Issue 6 - SPMS by yaofenji


Dear SPMS-ians:
                                                                        Publication Officer:
                                                                        Lu Xi

                                                                        Editors and Writers:
Well, time flies, as the end of the 2nd semester is coming, we          Lim Lee Ping,
are pleased to show you the 6th issue SPMS e-Newsletter!                Wu Keyuan, Fu Jing,
~\ (^o^) /~
                                                                        Zhu Yuxuan and
In the holiday of December last year, we had the Kids’ Science-         Tan Zhong Lin
day Camp as well as the Inter School Game. Thanks for every-
one’s participation. Also in this semester, we celebrated the Chi-
nese New Year. Further more, SPMS very first Dinner and Dance
finally took place… Apart from the excellent activities we have         Wu Lin, Tan Zhong Lin,
held, SPMS also had its 1st Division Clubs namely MAS Division,         Lu Yaoren, Lim Lee Ping
PAP Dvvivision as well as CBC Division. What’s more, SPMS is
going to have its new graduating students… It is really a year to       and Zhu Yuxuan
be remembered.
In this issue, we are going to give you a deep look at the activities
we involved and of course more information about our professors         Ivan Wiradi Warkita
and the graduating students! Wanna take a closer look at the pro-
fessor we have admired for a long time? Wanna keep in touch with
the excellent graduating students from SPMS? Don’t miss the op-
portunity! Find someone you know in the e-Newsletter and let’s
                                                                        This newsletter is
support them ^^                                                         published by
                                                                        SPMS Club 4th
At the end of this semester, we still have the electronic publica-
tion. However, after the 3-month summer holiday, we are to have         management
a new version——the hardcopies will coming out on the August             committee.
this year. This will be a combination of 1st semester e-Newsletter
and 2nd semester one. Let’s looking forward to the wonderful and
admiring newsletter in 2009!
Enjoy reading! And PLEASE feel free to provide the feedback!            spmsclub-publication
Lu Xi                                                         

                 SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                        Page 2

                                                                  Assistant main-committees

                                                                  I believe the faces you are going to see are not so strange.
                                                                  Maybe you come from the same school. Maybe they are your
                                                                  group mates or even your friends. Yes, they are the assistant
                                                                  main-committees of SPMS club. So many thanks for their
                                                                  contribution to our club.

                                                                                    Always think that life in university is dull and dry? Always
                                                                                    treat science students as cut-and-dry guys? Now I can tell you
                                                                                    that you have made serious mistakes. Let’s have a look at the
                                                                                    colorful life in SPMS!

                                                                  Graduating Seniors
                                                                  How time flies! Soon in this May, another more than 300
                                                                  students will graduate from SPMS and contribute themselves
                                                                  in every important area. Before they leave NTU, let them tell
                                                                  us how the life in Year Four is. Sooner or later, I believe this
                                                                  can help you more or less.

                                                                                    New faces
                                                                                    Have you noticed that there are some new faces in your
                                                                                    lectures or tutorials? Yes, these professors are from all around
                                                                                    the world and join the teaching troop recently. Do you know
                                                                                    any of them?

                                                                              SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                                                                                     Page 3
Meet Our New Vice President
We would like to thank Yew Chin for her great help in the last semester for SPMS. As she says: Coming
together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. We are all trying our
best for our SPMS! Thank you Yew Chin and we all miss you much^^

                                        “Dear all:

                                        I would like to take this VP position because I want to serve my
                                        fellow SPMSians and together with other members in the man-
                                        agement committee, to bring SPMS club to a greater high.
                                        I think I am suitable for this position for mainly two reasons:
                                        First, I personally enjoy serving and contributing to the club, and
                                        of course the members of the club--SPMSians. Been participated
                                        in many community work in the past years, including two over-
                                        sea volunteer trips with one of Singapore’s charity organization,
                                        I have a deep understanding about what is serving, how to serve,
                                        and how to find out what are the things that people need to be
                                        served. Of course, during these activities, I gained a lot of experi-
                                        ence in leadership and know how a successful leader should act,
                                        which will be quite useful if I can take the VP position.
                                        Second, with one and half years working experience in the club,
                                        both as financial controller and logistic director, I believe I won’t
                                        know less than other members in the committee about our club
                                        and how the club runs. This will give me a great advantage to
                                        perform more efficiently during every club event. Of course I
Su Le (Logistic Director in the         understand been a VP means greater challenge, but I think I am
last semester) becomes the new          already well prepared, and of course, if I can take this position,
vice president (academic) of            with the help of all committee members, especially with the
SPMS club while Eugenie Loh             generous suggestions and advices from Eugenie, I think I can do
Yew Chin is on her Exchange Pro-        a good job.
gram. OK, let’s know more about
our new Vice President Su Le!           Thank you! :)”

               SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                      Page 5
                                    Hello, my name is Ou Yangyi. I’m a fresh fellow of MAS come from
                                    China, and this year is my first time to work for the SPMS club. My
                                    position is assistant sports secretary. It’s my pleasure to serve all spms

                                    I am not tall and not handsome, but I am a hard-working guy. Every
                                    morning I will get up to practice my spoken English, or sometimes
                                    Japanese. I also spent weekends playing badminton with my friends.
                                    Moreover I will go for a running within weekdays but not very often.
                                    The hip-pop music is also my favorite, I like Jay Zhou most. And I am
                                    interested in Criminal minds; I watch it every Wednesday online.
                                    So that’s all about me, I’m glad I have a good start in my university and
                                    I hope I will still have the chance to work in the spms club.

Hi, my name is Kevin, currently a 3rd year MAS student. As the
Assistant Publicity Director, I’m very happy to be given the chance
from the other Main Committees to participate in serving our school
community. My goal in joining the committee is to put all of my
experiences from various publicity and publication teams to make
our website useful for students. In the meantime, I expect for this
experience to be enriching and fun, which I believe it is. Hopefully
what I have done is good enough for all of you!!:)

                SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                       Page 6
                                   “A big hello to all fellow SPMS students, I am Andy Seo, a third
                                   year student in MAEC, currently serving as Asst. Business Manager.
                                   I decided to join SPMS Club to have a feel of how a student body
                                   in university is being run. As for the position that I am in, I want to
                                   work towards the goal of assisting my Business Manager and with
                                   the help of our business manager subcommers, to get better goodie
                                   bag items for the SPMS students for club events. This leadership po-
                                   sition has also enabled me to gain valuable experience from liaising
                                   with external sponsors to get various sponsorships. I hope that future
                                   business managers will strive to get much better goodie bag items for
                                   our fellow SPMS students and that all SPMS students will particpate
                                   actively in club events and activities so as to have a bonded SPMS
                                   community. “

Hello! I’m Hua Xia, from SPMS Math Division Year 3, and I
am the Assistant Logistic Director in SPMS Club 4th Batch. En-
joying work with all other Main and Sub-committee members, I
would like to give a good service to all people from SPMS and
do more contribution to our club and school. I’m energetic and
responsible in working while honest and warm-hearted in life. I
hope I can do a good job in this position.

                     Page 7
The SPMS Kids Science day-Camp (KSC) 2008 was held on
15th, 16th and 17th of December 2008 in SPMS building. The
main objective of KSC is to allow the primary school students
to learn and induce their interest in various areas of sciences
(Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The other objective is to
publicise the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

KSC 2008 targeted a total of 90 participants from various pri-
mary schools. It was a 3-day camp, with 30 students for each
day. Each day, students were split up into groups of 10 and each
group was led by 2 SPMS students at all times.

The students were brought to the laboratories situated in the
SPMS building; there
were demonstrations of
various lab experiments      Kids Science
as well as hands-on ex-
periment for the students.
Science-related      games
                              Day Camp
were planned and played
by the students too. Thus, allowing
the students to learn more about the
sciences and stimulating their inter-
est in science.

The students were required to pay
a minimal fee of $8(inclusive of
5% GST) each, which covers their
lunch, tea-time, goodie bags and


                  SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                         Page 9
  Inter-Schools Games

Women’s Volleyball
Line up: Alicia, Azura, Novianti, Pearly, Shi Yi, Wan Huei, Jesslyn, Si Yi
Opponent: WKWII, SCBE (group stage), SCE (semi-final), NIE (final)
Result: 2-0, 2-0, 2-1, 0-2

SPMS women’s volleyball team, comprising of Alicia, Azura, Jesslyn, Novianti, Pearly, Si Yi, Shi Yi and Wan

                  SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                         Page 10
Huei fought their way to the final game in three days (14-16
Jan 09), but missed their chance to be the champion of ISG
women’s volleyball after they were beaten by NIE in the
final (17 Jan 09).

On Wednesday (14/01/09), the team went up against WK-
WII and fought well to get a deserved 2-0 straight win. The
next day (15/01/09), they beat SCBE to become the group
B champion with another straight win 2-0.
Friday evening (16/01/09) saw them up for the semi-final.
They met the champion of group D, SCE. Bad luck for the
team, two of our best players Jesslyn and Si Yi were un-
available to play. But the show must go on. Wan Huei came
in as a substitute for the match. The first set was unfortunate
for them as they lost it. In the second set the game sud-
denly became so intense because of the team’s spirit to fight
arise, as they put their best effort to get to the final. SPMS
women’s volleyball team had never got this far, so it was
an all-or-nothing situation they got. They fought back well,
and they won the set. In the final set, the opposition’s spirit
was high too as they fought the decisive set.
Finally, the team won the third set and got a
place in the final game.

Saturday (17/01/09) maybe isn’t their day.
That morning they fought an unlucky battle
in the final against the powerful NIE team,
as they were crushed with straight two sets
0-2. That makes them the runner-up for this
year, as the team makes a new record in
Well done team for not giving up despite
the tough competition! We’ll see you again
in 2009/10 ISG!
                         Ivan Wiradi Waskita

                   SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                          Page 11

           Page 12
Extraordinary                                     al Secretary, Wu Ke’er Holly welcomed the students
                                                  and commence the meeting at 18:00.

General                                           The second part is proposing the formation of 3 Di-
                                                  visional Clubs and the objective of the Divisional
                                                  Clubs. Holly asked the audience to take a simple ma-

Meeting                                           jority vote. Both of the two amendments are passed
                                                  with the total number of “for” votes 106 out of 106.

We held our 4th SPMS club Extraordinary Gener-    The third part is proposing amendments to constitu-
al Meeting (EGM) on 12th January 2009 at SPMS     tion. Fortunately all the amendments were passed.
Lecture Theatre 5. A total of 106 SPMS students
attended this meeting.                            And the last part is end of EGM and refreshments.
                                                  SPMS EGM for 2009 was ended around 19:00 and
The meeting can be divided into four parts.       we thanked everyone present.

The first part is commencement. Honorary Gener-   Wu Keyuan

                SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                       Page 13
Chinese New Year
This year SPMS Chinese New Year celebration
was held on 3rd February at quadrangle. The night
started with chair’s welcome speech and followed
by Wushu performance. Halfway through the event,
there was a lion dance performance which was full
of energy and the performers were greeted to loud
cheers and applause when they their performance
After that, there was a Pageant Preview from our
very first Dinner and Dance (DnD). An information
booth was set up to sell the tickets to provide
enquiries as well. There were also some exciting
games with prizes which brought much enjoyment
and laughter to everyone such as Poker/Big 2, 21,

                    Page 14
capteh, bowling, darts, ring it, fill the cups, pyramid and tikam.
Next came to “Lau Yu Sen”, an activity which was believed will bring a prosperous year to
everyone, professors and guests gathered around the tables for the activity and the students
looked so excited to have “Lau Yu Sen” with their professors. The dinner started soon after
“Lau Yu Sen”
and overall, it
was a night full
of fun, laughter,
peace and joy.

Lim Lee Ping

               SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                      Page 15
Dinner N’        SPMS very first Dinner and Dance finally took place in
                 Carlton Hotel Singapore on the 21st of February 2009!!

                 It was a great success and our students had a fun-filled
                 night. Our guest of honor is our professor Ling San and
                 we can tell he had a good time chit chatting with our
                 students before the event started. Our theme for the night
                 was Viva Las Vegas and the whole place was decorated
                 with dices and poker cards to give the whole feel! To
                 match the theme, we had various casino games played
                 during the cocktail session for the guests and they get
                 to walk away with small gifts after winning at different
                 tables! There were also interesting pageant performances
                 throughout the night to entertain the guests while they
                 enjoy their sumptuous dinner. Of course, not to forget that
                 we had 3 segments of intervals games for the guests to
                 participate and we are proud to say that we have some
                 really spontaneous students who volunteered themselves
                 for the games actively! From their looks, we know they
                 have enjoyed themselves and some even get to take away
                 prizes for winning the segment games!

                 On the whole, I believe our students have got to know
                 new friends through this event and some have furthered
                 strengthened their friendships with one another in a fun
                 and interactive way. It was also a good chance for them
                 to show their support for their contestants’ friends and
                 to take a good break from school. Hence, let’s all look
                 forward to the next dinner and dance and hopefully, we
                 will see even greater response from the students and even
                 more fun the next time round!

          Page 16
SPMS Club set up 3 Divisional Clubs namely CBC Club, MAS Club, and PAP Club on 2nd. March 2009.
SPMS is a school with diverse interest and learning as science is a wide spectrum of field. SPMS consists of
3 main divisions (Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Physics and Applied Physics, Mathematical Sciences)
which have different and diverse of interest. Hence, formation of divisional club is with the purpose of reach-
ing the diverse back ground better. Sub Clubs are part of SPMS Club. SPMS Club has the responsibilities of
overseeing the progress and management of Sub Clubs. All event hosting and financial issues of Sub Clubs are
subject to approval of SPMS Club.

 New Divisional Clubs

MAS Division                     CBC Division                            PAP Division
Vice-Chair: Zhang Wei            Vice-Chair: Fan Yanliang                Vice President: Wang Shengtao
Secretary: Maryati               Treasurer: Nguyen Huu Loc, Kenny        Secretary: Nelly Ng Huei Ying
Treasurer: Gu Xin                Secretary: Tee Jia Xin                  Events Director: PHANN Sophearin
Event Director: Eng Wee Min      Event director: Cai Qinyou              Treasurer: Wang Jialei
Logistic Officer: Shao Peng      Logistic Officer: Kwek Swee Hee         Logistic Officer: Wang Xingjue

                                                                                                        Lu Xi

                  SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                         Page 17
The SPMS pre-exam welfare                                                contains not only goodie bags but also
the best wishes for our SPMS family. As we have known, the exam period is almost upon us. While we are all
occupied with all the studying and reviewing, we need to take a rest in our free time. We also need encourage-
ment from the school and our classmates, and that’s when the pre-exam welfare came as the warmest greet for
all of us!

On the pre-exam welfare, the club gave out 400 free lunch boxes and 500 goodie bags, which contains maga-
zines, pens, drinks, snacks and discount tickets. The response from our students is so great that some of us didn’t
manage to get the free lunch, even though they come half an hour before the time.

Nonetheless, we hope all SPMS-ians enjoyed the pre-exam welfare! Good luck to all of our final exam!

                   SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                          Page 18
     Interviews seniors
PAP Division                                                    CBC Division
Ma Ruichao, who is a final year student from PAP            These are some words from our graduating
division, has just accepted by Harvard University.          seniors and this one is from CBC, let’s see how he
Fortunately, we get an opportunity to talk with him         appreciates his academic life in SPMS:
and share his experience in SPMS. Firstly let’s say
congratulations to him.                                     “Hello, my name is Fu Tianpei. In the final year,
                                                            CBC gives us the freedom to choose either an
Ruichao will soon finish his three year study in            Honors Project or an Industrial Attachment. I
SPMS. He emphasized a proper balance between                chose a biochemistry project about protein-protein
work and leisure. “I am a good tennis and ping-pong         interactions in the first semester. It has been an
player!”                                                    incredible experience because it is the very first
                                                            time that I am involved in a full-time project for
Being one of the only two students who are accepted         a whole semester. The project is fun and exciting.
by Harvard, Ruichao talked about this special               I have learnt a lot of new knowledge from my
experience. “It’s so lucky of mine that I received          supervisor and graduate student mentor. On the
the acceptance of Harvard” he said modestly, “In            other hand, it is not easy and requires hard work.
the final year, I had spent several months to prepare       The most unforgettable moment was the final poster
for my application. Everything just came naturally.         presentation. I introduced my project to professors
I am so lucky.”                                             and fellow coursemates. I felt so fortunate that I
                                                            could share my experience with so many people,
When I asked the future plan of him, Ruichao showed         even though some of them might be from a totally
his confident smile again. “If it’s possible, I’d like      different field.
to do more physical researches in college and be a
professional research fellow. Maybe someday I will          The second semester is more challenging. I have to
leave college and do some work based on science             deal with job hunting and many advanced subjects.
technique. Who knows?”                                      Neither of these is easy. I am grateful that CBC has
                                                            arranged several scholarship and career talks for us.
Last but not least, here are some words that Ruichao        These talks tell me the potential of being a chemist.
wanted to give us juniors: “It’s been a lot of fun living   There will be uncertainties in the future, especially
in the SPMS family, and I shall never forget the            in this economic crisis. I believe if we try our best,
cheerful moments we shared in the young building.           we will find all the efforts are worthy in the end.”
Hope you all a carefree and fruitful journey here.”
                                                            Fu Jing
Zhu Yuxuan

                  SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                         Page 20
MAS Division
You must have seen this face on some of our            Apart from majoring in math, Shao has also taken
SPMS publications or in some introduction of           a minor in Economics. When asking him why he is
SPMS on the Open House Day. Yep, this senior           so interested in Economics, he said it was useful in
is from the MAS Division, one of our best gradu-       business which he is really interested in!
ating students, Shao Lei. This semester, we got
                                                       Being an excellent student is MAS, Shao also took
a chance to interview this smart boy who was
                                                       many activities during school time, such as ex-
originally in PAP Division before converting into
                                                       change program and internship in companies. Ex-
MAS division.
                                                       change program gave him a beautiful memory as
When asking why he chose Math as his finally           well as a practical life experience abroad and the
major, he answered without doubt: “Mathematic          internship during his Year 3 Summer Holiday also
is the significant!” “Why you think math is im-        helped him in finding a job easily during this Eco-
portant for us?” “Ha-ha! Because Professor Ling        nomic Crisis.
San will read this article! Joking~” As is known
                                                       Last Shao Lei wished every student in SPMS “Study
to all, actually mathematic is the root for science
                                                       Hard, Play Hard!”
as well as our life!

During the interview, we can easily discover that
Shao Lei is very grateful to his professors in SPMS.   Lu Xi
When he was during the exchange program in To-
ronto University, Canada, Shao couldn’t adapt the
in Canada quickly and even felt upset sometimes.
Professor Ling San was very worried about Shao
and even asked Shao’s schoolmates to chat with
him online, helping him feel relaxed. “The stu-
dents in SPMS are great and the professors are
super good!” as Shao Lei emphasized.

                 SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                        Page 21
“When I was on the decision of my future career, the most
important thing that I was concerned about was oppor-
tunities and potential. Asia is one of the fastest develop-
ing regions in the world. The rapid growth of the Internet

                                                                 Prof. Chen
provides us great opportunities to plant our ideas to bring
more innovations in high technology. Singapore is one of
the center in the world with well-developed IT and finan-
cial industry. NTU provides the best possible environment
and facilities for my work. I get all kind of supports from
the university, the school and division. I came here with a dream, and I have strong belief that it will come

With a dream coming here, Chen Ning, who graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai, China and earned
his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Washington, Seattle, one

                SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                       Page 23
of the most beautiful cities in the world, has just
joined our SPMS as an Assistant Professor in Sep-      While asking about what he thought was the most
tember 2008 and has been warmly welcomed by            important thing we should pursue in the university.
lots of our students.                                  He answered: “University is a platform for you to
                                                       change from the situation of learning how to study
Very luckily, we got a chance to interview this new    to the situation of understanding how to live. We
handsome and easy-going SPMS-ian. For the first        have to find the balance between studies and activi-
time entering his office, we were a bit nervous.       ties. One of the most precious memories in univer-
But his warm smile soon made us relaxed. After a       sity life must be your friends. When having lots of
few questions, we generally knew his growth ex-        fun with friends, we also learnt about the commu-
periences.                                             nication skills with people around.”

Assistant Professor Chen Ning was born in Liaon-       We then asked him to compare those universities
ing, China. He was very interested in Mathemati-       in China, USA and Singapore respectively. He
cal Olympiad and rather enjoyed solving such           thought for a while and said: “NTU has the best
kind of “tricky” mathematical problems when he         facilities and computer network which he is really
was young. For this reason, our young professor        appreciated. Curriculum in USA is more flexible
chose Mathematical Science as his major when           and students can develop themselves freely. And
he entered Fudan University. However, he found         Chinese students also study very hard to earn better
pure mathematic was not so “tricky” as he had          grades”
imagined. When he felt confused about the future,
a lecture about Computer Science accidently lit        At last, we asked him if he could say something
his life. He fell in love with this major immedi-      for our SPMS students. “Ha-ha” he laughed, “Al-
ately who involves so many “tricky” mathematic         though I have been in NTU for only half a year, I
problems. And Chen made up his mind to do re-          have met a lot of nice colleagues and students so
search in this area in the future. After joining the   far. They are all excellent. I really enjoy my life in
graduate program in Computer Science and Engi-         Singapore and have never been regretting coming
neering at University of Washington in 2004, he        here. I sincerely hope that all of our students learn
got his Master degree and PhD degree there.            to appreciate and enjoy our life!”

During the whole interview, Chen emphasized            After interviewing, we cannot forget his cute smile
several times that: “I really enjoyed doing re-        and kind words. And we are very proud to have
search. That’s my interest. I’d like to spend one      such a good professor in SPMS.
whole afternoon to discussing with my nice advi-
sor and never feel bored, just like some girls enjoy
shopping.”                                             Wu Keyuan

                 SPMS E-NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6
                        Page 24

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