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         Service with style.
         What is it?
         The Enable is a high quality portable terminal that is quick and easy to use. It is designed for businesses that want to take
         the terminal to their customer. The Enable is perfect for cafes and restaurants, as it allows payments to be processed at
         the table.
         The customer’s card is processed through the terminal, the transaction amount is keyed in and the customer enters a
         personal identification number (PIN), or signs the printed slip. The terminal prints two receipts, one for the merchant and
         one for the customer.
         The Enable terminal operates via Bluetooth sending transaction data via the host to the card issuing bank for approval
         and then back to the merchant, confirming the transaction within seconds.

         • Portable – take the terminal to your customer
         • Support – service centre available for assistance
         • Reduces the risk of fraud – as all transactions are processed online
         • Fast – allows your customer to pay quickly and efficiently
         • Value for money – competitively priced
         • Easy – simple to use compact terminal.

         • Range – works within a 30 metre range of the base unit
         • Processes most major cards (see reverse)
         • Functions include purchase, purchase with cash-back, refunds, settlement and transaction history
         • Single unit – combined printer and terminal
         • Fast printing and transaction speed
         • Large backlit screen for easy reading
         • Reporting – end of day and transaction history
         • IP connectivity available.

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            Important facts

            Invoice                                                          Monthly terminal statement

            Reporting and End of Day                                         Two options:
            reconciliation                                                   a) Automatic – standard banking window
                                                                             b) Can settle each day at a time convenient for you
                                                                             Settlement can only be performed once within a 24 hour period. Depending
                                                                             on the banking window you choose this may delay receipt of funds by a full
                                                                             banking day.

            Terms and Conditions                                             Terms and conditions are available on request

         The following is standard for the Enable terminal:

         Visa                                                                                      Yes                        Stationery Order via Terminal                                                              Yes
         MasterCard                                                                                Yes                        Secure Password Entry                                                                      Yes
         Maestro/Solo                                                                              Yes                        Pre-authorisation on all credit/charge cards                                               Yes
         American Express*                                                                         Yes                        Purchase with cash-back
         Diners*                                                                                    No                        – Cash limit £50. Debit card only                                                          Yes
         Integrated Thermal Printer                                                                Yes                        Remote software downloads                                                                  Yes
         Key Entry                                                                                 Yes                        Engineer installation                                                                      Yes
         Gratuities                                                                                Yes                        Remote installation                                                                        Yes
         Adjustments                                                                               Yes                        Electronic Fallback                                                                        Yes
         Refunds                                                                                   Yes                        Portable Terminal                                                                          Yes
         Pre–auth                                                                                  Yes

         *Separate letters or Agreements apply

         Key technical details.
         Terminal                                    Sagem 930 B PINpad/printer
         Display                                     128 x 64 graphics backlit LCD
         Keypad                                      4x4 matrix, 4 soft function keys, scroll key
         Printer                                     Type of printer: Thermal
                                                     Tally roll: 56mm wide, 57mm diameter
         Dimensions                                  Terminal/Integrated PINpad/Integrated Printer:
                                                     180mm (I) x 85mm (w) x 56mm (h)
         Modem                                       2400bps
         Communications                              Bluetooth
         Service and Support                         Installation and maintenance
                                                     24/7 service centre available for assistance
                                                     364 days a year (closed Christmas Day)

         Important information.
         The information is current as at the time of printing and is subject to change. The information does not purport to be a complete description of the product, it is of a general nature only and should not be relied upon in
         making any decision. The product is only available to approved business customers. Fees and charges apply.
         Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank are trading names of Clydesdale Bank PLC which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA Register No. 121873).
         Registered in Scotland (No. SC001111) Registered Office: 30 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, G1 2HL. A member of the National Australia Bank Group of companies.
         DU337 (10/10)

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