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					     Medications Containing Aspirin or Aspirin-Like Compounds
        (These medications can cause prolonged bleeding)
                         Datril                   Percogesic
            A            Darril 500               Presalin
A.A. Compound                                                      Panodynes Analgesic
                                  Dewitt Pills
A.C.A. #4 Capsule                                                  Persistin
Acephens Suppositories
                                  Dasin Capsules                   Plavix
                                  Doans Pills                      Pyrroxate
Alka - Seltzer Plus
Alka Seltzer Plus Sinus Allergy                                    Quiet World Tablets
Alka Seltzer Plus Cold and
Night Time Cold Medicine
                                  Duoprin Capsules                                    R
                                  Duoprin Syrup                    Rufen
Allerest Headache Strength
                                  Dularin Syrup                                       S
Ampheno 1                                                          SAC
                                  Dynosal Tablets
Anacin                                                             Salatin
Anacin Caps/Tablets                                    E           Saleto
Anacin Maximum                    Easprin                          SalFayne Capsules
Analyal                           Ectrin                           Salocol
Anodynos                          Amagrin                          Saw-Palmetto
Amhralgen Tablets                 Empirin Analgesic                SineAid
Amhralgen                         Empirin Compound                 Sinearest
Amhropan                          Empirin with Codeine             SineOff
Arthritis Pain Formula            Encapin                          SK-Apap Tablets
Arthritis Strength Bufferin       Equagesic Tables                 Soma Compound
ASA                               Excedrin                         St. Joseph Aspirin
ASA Compound Capsules             Excedrin PM                      St. Joseph Aspirin (children's )
Ansemco #2 Tablets                Excedrin APAP Tablets            St. Joseph Cold (Tablets for child)
ASA Enseals
APAC Tablets
                                                       F           Stanback Tablets & Powder
                                  Febrinol                         Stanco
APAP Tablets                                                       Supac
Aspercin                          Feldene
                                  Femcaps                          Synalgos DC Capsules
Asphac G Tablets
Ascriptin A/D Tablets             Fiorinal Caplets & Tablets                          T
Ascriptin Xstrength Tablets       Fizzin powder                    Talwin Compound
Asprabuf                          Four Way Cold Tablets            Tempra Syrup & Drops
Aspergum                                               G           Tenol
Aspir 10 (Vale)                   Gavsals Tablets                  Therapy Bayer ASA Caplets
Azdone Tablets                    Gemnisyn (Rorer)                 Triagesic
                                                                   Tn Pain Caplets
                    B             Goody's Extra Strength Tablets
B.A.                              Goody's Headache Powder
Bayer Aspirin                                          H                              U
Bayer Children's Aspirin          Hyalex
Bayer Decongestant Tablets        Hipirin (Blane)                  Uracel 5
Bayer Maximum                                                      Ursinus
Bayer Timed Release Aspirin                            I                              V
BC All clear                      Ibuprofen
                                  Indocin                          Valadol Tablets & Liquid
BC Tablets & Powder                                                Valesin
Bextra                                                 L           Vanquish Caplets
Buf Tablets                       Liquiprin Solution               Verin
Bufex                             Lortab ASA Tablets               Viro-Med Tablets
Buff A                                                             Vitamin E
Buffadyne Lemon                                        M           Vioxx
Buffaprin                         Magneprin
Bufferin                          Magnaprin Arthritis Strength                        W
Bufferin (Arthritis Strenght)     Meadache                         Wesprin Buffered
Buffering Xstrength               Measurin (Time Release)
Buffets                           Meclomen
                                  Midol (Ibuprofen)                Zocor
                                  Mobigestic                       Zorprin
                    C             Motrin
Cana (In Lay Tablets)             Momentum Muscle Backache         ANTIDIARRHEAL MEDICATIONS
Celebrex                                                           (Beecham) Corrective Measure
Chewable Talbets                                       N           (Pfeiffer) Kaodene Non-Narcotic
Clinoril                          Nalfon                           (Rexall) Pabinol with Paragoric
Congesprin chewables              Naprosyn                         (Norwich) Pepto Bismol
Cope                              Neocylate
Coricidin                         Neolin
Coricidin D                       Nilain
Coricidin Demilets (Children's)   Nilprin 7 1/2
                                                                   Please stop any and all of the
Coricidin Medlets                 Norwich ASA                      above medications 7 days
                                                       P           prior to your surgery or
                                   Pabralate                       procedure.
CPZ Tablets
Cystex                                                             If you have any questions,
                    D              Pepto Bismol Tablets            please call 310-542-0199.
Damason                            Percodan