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                                                                                                                                    CAUTION: May be confusing for the humor-impaired!

                                                                                      Temple Beth Am Selects Senior Rabbi
                                                                        After an exhaustive search conducted during                                            Meanwhile, the Los Angeles community ex-
                                                                   half-time of the Super Bowl, Temple Beth Am                                             pressed support for the choice. Stacey Datnow,
                                                                   announced its selection of His Holiness, the 14th                                       Vice President of Adult and Family Programming,
                                                                   Dalai Lama of Tibet, as Senior Rabbi, with an ini-                                      told this reporter that several local Orthodox
ADAR I – ADAR II - HIKE! 5768 / Volume 8, No. 7.0002 March, 2008

                                                                   tial five year term to begin July 2, 2010.                                              congregations have contacted Temple Beth Am
                                                                        Vivian Alberts, President of Temple Beth Am,                                       to arrange for outreach and joint programs, since
                                                                   hailed the choice: “Temple Beth Am is proud to                                          they no longer have to interact with a Conservative
                                                                   be on the cutting edge of Conservative Judaism.                                         Rabbi. Conservative and Reform congregations
                                                                   We are committed to bridging the gap between the                                        have been less enthusiastic, but, according to Dat-
                                                                   Jewish Community and the community at large,                                            now “they’re just jealous we thought of it first.”
                                                                   and fractures within the Jewish community itself.                                           Temple Beth Am officers were universally en-
                                                                   His Holiness displays the modesty, leadership and                                       thusiastic. Bill Seligman, Vice President of Ritual,
                                                                   world-view we have been seeking in a new spiri-                                         was unable to comment at length, only saying that
                                                                   tual leader. We are also delighted with his fearless                                    “I’m moving back to New York,” while Steve Davis,
                                                                   love of bright colors, and will be redecorating in                                      Vice President of Personnel, said “I conducted all
                                                                   bright yellows and oranges by summer.” Diane                                            contract negotiations in English. I’m sure he has
                                                                   Shapiro, Executive Vice President, said “I can’t believe the Rab-        no idea what he agreed to.” Larry Miller, Vice President of Budget
                                                                   binical Assembly agreed to this. They must have thought this was         and Finance, lauded The Dalai Lama’s vow of poverty, saying “I
                                                                   another one of our jokes. I’m just glad I won’t be President.”           don’t think we have to pay him at all!”
                                                                        Added Joel Rembaum, current Senior Rabbi, “What is going                The Dalai Lama did not grant an interview for this article, but
                                                                   on here? I go away for one lousy weekend and they choose a guy           was quoted as saying “the broad masses of the Tibetans in Tibet
                                                                   in a dress for Senior Rabbi?”                                            are the real masters of the Tibetan destiny.”

                                                                   eXeCuTIVe DIReCToR THRoWS IN THe ToWel
                                                                        Upon hearing the announcement of the appointment of the             4. Special Events Coordination. Genaro will take over this func-
                                                                   Dalai Lama as the new Senior Rabbi at Temple Beth Am, long-time             tion. He has been at more TBA events than anyone - from set-up
                                                                   Executive Director Sheryl Goldman announced her resignation,                through to the final clean-up. Who knows better about how to
                                                                   effective at the end of the month. “I cannot, in good conscience,           plan a party?
                                                                   remain the administrator for a congregation that has made such an        5. Administration. We are delighted that Orlando is stepping up to
                                                                   outrageous choice,” stated Goldman. “Besides, yellow and orange             the plate for this significant promotion. He knows the name of
                                                                   just do not work with my complexion.”                                       everyone who comes to shul, as well as the names of their chil-
                                                                        Goldman’s loyal staff on the 3rd floor have also turned in their       dren, their pets, the nannies. He can speak to people in English,
                                                                   badges and will be leaving at the end of the month as well. Goldman         Spanish and Hebrew. He has a great smile and is always ready to
                                                                   is finalizing a transition plan, which will be formally announced           help. The Dalia Lama is lucky to have him aboard.
                                                                   next week. The following appointments are already in the works:              After a brief hiatus in Cabo to recharge her batteries, Goldman
                                                                   1. Reception. We will be outsourcing this function to India. Their       will be assuming the executive directorship of Lichtenstein (see
                                                                      training is superb, and we will engage top-level operators, 24/7,     letter on page 4. Asked about her plans for governing the Central
                                                                      at a fraction of the current rate. A crash course in Judaism 101 is   European principality, Ms. Goldman commented, “I have no plans
                                                                      being developed for them.                                             at this time. After years of revising Temple By Laws, updating the
                                                                   2. Accounting. The Middle School Advanced Math Students will             Employee Handbook, the Board Manual and establishing formal
                                                                      assume responsibility for maintaining the Temple books, as part       procedures, I intend on running a totally laissez-faire administra-
                                                                      of the Life Skills program. Extra credit will be given if they are    tion. Let them eat matzah.” If that doesn’t work out? “We’ll see
                                                                      able to close the year with a surplus of funds.                       what happens with my husband’s job at Countrywide. Maybe
                                                                   3. Mail. We are discontinuing all Temple mailings. No one reads          we’ll just make aliyah and let the Israeli government support us
                                                                      the stuff anyway.                                                     for a while.”
                   Kol ha’aM
                 Temple Beth Am

                       Temple BeTh Am                                                      preSSmAn AcAdemy
                                                                                           DIReCT PHoNe lINe (310) 652-2002 School Fax (310) 360-0850
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd. • Los Angeles, CA 90035
                                                                                           Head of School              Rabbi mitchel malkus mmalkus     234
         310-652-7354 • 310-652-2384 (fax)
                                                                                            Assistant                  abbey Bachrach       abachrach   265
      To reach an operator, dial (310) 652-7353                                            Day School Administrator Deborah Kollin          dkollin     266
         betham@tbala.org • www.tbala.org                                                  elementary School Principal andrew Polsky        apolsky     232
This is where, month after month, we publish the mission statement of our shul.             Assistant                  Stacy Pagac          spagac      267
People worked really hard to develop it, but have YOU ever read it? Oh, sure,              Judaic Studies Principal Jill linder             jlinder     231
you look NOW, because you expect something clever and irreverant. Yes, we                   Assistant                  Ronit Shemesh        rshemesh    206
used the word “egalitarian,” and that confuses people who can’t figure what                middle School Principal Cheryl Hersh             chersh      214
eagles have to do with Judaism, but that’s their problem. We’re talking about              Business manager            Carol Norman         cnorman     233
you now. You never write, you never call!                                                  Communications Coordinator Kitty Zibli           kzibli      234
                                                                                           Coord. of Student Services michelle Porjes       mporjes     280
Temple BeTh Am STAff                                                                       Developmnt Coordinator Stephanie levi            slevi       227
TiTle                           Name                            email*              exT.
                                                                                           oook                        amy Goldenberg       agoldenberg 259
Senior Rabbi                    Joel Pressman         jrembaum      210                    Religious School
other Rabbi                     Perry interNetter     pnetter       219                     Principal                  Rabbi Susan leider   sleider     230
Asst. Rabbi                     Takemetoyour leider sleider         230                     Assistant                  Desiree increases    dgaines     230
Hazzan                          Jeremiah Wazu lipton jlipton        225                    early Childhood Center
Complaint Department Sheryl Goldman                   sgoldman      223                     Director                   angie Halibut        abass       229
editor’s Daddy                  Jacob Pressman                                              Assistant                  mina Relax           mrush       228
                                       jpress6511@aol.com           200                    Youth Director              Becky Barron         rbarron     212
Rabbi with emeritus Harry a. Silverstein                            200                    office Assistant            michael Knobel       mknobel
Cantor emeritus                 Samuel Kelemer                      200                    BoArd of TruSTeeS
Asst. to J. Rembaum Cori Drasin                       cdrasin       210                    President            Vivian alberts           valberts@tbala.org
Asst. to S. leider              Desiree Gaines        dgaines       230                    executive VP         Diane Shapiro            dshapiro@tbala.org
Asst. to P. Netter              misty morgan          mmorgan       219                    Recording Secretary  mike Cohn                mcohn@tbala.org
Asst. to J. lipton              Hilary Wolf           hwolf         225
                                                                                            Budget & Finance    larry miller             lmiller@tbala.org
B’nai mitzvah Wrangler Hillel Tigay                   htigay        208                     education           Susan Green              sgreen@tbala.org
Asst. to exec. Dir.             lamont Cranston                     223                     House & Grounds     Jerry abeles             jabeles@tbala.org
Special events Coord. Onany Sundy                     rsundy        217                     outreach & membership
out of Controller               Kathe Pilch           kpilch        221                        Services         Robert Ring              rring@tbala.org
Asst. to the Controller Victor Krymer                 vkrymer       218                     Personnel           Steve Davis              sdavis@tbala.org
Controller to the Asst. esti Saul                     esaul         218                     At large            Jill Sperling            jsperling@tbala.org
Walls and Ceilings              amy Rabin             arabin        213                     Programming         Stacey Datnow            sdatnow@tbala.org
                                                                                            Ritual              Bill Seligman            bseligman@tbala.org
Receptionist                                                        200
                                                                                            Ways & means        Julie Shuer              jshuer@tbala.org
Frump (2nd annual obscure ref.) audrey Cohn           acohn         222                     Youth               Brad Grob                bgrob@tbala.org
Giggling Seniors                miriam Kavis                        521                    Sisterhood Pres.     Sandra Braun             sbraun@tbala.org
Facilities mangler              James Collins         jcollins      211
Pepsir Judaica Gift Shop                                            226
                                                                                           Board members
                                                                                           Ron alberts              michael Harris       Susan Nemetz
Insecurity office                                                   202                    michael Bacharach        ann istrin           linda Salem
Bikkur Holim                    Rabbi Joel Rembaum & Rabbi Perry Netter                    Surf Board               Sam Jason            Jessica Samuel
  (visiting the sick)           also Rabbi Carla Howard (310) 435-0510                     melissa Berenbaum        Paul Kalt            mark Twain Samuel
Shiva minyanim                  Howard Nemetz            (323) 935-5722                    Bob Braun                Pam Nonstick Kurtz   Doc Grumpy
meals During Shiva              annette Berman           (310) 556-2744                    alan Broidy              Flopsy               Bashful Dopey
                                                                                           David Cohen              mopsy                Happy Sleepy
*all staff e-mail addresses are followed by @tbala.org unless otherwise listed             Deborah Cohen            Cottontail           Sneezy
                                                                                           Jon Drucker              David lauter         Jay Sanders
 KOL HA’AM (USPS 008-599) is published monthly except bi-                                  Patty maxine N laverne   mallory lee          alan Schneider
 monthly June/July by Temple Beth Am, 1039 South La Cienega                                Does anyone Read This?   Steve leventhal      Dianne Shershow
 Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90035-2507                                                    Brant Dveirin            J. Paul levine z”l   Sheila Spiwak
                                                                                           agnes emert              Pam levine           Neal Beersteiner
 Annual Membership Dues include $5.00 subscription                                         Bobbie Feinberg          Robert malina        Stuart Tochesner
    Periodicals Postage Paid at Los Angeles, California and additional mailing offices.    marnie Friedman          maura mandelman      michal Vaakil
                                Temple Beth Am,                                            Steve Grey                  landes            Judy Weinstock
           1039 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035-2507                     Joel Grossman            CPR Nemeth           Stuart Weiss
                      Phone: (310) 652-7353 • www.tbala.org
 PoStMAStER — Send address changes to: Kol Ha’am, Temple Beth Am,
                                                                                           Kol Ha’am
    1039 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035-2507                            Copy editor              ellen l. Jacobs   ellenljacobs@att.net
                                                                                           Graphic Designer         Joel Rembaum      jpressm@pacbell.net

    Once again Temple Beth Am breaks new ground in Con-                     There will be a strong shul component to Channel 613 in-
servative Judaism. In a joint announcement with Time-Warner            cluding live broadcasts of Temple Board meetings and replays
Cable, our shul will be starting its own cable television chan-        of the Synagogue’s two softball games from prior Sundays dur-
nel. “We’re calling it ‘Channel 613’ for spiritual reasons and         ing the season. A move toward “pay per view” broadcasts of
so people can easily find us on channel 613” noted Executive           Executive Committee meetings was quickly nixed by President,
Director, Sheryl Goldman.                                              Vivian Alberts.
    The first orders of business will be content, facilities, and           In-kind donations of three video cameras, two VCRs and
advertising. “We are hoping to start programming just after the        a tri-pod left over from the last silent auction have been re-
Counting of the Omer and have four to six hours daily” said            ceived. The probable studio will be the Lainer Library during
Outreach & Membership Services Vice President, Bobby Ring.             non-school hours. “We’re initiating a class elective in Television
This will include Rabbi Netter’s video Shabbat drashot currently       Production for eighth graders” said Rabbi Mitch Malkus, Head
seen on YouTube®. They will be broadcast at :20, :40 and :60           of School at Jacob Pressman Academy. “This will also give #613
past each hour on erev Shabbat. Also broadcast will be films           the staffing it needs to get off the ground”.
with significant Jewish content such as the second Jazz Singer,             In order to fund this project a strong push for advertising
starring Danny Thomas and the Hank Greenberg Story.                    will take place. “We’ll leave no door unknocked” said Budget VP   ,
                                                                       Larry Miller. Current advertisers in the Kol H’am and Temple
                                                                       Directory will be contacted as well as other community enter-
Survivor: Temple Beth Am to Air this Fall                              prises. “Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles has already signed up”
    Looking to broaden the types of locations featured, the            added Miller.
Survivor television franchise has chosen Temple Beth Am as                  If you’re interested in participating in this innovative com-
the site of next season’s challenge.                                   munity outreach project, please contact Bobby Ring or Sheryl
    “We realized we had overlooked a venue that provides many          Goldman. Recycled VHS cassettes, a volunteer Dolly Grip,
tests of skill, perseverance and will,” said senior producer           Boom Operator and softball play-by-play person are currently
Luke N. Fortsuris. “Synagogues can be extremely demanding              needed.
    Contestants will be challenged to spend the year perform-
ing daring feats, some of them tied to specific Jewish holidays.       Disney Imagineers Address Beth Am
Among the challenges:
                                                                       leadership Issues
•   Get through an entire Shabbat without taking a nap.                The dedicated Imagineers at Walt Disney Corp. announced this
•   Consume half-a-gallon of cholent in one sitting. Bonus             week that the same state-of-art technology that brought Great
    points for forgoing restroom usage for 24 hours.                   Moments with Mr. Lincoln to the New York World’s Fair in 1964,
•   Be the first to arrive for the day school carpool line five days   and then to Disneyland, will be available to Beth Am upon the
    in a row.                                                          retirement of our current Senior Rabbi, Joel Rembaum. Disney
•   On Purim, do ten push-ups at each mention of Haman’s               technicians first created a mold of Rabbi Rembaum’s face and
    name.                                                              body, and then, using highly technical science stuff, they have
•   In honor of Passover, recreate the parting of the Red Sea by       created an identical robot duplicate to preach on Shabbat
    trying to enter the sanctuary when it’s letting out for a Bar      (see artist’s rendering). Like the animatronic Mr. Lincoln,
    Mitzvah Kiddush.                                                   the animatronic Rembaum will be capable of 22 different
•   For the High Holidays, attend every fundraising appeal at          f a c i a l e x p re s s i o n s ,
    each minyan. On Yom Kippur, stand for the entire service.          which is actually seven
•   For Sukkot, construct a sukkah replicating the huts featured       more than Rembaum
    on Gilligan’s Island. Bonus points for using coconuts. (Good       himself. Unfortunately,
                                                                       the robotic version will
    luck, Little Buddy.)
                                                                       be unable to visit the
•   Convince a non-Jew to eat a piece of gefilte fish. Extra points
                                                                       sick, as no extension
    for persuading them to try chopped liver.
                                                                       cord could be find that
•   Respond to every synagogue request for money – includ-
                                                                       would reach all the way
    ing Pressman Academy, Sisterhood, Men’s Club and Youth
                                                                       to Cedars-Sinai. The
    Club programs -- without taking out a second mortgage or
                                                                       mechanical rabbi will
    declaring bankruptcy.                                              be able to speak, lift
   “We’re very excited about Survivor: TBA,” said Fortsuris.           the Torah, and crush
“Anyone who could endure this would have no trouble in the             a coconut between
jungles of Tanzania.”                                                  it’s thighs, should this
   To apply as a contestant, visit www.oygevalt.com                    become necessary.

The following letter, which will be sent to all congregants next week, was
leaked to Kold Ham by a senior Beth Am official. No one at the synagogue
could be reached for comment. No one.

                                                                                    T EM PLE B ET H A M     T EM PL E B ET H A M

                       March 12, 2008
                                             Am Member,                                              nding departures
                       Dear Temple Beth                                            you of the impe
                                                              le tter informing                        going desire to
                                           you received a                           aders. In our on
                       Two months ago,                        lo ved spiritual le                      date you on the
                                           longtime and be                          n, we wish to up
                        of three of our                      hone st communicatio
                                          es of open and
                        uphold the valu                                Beth Am family.
                                   g additional    changes to our                                      run the country
                        followin                                                     g this fall to
                                                                 n will be leavin                    responsibilities
                                            or Sheryl Goldma                       scale back her
                        Executive Direct                      ce ntly sought to                           ll in  her new
                                           . Sheryl has re                              and wish her we
                         of Lichtenstein                              cated service,
                                            r he  r years of dedi
                         We thank her fo                                   wer families.
                                                       nization with fe                                 President Dian
                         role ov  erseeing an orga                                   Executive Vice
                                                               rt s, along with                        a large   field in
                                           ent Vivian Albe                            relocating to
                         Beth Am Presid                              Trustees, are                                  hemed
                                           e en   tire Board of                      e country’  s first Jewish-t
                          Shapiro and th                       d   and operate th                         (reduc ed-rate)
                                             they will buil                              be replaced by
                          Nebraska where                              s to Israel will
                                             Cong  regational trip                         the su mmer of 2011.
                          adventure park.                                 led to open in
                                                       tkeLand, schedu                                     Salt Lake City
                          group   excursions to La                                     ol, is moving to
                                                                 ad emy Head of Scho                   rnacle Choir. Th
                                              us, Pressman Ac                        the Mormon Tabe
                           Rabbi Mitch Malk                      second tenor in
                                              eam of singing
                           to pursue his dr                                                                              er
                           skiing is also
                                             nice.                                                     Guire, the dapp
                                                                                      cast as Ace Mc
                                                                  s was recently                         isk Asse ssment.”
                                              ger James Collin                         er in MGM’s “R
                           Facilities Mana                            nal crime fight                                eaters
                                                tu rned internatio                       the thri ller, due in th
                            insurance agent                          Nemetz will pen
                                              ordinator Howard
                            Shiva minyan co                                                                                d
                            next Christmas.                                                               Kathe Pilch an
                                                                                      with Controller
                                                                  gay is teaming
                                              Tutor Hillel Ti                            Quiznos in Font
                            B’nai Mitzvah                               Saul to open a
                                               or  Krymer and Esti                                       the responsibili
                             assistants Vict                                           ll be assuming
                                                                    anywhere. She wi                              ts can be
                                                er is not going                           propriate replac
                             Rabbi Susan Leid                            duals until ap                               at was
                                               ove- mentioned indivi                 arch for th   e search team th
                             ties of the ab                        assembled to se
                                                 team is being
                             found. A search                          went out.
                                                 the last letter                                           zel and a three-
                              assembled after                                           with a little ma
                                                                    ing period. But
                                                 a very challeng                           h this together
                              We are entering                             all pull throug
                                                   yo ur dues, we can
                              fold increase in
                                                Orlando Martinez

  As you may recall, part of Temple Beth Am’s Stra-   Solution: Eliminate handicapped parking. Give           Concern: Qualifications for Board membership
 tegic Planning Process involved member surveys.      priority to the largest, gas-guzzling SUV’s.            not clear.
 Many congregants addressed common themes,            Concern: Services need to be “livened up”               Solution: Institute swimsuit and talent com-
 and this input has been used to create the follow-   Solution: Install video screens on the back of          petitions.
 ing new temple policies, effective immediately:      pews. Have a stand-up comic deliver sermons.            Concern: Shabbat morning Kiddush refresh-
 Concern: Length of Services.                         Use a play-by-play announcer during the Torah           ments are always the same.
 Solutions: Don’t stop with just one repetition of    Service (Now coming up for Aliyah Shleeshit . . . )     Solution: Vary Kiddush by introducing themed
 the Amidah. Do at least three or four. Have at       Concern: Weekly Video Discussing the Torah              meals, such as Korean BBQ, Mexican Fiesta and
 least two sermons at each service.                   Portion needs “more oomph”                              Octoberfest
 Concern: Services contain too much Hebrew.           Solutions: Add special effects and animation            Concern: Temple Missions only go to Israel
 Solution: Recite prayers in Latin.                   to keep viewers’ attention. Consider corporate          Solution: Organize synagogue trips to
 Concern: Parking situation needs improve-            sponsorship. (This D’Var Torah brought to you           Disneyworld, the Bahamas or the Missions of
 ment.                                                by Hormel Ham . . . )                                   California

The FIRST (and last) KolD HAm ANNuAl PuRIm meGGIlAH QuIz
Created by the Admor Chief Rabbi of La Cienega                    Here are the questions:
between olympic and Whitworth, Shlita                             a. What was the first foiled
Please match the answers with the correct questions. When            KGB overseas operation in
                                                                     recorded history?
you finish, you may consult the key to the quiz noted below
(don’t cheat!). If you answer 0-2 questions correctly, you are    b. Where do we learn in Meg-
a genius; if you get 3-6 right you clearly are a college gradu-      gilat Esther that one should
ate; if you get 7-10 right, you should consider going to night       not poke around the cushions of the royal couch in search
school; if you get 11-13 answers right, you should go see the        of loose change when the queen is sitting on it?
Admor’s shrink.                                                   c. How do we know that Cori Drasin lived in Shushan before
Here are the answers:                                                she moved to Beverly Hills?
                                                                  d. What did Ahashverosh get when his shus were dirty?
1. I did – up yours.
                                                                  e. What did the guys in the Shushan bar say about Esther
2. Zippodeedoodah.                                                   when she suddenly became queen?
3. 127.                                                           f. What did Harbonah the eunuch say to Haman when he
4. Shaashgaz, Aspatha, Parmashta, Vaizatha, Bizzeta, Har-            noticed that Haman’s doodah was down?
   bona, Bigtha, Abagtha, Zethar and Carcas.                      g. What was the first successful CIA overseas sting operation
5. Shushan.                                                          in all of recorded history?
                                                                  h. How do we know that Ambien was first invented in ancient
6. Esther’s fast.
7. “That night, the king could not sleep.”
                                                                  i.    What did Mordechai say to Haman when Haman asked him
8. “And many of the people of the land became Jews…”                    to up his UJA pledge that was the real reason why Haman
9. “They were to observe them…as an occasion for sending                decided to hang Mordechai?
   gifts to one another and presents to the poor.”                j.    How do we know that Rabbi Neil Weinberg has been at his
                                                                        job for 2500 years?
10. “So the king and Haman came to feast with Queen
    Esther.”                                                      k. What did the Italian ambassador to the Persian royal court
                                                                     say when he woke up to find Shushan shrouded in fog on
11. “Bigthan and Teresh, two of the king’s eunuchs…plotted to
                                                                     the day before Purim?
    do away with the King Ahashverosh. Mordechai learned of
    it….”                                                         l.    List ten male names you would never give your children.
                                                                  m. When Zeresh, Haman’s wife, got angry at her husband and
12. Bigamist.
                                                                     cursed him, what was the number of provinces that she hoped
13. Chapter 7, verse8: “When the king returned from the palace       he would rule so that he could be found dead in each one?
    garden to the banquet room, Haman was lying prostrate on       Here is the key:
                                                                         11 – a; 12 – k; 13 – b.
    the couch on which Esther reclined. ‘Does he mean,’ cried            1 – i; 2 – f; 3 – m; 4 – l; 5 – d; 6 – e; 7 – h; 8 – j; 9 – c; 10 – g;
    the king, ‘to ravish the queen in my own palace?’”

DouBle YouR PleASuRe, DouBle YouR PARKING!!!
                                                                       THINGS ARE LOOKING UP for our parking problems at TBA!
                                                                       The architectural firm of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe pre-
                                                                       sented a unique solution to the limited parking at our syna-
                                                                       gogue. Starting April 1st, cars will be parked vertically as well
                                                                       as horizontally. The intricate arrangement of lifts and towers
                                                                       will allow an increase of 900 cars in our main lot. Because of
                                                                       the geometry and mechanics of the platforms, congregants
                                                                       will need to arrive at least 4 hours prior to each event. The
                                                                       architects recommend keeping the current efficient widths
                                                                       of parking spaces. Therefore, all drivers are asked to begin
                                                                       losing weight immediately so that when April arrives, they
                                                                       will be able to exit the doors of their vehicles. If this method
                                                                       works for our parking, we will institute a similar solution for
                        Artists’s rendering                            High Holyday seating.
        Kol ha’aM
      Temple Beth Am

                                     Old Fashioned & Affordable

    Celebrations                                                  and Silent Auction (until 3 p.m.)


                                                                *No entry fee. Games,rides, and food for nominal fees.
                                                                   Parking is available at the Beverly Hills Tennis Courts.

                                                 Temple Beth Am & the Rabbi Jacob Pressman Academy
                             Thursday night              Invite You to Celebrate Purim with Us!
                       March 20th at 8:30 p.m.               EREV PURIM
                                                        Thursday, March 20, 2008
                                                                          Family Service:
                                                                       6:00 p.m – 6:45 p.m.
                                                 Ages 2-1st Grade- Led by Francine Farkas and Rabbi Joel Rembaum
                                                                      Community Service:
                                                                         7:15 - 8:30 p.m.
                                                 Pressman Academy Middle School and Religious School read Megillah
                                                            Led by Rabbi Perry Netter in the Sanctuary
                                                                          The Library Minyan:
                                                                                7:00 p.m.
                                                               a full traditional reading of the Megillah
                                                                         Dorff-Nelson Chapel,

                                                         Refreshments following the Reading of the Megillah

                                                        TempleB eTh A m
                                                        T emple Beth
                                                         Affiliated with the
                                                          Affiliated with the
                                                        United Synagogue of
                                                         United Synagogue of
                                                         Conservative Judaism
                                                        Conservative Judaism
                                                                                     Kol kue
                                                                                      ogv kue                                  Voice of the People
                                                                                                                               Voice of the People

                                                                            The Israel Committee of Temple Beth Am
                                                                     Is pleased to invite the entire community to a special
                                                                               Lecture and Discussion with
ADAR I – ADAR II 5768 / Volume 8, No. 7 – MARCH, 2008

                                                                                                                     DAVID HOROVITZ
                                                                                                                       of The Jerusalem Post

                                                                Israel: The Threats Without and Within
                                                                                Israel faces danger today from Hamas, Hizbullah, and Iran, as well
                                                                                as from internal divisions over negotiations with Palestinians. Still,
                                                                                at its 60th birthday, Israel can be rightly proud of revived Jewish
                                                                                nationhood and a flourishing economy – well aware that resilience
                                                                                and wisdom are required to overcome continuing challenges.

                                                                                    Thursday, March 13, 2008
                                                                                            8:00 p.m.
                                                                                      Donation: $10 at the door
                                                         A private reception with David Horvitz will be at 7:00 p.m. at Temple Beth Am;
                                                                       Admission: $50 per person. RSVP 818-762-4473
                                                                 Presented by CAMERA – Committee for Accuracy in Middle East in America
               Kol ha’aM
             Temple Beth Am

march 6 –Ruth’s Circle - not for women only!                        TemPle BeTH Am HAPPY SeNIoRS
     facilitated by Rabbi Susan Leider and Dr. Karen Kass              Our lunch on February 14th was well attended. Our topic
                                                                    was “Healthy Heart.” We installed our officers and board mem-
    Please join us for the next meeting of Ruth’s Circle at 7:30
                                                                    bers for the upcoming year.
in the Lainer Library. Ruth’s Circle offers a safe space to learn
together and to discuss issues related                                  At our March 13 Pre Purim luncheon, our medical lecture
to Judaism by Choice. This group                                    will be “Medication News” by Lew Weiss, Pharm D Outpatient
will also help facilitate participants’                             Pharmacy, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. After our delicious
integration into life at Temple Beth                                kosher lunch, we will have a fabulous entertainer.
Am and is open to men and women.                                        Membership Drive.....Our membership drive was post-
For information, contact Desiree Gaines at                          poned. Please come and find out about our wonderful program.
dgaines@tbala.org or 310-652-7354 x 230                             We are hoping that we will be able to expand our program with
                                                                    some very exciting activities. Bring a guest, who has never been
Shabbat morning learner’s minyan with                               to our luncheon program, they will be amazed.
Rabbi Susan leider – march 22 at 10:30 A.m.                            As you know we all feel the great loss of our dear friend
                                                                    Charlene Janis z’l. In honor of her memory we will be dedicat-
   We will meet at 10:30 a.m. in the Dorff-Nelson Chapel to
                                                                    ing a plaque in “The Hall of Memories.” The plaque will be a
pray the Torah service in the Library Minyan and then con-
                                                                    beautiful way to honor Charlene’s memory.
vene to the Lainer Library to study this section of the service
together.                                                              Our luncheons are usually on the second Thursday of month
                                                                    and include a speaker, lunch and entertainment for $10. You
    If you would like to receive a monthly email reminder with
                                                                    don’t have to be a member of the Happy Seniors to attend our
location, start time and topic, please email dgaines@tbala.org
                                                                    lunches, but we do invite your membership at $15 ($25 per
to be added to our Learner’s Minyan email list. For any ques-
                                                                    couple) for one year.
tions about this service, please contact Rabbi Susan Leider at
                                                                       For further information on our group, please leave a voice-
310-652-7354, x230.
                                                                    mail message for Miriam at 310-652-7354 x 521.
                                                                       Thank you for your continued support of our group.
Neshama minyan – Change in Friday night                                Wishing our Temple family a Chag Purim Sameach,
start time                                                             Miriam Kavis, Coordinator
    As of March 14, Neshama minyan begins with Mincha at
6:15 p.m., followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv. Services
will conclude by 7:30 p.m. and will be led by Rabbi Susan Leider    CeleBRATe PeSACH AT TBA!
or Rabbi Daniel Greyber.                                                It’s not yet Purim – and yet, not too early to start making
    The Neshama Minyan is committed to every participant            plans for Pesach! Please watch your mail for information on
having Shabbat dinner plans! If you can make room for a few         selling your chametz, koshering for Pesach, the Siyyum for the
extra davenners at your Shabbat table, please contact Desiree       First Born and the following special TBA Pesach happenings:
Gaines at dgaines@tbala.org.
                                                                    Sunday morning, April 6
                                                                       Pesach B’Yachad – for families with young kids
 BlooD DRIVe                                                           Nosh ‘n Drash with the Rabbis, and enjoy a special holiday
   Calling all life-savers! YABA (Young Adults @ Beth Am) is             performance by The Shirettes
hosting a blood drive on Sunday 9 March 2008 from 10.30 to
3.30 at TBA. Please schedule your appointment by signing up         Pre-Pesach Shabbat Dinner – Friday, April 18 - following all
online phone at 310.652.7354 x268, or e-mail dgaines@tbala.         Friday Night Services
org -- and participate in a truly life-saving mitzvah!                  Your home will be ready for Pesach, now you need not worry
                                                                          about cooking for Shabbat!
                                                                        Plan to join your TBA family and friends for a delicious
                                                                          dinner, catered by Balebosta
       Special thanks to those twisted souls who contributed        2nd Night Community Seder with Rabbi Joel Rembaum
                                                                    and Hazzan Jeremy Lipton – Sunday, April 20
    to our Kold Ham section in this month’s KHA:
                                                                       Couples and Singles, Young and Senior, are all invited to
          Larry Braman q Bob Braun q Sandra Braun                        share in this TBA tradition..
               Sheryl Goldman q Joel Pressman
                                                                       Check the website for the latest information: www.tbala.org
      Rabbi Joel Rembaum q Nancy Steiner q Stuart Weiss
                                                                                        Chag Pesach Sameach!

  ouR B’NAI mITzVAH                       Bris and Baby Namings                    Dear TBA family,
                                                                                        A big hug to the whole TBA community.
                                          Micah Shir Jussim, son of Andrea and
      Eden Jablon                                                                  Happy New Year and happy birthday to me
                                          Noah Jussim. Born January 14, 2008
       Daughter of                                                                 and my Dad – January is a big month and
                                          Given the name Micha Shir
 Dr. Sharon Jablon                                                                 I was well enough to attend the Pressman
     March 1, 2008                        Mark Ami Nunez, son of Cinthya and       Gala and it was terrific! I went without a hat
                                          Mark Nunez, Born January 20, 2008,       or wig and felt liberated. I was able to re-
                                          given the name Ami                       connect with all of my friends and yet again
                                          Rachel Douek, Daughter of Ilan and       marvel at the generosity, understanding,
                 Ethan Porjes             Revital Douek, Born January 31, Given    support, love and warm that has embraced
                 Son of Michelle          the name Rachel Lili                     my family and me since my diagnosis of
                 Porjes                                                            breast cancer right before Pesach last year.
                                          Daniel Ari Elbaz, Son of Gilad and
                 March 22, 2008                                                    The hardest call I ever made was asking
                                          Elyssa Elbaz, Born February 1, 2008,
                                                                                   Cori to set up assistance with meals for my
                                          Given the name Daniel Ari Elbaz
                                                                                   family during chemotherapy and radiation.
                                          Ziv Benjamin Bard, Son of David and      Generous, creative, loving busy members
     tamar Willis                         Shlomit Bard, Born February 5, 2008,     delivered a hot meal each week. I am so
      Daughter of                         Given the name Ziv Benyamin Bard         grateful to you all. The Parent Association
 Natalie Weiss and                        Ariella tamar Bunin Benor, Daughter      sent some toys and art projects for Alexan-
  Dr. Aaron Willis                        of Sarah and Mark Bunin Benor, Sister    dra Kaliray, and so many friends took her af-
  March 29, 2008                          of Aliza and Dalia Benor, Born January   ter school and camp for playdates because
                                          23, 2008, Given the name Ariella Tamar   I was unable to take care of her. I don’t
                                                                                   know how to begin to thank you all for your
                                                                                   phone calls, e-mails, flowers, gifts, prayers
 Celebrate the Women of Beth Am – Saturday, March 15, 2008
                                        Be inspired by a wonderful morning of      and support. The Rabbis, the staff at TBA,
 9:45 a.m.
 Shir Hadash in the Sanctuary           davenning for men and women                my parents friends, my pre-and post natal
 led by the women of tBA                Join the entire community for Kiddush      students, the ECC teachers, – especially
 for the entire community               following the service                      Kitty and Mina for their on the ground care
 with Rabbi Susan Leider                                                           of Kaliray. Thank you Karla for all your
       We look forward to seeing you! - sponsored by Sisterhood                    phone therapy. Thank you to everyone who
                                                                                   took the time to call- to encourage me, my
                                                                                   husband, my parents to keep going during
                     I N     M E M O R I A M                                       the dark times. I don’t think of myself as a
                                                                                   survivor, I think of myself as a thriver. This
We extend our condolences to the bereaved families and record the passing of:      next year will still be a time of healing, but I
Jack Birns, beloved husband of Harriet, father of Abby (Larry) Harris, Mike z”l,   am delighted to have the strength to teach
Jeff (Debbie), Rebecca, Eli (Jacki) Bar-Hai, Debby (Dave) Anderson, and Eric       yoga again in the ECC – thanks to Angie
                                                                                   for her understanding and waiting for me.
(Olive); grandfather of 20 including Naftali, Naomi, Shifrah and Tirtzah; great-
                                                                                   If I have forgotten to mention anyone its
grandfather of 3.
                                                                                   because there were so much assistance
Cantor Samuel (Shmulik) Kelemer, husband of Linda, father of Dov.                  and help sent our way. I want to thank the
Rita Nemeth, mother of Cipra Nemeth (Scott Shulman) and Yvonne Green (Ian          whole community for their deep powerful
Green) ; grandmother to Ilana and Rachel Shulman, Simon and Lauren Green.          energy and prayers. It’s hard to feel weak
                                                                                   and needy but it’s revelatory to find oneself
                                                                                   in a community like TBA where nourish-
                                                                                   ment, care, and healing is given freely and
               CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE!!                                             abundantly. Thank you all for helping me
                                                                                   come out of the abyss and start the next
                      Please visit www.tbala.org and                               half of my life.
   www.pressmanacademy.org to see what’s new! Make secure                                Jo Ann Colker Arison
     donations online, sign up for events, browse our upcoming                           Proud Mama to Asfala and Alexandra
activities, visit the past events photo gallery, and much, much more!
                                                                                         Wife to Joseph Teralis Arison
                                                                                         And extremely proud daughter of
                                                                                         Jack & Dvorah Colker
                                                                                         Love to my sibs: the Sauls, Colkers,
                                                                                         and Kleins

       Kol ha’aM
     Temple Beth Am

An Enchanted Evening          Temple Beth Am was turned into an enchanted garden
                              on Saturday night, January 19, 2008, when we celebrated

at the Rabbi Jacob Pressman   with the Etz Chaim Education Award Recipients and the
                              Teacher Recognition Award honoree,Tami Rosenfeld.The
Academy Annual Gala           Etz Chaim Education Awards were given to Dr. David Ack-
                              erman,Tamar Andrews, Dr. Sarah Bunin Benor, Dr. Michael


Berenbaum, Rabbi Rick Brody, Rabbi Sharon Brous, Dr.Aryeh Cohen, Dr.        Coordinator, and Sandra Braun, Graphic Artist, for their fabulous work.
Shai Cherry, Rabbi Elliot Dorff, Marlynn Dorff, Lisa Feldman, Rabbi Shawn   Kol ha Kavod to Chaim Singer-Frankes for his special tribute film, and to
Fields-Meyer, Dr. Reuven Firestone, Rabbi Avraham Havivi,Andrea Hodos,      Development Coordinator Stephanie Levi for all of her work.
Rabbi Carla Howard, Rabbi Gail Labovitz, Rabbi Naomi Levy, Dr. David            Photographs from the Gala are available for sale through the link at press-
Myers, Dr. Jody Myers, and Rabbi Ruth Sohn. Yasher koach to Gala Chairs     manacademy.org. For every photo purchased, Lee Salem will make a donation
Mandy Lande and Mallory Lee.Thank you to Ronna Sundy, Special Events        to Pressman Academy. Enjoy the photos!

              Kol ha’aM
            Temple Beth Am

DS Faculty Profile: Beth Alpert Dror
     (Since I’ve been teacher profile chair for two years, I asked   to say how much I loved and valued all my years in LAUSD, the
for special permission to write my own profile. And so it is with    last 10 at Carpenter Avenue School in Studio City.
much joy that I write about myself as a teacher.)                        Each day at Pressman, I hear children singing, talking, and
    I decided to become a teacher my 3rd year at UCLA. I was         praying in Hebrew. It fills my heart. Each day, I work with a
a Philosophy major and enjoyed all subjects. I                                       classroom of 1st graders who are filled with
knew I wanted to make a significant contribu-                                        excitement for learning and creating. Each day,
tion to society. I also knew I wanted to give back                                   I read over the lessons in the Units of Study (our
to the world what my parents had worked so                                           writing program out of Columbia University)
hard to give me: a love of learning, resourceful-                                    and Everyday Math (out of the University of
ness, the chance to discover my gifts and reach                                      Chicago) and think how lucky I am to have the
my potential, an exposure to the wonders of the                                      opportunity to use these outstanding cutting-
world. It occurred to me that these things would                                     edge programs. To teach in a Jewish day school
best be given back to children. And it was when                                      is a special honor for me. I feel great love for my
I did an internship in an elementary classroom                                       students. I am thrilled to bring my passion for
that I knew without a doubt that teaching would                                      teaching to them and help them discover their
not only be my career path, but my calling. I                                        gifts and the joy in all subjects.
felt an immediate connection to the children,                                             Besides being a teacher, I have a wonderful
a great interest in the nature of the learning activities, a sense   family - my husband, Oz, our three children, Moriel, Keren, and
that I was “home.” I was accepted to UCLA’s Masters/Credential       Oren, and our cat, Bo-Bo. I love biking, hiking, and movies. Re-
program and began what was one of the most exciting years            cent favorites are Walk the Line and Must Love Dogs. I’m a huge
of my life, discovering a field and subject area that would hold     Johnny Cash fan - I love his music and admire his genuineness.
endless interest for me, namely, education.                          I enjoy reading poetry, especially E.E. Cummings and Pablo
    This is my 16th year in the classroom and my 1st at Press-       Neruda. I’ve played violin and piano since childhood. But my
man Academy. The expression, “best for last” comes to mind as        passion and life’s work remain teaching and I am delighted to
I share my first impressions as a Pressman teacher. First I want     be a teacher at Pressman Academy.

          LAINER LIBRARY BOOK SHARE                                  RelIGIouS SCHool FACulTY memBeR
   The Annual Book Share will be held during regular Library hours   GARNeRS AWARD
during the week of March 24. All congregants are welcome.
                                                                        Mazal Tov to 2nd Grade Teacher Alisa Fisher on receiving the
   Bring your clean, gently-used, unwanted books for dona-
tion to the Library by March 14. Jewish and general, fiction and     Lainer Distinguished Educator Award at the Bureau of Jewish
non-fiction, for children and adults, are all welcome. This is a     Education Religious School Educators Conference on January
good way to start cleaning for Pesach!                               6. Alisa is shown here (top row, center)with her second grade
    If anyone has questions or would like to volunteer to help       Religious School students.
sort books before the Book Share, e-mail Amy Goldenberg,
Librarian, at agoldenberg@tbala.org

 TBA/Pressman Academy wishes MiNA RuSH, ECC Admin-
 istrative Assistant, success and fulfillment as she leaves our
 community to pursue new opportunities. Mina has dedicated
 11 years to our Early Childhood Center. Thank you Mina for
 helping make our school such an incredible place. We will miss
 you. Yishar Koach and Good Luck!

RemINDeR: Shir Shabbat - Saturday, march 8
11:00am in the Sanctuary. Join Rabbi Susan Leider and ECC
teacher for Francine Farkas for this musical family Service.
Lunch follows (RSVP required.) Sign up online: www.press-

Teacher Profile: Ilana Geffen –Winter
                          By Caryn Malkus                                 to Pressman, she is working alongside Morah Debbie and Morah
    “Don’t take things too seriously” is Ilana Geffen-Winter’s            Caroline, teaching the three year old class. She is the Hebrew
motto for life. Indeed, it is rare not to find her smiling or laughing,   specialist in the mornings, and is in charge of the Hebrew immer-
enjoying every moment to the fullest. She                                                      sion program in the afternoons. She skillfully
brings this refreshing outlook and attitude                                                    combines songs and movement to teach the
to her classroom everyday, gracing the ECC                                                     children in a fun, effective way. For her, the
children with her warm and exuberant pres-                                                     highlights of teaching this age group are that
ence. Whether you see her in the morning,                                                      she gets the opportunity to help her students
leading her students in Hebrew songs during                                                    achieve some of their first real milestones,
circle time, or in the afternoon, when she is                                                  as well as teaching them manners and social
engaging them in the Hebrew immersion                                                          cues. Lastly, she thinks they are incredibly
program, she is undeniably happy. Ilana                                                        sweet and full of love!
is also pleased to be a part of the Religious                                                      When Ilana is not teaching at Pressman,
School faculty on Tuesdays and Thursdays.                                                      you might catch a glimpse of her riding her
    Ilana’s happiness is not predicated on where she lives, but           bike! One of the many unique things about Ilana is her tendency
rather, what she does with her time. Last year she moved to Los           to ride her bike everywhere. Being a nature lover, Ilana enjoys
Angeles, after spending the majority of her life in Israel. It was        being outdoors as much as possible, so it is no surprise that she
not an easy task for Ilana, for she had to leave family and friends       avoids driving her car, unless it is an imperative. Furthermore, on
behind. However, she made the journey with her husband, Adam,             Sundays, she and her husband blaze new hiking paths all over Los
so that he could pursue his chiropractic studies and training in          Angeles. A traveler at heart, Ilana has already visited Yosemite,
Los Angeles. It was a new adventure for her, and one that would           Zion National Park, and Sequoia, and hopes to see as much of the
lead her directly to Pressman Academy! Her past teaching expe-            U.S. as possible before she returns to Israel in five years.
riences in Israel ranged from being a teacher soldier during her              Although Ilana is quite happy in Los Angeles, she plans to
tenure in the army, to a tour guide for the Jewish Free School, to        move back to Israel once her husband finishes his schooling.
a staff member at Ramah Seminar. She has had the pleasure of              It will be an extremely sad day when Ilana says goodbye to her
teaching preschool students as well as teenagers, but her prefer-         Pressman family, but thankfully, we still have another five years
ence is for the little ones! Now, having made a smooth transition         to appreciate all of her gifts!

                                                                                        Temple Beth Am invites
                                                                              all Pressman Academy ECC Families, Early
                                                                              Elementary & Religious School Families, &
                                                                                  Friends to a special Shabbat evening
                                                                          Please join us for a musical Kabbalat Shabbat where
                                                                           parents and children join in together followed by a
                                                                                 wonderful Pre-Pesach Shabbat dinner
                                                                                          with the congregation.
                                                                                Friday, April 18, 2008 at 6:00 pm
                                                                                       Bo’i Kallah Service
                                                                                       & Shabbat dinner
                                                                                          Please RSVP by April 14.
                                                                              To RSVP by phone, call 310-652-7354 X219 or e-mail
                                                                             mmorgan@tbala.org. or sign up on line at www.tbala.org
                           Mazal Tov
                                                                                              Cost for this dinner is
      to ECC Teacher Sari Abrams on receiving the Lainer
                                                                                   Adults @ $20 ; Children (5-12 years) @ $10 ;
      Distinguished Educator Award from the Bureau of                               Children (2-4 yrs) @ $5; under 2 are free
                         Jewish Education.
                                                                              Co-chairs Amber Kalt (ECC), Leora Lewis (Religious
                                                                                   School) &Jana Richland (Day School)

                      Kol ha’aM
                    Temple Beth Am

                                                                                  ohy ihrd
                                                                    Guarding                  The Garden

                                                                          E E N TE A M
10 Ways to Go Green at Work                                                     phone, PDA, or pager. Place recycling bins in accessible, high-traffic areas
                                                                                and provide clear information about what can and can not be recycled.
Many of us spend more waking time at an office than we do at home.
Simple changes can save energy and resources at work, and these small 6. Close the loop
steps can be multiplied by persuading the powers-that-be to adopt Purchase office supplies and furniture made from recycled materials.
environmentally friendly (and often cost-effective) policies across the One online source is www.greenearthofficesupply.com.
board. These tips are applicable at home as well. We’re working to green 7. Watch what (and how) you eat
our facilities and practices at Temple Beth Am. As fellow guardians of Bring your own mug and dishware for those meals you eat at the office.
the garden, we strongly encourage you to do the same.                           Provide reusable dishes, silverware, and glasses. Provide filtered drinking
1. Be bright about light                                                        water to reduce bottled-water waste.
Artificial lighting accounts for 44 percent of the electricity use in office 8. Rethink your travel
buildings. Turn off the lights when you’re leaving any room for 15 minutes Take the train, bus, or subway when feasible instead of a rental car when
or more, and utilize natural light when you can.                                traveling on business. Some rental agencies now offer hybrids and other
Buy Energy Star-rated light bulbs and fixtures, which use at least two- high-mileage vehicles. Invest in videoconferencing and other technological
thirds less energy than regular lighting, and install timers or motion solutions that can reduce the amount of employee travel.
sensors that automatically shut off lights when they’re not needed.
                                                                                9. Reconsider your commute
2. Maximize computer efficiency                                                 Telecommuting is an appreciated perk and is great for the planet.
Computers in the business sector unnecessarily waste $1 billion worth Carpool, bike, or take transit to work. Encourage this by subsidizing
of electricity a year. Turn off your computer—and the power strip it’s commuter checks, offering bike parking, or organizing a carpool board.
plugged into—when you leave for the day. (Check with your IT department
to make sure the computer doesn’t need to be on to run backups or 10. Create a healthy office environment
other maintenance.) During the day, setting your computer to “sleep” Make it a habit to use nontoxic cleaning products. Brighten up your
automatically during short breaks can cut energy use by 70 percent. cubicle with plants, which absorb indoor pollution.
Remember, screen savers don’t save energy.                                      (source: Sierra Club’s Sierra magazine, www.sierraclub.org/sierra)

3. Print smarter                                                                   GREEN CONGREGANT OF THE MONTH
The average U.S. office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of copy                  The Green Team congratulates and commends Scott Shulman
paper a year. Print on both sides or use the back side of old documents            and Cipra Nemeth. Scott and Cipra drive hybrid vehicles, removed
for faxes, scrap paper, or drafts. Avoid color printing and print in draft         most of their lawns and replaced them with desert plants,
mode whenever feasible.                                                            recycle everything, have no incandescent bulbs in their home, and
                                                                                   have installed solar panels and thus derive the majority of their
4. Go paperless when possible                                                      electricity from the sun. This couple truly walks the walk!
Think before you print: could this be read or stored online instead?
When you receive unwanted catalogs, newsletters, magazines, or junk Send your nominees to green@tbala. Each winner receives a reusable
mail, request to be removed from the mailing list before you recycle the shopping bag full of environmentally-friendly supplies from our friends
item. Post employee manuals and similar materials online, rather than at COEJL (www.coejlsc.org).
distribute print copies. They’re easier to update that way too.
                                                                                JOIN US!
5. Ramp up your recycling                                                       The Green Team needs your ideas, your expertise, and your energy (as
Just about any kind of paper you would encounter in an office, including long as it’s zero-emission). Contact us at green@tbala.org, or call Larry
fax paper, envelopes, and junk mail, can be recycled. So can your old cell Braman at (213) 300-9887. We will make a difference.

                                                                               HOW TO PARTICIPATE
                             HEY KIDS!
                                                                               1. Register at jump4darfur.com. Call (310) 652-7353 x219 or email
    Sponsored By
   Temple Beth Am
                                                                               2. Set a target fundraising goal.
                              DO BOTH                                          3. Collect & record pledges on the pledge sheet. (Any checks should
                                                                                   be made payable to Jewish World Watch.) Bring pledge sheet and
                                                                                   money raised to the event.
                                                                               4. JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! We provide the ropes, you provide the fun.
                                                                                         Thank you for being part of this
                 Sunday, March 23 - 9:30 a.
                Sunday,March 23, 2008, 9:30 A.M.m.
                                Temple Beth Am                                        important effort to help those in need!
                      1039 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035


Yahrzeit Contributions
MEMoRY oF                 REMEMBERED BY                  MEMoRY oF                  REMEMBERED BY
RUTH MOED ABELOW          Henriette Roth                 BERTHA KNELL               Judith and Cowan
HAIM ABENHAIM             Marie Green                    AARON KOLODNY              Shirley Ashkenas
MICHAEL ANGERMAN          Alexander Angerman             ANNE C. KRAMER             Marshall Kramer
GERTRUDE MIRIAM BALES     Michele Atias                  ABRAHAM KREINER            Roz Rothstein
WILLIAM BARD              Debra Bard                     SHEILA KROTINGER           Nate Krotinger
PHILIP BERKOWITZ          Jack Colker                    EDNA LANDRES               Howard Landres
DR. JACK BERNSTEIN        Ruth Bernstein                 SAMUEL LAWRENCE            Bonnie Lawrence
JEROME K. BORAK           Sandra Borak                   DINNIE LEVINE              Philip Levine
ESTHER BRAUN              Steven and Trudy Kallman       GEORGE LEVY                Martha Levy
SOPHIA BREVERMAN          Fradya Rembaum                 JUDITH LEVY                Martha Levy
IDA CAMBER                Norman Camber                  GEORGE N. LEWIS            Beatrice Lewis
MAX CAMBER                Norman Camber                  ROBERT MELANSON            Lad and Rosalie Rubaum
JETTY CHANANIA            Henriette Roth                 MAURICE MILLER             Sherry Steinberg
NETTIE CHELST             Dana Chelst                    HELEN MILMEISTER           Michael Milmeister
ABRAHAM COHEN             Larry Gould                    IDA JAWITZ MOED            Henriette Roth
JENNY COLKER              Jack Colker                    BEN ALAN MOLLE             Dr. William Molle
RONALD JAY COLKER         Jack and Dvorah Colker         HYMAN MOSESON              Philip Levine
REUBEN CORDOVA            Lya Cordova Latta              SOL MOST                   Mitzi Glass
BENJAMIN ASHLEY COWAN     Judith and Cowan               ZLATA NAIDITCH             Hilda Houle
NORMAN COYNE              Barbara Coyne                  LULU NAVAH                 Karen Ashkenazi
MELISSA SUSAN CROSS       Madeline Cross                 BECKIE PESKIN              Mildred Silverman
MARTIN DRUTZ              Shelley Mamann                 RUTH PFLUG                 Dr. Howard Pflug
BATYA EISEN               Andrew Eisen                   CHARLES JACOB POST         Ted Post
ELIAS EKAIREB             Moses Ekaireb                  ENRIQUE RATINOFF           Liz Harris
HARRY ISAAC ELMAN         Anthony Elman                  MARTIN ROBERTS             Sandy Roberts
HERMAN FEIFEL             Thelma Post                    ROSELYN ROBERTS            Sandy Roberts
MYRNA FEINBERG            Eva Feinberg                   ARNIE ROSEN                Freda Rosen
MORRIS FINEBLUM           Rita Brucker                   ALFRED ROSENBERG           Carol Rosenberg
ROSE FRANKLIN             Elaine Horowitz                OSCAR ROSENBERG            Miryam Jannol
ALBERT GOLDMAN            Claire Maiman                  EVELYN BEVERLY ROTHSTEIN   Jeremy Rothstein
IDA GOLDSTEIN             Sam Gordon                     CHARLES ROY                Robin Roy
MAX MEYER GOLDSTEIN       Sam Gordon                     REUBEN S. RUBAUM           Lad Rubaum
ABE GOLDZWEIG             Mark Goldzweig                 VICTOR SAMUEL              Mark Samuel
JESSIE GOOTKIN            Shirley Cohen                  WILLIAM SCHECTER           Susan Walsmith
FRIEDA GOTTLIEB           Joyce Black                    IRVING SCHNEIDER           Alan Schneider
DALE HARRIS GREENBERG     Joy Blank                      MICHAEL SCHNEIDER          Alan Schneider
DAVID STANLEY GREENBERG   Muriel Greenberg               FEIGA SCHOENWETTER         Sanford Beim
SOLOMON GREENSTEIN        Marvin Greenstein              RAYMOND SCHWEIGER          Bruce Schweiger
ANN HACKER                Marshall Hacker                WILLIAM SCHWIMMER          Melvin Schwimmer
SARAH COHEN HALPERN       Edith Bartnof                  JACOB SEGEL                Gilbert Segel
CARRIE HORNER             Howard and Ellen Horner        JAY SHALMONI               Roz Rothstein
GUSSIE HOROWITZ           Abbey Klein                    NATHAN SHAPELL             David Shapell
FRIMA ISAACS              Jerome Isaacs                  NATHAN SHAPIRO             Sandra Borak
FRIMA ISAACS              Deborah Weinberg               HENRY SHERSHOW             Dianne Shershow
JACK JACOBS               Dr. Morton and Shelby Jacobs   GERTRUDE SOSKIN            Shirley Kegel
ABRAHAM KAISER            Renee Kumetz                   ELIZABETH SZAKALL          Judy Martin
BORIS KAMISHER            Myron Kamisher                 DAVID TENENBAUM            Adeline Tenenbaum
FANNIE BUNNY KAPLAN       Rosalie Braun                  JOSEPH VOGEL               Sylvia Vogel
IDA KAPLAN                Peter Kaplan                   HAROLD WALDSTEIN           Alan Waldstein
LOUIS KAPLAN              Adele Kichaven                 REBECCA WHITE              William Molle
CHARNA ESTHER KICHAVEN    Adele Kichaven                 CLARA WIDISS               Martin Widiss
MARY BAILE KICHAVEN       Adele Kichaven                 HARRY WILK                 Beth and Cary Libowsky
ANNE KLEINMAN             Roger Kleinman                 MAISIE ZAGNOEV             Essia Cartoon Fredman

               Kol ha’aM
             Temple Beth Am

TemPle BeTH Am GRATeFullY ACKNoWleDGeS TRIBuTeS mADe THRouGH FeBRuARY 11, 2008
DAiLY MiNYAN DoNAtioNS                                                         RABBi JoEL REMBAuM’S DiSCREtioNARY FuND
                                    Martin & Regine Jaffee, Paula Pearlman     IN THANKS FOR
GENERAL FuND                                                                   Your participation at Masorti Dinner                        Rose Pilch
                                                                               Your participation at our 50th anniversary    Harvey and Thelma Shaps
IN MEMORY OF                                                                   Thank you, Rabbi Rembaum                                   Louis Colen
Sandy Cohn                           Pamela Cysner, Mallory & Gregory Lee      Honoring Ralph                                        Rachmil Hakman
HELPiNG HAND FuND                                                              HONOR OF
IN MEMORY OF                                                                   Harvey and Thelma Shaps’ 50th anniversary     Joanne and Alan Vidinsky
Jack Birns                                Rosanne Keynan & Jonthan Flier       Yoni and Israel’s wedding                         Gabriela and Eli Litov
Norman Freeman                                          Marnie Friedman        YoutH DEPARtMENt FuND
Charlene Janis                              Marlene Glaser, Beverly Mintz,     IN MEMORY OF
                              Batya & David Ordin, Angel & Alan Schneider      Sandy Cohn                                      Angel & Alan Schneider
IN HONOR OF                                                                    MARCY CoLKER KLEiN MEMoRiAL FuND
Birth of grandchild to                                                         WELL WISHES
Luis & Lee Lainer                      Rosanne Keynan and Jonathan Flier       Son of Mr. & Mrs. B. Roth                       Natalie & David Roberts
Shoshi & Izydor Wilchfort                        Natalie & David Roberts       Paul Klein                                        Barbara & Jerry Rabin
PRESSMAN ACADEMY                                                               IN MEMORY OF
IN MEMORY OF                                                                   Jack Birns                                        Barbara & Jerry Rabin
Jack Birns                                    Caryn & Rabbi Mitch Malkus       Charlene Janis                                    Barbara & Jerry Rabin
Herb Howard                           Mr & Mrs Bunder; Joy & Alan Malkus       Cantor Samuel Kelemer       Dvorah & Jack Colker, Barbara & Jerry Rabin
Sandy Cohn                                           Bella & Howard Kapp,      IN HONOR OF
                            Allen & Eden Ostravich; Bernie & Rita Ostravich    Mama Ruth White                                   Barbara & Jerry Rabin
MAZAL TOV TO                                                                   DVoRAK CHESED FuND
Tamar Rosenfeld                                          The Levine Family
                                                                               IN HONOR OF
HONOR OF                                                                       Sandra Braun                                   Renne & Efraim Bainvoll
Rabbi Mitchel Malkus                                     Joy & Alan Malkus     Angel Schneider, Torah Fund Honoree            Renne & Efraim Bainvoll
PiLCH SCHoLARSHiP FuND                                                         IN MEMORY OF
IN MEMORY OF                                                                   Jack Birns                                     Renne & Efraim Bainvoll
Julian Berk                                                 Alan Lefkowitz     Cantor Samuel Kelemer                          Renne & Efraim Bainvoll

MAZAL toV:                                                                     MIRIAM BAUM            Harvey & Marlene Glaser; Leona & Stan Sperling
                                                                               Loss of Mother Helga Angress
RABBI JACOB & MARGIE PRESSMAN                       Anne Miller; Rose Pilch;
Mazal tov on Granddaughters marriage                 Kathe & Howard Pilch;     FRIEDA BELL & FAMILY                          David Resnik & Joyce Volk
                                            Jessica, Mark & Chason Samuel      Loss of uncle Jerry
RABBI JOEL & FREDI REMBAUM                                                     MIKE COHN & FAMILY                               Jessica & Mark Samuel
Mazal tov daughter Nomi Zehava’s      Minnie Bennett; Nisenbaum Family;        Loss of mother
marriage to Israel                        Evelyn Rasky; Miriam Wagman
                                                                               ANTONIA COLKER                                   Helen & Leo Pearlstein
DAVID ACKERMAN                                   Shoshi & Izydor Wilchfort     Loss of Mother Joan Ellis
Outstanding Service to education
                                                                               JACK FRIDER & FAMILY                               Edie & Earl Schuman
in L.A. community
                                                                               Loss of Jerry
LEAH BETTELMAN                                       Leona & Stan Sperling
                                                                               RACHEL GLASSER & FAMILY                        Marlene & Harvey Glaser
Happy ”90”th Birthday
                                                                               Loss of grandfather & great-grandfather Baruch
ANN MILLER                                                 Minnie Bennett
                                                                               SHARON GLINCHER & FAMILY                                   Evelyn Rasky
Happy Birthday
                                                                               Loss of Erwin
RON PRICE                                            Leona & Stan Sperling
                                                                               DAWNA JANIS                 Shirley & Irving Ashkenas; Minnie Bennett;
Induction So.CA Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
                                                                               Loss of mother        Marlene & Harvey Glaser; Richard & Elaine Gross;
SPECiAL tRiButES:                                                              Charlene       Miriam & Deb Kavis; Helen & Leo Pearlstein; Betty Snitser
       .                                                       Faye Gelb       DR. JIM LICHT & FAMILY                          Marshall & Ricki Kulkin
Mazal tov on birth of your great grandchild, Charles Harold Franks.            Loss of wife Ann & mother
MR. & MRS. WILLIAM J FRANKS                                      Faye Gelb
                                                                               THE MARTIN FAMILY                           Marlene & Harvey Glaser
Mazal tov on birth of new grandchild, Charles Harold Franks.
                                                                               Loss of grandmother & great grandmother “Oma”
DEBORAH KAVIS                                                 Miriam Kavis
                                                                               THE SILVER FAMILY                           Marlene & Harvey Glaser
Mazal tov on your 18th birthday
                                                                               Loss of grandmother & great grandmother “Oma”
RABBI JOEL & FREDI REMBAUM                             Faye & Marvin Gelb
Mazal tov on Nomi’s marriage to Israel.
                                                                                      SiStERHooD tRiButE CARD SECREtARiES
ROSE MARY COHEN                             Jessica, Mark & Chason Samuel        Listed below are the names and phone numbers that appear
PAUL KLEIN                                           Leona & Stan Sperling       next to your name initial. Please keep this as a reference near
                                                                                 your phone.
                                                                                 A-F           SHIRLEY WOLPA             (323) 653-2797
ERNEST BALKANY                                                Norma Gross        G-R           MINNIE LEV                (310) 552-1428
Memory of Cele & John Balkany
                                                                                 S             MARLENE GLASER            (310) 550-1738
ANDREA BAUM                                       Harvey & Marlene Glaser
                                                                                 T-Z           RICKI BRESKIN-KULKIN (310) 278-5585
Loss of grandmother “Oma”


library minyan Contacts
For general information about the Library Minyan, membership in-                          If you would like to learn to lead parts of the service or just
quiries, or any specific question you may have, contact Marizon                           improve your davening skills and participate in our mentoring
Nimoy, our current Minyan Chairperson, at marizon25@gmail.                                program, contact Steve Spronz at superspronz@earthlink.com
com                                                                                       Need help in preparing for D’rash, contact Miriyam Glazer at
Chairperson, Ritual Committee: Bob Malina – bob@elfelf.com.                               miriyamglazer@sbcglobal.net or Shawn Field-Meyer at
Treasurer: Dale Bodenstein – bodensw@ca.rr.com                                            shawn@fields-meyer.com
If you would like to lead davening, contact a gabbai:                                     Learn more about the Shabbat Services – contact Miriyam Glazer
Joe Nimoy – nimoyj@yahoo.com                                                              at miriyamglazer@sbcglobal.net
Lida Baker – baker@ucla.edu
Sam Jason – merkavah@gmail.com                                                            Want help with Hebrew pronunciation or trope (cantillation) ques-
Bill Seligman – wseligman@sbcglobal.net                                                   tions? Contact Lida Baker at lbaker@ucla.edu
Scott Taryle – zatar18@yahoo.com                                                          If you need a place for a Shabbat lunch, or to open your home,
Jerry Krautman – jkrautman@sbcglobal.net                                                  please contact Paula Pearlman at pdp2@pacbell.net or Sandey
Rachel Green – nhgreen@sbcglobal.net                                                      Fields at sandeyfields@yahoo.com
If you would like to read Torah, contact Avi Havivi at ahavivi@                           If you need a place for Shabbat dinner or Chag lunch or dinner,
ucla.edu                                                                                  or to open your home, contact Abby Harris or Val Goldstein at
If you would like to read Haftorah, contact Marizon                                       shabbatandholidaydinners@yahoo.com
Nimoy at marizon25@gmail.com or Joe Nimoy at nimoyj@yahoo.                                To volunteer to serve as a greeter, please contact: Dianne Sher-
                                                                                          show at dfshersh@aol.com
If you would like to give a D’var Torah, contact Alisa Shudofsky
and                                                                                       To co-sponsor the monthly TBA/Library Minyan Kiddush, contact
David Cohen at libraryminyandrash@yahoo.com                                               Marizon Nimoy at marizon25@gmail.com. TBA provides the
If you would like to participate in the Mishnah Study, contact                            weekly Kiddush except for this once a month enhanced co-spon-
Barbara Breger at breger@pol.net                                                          sored Kiddush or when sponsored by members who are celebrat-
If you would like your child to lead “Ashrei” at services, please                         ing their Simcha.
contact Abby Harris at Abby@harrisparty.com                                                         Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am
Parashat Ha’Shavuah: a link to interpretation of the weekly Torah por-                              c/o Dale Bodenstein
tion by our members is available on our web. If you want to participate,                            1121 S. Spaulding Avenue
please contact our webmaster, Bob Braun at bob@braunfam.com                                         Los Angeles, CA 90019


   TBA has just purchased a select area of plots in the new
         Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Simi Valley.
       This property is sold to our members and their
    krovim: parents, spouses, children, siblings and other
                 close relatives and friends.

                We Invite You to Learn More Contact:
                      TBA Executive Director
                              Sheryl Goldman
          at (310) 652-7354 x 223 sgoldman@tbala.org
          Committee Chairs: Avi Peretz and Deborah Cohen

                                                                                                    COLKER JUDAICA
                                                                                                        GIFT SHOP HOURS
                               Karen Maurise
             TBA Advance Planning Representative                                                         Monday 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
    800-600-0076, Ext. 330 kmaurise@mountsinaiparks.org                                                           11:30 am. – 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                                      Tuesday 10 am – 2 pm; 4 pm. – 6 p.m.
                                                                                                        Wednesday 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                                          Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.
                                                                                                             Friday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
                    Mount Sinai Simi Valley FD-1745
                                                                                                       We are closed on school holidays.
            (800) 600-0076      www.mountsinaiparks.org
                                                                                              If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please
   Dedicated to the entire Jewish community as a service of Sinai Temple of Los Angeles
                                                                                            contact Ivy Azizi (310) 854-6774 or Mallory Lee (310) 367-8247

       Kol ha’aM
     Temple Beth Am

                                                                       Lic.# 197602650

                                                         Lic.# 197607118            Lic.# 197607119

                       Itzhak Yaron, CFBS
                                CA 0787439

                 !    Insurance: Life, Long Term Care,
                      Medical and Disability
                 !    Investments: Annuities,
                      Retirement Plans
                 !    Estate and Business Planning

                              TEMPLE BETH AM & SCHOOLS • MARCH 2008 • ADAR i–ADAR ii 5768
         SuNDAY                         MoNDAY                         tuESDAY                         WEDNESDAY                             tHuRSDAY                       FRiDAY                        SAtuRDAY
              JANUARY                      FEBRUARY                                                                                                                                                  24 ADAR I                    1
       S M    T W     T    F S       S M       T W   T    F S
                                                                                   Daily Minyan ScheDule                                                                                                 n torah Portion:
                                                                       Morning Minyan:                                            evening Minyan:                                                          VAYAKHEi
                           1 2                            1 2
                                                                         Monday-Friday: 7:30 A.m.                                 March 2-7 at 5:30 p.m.
     34 5         6 7      8 9       3 4 5 6 7            8 9            Sundays and legal                                        March 9-14 at 6:30 p.m.                                            7:30 p.m. Dancing Up a
     101112      13 14    15 16     10 11 12 13 14       15 16                  holidays: 8:00 A.m.                               March 16-April 4 at 6:45 p.m.                                         Storm
     171819      20 21    22 23     17 18 19 20 21       22 23         Rosh Hodesh and                                              Saturdays are approx.                                            8:00 p.m. Parent Association
     242526      27 28    29 30     24 25 26 27 28       29              Chol Hamo’ed: 7:15 A.m.                                    90 minutes before                                                   Social Night- OOB
     31                                                                                                                             the end of Shabbat

     25 ADAR I                 2   26 ADAR I                3    27 ADAR I                     4   28 ADAR I                  5         29 ADAR I                      6 30 ADAR I               7   1 ADAR II                    8
                                   1:15 a.m. Parent Drop-In      8:00 a.m. Day School Parent       9:30 a.m. Wednesday with             9:15 a.m. Beginning Hebrew 7:15 a.m. Rabbi Rembaum’s
                                                                    Association Meeting               Torah with Rabbi Netter                                                                             n   torah Portion:
                                      Center with Sari Abrams                                                                              with Reut                         Talmud Class                      PEKuDEi
                                   7:00 Education Cabinet        8:15 a.m. Int. Hebrew w/ Reut     7:00 p.m. Advanced Hebrew            10:00 a.m. Happy Seniors
                                      Meeting                    7:30 p.m. Talmud with Rabbi          with Reut                            Monthly Meeting               Sr. USY Kinnus through      11:00 a.m. Shir Shabbat
                                                                    Aaron Alexander                8:00 p.m. The Constitution of        7:30 p.m. Ruth’s Circle with         March 9- OOB
                                                                 8:00 p.m. Baal Tefillah Inst.        the Jewish People with
                                                                    with Hazzan Lipton                                                     Rabbi Leider
                                                                                                      Rabbi Rembaum                                                                                  7 : 3 0 A . m . R a b b i Re m -
                                                                 8:00 p.m. BAIT Midrash with                                                                             4 Shabbat Candlelighting
                                                                    Rabbi Leider                                                                                                   5:37 p.m.              baum’s talmud Class
     2 ADAR II                 9   3 ADAR II                10   4 ADAR II                  11     5 ADAR II                       12   6 ADAR II                     13 7 ADAR II              14   8 ADAR II                   15
                                                                                                   9:30 a.m. Wednesday with Torah       9:15 a.m. Beg. Heb. with Reut 7:30 a.m. Rabbi Rembaum’s
     10:00 a.m. Lianna Cohen     1:15 a.m. Parent Drop-In   8:15 a.m. Int. Hebrew with                 with Rabbi Netter                10:30 a.m. Happy Senior’s            Talmud Class
                                                                                                                                                                                                         n    torah Portion:
                                                                                                   7:00 p.m. Adv. Heb. w/ Reut             Lunch                                                               VAYiKRA
        Competition                 Center with Sari Abrams    Reut                                7:00 p.m Sisterhd Mah Jong
     10:30 a.m. YABA Blood Drive 7:30 p.m. Youth Commission 8:30 a.m. RS Marketing                 8:00 p.m. Falling in Love with God   7:00 p.m. Israel - Its Place in
     7:30 p.m. Rosh Chodesh         Meeting                    Committee Meeting                       with Rabbi Netter                   the News, An Evening with
                                                                                                   8:00 p.m. TBA Choir w/ Hazzan           David Horovitz
        Ahotai Get-Together                                 7:30 p.m. RS Education                     Lipton                           7:30 p.m. Stepping Stones
                                                               Committee Meeting                   8:00 p.m. The Constitution of the       Book Club
                                                                                                       Jewish People with Rabbi                                          4 Shabbat Candlelighting
                                                                                                       Rembaum                                                                     6:43 p.m.
     9 ADAR II                16   10 ADAR II               17   11 ADAR II                 18     12 ADAR II                      19   13 ADAR II                    20 14 ADAR II             21   15 ADAR II                 22
                                                                                                                                                                                                         n    torah Portion:
     11:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.         1:15 a.m. Parent Drop-In    6:30 p.m. USY Shmooze       9:30 a.m. Wednesdays with Erev Purim                                       Purim                                     tZAV
        Purim Carnival &              Center with Sari Abrams 7:30 p.m. ECC Parent            Torah with Rabbi Netter   Megillah Readings                             Morning Megillah Reading
        Auction                    6:00 p.m. TBA Executive        Association Meeting      8:00 p.m. TBA Choir with   Purim in the Hood-                              7:30 a.m. Rabbi Rembaum’s
     3:00 p.m. Live Auction           Meeting                  8:00 p.m. BAIT Midrash with    Hazzan Lipton             See Page 6 for details                           Talmud Class
                                   8:00 p.m. TBA Board Meeting    Rabbi Leider                                                                                                                       8:00 p.m. Kadima Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Night- OOB
                                                                                                                                                                     4   Shabbat Candlelighting
                                                                                                                                                                                6:48 p.m.
     16 ADAR II               23 17 ADAR II               24 18 ADAR II              25 19 ADAR II                26 20 ADAR II             27                       21 ADAR II             28 22 ADAR II                       29
     9:00 a.m. Jump4Darfur Event 1:15 a.m. Parent Drop-In    7:30 p.m. Talmud with Rabbi 9:30 a.m. Wednesdays with   7:30 p.m. Membership                            7:30 a.m. Rabbi Rembaum’s     n torah Portion:
                                     Center with Sari Abrams    Aaron Alexander             Torah with Rabbi Netter     Committee Meeting                               Talmud Class                    SHMiNi
                                 7:30 p.m. Rafaeinu Service  8:00 p.m. BAIT Midrash with 8:00 p.m. TBA Choir with    7:30 p.m Stepping Stones                        6:30 p.m. Neshama Minyan
                                     w/ Rabbi Carla Howard      Rabbi Leider                Hazzan Lipton               Book Club                                       Dinner
      23 ADAR II              30 24 ADAR II               31
      USY goes to paintball- OOB 1:15 a.m. Parent Drop-In
                                    Center with Sari Abrams
                                 8:00 p.m. B’nai Mitzvah                                                                                                             4   Shabbat Candlelighting
                                    Parent Meeting                                                                                                                           6:54 p.m.

              Temple Beth Am • 1039 South La Cienega Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90035 • Phone: (310) 652-7354 • Check in at our website: www.tbala.org
mARCH 2008
Legend: DN         Dorff-Nelson Chapel
          Bidner Bidner Youth Lounge
          Pilch    Pilch Hall
          Kope. Kopelove Hall
Saturday Morning, March 1
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
Led by Rabbi Sohn
Shir Hadash
9:15 a.m. P’sukei D’Zimrah (Pilch)
9:45 a.m. Shacharit (Sanctuary)
Led by Rabbi Rembaum and Hazzan Lipton
Eden Jablon will be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah.
Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
BAIT Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch
Led by Rabbi Netter
Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids
10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;
2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107
10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;
4th-6th grade in Room 104
Friday Evening, March 7
Neshama Minyan, 5:30 pm, Pilch                     Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids                   Led by Rabbi Leider
Led by Rabbi Greyber                               10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;                 Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids
Daily Minyan Service 5:30 p.m. DN Chapel           2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107       10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;
Religious School Kabbalat Shabbat, 6:15 pm,        10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;            2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107
Sanctuary                                          4th-6th grade in Room 104                        10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;
Led by Rabbi Leider                                Shabbat Yeladim Noar Lunch, 12:30 pm, Kope.      4th-6th grade in Room 104
Religious School Dinner, 7:30 pm, Ballroom                                                          Koleinu Service, 10:30 a.m. School Room #110
                                                   thursday, March 20 Erev Purim                    Led by Avi taff
Saturday Morning, March 8                          Family Services, 6:00 p.m., ages 2-1st grade,
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library           Sanctuary                                        Friday Evening, March 28
Led by Rabbi Sohn                                  Led by the tBA Clergy and Francine Farkas        Neshama Minyan, 6:15 pm, Pilch
Shir Hadash                                        Community Service, 7:15 p.m., Sanctuary          Led by Rabbi Greyber
9:15 a.m. P’sukei D’Zimrah (Pilch)                 Pressman Academy Middle School and Religious     Daily Minyan Service 6:45 p.m. DN Chapel
9:45 a.m. Shacharit (Adelson)                      School students read Megillah                    Neshama Dinner 7:30 p.m. Adelson Hall
Led by Rabbinic intern Danya Ruttenberg and        Library Minyan, 7:00 p.m., DN Chapel             Saturday Morning, March 29
Hazzan Lipton                                      Purim in the Hood, 8:30 p.m., Ballroom           Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
Shir Shabbat                                                                                        Led by Rabbi Sohn
11:00 a.m. Sanctuary                               Friday, March 21, Purim
                                                                                                    Shir Hadash
Led by Rabbi Leider and Francine Farkas            Morning Daily Minyan, 7:30 a.m., Pilch
                                                                                                    9:15 a.m. P’sukei D’Zimrah (Pilch)
Library Minyan, 9:15 a.m. Mishna Study             Neshama Minyan, 6:15 pm, Pilch                   9:45 a.m. Shacharit (Adelson)
9:30 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                      Led by Rabbi Leider                              Led by Rabbi Rembaum and Hazzan Lipton
BAIT Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch           Daily Minyan Service – 6:45 p.m. DN Chapel       BAIT Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Services, Sanctuary
Led by Rabbi Rembaum                               Saturday Morning, March 22                       Led by Rabbi Netter
Koleinu Service, 10:30 a.m. School Room #110       Meditation Plus 9:15 am Lainer Library           tamar Willis will celebrate becoming a Bat
Led by Avi taff                                    Led by Rabbi Sohn                                Mitzvah
Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids                     BAIT Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Services, Sanctuary     Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;                   Led by Rabbi Netter                              9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107                                                          Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids
                                                   Ethan Porjes will celebrate becoming a
10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;                                                               10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;
                                                   Bar Mitzvah.
4th-6th grade in Room 104                                                                           2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107
                                                   Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
Friday Evening, March 14                           9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                    10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;
Neshama Minyan, 6:15 pm, Pilch                     Learner’s Minyan, 10:30 a.m., Lainer Library     4th-6th grade in Room 104
Led by Rabbi Greyber
Daily Minyan Service – 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel
Saturday Morning, March 15
Meditation Plus 9:15 am Bidner
                                                      Dancing Up a Storm
Led by Rabbi Ruth Sohn                                                         An Evening of Israeli Food & Dance
Shir Hadash: Women’s Shabbat
9:45 a.m. Sanctuary                                              Separate areas for beginners and advanced dancers–Instruction available
Led by Rabbi Leider                                                Saturday, March 1, 2008 • 7:30 pm • $5 admission (pay at the door)
Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                                                  RSVP’s appreciated – 310.652-7354 x 219
                                                     Temple Beth Am celebrates

BAIT Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Services, Sanctuary                                                      Israeli folk and contemporary music
Led by Rabbi Netter                                                      60                       Israeli food available for purchase
Joseph Gilter will speak in Bait Tefillah

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