Dirt Bikes (DOC) by yaofenji


									                                              Normal Dirt Bikes
 Normal dirt bikes usually don’t have to be modified to meet their requirements. The dirt bike is also two
 times the size of a mini bike. Regular dirt bikes also have bigger engines and are harder to ride in smaller
 places. Normal dirt bikes are usually faster than the mini dirt bike, many people like normal dirt bikes
 better than the mini bike too.

     Resources                                                                                               Comparing
www.dirtrider.com                                                                                         Normal and Mini
www.powerlibrary                                                                                              Dirt Bikes
.com                                                                                                     Both bikes have
and the magazine                                                                                         their own type of
dirtrider                                                                                                racing and both are
                                                                                                         bikes. They both
                                                                                                         race inside and
                                                                                                         outside, they also
                                                                                                         both have famous
                                                                                                         people who ride
                                                                                                         both types and do

                                              Mini Dirt Bikes
        Mini bikes usually have to be modified to be made faster for their requirements. Mini
        bikes are only half the size of a normal dirt bike, mini bikes also have smaller engines
        than other regular dirt bikes. This bike is also easier to ride in smaller area’s than regular
        bikes. This bike is known for the series that we use them for, there are special classes
        that we race them in. Most of the time the races are inside for the mini bikes, that is why
        we have to modify them to race outside.

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