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  1. Technical aptitude.

  In this section there were totally 50 technical questions, with 4 options for each question,
  depending on different branches. Time duration was 45 min. Some of the questions I
  remember are. …….
  1. Which metal/alloy is used in railway tracks _____ ?
  2. Hydraulic press works on the principle ______?
  3. If e=0 body is said to be ______?
  4. Which has max poisons ratio ______ ?
  5. Coplanar, concurrent forces equilibrium eqn ______.?
  6. For simply supported beam with load at midspan bending moment is given by eqn
  7. In I.C Engine petrol efficiency is given by ________ Number?
  8. Emissivity of white body at all temperature & pressure is______?
  9. Rod is manufactured using ______ process?
  10. In ball bearing which is harder ______ ?
  11. Equilibrium eqn for non-coplanar, concurrent forces _______ ?
  12. An ice cube is placed in a glass filled with water, when the ice cube melts the level of
  water will be ______?
  13. On burning chemical fuel which energy will release _______?
  14. Which has +ve displacement ________?
  15. Governor hunting is ______?

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