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					             Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
                     Volunteer Handbook
                                   for volunteers in
             Coconino, Navajo, Apache and Yavapai Counties

                             WELCOME to RSVP!
Dear RSVP Volunteer,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. Your
volunteer service is an important contribution to your community, and I thank you for
choosing to partner with RSVP.

The following is the RSVP volunteer handbook which outlines the RSVP benefits of
and the secondary volunteer insurance and optional mileage reimbursement
information. A quarterly timesheet is also included for your convenience in reporting
your volunteer service. Additional copies of the timesheet are available from the
Volunteer Coordinator at the volunteer site or from me. A nametag is enclosed to help
signify your affiliation with RSVP. Through out the year RSVP may provide you with a
newsletter or other information, as well as an invitation to RSVP events. If at any
time, you desire additional volunteer work, I will be happy to assist you. My goal is to
make sure you’re happy with your volunteer service.

Liane Sims
RSVP Director
                                     P.O. Box 5063
                                  Flagstaff, AZ 86011
                        Phone: 928-523-6585 Fax: 928-523-9189
                                 Toll free 866-856-3017
                           A Bridge Between Skills and Service

  The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is part of the National Senior Service Corps
(NSSC) funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency
                                      for volunteer service.

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program has the dual purpose of engaging persons 55 and older
in volunteer service to meet critical community needs; and to provide a high quality experience that
will enrich the lives of volunteers.
Congressional interest in establishing a program to address the needs of senior and retired persons
began in 1965. In 1969, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program was created as an amendment
to the Older Americans Act with eleven Retired and Senior Volunteer Projects receiving funding in

Since that time, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program has expanded throughout the United
States. There are now well over one-half million RSVP volunteers in cities all around the country
giving more than six million hours of time in service to their communities. Authorized and funded by
Congress, the program is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service
which monitors and advises local projects.

The intention of RSVP is to engage individuals 55 years and older into volunteer service who have
not previously been engaged in service. Therefore it is requested volunteers enrolling in RSVP have
not been volunteering at their current site for more than three months.
                               RSVP Time Sheets

The time sheet is a very important tool for RSVP, the volunteer station, and the
volunteer. This form allows RSVP and the volunteer stations to keep track of the
hours served. This information documents the contribution RSVP volunteers are
making in communities throughout Northern Arizona. and is a requirement by the
Corporation for National and Community Service.

For the volunteer, the time sheet is vital to ensuring receipt of the program benefits of
secondary insurance and if applicable, mileage reimbursement.

Please note that a time sheet is needed regardless of whether or not the
volunteer seeks mileage reimbursement in order to be covered by the
insurance policy.

   • Time sheets cover three months at a time and are due quarterly by the 7th day
     of the new quarter, except for June.
            July/August /September - time sheets due by October 7.
            October/November/December – time sheets due by January 7.
            January/February/March – time sheets due by April 7.
            April/ May/June – time sheets due by June 15, due to fiscal year end.
   • April/May/June time sheets must be received by June 15th, or reimbursement
     will not be processed due to year-end budget and accounting requirements.
   • Timesheets need to be filled out correctly and include the following:
            Station Name
            Volunteer Name
            Volunteer Current Address
            Station Coordinator Signature
            Time Period and Year
            Indicate mileage reimbursement (if claiming).
   • RSVP will provide quarterly timesheets to the volunteer station, if you need
     them to go to you, please inform the RSVP office.
   • Time sheets with reimbursement can only be processed in times specified
   • Timesheets can be found on the RSVP website:
 Retired Senior Volunteer Program
                                                                 July/August/September 2007
                                                       Volunteer Station; Disney Land Food Bank
                                                       Volunteer Name: Minnie Mouse
 Northern Arizona University                           Volunteer Address: 107 Main St
 P.O. Box 5063                                         City: Disneyland Town       Zip: 86001
 Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5063                              Volunteer Signature: Minnie Mouse
 (928) 523-6585
  Fax (928) 523-9189

** Station Coordinator must verify and sign!**

             Donald Coordinator__________

      Date        Hours Served        Total            Mileage             Volunteer Activities
                 Start   Finish       Hours
7-1-05           9           1        4           10              Prepared food boxes
8-12             9               1    4           10              Prepared food boxes
9-5              9               1                10              Prepared food boxes
                                      Total hrs   Total Miles
                                      16          50

Mileage _X__Yes ___No
____Drive own car
Ride w/someone ____
Walk or Other_______

                              ***SAMPLE TIME SHEET***
       RSVP of Northern Arizona and Northern Arizona University
                    Mileage Reimbursement Policy
                                     Effective July 1, 2006

Before a volunteer can receive mileage reimbursement, a registration form must be
completed and sent to:                         RSVP of Northern Arizona
                                               P.O. Box 5063
                                               Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5063

Local implementation of the reimbursement policy is determined by the NAU/RSVP Advisory Council.
The intent of the RSVP mileage reimbursement is to help ensure volunteer opportunities are available
to all persons in the NAU/Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, including those on fixed incomes.

Transportation reimbursement requests are optional. RSVP asks that reimbursement be
requested only if reimbursement enables the volunteer to serve. This determination is made by
the volunteer in good faith with RSVP.

To request reimbursement for travel, the volunteer must:
A.    Have an up-to-date RSVP registration form with current driver’s license information.
B.    Carry the minimum automobile insurance coverage required by the State of Arizona.
C.    Provide his/her social security number which is required by Northern Arizona University for
      payment purposes only. Reimbursement is not individually reported to any government entity.

•   A volunteer must serve a minimum of 3 hours at one site on the day mileage reimbursement is
    requested. Exceptions may be made for friendly visitation or RSVP for Children’s Literacy
•   Allowable mileage claims are only for the trip from home to your volunteer station and back home
    again. Mileage driven for the station is not eligible for reimbursement from RSVP, as per RSVP
    Federal Compliance Regulations.
•   A time sheet requesting mileage must be signed by the Station Volunteer Coordinator. If the time
    sheet has not been signed by the station volunteer coordinator RSVP will not provide
    reimbursement to the volunteer.
•   Mileage reimbursement is at the minimum rate of .15 cents a mile for all counties with a limit of
    300 miles per quarter. As funding allows the mileage rate may be adjusted, depending on the
    number of volunteers requesting mileage and the amount of funding available per quarter.
    Reimbursement is only available when funding is available.
•   No reimbursements will be made for less than $6.00.
•   Mileage is reimbursed quarterly. Mileage reimbursement checks may take 6 weeks to process.
    Checks are printed on Northern Arizona University paper with the University insignia and
    envelope, however, the check is from RSVP. Reimbursements will be mailed only in the following
    months: October, January, April and June.
•   Mileage reimbursement is a benefit for the volunteer, not for the volunteer station. If mileage is
    given to the station RSVP will no longer be able to provide mileage for that volunteer.
•   Meal reimbursement is not available.
•    If ride sharing or car pooling occurs, the RSVP volunteer driving may list the extra miles driven.
•   A husband and wife may not receive reimbursement if they volunteer on the same day to the
    same station even if they drive separate cars.
•   Reimbursement is not reported to the IRS by RSVP. Miles not reimbursed or claimed to RSVP are
    tax deductible. Please contact a tax professional for more information on this.
•   RSVP may at any time reimburse volunteers only signed up with Volunteer Stations designated as
    “Programming for Impact” stations. Contact RSVP for a list of PFI stations
•   All mileage reimbursement polices are subject to change due to implementation of the Advisory
    Council, funding availability or due to administrative decisions concerning this program.
                        RSVP Secondary Insurance
                             See attached CIMA brochure.

IMPORTANT! The following is secondary coverage. Any insurance the RSVP Volunteer
has, such as Medicare, supplemental health insurance, or auto insurance must be billed first.

Accident insurance covers RSVP Volunteers for personal injury during travel
between their home and their volunteer station, while at the volunteer station,
during meal periods, when a volunteer is providing services, and while attending recognition
activities and advisory council meetings.

Insurance benefits also include up to $50.00 for repair of eyeglass frames and
up to $50.00 for repair or replacement of eyeglass prescription lenses that are damaged as a
result of an accident during your volunteer service.

Personal liability protects the RSVP volunteer up to one million dollars if
sued for personal injury or property damage while doing your volunteer activity.

Excess automobile liability insurance of not less than $500,000 per accident
protects the RSVP Volunteer for both bodily injury or property damage if an
automobile liability claim occurs while doing your volunteer activities, including
driving from your home to the volunteer station. This is liability insurance and does not
include collision insurance.

Counsel may be employed and counsel fees, court costs, bail, and other
expenses incidental to the suit against the RSVP Volunteer may be paid when it is the
result of the volunteer doing their volunteer duties.
                         Grievance and Appeals Procedure
Step One:
The Volunteer must present the grievance in writing to the Volunteer Station
Coordinator who shall conduct a review and provide a decision in writing. The
grievance shall state the nature of the complaint and the relief the volunteer is seeking.
Any grievance which fails to state both the nature of the complaint and the relief
requested shall be rejected and not considered.

The volunteer must file his/her grievance within thirty (30) calendar days after the
grievance event has occurred. The Volunteer Station Coordinator must issue his/her
written grievance from the volunteer.

Step Two:
With the knowledge of the Volunteer Station Coordinator, the volunteer may present
the grievance appeal in writing to the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Director. The second step must be initiated ten (10) calendar days of the volunteer’s
notification of decision in the first step.

The RSVP Director shall conduct an investigation and render a decision in writing. Such
decision shall be communicated to the volunteer’s immediate supervisor and the volunteer
within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of grievance.

Step Three:
The volunteer may continue his/her grievance appeal to the RSVP Advisory Council. The
grievance must be provided in writing within ten (10) calendar days of the volunteer’s
notification of the RSVP Director’s decision. The RSVP Advisory Council or it’s designated
subcommittee will investigate the grievance and render a decision within thirty (30) calendar
days of receiving the written grievance. All decisions of the Advisory Council or their sub-
committee are final.

                     On behalf of your community and RSVP
                                      -thank you,
                         for your concern and contribution
                                to your community.
                                  Supporting RSVP with eSCRIP
     RSVP supports volunteers with mileage reimbursement with funds raised from events such as the
     annual Flagstaff Craft Fair in November, the Bubbles and Bids Fundraiser Auction in August, as well
     as through local funders and foundations, such as United Way of Northern Arizona and Northeastern

     RSVP is also enrolled with the fundraising program eScrip. By registering your Safeway Club
     Card with eScrip under our program name, every time you shop at Safeway a percentage of up
     to 5% is contributed to the Senior Corps Programs. These contributions are then spent on
     volunteer mileage reimbursement, recognition events for volunteers and volunteer secondary

     To sign up, complete and return the attached sign up form (including your Safeway Club Card
     Number!) to the RSVP office with your time card and we will sign you up. -OR - You can register
     your Safeway Club Card on the web at and click on sign up, then select the
     Senior Corps Programs of Northern Arizona, #152407324. You may also register other credits
     cards with eScrip.

     If you have any questions on this, please call RSVP at (928) 523-6585 or via e-mail at

                                   eSCRIP ENROLLMENT FORM

                      A Fundraiser for Senior Corps of Northern Arizona
                      RSVP, Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent.

                   By signing up your Safeway Club Card up to 4% of purchase
                         totals will go to Senior Corps of Northern Arizona!

                                          Mail this form to:
                                            PO BOX 5063
                                         Flagstaff, AZ 86011

                                or fax from your volunteer station to:


 Mailing Address
Include town and
     zip code

 Safeway Club
 Card Number

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