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					  NVSC Pre-Season
Referee Meeting Packet
       March 24th, 2009

           7:30 pm
                   Referee Points of Emphasis for Northern VA Soccer Club
                                        Spring 2009

   NVSC Referee Web-site
       o The NVSC Referee Webpage is listed at Northern Virginia Soccer Club. Please review it and all of the documents
          listed on the left hand margin of that page. Some of the documents and links include:
                Field Layouts and Field Directions
                          These links and documents show you the location of each field within each field complex. Please
                              refer to these when you get your assignments to ensure you know which field you should be at.
                League Rules
                          The NVSC House League Rules are listed as a document. You can also visit the SFL and ODSL
                              links from this page to review the rules of these leagues if you are assigned to any of those
                Game Card
                          You are required to fill out a game card for each game and drop it in the drop box at the field
                              complex BEFORE leaving for the day. This notice overrides any other document stating that you
                              do not need to fill out game cards. Remember to keep a record of the score of each match to take
                              home with you to submit your game report in Arbiter.

   Professionalism as a Soccer Referee
        o Dealing with Coaches, Players, and Parents
                  ALWAYS act respectful and professional – even if the person you are dealing with is not.
                  Take notes on what that person says, and include it in the Game Report
                  The league will support you in cases of Referee Abuse or Referee Assault. These do not happen often, but
                      when it does the league does not tolerate it and will deal with it rather effectively.
                  Issuing Cautions or Send-offs to player, coaches, and parents
                            Players – within the House League…we should not be carding players…use it as a teaching
                                experience for the players. We are the experts out there as the referee, so we along with the
                                coaches, can take part in the learning experience for the players.
                            Coaches – if you need to card a coach because the coach is acting irresponsible, then do so.
                                SHOW the card to the coach so that there is no question as to whether or not they were carded.
                            Parents – Parents are not carded at all….they are excused from the vicinity of the field of play. If
                                they do not leave, get the coach involved by asking the coach to remove the parent. Stop the
                                match and do not restart the match UNTIL the parent moves away from the vicinity of the field.
                                The game clock continues to run during this time.
        o Timeliness – Arrive on time and ready to officiate the match. Remember, you must arrive 30 minutes prior to the
            start of your assigned match. This will go far in showing your professionalism to the coaches, players, parents and
            will help with your credibility as a game official.
        o Use of Whistle – USE YOUR WHISTLE. I know that in your certification clinics that they teach you to use the
            whistle as little as possible but at the House and Recreational level you need to use it as frequently as possible. This
            will communicate with the players that play needs to stop and will re-start play in the appropriate manner.
        o Use it as a teaching environment – When you are officiating matches, please try to use it as a teaching opportunity.
            As a referee, you are an expert on the Laws of the Game. Use your knowledge to teach and inspire these young
            players. We should use this teaching environment as a great opportunity to help the players learn the beautiful game
            of soccer. We should NEVER issue a red or yellow card at the House or Recreational Level
        o Referee Uniform – Being in full complete uniform is very important to gain the credibility as the authority figure
            out there on the field. The uniform consists of the following
                  Black Shorts
                  USSF Gold Jersey (Black, Red, Blue and Green are alternates in that order
                            Alternates are not necessarily required at this time, but it is good to have at least one alternate
                  Black socks with three white stripes at the top
                  Primarily black shoes
                  Watch with a countdown timer, pencil, referee book (hold cards and game cards), and whistle
        o If you need uniform or accessory items you can contact Jim Griffin at He provides referee
            uniforms and accessories on the local level at a fraction of the cost that the major distributors provide them for.
   Anchoring of Goals –
       o This is a MAJOR safety rule. You must make sure that the goals are anchored into the ground in a safe manner
           before the start of every game. Even if a game was just played on the field, you must re-inspect the goals to ensure
           safety for all of the players on the pitch. The game does not start under any circumstances if the goals are not
           anchored. It is YOUR responsibility as referees to check them and ensure that they are anchored. If they are
           not anchored, then inform the coaches that the match will not start until they anchor the goals properly..

   ODSL Assigning
       o ODSL uses assigning software built into their website. These are travel matches, and most of them use the three
          referee system. If you are interested in being added to the database of referees that does ODSL Travel Matches, see
          me before leaving the meeting or email me. I can add you to that database and get you started on that process.
       o ODSL performs their own payout
       o Payout for ODSL matches is contingent on the Center Referee entering the Game Report within the ODSL system
          within 48 hours of the end of the match.

   Arbiter and Getting Assignments
       o Personal Profile
                 Referee Profile Form – Your ticket out of this meeting. Fill it out completely and turn it in BEFORE
                    leaving the meeting….EVEN if you have already provided this information in the past.
                 Name, Address, Phone Numbers and any other information needs to be completed in order to get
       o Calendar
                 Your availability needs to be updated and kept current in order to get assignments as well. I will spread
                    around the assignments as much as I can.
                 Release of Team Schedules listed below
                          NCSL – available through your coach….not on website yet
                          WAGS – available through your coach, posted on website as well (
                          ODSL – available through your coach, posted on website as well (
                          SFL – will be released April 6th, first matches April 18th.
                          You will not ALWAYS get assignments EACH weekend….it is completely dependent on how
                             many officials are available in relation to how many match slots need to be
                             covered……HOWEVER with that being said…..I will try to use everyone each and every
       o Assignments
                 You will get an email notification of match assignments
                 Once you get that, log in and accept or decline those assignments, promptly!
                 You are assigned based on the availability that you enter into the calendar, so if you are available and I
                    assigned based on that availability, then there should really not be any declines of assignments.
       o Turn backs of assignments
                 If you need to turn back your assignments that you have already accepted, then you need to email me as
                    soon as you know about the issue that forces you to turn them back.
       o Game Reports
                 You MUST enter your game report within 24 hours of the end of your match. This is how you get paid.
                    You will not get paid for any match that you do not submit a game report on.
                          Enter score
                          Do not enter anything in the comments section UNLESS you have issued cards….then if you
                             issued cards in your match please provide the information on those cards in the following format.
                             No other information is needed.
                                  o Team
                                  o Player Number
                                  o Reason for the card

   Info about Referee Supervisor
        o NVSC has hired a Referee Supervisor for both districts. The Hellwig Referee Supervisor is Brian Bohnsack. The
            Ben Lomond Referee Supervisor has not yet been chosen.
        o The Referee Supervisor will be responsible for many things, some of which are listed below:
                 Perform 2 Referee Performance Evaluations on randomly chosen referees each weekend.
                 Confirm prompt arrival by Referees to the field that they are assigned to each weekend. If a Referee is late,
                    it will be reported to the Referee Assignor and that Referee will be subject to a 50% fine of that first match
                    game fee.
   Referee Performance Evaluation Form
        o This is a form that will be used by the Referee Supervisor to evaluate a Referee‟s performance before, during and
            after a match.
        o Once this evaluation is completed, it will be covered with the Referee after that match.
        o The completed evaluation will also be forwarded to the Referee Assignor for record keeping.
        o Referees can and should review this form at the NVSC Referee Web-page at Northern Virginia Soccer Club

   Info about Coach’s Feedback Form
        o Coaches also have a tool to share their input on a Referee‟s performance for a certain match. This is the Coach‟s
            Feedback Form
        o This form is provided to the Referee Assignor and will be shared with the Referee via email communication.
        o Referees can and should review this form at the NVSC Referee Web-page at Northern Virginia Soccer Club

   Contact Information
       o My contact information is as follows:
                 Email –
                 Home Phone – 703-361-3979 – DO NOT call later than 8 pm on any given night. I have small children
                   that go to bed early and we do not want them woken up.
                 Cell Phone – 703-965-8233 – ONLY use this number in the case of a GAME-DAY emergency. Game
                   days are considered to be from 6 pm on Friday before the game until Sunday evening.

   Inclement Weather
        o The field status will also be updated on the NVSC Club Home page at
        o Field closures will also be posted on the Arbiter Start Page….the page that you see with Announcements on it when
           you first log in.
        o Please check the NVSC Homepage and/or Arbiter for inclement weather updates BEFORE leaving for a match.
           We update that information as early as 7 am when needed. If you go out to the complex without checking for
           updates, you will not get paid for going out. If the fields are closed in the morning then they are closed for the entire
           day….they will NOT re-open at noon, no matter what the PWC Park Authority Hotline says. This ONLY applies to
           the House and SFL Leagues. ODSL may still play if the fields open at noon after being closed for the morning
   The following outline will help you in filling out all of the information that needs to be
  completed in your Arbiter Profile in order to be ready for match assignments from NVSC.

 Please follow these steps in order. If you have any questions, please refer to the Arbiter Help
for Officials document located in the Arbiter site under the Forms link or on the NVSC Referee
                                         Information Site.
  1. Logging in – Once you receive the welcome email (only to new referees that are new to our referee
     group), you can click on the link in the email and sign into the Arbiter system.

  2. Updating your Personal Information –
       a. Scroll down and click on the MyReferee Profile link on the left hand side of the page. The first
           option is to set your start page. There should NOT be a check mark in the box to set MyReferee
           as your start page. If there is a checkmark, click on that small box and the checkmark will go
           away. Once you have done that, click on Save. You will then go to what is called your Start
       b. Click on the link labeled Information.
                i. Update your address and other information. Your social security number is not required.
                   I will only ask for that if I need to issue a MISC-1099 for tax purposes.
               ii. Once you have entered your address and other information, click on the link on the left
                   labeled Phones.
              iii. In order to add a phone number, click on the little plus (+) sign at the top of the first
                   column. Enter in the information in the provided spaces, and click on the green
                   checkmark on the left…..that will save the information.
              iv. Click on Exit and then Save…and you will return to your Start Page.

  3. Updating your Blocks -
       a. From your Start Page, click on the link on the left labeled Sites. It is located under the Blocks
                i. If no Sites are listed, click on the small box labeled „Show All‟. All of the Sites will then
                   be listed.
               ii. Place a checkmark in the box for each Site that you DO NOT want to be assigned to.
              iii. Once completed, click on Save, and then Exit and you will be returned to your Start Page.
       b. From your Start Page, click on the link of the left labeled Teams. It is also located under the
           Blocks section.
                i. If no Teams are listed, click on the small box labeled „Show All‟. All of the Teams will
                   then be listed.
               ii. Place a checkmark in the box for each Site that you DO NOT want to be assigned to.
              iii. Once completed, click on Save, and then Exit and you will be returned to your Start Page.
       c. From your Start Page, click on the link of the left labeled Calendar. It is also located under the
           Blocks section.
                i. Make sure that the Group Number 104019 has a check mark placed next to it. If you are
                   a member of multiple groups you can update your availability for all of the groups listed
                   by placing a checkmark in the box for all groups listed. If you only want to update your
                   availability for just one of the groups….then make sure that a check mark is placed in the
                   box for that group ONLY. Remove the other check marks from the other groups and the
                   availability for those groups will not be updated.
               ii. Under the listing of the groups….choose an Action. The explanations for each are listed
                       1. View Schedule – it will show you, when you click on a certain day on the
                           calendar what your schedule for that specific day is….it will show any pending,
                           or accepted matches, and any blocks that you may have.
                       2. Block All Day – if you choose this Action, and then click on a specific day on the
                           calendar, it will block your entire day.
                       3. Block Part Day – if you choose this Action, you will be asked to then enter a time
                           range, and date range (if needed)….you enter this into the boxed that are located
                           at the top of the calendar. Once you enter at least the time range, you can click on
                           any day on the calendar below and then it will block that time range.
                       4. Clear Blocks – if you choose this Action, and then click on any day on the
                           calendar, it will clear any and all blocks for that specific day. Also, under this
                           Action, you can enter a date range, and it will clear all blocks under that date
                           range that may be entered into your calendar.
              iii. Once you have completed your Calendar Blocks, click on Exit and you will be returned
                   to your Start Page.

4. Ready Button –
      a. At the bottom left hand corner of your Start Page, there is a small box labeled „Ready‟. Once
         you have completed steps 1, 2, and 3 completely…..make sure that you place a check mark in
         this box. This tells me that you are READY for match assignments.

5. Accepting and/or Declining Match Assignments –
      a. Once I assign you matches in the system, Arbiter will automatically send you an email to the
         email address that you use to sign into the system. It will notify you that you have match
         assignments and that you need to sign in and accept or decline them.
      b. Once you get that email, you should promptly sign in and click on the link on the left labeled
         Schedule and accept or decline those assignments. I do require that you accept or decline the
         assignments within 3 days of that notification email. If you do not accept or decline the
         assignments within that 3 day period the system automatically removes you from those
         assignments, blocks your entire day, and then I re-assign them.
      c. Special notes to accepting and declining assignments – PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO
              i. Once you decline one or all match assignments, Arbiter automatically blocks your entire
                 day for which those matches were assigned for.
             ii. Also….IF your calendar is accurate there should NEVER be any declines of
                 assignments…….because Arbiter works in a way that when I go in to assign a match, it
                 provides me with a list of all available referees…..and if you have not blocked a
                 timeframe in which you are truly not available, then you show up on the list as an
                 available referee…..SO it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your Calendar is
                 accurate and kept up-to-date.
            iii. There are only a few reasons that are acceptable to turn-back already accepted
                 assignments, and you must contact me by email in order to do so…Those issues will be
                 handled on a case-by-case basis. “Something came up”, “I really do not want to go out
                 today” are not options. You accepted them, officiate them.

6. Viewing and printing your schedule –
      a. From your Start Page, click on the link on the left labeled Schedule.
      b. The next page you can view your schedule. You can isolate each group by placing or removing
         the checkmarks in front of the groups listed on the left, if you are a member of multiple groups.
      c. You can print your schedule, by clicking on Schedule under the Reports Section directly listed
         under the listing of Groups.
                i. One the next page, choose the date range…..and then the viewer that you want you use (I
                   like the Adobe Viewer the best) and then click on Print Preview.
               ii. Your schedule will then appear in the chosen program (Adobe, Excel, etc). You can then
                   print it out using the printer icon in the toolbar.

7. Other helpful options in Arbiter
      a. Forms link – by clicking on Forms from your Start Page, you can access multiple website, and
         documents that I have placed there. I will refer to these several times during my emails and
         announcements. All of these are also listed on the NVSC Referee Site at
      b. Lists – you can view lists of several different things…..
              i. Officials – this will list all the Officials in our group as well as their contact information
             ii. Sites – this will list all the Sites that NVSC uses for matches. You can click on a
                 particular site‟s address (from this list or from your Schedule) and it will link to
                 Mapquest if you need a map to a certain field complex.

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