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					                                    HTC TOUCH HD

  HTC presents another stunner product with the launch of its new smartphone, the HTC
Touch HD.
  The black, sleek and attractive device a 3.8 TFT touchscreen, 12mm thickness and a
480x800 pixel screen resolution promises an amazing display quality. The large screen
size allow better finger movements and the improved TouchFlo 3D swipe navigation
feature makes the Touch HD a more responsive touch device. The power key is at the
top and there are four touch sensitive keys below the display which include two receiver
keys, a Home key and a Back key. The stylus is located at the lower right corner and the
volume keys are placed on the left side of the phone. The back bears a soft rubbery
finish that enhances user grip and repulses any fingerprints. The device also offers
Accelerometer sensor which rotates the screen as you turn the phone.
   For those in search of high speed internet access, the Touch HD has yet again proved
its excellence in providing fast internet connectivity by supporting GPRS, EDGE, 3G AND
Wi-Fi. The phone also provides SMS, MMS, Email and Instant Messaging services. The
device is operated by the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with the Pocket Office
installed. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are among the features supported by the
Touch HD.
   Lost? Need help finding a location? Wish granted! The GPS receiver gives you your
exact location and the Google Maps provide you with any map you need. Through the
You Tube client, uploading videos is just one click away. Listen to the radio or your
favourite songs with the Windows Media Player Mobile through the stereo headset of
your own choice. The device has a 3.5mm audio output jack which allows the user to
connect any headset they desire. The file formats supported include AAC, AMR, MP3,
   A 5.0 MP camera is accompanied by a secondary VGA videocall camera. The camera is
enhanced with video recording and auto-focus features. High quality photos can be
snapped and the delay between the button press and the photo capture is now
markedly reduced.
   The Touch HD has a 512MB of internal memory and bears a Micro SD card slot for
additional memory. The phonebook stores unlimited phone contacts and call records.
The battery is capable of providing a standby time of 450h and a talk time of 6h 30min.
  However, it does lag behind in some aspects. Touch is the only way of operating the
phone. The Touch HD lacks LED flash and a dedicated camera shutter key. In addition,
there is no TV OUT outlet and the back cover has to be removed to reach the Phone
Reset button.
  The Apple IPhone 3G is by far the strongest compeditor of the Touch HD. The IPhone
3G has a 3.5 inch screen having a screen resolution of 320x480 pixel with multi-touch
input methods. It is operated on the MAC OS and comes with 8GB and 16GB of internal
memory. The phone is available in black and white colours. It features a 2.0MP camera
with photo browsing and editing application. Like the Touch HD, it also features Google
Maps, GPS receiver and voice memo services. Supported internet services include 3G,
EDGE, GPRS and Wi-Fi. The iPod audio and video player serves as the multimedia player
and thanks to the TV OUT outlet; you can enjoy watching your favourite videos on your
own TV! The Safari web browser connects you to the internet while Bluetooth and USB
connectivity allows you to hook up your phone with your PC or other mobiles. The
battery gives a standby time of 300h and a talk time of 10h.
  The IPhone 3G however lacks perfection. The phone bears no infrared port and no SD
card slot; users are restricted to the built in memory of the phone. There is no
secondary video call camera and the phonebook cannot store more than 100 call
records. Though the IPhone’s Application Store has proved to be very popular, the
downloading network charges add to the price of the application.
   The Touch HD leaves the IPhone 3G behind on account of its elegant and simple
design which encloses a powerful killer machine that brings the world to your palms.

By Mohammad Osama Amjad

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