Letter from MMS - Student with flu like symptoms by nabikovk


									                        W H I T E H AV E N S C H O O L
                        Specialist Mathematics and Computing College
                        Cleator Moor Road Whitehaven Cumbria CA28 8TY
                                  Headteacher: Malcolm Smith M.A.

     7 July 2009

     Dear Parent/Carer

     A post 16 student and her mother are unwell and in isolation at home at the moment with flu
     like symptoms. A further post 16 student who was on holiday with this student is also isolated
     at home with similar flu like symptoms.

     Having spoken with representatives from Cumbria County Council Health and Safety, we are
     advised that it is no longer necessary or appropriate to close schools or other childcare
     settings if an individual attending that setting experiences flu-like symptoms. The advice
     remains the same, in that the individual (or their parent/carer) concerned should check their
     symptoms on www.nhs.uk. If the symptoms are consistent with the information provided by
     the NHS, the individual’s GP should be contacted who will be able to provide a clinical
     diagnosis and appropriate advice on treatment over the phone.

     We are advised that for people belonging to a high-risk group it is particularly important that
     they start taking antivirals as soon as possible. High-risk groups include people with long-
     term conditions, those over 65, children under five and pregnant women.

     We would ask that you ensure that your child increases their own hygiene measures and
     specifically as detailed below.

     •    Covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, using a tissue when

     •    Maintaining good basic hygiene, for example washing hands frequently with soap and
          water to reduce the spread of virus from your hands to face or to other people.

     •    Disposing of dirty tissues promptly and carefully, so others do not come into contact with
          the soiled tissues.

     Please contact your own GP or NHS Direct if you require any further clarification.

     Yours faithfully

     Malcolm M Smith

Telephone: Whitehaven (01946) 595400 FAX: (01946) 852650 Email: Schooloffice@whitehaven.cumbria.sch.uk

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