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        April 25, 1986                                                                                                                       86-61
        Mideast Missionaries
        Keeping LCYWProfile                                             By Erich Bridges
             RICHKND, Va. (BP)--Southern Baptist missionaries and representatives in the Middle East and
        the Mediterranean area are maintaining a low profile as terrorist threats against Westerners in
        the region increase.
             The Southern mptist workers and their fmilies are practicing "a little more caution than
        is normalfl'said I s m Ballenger, the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board's director for Europe
        and the Middle East. The need for caution applies more to sane places than others, he e-I.ained.
             "The understanding I get is that generally there is not a bad attitude toward Americans by
        the general pplace and the people feel relatively safe," Ballenger reported.
             If American and Western European actions against Libya result in substantial1.y increased
        terrorist activity, the mission official said, "all of us are going to have to be a little more
        cautious, not just in the i d i a t e future but for sane time to come."
             Southern Baptist representatives once worked in Libya but left the nation in 1981. In
        Sudan, where Americans were evacuated in recent weeks because of anti-American demonstrations,
        Southern Baptists have had no missionaries since 1984. Missionaries and representatives
        elsewhere in the region continue their work with Baptists.
             Travel between countries also continues normally, Ballenger said. One missionary who helps
        mrdinate work in several countries reported international travel in the Middle East actually
        may be getting safer as security measures increase. Those who live day by day in the area also
        know best the places to be avoided.
             Renewed questions abut the wisdom of sending missionary families to the Middle East and
        other "hot: spots" have follmed the upsurge o terrorist threats and actions against Americans
        overseas. Foreign Mission Board officials have errrphasized in most cases Southern Baptist
        missionaries make their awn decisions abut staying in o leaving particular countries, usually
        in consultation with local Christians.
             "We consider our work to be a ministry of reconciliation," said Ballenger. "We want to
        express, through our personnel, love for all the people of the Middle East. We hope and pray the
        people of those areas will remgnize in what spirit they are there and show to them the
        hospitality that is so characteristic of the Arab people.
             "No doubt, the difficulty of this time will offer us m e possibilities for ministry that we
        haven1t had before,11he said. "It just works that way."
             BY late April, no Southern Baptist lay volunteers actively preparing for work in various
        countries had decided to stay home b a u s e of the terrorist situation, mission bard staffers
        reprted. No volunteer pojects had been canceled.
             "The volunteers are calling in and asking, 'Is it safe?' o what do we knaw about the
        situation around the tmrld," said Diana Richardson of the board's volunteer enlistment
        department. "We're getting maybe four o five calls a week about that. But no one has backed
        out yet."
             It is t soon to tell whether the latest round of te
        missionary and volunteer recruitment, staffers said, altho
        locations already are going unfilled.
                                                    --more--                                                     E       -    '     '    ~      ~     i     l    ~    a      C
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             New missionaries i n t r a i n i n g discuss ways of minimizing the r i s k of terrorism and other
        dangers which can arise i n work a b r d . ,Concerns are expressed, but no one i n recent months has
        changed h i s o r her mind a b u t overseas service because of p o t e n t i a l r i s k , reported Tim Brendle of
        the board' s missionary learning department.
             "Most of them have already made a oomnitment, and they1ve made it w i t h t h e i r eyes open, l1
        Brendle said.

        Rally Speakers C r i t i c i z e Teaching                                                           B a p t i s t Press
        Of 'False Doctrines' I n Seminaries                  By Marv Knox                                   4/25/86

               N S m Tenn (BP)
                 Am ,            .  --"False doctrines and destructive heresies" taught by some Southern
        Baptist professors mnpise s p i r i t u a l "slop" which is starving t h e i r students, a l a y leader i n
        t h e denomination charged.

               "False prophets and f a l s e teachers preach slop. You c a n ' t l i v e on it," Lee Roberts t o l d
        a b u t 60 pastors a t an April 22 l u n c h a n hosted by Park Avenue B a p t i s t Church i n Nashville, Tenn.

             Roberts, an investment banker frm Marietta, Ga., is chairman of the 1986 Southern Baptist
        Convention Carunittee on Boards, t h e group empcrwered to m i n a t e t r u s t e e s f o r a l l convention
        agencies. Hawever, Roberts stressed: " I ' m not speaking f o r the Caranittee on Mards....T1m
        speaking f o r myself, Lee Roberts, a sinner saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. I ' m speaking as a
        layman t h a t ' s v i t a l l y concerned a b u t sane things I ' v e cxme t o find out a b u t i n the Southern
        Baptist Convention. "

                  Citing examples f r a n three pastors, one newspaper editor and f a c u l t y manbers a t f i v e
        Southern Baptist i n s t i t u t i o n s , he expressid mncern about the f u t u r e of the convention,
        p a r t i c u l a r l y due t o " l i b e r a l theolagy. " H e explained he was "shocked out of m apathy and
        ignorance" and i n t o action to help lead t h e SBC t w a r d a more conservative direction.

                "All t h a t is r e a l l y necessary f o r the destruction of the Southern Baptist Convention is f o r
        good, B i b l e b e l i e v i n g , God-loving, truth-honoring Southern Baptists i n the p w and i n the p u l p i t
        to stand by and do b t h i n g , " he said. "I believe the f a l s e doctrine of l i b e r a l theolcqy could
        w e l l be the death gargle of C h r i s t i a n i t y i n t h i s nation i f it goes unchanged."

             Many SBC p a s b r s and professors "would be tremendous United Methdists, Epicopalians,
        Catholics, sanething, but they a r e n ' t Southern Baptists. They d o n ' t believe what 1 4 million
        Southern B a p t i s t s believe," he said. me tragedy of that is " l i b e r a l theology and f a l s e doctrine
        have taken its toll" i n those d e m i n a t i o n s , he added, noting a s i d e from the SBC, " t h e r e ' s no
        other evangelical force o u t there" that has t h e a b i l i t y to reach t h e world f o r Christ.
             To r e c t i f y t h e s i t u a t i o n , m r t s challenged h i s l i s t e n e r s to pray f o r "those pwple who are
        teaching f a l s e doctrines and d e s t r u c t i v e heresies" and f o r "courageous men and m e n . . . t h a t w i l l
        take t h e i r stand,'' to send 10 messengers fran each of t h e i r churches to t h e SBC annual meeting,
I       to call "every Southern B a p t i s t you know" and urge them to send 10 messengers from each of t h e i r
        churches and to "go to Atlanta ( t h e convention s i t e ) and vote."
               H e s a i d Adrian Rogers, pastor of Bellevue ~ a p t i s Church i n Memphis, Tenn. , would be t h e r e
        as candidate to support " t r u t h , sound doctrine, what Southern Baptists believe in." And he s a i d
I       while the other candidate, perhaps Winfred Moore, pastor of F i r s t B a p t i s t Church of Amarillo, may
        o r may not "believe i n truth," the important factor to aonsider is the group of persons to w h
        t h e president w i l l turn for advice.

                 Rcqers, " w i l l turn to g&ly men, men who believe this ( t h e Bible) is the p r f e c t Word of
        God," he said.         "This man over here, w b v e r he might be, is going to have to t u r n to those who
        d o n ' t hold t h i s to be t h e true Word of God.

I            "So when you go to vote f o r a man, you're not voting f o r a man; you're voting f o r t r u t h or
        untruth. That's a l there is to it."
                                                     Page 3                                      Baptist Press
      he SBC "cancer" of disbelief i n the i n f a l l i b l e , inerrant nature of Scripture provided a
conanon theme for speakers during an evenjng r+ly that attracted about 400 p p l e .

        "The tumor of f a l s e teaching is spreading, and s a n e h , if we're going to have l i f e beyond
t h i s century, beyond this decade, I believe we've got to have a transplant and remove it," said
B i l l Hanmk, pastor of Highview Baptist Church i n Louisville, Ky.

         "I don't believe w e ought t o take a cleaver and go i n and start cutting o f f heads" of
seminary and agency personnel, he added. "I believe t h a t we need t o be patient, we need to pray
and w e need to seek God' s w i l l . There' s plenty of rocm f o r d i v e r s i t y i n our d e m i n a t i o n . That
has always been a distinguishing c h a r a c t e r i s t i c of Baptists. But w e face a question: When does
d i v e r s i t y teome heresy?" H noted "false teaching," or heresy, w i l l "spread l i k e a cancer" and
asserted, "Heresy has crept i n t o our i n s t i t u t i o n s , and today the disease has eaten to the very
core of our Southern Baptist theology."
      Houston appellate judge Paul Pressler offered a medical analogy t o explain the situation:
Persons who have sought t o steer the S8C: i n a more conservative direction a r e l i k e a doctor.
People i n the d e m i n a t i o n r e s i s t a n t t o the theological s h i f t a r e represented by a patient who
has j u s t learned he has t r e a t a b l e cancer. But instead of taking treatment, the patient has shot
the doctor.
      Nevertheless, Pressler said, "The cancer is real.              The cancer i s there."
     ~aige     Patter son, president of Criswell Center for Biblical Studies i n Dallas, forecast
downfall for persons and i n s t i t u t i o n s which do not accept the m e conservatives' position t h a t
every s y l l a b l e of the ~ i b l e l i t e r a l l y true. "Folks, it (the Bible) is either t r u e or it' s
not," he said. "There's nothing but destruction, decay and d i s a s t e r i n any other ,way."
     "Part of our p~oblemtoday is simply t h i s , t h a t man's wisdom has been elevated over God's
revelation," H a n a x k explained. He traced the roots of the problm to an 18th century
"theological s h i f t t h a t began with the a r r i v a l of the Enlightenment Per id" and a consequent
reliance on reason, r a t i o n a l i s t i c thought and "higher c r i t i c a l s c h o l a r ~ h i p . ~
        H e blamed the "problems i n the seminaries" on the use of such tmls for interpreting the
Bible. "There is a belief system that has i n f i l t r a t e d Christianity and our d e m i n a t i o n that
b a s i m l l y is a humanistic approach i n which the Bible i s just an allegorical &ination            of
divine t r u t h and human s u p r s t i t i o n , " he said. "We must either take the Bible for what it says
o r leave it alone."
         He also displted the notion, most praninently espoused hy more moderate Southern Baptists,
t h a t missions and evangelism hold the mnvention w e t h e r . "I'm convincd t h a t there' s sanething
deeper and samething more r e a l that holds u s together ,"he asserted. "I believe we' re held
together by the doctrines of the inspired, inerrant, i n f a l l i b l e Word of God, namely the virgin
b i r t h , the vicarious death, t h e victorious resurrection of our Lord and by what I believe to be
saneday the W i l y , v i s i b l e return of c r Lord.
      "If we permit these t r u t h s to slip away £run us, and i f w continue i n the diversity w are
                                                                     e                            e
i n to campranise where w are so that w can a l l be together, sooner or later missions and
                         e                   e
evangelisn will dry up on the Southern Baptist vine. "
     pressler offered a similar assessment of d i v e r s i t y within the SBC. F i r s t he expressed
gratitude t the 22-member SBC Peace Carmittee, which is seeking a solution to denminational
controversy and which has released a three-part statement on d i v e r s i t y within the mnvention.
     "I don't think i t ' s necessary f o r us to prove the p o b l m s w have any longer," he said.
"The Peace Carmittee came to the only conclusion t h a t it a u l d cane to, and that is t h a t we have
people i n our schools whan w are paying to teach our young people t h a t the Bible contains
errors. That s m s the seed of destruction for our d e m i n a t i o n . "
     Pressler previously c i t e d a s supporting evidence writings and statements by faculty members
£ran three Southern Baptist schools as w e l l a s frm a speech by a homosexual who addressed a
group of seminary students.
                                                 -1mr e--
.   '   4/25/86                                        Page 4                           Baptist press
             Rather than abandoning financial support for Baptist schools or leaving the denamination,
        Pressler urged his listeners t remain South@rn ~aptist work for change. The Houston layman
                                      o                         and
        also posed the question, "What do I expect to get out of this?" as fair to ask follawing years of
        struggle within the convention.
             "When one of our young w p l e goes tn one of our Baptist institutions, if he knows Jesus
        Christ as his personal savior, I expect for him t be hilt up and supported in his faith," he
        said. "If he has never been savd, I expect him t receive a loving and intelligent and gracious
        presentation of the way of salvation....
               "We can ask no mre; we also shall ask n less."

        Seminar Speakers Call                                                           Baptist Press
        For Sex Education                        By   David Wilkinson                    /58
             NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--While acknawledging "this is the kind of thing that can get you
        fired," family life specialist Charles Petty urged Southern Baptist youth ministers t lead their
        churches in providing biblically-based sex education for children and youth.
             "Human sexuality is God's creation," said Petty. "We must teach our kids abut sexuality,
        and we must do it £ran a biblical perspective."
             Petty, president of Family Success Unlimited in Raleigh, N C , outlined a biblical and
        theological framevmrk for sex education during a conference on "Moral Problems and Y u h ' The
        three-day seminar for ~aptist youth ministers and other ,youthleaders was sponsored by the
        Southern ~aptist Christian Life Cmission.
             Petty, former director of the Christian Life Council for the Raptist Convention of North
        Carolina, was joined by Lane Pawell, fmily life educator and counselor at Crossroads Sirmaritan
        Counseling Center in Lubback, Texas, who led five sessions on sex education programming, and
        Douglas Anderson, director of the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board's family ministry
        deparbent, who delivered the seminar s opning address      .
             Petty reminded the youth ministers "sexuality is much more than intercourse." Sex education,
        he said, should deal w t four dimensions of sexuality--physiology, attitudes, relationships and
             The "real. bnbshellw is physiology, he said, "because if you even mention certain parts of
        the body, sane people will accuse you of 'talking dirty."' Many pastors and parents choose to
        ignore the need f r sex education because o their own disccmfort with the subject, he added.
             Despite the obstacles and pitfalls, each of the speakers warned abaicating the
        responsibility of sex education only increases the grwing problems related t teenage sexuality.
        Children will learn about sex, they said. The key issue for Christian parents is whether the
        information will m e fran them and the church or £ran other sources.
             "Pornography is everywhere and is the major source of sex education for teenagers today.
        The problem w i t h pornography is m t that it deals with sex but that it distorts sex," he warned.
             Powell added parents and church leaders "must quit petending that mehaw our youth are
        protected fran society's attitudes abut sex." Churches, she said, can take several steps W a r d
        effective sex education:
               -Move   £ran a "negative ethicw to " a more positive, holistic framew~rk"for talking about
               --Provide healthy role models of lwing relationships in the hme.
             --Talk openly, honestly and accurately abut sexuality, beginning with pre-adolescents.
        "Contrary to much poplar opinion today, withholding information does not reduce the odds of pre-
        marital sex," she said. Also, "many parents wait too late--until adolescence--to talk with their
        children abut their sexuality."
                                                  , --more-
4/25/86                                      Page 5                          Baptist Press
     -Avoid fear tactics and moralizing.
     --Respect the right of young people to make informed choices.
     Both Pawell and Petty encouraged youth leaders t involve parents in planning and supporting
sex ducation programs in the church.
     In his presentation, Anderson emphasized youth ministry actually is family ministry. "You
cannot deal with youth without dealing with fanilies or the lack thereof," he said.
     He encouraged youth leaders to reject the models of the "morals lifeguard" who "sees his
role as primarily a rescuer" and the "mrals policeman1'who opts for a legalistic approach to
canplex moral issues in favor of the "disciple maker" who "doesnl confront or condemn but calls
youth to grow in Christian maturity."
     Churches, he said, should work to involve youth in problem solving "so that they become a
part of the solution rather than the problem."

Falwell predicts                                                             Baptist Press
Rogers Victory                             By Stan Hastey                    4/25/86
     LYNCHBURG, Va. (BP)-Jerry Falwell told an audience of several thousand fundamentalist
Baptist pastors and college students April 23 that Adrian Rogers will be elected president of the
Southern Baptist Convention in June.
     In remarks intrcducing the M i ,
                                 -s     Tenn., pastor as the closing speaker at his annual
pastors mnference on the Lynchburg, Va., c v s of Liberty University-formerly Liberty Baptist
College-Falwell said Rogers was speaking for the first time before one of his audiences and
called him "the greatest wlpiteer in America today.. .a special and anointed servant unlike any
other; he has no peer. "
     Rogers, whose 30-minute sermon entitled "Detours, Dead Ends and Dry Holes" was received
enthusiastically, said nothing in response to Falwell's introduction or about the seven-year
struggle over mntrol of the Southern Baptist Convention.
     The pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in MEmpbis exhorted his listeners not t be defeated
by the "discipline of detours," the "dilemna of dead ends" and the "disappoin-nt   of dry holes"
that m e in every Christian1 pilgrimage. In particular , he warned young ministers--many of
w h were in the audience-not to be "in too big a hurry" to build big churches, publish books o  r
"to take on all of the battles that Dr. Falwell has taken on."
     A t the conclusion of Rogers' message, Falwell praised it as "one of the greatest sermns
I ve ever heard. "
     Rogers, who was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1979, declined the
follwing year t allw his name to be placed in mination for the traditional second oneyear
term normally given pesidents of the nation's largest Protestant denomination.
     But the candidate he pshed to succeed him, Bailey E Smith, won handily. Their mnsecutive
elections marked the beginning o a winning streak for candidates of the denomination's
fundamental-conservative wing, a streak that has reached seven years running.
     Rogers recently told Baptist Press he is willing t be nominated again at the convention's
June 10-12 meeting in Atlanta.
     His rrroderate-conservative opponent is speculatd t be Winfrd Mare, first vice pesident
of the SBC and pastor o First Baptist Church of Amarillo, Texas.
4/25/86                                         Page 6                               Baptist Press

Seninary Trustee
Nminations Made
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) --Trustees for the s i x Southern Raptist Convention-aff i l i a t e d
seminaries have been m i n a t e d by the SBC Cannittee on Boards.
     The ncminations are included i n the 1986 r e p r t of the Camittee on Boards, released April
24 by Lee Roberts Sr , of Marietta, Ga., chairman of the amfittee.

     The nminations must be acted on by messengers to the 1986 annual meeting, scheduled June
10-12 a t the Georgia World Congress Center i n Atlanta. Under anvention bylaws, seminary
trustees serve five-year terms and are e l i g i b l e to serve two terms.
                             (63 trustees): 12 m i n a t i o n s ansidered; 7 new trustees, 5
     Naninated to replace persons ineligible for a second term are Neal Gresham, a retired
General Motors labor relations o f f i c i a l and member of Beda church, Wing, Ala., replacing Rhett E.
Riley of Auburn; Larry L. Adams, director of the Baptist Retirement Center i n Oklahoma City and
manber of F i r s t church, Piedmont, Okla., replacing B.M. W s of Muskogee; Harry S. Dent,
laywriter and speaker and member of F i r s t church, Columbia, S.C., replacing Mrs. 'Edward L. Byrd
of Florence; Mrs. H.B. (Dorothy) Bar k e r f deputy court clerk and hanemaker and member of F i r s t
church, Morton, Texas, replacing Ben R. Murphy of Dallas.
       New local members named t o replace persons ineligible for r e a p i n b e n t include S. Cornell
S m w , r e t i r e d Louisville & Nashville Railroad executive and member of Walnut S t r e e t church,
Louisville, Ky., replacing Damon Surgener of Louisville, and John L. Smith, manager of the
General Electric Appliance Park and member of Cedar Creek church, Louisville, Ky., replacing
Goman Jones Roberts of Louisville.
    Naninated to an at-large position is James M. Bullock, pastor of Colgate church,
Clarksville, Ind. , replacing Lawell G. Holder of Evansville.

     Renaninated to sezand terms are John J. Swartz of Escondido, Calif. ; S Ernest vandiver of
Lavonia, Ga.; Kent Wyatt of Cleveland, Miss.; Sam H. McMahon Jr. of Charlotte, N.C., and W.C.
Carter of Richmond, Va.
         s~uINWSTEHN SEMINARY (36 mmbers, increased t o 37 with a West Virginia representative): 7
m i n a t i o n s considered; 5 new manbers, 2 r e a m i n t e d .
    Ncminatd as new representative £ran ~ e s t ~ i r g i n is Lyle E. Mullins, a layman £ran Burke
Menorial church, Princeton.
     Nminated to replace persons ineligible for reappointment include C.A. Johnson, pastor of
Walnut Street dwrch, Jonesbro, Ark., replacing T. Shad Medlin of E l IBrado, and K.R. (Bud)
Funk, a gasoline plant operator and member of F i r s t church, Bloomfield, N.M., replacing Melvin
Lester of Alamgordo.
     John W. Patterson, pastor of Hampton church, Newport News, Va., was nominated to replace
Jack B. Wilder of Harpton, who declined to serve a second term.
        A m i n e e to replace Milton E. Cunningham of Houston, Texas, who is ineligible for
r e a p i n t m e n t , w i l l be nmned by the subcarcPnittee when it meets i n Atlanta.
      Nuninat& to s m n d terms are Lee P. Molloy 111 of Paducah, Ky., and at-large m m k r Kenneth
E. L i l l y of Fort Smith, Ark.

      NEW ORLEANS SBfDRRY (36 manbers, increased to 37 with a new representative from West
Virginia): 8 m i n a t i o n s considered; 6 new members, 2 reappointments.
      Naninated £ran West ~ i r g i n i a Lawton E. Searcy, pastor of Highlawn church, Huntington.
                                                      Page 7                                      Baptist Press

      Nminated t o replace persons i n e l i g i b l e f o r r e a p i n b n t   include Edwin R. Walter, pastor
of F i r s t church, Troy, Ala., replacing Mike D            m of Decatur;       W. Keith Huffman, pastor of F i r s t
church, Ironton, Mo. , replacing Jmes Donald Baker of Bolivar,                   and J m s Stephen S e l l s , pastor of
                                                                                      a e
southside church, Greensboro, N.C., replacing H. M x Craig J r .
                                                               a                 of Charlotte.
     New l o c a l &rs       rmninated to replace persons i n e l i g i b l e for second terms include W i l l i a m
Vernon May Sr., pastor of F i r s t church, Madison, M i s s . , replacing Mrs. Walter Fox of Lafayette,
and R o k r t Everett Lee, owner of finance oanpanies and member of Parkview church, Baton Rouge,
La., replacing W i l l i a m M a o s H m Jr. of Shreveprt.
                               ed w
      Naninatd to second terms are W i l l i a m C. Ray of Elizabethtcwn, Ky., and Fred T. Moffatt of
A m a w l i s , Md.
        EDtnHmsm SEMINARY            (30 members) : 8 nominations considered; 4 new members, 4
     Roger Williams Ellsworth, pastor of F i r s t C ~ W C ~ ,  Fairfield, Ill., was m i n a t e d t o replace
 ill Hudgens of Edwardsville, who is i n e l i g i b l e for renomination.
     Don S. Wheat, pastor of Central church, Clwis, N.M., was nominatd t o fill the unexpird
term of C. Warren Pearson of Hobbs who moved. The term w i l l expire i n 1989. Jack May, pastor of
Broadmmr church, Memphis, Tenn., was naninated t o f i l l the unexpired term of B i l l Bruster of
Knoxville who moved. The term w i l l expire i n 1990.
     Naninatd a s a local member is W. Dade Sherman Jr., pastor of Benton Heights church,
Monroe, N.C., replacing Mrs. Douglas Branch of Cary, who is ineligible f o r reappointment.
      Naninatd f o r second t e r n a r e Rohert E a r l Shirley of Tupelo, Miss.; David G. French of
Swartz Creek, Mich., and Jmes Roland DeLoach of Houston, Texas. Local member renminated to a
s m n d term is B i l l y H. Cline of Asheville, N.C.
        MJDWSTE~W SEMINARY        (36 members) : 7 m i n a t i o n s considered; 1 new member, 6 reappointed.

     S i Davis, pastor of East Tucson church, Tucson, Ariz., was nominated t o replace R.A. Guthrie
of Flagstaff, who is i n e l i g i b l e f o r renamination.
     Renominated t o s a n d terms are Ms. Jeanette Marie Harlow of Clarendon Hills, Ill. ; Doyle
Smith of Great Rend, Kan. : Jack D. Amis of Hopkinsville, Ky., and Joseph L. Johnson of Knoxville,
Tenn. m a 1 manbers reappointed to second terms are -ell      E. Sooolofsky of Omaha, Neb., and
Richard Adams of Crystal City, M. o
      COLDEN GATE SEMINARY (35 manbers, increased t o 36 with a new representative frcm West
Virginia) : 9 m i n a t i o n s considered; 4 new members, 5 reappointed.
      Naninatd fran West Virginia is Larry R o s s , pastor of Silver Springs church, Princeton.
     W i l l i a m R. Shunk, professor a t Purdue University and member of Calvary church, Lafayette,
Ind., was m i n a t e d to replace Wallace Denton of West Lafayette, who is i n e l i g i b l e for
reappintment. At-large members n a n i n a t d a r e Mrs. P a t r i c i a L. Miller, teacher i n a Christian
school and m e r of Valley church, Bakersfield, Calif., replacing W i l l i a m K. H a l l of Capistrano,
and John D. Morgan, pastor of Sagemont Road church, Houston, Texas, replacing Carlos R. McLeod
of Dallas, both i n e l i g i b l e for reappointment.
     Renaminated t o second terms are Norman H. Taylor of Silver Springs, Md.; Gerald Ray Davidson
of Arnold, Mo. ; Chester F. Stewart of Albuquerque, and Mrs. David Butler of Knoxville, Tenn.
Gordon E. Fercho of Chico, Calif., was renaminated to a s m n d term as an at-large member.
*****                                                 *****                                       ****
C m i t t e e , Carmission                                                                        Baptist Press
Trustees Nminated                                                                                 4/25/86
    NASHVIIU, Tenn. (BP)+rustees for the ~ s s i o n and cornnittees of the Southern Baptist
Convention have been releas& by the 1986 Camnittee on Boards, Carmissions and Standing
                                                 Page 8                             Baptist Press
                   BAFTTST FWNlXTION (35 members): 12 considered, 5 new representatives of SBC
    agencies; 2 agency representatives renaninated, 5 at-large rencminations  .
         Naninated for new terms as agency representatives, replacing persons ineligible for
    renaninations are Milton L. Williams, Shreveprt, La. (New Orleans Seminary), replacing H. Max
    Craig Jr. of Charlotte, N C ; Bill W S t a c y o Cape Girardeau, Mo. (Education Carmission),
                             ..         .
    replacing Tan Madden of Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Harold T Brundige, Martin, Tenn. (Radio and
    Television Cmission) , replacing Frank M Morris o Opelika, Ala.
                                              .          f
         Ncminees t replace Gorman J. Roberts of Louisville, Ky. (Southern Seminary), and Franklin
    Owen of Louisville, Ky. (stewardship Carmission), will be nand by the subcatlmittee.
         Agency representatives renaninated are Ingram L Foster of Prentiss, Miss. (Executive
    Camnittee) , and Raymond Langlois, Nashville, Tenn. (Baptist Sunday School Board) At-large
    members reminated are Osta U n d e r d , G Warren Gregory, Fdward M Smith and John P. Gifford,
                                              .                         .
    Sr , all of Nashville, Tenn., and Clarence m n d s of Brent-,     Tenn.
          AMERICAN           mSSION        (16 members): 6 nominations considered; 5 new members, 1
    r enanination.
         Naninated to replace persons ineligible for reapintment are Milton W Boyd, pastor of
    Central church, Montgmery, Ala., replacing David Jicka of Sheffield; Wendell H Rone Sr., pastor
    of First church, Owensbro, Ky, replacing Joe P. Willims o Louisville, and Fdsel L West,
                                                              f                       .
    pastor o South Harriman church, Harriman, Tenn., replacing Norman C Herron of Nashville.
         William T Hill Jr., a h m e energy consultant with Nashville Electric Service and member of
    T W Rivers church, Nashville, was nominated as a local member, replacing Troy D Woodburn of
    Nashv:ille,who was ineligible for reappointment. W. Roy Fisher, pastor o First church,
    Donelson, Tenn., was nominated to fill the unexpired term o Stephen R Taylor of Goodlettsville,
    who mved.     he term expires in 1989.
          Marshall Gupton of Nashville, Tenn., was naninated for a second term.
          EDXATION m S S I O N   (21 mr)
                                      &s      : 5 minations considered;   4 new members, 1
         Naninees t replace persons ineligible for renanination include Larry Lewis, president of
    Hannibal-LaGrange College and member of Calvary church, Hannibal, Mo. , replacing Thamas S Fields
    of Columbia; William L. Palmer, president of Harrison-Chilhawee Baptist Academy and member of
    First church, Seymour, Tenn., replacing Tan Madden of Murfreesboro, and K. Eugene Lee, assistant
    superintendent o schmls and member of Emnanuel church, Manassas, Va., replacing J. Wade Gilley
    of Herndon.
         Naninated as an at-large member is Mrs. R V (Gwen) Haygood, wife of the executive secretary
    of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, and member of Memorial church, Brownsburg, Ind.,
    replacing Jmes A. Hubbard of Wilkesboro, N C , who was ineligible for a second term.
          Naninated for a second term is Glen White of Pasadena, Texas.
        D-B           U3MISSION (36 members, increasing to 37 with a new representative Eran West
    ~irginZa): 13 considered; 7 new members, 6 renominations.
         Naninated f r m West Virginia is Harry Clifton Davis, director of associational missions and
    manber of Imnanuel church, Princeton.
         Stanley M Riehn, an electrical contractor and member of Millersville church, Oak Ridge,
    Mo., was naminated to replace Harold J. Coday of Battlefield, who was ineligible for
    reappointment. Cecil 0 Sewell Jr , pastor of College Park church, Sugarland, Texas, was
    ncminated t fill the unexpired term (to end in 1989) of Henry Adrion I11 of Fort Wrth, who
,   resigned, A member to fill the unexpired term (to end in 1989) of Gregory W. Brockman of
    Littleton, Colo., who resigned, will be nmed by the subannittee.
                                                   Page 9                                    B a p t i s t Press
     Naninated t o f i l l at-large psitiofls replacing members i n e l i g i b l e for r e a p i n t m e n t are
Willard C. Finch, administrator at P i t t Camnuhity College and member of Winterville church,
Winterville, N.C., replacing Kenneth H. Ftose of Maryville, Tenn., and C. Frazier Landrum, a
medical doctor and member of Edwards church, Edwards, M i s s . , replacing Trennis F G r u b s of
Crenshaw, M i s s . Miles L. Seaborn Jr., pastor of Birchman Avenue church, Fort Worth, Texas, was
ncaninated to f i l l the unexpired at-large term (to end i n 1987) of Joe Bob M s i n n i s of McAllen,
who resigned.
       Naninated f o r second t e r m s are Dennis Daniel of Phoenix, Ariz.: Angus L. Emerson 1 1 of
C a b t , Ark. ; James E. Pelman of Albany, Ga. ; R. Tan Brawning of P r a i r i e Village, Kan. ; Walter M.
Wood of Princess Anne, Md., and Richard H. m r t of Morristown, Tenn. (at-large)

      CHRISTIAN LIFE: m S S I O N (30 members, increased t o 31 with a new r e p e s e n t a t i v e from West
Virginia) : 10 nominations considered; 8 new members, 2 reappoinbnents.
     Naninated £ran West Virginia is Cledith Campbll, pastor of Altizer church, Huntington.                        His
term w i l l end i n 1988.
     Naninated t o replace members i n e l i g i b l e f o r r e a p i n b e n t are Gary E. Crum, professor a t
George Washington University and member of Georgetown,Georgetmn, D.C., replacing Charles
L. Updike of Gaithersville, M . ; Carl W. Garrett, pastor of Emnanuel church, Overland P x k , Kan.,
replacing Ernest D. Stewart Jr. of Garden City; J e r r y B. Hopkins, pastor of Reidland church,
Paducah, Ky., replacing B i l l y G. Hurt of Frankfort, and C u r t i s W. Caine Sr., a medical doctor and
manber of F i r s t church, Jackson, Miss., replacing J e a n e t t e P h i l l i p s of Oxford.

     James Paul Wood, pastor of Mount Vernon church i n Atlanta, was nminated to an at-large
post, replacing Orba Lee Malone of E l Paso, Texas, who was i n e l i g i b l e f o r reelection.

       Mrs. James R. (Alma Ruth) Morgan, a b e m a k e r and r-     of F i r s t church, B a r t l e s v i l l e ,
Okla., was nuninated to f i l l the unexpired term ( t o end i n 1987) of Ron Fellemende of m i d , who
moved, and Vernon Holliday, pastor of F i r s t church, Klamath F a l l s , Ore., w a s nominated t o f i l l
t h e unexpired term ( t o end i n 1988) of Ruffi n E. S m o f Tacoma, Wash. , who moved.
     Naninated f o r second terms are George A. Strickland of Pickneyville, Ill., and Richard Myers
of Char l o t t e s v i l l e , Va.

     HIS?DRICAI; m S S I O N (33 members, being reduced to one member from each s t a t e q u a l i f i e d
for membership; t h e local m a k e r s h i p w i l l be eliminated): 9 naninations considered; 3 new
members; 4 renaninated and 2 local bard positions eliminated.

     Naninated frcan West Virginia is Donald E. Walls, director of associational missions and
member of F i r s t Southern church, F a i m m t .
     Nminated to replace persons i n e l i g i b l e for reappointment are John C. Dyer, pastor of
Southwest church, Wichita, Kan., replacing Jzanes H. Shope of Oswego, and M s Kathleen G.
Clments, a r e t i r e d math and science teacher and member of F i r s t church, Baton Rouge, La.,
replacing W i l l i a m Allen Poe of Winnfield.
    Naninated t o s-nd   terms are Myron D. D i l l o w of Carbondale, Ill. ; Ronald F. Deering of
Louisville, Ky.; Paul Brawn of Hannibal, M . and Mrs. Miles L. Dawson of AIbuquerque, N.M.
     Local b a r d posts c u r r e n t l y held by Carolyn D. Blevins of Jefferson City, Tenn., and Stan
Rushing of Leland, Tenn., have been eliminated.
      RADIO AND T.EEVISION U3WCSSION (26 members, increased to 27 with a new representative
fran West Virginia) : 8 nominations considered; 5 new members, 3 renominations.
      Naninated £ran West Virginia is Odell H. Clay, p a s k of East Williamson church,
Williamson. H i s term w i l l expire in 1988.
    9   .
            4/25/86                                             Page 10                                   Baptist Press
                 Naninated to replace members i n e l i g i b l e , f o r re-election are Wallace   Henley , pastor of
            Mmlwain church, Birmingham, Ala., replacing ~ r & kM. Morris of Opelika;                Faye M. Graves, p a r t
            owner of four radio s t a t i o n s and minister of education/media director at         Imnanuel church,
            Wichita, Kan., replacing Ronald R mle of Topeka, and Tarrany D. don ha^^^,
                                                    .                                               supervisor a t Sandia
            National Labs and mr
                               -          of Eastern H i l l s church, Alhquerque, replacing        Donald Haningway of Las
                 Jalma Hunsinger , a r e a l e s t a t e businessperson and mgnber of Church on M i l l , Tfmpe, Aria.       ,
I           was nominated t o fill the unexpired term' (to end i n 1989) of Jack Johnson of Phoenix, who

                                                  *   .

                 Naninated for seoond t e r m - Ee J@es W. Waters of Macon, Ga. ; Russell Lawson of Oklahoma
            City, and Lintxlod F. Perkins J r . of Norfolk, Va.
                  S-HIP          COMISSION (26 members, increased t o 27 with the addition of a new
            representative f r a n West v i r g i n i a ) : 9 nminations a n s i d e r e d , 5 new members, 4 renominated.
                 Nminated f r m West Virginia is Sylvester E. Hathaway 111, pastor of Wayside Southern
            church, Buckhannon. H i s term w i l l end i n 1987.
                 C.B. Hque, executive director-treasurer of Southern Baptist General Convention of
            California and mesnber of F i r s t Southern church, Fresno, was nominated to replace Robert Hughes of
            Clovis, who was i n e l i g i b l e for renanination. A member to replace Franklin Owen of Louisville,
            Ky., w i l l be nominated by the s u k m m i t t e e when it meets prior to the 1986 annual meeting.
                 Gene Parrott, pastor of Almeda H i l l s church, Lakewood, Colo., was nominated to f i l l the
            unexpired term ( t o end i n 1988) of James Rich of Englewood, who moved; and Cecil Charles Sims,
            executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention and member of F i r s t church, Beaverton,
            Ore., was m i n a t e d t o f i l l the unexpired term ( t o end i n 1989) of Ben Green of Wenatchee Valley,
            Wash., who resigned.
                 Naninated for semnd terms are Worth C. Grant of Washington, D.C. ; Harold T. Kitchings of
            Clinton, M i s s . ; Glenn A. B r m of Oklahoma City, and J h i e E. Harley of Florence, S.C.
                  PUBLIC AF??AIES-TEE       (15 members, eight of whom serve by v i r t u e of o f f i c e a s SBC
            agency administrators): 1 considered, 1 new member.
                 Darold H. Morgan, president of the SBC Annuity Board and member of F i r s t church, Richardson,
            Texas, was m i n a t e d to replace Jinnny R. Allen, president of the Southern Baptist Radio and
            Television C m i s s i o n . The C m i t t e e on Boards a l s o nominates a chairman f o r the PAC and
            remmnended Samuel Currin of Raleigh, N.C., the current chairman.
                  ORDER OF B U S m S E t M I T ' E E (6 members, plus the current president of the SBC) : 2
            naninations a n s i d e r e d , 2 new members.
                     Naninated t o replace members i n e l i g i b l e f o r renomination a r e John B. Wright, pastor of
            F i r s t church, L i t t l e Rock, Ark., to replace Morris H Chapnan of Wichita F a l l s , Texas, and T m
            E l l i f f , pastor of F i r s t Southern church, Del City, Okla., t o replace Fred H. Wolfe of Mobile,
            Ala. The ccarmittee also m i n a t e s the camnittee chairman and reommended Stan Coffey of
            Amarillo, Texas.

I                     DEK+UNATIONFV,CALENDAR 03WITIFE         (6 members): 2 nominations considered, 2 new members.

                     Naninated to replace persons i n e l i g i b l e for renanination are Jmes A. Green Jr., pastor of
            F i r s t church, Jal, N.M., to replace Edwin C. Meyers of Roswell, and ~ e J. Ingram, pastor of
            Lincoln Park church, ~ n o x v i l l e ,Tenn. , t o replace Troy Culpepper of Texar kana, Texas. The
            carmittee also ncaninates the chairman and x-ended                 Fred Powell of Atlanta.

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