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                                                                                                                                               Taming the monster
 airport inquiry tel: 161


         TOKYO: Japan's All Nippon
                                                  ‘Soul-searching’ chef Adria looks to Asia
Airways (ANA) and aviation giant Boeing           HONG KONG, Aug 26, (RTRS):                      “The gastronomical culture of China         the cuisine of a country if you don’t        eatery.                                     America that weren’t there before, or
said Friday the airline will receive the          Ground-breaking chef Ferran Adria is         is very, very important. Simply to just        understand it. And to understand it,            “(It) is to be a think tank where we     all the elements from the Arab world?”
world's first 787 Dreamliner on Sept 25,          on a quest to find the soul of Asian         get to know all the products that exist        you’ve got to study it.”                     will share everything that we create        he said.
more than three years later than first            cooking, which could perhaps provide         in China but not exist in the West                        Transformation                    and divulge it around the world,” he           “That’s fusion cooking.”
planned.                                          key hints for future gastronomic inven-      would take months.”                                                                         added. “It’s going to be a place for           Though Adria acknowledged that
   The ANA plane will be delivered in             tions from the man who brought the                                                             At the final El Bulli dinner last         reflection.”
                                                                                                  Roughly 15 trips to Japan have              month Adria said the restaurant had                                                      much about his future and that of the
Everett, Washington in the United States          world culinary foam.                         helped him understand the country and                                                          The sharing could extend to agree-       foundation remains unknown, he added
before being flown to Tokyo where it is              Considered the world’s best chef by                                                      become “a monster” that needed tam-          ments with governments, most likely
scheduled to arrive on Sept 28, the compa-                                                     its cuisine a little, but this has merely      ing and transformation.                                                                  that uncertainty often resulted in new
                                                  several critics, Adria and his El Bulli      whetted his appetite for learning about                                                     centring around products such as            questions that led to fresh ideas and ini-
nies said in a joint statement.                                                                                                                  Its new incarnation, the El Bulli
   "The airplane is ready. ANA is ready.          restaurant became synonymous with a          the rest of the continent.                                                                  Iberian ham and olive oil at first, per-    tiatives.
                                                  transformation of traditional dishes                                                        Foundation, will be a centre for new         haps through exports. But no deals will
And, Boeing is ready," Jim Albaugh, presi-                                                        “I’ve looked at the soul of the cook-       culinary inventions from the Catalan                                                        “When somebody doesn’t under-
dent and CEO of Boeing Commercial                 into fun and funky culinary adventures.      ing and the reason of things (in Japan)                                                     be sealed until at 2013 at the earliest.    stand things very well, it means you’re
                                                     But, pleading a need for transforma-                                                     who gave the world paella made of               Other initiatives could include
Airplanes, said in a statement.                                                                and then I started looking at cooking          Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and gazpacho                                                     on the right path in terms of creativity,”
   "This airplane begins a new chapter in         tion, he last month shut the restaurant      techniques. But I haven’t got to that                                                       exchanges of cooking techniques and         he said, noting that it had taken time
aviation history."                                down — at least in its current incarna-                                                     popsicles.                                   ideas, part of the reason behind his cur-
                                                                                               point for the rest of Asia yet,” he               Asked about his comment, Adria                                                        before his culinary ideas caught on.
   ANA is the launch airline for the troubled     tion. It will re-open in 2014 as the El                                                                                                  rent culinary quest — although he dis-
787 programme, and has 55 of the aircraft                                                      added. At this stage he said his visit had     chuckled but said that success requires                                                     “When I first started in 1994 creating
                                                  Bulli Foundation.                            almost sparked more questions than                                                          misses the idea of popular “fusion” cui-    this new language in cuisine, people
on order.                                                                                                                                     transformation, especially once things       sine as “a lie” and something that
   Boeing had originally promised to roll                         Culture                      answers.                                       becomes as complex as the restaurant                                                     did not understand me. And there’s still
                                                                                                  “What kinds of Chinese cuisine are                                                       always existed.                             a lot of people who don’t understand
out the aircraft in 2008. But a string of tech-     “I don’t know much about Asia, and                                                        had. But he is confident the foundation
nical mishaps and delays have slowed test-        Asia could be an archive of ideas,”          there? Does imperial cuisine come              will again stamp his mark on the gas-                      Creativity                    me,” he laughed.
ing programmes for the jets.                      Adria told Reuters in Hong Kong, on          from traditional cuisine or not? These         tronomic world.                                 “Think for example of Chinese cui-          “But it’s a good sign that if 20 years
   The highly anticipated 787 Dreamliner is       the sidelines of a trip promoting            are all the things we need to know,” he           It will be open to the public,            sine. What would it be without corn,        later it’s still a controversial issue and a
made out of lighter materials that help           Spanish food, after a visit to Beijing       said.                                          although reservations and opening            without tomato, without peppers, with-      controversial subject. It means that it’s
increase its fuel efficiency, while it boasts
larger windows and more humid cabin air           and Shanghai.                                   “You cannot get an influence from           hours will not be those of any usual         out all those ingredients that came from    still worth it, it’s still avant garde.”
than conventional jets.
   Boeing says this will allows passengers
to arrive at their destinations more
   Shinichiro Ito, president and CEO of
ANA Group said that the aircraft "will play
an important role in our international expan-
sion strategy as we seek to become Asia's
number one airline". The mid-sized plane is
crucial to Boeing's future. It is the maker's
first new design in more than a decade,
drawing on huge advances in aviation tech-
nology and can fly long-haul routes using
up to 20 percent less fuel.
   Boeing, the world's second-biggest air-
craft maker after Airbus, launched the
Dreamliner programme in April 2004 and
initially had planned to deliver the first
plane to ANA in the first half of 2008.
   But the aircraft, which can seat up to 330
passengers, only made its maiden flight in
December 2009.
   The series of delays in the 787 pro-
gramme has cost Boeing billions of dollars
as some airlines cancelled their orders.
   Another Boeing project, the 747-8, is a
longer and more fuel-efficient update of
Boeing's double-decker 747 jumbo jet, and
will compete with European rival Airbus's
A380, the world's biggest passenger plane.
That programme is running two years
behind schedule.
   ANA this week said it would conduct the
first commercial 787 flights from Tokyo to
Hong Kong in October, followed by regular
services to Beijing and Frankfurt.
   The aircraft's first regular international
service will start from December for the
Haneda-Beijing route, followed by the
Dreamliner's first regular long-haul interna-
tional operation between Haneda and
Frankfurt from January. (AFP)

✔       WASHINGTON: Two European
tourists have died from heat exposure in
California's Joshua Tree park, US officials
said Thursday, calling on visitors to exercise
extreme caution during the region's current
   Music producer Augustinus Van Hove,
44, from the Netherlands, was found dead
on Monday, said the local police depart-
ment. The body of his companion, 38-year-
old German Helena Nuellett, was found a
mile away on the same road.
   "Although the investigation continues
and toxicology results are not yet in, at this
point there is no sign of obvious injury to
either person and the evidence indicates the
pair both succumbed due to exposure to the
elements," said Raymond Gregory of the            This October 2009 photo courtesy of Robert Mitchell for the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens                       three — the others are an Andrew Wyeth show at the Farnsworth in Rockland and a photography
Riverside County Sheriff's Department.            shows a natural wooden bridge in the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses during fall foliage at the                  exhibit at Colby College in Waterville — with shopping in Freeport, the Coastal Maine Botanical
   The couple had entered the iconic              Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine. An exhibit of Edward Hopper’s paintings of                    Gardens in Boothbay, leaf-peeping, dining and maybe a trip to a spa, and you’ve got an ideal itin-
California park shortly after noon Monday.        Maine is breaking attendance records at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, but it’s just one of                   erary for a September getaway. (Inset): This undated photo courtesy of Hidden Pond Resort shows
Their vehicle became apparently stuck in          three topnotch shows at museums around the state this summer and fall. Combine a trip to see all                  a cabin at Hidden Pond Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine. (AP)
sand on a road that officials said was acces-
sible only by an all-terrain vehicle. Empty                                                                                  Ideal itinerary for a September getaway
water bottles were found in the vehicle.
   On Thursday, Joshua Tree officials
repeated their call for vigilance against the
extreme conditions hitting the US southwest
this week, with temperatures climbing to a
dangerous 46 degrees Celsius (114 degrees
Fahrenheit). (AFP)
                                                  Top shows at Maine museums pull crowds
✔                                                           By Beth J. Harpaz                     The show includes 30 small oil paint-          The documentary-style images range        Kennebunkport Resort Collection. The        tax (the inn also offers lodging and din-
       MOSCOW: Sleepy early morning                                                            ings of Monhegan Island, a popular             from portraits of poor families surviv-      three climate-controlled spa treatment      ner), or head to South Freeport to the
passengers on a flight from Moscow's
biggest airport to London may have thought
they were dreaming Friday when a drunken
                                                  A    n exhibit of Edward Hopper’s
                                                       paintings of Maine is breaking
                                                  attendance records at the Bowdoin
                                                                                               tourist destination in Maine, as well as
                                                                                               larger canvases and watercolors of clas-
                                                                                               sic New England scenes like lighthous-
                                                                                                                                              ing the Great Depression, documented
                                                                                                                                              for the Works Progress Administration,
                                                                                                                                              to shots of gleaming skyscrapers and
                                                                                                                                                                                           rooms in a treehouse setting opened in
                                                                                                                                                                                           June and offer a view of paper birch,
                                                                                                                                                                                           red oak, pine, maple and juniper trees.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster, 36
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Main St., for a more informal meal on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the waterfront, open to Oct. 15.
Russian woman staged erotic dances on the         College Museum of Art in Brunswick,          es and the rocky coast. Why is the             nascent symbols of corporate America,        “It has a really neat feel,” said Debbie
plane.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ❑     ❑     ❑
                                                  but it’s just one of three top-notch         exhibit proving so popular?                    commissioned by private companies            Lennon, operating partner of the prop-
   But crew on the 7:00 am flight from            shows at museums around Maine this                                                                                                                                                     If You Go...
Domodedovo airport to London decided to                                                           “People love seeing work that they          and magazines. The images provide a          erties. “If you’re looking out that pic-
                                                  summer and fall.                             are not familiar with by an artist that        thought-provoking contrast to the pho-       ture window, you’re looking into the          Bowdoin College Museum Of Art:
return to Moscow as the woman, 39, a native                                                                                                                                                                                            9400 College Station, Brunswick;
of the Russian region of Tatarstan, was              Combine a trip to see all three – the     they think they know,” Tuite said. “So         tos in “Andrew Moore: Detroit                forest.”
deemed to be causing an inconvenience to          others are an Andrew Wyeth show at           many of the works in the show, particu-        Disassembled,” also on display at                                                        http://www.bowdoin.edu/art-muse-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Families                     um/ or 207-725-3275. “Edward
passengers, the RIA Novosti news agency           the Farnsworth Art Museum in                 larly the 30 small Monhegan oils from          Colby, capturing Detroit’s recent indus-
said.                                             Rockland and a 1930s photography             1916 through 1919, were not exhibited          trial decline.                                  Lennon said September and October        Hopper’s Maine” through Oct 16.
   "The woman was in a state of insobriety,       exhibit at Colby College in Waterville –     in Hopper’s lifetime, and continue to             A third outstanding museum show in        are a “perfect time for couples” to visit   Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-5 pm.
inconveniencing the passengers, taking off        with shopping in Freeport, the Coastal       exist outside the standard narrative of        Maine this summer and fall is “Andrew        Maine, adding that tourist demograph-       (Thursday to 8:30 pm); Sunday,
their glasses and dancing erotic dances," a       Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay,         his career. This is the first time that they   Wyeth, Christina’s World and the Olson       ics change once kids are back in school,    noon-5 p.m. Free admission.
spokesman for transport police said, quoted       leaf-peeping, dining and maybe a trip to                                                                                                 not only with fewer families, but also        Coastal Maine Botalical Gardens:
by the news agency.                                                                            are being shown as a nearly complete           House” at the Farnsworth Art
                                                  a spa, and you’ve got an ideal itinerary     series. And the color and paint handling       Museum’s Wyeth Center in Rockland,           with a wider geographic spread:             Boothbay; http://www.mainegar-
   The crew then announced that after just                                                                                                                                                 “Summer is New Jersey, New York,
15 minutes of flight the plane was turning        for a September getaway.                     really astonishes people. I also think         through Oct. 30. You’ll have to go to                                                    dens.org/ or 207-633-4333. Daily, 9
                                                     In Maine and many other places,           people who are in Maine right now, or          the Museum of Modern Art in New              Connecticut, Massachusetts, but as you      am-5 pm, $12.
back. On arrival, the woman was arrested
and taken to a local hospital to be examined,     leisure travel takes on a more grown-up      are passing through, are responding to         York to see Wyeth’s original                 move into September, it’ll widen to           Colby College Museum of Art:
the spokesman said. The name of the airline       flavor after the kids are back to school.    the same things outdoors that Hopper           “Christina’s World,” which shows             Florida, Texas, the Midwest. We even        5600 Mayflower Hill, Waterville;
was not disclosed. (AFP)                          The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens          was, particularly the light.”                  Christina Olson, a crippled woman who        enjoy an influx of couples from             http://www.colby.edu/museum/ or
                                                                                                                                                                                           Europe.” Hidden Pond guests get first
✔      NAIROBI: A record number tourists
                                                  not surprisingly gets more visitors age
                                                  55 and up after Labor Day, especially
                                                                                                               Treasure                       lived in the nearby town of Cushing,
                                                                                                                                              dragging herself across a field toward       crack at spa appointments, with guests
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       207-859-5600. “American Modern:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Abbott, Evans, Bourke-White”
visited Kenya in the first six months of          on weekdays, but September is also a            The museum exterior is also worth a         her family farmhouse. But the exhibit in     at other Kennebunkport Resort proper-       through Oct. 2. TuesdaySaturday,
2011, continuing a solid recovery after the       lush time of year to see the garden.         look. The building is an 1894 architec-        Rockland offers a rare opportunity to        ties next, followed by members of the
country was hit by post-election violence in                                                                                                                                                                                           10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday, noon-5
                                                  Perennials have had the whole season         tural treasure designed by McKim,              see 50 other paintings and drawings          public.
2008 and the lingering effects of the global                                                   Mead and White. And tip your hat to                                                            Lennon said it’s warm enough in          p.m. Free admission.
financial crisis.
                                                  to grow, flowers stay in bloom through                                                      Wyeth produced over 30 years depict-                                                       Farnsworth Art Museum: 16
                                                  early fall, and the trees start to take on   the statue of Joshua Chamberlain, a            ing the Olsons and their home.               southern Maine in September to allow
   Arrivals to east Africa's biggest economy                                                   Bowdoin president who commanded                                                             for “quite a bit of beach activity”         Museum          St.,       Rockland;
rose to 549,083, up 13.6 percent from the         color. Follow a visit to the garden with                                                                  Farmhouse                                                                  http://www.farnsworthmuseum.org/
same period last year. Tourism earned a           a lobster lunch in Boothbay Harbor for       Union troops when the South surren-                                                         (though heated pools are also an
                                                                                               dered in the Civil War; it’s located at the       The farmhouse was declared a              option).                                    or 207-596-6457. “Andrew Wyeth,
record 74 billion shillings ($802 million) in     a perfect day.                                                                                                                                                                       Christina’s World and the Olson
the whole of 2010, making it one of the                                                        corner of campus, Maine Street and             National Historic Landmark in July,             Peak foliage in Kennebunkport is
country's leading sources of foreign
                                                               Attendance                      Bath Road. Finally, don’t miss                 and a tour of the home offers insight        generally the third week of September       House” through Oct 30. Daily 10
exchange.                                            Brunswick is having a busy season         Brunswick’s Gelato Fiasco at 74 Maine          into the artist’s relationship with the      to mid-October, but those looking to        am-5 pm. (Wednesdays, until 8
   Minister for Tourism Najib Balala told a       with crowds coming in for “Edward            St., with flavors like baklava, blueber-       Olsons and the choices he made in cre-       chase leaf color earlier would do well to   pm), $12. (Combination ticket with
news conference on Wednesday that esti-           Hopper’s Maine,” on view at the              ries and cream, gingersnap and dark            ating his paintings.                         head inland. Route 201 North, also          tour of nearby Olson House, $17;
mated revenues for the first six months           Bowdoin museum through Oct. 16. “It          chocolate noir.                                   Rockland is also home to many fine        called the Old Canada Road, between         location, hours, details on website.)
stood at 40.5 billion shillings, up 32 percent    has indeed broken our records many              At the Colby College Museum of Art          restaurants, including Primo at 2 S.         Skowhegan and Quebec, is a lovely if          Hiden Pond: 354 Goose Rocks
from 30.7 billion in the same period last         times over, with total attendance in the     in Waterville, “American Modern:               Main St., expensive but highly regard-       somewhat remote fall drive. Watch out       Road,                Kennebunkport;
year. He said the ministry was expecting 20                                                                                                                                                                                            http://www.hiddenpondmaine.com
percent growth in arrivals for the year as a      first month of the show being open           Abbott, Evans, Bourke-White” is on             ed. Reservations for the dining room go      for moose!
whole.                                            (July 15 to Aug. 15) reaching just under     view through Oct. 2. The show of 117           fast, but you can order off a small plates      Finally, don’t forget shopping.          or 207-967-9050. Fall package
   In 2010, a record 1.1 million tourists vis-    15,000, plus a one-day high of almost        photographs from the 1930s by                  menu upstairs at the bar.                    Freeport is home to L.L. Bean and over      including two nights, dinner for two,
ited the country, which is famed for its game     1,200 people on Aug. 16,” said Diana         Berenice Abbott, Margaret Bourke-                 Other tourism news coming out of          200 outlets, boutiques, hotels and          two spa treatments, taxes and tip,
parks and white Indian Ocean beaches,             Tuite, co-curator of the exhibit, which      White and Walker Evans comes to                Maine this season includes a new way         restaurants. The Harraseeket Inn, 162       $599.50 per person. (AP)
beating the previous high hit in 2007.            was organized in association with the        Maine after a run at the Art Institute of      to enjoy spa treatments – from a tree-       Main St., offers a popular daily buffet       Freeport:      http://www.freepor-
(RTRS)                                            Whitney Museum of American Art.              Chicago.                                       house at Hidden Pond, part of the            lunch Monday-Saturday, $18.14 with          tusa.com/.

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