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									JINDAL GET 2010


1. Reynolds numer is?

2. Biot number is used for solid or liquid?

3. Shear stress on principl plane is?

4 T time of flight in projectile motion is?

5. Velocity of a body while ascending will be more or less than the velocity while decnding?

6. Boundary separation wil occur when press.gradient will?

7. Elongation in tapered bar will be formula?

8. Small numerical on parallel flow heat exchanger.

9. Relation b/w poissions ratio and young modulus.

10. Grashoof number expression.

11. Expression of torque in hollow and solid shaft.(2 questions)

12. Hardness and tensile stength can be increased by which process?

13. If load will be increased on free end of cantiliver beam than it wil break 4m fixed or free

14. Tension on tight side side of rope drive will be?

15. Coefficient of fluctuation of speed in governor will be formula?

16. Geneva mechanism will be used in?

17. Double pn junction is used in rectifier, transtitor, photovoltaic call?

18. If the velocity of a body on 2 different points on radius of a circle are given than find the
radius of that circle?

19. Gear ratio is define as?

20. Bearing is made up of material for carrying high load?

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