Citing Quotes in Odyssey

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					Citing Quotes in Odyssey
Basic Rules:
   - Odyssey is italicized
   - Use three lines or less
   - Insert a slash to signify separate lines, space before and after slash
   - Type the lines exactly as they appear in the book *
   - Use line numbers, not page numbers
   - If omitting words to shorten quote, use ellipses
   - Identify who is speaking when setting up the quote
   - Blend quotes into writing, quotes should not stand alone


Odysseus is forced to deal with a savage race, “In the next land we found were Cyclopes /
giants, louts, without a law to bless them” (109-110). Due to Polyphemus’ insolent way
of treating his guests, Odysseus employs quick thinking to liberate his remaining crew

Odysseus knows the Cyclopes are not gracious creatures, “A prodigious man / slept in
this cave alone…remote from all companions, / knowing none but savage ways…” (128-
130). Odysseus hints at the barbarity of the Cyclopes’ daily life and selfish routine.

Write in present tense.
There must be at least one quote per body paragraph.
State the name of the work and the author in the opening paragraph.
Your thesis statement is to be three-pronged.
Your thesis statement is to be the last sentence in your opening paragraph.
Your thesis statement is to be restated in your conclusion.
Spell all of the names correctly.

*If there is a number pertaining to a footnote in the line you are quoting, do not include
the number, just the words.

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