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   Edgar Perez, The Speed Traders Workshop 2011, on
 Canada's BNN, Volatility Key Driver of High-Frequency
   Edgar Perez, The Speed Traders Workshop 2011: The Present and Future of High-Frequency Trading,
                      Featured on Canada’s BNN, Business Day, with Kim Parlee

(August 19, 2011, New York) Volatility and volume are the key drivers of high-frequency trading, mentioned Edgar
Perez, The Speed Traders Workshop 2011: The Present and Future of High-Frequency Trading
(http://www.thespeedtradersworkshop.com), to Kim Parlee, on BNN’s Business Day. Asked about claims that high-
frequency trading is causing the increased volatility experienced by the markets after S&P downgrade of the U.S.
debt, Perez, author of The Speed Traders, An Insider's Look at the New High-Frequency Trading Phenomenon That
is Transforming the Investing World (http://www.thespeedtraders.com), pointed out that high-frequency trading is a
relatively small industry that couldn’t be able to buy or sell enough quantities to increase volatility, and only
participates as liquidity provider to long-term investors.

For Perez, high-frequency trading benefits from volatility that only long-term investors can feed. If high-frequency
trading would be able to feed that trend, it would be a process that would never be allowed to stop, which is not what
is happening in the markets. Only a few weeks ago, high-frequency traders were facing challenging conditions as
volumes as well as volatility had decreased; many of the small shops were closing doors, or consolidating with
bigger peers. Now that volumes are back to levels of prior years, high-frequency trading can do what they do best,
which is to be the liquidity backbone of the markets, capturing pennies at a time to provide a valuable service to
other market participants.

BNN’s Business Day puts a spotlight on the stocks and stories expected to move the markets, and then switches to
minute-by-minute coverage throughout the trading day in Canada and the U.S. Kim Parlee, Marty Cej, Frances
Horodelski, and Martin Baccardax along with BNN's team of reporters and expert guests provide comprehensive
reporting along with the best background and analysis in the business. Business News Network (BNN) is the
Canadian English language cable television business channel; BNN broadcasts programming related to business and
financial news and analysis.
The Speed Traders Workshop 2011, led by Edgar Perez, will reveal how high-frequency trading players are
succeeding in the global markets and driving the development of algorithmic trading at breakneck speeds from the
U.S. and Europe to India, Singapore and Brazil. Highlights of The Speed Traders Workshop 2011 include:

       The first and most comprehensive initiation to the world of high-frequency trading
       Study materials provided by Edgar Perez, the author of the latest book on the subject of speed trading, and a
        well-known presenter in America, Europe and Asia
       Latest update on high-frequency trading in the world and current regulatory initiatives
       Techniques to detect high-frequency trading in the markets
       Key enablers of high-frequency trading in the U.S., Europe and Asia
       Proposed regulatory initiatives after the "flash crash”
       Up-to-date review of the future of high-frequency trading

The Speed Traders, published by McGraw-Hill Inc., is the most comprehensive, revealing work available on the
most important development in trading in generations. High-frequency trading will no doubt play an ever larger role
as computer technology advances and the global exchanges embrace fast electronic access. The Speed Traders
explains everything there is to know about how today's high-frequency traders make millions—one cent at a time. In
this new title, The Speed Traders, Mr. Perez opens the door to the secretive world of high-frequency trading. Inside,
prominent figures drop their guard and speak with unprecedented candidness about their trade. For more about The
Speed Traders, readers can visit its Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the most popular online retailers,
including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders, among others.

Mr. Perez is widely regarded as the pre-eminent networker in the specialized area of high-frequency trading. He has
been featured on CNBC Cash Flow with Oriel Morrison (http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=2023403523), BNN
Business Day with Kim Parlee (http://watch.bnn.ca/business-day/august-2011/business-day-august-19-
2011/#clip519647), TheStreet.com with Gregg Greenberg (http://www.thestreet.com/video/11144274/high-
frequency-traders-not-the-enemy.html), Channel NewsAsia Cent & Sensibilities with Lin Xue Ling, The Wall Street
Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, iMoney Hong Kong, Hedge Fund Brief, Oriental Daily News
Hong Kong, and more. He has been engaged as speaker at Harvard Business School’s 17th Annual Venture Capital
& Private Equity Conference, High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2011 (New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Sao
Paulo, Singapore), CFA Singapore, Hong Kong Securities Institute, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at
New York University (New York), Global Growth Markets Forum (London), Technical Analysis Society
(Singapore), Middle East Hedge Funds Investors Summit 2012 (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), among other global forums.

Mr. Perez was a vice president at Citigroup, a senior consultant at IBM, and a consultant at McKinsey & Co. in New
York City. Mr. Perez has an undergraduate degree from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima, Peru (1994), a
Master of Administration from Universidad ESAN, Lima, Peru (1997) and a Master of Business Administration from
Columbia Business School, with a dual major in Finance and Management (2002). He belongs to the Beta Gamma
Sigma honor society. Mr. Perez resides in the New York City area and is an accomplished salsa and hustle dancer.

Mr. Perez is one of the great business networkers and motivators on the lecture circuit; he is available worldwide for
the following speaking engagements: Present and Future of High-Frequency Trading, The Real Story behind the
"Flash Crash", Networking for Financial Executives, and Business Networking for Success.


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