JEHOVAH RAAH = THE LORD MY SHEPHERD Facts About Sheep the dumbest by dfgh4bnmu


									                                            JEHOVAH RAAH = THE LORD MY SHEPHERD
      Facts About Sheep                     Jesus, Our Good Shepherd                            Needs of Sheep / Believers
   the dumbest of all animals    John 10:1-17, 26-33                           For a sheep to lie down & rest they must be:
   helpless, timid, feeble       v1-10 “I am the door of the sheep”            #1 Free from hunger
   require constant attention    v1-6 The illustration                         1 Pet 2:2 pure milk of the Word to grow in respect
   & meticulous care             Thief & robber vs the shepherd                             to salvation
   little means of defense       v7-10 The application                         Heb 5:13-14 solid food is for the mature
* Sheep need a shepherd           Thief comes only to Jesus came that sheep                     senses trained to discern good & evil
                                  steal, kill & destroy may have abundant life 2 Tim 3:16-17 all Scripture is profitable
   will go the wrong way,        v11-17 “I am the Good Shepherd                Dt 8:3 man lives by the word of God
   unaware of the dangers at v11-13 He lays down His life for sheep
   hand                          v14-15 He knows His own sheep                 #2 Free from fear
   have nibbled themselves       v16      He brings other sheep into fold      1 Jn 4:16, 18 comes from a growing confidence
   right off a mountain side     v17      He takes up His life again                             in God’s love for us
   will eat or drink things that v26-33 “I and the Father are one”             2 Tim 1:7 God gives power, love & discipline
   are disastrous to them        v26-30 Jesus’ claim v31-33 Jewish reaction Ps. 56:3-4 trust in God = no fear
   live in a rut unless led to
                                 Psalm 23
   new pastures                                                                #3 Free from friction
                                 v1 The declaration: The Lord is my shepherd;
   easily fall prey to other                                                   Mt 6:12, 14, 15 by forgiving others
                                     I shall not want (v1)
   animals, virtually                                                          Mt 5:23, 24 by reconciliation
                                     I will fear no evil (v4)
   defenseless without a                                                       Mt 5:44, 45, 48 by loving enemies & praying for them
                                 1. My Guide
   shepherd                                                                    Phil 2:3-8 by having Christ’s attitude
                                     a. in paths of righteousness
   can become cast down,
                                         to green pastures & still waters
   then panic & die                                                            #4 Free from pests
                                     b. thru the valley of the shadow of death
* Welfare of sheep depends                                                     * nose flies can so torment a sheep that it will actually
                                     c. into the house of the LORD
solely upon the care of their                                                  kill itself to get rid of the source of aggravation
                                 2. My comfort
shepherd                                                                       * cure = oil
                                     a. His presence b. His rod c. His staff
                                 3. My constant Companions
Application to Believers                                                       2 Cor 10:3-5 Destroying Fortresses & Speculations
                                     a. goodness b. mercy
* We are like sheep (Is.                                                       Phil 4:6-7 Dealing with Anxiety
                                 4. My Provision 5. My Honor
53:6; Jn 10:27; Psa 100:3;                                                     Phil 4:8-9 Protecting the Mind / Heart
                                     His table          His anointing with oil
Ezek 34:11; Jn 21:17)                                                          Isa 26:3 Maintaining Perfect Peace

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