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                                              Mystery Shopping
                                              The best way to understand your
                                              customer’s experience is to have one.

                    How will                  Mystery shopping verifies that organizational standards
                                              and procedures are being implemented accordingly across
           Mystery Shopping                   all locations. Mystery shopping is an objective ‘snapshot’ of
          help your business?                 a guest’s experience, an ‘in the moment’ evaluation of service
                                              execution. It is not about finding errors and singling out
    1. It is estimated that defecting
                                              employee mistakes. Rather it provides an objective evaluation
      customers will tell eight to 10
                                              of how a company executes its brand promise and serves
         people about their negative
                                              the guest. Mystery shopping provides valuable feedback
    experience with your company.
                                              on service, cleanliness, quality and sales efforts.
      One in five will tell 20 people.
                                              Why Use a Mystery Shop Program?
2. Loyal customers become familiar
 with your way of business, and are             •	Verify minimum standards are being met and compliance
   usually the first to see and report           standards are in place.
     opportunities for improvement.             •	Spot training gaps undermining brand promise.
                                                •	 Identify coaching and reward opportunities for team members.
   3. A five percent improvement in             •	Keep operational elements of the customer experience
    retention rates can raise profits            top of mind for your team.
      from 15 percent to 50 percent.            •	Evaluate and benchmark performance against competitors.
                                              Key Observations Measured during a Mystery Shop
              Mystery Shopping                Market Force works with the corporate client to ensure the
  – Monitor Your Brand Promise                Mystery Shop Audit Form is based on the operational standards
                                              and service objectives of your organization. Aligning corporate
                                              standards with observation points ensures the mystery shop
                                              results provide value-added, actionable data to initiate service
When a brand promise                          and/or operational improvements. Evaluation areas include:
is executed consistently                        •	Customer Service
                                                •	Sales Techniques
   across the enterprise,                       •	Product Knowledge/Quality
     customers become                           •	Adherence to Policies and Procedures
                                                •	Employee Integrity – the handling of cash
     devoted advocates.                          and customer receipts
                                                •	Cleanliness and Sanitation

                                                                                       Lead with intelligence
             Receive a Best Practices Guide:                   The Market Force Mystery Shop Program
             When you sign up for Mystery Shopping             makes it easy for you to:
                you will receive a Market Force Best             • Monitor customer service levels within and across
               Practices Guide that contains helpful               the organization.
                              tips to get you started.
                                                                 • Ensure adherence to organizational standards and policies.
                                                                 • Identify weaknesses in current processes.
                           Take Advantage of                     • Create a more customer-centric organization.
                        Market Force Services:                   • Improve staff morale, reward star employees and train
              Market Force not only provides best-in-              underachievers to excel.
                class feedback solutions, we provide
                                                                 • Save time by scheduling shop reports to be emailed to
              best-in-class customer satisfaction and
                                                                   your team members instead of waiting for team members
               employee engagement consulting and
                                                                   to log-in and check reports.
                     implementation services as well.
                                                                 • If already a Market Force client, correlate mystery shop
                                                                   results with customer survey results to get a holistic view
                                       Learn more:                 of the customer experience.
                     Market Force would welcome the
             opportunity to take your business to the          Key Features
            next level with our best-in-class customer
                                                                 • Professionally trained shoppers who know what
           feedback programs. Let us show you how.
                                                                   to look for and capture
                                                                 • Classification levels to easily track trends
                                                                 • Real-time notification to designated levels of
                           We’ll help you                          management via email
                       create a consistent                       • Online reporting and dashboards with 24/7 access
                       brand experience.                         • Save, email and publish (PDF, Excel) online reports
                                                                 • Schedule reports delivered via email

                                                               Business Benefits
                                                                 • Objective and authentic analysis of store and
                                                                   employee performance and compliance
                                                                 • Effective ongoing monitoring of service levels
                                                                   within organization
                                                                 • Measure and gain clarity on operational aspects
                                                                   affecting the customer experience
                                                                 • Recognize and reward exceptional employee performance
                                                                 • Identify coaching opportunities
                                                                 • Foster customer-centric culture
                                                                 • Evaluate training effectiveness
                                                                 • Benchmark against other locations and competitors

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