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									Android Tablet Buyers Guide

10 Things to consider when shopping for your new Tablet

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                                   Tablet Buying Guide

How do you choose the right Tablet for you? There are a few things to consider to make sure you get
the Tablet that fits your needs the best.

Have a look at the following points to help you make an informed decision on your Tablet purchase.

1. What operating system or OS is it running?

There are a few different operating systems for Tablets. Some are built specifically for Tablets. Others
are modified versions of existing operating systems that have been rewritten for Tablet use.

The Apple ipad holds the largest share of the Tablet market. It only makes sense that the operating
system of the ipad is the most popular. Ipads and iphones run on the iOS system.

Android Tablets seeing their debut in early 2011 will run on the Android 3.0 or Honeycomb operating
system. This is a system written specifically for Android Tablets. It is based on the Android phone's
operating system. Some of the earlier Android Tablets are running on Android phone systems like
Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3..... These earlier version Android Tablets will not effectively run on the updated
Honeycomb system as this OS takes full advantage of the newer, faster hardware that comes with these
new Tablets.

Some of the other operating systems you may encounter are the Blackberry OS for RIM's Blackberry
Playbook Tablet. The now defunct HP Touchpad's WebOS which is on it's own merit is an excellent
operating system that just couldn't find the right Tablet.

Then there are Tablets running windows 7. Windows 7 was not written for Mobile Tablet use. It has
been adapted for Tablets. The upcoming Windows 8 will more than likely be Tablet friendly.

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Does size matter?

Try to imagine how you will be using your new Tablet. Is portability a major issue? Hand size? Travel?

You can find Android Tablets with screen sizes from 5 to 10.1 inches. The 5 inch models are a bit of a
stretch, more like a big Smartphone than a Tablet.

The ipad has a 9.7 inch screen.

There are some smaller 7 inch Tablets available. The Dell Streak 7 and Blackberry's Playbook.


All Tablet and Smartphone processor power is built around the Acorn ARM technology. Android Tablets,
non android Tablets and the ipad.

The ipad runs on the Apple A5 chip. Android 3 Tablets are using the NVidia Ntegra dual core.

WiFi, 3G?

All Tablets let you use WiFi technology so that you can connect wirelessly to your home network or find
a WiFi hotspot when you are on the move.

Some Tablets come in two versions and will have a model that also supports 3G. Pop in a Sim card and
you can connect anywhere in cell phone range.

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The 3G option comes with a plan, is always more money but you can get a better price on the Tablet by
signing up to a contract similar to buying a cell phone.

The Tablet market is quite volatile at the moment and a long term contract is not recommended.


Two cameras is pretty much the standard now for all Tablets. A back mounted camera is for taking
pictures and shooting videos. This one almost always has a higher Mp rating and will shoot in HD. The
front mounted camera is basically a webcam of lower Mp's and is used for video chat.

What about the Apps?

Apple has the most available apps in their App Store. Some are ipad or ipad 2 specific. Apple Apps must
go through an approval process before being accepted into the Apple App Store.

Android users won't find as many apps but the basics are covered and more are being added every day.
Because of the Open Source nature of Android apps anyone can write and submit an app into the
Android App market place. There are good, bad and ugly apps available and make sure that you virus
check all of them before downloading.

Don't Forget The Memory.

Generally there are 16 Gig and 32 Gig Tablet models available. The ipad also comes in a 64 Gig version.
Some Android Tablets come in an 8 Gig model as well.

Many of the Android Tablets have SD and USB slots so that you can expand the memory. The ipad
doesn't have any expansion ports.

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For music and pictures 16 Gigs is fine but for video and hi def more memory will be needed.

Peripheral connection ports.

Some of the things to look for are...Does it have an HDMI port? Used to connect your Tablet to a TV or
Video monitor.

USB? Used for extra storage of data with flash drives and it enables you to hook up any USB supported
device , like a keyboard, mouse, printer etc.

SD slots? Again this gives you the choice to expand the storage capability of your Tablet.

Most Android Tablets come with some or all of these ports.

The ipad 2 does not.

Weight and Thickness.

Although these are more aesthetic considerations there is a lot of weight being given to the ipad 2's
sleek thin profile and light weight design. No doubt the ipad 2 is a very nice Tablet. However it can no
longer claim to be the thinnest or the lightest Tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is thinner and lighter than the ipad 2 and it has a bigger screen. The gap is
narrowing between Apple's domination of the Tablet market and the various Android Tablets available.

Why not get a Laptop or Netbook Instead?

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For the cost of a high end Tablet you can certainly get a very nice Laptop or Netbook. Certainly one that
has more computing power.

As for performance and the ability to get work done a Laptop wins that race.

Tablets are more of a mobile alternative that lets you personalize your device with the Apps that you
choose to run.

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10 Things to consider when shopping for your new Tablet

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