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1.Meaning of words used in sentence.example: "bonafide" was the word used in
sentence( dont remember the sentence) and u had to find its meaning from options(4
2.use of prepositions and articles
3.2 reading comprehensions followed by ques such as theme of the passage and
4.majority of problem solving questions were based on chapters like profit and
loss,percentage,geometry( 2 questions in my paper i remember),time and
distance,progressions(ex: 15th term of the fibonacci series ) ratio propertions.Not all qs
were from these but majority were.
5.some data interpretation questions and problem solving qs were as follows::
            (a) replace * with +./ with -,+ with *,- with / and solve the following
                     24/78+90*87-87/878 (values are arbitrarily put here but ques looked
like this and there were 2qs)
            (b) a passage was given with informations about 3 guest houses
red,green,yellow and their details like accomodation status, fees, advance
fees,reservation criteria. etc. followed by 3 ques based on them(typical data
interpretation qs, 2 such passages were there =6qs)
            (c)A,B,C are three vertices of a triangle and triangle DEF is formed by joining
midpoints of the triangle abc respectively.what is the ratio of the area of triangle DEF
            (d)ram 's salry is 20 % less than raj salary,bikram's salary is 55 % more than
raj's salry.if raj saves 20% of the salary which equal to rs.2000, what is bikram's
salry?(values changed but qs was on these concepts)
60 questions
The questions were very basic.

dont remember the no. of questions from different sections but qs were max from
geotech followed by fmhm,structure,building materials,traffic engineering.Very less no.
of qs were from irrigation engg.,and water supply and sanitary engg.
some qs:
1.minimum clear cover that can b provided for beams
2.dead load on roof if no access provided
3.span to depth ratio of spans
4.a compression member is a short column when slenderness ratio is...........(ans:less
than 12)
5.minimum grade of concrete to be used in RCC in saline conditions........m30
6.vane shear test used for what ?
7.qs on sight distance
8.the place where railway track and roads cross each other is called..........level crossing
9.the ........... is a place where locomotives are repaired ,sheltered,washed etc.
10.bundling of bars
11.for which test soil sample should b undisturbed ?
12.for most durable buildings which kind of wood is used?
13.which of these is not a deep foundion? options:pile,well foundation,none of these
14.pile foundn used in which type of soil conditions?
15.cbr test is done for checking what property?
16.thixotropy ,sensitivity(defnition given ,u need to select the option)
17.the top view of orthographic projection is called a..............options:elevation,none of
these,plan ,key plan
18.heber no. ,reynold no and their limits
19.permisible BOD of waste water
20.what is the hollow portion provided on brick top called?

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