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February 2004 STUY PA BULLETIN




Dear Parents,

October saw an end to the Stuyvesant Centennial celebration, with the Homecoming and Dinner
Gala. I hope you had an opportunity to participate in these events.

I was very happy to see so many parents taking full advantage of visiting classes during Open
School Week. Your presence indicates to our students just how important you view their

On Wednesday evening, October 27,th the faculty was treated to a delicious dinner provided by
the Parents’ Association. I would like to thank all the volunteers that worked so hard to make this
event successful.

Finally, as we enter the holiday season of the year, try and take a moment to enjoy the pleasures
of life and family. Happy holidays to all!

S. Teitel



Dear Parents,

Our school year is now in full swing, and the PA committees are hard at work. We hope you took
advantage of Open School Week and Parent-Teacher conferences and that you had a satisfying
experience. The faculty dinner prior to the conferences was a huge success, as usual. Many
thanks to the dedicated volunteers who did all the hard work!

The fall election went well and resulted in the addition of both veterans and new faces to our
executive board. Welcome! We look forward to your contributions to our team. To ALL parents:
Remember that your help is also needed, and we encourage you to take a part in the activities and
endeavors that the PA sponsors on behalf of all of our students.

We have assurances from the administration that seniors will have a note sent out with their
college application materials to explain that some classes have not always been available to all
students who requested them -- especially during this semester, when classes were eliminated due
to the original extreme budget cuts. Thanks, parents, for tuning in to this important issue in a
focused and united way. Your voices are heard and your opinions count! We hope that the views
of the PA will continue to be positively received by the administration and that we can continue
to contribute to improving policies and instruction.

The centennial celebrations have mostly concluded with the Gala on October 28, and we heartily
thank each and every parent who volunteered. We look forward to the installation early this
November of the centennial commemorative artwork that was the gift of class of 2004 and will
ensure our fundraising efforts for many years to come. The piece is designed to display plaques
recognizing contributions to Stuyvesant. We thank Maddy Segall Marx for her vision, and her
team of artisans for their tireless work in completing this project. Please stop by the lobby to view
the wall where we usually sign in. That is where the piece will soon be displayed. You will
receive fliers and further information about how to contribute toward a plaque in order to be a
permanent part of Stuyvesant’s centennial commemoration. If you have contributed already,
thanks so much!

The School Leadership Team is under way now that the freshman parent representatives have
been elected, and the subcommittees are organizing themselves and setting goals and priorities.
Be sure to let your representatives know what issues and ideas you want to be brought to the
team. Again this year, the PA is working closely with the team to coordinate our efforts.

By now, we expect a successful college trip south to have concluded. We hope these trips
continue to aid students and parents in selecting and applying to colleges. If you missed this trip,
look forward to another trip upstate in January. Remind your child to check out fliers posted on
the door of Room 103 and any fliers that are distributed in class. The Parent-to-Parent Forum and
our next PA meeting about the new SAT are other worthy sessions organized by our college
committee, and we appreciate the work of Karen Mooney and her team for all these efforts.

All volunteers, please be patient if you have not been contacted for an assignment. Since we are
all volunteers, it takes time to engage everyone who wants to help out. If you think your
expertise is being overlooked in a needed area, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best
to make sure that you are plugged in where your interest and skills best fit.

Many good wishes for a healthful and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday!

We hope to greet you at our next meeting or event!

Sincerest regards,

Linda Lam ( and Lori Pandolfo (



Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Murray Kahn Theater
7 – 9 PM

The Program will include a presentation on:

"Changes in College Entrance Exams"
Representatives from Princeton Review will speak on Old v. New SAT & ACT Exam.

Parents are invited for beverages and snacks before the meeting at 6:30 pm
Program Committee (and parents interested in programs) meets before the general meeting at
5:30-6:30 pm in Theater.


[Box with dotted lines and scissors indicating cut out – separate page]

        Are you a contributing member of the Stuyvesant Parents’
  To join the P.A., or to be listed in the Parent/Student Directory, please complete this form and
                mail it with your annual dues donation of $ 20, tax deductible*, to:

                Parents’ Association, Stuyvesant High School,
                      345 Chambers Street, Room 211,
                            New York, NY 10282
                            ❏Add me to ListServ Announcements
  ❏Check here if you DO NOT want your contact information to appear in the Parent/Student Directory

Parent First Name___________________________ Last Name________________________________
Address_________________________ City_____________ State______ Zip Code__________
Home Phone___________________ Work Phone___________________ Fax_______________
Student First Name____________________ Last Name_________________ Grad Year__________

Please sign me up for the following parent outreach support groups:
Membership Outreach: __Chinese __Korean __Russian __African-American __Hispanic
__Parent Buddy
__ I need translation of PA materials/events. My primary language is______________________

I would be willing to work on PA activities:
I am available at the following times:
__ Several hours a week                                        __ School days
__ Several hours twice a month                                 __ School nights
__ Several hours once a month                                  __ Weekends
__ Several hours periodically over the school year
__ Unable to volunteer this year, but keep me updated on PA events

I would be willing to volunteer to help:
__ Arrange food/refreshment preparation for PA events.
__ Participate in organizing a college fair for our students.
__ Plan programs with featured speakers and informational sessions for parents.
__ Work on the annual Phonathon or other fundraiser.
__ Do computer data entry work.
__ Write articles for the PA newsletter.
__ Participate in welcoming parents and students to school open houses and PA events.
__ Do foreign language translation/interpreting. I’m fluent in the following
    __ Check here if you can do simultaneous interpretation.
__ Judge a student essay contest.
__ Work on projects of health, safety, emergency preparedness & environmental issues
in/around the school.
__ Maintain the PA website or database (Specify applications you can use in skill section).
__ Work on devising strategies regarding academic integrity & trouble-shooting problems in
extracurricular activities.
__ Phone other parents to provide or gather information on behalf of the PA.
__ Mentor a Stuyvesant student’s independent research project OR contact colleges and other
   institutions to arrange mentors (if you have a particular subject interest/specialty please list it
   in the skill area).
__ Work on public affairs lobbying or grassroots organizing concerning school issues or
   educational initiatives.
__ Perform general administrative, clerical, errands/odd jobs.
__ Judge a Speech & Debate Tournament.

Other Skills (Proficiency/Interests/Occupational)



The College Office staff continues to meet one-on-one with seniors and expects to have seen all
students by the end of November. The College Office thanks students for their patience and
reminds them to check their Stuy email for notices about these meetings and other important
information. Students are also reminded to check the for important bulletins and
scholarship information. The bulletins and scholarship information do not require a password and
so are accessible to parents as well.
During the final week of October, the office mailed out the school's documents for each early
admission applicant. Approximately 380 students, about 49 percent of the class, filed an early
admission or early action application.

Seniors are strongly urged to attend any information session at Stuyvesant conducted by
representatives of any college to which he or she may apply.

The College Office asks that students and their families be aware of their remaining deadlines.
OFFICE WEBSITE REGULARLY. When posting information on the college website, students
are reminded to go to, scroll down to the application link and choose from the
menu there.

-SUNY – Friday, November 19: If the student is applying to SUNY, he or she must bring the
completed application and check to the College Office on Friday, November 19. Applications
were handed out in homeroom during the first week of November. Go to and
enter the campuses to which the student will apply before coming into the office.

-CUNY Honors or Brooklyn College BA/MD – Monday, November 29: If the student is applying
to the CUNY Honors College or the Brooklyn College BA/MC program, he or she must bring the
completed application and check to the College Office on Monday, November 29. Go to and enter the campuses to which the student will apply before coming into the

-Private and Out-of-State Colleges – December 3: December 3 is the last day for students to enter
their choices online for all private and out-of-state public colleges (with due dates January 1 and

As of this writing, students who are applying early decision and early action have completed their
applications. Good luck to all!

If students are not admitted to their early decision school, they should visit the College Office
immediately upon being notified. Only the College Office can enter the additional schools to
which the student will apply. Students are reminded to continue to prepare applications to other
schools, as the time between early admission notification and regular admission deadlines is very

Financial Aid: If your family is applying for financial aid, you should find out if any of your
student's college choices requires the CSS/Profile form. If so, you need to fill this form out as
soon as possible. It is available online at

Scholarships: There are many scholarships listed in the College Office Bulletins and at the link. Students should contact the College Office promptly for any that require a
nomination. If any require a transcript, SSR report, or signature, the student should notify the
College Office at least one week before the scholarship deadline.

Parent Questions?: Parent Coordinator Harvey Blumm is available to answer many procedural
questions related to college applications or to pursue an answer on your behalf. Contact Harvey at
212/312-4926, 347/563-5099, or

It's not too early for juniors to start thinking about college choices. By the time they visit with
College Office staff in the spring, they should at least have some idea of the location and size of a
school they'd like to attend and an idea of any special academic programs they may be looking
for. Director of the College Office Abby Siegel suggests as one good online
research search tool, and the Fiske Guide to Colleges as a good general book reference.

Ms. Siegel also urges juniors to do their best to visit some campuses. Take advantage of the tours
the school is sponsoring with the PA. Go with a small group of friends (perhaps one parent could
drive), sharing costs. Consider visiting during the February break. Demonstrating interest figures
strongly in many college applications, especially if they are within easy traveling distance from
New York.

As for standardized testing, once again, this will be a year of transition as the New SAT is
introduced. Different colleges have different expectations, so students must check with the
colleges to which they may apply. Ms. Siegel says students and their families might consider the
ACT as an alternate to the SAT. One advantage of the ACT, she points out, is that the ACT has
score choice. This means that the student can take the test several times and choose which scores
the colleges will see, unlike the SAT, which reports all scores to colleges.

The New SAT and the ACT is the program topic at the upcoming Parents' Association General
Meeting on November 16 at 7 PM. Following a short PA business meeting, representatives from
Princeton Review will present information on both of these tests. For information, contact Elaine
Levy at 718/859-1072 or

Also ahead, the school and the PA are planning a tour of New England colleges in January. Look
for details soon.
--Karen Mooney,

Your link to the Stuyvesant College Office:



Because the unthinkable no longer is, a security team featuring experts on chemical weapons and
assault techniques joined a Homeland Security representative on a tour through Stuyvesant late
last month.

Freshman executive board member Robert Y.R. Chung said the five-member team spent several
hours in the school, examining, among other things, exits, ventilation and chemical storage.

Stuyvesant is the second New York City school the team has toured. The first was the United
Nations International School.

Principal Stanley Teitel attended a Battery Park City security meeting and was invited to include
Stuyvesant on the security tour planned for the complex.

The security team will produce a report from its findings. However, the report will be classified.
“Even I won’t see the document,” Teitel said. However, he said, the Stuyvesant group took
copious notes. And the security team shared some of its findings and recommendations

Luis Martinez from the Homeland Security Department led the team. Martinez is a retired Coast
Guard commander who headed Operation Sail. Also examining the school was a representative
from the state’s public security office; a chemical expert; an ex-Navy SEAL who specializes in
assault planning; and an expert on links between Stuy and Battery Park City (e.g., how electricity
and water supply would be affected if one or the other were attacked).

Chung, an NYPD sergeant, and Jill Greenbaum, another freshman member of the Parents’
Association Executive Board, represented the PA. Both serve on the PA’s health and safety
committee. Also accompanying the security team were Principal Teitel, assistant principal Randi
Damesek, building supervisor Renee Levine, school safety officer Sgt. Elsie Ortiz, and head
custodian and school engineer Nicholas Mortensen.

Among recommendations the team thought the school should undertake or consider:

         Placing security cameras outside the building (which currently has internal cameras).
         Moving security desk on first floor closer to doors.
         Alarming doors to outside (previously alarmed but disabled when the school experienced
          problems with the fire alarms last year).
         24/7 school security presence
         Better lock for exit to ventilation system
         More securely storing pool chemicals
         Consider not posting public events or school events when building will be open on web
         Possible swipe card system to track who is in the building, particularly since Battery
          Park City residents also use Stuyvesant facilities.

Teitel said the school was looking into a swipe card system, but the cost, at an estimated
$90,000, could be prohibitive. He said he has contacted Battery Park City officials about
adding external cameras and is awaiting a response. He said the school cannot make
exterior changes without permission from the complex.

Other measures, such as adding alarms to doors, will be easier to accomplish, he said.

Overall, Teitel and Chung said they felt good about what they saw and heard.

 “I didn’t see anything in particular that we should be running around and doing that jumps off the
page,” Teitel said.

Said Chung, “I think the building more or less is very secure.’’



When a student knows that s/he will be absent for a school or home related issue, or had a
documented reason for being absent, s/he should:

1. Speak with her/his teacher and show evidence of intended absence or absence note.
2. Most biology students who miss their labs for a legitimate reason will be able to perform a
   lab makeup upon their return from their absence. They can make up their lab during their
   lunch period in Room 703.
3. On dates that will be announced, there will be afterschool makeup lab sessions, where one or
   several scheduled labs can be made up under the guidance of a biology teacher.

    -- All Fall 2004 lab reports are due on January 10, 2005 --


When a student knows that s/he will be absent for a school or home related issue, or had a solid
reason for being absent, s/he should:

1. Speak with her/his teacher and show evidence of intended absence or absence note.
2. Then ask her/his teacher for help in finding another teacher to do the lab with, one who is
   doing it on another day or another period.
3. If that doesn't work, s/he should come to Dr Livanis with the note and she will place them on
   her list.
4. The students on Dr Livanis's list will be allowed to make up the lab during the first week in
   January (4, 5, 6) starting at 3:30.

    -- All lab manuals are due January 10 --

SAVE THE DATE: The Mastery Level Certificate and Letter Ceremony for those students who
earned a score of 85 or above on the Regents exam in June 2004 in Chemistry or Physics is:
Tuesday, November 23rd, at 3:30 p.m. in the auditorium.


Executive Board 2004–2005
Co-President:                  Linda Lam       
Co-President:                  Lori Pandolfo   
1st VP:                        Elizabeth Lee   
2nd VP:                        Sumiko Takeda Nakazato
Recording Secretary:           Lauren Coleman-Lochner
Corresponding Sec'y:           Ellie Freudenheim
Treasurer:                     Richard Roth    
Ass't Treasurer:               Gillian Smith Robinson
Senior:                        Jonathan Jakobi 
Junior:                        Mei Ying Chow   
Sophomore:                     Simeon Baum     
Sophomore:                     Young Hi Lee    
Freshman:                      Euysoon Chang   
Freshman:                      Robert Y.R. Chung
Freshman:                      Andy Zhang      
Senior Rep:                    Elizabeth Roistacher
Senior Rep Alt:                Marcia Wertheimer
Junior Rep:                    Marty Davis     
Junior Rep:                    Doris Hernandez Murphy
Junior Rep Alt:                Sheridan Alexander
Sophomore Rep:                 Miriam Boyce    
Sophomore Rep:                 Gary LIncoff    
Sophomore Rep Alt:             Constance Rodgers
Freshman Rep:                  Jill Greenbaum  
Freshman Rep:                  Byong Min Kim   
Appropriations:                Richard Roth    
College:                       Karen Mooney    
Communications:                Tony Micocci    
Family Orientation:            Hannah Li       
Family Orientation:            Suet Chan       
Open School/Faculty Reception: Stephney Hinds-Phillips
Open School/Faculty Reception: Kathy YU        
Open School/Faculty Reception: Linda Yung      
Hospitality:                   Young Hi-Lee    
Hospitality:                   Sun He Lee      
Health and Safety:                       David Newman   
Intel/Research:                          Zvi Shmueli    
Membership Outreach:                     Jonathan Jakobi
Membership Outreach:                     Sumiko Takeda Nakazato
Membership Outreach:                     Kathy Yu       
Membership Outreach:Chinese              Mei Ying Chow  
Membership Outreach:Chinese              Lu Ming Li     
Membership Outreach:Korean               Sandra Jang    
Phonathon/Fundraising:                   Sam Siddique   
Program:                                 Gina Anderson  
Scholarship:                             Maggie Knox    

Teams & Extracurriculars:                Marty Davis    

Academic Integrity:                      Mitchell Breit 



Our Faculty Appreciation Dinner on October 27 was a huge success, thanks to the creative efforts
and hard work of our parent volunteers. Our sincere thanks to the volunteers who transformed
our dining room.

Special thanks to May Hwa Teng, Tsai Chiung Ying and Sandra Jang for contributing their time
and effort, to Elizabeth Lee for planning and artistic support, to Peggy Harvey for her guidance
and assistance, and to Mrs. A. Cappell, our faculty adviser, for the banner.

Faculty Dinner volunteers included Lin Scott, Tsai Chiung Yin, Teng May Hwa, Suet Chan,
Anne Liebowitz, Estelle Rosenthal, Catherine Gasteyer, Beverly Marshack, Manna Wang,
Audrey Mazur, Sarah Seo Ha, Steven Ha, Amie Gross, Theresa Bockwoldt, Marcia Smith, Jody
Greenberg, Valerie Hobbs, Hiroko Miyamoto, Elaine Levy, Ashia Khatoon, Serena Shin, Ruben
Garcia, Sandra Jang, Sook Hyun Cho, Grace Hong, Young hi Lee, Euy Soon Chang, Yun Hee
Kim, Keum Sook Kwak and Sun Hee Lee.

Open School was well attended and a great success, with much thanks to our Open School
volunteers Alice Lou, Doris Murphy, Erica Silverman, Hannah Li, Kathy Yu, Lauren Coleman-
Lochner, Linda Yung, Lisa Hoffman, Lisa Kass, Liz Mackay, Lu Ming Li, Maria Sapiro, Mei
Ying Chow, Mimi Abrams Schleider, Norman Chung, Pat Chibbavo, Rob Chung, Ruben Garcia,
Suet Chan.



Thursday, November 11              No classes (Veterans Day)
November 11-13                     Mid-Atlantic College Tour
Tuesday, November 16         PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)
Tuesday, November 23         Ceremony for high performers in Chemistry or Physic Regents Exam (3:30 PM- Aud)
Saturday, December 4         SAT II
Tuesday, December 21         PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)
Tuesday, January 18          PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)
January 28-30                New England College Tour
Tuesday, February 15         PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)
Tuesday, March 15            PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)
Early April (dates TBD)      New York State College Tour
Tuesday, April 19            PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)
Tuesday, May 23              PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)
Tuesday, June 21             PA General Meeting, 7 PM (Hospitality* -6:30 PM)

[Chinese translation- one and one half page]


[Korean translation- one and one half page]



1. Announcements and Approval of Minutes:
   General membership approved Sept. minutes. Co-presidents shared announcements,
   including upcoming Open School visitation and conferences and Nov. 4 parent-to-parent
   college panel.
2. Treasurer Richard Roth reviewed budget and appropriations.
3. Committee reports:
   Health & Safety – Dave Newman called for volunteers for the health & safety committee,
   which he said would expand to cover lifestyle issues.
   College Committee – Karen Mooney urged parents to attend upcoming college programs
   Program Committee – Gina Anderson said her committee will hold meetings at 5:30 before
   PA General Meetings. The next program will feature a discussion of the new SAT’s and the
   Stephney Hinds-Phillips and Elizabeth Lee called for volunteers for Open School Week and
   the Faculty Reception.
   Jonathan Jakobi spoke about membership outreach
4. Eleanor Archie spoke about the recent heroin overdose death of a Bronx Science sophomore.
   Archie introduced a representative from Region 9 who said that parents should seek out
   counselors from their children’s schools if they suspected problems. She also referred parents
   to literature and workshops on adolescent problems.
5. Election speeches: Candidates for open positions gave brief speeches. Ballot boxes remained
   open until 8:30 p.m.
6. Freshmen parents met with Ms. Archie to review course requirements for graduation. Other
   parents adjourned.



The P.A. Bulletin is published monthly by the Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association. It is
mailed to parents one week before most Parents’ Association general meetings. Contributions
and suggestions are welcome. Please contact Tony Micocci ( or Lauren
Coleman-Lochner (, Bulletin Co-Editors.

Many thanks to this month’s contributors, Gina Anderson, Lauren Coleman-Lochner, Elizabeth
Lee, Karen Mooney, Lori Pandolfo, Stanley Teitel, Kathy Yu, Linda Yung; to Sandra Jang and
Scott Kuoming Lin for their invaluable assistance in translation; and to Dan Gonzalez for his
layout work.

Stuyvesant P.A. Website

Information is also available at the Stuyvesant P.A. website,

Contact Info

P.A. Website: 
Stuyvesant HS:          212-312-4800
Stuyvesant website:

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