                           • These cells placed in animal bodies fre-
treatment in hopes of restoring her vision. The                                                          protein that anchors their skin and the lining
                                                      quently form tumors and often grow uncon-
nearly four-week trip and medical treatment was                                                          of their gastrointestinal system, The only
                                                      trollably into many cellular types which may       treatment to keep them alive was to keep
paid through $60,000 in local donations.
                                                      be malignant and fatal to the recipient.           them wrapped in bandages to provent skin
    Kacie was born with septo-optic dysplasia,
an underdevelopment of the optic nerve and                                                               damage and never allowed them to eat solid
                                                        London Research Shows                            foods because solid foods cause erosion of
pituitary gland. She could see bright colors out
of her right eye but only light and dark out of          Promise for Repairing                           the esophagus.
her left eye.                                            Heart Attack Damage                                 Dr. John Wagner of the University of
                                                                                                         Minnesota Medical School treated the boy by
    While still in China, Kacie experienced               On April 17, Robin Marston, 61, col-           using stem cells from unbilical cord blood and
almost immediate improvements. When she               lapsed while loading items into his car. He        bone marrow. This is the first time that cells
looked at a photograph of her father, Stephen         was taken immediately to a London hospital         from bone marrow and cord blood have been
Sallee, on the computer, she could see his eyes       where his heart attack was diagnosed and           used in what is called a “circulating stem cell
and mouth more clearly.                               where he was asked if he would like to be          treatment” to treat a condition that did not
    Vision in her left eye also began to improve      involved in what the hospital staff called         involve blood.
and she started to see bright colors she had never    “cutting edge research.” He was told of a              Nate’s condition began to improve and
before been able to detect. She was also able         new study of stem cell treatment designed to       he is now wearing normal clothes, eating
to count fingers held about four inches away          “turn the clock back” for heart attack victims     food that has not been pureed and playing
from her face.                                        by repairing damaged heart tissue. After           with his siblings. His mother says, “ I have
     Kacie, her mother and grandmother stayed         stem cells were removed from his back, they        watched him improve every day. It has been
                                                      were injected by catherter into his groin.         slow but I believe we are on the road to him
at Chengyang People’s Hospital in Qingdao,
                                                      Eight days later he told the press that he was     getting better. The Minnesota researchers
China, where she received four spinal and one
                                                      feeling “practically 100 percent”.                 have since begun to treat Nate’s 5-year-old
intravenous umbilical stem cell transfusions by                                                          brother, Jacob, and 9-month-old Sarah Rose
Beike Biotech. The stem cells were obtained               Marston was the second patient to take
                                                                                                         Moore for the same condition and have high
from umbilical cords of healthy babies.               part in the pioneering program.
                                                                                                         hopes for success.
Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 16
      Why Morphine for the Dead?
    On Jan. 29, 2007, 25-year-old Ruben Na-       prior to harvesting his or her organs.              allegation is true that they gave lethal doses of
vaarro suffered a heart attack and was admit-          Here the judge also ruled that Dr. Rooz-       morphine three times, I can’t see how that can
ted to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in    rokh did not participate in any decisions           be interpreted in any other way than deliberate
California. Navarro, who had suffered from a      related to the Donation after Cardiac Death         homicide.”
debilitating neurological disease since he was    (DCD). Seeing the difficult time the organ               David Crippen, University of Pittsburgh
9 years old, was in a coma. Rose Navarro,         harvesting team encountered in bringing             critical care specialist, is equally wary of the
his mother, was told by Dr. Hootan Roozrokh,      about Ruben Navarro’s cardiac death, the            new definition of death. He was quoted in The
a physician working for a California organ-       judge may have been convinced that there            Washington Post shortly before the California
harvesting corporation, that according to         was no formal declaration that there had been       hearing as saying: “Now that we have estab-
hospital policy her son’s respirator would be     “cardiac death.”                                    lished that we are going to take organs from
removed after 5 days and there was nothing             Dr. Eric Schultz, Ruben Navarro’s physi-       patients who have a prognosis of death but do
that could be done for her son. He told her:      cian, testified before Judge Tangeman that          not meet the strict definition of death, might
“He is going to die.”                             “Ruben’s vegetative functions were entirely         we become more interested in taking organs
    Dr. Eric Schultz was Ruben’s physician        intact . . . and his brain stem was function-       from patients who are not dead at all but who
and had cared for him the year before when        ing well.” He told the judge he had taken           are incapacitated or disabled?”
he was hospitalized. Dr. Schultz knew best        the patient off the ventilator for a time and            Kevin D. Chaffi, the attorney representing
the condition of her son and had not described    Ruben had continued to breathe on his own.          Rosa Navfaarro, explaind that Ruben Navarro
him as a candidate for organ donation. His        “When patients in Navarro’s condition exhibit       was the ideal victim because he was disabled
heart was beating and, although he was on a       brain stem function and can breathe without a       and didn’t have much money.
respirator, he was still able to breathe on his   ventilator, they are not going to die within a           A powerful DVD about euthanasia
own. Rose Navarro was greatly distressed          short period of time after being taken off the      and assisted suicide entitled: Turning the
but signed a document authorizing doctors to      ventilator,” he added.                              Tide has been produced by the Euthanasia
harvest Ruben’s organs upon his death.                 The question of when a person actually         Prevention Coalition to awaken citizens to
    On Feb. 3, 2007, exactly 5 days later, the    dies and when or if it is ethical to remove         the latest attacks on human life. Contact at
hospital staff wheeled Ruben Navarro into         their organs is highly debated. Ethicist, Dr.       1-800-958-5678.
the operating room where an organ harvesting      John Shea, is concerned about the new ethics
team awaited and his respirator was removed.      involved and points out that “People can be            Assisted-Suicide Is
                                                                                                        Covered by Insurance
According to witness testimonies, Ruben           brought back to life even fifteen minuts after
continued to breathe. California law prohibits    their heart has stopped beating.”
transplant doctors from directing treatment of
potential organ donors until they are declared
                                                       “The new definition of cardiac death was
                                                  developed in 1993,” he explained, “and since
                                                                                                             in Oregon
                                                                                                           In May, Barbara Wagner, a 64-year-old
dead but Navarro’s medical records show           that time there has been a significant increase     retired school bus driver, discovered that her
that Dr. Roozrokh ordered 200 milligrams of       in the number of organs harvested.” Shea also       cancer, which had been in remission for two
morphine and 80 milligrams of Ativan, to be       reports that in the United States the number        years, had returned.
ready in the operating room when the patient      of “non-beating heart” donations from people             After her doctor prescribed a cancer drug
arrived.                                          who may not have actually died before their         that could slow the cancer growth and extend
    Organ harvesting doctors call these drugs     organs were removed more than doubled be-           her life, Wagner was notified that the Oregon
comfort care [which translated means they do      tween 2003 and 2007.                                Health Plan would not cover her prescription,
not want the patient who has been defined as           In the Navarro case, Dr. Shea said, “If the    but that it would cover assisted suicide.
dead to feel pain while they remove kidneys                                                                “To say to someone, we will pay for you to
or other organs.]                                      Canadian Doctors                               die, but not pay for you to live — it is cruel,”
                                                    Resign Rather than Treat
    Witnesses report that there was confu-                                                            she said.
sion in the operating room and turmoil in the                                                              The senior medical director of the com-
hospital that day because Ruben did not stop         Man on Life Support                              pany that administers the Oregon Health Plan
breathing nor did his heart stop beating until     Winnipeg, Canada ( — Two              justified the decision to pay for assisted sui-
after he received three separate shots of the                                                         cide, but not pay for treatment. He explained
                                                  more doctors have stopped working shifts
powerful drugs.                                                                                       that assisted suicide could be considered a
                                                  at a Winnipeg hospital’s critical care unit
    Rose Navarro filed suit against Dr. Rooz-                                                         “comfort care measure” and that it was neces-
                                                  to avoid treating an 84-year-old man on life
rokh and the Sierra Vista Hospital in San Luis                                                        sary “to point out the options available under
                                                  support. Samuel Golubchuck is a terminally
Obispo County Superior Court charging she                                                             the Oregon Health Plan.
                                                  ill elderly patient and his doctors want to re-
had been willfully deceived and her physically                                                             Upon hearing about Wagner’s plight, a
handicapped son murdered for the purpose of       fuse life-sustaining treatment. In early June,
                                                  the doctor who wanted to impose his values          representative of the pharmaceutical company
harvesting his organs. Witnessses quoted in                                                           that manufactures the cancer drug Wagner
her filing said his death had come after nine     on Golubchuck by forcing him off respirator
                                                  and feeding tube resigned rather than con-          needed called her and told her his company
hours.                                                                                                would provide the medicine free of charge.
    On March 19, 2008, Dr. Roozrokh was           tinue treatment. On June 22, doctors Bojan
                                                  Paunovic and David Easton stopped accepting              Assisted suicide supporters are currently
ordered to stand trial for the felony count of                                                        collecting signatures to put an assisted suicide
dependent adult abuse in the death of Ruben       shifts at Grace Hospital’s critical care unit.
                                                  Now, the Winnipeg Regional Health Author-           measure on the Washington state ballot in
Navarro. Dr. Roozrokh had been charged with                                                           November. In Montana courts, they are chal-
three felonies, but the court only recognized     ity said the hospital is in negotiations with
                                                  doctors at Grace Hospital to have one physi-        lenging the law prohibiting assisted suicide.
                                                  cian treat Golubchuck, who has been on life
    Regarding the California law prohibiting
transplant doctors from directing treatment of    support since last fall. Golubchuck’s doctors           “Impressive” Recovery
potential organ donors, the court determined      have recommended that he be removed from       Haleigh Poutre, now 14, was diagnosed
that the operating team failed to record Na-      life support, but his family has fought thatas being in a persistent vegative state with no
varro’s vital signs and that there had been       in court. They are Orthodox Jews, and their hope of recovery. But in January 2006, the
no attending physician present to order the                                                   day after a Massachusetts court ruled that the
                                                  beliefs strictly forbid the hastening of a death.
medications (morphine and Ativan) necessary       Cheryl Eckstein, the founder and president  state could starve and dehydrate her to death,
for comfort care or life support withdrawal.      of the Compassionate Healthcare Network,    she began to breathe on her own. Now, two
For that reason Superior Court Judge Martin       responded:“This is not good - since when do years later, Haleigh has been able to give po-
J. Tangeman did not hold him responsible for      doctors refuse care when they think recoverylice dramatic testimony about the abuse she
his decision to order the drugs.                  is slim?” Golubchuck died naturally on July suffered while living with her adoptive par-
    The doctor claimed he had performed a         24. “Mr. Golubchuk won,” the family         ents. “Look at her now,” said Attorney Wendy
transplant procedure called Donation after        attorney told the press. “He didn’t die be- Murphy. “She is on the verge of becoming a
Cardiac Death (DCD). The procedure in-            cause they pulled him off life support. He witness in a judicial proceeding. That’s pretty
volved removing the patient from life support     died when his time had come.’’              impressive.” [Boston Globe, 4/29/08]
                                                                                                 Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 17
   On with the Culture War! Michigan Study Implicates
    Scientists Engineering Human Babies
     In a highly controversial         as a marker to track cell division     “Off-Label Use” of RU-486
breakthrough, scientists have
successfully engineered a human
                                       during development. But the
                                       technique of inserting a gene              in Deaths of Women
embryo to glow fluorescent green.      into a developing embryo could
Though the embryo was designed         be used to “improve” human off-
to die just a few days into its ges-   spring by adding genes for height,          By Thaddeus M. Baklinski           the federal Centers for Disease
tation, the experiment is being        intelligence, blue eyes, athletic      ANN ARBOR, Michigan, June               Control and Prevention because
decried as the first step toward       ability, etc.                          19, 2008 ( - A         of the abortion-related deaths
“designer babies” - implantable            “These scientists, on their own,   study conducted at the Univer-          and because it is biologically
embryos whose genes have been          decided to step over that boundary     sity of Michigan and published          very similar to another form of
manipulated to make children           with no public discussion,” says       in The Journal of Immunology            Clostridium bacteria, Clostridium
taller, smarter, or otherwise “bet-    Marcy Darnovsky, director of a         has indicated that “off-label use”      difficile.
ter” than they would have been         scientific ethics watchdog group,      of the controversial abortion                C. difficile is of great con-
naturally.                             told the New York Times. The           drugs Mifepristone (Mifeprex)           cern especially in hospitals and
     Scientists who designed the       next big breakthrough, she warns,      and Misoprostol (Cytotec), col-         other clinical settings, where it is
florescent embryo insist that is not   could be a fully viable designer       lectively called RU-486, may be         causing increasing rates of infec-
their intention. “None of us wants     baby. (The “ethics here seem to        linked to the death of at least eight   tions.
to make designer babies,” says         be dead designer baby ok, live one     women.                                       “This study shows Planned
Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, a researcher        problematical.                              A press release from the           Parenthood not only disregards
in reproductive medicine at New            The NewYork Times featured         American Life League states that        the lives of babies in the womb,
York Weill Cornell Medical Cen-        this story as a 3 column top-of-       Planned Parenthood’s recommen-          but the lives of their mothers as
ter. “This particular piece of work    page article with two columns of       dation to use the abortion-causing      well,” said Jim Sedlak. “It is time
was done on an embryo that was         text and one column of a picture       drug Misoprostol vaginally rather       people stopped viewing Planned
never going to be viable.”             of a ten-week unborn baby in           than orally, contrary to FDA rec-       Parenthood as a responsible
     He says his team was attempt-     utero.                                 ommendations, has led to fatal          healthcare organization and saw it
ing to use the flourescence gene                                              infections directly causing the         for what it is - a money-making,
                                                                              deaths of four of the women.            social engineering group that
     Gruesome, but Eco-Friendly                                                    Until 2006, Planned Parent-
                                                                              hood told women to take the
                                                                                                                      plies its trade of sex and abortion
                                                                                                                      without regard to human life, born
    There’s now an alternative to      of dry bone residue remaining          drugs Misoprostol and Mifepri-          or preborn.”
burial and cremation. The new          from the body which can be             stone (RU 486) vaginally. This               The FDA approved regimen
option, says the Los Angeles           handed over to family in an urn.       occurred despite FDA protocol           for killing children who have al-
Times, is bound to horrify some        Critics say the process—which is       instructing women to take the           ready implanted in their mother’s
but it’s the ultimate in efficiency    already being used by two medi-        drugs orally. When five patients        womb consists of an initial pill
— dissolving a body in lye and         cal research centers on donated        died from the drug combina-             (either Mifepristone or Metho-
high heat and pouring the remains      cadavers—is disrespectful to           tion, Planned Parenthood quietly        trexate) to kill the baby and a
down the drain.                        human remains. But advocates           changed the policy to fall in line      second pill (Misoprostol) to cause
    The method, which is known         point out that it is more envi-        with FDA protocol.                      the dead baby to be expelled from
as alkaline hydrolysis, involves       ronmentally friendly than burial            The Michigan Messenger             the mother’s body.
placing a dead body in a steel         which takes up needed land, and        reported that Dr. David Aronoff,             A report from the Family
container with the caustic chemi-      cremation which can pollute the        who led the study, said, “What          Research Council advised that
cal lye. The vat is then heated        air with toxic chemicals from          struck me in those cases is the         although Planned Parenthood
and pressurized so that human re-      items such as dental fillings. “It     women had previously been               changed its guidelines for dis-
mains boil down to a brown sterile     is not often that a truly game         healthy, then died after taking         pensing RU-386 in 2006, its defi-
fluid the consistency of motor oil.    changing technology comes along        fairly high doses of synthetic          ance of FDA protocol continues
These remains can then be safely       in the funeral service,” writes the    prostaglandin E2, which is Miso-        in other ways as well. In addition
disposed of in public sewerage         newsletter, Funeral Service In-        prostol.”                               to altering the suggested dosage,
systems.                               sider. “But we might have gotten            “Misoprostol appears to im-        Planned Parenthood urges women
    There’s also a small amount        hold of one.”                          pair the immune response of cells       to take one of the drugs at home,

  Coming Soon         Victory for
                                                                              in the reproductive tract, which
                                                                              might explain the fatal outcome
                                                                                                                      disregarding the FDA’s warning
                                                                                                                      that the second portion of the pill

 to a Bathroom Parents’ Rights                                                of the cases in which women used
                                                                              the drug vaginally,” Dr. Aronoff
                                                                                                                      regime “should be done in a medi-
                                                                                                                      cal office to monitor women for

    Near You       The Virginia Court of Appeals
               issued a 3-0 decision affirming
                                                                              said. “When the drug is given
                                                                              orally, it does not appear to have
                                                                                                                           Previous studies have al-
    The consequences of allowing biological parents’ rights and re-           a suppressive effect on reproduc-       ready shown the link between
homosexual, bisexual, transgen- jecting “de facto” or “psychologi-            tive tract immunology.”                 RU-486 and maternal death
dered and the sexually confused cal” parent doctrines that attempt                 Now, the University of Michi-      caused by septic shock.
to choose which restroom to use to supersede biological parents’              gan study finds that Misoprostol,       Research in 2005 at the Depart-
based on their “perceived” gen- right to custody in favor of non-             the second of the two drugs that        ment of Molecular Pharmacology,
der identity will first be felt in biological third parties. In Stadter       cause the chemical abortion, can        Physiology, and Biotechnology at
Colorado.                          v. Siperko, the court did not grant        allow Clostridium sordellii, nor-       Brown University has provided
    Colorado Governor Bill Ritter visitation to a former same-sex             mally non-threatening bacteria,         clear evidence that Mifepristone
has signed the first “transgender partner because she did not give            to cause a deadly infection when        causes conditions in which bacte-
nondiscrimination” bill into law, birth to or adopt the child. Liberty        taken vaginally.                        rial infections can take hold and
which makes it illegal to stop men Counsel argued that “[s]ince the                Six out the eight women were       become deadly. Professor Ralph
from using a women’s restroom [Virginia] General Assembly has                 infected with Clostridium sordel-       P. Miech explained that during an
(or vise versa) if their reasoning not determined that a compelling           lii. The other two contracted a         abortion using Mifepristone, the
is based upon their sexual orien- state interest exists for interfer-         related Clostridium bacterium.          first stage of the drug shuts off
tation.                            ence with the decisions of a fit,               A report in ScienceDaily           progesterone, which halts the flow
    The law applies to all public biological parent,” it is not the           warns that Clostridium sordellii        of nutrition to the placenta and
facilities including restaurants, role of the courts to support the           infection as a result of RU-486         the child. Dr. Miech showed that
pools, and high school locker “de facto” parent doctrine over                 use is being closely watched by
rooms.                             Virginia state law.                                                                   [See WARNING on page 19]
 Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 18
 Pro-Life Congressmen                                                                                           ACLU Lawyers,
 Thwart US Support for                                                                                        Representing PP, Win
 UN Abortion Initiative                                                                                       Case against Parental
     (NEW YORK) – Pro-life congressmen,                                                                         Consent in Idaho
lead by Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Bart Stupak                                                                 Boise, ID — The state of Idaho owes lawyers
(D-MI), rescued a congressional resolution                                                                 from the pro-abortion ACLU law firm $66,000
supporting reduction of women’s mortality at                                                               after a judge failed to uphold a law requiring
home and abroad from surreptitiously advanc-                                                               parental consent for abortions. In losing the
ing the pro-abortion agenda advanced at the           Showdown Brews as ACLU                               lawsuit, the state was forced to pay for at-
United Nations. House Resolution 1022, as                Doubles It’s Arsenal                              torney fees for the pro-abortion firm, which
now drafted, promotes both “maternal health                                                                represented the Planned Parenthood abortion
and child survival” without a stealth promo-               Against Texans                                  business.
tion of abortion.                                         The ACLU has announced a $335 million                During the lawsuit, federal District Court
     The language that was removed by Smith           expansion plan targeting Texas and other states      Judge Lynn Winmill enjoined the state from
and Stupak called for funding of “global initia-      to attack our family values, and take away our       enforcing the parental consent law because of
tives” and the recognition of maternal health as      God-given freedoms. In Texas alone, the na-          his concerns over the notification of parents in
a “human right.” Using such language would            tion’s leading anti-family and same-sex “mar-        the event an abortion practitioner performed
have lent U.S. support for a new pro-abortion         riage” promoter plans to double its army and         an emergency abortion on their child. Idaho
initiative launched at a London conference            operations. “We’re going to build these offices      Gov. Butch Otter signed the third and final
last October called “Women Deliver.” At the           into vibrant, muscular civil liberties machines      version of the parental consent measure into
Women Deliver conference pro-abortion ad-             in places where our issues matter most,” said        law in March 2007 after Sen. Russ Fulcher
vocates launched the International Initiative         ACLU executive director Anthony Romero.              deleted the provisions that the judge had ruled
on Maternal Mortality and Human Rights in             Backed by liberal George Soros, the ACLU             unconstitutional.
an effort to link the maternal mortality issue        already has raised $258 million, their largest           Rebecca Poedy, president of Planned Par-
with access to abortion while furthering de-          campaign in history.                                 enthood of Idaho, told the Idaho Statesman
velopment of “soft law” norms that include                                                                 newspaper the abortion business won’t file a
abortion as a human right.                            California PP Spends 700K                            lawsuit against it a third time.
     Among those launching the initiative                                                                      In total, the state of Idaho will have paid
at the Women Deliver conference were UN
                                                        Against ‘Sarah’s Law’                              ACLU lawyers over $400,000 by the time
                                                                                                           all of the payments are complete. There is
Population Fund (UNFPA) Executive Director                 Sacramento, CA ( — As              no report on whether PP was charged for the
Thoraya Obaid, the initiative’s architect and         it has done in past years, Planned Parenthood        two ACLU lawsuits filed on their behalf or
then UN Special Rapporteur for Health, Paul           abortion businesses in California are spend-         whether it was a “pro-bono” service.
Hunt, and the President of the pro-abortion           ing heavily to defeat a parental notification
law firm and secretariat for the initiative Cen-      measure. In June, the California Secretary of
ter for Reproductive Rights, Nancy Northrup.
Northrup stated at the launching that she
                                                      State validated Sarah’s Law, the latest version         Wall Street Journal
                                                                                                              Exposes PP Abortion
                                                      of the parental notification initiative, for the
believes UN treaties already contain an inter-        November 4 ballot.
national right to abortion and she would work
through the initiative and with UN partners
                                                           Proponents of the bill submitted more than
                                                      1.2 million signatures on petitions seeking a
                                                                                                         The Wall Street Journal exposed Planned
to further that understanding and bind UN             third vote on parental involvement in their mi-
                                                                                                    Parenthood’s increasing abortion business
member states to recognize that right.                nor daughters’ abortions. Similar propositionsand questioned its “services” for low income
     The Women Deliver conference, orga-              were narrowly defeated in 2005 and 2006.      women. Charts accompanying the article
nized and chaired by the world’s top abortion              In order to defeat the proposal, Planned showed the increase in abortion at PP fa-
advocates, including International Planned            Parenthood abortion centers has created the   cilities over the years, while the number of
Parenthood Federation, Ipas and “Catholics”           “Campaign for Teen Safety.” Papers from       abortions nationwide has been decreasing. A
for a Free Choice, was also sponsored by the          the Secretary of State’s office show the San  2007 survey of Planned Parenthood facilities
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)               Jose-based affiliate of Planned Parenthood    revealed that PP had increased the number of
and the World Health Organization in addition         contributed $700,000 to the newly organized   its abortion facilities by 55 since 2006. The
to the UNFPA.                                         campaign.                                     article also reported that PP’s president, Cecile

   WARNING (Cont.)
                                                           Buu Thai, director of public affairs for the
                                                                                                    Richards, said that she has encouraged more
                                                      Campaign, told the California political web   Planned Parenthood clinics to offer abortions.
                                                      site Politicker that preventing parents from  While PP’s Prenatal Care and Primary Care
the anti-progesterone effects of Mifepristone         knowing when their teenagers are having a
also cause changes in the cervix that allow C.                                                      have decreased, abortion and birth control
                                                      relatively risky surgical or drug-induced abor-
                                                                                                    sales have increased. The article also docu-
sordellii to enter the cervical canal. C. sordellii   tion promotes their health. Speaking of the PP
thrives in this low-oxygen environment and                                                          mented that a large percentage of PP’s “poor”
                                                      donation, he said “This particular donation   clients are actually teens and college students
derives nutrition from the decaying fetal tis-        will be just the first of several as we get closer
sue.                                                                                                who do not earn over $15,600 a year because
                                                      to November.”                                 they are full-time students.
    Mifepristone, Miech said, also disrupts the            Sarah’s law is named for a 15-year-old
immune system, which “impairs the body’s                                                                 PP continues to lure young people into its
                                                      girl who died just four days after an abortionclinics and provide them with birth control
ability to fight off C. sordellii and may help        left her with a torn cervix and fatal infection.
spread the bacteria’s toxic by-products, a com-                                                     pills and condoms, neither of which protect
                                                      Its goal is to protect the health and safety of
                                                                                                    them from sexually transmitted diseases. It
bination that sometimes results in widespread         young girls and prevent sexual predators from
septic shock.” The resulting infection makes                                                        should be pointed out that there is a national
                                                      hiding behind secret abortions performed on   effort to allow nurses, dentists, and others to
its way into the blood stream, becoming life          their minor victims.
threatening.                                                                                        perform abortions as well as an effort to force
                                                           Physicians in Sarah’s case said that, hadOb-Gyn doctors to participate in abortions
    At least two deaths from acute hemor-             an adult family member been aware that she
rhage have been linked with RU-486. In                                                              or to refer for abortion. PP will need to staff
                                                      had undergone an abortion, prompt medical     these newest additions to their baby-killing
2004, the Swedish National Board of Health            attention could have spared her life.
and Welfare in Gothenburg reported Rebecca                                                          chain of centers.
Tell Berg, age 16, had bled to death as a direct      tion revealed Miss Jones died of hypovolemia,      [See the chart on page 21 showing twenty-
consequence of the (RU-486) treatment.”               an abnormal decrease in blood volume and      three studies of breast cancer risk from Oral
More recently, the death of a U.K. teen made          shock caused by what officials termed the Contraceptive use prior to first birth. These
headlines around the world. Manon Jones, 18,          “retained products of conception” - the re- studies were reported from researchers in sev-
bled to death two weeks after having a legal          mains of Jones’s unborn child at 6 weeks eral countries, some of which have “national
chemical abortion. A post-mortem examina-             gestation.                                    health care” programs that fund abortions.]
                                                                                                      Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 19
 African-American Pastors Demand                                                                     $ 1,017,000,000
     Candidates Reject Planned                                                                       $$ $
   Parenthood Campaign Money                                                                         $ $
     On June 26, a group of African-American
pastors led by Alveda King, the niece of Mar-
                                                      The group also observed that the for-
                                                  mer Vice President of Finance and Admin-
tin Luther King, visited the Washington offices   istration for the Los Angeles Planned Par-
of the Republican National Committee and the      enthood has accused California Planned
Democratic National Committee where they          Parenthood of defrauding US taxpayers by
will hold two separate press conferences. The     upward of $180 million.

                                                                                                         Planned Parenthood
pastors were in the national capitol to demand        The pastors also called attention to the
that candidates from both parties reject cam-     investigation by pro-life students at the Uni-
paign donations from Planned Parenthood           versity of California at Los Angeles newspa-            Reports $1 Billion
                                                                                                        Income for 2006-2007
because, they claim, the abortion provider        per, The Advocate, who taped a conversation
promotes a racist agenda.                         between an actor posing as a racist donor and
     “We are very concerned that Planned          offering money to be directed toward aborting           The annual report from Planned Parent-
Parenthood is targeting African American          “black babies”, and an Idaho Planned Parent-       hood, covering 2006-2007, showed the na-
communities and African American babies,”         hood employee (a development director) who         tion’s largest abortion business made over $1
said Alveda King.                                 said she was “excited” at the possibility of       billion in income. While Planned Parenthood
     King and Day Gardner of the National         taking money specifically earmarked to kill        made $972 million in its 2005-2006 annual
Black Pro-Life Union, are leading the coali-      black children.                                    report, last fiscal year it brought in $1.017
tion of more than 50 pastors, who represent            “The Idaho Planned Parenthood develop-        billion.
churches and anti-abortion organizations.         ment director expressed excitement,” Kristan            The report also showed an increase in
     “Any candidate who continues accepting       Hawkins, the executive director of Students        the number of PP provided abortions from
campaign contributions is in effect saying        for Life, said. “She said she wanted to make       264,943 in 2005 to 289,650 in 2006.
that you are not concerned about civil rights     sure she was getting everything down because            Planned Parenthood’s report also showed
for all people,” King told FOXNews. “It’s         this was the first time this had happened to her   the organization doubled its “excess of rev-
an anti-civil rights act to support Planned       and she was very excited. She also laughed         enue over expenses” funds and acknowledged
Parenthood.”                                      when the actor said ‘the less black babies out     the receipt of over $336 million in government
     The group said Planned Parenthood            there, the better,’ and said ‘understandable,      grants and contracts from both state and fed-
plans to pump $10 million in campaign             understandable’.”                                  eral governments.
funds into the November election.
     The pastors were joined by pro-life stu-
                                                      The Idaho branch of Planned Parent-
                                                  hood later apologized, saying their employee        Habitat for Humanity
dents from Students For Life of America,          showed “a serious lack of judgment,” but no        Cancels Agreement with
                                                                                                      Planned Parenthood
an organization that coordinates 441 student      disciplinary action was taken.
pro-life groups across the US.                        Planned Parenthood also complained that
     A news release from the group of pas-        they had been set up, saying that “had the em-         “Planned Parenthood, the nation’s
tors noted that, apart from the majority of       ployees been properly prepared for this kind       largest abortion provider, chose a site and
Planned Parenthood abortion clinics being         of attack, they would have figured out that        planned to open an abortion clinic in Sara-
located in minority neighborhoods, the            the calls were nothing short of a cruel hoax,      sota, Florida. Due to zoning ordinances they
abortion provider is also currently under         designed to portray Planned Parenthood as          were unable to build on the site selected
criminal investigation in Kansas for fal-         money-grubbing racists.”                           because a city ordinance required a multi-
sifying documents and performing illegal              The African-American pastors said the          family “liner” building to be constructed at
late-term abortions.                              investigation proved abortion and race are         the back of the property before a clinic could
                                                  inextricably linked.                               be opened at the front.
                                                                                                         Habitat for Humanity of Sarasota agreed
 Planned Parenthood Sued for $50 Million                                                             to purchase part of the Planned Parenthood
                                                                                                     property for $10 and to construct housing
for Harming 13-Year-Old During Abortion                                                              for the poor on that section. The agreement
                                                                                                     would then bypass the city requirements that
    Students for Life of America has dis-                                                            prevented Planned Parenthood from obtain-
                                                  tility of the young girl. In addition, they
covered that a lawsuit was filed against                                                             ing an occupancy permit.
                                                  state in their answer that Butler’s claims             Americn Life League’s vice president,
Planned Parenthood Metropolitan located           are barred by the doctrines of informed
in Washington, D.C. on February 12,                                                                  Jim Sedlak, said that on hearing of the
                                                  consent and assumption of risk.                    agreement, his organization had immedi-
2008.                                                  Kristan Hawkins, SFLA’s Executive             ately worked with Sarasota-area pro-life
    Emma Jean Butler is suing Planned             Director, remarked, “This is a horrible            organizations to publicize it. The news, he
Parenthood for $50 million dollars in dam-        situation. Our thoughts go out to the young        said, “resulted in a large number of phone
ages. Butler took her daughter to the D.C.        girl and her family as she recovers from           calls to local and international Habitat for
Planned Parenthood on September 7, 2006           her injuries both from the rape and abor-          Humanity offices.”
to abort a child conceived in rape.               tion. Further, it is outrageous that Planned           Only days after the deluge of calls, the
    During the abortion, the young girl sus-      Parenthood thinks they are excused from            board of directors of Habitat for Humanity
tained severe abdominal bleeding, severe          being held liable because the young girl           Sarasota met and voted to withdraw from
vaginal injury, severe injury to the cervix,                                                         the agreement.
                                                  was informed of possible risks associated
significant uterine perforation, and a small                                                             Habitat for Humanity has a reputation
                                                  with abortion. In no other medical profes-
bowel tear.                                                                                          for doing great charitable work by helping
                                                  sion would this be acceptable. How ironic          provide safe housing for the poor and their
    In addition, parts of the child were          is it that the pro-abortion movement claims
found inside the young girl’s abdomen on                                                             organization depends on donations of both
                                                  they want abortions to be ’safe, legal, and        time and treasure from citizens of good
September 8, 2006. The mother claims              rare’, when in this poster case for abortion,      will. The calls sent a message to Habitat
that because of these injuries, the young         the young girl was permanently injured.            for Humanity that Planned Parenthood is a
girl will be unable to bear children.             This abortion was harmful and almost               controversial organization and that contro-
    Planned Parenthood Metropolitan has           deadly to the young girl.”                         versy will transfer to any group associated
denied the injuries suffered and the infer-
                                                                                                     with Planned Parenthood.
Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 20
               NEA Endorses                                                 Abortifacient Provision
            Pro-Abortion Obama                                             for Planned Parenthood
Washington, DC (LifeNews.
com) — The National Edu-
                                    rooms from coast to coast since
                                    1973,” she said.
                                                                        Dropped from War Funding Bill
cation Association endorsed             Senator Obama has said
Barack Obama on July 4, and         that, if elected president, the
                                                                             In Congress, it is a com-       is outrageous that this funding
a leading pro-life group says       first thing he would do is sign
                                                                        mon practice for members             bill intended for our troops,
there is significant irony in the   the so-called “Freedom of
                                                                        who oppose certain bills, to         would actually give money to
                                                                        attach certain provisions that       Planned Parenthood, an or-
endorsement of a candidate          Choice Act” – a bill that would     are totally objectionable to the     ganization that is the largest
who favors the destruction of       make partial-birth abortion         sponsors. The war supplemen-         abortion chain in the country.”
the next generation of school-      legal again, require taxpayer       tal finance bill, intended to fund   She explained that Planned
children.                           funding of abortion and nullify     our troops, was held up in the       Parenthood currently buys
    “The tragic irony of the        virtually all federal and state     U.S. Senate by the pro-abortion      birth-control pills for $2 for a
NEA’s endorsement of Barack         limitations on abortion, such as
                                                                        Senate majority leadership           month’s supply, and then sells
Obama is not lost on millions       parental notification laws.
                                                                        which added provisions that          them for $18 to $30. “Why
of pro-lifers across the coun-          “Barack Obama’s extrem-
                                                                        would provide abortifacients         does this organization need
                                                                        like RU-486 to Planned Parent-       any more of our tax dollars?”
try,” Karen Cross, the National     ist pro-abortion agenda is a        hood and health clinics on col-      she asked. “It makes no sense.
Right to Life political director,   poison pill for our nation’s        lege campuses at a discounted        They’re out to kill our babies
told                  classrooms,” Cross added. “It       price.                               and sexualize our young people,
    “The NEA has chosen to          borders on the incomprehen-              The amended bill passed the     [and endanger young women
back a presidential candidate       sible that our nation’s educators
                                                                        Senate, but the House of Repre-      by giving them cancer causing
who wants to continue a policy      would get behind a candidate
                                                                        sentatives deleted the provision     birth control pills.] This orga-
of abortion on demand, which        whose agenda will result in
                                                                        from their version of the bill.      nization must be stopped. They
                                                                             Marie Hahnenburg of the         should not be receiving any of
has resulted in nearly 50 mil-      more and more missing chil-         American Life League said, “It       our dollars.”
lion missing students in class-     dren.”

                                                                                           Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 21
                Crisis Pregnancy Centers
                                                         Under Fire by Tim Drake
    WASHINGTON— A bill introduced in                kota Life Care Center in West St. Paul, Minn.,      such centers say that they make easy targets
Congress by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.,           agreed.                                             because they depend on volunteers and often
seeks to take direct aim at the country’s crisis         “When a woman comes in the door of the         operate on shoestring budgets.
pregnancy centers. That legislation, known as       Total Life Care Center’s 22 affiliates offer pre-        “This is nothing more than a routine at-
the “Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women’s         natal care, ultrasound exams, testing for sexu-     tack on pregnancy centers by organizations
Services Act” (H.R. 5052), would grant the          ally transmitted diseases and immunizations.        seeking to limit their competition,” said Kurt
Federal Trade Commission the authority to           Services are provided by doctors, nurses, and       Entsminger, president of Care Net, which is
penalize organizations that falsely advertise       midwives associated with local hospitals.           affiliated with 900 centers nationwide.
resources for abortion, care services or coun-      The Total Life Care Centers are members of               “Abortion providers are clearly threatened
seling, when they do not offer such services.       Heartbeat International, as are more than 900       by grassroots community efforts,” said God-
    “When women are making a health deci-           other centers across the country.                   sey. “Crisis pregnancy centers do what they do
sion, they should never be subjected to deceit                       Under Attack?                      at the behest of the community that supports
and trickery. Some of these crisis pregnancy             It is not the first time that such centers     them financially and with volunteers. They do
centers should be called “counterfeit preg-         have come under attack.                             their work quietly, compassionately, and offer
nancy centers,” said Maloney in a statement,             In 2002, New York Attorney General Eliot       all of their services free of charge.”
adding that they “only offer anti-choice co-        Spitzer launched an investigation of 24 crisis
    The American Civil Liberties Union,
                                                    pregnancy centers, alleging that they may
                                                    have used misleading advertising or prac-                 Facts on Teen
NARAL Pro-choice America, the National
Abortion Federation, and Planned Parenthood
                                                    ticed medicine without a license. The centers
                                                    countersued, resulting in Spitzer’s subpoenas             Abortion Risks
quickly got behind the legislation. NARAL,          being withdrawn.                                        Teenagers are 6 times more likely
the pro-abortion organization, sent out an               Foley recalled a similar effort in Minne-       to attempt suicide if they have had
action alert to supporters saying, “The Bush        sota several years ago.                              an abortion in the last six months
administration has given these fake clinics              Abortion advocates like Vicki Saporta           than are teens who have not had an
well over $60 million in taxpayer dollars.”         complain about crisis pregnancy centers              abortion.
    “Hardworking Americans should not have          advertising under “Pregnancy,” “Medical,”
to foot the bill for anti-choice groups that pose   “Women’s Centers” or “Clinics” categories               Teens who abort are up to 4 times
as health clinics, misrepresent the services        in the Yellow Pages. But for Jor-El Godsey,          more likely to commit suicide than
they provide, and in some cases even harass         vice-president of affiliate services with Heart-
                                                                                                         adults who abort, and a history of
and intimidate the unsuspecting women they          beat International said those listings were cre-
lure into their centers.                            ated “at the behest of the abortion industry.”
                                                                                                         abortion is likely to be associated
    “Crisis pregnancy centers have a long                “So the category ‘abortion alternatives’        with adolescent suicidal thinking.
history of engaging in deceptive advertis-          was created and we were then listed first,” he
ing,” said Vicki Saporta, president and chief       said. “Now they are coming back and crying               Teens who abort are more likely
executive officer of the National Abortion          ‘foul’.”                                             to develop psychological problems,
Federation. “Some CPCs intentionally choose              Lear of the Pregnancy Crisis Center of          and are nearly three times more like-
names similar to those of legitimate clinics to     Wichita, Kan., admits some centers could             ly to be admitted to mental health
mislead women into believing that they offer        be practicing deceptive advertising. “But it         hospitals than teens in general.
a wide range of services, including family          would be very, very rare and frowned upon by
planning and abortion care, when in fact they       any of the national organizations,” she said.           About 40% of teen abortions take
offer neither. They also choose locations in                         Bill’s Genesis                      place with no parental involvement,
close proximity to legitimate reproductive               Opponents of the bill say the real reason
                                                                                                         leaving parents in the dark about
health care providers to confuse women even         for it is ‘abortion providers’ fear they are
further.”                                           losing business and access to the tens of
                                                                                                         subsequent emotional or physical
               Commitment of Care                   thousands of women seen by crisis pregnancy          problems.
    Crisis pregnancy centers have taken ex-         centers every year.
ception to such allegations. They contend that           “When you talk about truth in advertis-            Teens are 5 times more likely
the majority of the nation’s crisis pregnancy       ing, it’s the abortion providers who don’t           to seek subsequent help for psy-
centers are affiliated with national organiza-      want women to know that there are choices            chological and emotional problems
tions such as Care Net, Heartbeat Interna-          other than abortion,” said Lear. “We work            compared to their peers who carry
tional, and the National Institute of Family        with women who make abortion decisions,              “unwanted pregnancies” to term.
Life Advocates, which call for truthful and         and also counsel women with post-abortion
honest advertising.                                 distress.”                                              Teens are 3 times more likely to
    Centers affiliated with such organizations           Maloney’s office told the Register that         report subsequent trouble sleeping,
pledge to uphold a Commitment of Care               the legislation is the result of the first hand
                                                                                                         and nine times more likely to report
agreement that states: “All of our advertising      experiences of women the Congresswoman
                                                                                                         subsequent marijuana use after
and communications are honest and accurately        came across through her connection to pro-
describe the services we offer.                     abortion groups. The genesis of the bill stems       abortion.
    “We offer only the clearest representation      from the personal experience of a friend of
of ourselves,” said Susan Lear, executive           one of Maloney’s office assistants.                     Among studies comparing abor-
director of the Pregnancy Crisis Center of               While Maloney did not respond to tele-          tion vs. carrying to term, worse
Wichita, Kan. “If clients inquire about abor-       phone inquiries by the deadline, her office said     outcomes are associated with abor-
tion, we will clearly say that we don’t provide     that the legislation is not designed to go after     tion, even when the pregnancy is
for abortion, but will provide information          all crisis pregnancy centers, but only those that    unplanned.
about pregnancy options.”                           are using “intentional deception.”
    Lear added that her center offers authentic          Congressional watchers doubt they                  Citations for this article are avail-
medical services by partnering with the pub-        will find much support in a Republican-led           able to anyone requesting them are
lic health clinic to offer sexually transmitted     Congress. Still, crisis pregnancy centers are
                                                                                                         available from the Elliot Institute
disease testing, treatment and therapy.             concerned that such legislation could limit
                                                                                                         News (
    Pat Foley, an administrator with the Wa-        the services they provide. Those who direct
Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 22
  Just In Case You Missed News
 of the Latest Attacks on Culture
Do your part to help the environment...                                                                 Digital porn
                                                                                                       on the iPhone
    Die and Don’t Have Children!
     That’s the agenda being pushed by a new        Christians to sign on to the new declaration on
Environmentalist organization called the Vol-       environment and poverty. The organizers said              by Jeff Johnson, One Hour Now
untary Human Extinction Movement, which is          the campaign is designed “to show our support          Four of the nation’s leading pornography
recruiting people to remain childless for “the      for biblically-based solutions to conservation     producers are bragging about the new market
benefit of the Earth.”                              and the environment but rejects Environmen-        that will be opened to them by the second-
     The Family Research Council follows            tal Hype that threatens the poor.”                 generation iPhone. A former chief obscenity
the rise and expansion of anti-family, anti-            The campaign was endorsed by Dr. James         prosecutor for the Justice Department predicts
life organizations and keeps representatives        Dobson, Dr. Richard Land, President of the         his former employer will do nothing to stop
and senators on Capitol Hill informed with          Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of         the flow of electronic smut.
frequent policy lectures. According to a            the Southern Baptist Convention, Sen. Tom              According to a TIME Magazine report,
recent FRC policy lecture, the world may be         Coburn, Rev. Dr. James Tonkowich, histo-           the four leading producers of pornographic
unknowingly cooperating with this radical           rian David Barton, singer Pat Boone, Tony          movies are spending hundreds of thousands
organization which is an outgrowth of the           Perkins of the Family Research Council, Dr.        of dollars to develop new products and de-
global warming frenzy.                              E. Calvin Beisner, national spokesman for the      livery systems to cater to second-generation
     According to the policy panel, which           Cornwall Alliance, and Sen. James Inhofe.          iPhone users.
consisted of experts Pat Fagan, Ph.D., Allan        Sen. Inhofe told the group that the declaration        Pat Trueman, special counsel for the
Carlson, Ph.D., and John Mueller, Ph.D., our        speaks for the vast majority who are tired of      Alliance Defense Fund and former head of
planet has already plunged into a “demo-            being misrepresented by people who don’t           the Justice Department’s Obscenity Enforce-
graphic winter” with birth rates falling well       bother to get their theology, their science, or    ment Division, says Apple, the maker of the
below replacement levels in some countries.         their economics right. Consequently, they put      iPhone, is not to blame. “Well, I don’t think
While this can be blamed on several factors         millions of the world’s poor at risk by pro-       we can blame Apple for producing a good
ranging from the sexual revolution to delayed       moting policies to fight the alleged problem       product any more than you can blame Sony
childbearing, they warned that “we cannot           of global warming that will slow economic          for having a good television,” says Trueman.
overlook the impact that the global warming         development and condemn the poor to more           “But I am concerned that pornography is be-
debate has had on society’s opinion of the          generations of grinding poverty and high rates     coming more prevalent because of it .... [T]
family.”                                            of disease and early death.”                       he pornographers are saying that the images
     The green crowd continues to twist the             Dr. Land said that “less that 1/3 of evan-     on the Apple iPhone are better than they are
so-called “climate crisis” into an excuse to        gelicals believe that global warming is a major    on any other phone,” he continues, “and the
push population control. As a result, children      problem. You would not know it from the            pornographers want to be in that space. They
are being viewed by some not as blessings           news headlines. It is time to set the record       want to make money. So they’re producing
but burdens who consume precious natural            straight and the ‘We Get It!’ campaign is just     videos to go on the iPhone.”
resources and leave “carbon footprints” that        what is needed. It has a high view of man, a           As much as half of some pornographer’s
harm the world. Tony Perkins, president of          Biblical view of stewardship, and a respon-        online traffic now comes from iPhone users
the FRC, warned leaders that the new move-          sible regard for the needs of the poor.”           attracted to the improved image quality avail-
ment poses a grave danger to the traditional            Perkins agreed. “The ‘We Get It!” cam-         able from the high-speed digital networks the
family.                                             paign makes it clear that we cannot justify        device uses. The recent TIME article featured
     Just days later, a national coalition of       policies that make food and energy more            the big four porn producers bragging about
pastors, Christian leaders, and policy mak-         expensive on the grounds that we are fighting      their efforts to expand that market.
ers announced the launch of the “We Get             against an environmental threat that is at best        Trueman says that opens the door for
it!” campaign aimed at enlisting one million        speculative.”                                      federal prosecutors to take action against the
                                                                                                       pornographers. ”It actually is an invitation to
   Girl Scouts Push a “New Global Agenda”                                                              enforce the law,” he says. “What the Justice
                                                                                                       Department ought to do now is go after the
    While the Boy Scouts have clung to their        Fund gave a $21,500 grant to the Glowing           major producers and distributors of illegal
original God-centered charter, the Girl Scout       Embers Girl Scout Council in Kalamazoo,            pornography. They tell you who they are.
Leadership has abandoned theirs. For many           Michigan, to develop and produce a series of       Some of them are traded on the NASDAQ
years, the Girl Scouts recited the following        interactive games based on the new diversity       stock market.”
promise: On my honor, I will try to do my duty      (code word for homosexual) curriculum, Liv-
to God and my country, to help other people         ing on My Honor.                                   local Girl Scout leaders will come into conflict
at all times, and to obey the Girl Scout Laws.          Senior Scouts seekiing to earn the Women       with the controversial New Age group called
Now the Promise has been modified. The              Worldwide Interest Project Patch, are en-          the Ashland Institute which has been brought
word “duty” had been changed to “serve” and         couraged to research “women who have made          in to provide training for all new leaders. The
“God” has an asterisk beside it, telling the girl   an impact.” Eve Ensler, the author of the “Va-     Girl Scout Board began purging their materi-
“It is OK to replace the word God with what-        gina Monologues”, and Rigoberta Menchu,            als of all positive references to homemakers
ever word your spiritual beliefs dictate.”          the lesbian Guatamalan Marxist activist, are       in the early 1970s. Partnerships with Planned
    The Covenant of the Goddess website             suggested role models.                             Parenthood soon followed. Girl Scouts are
now boasts that the Girl Scouts allow mem-              Although there are many good leaders           now pressuring the U.S. government to sign
bers to earn its Over the Moon and Heart            engaged in scouting on the local level, they       on to the U. N. Convention on the Elimina-
and Crescent Award offered to any young             have little say about the policies and direction   tion of All Forms of Discrimination Against
person who is a member of a nature-oriented         of the organization which has veered farther       Women (CEDAW), which would force na-
religion (Wicca, Druid, or Asatru).                 and farther away from its founders’ purpose        tions to legalize abortion and prostitution.
    The Girl Scouts have also adopted a policy      since feminist activist Betty Freidan was               American Heritage Girls, an alternate
of “non-discrimination” and now accept lesbi-       seated on the Girl Scout’s national governing      group that teaches traditional values, is one of
ans and atheists as troop leaders and staff.        board in 1970.                                     the fastest growing youth groups in America.
    In 2004, the Arcus Gay and Lesbian                  Women of faith who volunteer to become         The Girl Scouts are losing members.
                                                                                                  Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 23
     California Abortionist Arrested                                                                   Medical Board Closes
       for Practicing Medicine and                                                                       ‘Hellish Abortion
   Prescribing Drugs without a License                                                                 Operation’ in Kentucky
    San Diego, CA - Bertha Bugarin was ar-        to a live baby that died three hours later.
rested on June 19 and jained in San Diego,            This was not Bulrarin’s first arrest. In        LEXINGTON, KY, June 20, 2008 (LifeSite-
charged with ten felonies and one misde-          August, 2007, Bugarin was arrested in Los  - Abortionist Hamid Sheikh has
meanor for practicing medicine and prescrib-      Angeles after a the police raided four of her       had his medical license suspended and his
ing drugs without a license. Bulgarin is now      clinics. She was charged in Los Angeles             Lexington, Kentucky, abortion mill closed af-
being held on a $500,000 bond. If convicted,      County with 18 counts of committing abor-           ter the state’s medical board revealed evidence
she faces nine years in jail.                     tions without a medical license. Her sister,        of fraud, filthy conditions, and illegal abor-
    Bugarin, who has no medical training,         Raquel, was charged with four counts of             tions that led one reporter to describe Sheikh’s
owns five abortion mills in Southern Califor-     aiding and abetting her sister in their illegal     clinic as a “hellish abortion operation.”
nia, including one in Chula Vista, a southern     abortion operation.                                      The investigation into Sheikh’s activities
suburb of San Diego. For some years she had           Laurence Reich, one of Bugarin’s hired          first began when staff of Kentucky’s Fraud
been posing as a doctor, performing abortions     abortionists, was also arrested when he con-        Investigation Support Team (FIST), who are
illegally for $500.                               tinued performing abortions after losing his        trained in claims data analysis and computer
    Nine women came forward with stories          medical license for sexually molesting his          forensics, recognized prescriptions for a three
of botched abortions they had received at         patients.                                           drug cocktail issued by Sheikh that would
Bugarin’s hand. Many women suffered from              Six of Bugarin’s facilities were closed, at     typically be prescribed after an abortion.
incomplete abortions and were forced to re-       least five of her hired abortionists have lost      This led the team to uncover the fraudulent
turn to have their abortions completed. One       their medical licenses, and three abortion-         claims.
woman said she was hospitalized three times       ists have been disciplined by the California             In Kentucky it is illegal to bill Medicaid,
for the same abortion and finallly gave birth     Medical Board.                                      a U.S. health care program supporting people

 Eyewitness Says Live Infant was Stabbed
                                                                                                      with low incomes, for any procedure related
                                                                                                      to abortion except in limited circumstances,

   to Death by Abortionist Shelley Sella
                                                                                                      such as if the woman’s life is in danger or if the
                                                                                                      pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.
                                                                                                      Sheikh pleaded not guilty to the medical fraud
    Wichita, KS - June 24, 2008 - A murder        The baby came out and was moving. Sella             charges but later investigation showed that he
investigation has been opened involving Shel-     looked up at Ms. Davis, then picked up a            was overcharging Medicaid for procedures he
ley Sella, a California abortionist employed      utensil and stabbed the baby in the left ribcage,   had not performed.
by George Tiller, who is reported to have         twisting the utensil until the baby quit moving.         After the attorney general’s fraud probe
intentionally stabbed to death an infant born     At 35 weeks, there is no doubt about viability.     investigated further and found 12-week-old
alive during an abortion at Tiller’s Women’s      This is murder in anybody’s book.”                  biohazard waste, dirty gowns and bloody un-
Health Care Services abortion clinic in               Newman said, “We understand there are           sterile equipment, the state accused the doctor
Wichita, Kansas.                                  unique challenges to getting charges filed in       of operating his office in an unsanitary and
    Operation Rescue reported the incident to     this case since the body would have been cre-       unsafe manner.
the Wichita Police Department after a former      mated at Tiller’s on-site crematorium. Without           Former patients made shocking testi-
Tiller employee, Tina Davis, told OR presi-       a body, any murder case becomes more dif-           monies and reported the doctor did not use
dent Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger of          ficult. “However, because of the brutality of       ultrasounds to confirm a women’s pregnancy
the stabbing in April. It is believed that the    this murder and the gravity of this charge, we      and refused to issue pain pills or anesthetic
alleged infanticide took place sometime in        are compelled to demand that Tiller’s clinic        before performing abortions. One woman
the past two years. In addition, the incident     be closed by the State until a full inspection      described the pain during her abortion as
has been reported to the Kansas State Board       and investigation can take place, and that the      “unbearable” and another said when she had
of Healing Arts, which has confirmed that the     medical licenses of Sella and her boss, Tiller,     screamed out in agony she was told to “shut
case has been assigned to an investigator.        be immediately suspended.”                          up” - the doctor did not want her to disturb the
Abortionist Shelley Sella is a “circuit rider”        “We have every reason to believe that the       other patients. The doctor broke another state
who splits her time between Tiller’s Wichita      story she told us was true,” said Newman.           law when he did not require eight patients to
clinic, a California Planned Parenthood clinic,   “We have been able to confirm many of the           wait the mandated 24 hours after scheduling
and other, smaller abortion mills.                other things she told us. Ms. Davis came for-       their abortions.
    “Ms. Davis gave us a very specific eye-       ward because she was troubled by what went               According to Troy Newman, president of
witness account about the incident,” said         on at the abortion clinic, and was seeking          Operation Rescue, an organization that moni-
Newman. “We were told that the baby was           peace. We pray she finds it.”                       tors abortion complaints nationwide, “The
35 weeks gestation at the time of the abortion.                                                       horrific conditions discovered at Sheikh’s

        Woman Sentenced for Signing “Parental
                                                                                                      mill are not the exception; they are what we
                                                                                                      have come to expect from America’s failing
         Consent” for Minor Girl’s Abortion                                                           abortion industry.’
                                                                                                           He explained: “Doctors that are concerned
DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A Hall County ing to be the mother of her son’s 16-year-old                      about helping and healing people do not go
mother has been sentenced to a year in jail af- girlfriend and for illegally signing for her to       into the abortion business. Therefore, what the
ter taking desperate measures to keep her son’s have an abortion. The girl’s parents knew
                                                                                                      abortion industry is left with is the bottom of
teenage girlfriend from having his baby.         nothing about the procedure and are incensed
                                                                                                      the barrel. When abortion mills are inspected
     Officials said Cindi Cook, 44, found the at Cook and the clinic.
                                                                                                      and laws are enforced, we can expect to see
Northside Women’s Clinic for a 16-year-old           Their attorney, S. Fenn Little, read a state-
                                                                                                      pulled licenses and closed clinics. Unfortu-
girl. Cook paid for the abortion and signed a ment they prepared that said, “The actions of
                                                                                                      nately, abortion mills are all too often given a
parental notification form saying she was the both Cindi Cook and the Northside Women’s
girl’s mother.                                                                                        free pass, but even that is beginning to change
                                                 Clinic have affected our daughter with much
      “This is reprehensible conduct and it will pain.”                                               as the public becomes more aware of incidents
not be tolerated,” said DeKalb County Solici-                                                         like this.”
                                                     Testimony indicated Cook pressured the
tor General Robert James.                                                                                  The investigation into the practices of Dr.
                                                 girl to have the abortion because it was go-
     James told WSB-TV Channel 2 he had ing to interfere with his college plans,” said                Sheikh is ongoing. Some of the findings in the
never seen a case like the one involving Little.                                                      case are in “violation of the standard of care,
Cook. “It’s terrible when one parent takes                                                            others are criminal,” Newman reported.
                                                     James said they are still looking into pos-
another parent’s child to have an abortion,” sibly charging the clinic and the girl’s family               Dr. Sheikh denied all charges and accused
said James.                                                                                           the state investigator of being biased against
                                                 said they are considering legal action against
     Cook is serving a year in jail for pretend- the clinic as well.                                  him.
 Life Advocate, Summer Edition 2008, page 24

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