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Focus on Renewal marked the oc-
casion of its 40th anniversary amidst
fine food, excellent company and the                                MaRketing PaRtneRshiPs
panoramic vista of beautiful downtown                          Focus on Renewal is delighted to welcome                   but building upon their foundation for a strong
Pittsburgh. The sellout event at LeMont                        the expertise of two enthusiastic partners to              future.”
on Mt. Washington netted a little over                         help us strategically spread the good word                 Each year, Robert Morris University American
$27,000 for the agency’s first-ever en-                        about our organization: MaRtin Public Re-                  Marketing Association students offer volunteer
dowment fund, and premiered a video                            lations and RobeRt MoRRis univeRsity                       marketing services to help area non-profits. The
tribute about FOR, produced especially                         aMeRican MaRketing association.                            local chapter selected Focus On Renewal for its
for the celebration. Master of Ceremonies                      The story tellers of Martin Public Relations have          current year-long marketing project. Recently,
laRRy RicheRt, from KDKA radio, kept                           established a pro bono partnership with Focus              the students partnered with the university’s
the evening flowing with his trademark                         On Renewal. The Sewickley-based firm is gra-               student engagement office for a supply drive.
mix of humor and heart. Young songwrit-                        ciously sharing its marketing, public relations            Students, faculty and staff collected non-per-
er teRRance Moses performed his                                and branding expertise by developing an over-              ishable food, clothing, toiletries and household
original rap song about FOR to enthusi-                        all strategic marketing plan for the agency.               supplies for FOR’s emergency food pantry. RMU
astic applause and Honorary Chairperson                        chRis MaRtin, president of Martin Public                   Senior tRicia ZagoRski, who coordinated
Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan                           Relations, said, “Focus on Renewal has such a              the supply drive, said, “We loved helping out
onoRato shared his congratulations                             strong brand in the non-profit arena of Pitts-             such a worthwhile cause.” Their next project is
and deep respect for all that is Focus On                      burgh, and we are delighted to have the op-                assisting with recruitment of walkers for Focus
Renewal. In lieu of flower centerpieces,                       portunity to put our marketing expertise to                On Renewal’s 100 FOR 100 team in the High-
tables were adorned with adjectives                            work for them. Not only will we be developing              mark Walk for a Healthy Community. 
describing the agency and a display of                         marketing outreach for the organization today,             See page 3 for details on how you can join the team.
photos, news clippings and memora-
bilia provided fodder for conversation
and reminiscence. The high point of the                                                                        Tax CrediTs for BuTTerfly Garden
evening was the introduction of FatheR                                                                         Businesses who qualify for the eDucational iM-
Regis Ryan, Executive Director, who                                                                            PRoveMent tax cReDit can now designate the FOR
was greeted with a lengthy standing ova-                                                                       butteRFly gaRDen eaRly leaRning centeR to
                                            Photo by Jamie Rooney

tion. His remarks centered on his humble                                                                       receive their EITC contribution. What a wonderful way to
surprise at all that has happened over 40                                                                      show your support for quality childcare! Butterfly Garden is
years and his gratitude for all of God’s                                                                       the only four star, nationally accredited childcare learning
blessings, especially his dedicated staff                                                                      program in our area. For more information, please contact
and supporters that continue to make it                      Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan On-
                                                             orato, Father Ryan and Sister Sarah celebrate
                                                                                                               JaMie Rooney, Director of Institutional Advancement at
happen every day.                                           40 years at FOR on Sept. 16, 2009 at LeMont.      412-771-6460, ext. 303. 
                                coMMunity DeveloPMent a teaM eFFoRt
                                By Father Regis J. Ryan
                                              You may not have noticed yet, but there is sig-       ing fellow national chains, Aldi and Rite Aid. We can
                                              nificant momentum in the Sto-Rox community.           all agree that the new lighting, paving, storefronts
                                              For the first 35 years of its existence, Focus on     and repairs have greatly improved the property.
                                              Renewal felt like an orphan trying to renew the
                                                                                                    Another plus for the community is the revived crime
                                              neighborhood. Of late, however, the train has been
Photo by Christopher Rolinson

                                                                                                    watch program. Since August 2008, the sto-Rox
                                              moving down the track of renewal rather quickly.
                                                                                                    block watch has united residents, business
                                              The original Roxian theateR on Chartiers Ave-         owners and law enforcement officials. With more
                                              nue is being rejuvenated under the direction of the   people attending each meeting, this crime preven-
                                              McKees Rocks Community Development Corpora-           tion effort is certainly making a difference in McK-
                                              tion and its outstanding Executive Director, taRis    ees Rocks and Stowe.
                                              vRcek. The renovation work is being performed
                                                                                                    The community is also blessed to have the McKees
                                              by Penn inteRioRs, located in the former Ham-
                                                                                                    Rocks Historical Society and its President, vicki
                                              ilton School Building, where so many of our older
                                                                                                    batcha. Through preservation efforts and month-
FoR MoRe inFoRMation:                         residents attended grade school. Dennis stasa,
                                                                                                    ly meetings, this small group has accomplished
                                              the owner of Penn Interiors, bought the old school
McKees Rocks Community Development
                                                                                                    much in the past two years, including sponsoring
                                              building and did a tremendous job in making it look
Corporation: 412-331-9902                                                                           McKees Rocks and Stowe Township, Pennsylvania
                                              new again. Besides Penn Interiors, holy FaMily
                                                                                                    (Images of America Series). This amazing book of
                                              institute and the allegheny inteRMeDi-
Sto-Rox Block Watch:                                                                                photos and commentary beautifully captures the
                                              ate unit maintain offices in the building.
sto-rox-block-watch@googlegroups.com                                                                old and newer history of this old neighborhood.
                                              Penn Interiors also purchased the former Burgunder    In August, the Historical Society hosted the 36th an-
McKees Rocks Historical Society:              building at Broadway and Chartiers. Today, a shel-    nual conference of the Pennsylvania Labor History
412-916-5821                                  tered workshop is housed there. In addition, Penn     Society at the Father Ryan Arts Center and helped
                                              Interiors took ownership of several storefronts on    commemorate the centennial anniversary of the
                                              Chartiers and Island Avenues, just across from Suds   Pressed Steel Car Company strike.
                                              & Subs, where more revitalization is taking place.
                                                                                                    Small towns are making a comeback. Many believe
                                              Focus On Renewal has been working with cRaig          the time has come for McKees Rocks. I couldn’t
                                              RiPPole of Trinity Development Corporation. This      agree more. And so, even though Focus On Renewal
                                              regional development company is responsible for       struggles to “pay the bills” and establish an endow-
                                              all the improvements in the plaza, now referred to    ment (a luxury we never had), we thank God for
                                              as the shoPPes at chaRtieRs cRossing. A               the momentum of strength and support in renew-
                                              Subway restaurant opened there in January, join-      ing this section of Allegheny County. 

All food and financial donations to Focus on Renewal’s Emergency Food Pantry in March and April will help the
organization earn grant money from the Feinstein FounDation. This is the second year Focus On Renewal                              about the
is participating in the Feinstein Challenge, which will distribute $1 million among hunger agencies nationwide.              Feinstein FounDation
Cash, checks and food (valued at $1.00 per item) qualify for the matching grant from the Feinstein Foundation.
                                                                                                                             Founded in 1991 by alan
To make a financial donation, mark “Feinstein” on the memo line of a check and mail to Focus On Renewal, 701                 shawn Feinstein, the Fein-
Chartiers Avenue, McKees Rocks, PA 15136. Individuals and organizations wishing to donate non-perishable food                stein Foundation is dedicated to
can drop off items to FOR’s community center at 701 Chartiers Avenue during regular hours: Mondays through                   the alleviation of hunger.
Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. 
For more information, please contact sisteR saRah cRotty at 412-771-6460 x 230 or scrotty@forstorox.org.

save                                                                                         all aboaRD!
the Date!                                                                                     Focus on Renewal is pleased to welcome
                                                                                              seven new board members, bringing our total
                                                                                              roster to 15 members. Meet our new members:

                                                                                                    Paul k. bRown,
                                                                                                    Principal, Professional Limousine Service

Focus on Renewal (FOR) is participating in the highMaRk walk FoR a
healthy coMMunity presented by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield on Sat-                              DaviD J. hoPkins,
urday, May 22, 2010 at Schenley Park, Flagstaff Hill in Pittsburgh. The Highmark                    Vice-President, Community
Walk for a Healthy Community is a fundraiser that benefits local health and hu-                     Development Banking, PNC Bank
man service agencies in Western Pennsylvania, such as FOR. Highmark Blue Cross
Blue Shield underwrites the cost of the walk so that 100 percent of the money
raised by walkers goes directly to the 59 participating organizations.                              anne iMMekus,
                                                                                                    Director of Development, Wake Forest
Focus On Renewal is recruiting 100 friends to join our 100 FoR 100 teaM. Each
person who joins our team is asked to raise a minimum of $100 in donations. The
money raised will benefit the eMeRgency FooD PantRy at the FOR Com-
munity Center.
                                                                                                    JeniFeR Jones,
Mark satuRDay, May 22, 2010 on your calendar and start gathering friends, fami-                     Community Volunteer and former FOR
ly members, neighbors and co-workers to join our 100 FOR 100 team. You can register                 employee
online and get more information at www.walkforahealthycommunity.org. 

                                                                                                    JosePh s. koscinski,

ANOTHER NEW BUILDING                                                                                Attorney-at-Law, Babst, Calland,
                                                                                                    Clements, Zomnir
FatheR Ryan is always saying “no
more buildings,” in light of all the real
                                                                                                    cRaig RiPPole,
estate Focus on Renewal has taken
                                                                                                    Principal, Trinity Commercial
on over the years. But there is one more
                                                                                                    Development, LLC
thing he is very interested in building,
and that is the agency’s newly created
endowment fund. “We’re off to a mod-
                                                                                                    P.k. weston, Ph.d
est start, but we’re calling on our major
                                                                                                    Professor of English, Point Park
donors, to consider making a lead gift
to help build the future for Focus On Re- The agency is also asking your help in
newal,” remarked Father Ryan.              naming the endowment fund. Please
                                           send your suggestions to mgallagher@
Bequests and contributions of any size are forstorox.org.                            The entire board underwent board orientation about all
welcome. Contact MaRee gallagheR,                                                     FOR programs and is converting to a committee struc-
Director of Development at 412-771-6460                                               ture. FOR wishes to acknowledge the fine work of the
ext. 300, for more information.            ReMeMbeR                                   hill gRouP who helped lead this effort. 
                                          Focus On Renewal in your will
 Saturday, May 22                              Thursday, June 17                        Thursday, June 24

                                                                                                                                                                                           uPcoMing events
                                                                                                                                                                               Mark Your Calendar:
                                                                                                                                   call 412-771-6460 or visit: www.FoRstoRox.oRg.
                                                                                                                                   For more information or to find out how you can help,
  highMaRk walk FoR a                          who’s youR DaDDy?                        PittsbuRgh syMPhony
  healthy coMMunity                            In honor of Father’s Day, a star-stud-   oRchestRa coMMunity
                                               ded concert of local talent perform-     PaRtneRs conceRt
 Join our 100 FOR 100 Team to benefit          ing with their fathers to benefit the
 the eMeRgency FooD PantRy at                  Father Ryan Arts Center. Featuring:      Heinz Hall with special guest
 the FOR Community Center.                       Joe & Johnny gRushecky,                gloRia gaynoR.
                                                  neD & anthony Rankin,
 Schenley Park at Flagstaff Hill                   bob & shani baneRJee                 Tickets range from $25.50 to $125.50
 (5k Walk will start and finish at Flag-                                                and all but 50 cents of the price ben-
                                                       and many more!
 staff Hill in Schenley Park directly across                                            efits Focus on Renewal.
 from Phipps Conservatory.)                    Hard Rock Café Pittsburgh
                                               230 W. Station Square Drive              Call 412-392-4900 and mention Focus

 For more info or to register visit:           Pittsburgh, PA 15219                     On Renewal’s code – 18200 – when
 www.walkforahealthycommunity.org              $10 donation; doors open 7:30 p.m.       you order.

                                                                                                                      dignified and fully human way.
                                                                                                                      that they may live their lives in a
                                                                                                                      spirit, mind and body of individuals,
                                                                                                                      To empower the development of the
                                                                                                                      Mission stateMent:

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