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					          MAYOR GRECO’S
            Status Report

               A Report of the
1995 - 2003 Accomplishments and Achievements

               M ARCH 4, 2003
                                                                                                             Mayor’s Status Report

                                                       Table of Contents
Police Department ...........................................................................................................................2
Tampa Fire Rescue ..........................................................................................................................5
Emergency Management .................................................................................................................7
Business and Community Services (BCS) ......................................................................................9
   Construction Services Center (Division of BCS) ......................................................................11
   Architectural Review and Historic Preservation (Division of BCS) .........................................13
   Land Development Coordination & Zoning (Division of BCS) ...............................................15
   Neighborhood Improvement / Code Enforcement (Division of BCS) ......................................17
   Ybor City Development Corporation (Division of BCS) ..........................................................19
Planning and Management ............................................................................................................22
Water Department..........................................................................................................................24
Sanitary Sewers .............................................................................................................................26
Solid Waste Department ................................................................................................................28
Community Affairs ........................................................................................................................30
Arts and Cultural Affairs ...............................................................................................................32
Neighborhood Liaison ...................................................................................................................34
Office of Cable Communication....................................................................................................38
Legal Department ..........................................................................................................................40
Parks Department ...........................................................................................................................42
Recreation Department ..................................................................................................................46
Public Works – Fleet, Parking and Transportation........................................................................48
Management Information Systems (MIS) .....................................................................................51
Purchasing Department..................................................................................................................53
Tampa Convention Center.............................................................................................................54
Revenue and Finance Department .................................................................................................56
General Government......................................................................................................................58
Appendix A: Project List* ............................................................................................................59
Appendix B: City of Tampa Projects............................................................................................71
                                                                            Mayor’s Status Report


In 1998, Mayor Greco documented his visio n for the future of Tampa in his "Plan for Tampa into
the Next Millennium." That document provided a summary of the achievements of his first term
in office and identified the priorities for the next four years. Those priorities were detailed in the
Mayor’s Strategic Plan – the “Mayor’s Strategic Initiatives” (MSI) published January 1999.

The MSI reflects the Mayor’s awareness of citizen concerns and outlined his strategy for
improving the quality of life for Tampa’s residents. It resulted in a set of actions, projects and
initiatives that have been pursued during the past four years to address specific community
issues. Funding for these activities was provided through the City's Budget and through the City's
Grants and Partnerships Programs. Since 1999, the Planning and Management Department has
completed an annual monitoring and management assessment of the Mayor’s Strategic
Initiatives, documenting the progress that has been made in fulfilling the Mayor’s vision.

This report is entitled the Mayor’s Status Report: A Report of the 1995-2003 Accomplishments
and Achievements. The report is derived from the Mayor’s Strategic Initiatives, Annual Reports
and departmental submissions of their accomplishments. It is the final report of the achievements
of Mayor Greco’s two terms in office. Because of the vast amount of work undertaken during the
past eight years, the achievements are presented in outline form and grouped by the
department(s) involved in their implementation. Footnotes and appendices are provided to
augment the outlines.

                                                                          Mayor’s Status Report

Police Department

§   Major Accomplishment: Technology Innovations (specifically, the new Records
    Management System) and success in applying for and receiving grants.
§   Added 158 police officers, increasing force from 840 (1995) to 998 (2003). 1
§   Added 39 civilian support (1995-2003).
§   Reduced Crime Rate from 14,417 per 100,000 (1995) to 11,486 per 100,000 (2002).
§   Raised entry level educational levels for police officers and established a program to ensure
    all applicants receive impartial consideration. 2
§   Reinstituted the Take-Home Vehicle Program (1997).
§   Expanded the Department's Pursuit Policy (1996). 3
§   Relocated Tampa Police Headquarters (and built adjacent Parking Garage) to Downtown. 4
§   Built 2 District Patrol Facilities (1999 and 1998 respectively). 5
§   Built the Police/Fire Communications Center (2000). 6
§   Installed Mobile Computer Terminals in more than 700 Uniform Division vehicles. 7
§   Installed In-Car Video Systems in 175 vehicles (2002). 8
§   Expanded the size Aviation Unit to include 8 aircraft:
         – Acquired 3 new Bell 407 helicopters. 9
         – Operate 3 military surplus Hughes OH6 helicopters.
         – Operate 1 Cessna 172 single engine fixed wing aircraft.
         – Operate 1 Piper Navajo twin engine fixed wing aircraft.
§   Created 16 specialized programs to combat crime, including: 10
         – Firehouse Cops Program (1995)
         – DUI Squads (1995 and 2000)
         – Gang Suppression Unit (1995)
         – Family Violence Unit (1997)
         – Mounted Patrol (1999)
         – 2nd Traffic Squad (2000)
         – Prostitution Mapping System (2000)
         – Sexual Predator Identification and Notification Program (2001)
         – Special Operations Division (2001)
         – Adult Use Unit (2001)
         – Strategic Crime and Order Maintenance Plan (1997)
         – Special Incident Management Unit (2002)
§   Acquired a Mobile Command Center (1998) 11
§   Acquired gas masks for all police officers to combat bio-terrorism12
§   Acquired Bomb Squad Equipment 13
§   Implemented the Reverse 911 System14
§   Unveiled the Advanced Video Surveillance Network (2000) 15
§   Bought two boats equipped with Aerial Films, Gyro Cams and Triple Sensors (2002)16
§   Adopted a 4-day work cycle for the three patrol divisions (1996) 17
§   Began development of a Field Incident Reporting System (2002) 18
§   Issued anti- toxin shots and enhanced gas masks for bioterrorism protection19
§   Implemented extended range batons (2002) and pepperball rounds (2003). 20
§   Initiated Police Carbine Program (2002) 21

                                                                                                  Mayor’s Status Report

Police Notes:
   The FY95 Budget was the last budget prepared by the previous Administration. It authorized a total of 840 sworn officers.
   The FY 2003 budget, prepared by Mayor Greco, authorized 998 sworn officers – an increase of 158 sworn positions.
   The entry -level educational standards for police officers have been raised from a high school diploma to an equivalent of two
   years of college and promotional standards require progressively higher levels of formal education. An Applicant Screening
   Committee consisting of a panel of representatives, from the various components of the department, ensures that all applicants
   receive an impartial review of their employment applications.
   The Pursuit Policy was expanded to allow pursuit when officers reasonably believes someone in a pursued vehicle has
   committed an auto theft, burglary, firearms, or is driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance.
   A 10-story (181,151 sq.ft.) building was acquired and renovated as the Police Headquarters for $7.4 million (1997). The
   parking garage contains 281 spaces.
   The Uniform District I Patrol Facility is located on land leased from Hillsborough County Aviation Authority at 3818 Tampa
   Bay Blvd. The District II Patrol Facility is located on land donated by Busch Gardens at 9330 N. 30th Street. Each 15,000
   sq.ft. facility was constructed for $1.6 million.
   The Police/Fire Communications Center has 13,770 sq.ft. and also serves as the city's Emergency Operation Center at a cost of
   $5.4 million.
   The Mobile Computer Terminals use Cellular Digital Pocketsize Data (CDPD) air time and modems for Mobile Field
   Reporting, giving officers the ability to make direct data entry from the field to the new Records Management System.
   The In-Car Video System is capable of capturing video of events that take place in close proximity of a patrol vehicle.
   The Bell 407 helicopters are equipped with the state-of-the-art avionics and gyrostabilized camera system equipment. These
   are high-powered zoom cameras. All TPD aircraft are equipped with camera mounts for Gyro Cam. The two Bell helicopters
   were purchased for $1,500,000 each. The avionics and completion work cost additional $400,000 per helicopter. The four
   Gyrocam systems on the helicopters and the autotracker microwave system cost $1,500,000.
   Firehouse Cops Program (1995) – The Firehouse Cops Program now has 62 police officers (3 officers per fire station).
   DUI Squad (1995)- The DUI Squad enhances detection and enforcement of drunk drivers, resulting in a 23% reduction in
   fatalities attributed to DUI. The DUI Squad was expanded by hiring 6 new police officers.
   Police Reinforcement of Monitoring Prior to Trial Program (1995) - The Police Reinforcement of Monitoring Prior to Trial
   Program removes low-risk juveniles from secure detention by placing them in home-detention status for 21 days prior to trial
   (Program ended in 2000 due to Federal funding cuts).
   The Rat Pack Program (1995) -- The Rat Pack addresses the high incidence of theft in Tampa. The functions performed by the
   Rat Pack were taken over by the Street Anti-Crime Squads in 1999.
   Gang Suppression Unit (1995) -- The Gang Suppression Unit identifies, monitors and conducts investigations involving street
   gangs, gang members and their affiliates.
   Mounted Patrol Unit (1996) -- The Mounted Patrol Unit has 5 full time officers.
   Uniform District III Patrol Division (1996) -- The Uniform District III Patrol Division was created to cover the downtown area
   and Ybor City.
   Family Violence Unit (1997) -- The Family Violence Unit handles all physical violence cases involving children, spouses, and
   the elderly.
   Cease-Fire: Gun Buy Back Program (1998) -- Gun Buy-Back Program was initiated by TPD in collaboration with the
   Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and has been extended to include 11 police agencies covering 6 counties.
   Law Enforcement Aftercare Program -- Funded by the Department of Juvenile Justice to assist juveniles in successfully
   transitioning back into society.
   Prostitution Mapping System (2000) -- The Prostitution Mapping System uses geographic analysis to map crime data and
   guide proper deployment of resources to combat prostitution.
   Sexual Predator Identification and Notification Program (2001) -- The Sexual Predator Identification and Notification (SPIN)
   Program ensures the Department remains in contact with sexual predators and offenders residing in the city limits.
   Special Operations Division (2001) -- The Special Operations Division combines all specialty squads that support the uniform
   divisions into one division.
   Adult Use Unit (2001) -- The Adult Use Unit deals with the increased adult use activity in the City of Tampa.
   Firearms Investigating Unit -- The Firearms Investigating Unit works closely with ATF and is responsible for issues regarding
   firearms, which include verifying information on all firearms acquired by the Tampa Police Department.
   Strategic Crime and Order Maintenance Plan addresses quality of life issues in neighborhoods (littering, loitering, prostitution,
   abatements, etc.) - placing more emphasis on community values.
   Acquired the Mobile Command Center with the Weed 'N' Seed funds for $200,000.
   The cost of the gas masks for all police officers to combat bio-terrorism was $160,000.
                                                                                                  Mayor’s Status Report

   The cost of the Bomb Squad Equipment was approximately $336,750.
   The Reverse 911 System can transmit time critical messages via telephone lines to a specific neighborhood that may be facing
   a potential threat.
   The Advanced Video Surveillance Network consists of an airborne video system, a marine based video system, and a
   microwave and ATM network linked transport system.
   In addition to the two new vessels (Boston Whaler and Donzie) bought in 2002, there are 3 additional vessels and 2 personal
   watercrafts. Costs of the marine vessels include, Goldline $25,000; Skiff $15,000; Rigid Hull Inflatible (RHI) $20,000; Boston
   Whaler costs $103,000. Marine Surveillance Vessel (Donzi and Gyrocam) cost $449,000. Personal Watercraft - Jet Ski
   $5,000; small RHI $3,000.
   The 4-day work cycle allows better utilization of manpower during peak periods and has been a morale booster for the affected
   The Field Incident Reporting System will allow immediate data entry from the field into the Records Management System.
   This paperless process will offer immediate access to crime data and statistical information. Crime analysis will be conducted
   more effectively with this timely data. This system will also provide data from the Records Management System back to the
   officer in the field.
   Acquired approximately 600 Atropine shots for department personnel to protect them from chemical and biologic
   Extended range batons deploy impact rounds at extended distance to reduce injuries to officers and subjects. The pepperball
   rounds are plastic balls that break on contact and disperse pepper powder to control situations and people with less injuries to
   officers and subjects. These are part of the Less than Lethal options.
   Carbines are issued to specially trained personnel to augment the resources immediately available to reduce length, risk, and
   severity of shooting incidents.

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Tampa Fire Rescue

§   Major Accomplishment: Increased manning levels and vehicle fleet to substantially improve
    service delivery.
§   Added 64 sworn fire fighters, increasing force from 483 (1995) to 547 (2002).
§   Added 22 civilian support (1995-2003).
§   Built three (3) new fire Fire Stations:1
§   Completed $300,000 in improvements to Fire Maintenance Building (1999). 2
§   Installed ventilation systems in 19 fire stations for $700,000 (2000).
§   Upgraded the Fire Department Equipment – acquired:
        – Four (4) ladder trucks
        – Eighteen (18) fire engines
        – Twenty (20) ambulances
        – Fifty-one (51) support vehicles
        – One Boston Whaler Quick Attack Fire Rescue Boat
§   Acquired 28,000 sq. ft. warehouse for reserve vehicles and support staff.
§   Acquired Anti-Terrorism Equipment through Department of Justice Grant ($128,486).
§   Received over $675,785 in grants from Hillsborough County (1995-2002).
§   Installed Automatic External Defibrillators in all emergency vehicles (1997).
§   Equipped 6 Fire Engines and the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicle as Advance Life
    Support Systems (1999-2002).
§   Installed equipment to increase citywide coverage from 2 to 5 radio frequencies.
§   Successfully continued Public Education Programs, including:
        – Operation Fire Safe 3
        – Operation Impact 4
§   Implemented a revised fee schedule for fire inspection activities (1998). 5
§   Created a comprehensive Health and Wellness Program for uniformed employees. 6
§   Installed automatic vehicle locators on all 50 emergency response vehicles (2002).
§   Maintained response time of less than 6 minutes for first responder. 7
§   Acquired historical “Old Station No. 1” for Firefighters’ Museum/Public Education Office. 8
§   Added “Old Station No. 2” as headquarters for Special Operations Division.

                                                                                                    Mayor’s Status Report

Tampa Fire Rescue Notes:

    Fire Station 12 on Hillsborough Avenue has 5,495 sq.ft. at a cost of $800,000.
    Fire Station 13 near Bush Gardens has 11,106 sq.ft. at a cost of $1.7 million.
    Fire Station 21 in New Tampa has 9,122 sq.ft. at a cost of $1.5 million.
    Included a 2,500 sq.ft. facility expansion funded by bond money.
    Operation Fire Safe provides free smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, including installation, to City residents through direct
    inquiries and partnerships with local social service agencies. The Department provides 2,500-3,500 smoke detectors annually.
    Operation Impact targets households in neighborhoods around recent fire death locations and provides smoke detectors.
    The revised fee schedule generated an additional average revenue of $22,931 per inspector in the New Construction Division
    and $23,165 per inspector in the Existing Construction Division for Fiscal Years 1999-2001.
    The program is overseen by TFR’s Occupational Health Nurse.
    Six minute response time maintained 90% of time.
    The structure will be renovated according to historical guidelines. Funding sources for the Museum include: Florida
    Humanities Council, $19,582; Department of State Historic Preservation grants totaling over $680,000 with a potential
    $300,000 to be funded in 2003; Duckwall Foundation $25,000, Board Pledges, $25,000; Firefighter Pledges, $165,000; and
    Corporate Contributions/Pledges/In-kind donations, $400,000. Overall, the project has received more than $1.3 million.

                                                                    Mayor’s Status Report

Emergency Management

§   Hired a City Emergency Management Coordinator. 1
§   Developed a Local Hazard Mitigation Strategy. 2
§   Created Metropolitan Medical Response System and Metropolitan Medical Strike Team to
    deal with mass casualty events. 3
§   Established a Readiness Team in response to the events of September 11, 2001. 4

                                                                                              Mayor’s Status Report

Emergency Management Notes:

    Emergency Management Coordinator works with the public, business groups and communities to facilitate disaster recovery
    planning and response.
    Worked with the Planning & Management Department to develop a Local Hazard Mitigation Strategy, a countywide plan to
    minimize the impact of disaster to the City.
    Received grant from Department of Defense of $400,000 for training and equipping first responders. Received $100,000 from
    Department of Justice. Received $600,000 from Department of Health and Human Services for providing medical response to
    mass casualty events. The Metropolitan Medical Strike Team responds to City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, and regional
    and surrounding counties within the Tampa Bay Area.
    The Readiness Team ensures the needs and welfare of the City and its citizens are being addressed. Meetings were held to
    reduce public concern and assure public confidence in government. Established memorandum of agreement and mutual aid
    agreements with MacDill Air Force Base. These agreements provide mutual support in event of a disaster. They have
    improved coordination and cooperation for response operations through emergency response planning and exercises.

                                                                           Mayor’s Status Report

Business and Community Services (BCS)

§   Major Accomplishment:
§   Eliminated redundant, outdated and unreasonable development and building regulations.
§   Coordinated an agreement for the City’s acquisition of the Florida Aquarium. 1
§   Negotiated an agreement for the construction of the Tampa Convention Center Hotel.
§   Negotiated an agreement to add 33 boat slips at the Tampa Marriott Hotel.
§   Created 7,500 jobs by ensuring the City’s participation in the State of Florida Qualified
    Target Industries (QTI) Tax Refund Program.
§   Received $3.4 million in grants for Enterprise Community and Workforce Board initiatives. 2
§   Assisted 1,400 businesses that created 350 new jobs in the Tampa Enterprise Community.
§   Provided for the investment of over $14.5 million in neighborhood-oriented capital projects. 3
§   Invested over $4.5 million in the elimination of slum & blight from public housing and
    service-providing facilities.
§   Hosted the Third Annual Governor’s Gulf States Accord Conference.
§   Assisted in eight (8) major corporate relocations, including Beneficial Corp., Chase
    Bankcard, and others.
§   Negotiated an agreement and began construction on the Stetson University College of
    Law/Second District Court of Appeals/Hillsborough County Bar Foundation complex in
    Tampa Heights.
§   Established new and continued to foster existing Sister Cities relationships. 4
§   Acquired the Right-of-Way for Tampa Streetcar.
§   Administered the Ybor Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for infrastructure improvements.
§   Spearheaded City-wide developments, including:
        – K-force Corporate Office Building
        – Centro Ybor Entertainment Complex
        – Centro Ybor Garage
        – Fernando Noriega, Jr. Garage.
        – Ybor Hilton Garden Inn (the 1st hotel built in Ybor in 100 years)
§   Coordinated city services and provided technical assistance for Special Events in Ybor City.
§   Intensified Historic Preservation efforts resulting in adaptive reuse of major City landmarks. 5
§   Hosted the Third Annual Governor's Gulf States Accord Conference.
§   Coordinated provision of land for future school sites. 6
§   Produced 366 single-family homes of new affordable housing in 15 subdivision projects,
    providing a $31 million investment in residential housing development.
§   Provided 350 single- family affordable housing units on in- fill sites totaling $26 million.
§   Rehabilitated over 1,300 homes under the Homeowner Rehab Program, Emergency Repairs
    and Neighborhood Action Plan Program, utilizing over $7.7 million in financial assistance. 7
§   Purchased 200 vacant homes through Purchase/Rehab and HOPE 3.
§   Provided over $3.6 million in financial assistance for public housing apartment complexes. 8
§   Initiated Mayor’s Heights Project, acquiring 440 parcels for total investment of $12 million. 9
§   Introduced Mayor’s Enterprise Development Te am (MEDT) for revitalization of East
    Tampa. 10

                                                                                                   Mayor’s Status Report

Business & Community Services Notes:
     This effort improved Aquarium’s financial situation.
     The Enterprise Community and Workforce Board received grants of $2.9 million and $500,000 from the Federal Government
     and State of Florida respectively for the implementation of Community Workforce Board initiatives.
     Construction of 193 new single-family units and purchase of 173 vacant lots acquired for infill development, which provided
     homeownership opportunities for over 146 first-time homebuyers, at an approximate capital investment of over $14.5 million.
     Sister cities include Agrigento, Italy; Barranquilla, Colombia; Le Havre, France; Oviedo, Spain; Jiaxing, China; Izmir, Turkey;
     Veracruz, Mexico; and Boca del Rio, Mexico.
     This enabled the successful reuse of Centro de Ybor, Centro de West Tampa, Cuban Club, Italian Club, Tampa Union Station,
     German American Club, and will support the reuse of the Floridan Hotel and the Kress Building.
     In coordination with the Hillsborough County School District.
     Rehabilitated over 1,300 homes for homeowner occupants consisting of primarily elderly and very low-income under the
     City’s Homeowner Rehab Program, Emergency Repairs, and the Neighborhood Action Plan Program utilizing deferred loans
     and grants in the amount of $7.7 million in financial assistance.
     The following apartment complexes have received financial assistance from the City:
     • L. Young Garden Apartments provided $1,299,250 for apartment renovations and structural repairs and elevator
        replacement for this senior housing complex of 450 units.
     • Mary Bethune Hi – Rise Apartments provided $867,150 for apartment renovations and repairs for this housing complex of
        150 units.
     • North Boulevard Homes Apartments provided $336,000 for roofing repairs/replacement of 734 units.
     • Down payment assistance providing transition to homeownership for 70 former public housing residents for a total of
        $1,197,000 in deferred loans and grants.
      New development activities completed and underway in Tampa Heights include the following:

                          Project                                              Investment
                          Mobley Park Apartments                                                          $ 16,000,000
                          Scattered Site Housing                                                           $ 7,500,000
                          Sanctuary Loft Apartments                                                        $ 4,000,000
                          Professional office Village                                                      $ 5,700,000
                          Ybor Service Center                                                              $ 2,200,000
                          Heights Service Center                                                           $ 2,000,000
                          Matthews Corporation                                                             $ 3,000,000
                          K-Force                                                                         $ 10,000,000
                          GTE Federal Credit Union                                                        $ 12,000,000
                          Children’s Board of Hillsborough County                                          $ 7,000,000
                          Stetson Law School                                                               $ 5,000,000
                          Total                                                                           $ 74,400,000

     Accomplishment highlights for Mayor’s enterprise Development Team include:
     • Construction of 193 new units of affordable single family homes in partnership with nine community non-profit agencies for
       a total investment of $17 million
     • Demolition of over 200 condemned and blighted structures making land available for redevelopment, a total cost of $1.5
     • Construction of 43 new affordable rental units at Osborne Landing Apartments, total investment $4.3 million.
     • Revitalization of public housing with the development of Belmont Heights, providing a total investment of $100 million,
       with $2 million provided from CDBG funds.
     • Development of a Kash n’ Karry grocery store serving the East Tampa community, providing a Section 108 Loan Guarantee
       for a total investment of $4 million
     • Development of Albertson’s grocery store and renovation of East Gate Shopping Center for total investment of $10 million.
     • Construction of Middleton Senior High School and renovation of Williams Middle School and Edison elementary School
       for an economic impact of $74 million.
     • Relocation of 12th Street Maintenance Yard to 26th Ave. and 40th Street for total investment of $7 million.
     • Recreation Facility Improvements including College Hill, Jackson Heights, and Desoto for total investment of $4 million.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Construction Services Center (Division of BCS)

§   Reorganized the Construction Services Center. 1
§   Reduced the turn-around times for commercial plan review:
        – Reviews are made in less than six (6) working days for most projects.
        – Reduced time for commercial permits, from 15 to 7 weeks.
§   Streamlined the Residential review process by consolidating the permit processes of seven
    different City agencies under a single management. 2
§   Implemented express residential permitting of small residential projects, additions,
    remodeling and driveways which can be reviewed and permitted in 1-2 days.
§   Provided next day permit issuance for all faxed permit applications.
§   Updated the minimum qualifications of the City’s residential building plan examiners to
    reflect the State of Florida Building Plan examiner certification requirements.
§   Implemented the Customer Service Enhancement Fund to maximize service to customers. 3
§   Revamped the Express Permit Hotline. 4
§   Implemented Construction Services Enhancement Program. 5
§   Purchased forty- five (45) computers to implement the Inspector Mobile Office Project. 6
§   Completed inspection of several significant commercial construction projects. 7
§   Created a new position class - Residential Comprehensive Plan Examiner - providing a
    comprehensive review of both Building and Site Codes, thereby expediting permit issuance
    and maximizing staff efficiency.
§   Upgraded/reclassified Inspector and Chief Inspector positions, providing greater review and
    inspection of site codes, expedition of inspection reviews and maximization of staff.
§   Succeeded in implementing Plumbing and Electrical Service Enhancement Fund Program. 8
§   Developed Construction Inspection Manuals and implemented a procedure requiring pre-
    construction and pre-final meetings on all large commercial projects in order to review all
    information. 9
§   Improved Plan on File Procedures- allows contractors to permit projects using plans placed
    “on file “ that will be constructed multiple times.
§   Launched the “InstaFax” On-demand Service, which provides customers with 24- hour access
    information regarding the status of any construction project.
§   Implemented a streamlined process to effectively administer hundreds of conditional
    Certificates of Occupancy and automated the TECO power release process. 10
§   Purchased over 50 cell phones for Division Inspectors as well as the Fire Inspectors. 11
§   Implemented Complaint “C” Team program to improve the complaint processing system. 12
§   Improved City’s Federal Emergency Management Agency Community Rating. 13
§   Developed a public outreach campaign to promote City standards and requirements. 14
§   Published Residential Review Guide, available to Contractors and Homeowners.
§   Initiated implementation of the Hansen Information System Project (2003). 15
§   Created “Enhancement Funds”, an innovative funding source to purchase new inspection
    team vehicles equipped with lap top computers that enable on-site inspection results.

                                                                                                   Mayor’s Status Report

Construction Services Center Notes

   The reorganization emphasized a "Customer Satisfaction" approach to business operations. Construction Services Center
   houses the Plans Exam and Permitting Division and the Inspectional Services Division. The Construction Services Center
   provides a single location for acquiring residential and commercial, electrical, building, plumbing, mechanical, and zoning
   permits. Personnel from the Parks (7), Public Works (3), Stormwater (8), Sanitary Sewers (3), Water (2) and Solid Waste (1)
   departments are assigned to the Service Center for permit issuance tasks related to requirements of those departments.
   The reorganization resulted in an expedited plan review and permit issuance operation.
   The fund has paid for new equipment such as computers, cell phones, MapInfo® software, and voice response equipment for
   faster, more convenient service for all customers. Funded by a permit fee increase, that provides a new permit, plan review,
   code enforcement, subdivision review and inspection software system. The enhancement program will also provide a new
   neighborhood center in the New Tampa area to handle permits, plan review and inspections, as well as other neighborhood
   Allows for both voice and fax permit capabilities that utilize credit card payment capabilities, and created a one-stop center for
   the issuance of all express permits.
   This program was designed to fund the following projects: construction of the New Tampa Construction Services Center,
   installation of new Internet-ready permitting and inspection software, and purchase of new laptop computers for the Inspector
   Mobile Office Project. All projects will significantly enhance the level of service provided to customers.
   Computers were purchased to provide mobile data services for Inspectors to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the
   inspection process.
   Some projects include: Stoval Hi-Rise Condominium, Ybor Apartment Complex, International Plaza Mall, K-Force Office
   building, Shiners Hospital addition, Office Hi-Rise on Boys Scout Boulevard, Raymond James Stadium, Downtown Marriott
   Courtyard, Bayshore Apartment Hi-Rise, St. Joseph Children’s Hospital, Harbour Island Office Hi-Rise, University of Tampa
   Dorms/Parking Garages, Police Precinct and Headquarters Building, Home Depot (2), Busch Garden “Gwazi” Rollercoaster,
   Saks Fifth Avenue, 2-Muvico 20-plex Movie Theatre, 8-story Office Buildings on MLK, 4-story Hilton Hotel in Ybor,
   Lifelink Office building, Crescent Office Hi-rises, Municipal Parking Garages, Centro Ybor, Marriott Waterside Hotel,
   Intermedia Office Complex, Channelside Entertainment Center, Harbour Island Apartments, Westshore Mall Expansion, Super
   Wal-Mart, Lowes, among others.
   This program collects surcharges on plumbing and electrical permits for the expressed purpose of buying a total of eighteen
   (18) new trucks for both the plumbing and electrical inspectors. The program, which was fully supported by industry, has
   resulted in staff being able to keep up with the high demand for inspection services.
   The procedure and information has resulted in contractors and subcontractors being better informed as to the City’s
   requirements, resulting in a more efficient construction process. The Inspectional Services Division (ISD) has conducted
   literally hundreds of pre-construction and pre-final meetings on large commercial construction projects.
   This has resulted in considerable savings for the customer when closing out their projects while at the same time assuring the
   City that the projects fully comply with all regulations.
   This has resulted in a significant improvement in the daily operation of the construction process since the inspectors are readily
   available to answer questions, make appointments, etc.
   Involved training a specific group of inspectors to work in conjunction with city investigative staff for a more efficient and
   effective complaint processing system. In addition, forms were modified in order to automate the citation and permit
   application process by utilizing combined forms which serve as both a notice of violation and a permit application all in one.
    Rating increase from Class 9 Community to Class 7 community whereby Flood Insurance premiums are discounted 15%.
   ISD effectively participated in public outreach events i.e. Building Officials Association of Florida Annual Educational
   Conference and Trade Expo, Governor’s Hurricane Conference, Hillsborough County Hurricane Expo, International Building
   Safety Week at West Shore Mall, Institute for Business and Home Safety Annual Conference, SBCCI Annual Conference,
   Florida Home Show, Southeast Builders Conference Trade Show, Good Community Fair and HCPHCC Table Top Exhibit.
   IDS also published an entire series of public service handouts regarding FAQ’s, Common Code Violations, Inspection
   Requirements and more, as well as expanded the Building a Safe House public education program series by developing and
   presenting seminars at Home Depots, Neighborhood Associations, etc. The programs have benefited both the construction
   industry and general public.
   System will replace current legacy system with a state-of-the art permitting and land management software system that will
   provide enhanced customer service and greater staff efficiency.

                                                                      Mayor’s Status Report

Architectural Review and Historic Preservation (Division of BCS)

§   Established the HPC - Historic Preservation Commission (1999). 1
§   Designated the Tampa Heights Local Historic District (2000). 2
§   Surveyed approximately 1,743 structures for historic significance:
        – 685 Structures within the Parkland Estates and New Suburb Beautiful (2001) 3
        – 683 structures for Phase I of the Citywide Cultural Resources Survey (2001) 4
        – 375 structures for the expansion of the Ybor City Local Historic District (2002) 5
§   Currently surveying nearly 800 structures for historic significance:
        – 600 structures for Phase II of the Citywide Cultural Resources Survey6
        – 190 structures within the Tampa Heights Local Historic District.
        – 7 structures within the North Franklin Local Historic District.
§   Scheduled 1,200 structures for review to assess their historical significance in the West
    Tampa District. 7
§   Designated 7 properties as Local Landmarks of the City of Tampa.
§   Placed 2 properties on the National Register of Historic Places. 8
§   Installed a Florida Heritage Marker at Tampa Union Station. 9
§   Revised Hyde Park Design Guidelines, providing design standards for screen enclosures. 10
§   Established the Historic Preservation Resource Library. 11
§   Revised Ybor City Design Guidelines, providing architectural design standards for the I-G
    (industrial- general) zoned districts. 12
§   Created Historic Preservation Workshops. 13
§   Expanded the Ybor City Historic District by 34%, including the addition of 377 structures
    within 153 acres.
§   Developed/produced 30- minute program for CTTV on how to repair historic wood windows.
§   Conducted industry research and inventory of historically correct windows.

                                                                                                     Mayor’s Status Report

Historic Preservation Notes:

     The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) has the responsibility of designating local landmarks, multiple property
     designations, conservation and historic districts. The Commission's goal is to assess and protect Tampa's historic cultural
     HPC assessed and developed a photographic record of approximately 491 structures during the 1995 National Register survey.
     This project was completed with the assistance of an $18,000 State of Florida Historic Preservation Grant #F0009 with the
     City providing a 50% match.
     The neighborhoods surveyed included Bayshore Beautiful and Harbor View. The project was completed with the assistance of
     a $15,000 State of Florida Historic Preservation Grant #S1054, with the City providing a 50% match.
     The survey was completed by HPC staff and is moving through the public hearing process for designation.
     Areas being covered include Port of Tampa, Interbay and Ballast Point neighborhoods. The project has been awarded a
     $17,000 State Historic Preservation Grant #F0120, with the City providing a 50% match.
     The City has received preliminary notice of award of grant in the amount of $22,000.
     Two (2) other nominations have been forward to the National Park Service for final review and one is under initial review by
     the State Historic Preservation Office.
     The marker is being funded by a $720 State Historic Marker Grant #S2037 with the City providing a 50% match. Work will
     be completed by June 2002.
     This was the first comprehensive revision of the Design Guidelines since the initial document was written in 1988.
     The library collects historical and current photographs of the approximately 3,500 identified historic buildings in Tampa and
     provides information on current construction materials and methods, as well as provide preservation awareness and education
     to the general public.
     The focus is to convey Ybor City's historical, cultural and architectural assets. Items being addressed for the first time are new
     construction within the Ybor City's period of historical significance, historically correct landscaping and heritage tourism.
     The workshops emphasize a discussion and exchange of ideas pertaining to practical preservation methods and skills that can
     be employed in Tampa. A minimum of four (4) workshops are held each year, with an emphasis on technical skills.

                                                                     Mayor’s Status Report

Land Development Coordination & Zoning (Division of BCS)

§   Created 6 overlay zoning districts. 1
§   Administered the DRI Process under the Sustainable Community Program. 2
§   Drafted the Upland Habitat Ordinance.
§   Updated the Downtown DRI to ensure continued development within the CBD.
§   Established the Tampa Heights Community Redevelopment Area.
§   Processed over 2,600 site-planning applications. 3
§   Created Communication Towers Task Force. 4
§   Coordinated Brownfield’s Program. 5
§   Negotiated development agreement with the University of South Florida as part of USF’s
    Campus Master Plan. 6
§   Coordinated an agreement to allow expansion of the University of Tampa. 7
§   Drafted/adopted “Neighborhood Courtesy Notice,“ informing neighborhood groups of
    pending development activity.
§   Acquired Right of Way for the Ybor Trolley.
§   Assisted in establishing Ybor City, Tampa Heights and Central Business District Community
    Redevelopment areas.
§   Coordinated the I-4 widening and Historic Preservation house moving project.
§   Effected the amendment to the Parkland Estates Legislative Special Act.
§   Entered into Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) of mutual benefit between the City of
    Tampa and MacDill AFB.

                                                                                                Mayor’s Status Report

Land Development Coordination Notes:

    The areas include: New Tampa, South Howard, Seminole Heights, East Tampa, Westshore and the Channel District.
    The City was designated as a Sustainable Community under the Florida Department of Community Affairs' Sustainable
    Communities Pilot Program. Land Development Coordination administered the review and regulatory requirements of the
    In the past eight years, a total of 1,400 rezonings and special use applications, as well as 300 street vacations and 1,200
    variance applications have been processed.
    The Communication Towers Task Force was assembled in order to modify existing code to create a state-of-the-art regulatory
    process for the review and approval of telecommunications towers within the City. These code changes satisfied the
    telecommunications industry, neighborhoods and economic development proponents. It has also served as a model followed
    by other growing communities in Florida.
    Involves the coordination and review of applications related to the Brownfield's Program, and assessing the availability and
    feasibility of infill development on urban properties previously contaminated as a result of industrial uses.
    The development agreement allocates approximately $6 million dollars for university area road improvements. This
    agreement serves as the instrument that will guide the orderly growth and expansion of the University for the next 10 years.
    Resolved site development issues to enable the University to expand its building program, as illustrated in its Expansion
    Master Plan.

                                                                         Mayor’s Status Report

Neighborhood Improvement / Code Enforcement (Division of BCS)

§   Reorganized Inspections/Office staff into special teams to better meet increasing demands for
    services in an efficient manner - added weekend and evening inspection teams to provide
    seven-day a week Citywide coverage.
§   Dedicated a full-time inspector to the Barrio Latino Commission, the Historic Presevation
    Commission and the Architectural Review Commission.
§   Established the Rental Certification Team to inspect and certify rental units.
§   Created a full- time signage team to deal with visual blight and illegal signage. 1
§   Attained a 95% compliance rate for Code cases (1995-2002). 2
§   Invested over $3.8 million dollars in demolition of nuisance structures, lot mo wing/clearance
    and elimination of illegal signs. 3
§   Towed nearly 1,000 inoperative vehicles (2002). 4
§   Performed a survey of the East Tampa area in support of the East Tampa Revitalization
    Initiative. 5
§   Participated in a Police “Ride Along” Initiative in the West Tampa area, as an educational
    strategy to address Code issues. 6
§   Identified nine target areas for improvement. 7
§   Assembled special Vendor and Noise Enforcement Teams. 8
§   Contributed to the Mayor’s N.E.A.T. Clean-Up Program. 9
§   Participated in the City’s Emergency Response Team. 10
§   Designated a Hispanic Affairs Liaison. 11
§   Revised Inspector work hours to provide code enforcement service during weekend and
    evening hours.

                                                                                                     Mayor’s Status Report

Neighborhood Improvement Notes:

     The team deals with illegal signs and visual blight found within the City. Moreover, a full-time inspector has been assigned to
     respond to the Barrio Latino Commission, the Historic Preservation Commission and the Architectural Review Committee.
     Since 1995, the Division has opened up 131,683 separate Code cases and successfully closed 122,531 of them, resulting in a
     95% compliance rate with 913,004 violations corrected.
     A total of $3,525,483 dollars has been expended on the demolition of nuisance structures and an additional $354,009 has been
     used for mowing of privately-owned nuisance lots and in removing over 244,963 illegal signs from the City of Tampa's rights-
     The City towed nearly 1,000 inoperative vehicles that wee either abandoned on city or private property, whose owners did not
     respond to code violation notices.
     All properties within the nine identified target areas were photographed and surveyed for condition, excluding commercial and
     public use property. A total of 6,677 properties were photographed, including 1,536 vacant lots. The survey was accomplished
     by assigning four (4) full-time inspectors to this area.
     Began a police "Ride-Along" initiative in the West Tampa area with a Code Officer and the Tampa Police Department's
     FireHouse Officer. This public awareness strategy has been expanded to cover the entire city as a coordinated attack against
     the problems concerning commercial vehicles. The emphasis has been in targeting large commercial vehicles that frequent
     this area late at night and in the early morning hours.
     All properties within areas were photographed and surveyed for condition, excluding commercial and public use property. A
     total of 6,677 properties were photographed, including 1,536 vacant lots. The survey was accomplished by assigning four (4)
     full-time inspectors to this area.
     Special teams such as the Vendor Enforcement and Noise Enforcement Teams have been established to work during major
     special parades and events to ensure that vendors are properly licensed and permitted to conduct business during these
     gatherings. Furthermore, the Noise Enforcement Team covers the Ybor City Entertainment District and other areas to check
     for noise violations, with 8,559 separate addresses checked and monitored to ensure that proper decibel levels are maintained.
     The Division is a major player in the Mayor's N.E.A.T. Clean-Up Program. Three (3) full-time officers are assigned to map
     overgrown lots that are in violation, inspect the lots and issue Notices of Violation to citizens in an aggressive program to help
     clean up neighborhoods prior to each neighborhood's Annual Clean-Up.
      Provided sixteen (16) inspectors/officers who are dispatched, along with Construction Services Center inspectors, to perform
     post storm damage assessment reporting to the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Management Team to comply
     with FEMA requirements.
     To educate and assist Hispanic residents with code enforcement issues.

                                                                     Mayor’s Status Report

Ybor City Development Corporation (Division of BCS)

§   Spearheaded the revitalization of Ybor City
       – More than $245 million in public and private development projects since 1995. 1
       – Implemented a wide range of public infrastructure projects in the District.
       – Closed 7th Avenue during weekend nights.
       – Revised Community Redevelopment Area Boundary Plan. 2
       – Adopted YC-7th zoning designation south of 6th Avenue.
       – Developed Parking Facility Inventory
       – Established Ybor City Parking Program. 3
       – Revised or adopted ordinances to support the District 4
       – Developed standard and improved lighting in the District.
       – Established the YES Team and initiated the YES Team Special Assessment.
       – Staff support to the Ybor City Development Corporation, Ybor Coalition, and Ybor
           Trauma Team.
       – Produced marketing packages, brochures and fact sheets. 5
       – Established Ybor City Service Center to provide financial and development assistance
           to individuals and businesses.
       – Initiated an Economic Indicator report.
       – Assisted in the establishment of the Ybor City Fresh Market.
       – Prepared initial application for the Ybor City Main Street Program.
       – Developed the Ybor Flash and sent notices on a regular basis.
       – Worked with the Solid Waste Department to upgrade Ybor’s solid waste systems.
       – Implemented a sidewalk-cleaning program.
       – Coordinated 5th Avenue’s traffic control program.
       – Facilitated a Valet Parking program.
       – Developed site plans for Ybor Special Projects
       – Refurbished street furniture and amenities in Ybor District.
       – Spearheaded Ybor City Sign Inventory and Master Plan. 6

                                                                                           Mayor’s Status Report

Ybor City Development Corporation Notes:

    Some of the major development projects completed in Ybor City since 1995 include:
           Centro Ybor                                                      $50,000,000
           Tampa/Ybor Streetcar Project                                     $55,000,000
           Centro Ybor Parking Garage                                       $12,000,000
           The Park at Ybor City/Camden Development                         $33,000,000
  International Headquarters                           $30,000,000
           Ybor Station/Intermodal/Public Use Facility                        $7,200,000
           Palm Avenue Parking Garage                                       $15,000,000
           Hilton Garden Inn                                                  $6,000,000
           K & K Development Office Project                                   $1,500,000
           Las Palmas de Ybor Condominiums                                    $2,000,000
           Coral Wodiska Cigar Development                                    $5,500,000
           Ybor Square Renovation                                             $2,700,000
           Florida Brewery Office Development                                 $5,200,000
           The Don Vicente de Ybor Hotel                                      $1,700,000
           German American Club Office Renovation                             $2,100,000
           HCC Public Services Technical Building                             $9,400,000
           TECO Chiller Plant                                                 $1,800,000
           L’Unione Italiana and Office Building Renovation                   $2,300,000
           Cuban Club Renovation                                              $1,000,000
           Casitas Project                                                      $600,000
           Hillsborough Community College’s                                   $1,700,000
           La Benéfica Renovation
           TOTAL                                                           $245,700,000

            Other Projects (Costs estimates not available at time of report)
                7th Avenue Streetscape Project
                Historic Lighting Units
                Traffic Safety Enhancements
                Sanitary Sewer Improvements
                Water vaults for fire protection
                Ybor District Signage Master Plan and Sign Structures
                7th Avenue Landmark Gateway
                Common Area Landscaping Improvements
                Historic Markers Grant (1996-98)
                16th Street Restrooms
                Major Stormwater Improvements
                Centennial Park Restrooms and New South Entry
                16th Street Streetscape Project
                Palm Avenue/Nebraska Avenue Gateway
                Permanent and Interim Parking Lot Improvements
                Relocation of the Bocce Ball Courts
                Decorative Trash Receptacles
                7th Avenue Video Surveillance Cameras
                6th Avenue Paving from 16th Street-20th Street
                New Historic Lights for 7th and 8th Avenues
                District Landscaping Improvements
                Ybor City decorative rails for 7th Avenue street closure
                Decorative 7th Avenue Parking Meter Sleeves, Post and Finniels
                Lighting Improvements (both historic and security)
                Two storefront murals on two vacant 7th Avenue buildings
                Installation of the Hilton Clock
                Brick street repair on 9th Avenue
                Sidewalk repairs throughout the commercial core
                Installation of three solid waste compactors

                                                                                               Mayor’s Status Report

    Also completed a Ybor City Slum & Blight study as part of the CRA Expansion Process.
    Involved in the development of a district wide parking rate program and coordinated the Centro Ybor Parking Garage’s
    window exhibits as well as in the management of Hillsborough Community College’s parking lots.
    Developed the following ordinances/amendments: Noise ordinance; Vendors’ ordinance; Special Event ordinance;
    Pamphleteering ordinance; Interim Parking Lot ordinance and Transportation Impact Fee ordinance.
    Established kiosks/information centers to provide District maps and fact sheets to pedestrians and visitors.
    Worked with City departments for the installation of new street name signs, destination and parking signs.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Planning and Management

§   Major Accomplishment: Developed/administered the Mayor’s Strategic Initiatives (MSI).
§   Developed a computerized management and monitoring system for the nearly 1,200 policies
    in the Comprehensive Plan. 1
§   Began development and delivery of Internet Mapping Applications. 2
§   Completed the Application for the Sustainable Communities Demonstration Program and
    coordinated the planning activities. 3
§   Established the Tampa Technology Initiative and produced two Annual Reports. 4
§   Developed the strategic plan and marketing programs for the City’s eGovernment Portal –
§   Conducted 643 Urban Design Review (annual average of 92 reviews). 6
§   Completed 20 urban design review of all major downtown projects. 7
§   Established the City of Tampa/MacDill Air Force Base Partnership Agreements. (1999). 8
§   Instituted a Grants Coordination Process for City Grant Development. (1996) 9
§   Produced a Grants Database and Annual Grants Program Summary. 10
§   Quarterly publishes the annual Major Developments Report. 11
§   Completed the Local Mitigation Strategy (and three Annual Reports), a strategy designed to
    help mitigate public and private property from impacts caused by natural and man- made
    disasters. 12
§   Produced, in cooperation with City Departments, 70 grants totaling $41 million.
§   Completed the INDEX Demonstration Project, a computer model for presenting profiles of
    neighborhood conditions. 13
§   Produces Annual City Facts & Services Summary (2002).
§   Created Neighborhood Information Page on Department Website (2002). 14
§   Marketed Tampa’s eGov web site – TampaGo v.
§   Developed the Site Profiler Anti-Terrorism Demonstration Project and wrote the Grant.
§   Published the Mayor’s Status Report – 2003.

                                                                                                      Mayor’s Status Report

Planning & Management Notes

     Using a Microsoft Access Database, the City of Tampa Planning & Management Department is developing a system that links
     each Comprehensive Plan policy to the lead implementing department and to the specific action that is called for in the
     respective policy. Once fully operational, the sy stem will be used to track all implementation mechanisms and to assess their
     effectiveness as a prelude for recommending plan amendments and updating the Plan, enhancing the overall effectiveness of
     the Comprehensive Plan.
     The Department, working with the Management Information Systems Department, is developing an Internet GIS Mapping
     System to enable residents to have access to a variety of geographical information.
     Under the 5-Year Demonstration Project, the Department coordinated planning efforts with Hillsborough County, produced a
     video, provided staff support for a city-council advisory committee, published a website and brochure, and fulfilled annual
     reporting requirements. The program ended in 2001.
     The Department acts as the primary point-of-contact for technology business inquiries and communication among local
     technology organizations. Several reports outlining how the City of Tampa can support technology development have been
     produced (including a website and annual updates).
     Includes developing the brand, logo, brochures, press releases, videos and speaking engagements designed to promote use of
     the eGovernment Portal (
     Review of all CBD and Channel District development as it relates to urban design, public open space, waterfront development,
     riverwalk, streetscape and public art requirements, as well as, the factors affecting development in order to identify the
     opportunities that exist.
     Includes: Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel (2000); Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Residence Inn (2001); One Police Center Parking
     Garage (2000); Channelside Complex (2001); Edgecomb Building (under construction); Marion Street Transit Center (under
     construction); Southern Transportation Center (Advertised for Bid); Huntington Plaza Renovation Project; Tampa Port
     Authority Headquarters Building; Tampa Port Authority Parking Garage; Courthouse Square Park; Ft. Brooke Park; Lykes
     Gaslight Square; Tampa Electric Streetcar Line; Ribbon of Green Park; Cultural Arts District and Franklin Street Renovation
     The City of Tampa/MacDill Air Force Base (AFB) Partnership Initiatives is a cooperative relationship of a local government -
     the City of Tampa, and the federal government - the MacDill AFB. This partnership produced a series of agreements with
     MacDill Air Force Base to address issues of mutual concern. It has been acknowledged as a model for cooperative agreements
     between a military base and its neighboring city.
     Includes grants writing; grant proposal quality review; prioritized departmental special project funding availability analyses;
     and on going grants data base management. Also includes identifying and tracking federal, state, regional, and local
     foundation grant opportunities to address city priorities. The priorities are identified in the Mayor’s Strategic Initiatives and as
     “unfunded needs” in the City’s annual fiscal budget process, identified by the Department of Revenue and Finance.
     The annual Grants Report is published in January and summarizes the City’s previous year’s grant activity by department, MSI
     Initiative and Unfunded Need. The report also provides a summary of the impeding year’s available grants (federal, state,
     regional and local government grants and private foundations [when appropriate].
     The MDR highlights major construction and expansion of new industry, business and residential development in the City of
     Tampa. It identifies major developments with an estimated cost typically exceeds $3 million or 50,000 sq. ft.; also excluded
     are county school facilities, libraries and other general public buildings.
     In partnership with Hillsborough County, the Planning & Management Department coordinated the City’s participation in the
     development of the City’s portion of the countywide local mitigation strategy.
     Under an agreement with the Florida Department of Community Affairs, the Department tested a computer indicator model for
     local communities. Six neighborhood profiles featuring 27 indicators were developed and published on the Department’s
     Site provides neighborhood profiles and indicators related to community concerns, including demographics, land use, housing,
     economics, employment, recreation, and environment. Site configuration allows for comparison of neighborhood areas on
     different indicators.

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Water Department

§   Major Accomplishment: Establishment of a High Performance Organization (HPO) and
    Implementation of the Water Quality 2000 Program.
§   Helped to create Tampa Bay Water in order to ensure long-term water supply for the City. 1
§   Implemented the Water Quality 2000 Program, including Phases I and II. 2
        – Continued to meet or surpass all state and federal drinking water standards. 3
§   Conceptualized and implemented the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Project.
        – ASR storage capacity 1 billion gallons, with a 10 mgd for the 100-day dry season.
        – Constructed 8 storage wells, land survey and design/installation of pipes to transport
            recovered water from wells to the HRWTP as part of the ASR project (2001).
        – Conducted cycle testing to ease the effects of future droughts, the City completed in
            the spring of 2001, the ASR project at Rome/Sligh. 4
§   Maintained the lowest water rates in the Tampa Bay area; Established by resolution a 5 tier
    rate schedule showing rates charged to premises inside and outside the city limits (2000).
§   Administered a comprehensive water conservation program. 5
        – Adopted a new Landscape Ordinance that promotes conservation. 6
        – Although the City of Tampa experienced the worst drought in history, the Water
            Department efficiently maintained the level of service without interruptions.
        – Evaluated 600 residential and commercial irrigation systems to date, resulting in
            savings of more than 12 million gallons of water per year.
        – Reached more than 184,000 students with water conservation education programs.
        – Through aggressive water conservation, the per person water usage has been lowered
            to 115 gallons per capita day, one of the lowest in the Tampa Bay Region.
§   Completed a customer sign- up program and funded work on the South Tampa Area Reuse
    (STAR) project. 7
§   Instituted a High Performance Organization (HPO) Initiative changing the work environment
    to a "Team Concept," improving responsiveness, efficiency and product quality (2000). 8
        – Received Gold Award from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (2001)9
        – Improved customer satisfaction, reduced staff by 30 percent and received savings on
            chemicals and power usage through competitive assessment and re-engineering
            efforts within the Production and Distribution Divisions.
        – Added 7,160 new water service customers.
§   Completed the replacement of galvanized pipes throughout the City.
§   Replaced taulter gates on Hillsborough River Dam (2002). 10
§   Historically renovated main filter building and rotunda at Hillsborough River Water
    Treatment Plant (2002).
§   Installed hurricane shutters Hillsborough River Water Treatment Plant (2001).
§   Developed and implemented an inspection program for 11,615 fire hydrants in the water
    service area (2002). 11
§   Installed 27.46 miles of new water mains (total to date is 2,220 miles) (2002).
§   Engaged in numerous water infrastructure construction and maintenance projects.
§   Performed a vulne rability assessment of Water Department facilities to identify alternatives
    to a potential terrorist threat / attack.

                                                                                                    Mayor’s Status Report

Water Department Notes:
     Helped to broker the Water Alliance with the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority to become Tampa Bay Water and
     ensure the long-term water supply for the City of Tampa.
     The Water Quality Project 2000 addressed existing water quality, process optimization, current and anticipated water quality
     regulations, new treatment process alternatives, and anticipated treatment capacity requirements (2000) for compliance with
     Federal and State's regulations. Phase II completed in 2002, included expanding the capacity of the Hillsborough River Water
     Treatment Plant (HRWTP) to 100 mgd and the updating the facility's disinfection process.
     This was achieved by replacing or adding new equipment and changing the work environment to a team concept, resulting in
     better quality of water provided by the Tampa Water Department.
     Project located at Rome/Sligh Avenue at a cost of approximately $11 million, capable of storing up to 1 billion gallons of
     potable water in the deep aquifer for use during the dry season.
     Program consists of water saving kits, landscaping and sprinkling program, water conservation education programs, and water
     conservation incentives.
     Under the ordinance, only 50 percent of the green space is permitted to be irrigated for new construction.
     High quality reclaimed water will be connected from the Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant to residents
     and businesses in certain areas of South Tampa where it can be used to irrigate lawns and landscaping. This, in turn, reduces
     the demand on freshwater resources and helps preserve the region's natural systems. Phase I of the STAR pilot program began
     in FY'02 at a cost of $23 million, with $12 million available through EPA grant, anticipated completion by the end of 2003.
     HPO initiative simultaneously delivers high product and service quality, outstanding customer value and sound financial
     performance, which has resulted in a gradual shift from control-oriented “industrial model” to a more inclusive, team-based
     "networked talent model." The mission of the Tampa Water Department is to provide customer satisfaction through the
     development of HPO committed to improving responsiveness, efficiency, and product quality.
     Award received for implementation of innovative business practices from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies in
     which Tampa was one of the twenty large utilities in the United States that won such an award.
     Includes concrete repairs and painting the service walkway to the Dam at a cost of $87,000.
     Based on a biannual or after use by fire department, schedule.

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Sanitary Sewers

§   Major Accomplishment: Implementation of the Optimization Program and South Tampa
    Area Reclaimed (STAR) Project.
§   Annually, the Sanitary Sewers Department:
    - Collects, treats and disposes of about 60 million gallons of wastewater per day from over
        105,000 customers
    - Rehabilitates or replaces approximately $4 million of sanitary sewer lines
§   Began construc tion of Phase I of STAR project (2002). 1
§   In 2001, the City spent $3.7 million on repair and replacement of the stormwater system.
§   Current budget of $9.4 million allows basic ongoing maintenance of the existing system,
    curbed streets to be swept, ditches and ponds to be mowed once a month.
§   Repaired 230 sewer and 140 stormwater cave-ins caused by the El Nino storm. 2
§   Installed sleeve valves to protect a South Tampa neighborhood from saltwater flooding.
§   Completed the Cleveland/Occident Outfall flood control project (2001). 3
§   Completed the Palma Ceia Pond stormwater capital project (2001). 4
§   Partnered with SouthWest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and
    Hillsborough County to address drainage problems that impact city services (Blue Sink).
§   Developed a model to prioritize flood control and prevention projects. 5
§   Implemented the Optimization Program at the Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater
    Treatment Plant (1999), Wastewater Collection and Stormwater Operations Division (2001)
    and Administration and Engineering Division (2002). 6
§   Partnered with CF Industries to use 4 million gallons per day of reclaimed water for cooling
    (City) and warming (CF Industries).
§   Partnered with TECO to operate and maintain generators for power production (TECO) and
    utilization of waste heat for producing organic fertilizer (City).
§   Constructed material handling facility for processed material reuse (2002). 7

                                                                                                 Mayor’s Status Report

Sanitary Sewers Notes:

    Phase I STAR project, estimated cost of $28 million, will provide reclaimed water for lawn irrigation to residents in Davis
    Islands, Hyde Park, Palma Ceia and the Westshore District when completed. This is a joint project involving the Sanitary
    Sewers and Water Departments.
    At a cost of $1.2 million.
    At a cost of approximately $1.6 million.
    At a cost of approximately $1.1 million.
    Approximately $8.5 million has been spent on related projects to date from the Community Investment Tax.
    Identified over $2 million in annual cost reductions, which include the deletion of 46 positions.
    Material handling facility is used to process all of Tampa’s street sweeping debris and stormwater sediments. The processed
    material is reused as daily cover at the Manatee County Municipal Landfill.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Solid Waste Department

§   N.E.A.T. Program clean-up requests increased from approximately 20 to 42 ne ighborhoods
    per year. 1
§   Completed upgrade of Manhattan Brush Site facility to accommodate staff.
§   Completed McKay Bay Waste to Energy Facility retrofits ($87 million). 2
§   Consolidated small business bulk customers (hand loaded) with residential routes. 3
§   Achieved estimated annual savings of $350,000 per year through the consolidation of solid
    waste routes.
§   Instituted the Compactor Roll-off Service (1997) resulting in additional revenues of $6.063
    million since its inception. 4
§   Located 239 refuse collection carts in Ybor City (2000). 5
§   Implemented semi-automatic collection for bulk commercial (hand- loaded) customers.
§   Re-established citywide curbside residential recycling. 6
§   Completed construction of new administration building to house the Office of Environmental
    Coordination. 7
§   Completed Brownfields’ site assessments to promote redevelopment. 8
§   Processed three (3) Brownfield’s designations with a $200,000 grant from the EPA (2001). 9

                                                                                                  Mayor’s Status Report

Solid Waste Department Notes:

    Additionally provided support for "mini clean-ups" for neighborhoods with special needs to receive an enhanced level of
    service. Mini clean-ups have been held in Port Tampa, Sulphur Springs, and Oak Park neighborhoods.
    Began implementation of the federally mandated retrofit of McKay Bay Waste to Energy Facility to include new furnaces,
    boilers and air pollution control equipment. While processing more than 300,000 tons of municipal waste that can not be
    recycled, the facility produces the energy equivalent of 713,000 barrels of oil or 132,000 tons of coal - supplying the energy
    need of 15,000 homes. McKay Bay Waste to Energy will be a source of renewable energy in Tampa well into the next century.
    Resulted in the elimination of six (6) positions and 3 rear loader garbage trucks, thereby achieving departmental savings.
    The program allowed the department to compete wit h private haulers for new customers and to retain existing large volume
    customers. This service was implemented in September 1997 with the reassignment of existing personnel.
    239 (64-gallons each) carts were placed in Ybor City during December 2000. The carrying capacity for each cart represents
    two (2) bags of refuse collected four times a week for a rate of $45.37/month. Aesthetics within Ybor City improved
    significantly with the advent of the cart system. The Solid Waste Department was successful in working with the Ybor City
    Development Corporation (YCDC) to acquire land in the 1700 block of 7th Avenue (even side of street) for the location of
    three compactors that became operational in September 2001.
    Established curbside residential recycling to every resident in the city. This program was implemented in three phases starting
    in September (Phase 1) and was fully implemented in December (Phase III).
    Additionally, this building houses the recycling administrative staff and the existing administrative staff.
    The former Police Station and the 12th Street Yard sites were assessed to promote the redevelopment of these two sites.
    During 2001, the City began processing three (3) State of Florida Brownfields designations, which will enable development of
    both properties based on the benefits provided in the state statutes. The City Brownfield’s Pilot Project Grant from the
    Environmental Protection Agency for $200,000 has been extended an additional two years and the area enlarged to include the
    Port of Tampa property south of Route 60 including Hookers Point. The cleanup of these areas will help lift a stigma of
    contamination, provide a strong resurgence to redevelop these areas and provide a substantial opportunity to create jobs in this
    portion of the Enterprise Zone within the City.

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Community Affairs

§   Major Accomplishment: Closures and settlements of discrimination cases by employers and
    housing/lending institutions.
§   Established the Mayor's Youth Advisory Group.1
§   Coordinated Mayor’s Youth Advisory Group that completed an assessment of selected City
    Recreation and Park Facilities.2
§   Administered the City’s Mediation process for employment discrimination. 3
§   First publication of "The Community Affairs Report Newsletter" in 1999, featuring articles,
    event and other information related to the Tampa Office of Human Rights and Community
§   Began publishing The Community Affairs Report Newsletter in Spanish to reach that
    segment of the City’s population.
§   Presented Community Affairs Program through the Tampa Police Department addressing
    issues related to juvenile and special needs groups.
§   Enacted the Juvenile Curfew and Rave ordinances.
§   Increased the staff of the Neighborhood Liaison's office to better serve citizens.
§   Created the Neighborhood Action Team to assist seniors with home repairs.
§   Appointed a Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee.
§   Achieved 9% average overall participation in the Women/Minority Business Enterprise
    program from 1995-2001.4
§   Promoted private sector involvement in job training programs through a breakfast meeting
    attended annually by over 1,000 business and community leaders.
§   Partnered with Hillsborough County and the Workforce Development Board to plan,
    implement and evaluate services in improving the caliber of the workforce.

                                                                                               Mayor’s Status Report

Community Affairs Notes:

    The Mayor's Youth Advisory Group (MYAG) is a 15-member youth advisory/service board. The main purpose of MYAG is
    to keep Tampa Mayor Dick Greco advised on youth issues and concerns. The motto "Lead by Example: personifies the
    Mayor's motivation behind organizing MYAG. The Mayor saw a need to include youth in important decisions affecting the
    future of Tampa Bay. This program offers the youth the opportunity to become more involved in community outreach and
    planning. MYAG also offers them the chance to gain hands on experience in the everyday operations of City of Tampa
    MYAG starts in early September and runs until late May. The group meets monthly to attend special City sponsored events,
    conduct tours of City Departments, conduct youth led discussion groups, and participate in community service projects.
    Community service projects include neighborhood clean-ups, youth forums, mentoring programs and community outreach at
    such organizations as Ronald Macdonald House. Additionally, the group meets with the Mayor once every other month.
    Membership requirements for all applicants limit the ages between 15 and 18 years old, minimum GPA of 2.5, and must be a
    Tampa resident. The selection process for MYAG includes submittal of a complete application and mandatory interview by a
    group of their peers. If selected, new members are expected to complete at least one year of service.
    The Mayor regularly meets with the group and provided the members assignments to complete. In the past years, the most
    important assignment the group completed was a survey of Tampa community centers. The MYAG members spent two weeks
    conducting on-site inspections of (10) Tampa community centers. They compiled their findings into a report that went to the
    Mayor and City Council. Their recommendations were considered during the budget and planning process. Consequently,
    substantial amounts were earmarked for the repair and remodeling of the community centers.
    MYAG continues to work towards fulfilling the motto, "Lead By Example". The organizers hope that the youth involved in
    this program will continue to have a high regard for their City and pass what they have learned about civic duty and
    responsibility to future generations.
    The Mayor's Advisory Group submitted a comprehensive assessment report of Parks and Recreation in 1999. Through the
    Mayor's bond program, many of the deficiencies identified in the report were rectified.
    In FY'01, 28 cases were scheduled for mediation. Of these cases, 17 were successfully mediated, resulting in $25, 649 in
    monetary settlements for the complainants.
    Between 1995 - 2001, $68.6 million in contracts was awarded to minority and women owned businesses out of a total of
    $752.8 million. During this period, the percent of dollars awarded to minority and women owned businesses ranged from
    7.4% to 10.2%. The lowest year was 1995 with 7.4%.

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Arts and Cultural Affairs

§   Major Accomplishment: Completion of the Cultural Arts District Master Plan and Approval
    for a new building to house the Tampa Museum of Art.
§   Expanded the Public Arts Program. 1
        – Increased the number of large-scale commissioned artwork in the Public Art Program
            collection from 22 to 51 pieces.
        – Adopted Master Plan for Public Art (2000).
        – Completed an inventory/condition report for City’s artwork collection and developed
            a database to maintain the information.
        – Implemented a Public Art awareness/education program. 2
        – Investment made in the Public Arts Program totals $1,309,200 (1995-2002). 3
            - $1.1 million in commissioned public artworks.
            - $38,700 to expand collection of portable artworks.
§   Administered the successful operation of the Tampa Museum of Art.
        – Visited by more than 650,000 people since 1995. 4
        – Held six (6) major exhibitions and hosted more than 55,000 students in school tours.
        – Added 922 artworks to the Museum’s permanent collection.
        – Hosted Magna Graecia, Greek Art from Southern Italy and Sicily Exhibit, in
            cooperation with the Cleveland Museum of Art (2003). 5
        – Collaborated in numerous community events including the Black Heritage Festival,
            TBPAC Annual American Music Festival, Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, PirateFest,
            Very Special Arts, as well as major cultural events in coordination with Hillsborough
            County Schools, University of South Florida and the University of Tampa.
        – Received a $1 million endowment gift to endow the Richard E. Perry Curator of
            Greek and Roman Art in perpetuity.
        – Operates on an annual City appropriation of 32% of the total Tampa Museum of Arts’
            total operating budget. 6
§   Completed improvements to the Tampa Museum of Art building.
        – Refurbished the Public Gallery area of the Tampa Museum of Art.
        – Upgraded the Greek and Roman Art collection.
§   Received State and National Recognition for the Tampa Museum of Art.
        – Selected to host a Statewide Public Art conference.
        – Received national recognition for model Public Art Program. 7
        – Selected for national traveling Public Art exhibition. 8
        – Organized Public Art exhibition at Tampa Museum of Art. 9
        – Awarded the Henry Flagler Award for Creative Tourism Partnerships (2001). 10
        – Received re-accreditation by the American Association of Museums (1999).
§   Expanding the presence, prestige and importance of the Tampa Museum of Art.
        – Completed the Cultural Arts District Master Plan, which includes a new building to
            house the Tampa Museum of Art. Selected a world-renowned architect to design the
            new Tampa Museum of Art. 11
        – Working to enhance a sense of place through the development of major projects. 12
§   Facilitated a $1 million expansion of the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

                                                                                                      Mayor’s Status Report

Arts and Cultural Affairs Notes:
     The Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs is responsible for enhancing the community's sense of place through the
     placement of artworks throughout the City. The Public Art Program was assigned to the Department of Arts and Cultural
     Affairs in 2002.
     Public Art awareness and education programs have been disseminated through various media - brochures, postcards, website
     and City of Tampa Cable Television (CTTV).
     Received gifts totaling $150,000 dollars that were made available to the Public Arts Program. 3
     Estimate that by March 2003, the Museum will have served more than 650,000 people through exhibitions, education
     programs and special events since 1995. The Museum has reached 250,000 children and adults through art education
     programs alone.
     Scheduled to open in February 2003. This is a major international loan exhibition, which will be seen only in Cleveland
     (Ohio) and Tampa.
     The City provides an average of 32% of the Museum’s total operating budget on an annual basis. The Tampa Museum of Art
     raises the remaining 68% to support the collection, exhibitions and education programs, and includes the related staffing and
     promotion required. Funding sources include: grants (foundations, federal, state, and county sources); corporate support;
     membership and individual support; fundraising events; earned income. Through its operational support funding, the City of
     Tampa has enabled the Tampa Museum of Art to generate over $13 million in additional support since 1995.
     Tampa's Public Art ordinance for its Central Business District was presented as a model at the national Public Art conference,
     with the City receiving national recognition for its Public Art Program.
     Artwork in the Public Art collection was selected for a national traveling exhibition featuring Ybor City-based artists.
     The Department was instrumental in the organization and success of the Public Art Exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art.
     Awarded for the original exhibition planned in conjunction with SuperBowl XXXV in Tampa.
     The design phase for the new museum facility is underway, with construction scheduled to break ground by March 2003 and a
     completion/grand opening date programmed for early 2006. Internationally-renowned architect Rafael Viñoly was selected as
     the project’s architectural designer; a construction manager will be hired, a construction contract will be established and actual
     construction work will take place by the end of Mayor Greco’s term. A capital fundraising campaign to raise construction and
     endowment funds is underway. The revised cost estimate for the project totals $50.2 million, with $44.9 million needed for
     construction of the new museum building, $2.5 million for furniture/equipment and $2.8 million for the new parking structure;
     the funded amount for the project (CIT bonded funds) totals $27 million, while the museum parking ($2.8M) and construction
     F/E ($20.4M) remain as items not yet funded.
     The Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs has several long-range projects in mind to enhance the community's sense of
     place and aesthetic appearance. Major projects include the Cultural Arts District, Convention Center, Tampa Bay Performing
     Arts Center expansion, New Tampa Community Center and Municipal Building, City of Tampa/MacDill AFB Ribbon of
     Green Partnership, Luna Park, Skateboarding parks and the Franklin Street improvements.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Neighborhood Liaison

§   Created the Neighborhood Information Center - one stop shop for neighborhood information
    and concerns.
§   Coordinates Neighborhood Resource Programs.
§   Created the Neighborhood Resource Center - an office dedicated to neighborhood groups for
    meetings, technical assistance, printing services. 1
§   Maintained membership in statewide coalition of Neighborhood Services offices (both
    municipal and county) to form the Florida Neighborhoods Conference. Provision of more
    than 300 scholarships to residents to attend the conference in various locations around the
§   Tampa hosted the 6th annual Florida Neighborhoods Conference on September 6-7, 2002.
    Anticipated attendance is approximately 1200 delegates.
§   Created Neighborhood Planning Boards - Port Tampa City, Ballast Point, North Bon Air, and
    Davis Islands.
§   Administration of programs such as Paint Your Hear Out, Tampa! and Raise the Roof, to
    improve the quality of life for Tampa's citizens. 2

                                                                                            Mayor’s Status Report

Neighborhood Liaison Notes:

    Added one staff person to assist citizens.
    Also includes coordination and support of such programs as the Neighborhood Action Team, Neighborhood Environmental
    Action Team and Mayor’s 1000 Trees Program.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report


§   Major Accomplishment: Negotiated ten collective bargaining agreements without declaration
    of impasse. 1
§   Supported City departments’ re-engineering/optimization programs resulting in participation
    in team assignments, training and development of skill based pay and redesigned jobs; this
    experience is already being utilized in services to other City departments.
§   Revised employee Longevity Pay program. 2
§   Implemented Employment Background Investigation Program. 3
§   Implemented special employee appreciation programs.
§   Revised and enhanced employee training programs.
§   Conducted job classification study and instituted job classification maintenance program.
§   Revised and enhanced the Fire and Police Pension Plans through on-going negotiations. 4
§   Participated in revisions to the General Employees Pension plan.
§   Privatized City’s Publication Section. 5
§   Implemented employee Long Term Disability and optional Dental Insurance programs
§   Revised the Workers’ Compensation Program, saving the City $1,400,000 since FY 99. 6
§   Re-bid Employee Life and AD&D Insurance resulting in a 20% cost reduction.
§   Purchased Liability Insurance - first time since 1990 the City was able to accomplish this.
§   Converted all Property Insurance Coverage to one carrier.
§   Relocated Administrative Support Services to the Free Library.
§   Consolidated Mailroom and Publication Services and relocated to City Hall Annex.
§   Completed preliminary analysis and initial goals for strategic planning and management of
    the City’s Human Resources Program.
§   Completed comprehensive study of the Job Requisition Process. 7
§   Selected PeopleSoft for the City's new Human Resource Management System, April 2001. 8
§   Completed Phase I implementation of PeopleSoft, "go live" date April 2003. 9
§   Issued significant employment/personnel policy and wage rate revisions, including:
        – Enhanced Tuition Reimbursement.
        – Revisions to testing/promotion regulations for sworn Fire and Police Officers.
        – Revisions for Employee Sick Leave usage for care of family/household members.
        – Standardization and clarification of union leave banks.
        – Initiation of new Wellness Program.
        – Revisions to appointed/unclassified (including managers) salary administration.
        – Added Pre-Paid College Tuition and Pre-paid Parking to employee optional
        – Added multiple banking deposit options for employee paychecks.
        – Revised pay plans annually to remain competitive in the job market.
        – Added new policies regarding cellular phones, computer usage, employee fraud,
            whistleblower/complaint issues, and emergency management.
§   Remodeled and enhanced recruiting offices and employee applicant/testing area (City Hall).
§   Launched on- line City Personnel Manual through Intranet site. 10
§   Launched on- line employment application process (2002).

                                                                                                    Mayor’s Status Report

Administration Notes:

   Negotiations were conducted with four bargaining units without the City or unions declaring impasse and without involvement
   of the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission, mediation, or other outside agencies. Additional mid-term contract
   amendments were also completed.
   The longevity pay policy was revised to provide credit to employees who worked for the City in federally funded positions but
   were later hired into regular City positions. Pay amounts were increased $250 annually, therefore five years of service equals
   $500; ten years $750; fifteen years $1000; twenty years $1250; and twenty-five or more $1500.
   Including driving record screening and compliance with Federal Commercial Driver's License drug/alcohol testing.
   Worked with unions, pension boards, and local/state legislative bodies to reach and complete agreements.
   Privatization of the publication section eliminated duplicity in printing, resulting a reduction of 9.5 positions and a significant
   cost savings to the City.
   Revising the program from a self-insured plan to a fully insured, high deductible, commercial insurance policy and saving
   administrative fees previously paid to the state, the City has saved a total of $1,400,000 since FY 99.
   In coordination with the Budget Department, utilized this study to develop measures, standards, and timelines, and
   interdepartmental communications.
   Completed a comparative analysis of current and potential Human Resource Management Systems in the selection of
   Initiated project and completion of Phase I implementation of PeopleSoft installation and conversion of data from the prior HR
   system ("go live" date is April 1, 2003). Additional phases are in progress and include employee self-service insurance and
   benefit enrollment (for Fall 2003), applicant tracking/recruiting automation, and time and attendance programming.
   Creation of the on-line document eliminates paper revision notices and distribution of updated manuals.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Office of Cable Communication

§   Developed "The Mayor's Hour", a live weekly call- in show, co-hosted by Mayor Greco and
    970 Radio Personality Jack Harris (1996). 1
§   Successfully renegotiated a 15-year cable franchise agreement with Time Warner (2000),
        - Expansion of Intranet Service
        - Six additional public access channels
        - Grant money and operational funding for public access television
        - Free Cable service to government facilities.
§   Transferred cable television franchise from Time Warner Cable to Advance/Newhouse
    effective January 30, 2003.
§   Received Overall Excellence for Government Access Programming Award (1996 & 1998). 2
§   Began video streaming CTTV programming via the Internet (2001).
§   Conducted a viewership survey to gauge citizen satisfaction with programming (2001). 3
§   Created monthly magazine program, "Spotlight Tampa" (1999). 4
§   Launched "City News Conferences" (2000), providing coverage of ground breaking, ribbon
    cutting and news conferences in their entirety.
§   Negotiated contracts with Speak Up Tampa Bay Public Access and Tampa Educational
    Cable Consortium for the management and operation of these channels and facilities (2000).

                                                                                                Mayor’s Status Report

Office of Cable Communications Notes:

    For the first two years, the Mayor’s Hour was co-hosted by Jack Harris and Tedd Webb. Due to Monday night scheduling
    conflicts for Tedd Webb, he dropped out, making Jack Harris the sole co-host. The show began as a live, call-in program but
    over the years began to have "themes" as part of the programming. The show also has been shot on location, live from various
    areas of the city. According to the viewership surveys, it is one of the most viewed shows on the CTTV channel. The Mayor
    received a Community Communicators Award on May 13th, 2002 because of his support of PEG access and his use of the
    government access channel to speak to the residents of Tampa via his show.
    The ACM is a national organization that promotes public, educational and government access television. The Mayor's Hour
    has won many awards as have many other CTTV programs.
    The most watched shows on the channel are the Tampa City Council meetings, Friday Extra! Concert Series, The Mayor's
    Hour and Community Affairs Report. The report also states that viewership base appears to be loyal, stable and growing.
    Created a monthly magazine, “Spotlight Tampa,” focusing on activities of city departments as well as other public entities.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Legal Department

§   Successfully negotiated and drafted more than 30 major agreements1 (i.e., Cable Franchise
    Renewal, ELAPP purchases, Park Property Acquisition, Electric Streetcar Agreement,
    Annexation Agreements, Development Agreements, etc.).
§   Successfully defended City’s legal matters on 10 major issues2
§   Wrote and instituted 15 new ordinances/provisions to the City’s Code 3
§   Revised and amended 8 major sections/provisions of the existing City Code4
§   Negotiated Emergency Orders with the Southwest Florida Water Management District to
    find additional water supplies or expand current supplies during drought period.
§   Established an "Accelerated Docket" for watering violations in Hillsborough County Court.

                                                                                             Mayor’s Status Report

Legal Department Notes:

    Agreements include:
    - Annexation: US Homes, Greco/Guinta, Diez, Star, and Spicola.
    - Right-of-way Acquisition: Cross Creek Boulevard and O'Brien Street.
    - Park Property Acquisition: Ft. Brooke Park, Davis Island Sea Plane Basin Park, Marjorie Park, Ribbon of Green, New
       Tampa Nature Park, Reed Park, and Curtis Hixon Park.
    - Development Agreements: Centro Ybor, Inner City Kash n' Karry, Marriott Waterside, K-Force Corporate Headquarters.
    - Tampa Historic StreetCar Agreements: Tri-party, Operator's; Truck Segment Support Agreement with TECO/ Peoples Gas.
    - Hillsborough River: Dam Design-Build Agreement and Water Treatment Plant Expansion Agreement.
    - Additional Efforts: Time Warner Cable Franchise Renewal; University of Tampa Expansion/Renovation Project;
       Sustainable Communities Agreement (Hillsborough County and Florida Department of Community Affairs); Brownfield
       Redevelopment Approval Agreement (Tampa Port Authority); Acquisition of Tampa Union Station & Lease to Amtrak;
       Sale of City's Interest in Peter O. Knight Airport; Acquisition of Sulphur Springs River Tower Parcel (ELAPP).
    Juvenile Curfew Ordinance; Rave Ordinance; Community Investment Tax/Stadium; Police Chase Policy; Human Rights
    Ordinance; City Election Laws; Impact Fee Assessment; Prostitution Precursor Ordinance; City Adult Use Ordinance;
    Telecommunications Towers.
    Aquifer Storage and Recovery Ordinance; Landscape and Irrigation Ordinance; Historic Preservation Process; Transportation
    Concurrency Exception Areas; Transportation Impact Fee Exemption Areas (East Tampa and North Boulevard Homes); Ybor
    Noise Regulations; Ybor Vendor Regulations; Offsite (Billboard) Sign Ordinance; Streetlight Special Assessment Program;
    Glass Bottle Ordinance; Cellular Communications Tower Ordinance; Citywide Noise Ordinance; Upland Habitat Ordinance;
    Additional Homestead Exemption for persons 65 years old and over; Overlay Districts: South Howard, Westshore, New
    Tampa, and Seminole Heights.
    Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance and Procedures; Streamlining the Central Business Development Code; Reorganization
    of Wet Zoning Code, to require closure at 3:00 a.m.; City of Tampa Sign Code into City Code Chapter 5; Comprehensive
    Revision of Zoning Code; Streamlining the Tree and Landscape Code; Comprehensive Revisions to the Criteria for Removal
    of Protected and Grand Trees; Comprehensive Revisions to Criteria for Waiving Sidewalk Requirements and the establishment
    of Sidewalk In Lieu Fee (when requirement waived).

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Parks Department

§   Major Accomplishment: Received more than $91 million in Agency funding for Park Land
    and Open Space Acquisition, Restoration and Improvement Projects.
§   Expanded the City’s parklands and open space.
         – Expanded the City's Greenspace Inventory by 1,405 acres from 1995-2002 1
         – Planned an additional 788 acres for acquisition
         – Completed and adopted the Greenway and Trails Master Plan (2001)
         – Received $50,000 budget appropriation for the Port Tampa/Friendship Trail
         – Downtown open space inventory increased by nearly 17.84 acres
§   Established the N.E.A.T. Team. 2
         – N.E.A.T. Program clean-up requests increased from approximately 20 to 42
            neighborhoods per year.
         – Since January 1997, the N.E.A.T. Team has:
            – Cleaned 60 alleys, 1,607 vacant lots and removed 16,634.83 tons of debris
            – Removed 7,822 signs from right-of-way
            – Cites 1,607 vacant lots and had 6,219 lots complied
            – 741 volunteers participated in the program
§   Established plans for expanding and renovating the City’s marinas. 3
§   Initiated the expansion of the Lowry Park Zoo.
         – Constructed the Manatee Theater and Stingray Exhibit at the Lowry Park Zoo and
            designed the Wallaroo Exhibit ($12,000,00 CIT Funding).
         – Began initial design phase of the African Exhibit for the Lowry Park Zoo.
         – Provided additional parking for the Lowry Park Zoo.
§   Maintained the City’s Streetscape, Irrigation and Landscaping projects.
         – Planted more than 1,000 trees each year along City Streets and parks.
         – Completed Davis Island Business District, Busch Boulevard, South Franklin Street
            and South Howard Avenue streetscapes.
         – Completed more than 25 landscaping and irrigation projects.
         – Completed design/construction scheduled for 11 medians N. Dale Mabry Highway. 4
         – Completed Initial design phase of Boy Scout Boulevard.
         – Redesigned/landscaped over 80 acres of the City's 170 acres of landscaped medians.
§   Acquired and managed the Environmental Lands and Restoration Program.
         – Acquired more than 1,000 acres of environmentally sensitive lands through the
            Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP).
§   Completed 18 environmental restoration projects, 5 additional projects in design.
§   Participated in the East Tampa Initiative, cleaning 1,435 lots totaling 15,466,029 sq. ft.
§   Completed construction of Conanchobee Ft. Brooke Park Phase I & II (2003).
§   Maintained the City’s playground and park facilities.
         – Utilized annual $1 million Community Investment Tax appropriations for facility
            enhancements (FY02-FY06).
         – Completed 44 new playground units since 1998 at a total cost of $ 2,288,000.
§   Co-hosted the National Recreation and Parks Association Annual Congress & Exposition
    with the Recreation Department. 5
§   Completed Cancer Survivor Plaza (Al Lopez Park) (2003) and redeveloped Ragan Center.

                                                                                          Mayor’s Status Report

§      Parks Department Notes
     Parks and Greenspace acquisitions shown below:

                                                     CITY OF TAMPA
                                    PARK LANDS AND O PEN S PACE ACQUISITION 1996-2001

    Property                                                                Acreage                 Cost
      Cultural District/CSX                                                              4.02        $ 450,000
      Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park                                                       2.20        $ 6,229,080
      Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park Expansion                                             1.67        $ 5,488,552
      Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park Phase III                                             2.47        $ 8,340,000
      Ribbon of Green/Taggart                                                            0.32        $ 775,000
      Ribbon of Green/Bank of America                                                    0.63        $ 1,836,000
      Ribbon of Green/Mirabella                                                          0.30        $ 778,440
      Waterworks Park                                                                    6.23               $ 0

                                                             Total:                     17.84        $23,897,072

      Courthouse Square (contributed parcel)                                             0.33         $ 800,000
      Gaslight Square Park                                                               1.00         $ 2,830,000

                                                             Total:                      1.33         $ 3,630,000

      22nd Street Hammock                                                              24.00               Donation
      Benito Soccer Field                                                               2.25                     $0
      Blackwater Hammock                                                                8.00              $ 200,000
      Cypress Creek Preserve                                                          827.00          $   6,500,000
      Cypress Point Park                                                               42.40          $   3,956,000
      DeSoto Park-Expansion                                                             7.00              $ 715,000
      DeSoto Park-Williams                                                              0.41              $ 135,000
      GSA Railroad Spur                                                                 6.68                     $0
      Hillsborough Avenue                                                               3.34                     $0
      Keen Site                                                                        14.25          $   1,152,000
      MacDill Greenway – Hyde Park Builders                                              .03                     $0
      McKay Bay Bike Trail - SWFWMD                                                   258.00                     $0
      McKay Bay Greenway/Turley                                                         2.68          $     350,225
      New Tampa Nature Park (Flatwoods)                                               121.69          $   3,046,000
      Rivercrest Park Addition/Reed                                                     5.15          $     744,500
      Rivertower Park                                                                  12.82          $   2,850,000
      South Tampa Greenway/Urette/Marcum                                                8.53          $     668,127
      Sulphur Springs                                                                   0.41          $     425,000
      Tappan Site                                                                      41.90          $   1,100,000

                                                             Total:               1,386.54           $ 21,841,852

                                                                                     Mayor’s Status Report

  Property                                                              Acreage                    Cost
  Cypress Point Park South Expansion                                                6.75             $ 2,550,500
  Greenwood                                                                         4.00                      $ 0
  Greenwood – Water Department                                                     48.53                      $ 0
  Jamaica Lake Greenway                                                            51.00             $ 1,840,000
  MacDill 48                                                                       48.00                1,000,000
  MacDill Greenway                                                                 12.19                      $ 0
  MarDill Greenway – TECO                                                           1.00                      $ 0
  McKay Bay/Palm River Greenway                                                    67.00               $ 600,000
  New Tampa Community Park                                                         40.00                      $ 0
  New Tampa Nature Park – SWFWMD                                                   91.00                      $ 0
  New Tampa Nature Park - Water Department                                         22.60                      $ 0
  Port Tampa Restoration Site/American Legion                                      21.94             $ 1,100,000
  Port Tampa/CSX                                                                  304.00               $ 230,000
  Reed Park Addition                                                                1.00               $ 744,000
  Rivertower Park Addition                                                          1.07               $ 210,000
  South Tampa Greenway                                                             42.00             $ 1,600,000
  South Tampa/CSX                                                                  21.99                      $ 0
  South Ybor Trail/CSX                                                              3.88               $ 969,000
  Spanish Memorial Park                                                             0.30                 $ 32,000

                                                        Total:                    788.25            $ 10,875,500

                                                 CITY OF TAMPA
                            Restoration and Park/Waterfront Improvements (1996-2001)

 Project/Improvement                                                  Complete             Planned - In Progress
 Ballast Point Park                                                           $45,000
 Blackwater Hammock - Habitat Enhancement                                     $20,000
 Cultural District                                                          $260,000                 $27,000,000
 Cypress Point Park                                                         $498,000
 Cypress Pt. Beach Restoration & Park Improvements                                                      $722,000
 DeSoto Park                                                                                          $1,530,000
 Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park                                               $3,660,000
 MacDill Greenway                                                             $105,000                  $255,000
 McKay Bay Greenway                                                            $38,000
 McKay Bay Nature Park                                                        $130,000
 Reed Site – Shoreline Restoration                                                                      $500,000
 Ribbon of Green                                                                                      $2,000,000
 Rivercrest and Epps park                                                    $162,000
 Rivercrest Park – Shoreline Restoration                                                                 $80,000
 River Garden Park Shoreline Restoration                                                                $100,000
 Riverwalk – Channelside                                                    $1,400,000
 Tappan site – Habitat Restoration                                                                      $260,000

                                                                                                 Mayor’s Status Report

                            Agency Funding of Acquisition, Restoration and Improvement Projects

    City of Tampa (COT)                                                                                           $ 48,020,580
    Environmental Lands Acquisition Protection Program of Hillsborough Co.
    (ELAPP)                                                                                                       $ 12,670,000
    Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough Co. (EPC)                                                    $ 405,000
    Florida Community Trust – Florida Department of Community Affairs (FCT)                                       $ 19,327,500
    Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)                                                            $ 500,000
    Jacksonville Community Foundation (JCF)                                                                           $ 13,000
    MacDill Air Force Base (MAFB)                                                                      Transportation Easement
    Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)                                                                       $ 2,400,000
    National Park Service (NPS)                                                                                       Donation
    Office of Greenways and Trails - FDEP (OGT)                                                                    $ 3,247,000
    Southwest Florida Water Management District - SWIM Section (SWFWMD-
    SWIM)                                                                                                          $ 1,607,500
    Tampa Port Authority (TPA)                                                                                       $ 140,000
    Tower Site Acquisition (13 Acres)                                                                              $ 2.840,000
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS)                                                                           $ 60,000

                                                                        Total                                     $ 91,230,580
    NEAT Team is comprised of 8 Crew Cabs with trailers, 1 Front-end Loader, 4 tractors, 2 skidsteers, graffiti machine and
    miscellaneous hand tools. The Team is supported by the Solid Waste Department’s 4 – 8 rear packers, 2 street sweepers
    following each clean up crew.
    Completed planning/design of the Marjorie Park Marina renovation and expansion.
    Initiated the design phase of the Bayshore Marina renovation plan (2001).
    Sea Plane Basin on Davis Island
    North of I-275 and South of Hillsborough Avenue
    Event brought over 7,000 park and recreation professionals to Tampa.

                                                                      Mayor’s Status Report

Recreation Department

§   Major Accomplishment: Utilized $17 million bond issue to redevelop/construct 16 recreation
    facilities located throughout the City. 1
§   Received $1.2 million in grant funding since 1995 (12 grants), including over $79,000 from
    the Verizon Foundation for computer labs.
§   Renovated more than 40 Recreation facilities throughout the City.
§   Partnered with the YMCA to construct the New Tampa YMCA Olympic-sized swimming
    pool (2001).
§   Completed the renovation of the Sulphur Springs Pool, including Locker Room Facilities
§   Initiated the renovation of the Cuscaden Park Pool. 2
§   2002 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program includes:
         – Thirty- five (35) total projects.
             - Seventeen (17) complete.
             - Thirteen (13) under construction.
             - Five (5) scheduled to break ground by the end of 2002.
         – Ten (10) of the remaining projects are scheduled for completion by 2003.
         – Eight (8) projects funded through the Community Investment Tax totaling $3.8
§   Coordinated several major family-oriented, citywide festivals and events, attended by over
    100,000 people annually:
         – SantaFest and Parade
         – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Festival
         – Friday Extra Concert Series
         – Bark in the Park
         – Tampa/Hillsborough County Storytelling Festival
         – Halloween Fun Fest
§   Established the Youth Enrichment Program in three Community Centers (1998). 3
§   Created over 20 partnerships with local and national organizations. 4
§   Developed a state of the art metalworking studio through public/private partnership. 5
§   Initiated the Community Center Computer Lab Program (1998). 6
§   Unveiled the 2001 Technology Program. 7
§   Restructured the Community Centers & Playground Division. 8
§   Opened the first city-operated recreation center in New Tampa (2002).
§   Initiated City Special Event showcasing the Arts & Crafts Program. 9
§   Co-hosted the National Recreation and Parks Associatio n Annual Congress & Exposition
    with the Parks Department. 10

                                                                                                Mayor’s Status Report

Recreation Department Notes:
   Dedicated nine (9) and began construction on four of the 16 venues identified in the Recreation Construction Bond Project.
   Received $994,980 grant from the National Park Service to renovate the historic pool.
   The Youth Enrichment Program provides recreational and educational programs for more than 700 participants each year.
   The partnerships with local and national organizations and corporations provide enhanced facilities and programs to City
   Recreation Facility users.
   Established partnership with Hyde Park Craft Studio and the West Coast Chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmith's to
   develop new facility providing opportunity for metal work and jewelry making. The Florida Goldsmith's donated $4,500 in
   jewelry making equipment.
   The Department received a $54,800 Verizon Foundation Grant to acquire 30 computers with Internet access for new labs
   within DeSoto Park, Oak Park, and Grant Park Community Centers in 2001 and an additional $25,000 in 2002. Also received
   City CDBG Funding to contract with Computer Mentors Inc. to teach basic computer skills classes at four recreation centers.
   2001 Technology Plan strives to provide and maintain up to 10 computers (with Internet connectivity) in each of the City's 24
   community and playground activity centers with basic instructional software training. The Department worked with MIS and
   the Hillsborough County Library System to provide Internet access at three computer labs in 2002.
   Added another manager (2002).
  Event raised over $5,000 to purchase supplies and equipment for the art studios.
   Event brought over 7,000 park and recreation professionals to Tampa.

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Public Works – Fleet, Parking and Transportation

§   Major Accomplishment: The unprecedented volume of design, construction and maintenance
    activities accomplished during this administration.
§   Established a seven- year fleet replacement program for sedans, light trucks and police
    vehicles. Increased funding levels for other vehicle classes (medium and heavy equipment). 1
§   Financed the largest parking expansion program witho ut a rate increase.
        – Completed -
             - Ft. Brooke Parking Garage expansion (1,200 spaces)
             - Ybor City Parking Garage (1,200 spaces)
             - Florida/Kennedy Police Parking Garage (280 spaces)
             - Fernando Noriega, Jr. / Palm Avenue Garage (1,200 spaces)
             - Jackson Street Parking Lot (119 spaces)
        – Provided bond financing for the expansion of parking at the Lowry Park Zoo.
§   Since 1998, the Transportation Division has:
        – Resurfaced & overlaid 323.76 lane miles of city streets
        – Applied surface treatments to 343.43 lane miles of city streets
        – Constructed 40.2 miles of new sidewalks
        – Replaced 107 miles of existing sidewalks
        – Filled (on an average) 3,243 potholes each year
        – Replaced (on an average) 2,851 traffic signs annually
        – Improved 24 intersections providing turning lanes and signalization
        – Widened Columbus Drive between Grady & Himes
§   Provided Special Event Traffic planning for over 350 special events each year. 2
§   Provided for the Electric Streetcar Trolley
        – $53,000,000 estimated cost/ City share estimated to be $10-$12 million.
        – Phase I (Ybor City to Franklin Avenue) was completed in January 2003, while design
             and planning work for Phase II continues.
§   Developed a strategy to fund New Tampa Area Transportation Improvements
        – East-West Road Project Development & Environment Study (PD&E) Underway
        – $158.9 Million in Transportation Improvements for New Tampa (planned and under
             construction) 3
§   Developed the 40th Street Corridor Redevelopment Strategy4
        – $72,961,000 estimated cost
        – 60% of Design work complete
        – 20+ parcels acquired for ROW
        – Relocation of the DPW-12th Yard to a new facility on 40th Street is scheduled for
             Spring 2003.
§   Provided for the Riverwalk Construction
        – Completed 642 feet of Riverwalk in front of the Marriot Hotel and will complete
             another 700 feet of Riverwalk within Fort Brooke Park. 5
        – Completed the Channelside Riverwalk (2000) with FHA funding for $1,400,000. 6
        – Completed 1,342 feet of Riverwalk from 1995-2001.

                                                                      Mayor’s Status Report

§   Encouraged Franklin Street Redevelopment
        – Removed Elevated People Mover
        – Sidewalk/Streetscape Improvements
        – Opened Franklin Street to vehicular traffic
§   Established the Facilities Improvement Crew, successfully completing improvements to more
    than 45 facilities since 1995 (see Appendix B for project list).
§   Created the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program in FY01($700,000 per year). 7
§   Established priorities for addressing construction and maintenance needs ($175,000,000). 8
§   Engaged in numerous transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance projects.

                                                                                                 Mayor’s Status Report

Public Works - Fleet, Parking and Transportation Notes:
    Total vehicle replacement funding levels has increased from $4.9 million in FY1994 to $12.485 in FY2000.
    Special Event Traffic Planning include those events held along Bayshore Boulevard, in the Channel District, at the
    Ice Palace and in Ybor City.
    New Tampa Area Transportation Improvements:

               Project                           Description                Cost                     Status
               Bruce B. Downs/ Cross Creek Boulevard
               Left Turn Addition                                              350,000   Scheduled to Begin 10/02
               Bruce B. Downs/ I-75 Northbound Off Ramp                                  Under Construction
               Modification Lane Addition                                    1,700,000   Expected Completion 10/02
               Bruce B. Downs                                                            Under Construction
               N Bound Lane Addition (I-75 to Richmond Place                 1,058,545   Expected Completion 10/02
               Bruce B. Downs                                                            Design Phase
               South Bound Lane Addition                                     1,500,000   Expected Completion 12/03
               Bruce B. Downs Widening                                                   Study In Progress
               PD&E Study                                                    1,500,000   Expected Completion 2004
               Bruce B. Downs Widening                                                   Begin Following Study
               Six Lanes From Bearss to County Line Road                    68,100,000   Construction Expected 2006
               Cross Creek Boulevard Extension                                           Under Construction
               To Morris Bridge Ridge                                          900,000
               Cross Creek Boulevard Widening                                            Right of Way In Progress
               Four Lane From Clay Gully to Arbor Greene                     1,200,000   Construction Expected 2003
               East/West Roadway                                                         Study In Progress
               Project Development and Environment Study                    17,800,000   Expected Completion 2004
               East/West Roadway Interchange
               Interchange at I-275                                         29,000,000
               I-275/Bruce B. Downs                                                      Design Phase 2004
               Flyover Ramp Improvements                                    25,500,000   Construction Expected 2006
               Highwoods Preserve
               Extension to New Tampa Boulevard                                500,000   Complete
               New Tampa Boulevard Bridge                                                Design Phase
               Over I-75 Connecting to Commerce Park Boulevard               9,400,000   Construction Expected 2005
               Methodist Place Church Access                                   400,000   Design Phase
               Total Cost                                                $158,908,545

    Completed 60% of design phase for project, except southern most segments. Completed final design for most northern section
    with construction beginning 2003. Obtained over 20 parcels of right-of-way (ROW) through voluntary acquisition.
    Established Priorities for the Remainder of the Project, including:
       (1) Project reorganization to provide FDOT funding for sections with acquired ROW.
       (2) Begin construction from Busch Gardens to Fowler in late 2003.
       (3) Continue design phases and right-of-way acquisition for remaining sections.
       (4) Initial construction of remaining phases beginning late 2003 to 2008.
       (5) Coordinate acquisition of approximately 130 remaining parcels for right-of-way.
    Parks Department completed the design of the Fort Brooke Riverwalk
    Parks Department project.
    Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program promotes and maintains the safety and livability of the City's residential
    neighborhoods by reducing the amount of vehicular traffic and the average speed of traffic on neighborhood streets. Installed
    25-MPH signs in twenty-eight areas identified with particular speeding problems. Installed Speed Tables on Kirby Street and
    Pearl Avenue. Reconstructed the Rome and Morrison Intersection with high visibility crosswalks. Studied the Himes,
    Franklin, and Sterling areas for location of Speed Tables. Improve Himes Avenue from Gandy to Euclid by designing and
    constructing traffic Islands with pedestrian refuge areas, lane reductions and bike lanes. Provide additional program funding
    from Gas Tax and Community Investment Tax Funds. The program costs $3,500,000
    Provide for construction and maintenance of City sidewalks, including backlog of identified needs. Increase funding to
    eliminate backlog of new sidewalks ($12 million) and sidewalk repairs ($2.6 million). Provide for the ongoing maintenance of
    the City’s transportation infrastructure. Infrastructure includes roadways, street lighting, seawalls, bridges, intersections,
    culverts, traffic signals, and other traffic control devices. Establish programs to eliminate the backlog of transportation
    infrastructure repairs. Includes the relocation of the 13th Street Yard (to be called the 40th Street Maintenance Facility).

                                                                      Mayor’s Status Report

Management Information Systems (MIS)

§   Major Accomplishment: Successfully meeting Y2K requirements with no business
    interruptions and instituted the award winning eGovernment Portal.
§   Established the City’s Web Presence
        – Developed a self- funding model to create the City’s eGovernment portal,
        – Developed applications for conducting on- line eCommerce transactions. 1
        – Established and continually maintains the City’s Web publications. 2
        – Developed an assortment of government on-line information services.
        – Created a Web based Message Center System to improve citizen communications
            with City staff.
§   Established the MIS Service Center
        – Created the Service Center Team (2000) to better support City information systems. 3
        – Reduced backlog related to Local Area Network problems from one week to one day.
        – Established computer replacement program to ensure no PCs are less than 400 MHz.
        – Expanded Wide Area Network through fiber and wireless mechanisms.
        – Increased use of technology to improve customer service.
§   Developed a wide array of applications
        – Replaced City’s Financial Information System.
        – Initiated the implementation of the Peoplesoft Human Resource Management System.
        – Replaced the City’s Police Department Records Management System. 4
        – Implemented Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) for Tampa Fire Rescue. 5
        – Implemented Emergency Management System for Tamp Fire Rescue. 6
        – Implemented Fire Records Management System including inspections and personnel.
        – Created redundant Emergency Operations Center & MIS computer systems.
§   Instituted a Geographical Information System
        – Created and maintained a central geographic information system (GIS). 7
        – Developing a system to update street addresses.
§   Upgraded City’s e- mail system to Contemporary GroupWare.
§   Replaced obsolete equipment and a host of other systems for Y2K Compliance.
§   Developed technology and infrastructure to update software from Central Location.
    Implemented a License Verification procedure to reduce software piracy.
§   Established a new technology infrastructure for emergency operations.
§   Coordinated radio, computer, WAN, etc. transition.

                                                                                                Mayor’s Status Report

Management Information Systems Notes:

    Currently, there are over 23 interactive applications, including 8 eCommerce applications.
    The City of Tampa’s Webpage has been recognized as one of the best municipal sites in the country. The City now publishes
    over 3,800 pages (3,852) of information. Tampa has significantly more pages published than any city of comparable size. The
    City of Tampa averages 1.5 million hits a month on its site – with over 500,000 (507,057) pages of information requested by
    visitors to our site.
    Service Center Team created eight (8) new support positions.
    New system includes functionality for mobile computers and dispatching.
    Automated Vehicle Locator provides the ability to electronically geocode/locate emergency vehicles on a City mapping
    Enables Tampa Fire Rescue personnel to process reports on emergency service calls more efficiently.
    City GIS provides ability to integrate City and Federal (census) data/systems in a spatial environment.

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Purchasing Department

§   Streamlined the Bidder notification system to achieve cost savings (2000).
§   Instituted an annual Bidder Renewal process, which increases City’s Bidder base,
    competition and results in improved efficiency of the purchasing system (1996).
§   Increased purchasing dollar thresholds via Ordinances recommended by the Mayor and
    approved by City Council to allow for a more efficient and timely processing and approval of
    purchasing requests (1996 and 2000).
§   Established a Purchasing Card Program to consolidate small dollar purchase and streamline
    purchasing practices (1998).
§   Conducted citywide training on new financial system (ADPICS) (1998-2003).
§   Updated Purchasing Procedures Manual to reflect evolving procedures. (1995-2003).
§   Improved effectiveness of City’s procurement and disposition processes through on-line bid
    notification, bid acceptance and on-line auctions (1999-2003).
§   Streamlined and consolidated City inventory locations contributing to efficiency, cost
    savings, and staff reductions through attrition (1995-2003).

                                                                        Mayor’s Status Report

Tampa Convention Center

§   Major Accomplishment: Renovation of the convention center and cultural change that make
    the staff more customer service oriented
§   Renovated the Convention Center adding 18 new meeting rooms (cost $6 million). 1
§   Provided for the addition of 29 new boat slips and floating docks for boat shows.
§   Provided enhancements to the Convention Center to improve customer service. 2
§   Implemented an Employee Development Initiative. 3
§   Initiated the "You Were Noticed" program to reward staff (2000). 4
§   Completed the 2000/2001 "Vision, Mission, Goals" Project. 5
§   Received National and Local Recognition
        – Spotlighted as one of the "Best Dressed" Convention Centers by the International
            Association of Exposition Management (2001)
        – Won the 2000 Mayor's Operational Reviews Team award 6
§   The economic impact of the convention center continues to grow because of focused sales,
    an expanded hotel supply and market awareness of the destination. Between 1995-2002,
    there were:
        – 318 city-wide conventions
        – 961,225 attendees at city-wide conventions
        – $832 million in direct spending from city-wide conventions
§   Convention Center revenues increased by 54% from 1998 to 2002.
§   Operating revenues exceeded operating costs by over $1 million since year 2000.
§   Completed Public/private partnerships resulting in $1.2 million worth of improvements to the
    Convention Center(2002). 7
§   Launched Convention Center on- line services through TampaGov website (2001). 8

                                                                                                     Mayor’s Status Report

Tampa Convention Center Notes:

    The additional meeting rooms came from previously underutilized space resulting in major conventions - National Parks and
    Recreation Association (economic impact $6.3m), Composite Fabricators Association (economic impact $5.9m) and the John
    Deere Co. (economic impact $5.8m).
    The enhancements included a Guest Service desk at the Franklin Street entrance, Concierge service, Welcome Ambassador
    program, Starbucks coffee shop, and guest service tracking system to assist in future improvements.
    This initiative focused on providing quality customer relations - examples of which, include uniform and nametag program,
    monthly newsletter, department updates, relay information and announcements through paychecks.
    Guests turn in their cards outlining positive experiences the staff initiated - 59 staff awarded cards, with 4 staff awarded "super
    star" status of 5 or more "over and above the call of duty" written comments.
    This project included Convention Center leadership, staff and contractors with the goal of offering a highly competitive
    organization, based on a strong service culture.
    The award was for the most innovative method of revenue generation for the city by taking over the exhibit booth cleaning
    service during conventions, with net positive effect of approximately $75,000 per year.
    Improvements include Calypso’s Riverwalk Café, Taste of Ybor Cage, four new exhibit hall cafes, a new audio system, and
    CyberCenter business services area.
    Includes ability to reserve space, pay for services, and access exhibitor services.

                                                                       Mayor’s Status Report

Revenue and Finance Department

§   No increase in the property tax millage rate during the Mayor's entire term in office.
§   Published the annual newspaper insert: "Tampa Reports to the People". 1
§   Redesigned the Recommended Capital Improvement budget book. 2
§   Implemented a new automated accounting and budget system.
§   Identified funding to support reestablishment of the Police take-home program. 3
§   Identified funding to improve the Fire Rescue aging fleet. The average age of front- line
    ladder trucks and fire engines was reduced from 13 to 5 years. 4
§   Developed, implemented and identified funds to support a standardized vehicle replacement
    program. 5 Significantly increased funding in the last two years to upgrade the medium and
    heavy duty vehicle fleet. Annual funding for these vehicles increased from $800 thousand to
    $2.8 million.
§   Provided financial analysis and guidance in establishing and maintaining Special Assessments
    for the Streetcar System, Streetlight Districts, and the Downtown Special Services District.
§   Provided $458.6 million in bond financing for major capital projects. 6
§   Refinanced $232.6 million in bonds resulting in reduced debt service for the City. 7
§   Assisted in bond funding for the Aquarium and Raymond James Stadium. 8
§   Implemented citizen information campaign for Community Investment Tax (CIT), to present
    recommendations and get feedback from the citizens. 9
§   Identified funding to support City-wide expansion of the curb side recycling program. 10
§   Earned the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the 17th consecutive year.
§   Earned the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the 17th
    consecutive year.
§   Implemented major accounting system changes, known as GASB34, issued by the national
    Governmental Accounting Standards Board.
§   Assisted in development of new Payroll/Personnel System.
§   Helped keep Sanitary Sewer, Water and Solid Waste rates low, with no rate increases for
    FY03. No rate increases in three of the last four years.
§   Provided financia l analysis and guidance in establishing and maintaining a new Special
    Services District and Assessment for the Westshore area.
§   Provided financial analysis and guidance in developing and administering the operating
    budget for the new Tampa-Ybor Historic Streetcar Line (Tampa Historic Streetcar, Inc.).
§   Provided financial analysis, recommendations and/or funding arrangements for numerous
    interlocal, development and land disposition agreements.11
§   Developed City's Consolidated Five-Year Plan for HUD.
§   Assisted with funding for the Qualified Target Industries program.

                                                                                                  Mayor’s Status Report

Revenue and Finance Department Notes

     This publication provides a concise view of the City's Annual Budget. More than 132,000 copies are distributed to homes via
     the Tampa Tribune. In addition, the insert is published in La Gaceta and Sentinel Bulletin
     Added maps to show where funded projects are located and expanded the descriptive information for projects.
     Under the program, the number of marked vehicles increased from 320 in FY97 to 758 today. Unmarked units went from 186
     in FY97 to 226. Presently, all vehicles are less than seven years old.
     Acquired 3 ladder trucks, 16 fire engines, 18 ambulances and 50 support vehicles
     All sedans and light trucks are now on a seven-year replacement cycle. Also, the City increased funding significantly to
     accelerate replacement of other rolling stock
     These Projects include:
       - New police headquarters, 2 district offices and fire rescue vehicles from 1996 Utility Tax bonds of $23.6 million
       - Ft. Brooke parking garage expansion, Lowry Park Zoo parking, Municipal parking garage and various street
          improvements from 1997 Utility Tax bonds of $28.9 million
       - Expansion/renovation of the Hillsborough River Water Treatment Plant and construction of a potable water aquifer
          storage and recovery system from 1999 Water and Sewer System bonds of $62.8 million
       - Retrofit of McKay Bay Waste-to-Energy facility and construction of new Administration building from 1999 Solid Waste
          System bonds of $190.5 million
       - Ybor Garage and acquisition/construction of surface parking lots from 1998 Utility Tax bonds of $19.2 million
       - Electric Streetcar System, New Tampa East-West Road, Operations Yard relocation and other transportation projects
          from 1999 Transportation bonds of $24.8 million
       - Renovation and construction of Citywide recreation center and soccer fields, work on parking garages, and 2 new fire
          stations from 1999 Utility Tax bonds of $39.7 million.
       - Parking facilities, Convention Center improvements, and marina improvements from 2000 Utility Tax bonds of $22.0
       - Community Investment Tax projects: Museum and cultural arts district; Lowry Park Zoo expansion; Ft. Brooke Park
          development; Ribbon of Green development; Cuscaden Pool renovation; Hunt Center relocation; Tampa Theatre
          improvements; and neighborhood projects from annual recurring CIT funds and from 2001 Sales Tax bonds of $55.6
       - South Tampa Area Reclaimed Water Project (STAR) from 2001B Water and Sewer bonds of $13.5 million
     The primary bonds that were refinanced include:
       - Water and Sewer 1988 bonds refunded in 1998, $45.6 million
       - Utility Tax 1991 bonds refunded in 2001, $52.0 million
       - Water 1999 Water and Sewer Bonds refunded in 2001, $66.1 million
       - Portion of Sewer State Revolving Loan funds refunded in 2002 into Water and Sewer Bonds, $31.2 million
       - Water and Sewer 1992 bonds refunded in 2002, $37.7 million
     The acquisition of the Aquarium (1996) came out of the Occupational License Tax bonds of $104.2 million. The Raymond
     James Stadium project was funded through the Local Option Sales Tax bonds of $148.9 million
     The Department continues to provide quarterly reports to City Council and Department heads on the status of the CIT program.
     This included the acquisition of 11 recycling trucks and over 80,000 "blue" boxes. Also authorized 12 positions to support the
     Includes Stetson Law School, Tampa Heights Riverfront Development, New Tampa Park and Recreation Center, Cultural Arts
     District- Museum & Residential, Grand Hampton, and the School Siting Agreement

                                                                         Mayor’s Status Report

General Government

§   Added the capability of renewing Business Tax Receipts over the Internet (2001).
§   Added the capability of paying utility bills over the Interne t (2001).
§   Began publishing a quarterly newsletter, "Utility News and More," sent to all 120,000 utility
    customers providing information on N.E.A.T. Program’s schedule, utility charges, holiday
    garbage pick- up schedules and other useful information (1999).
§   Added three specially designed web pages to the Utility Accounting Division web page
    allowing utility customers to initiate these three types of utility requests any time, day or
    night, 365 days a year.
§   Identified more than $15 million in annual and recurring savings as a result of work
    performed by internal audits (1995-2002).
§   Annexed 2,572.531 acres into the City (1995-2002).
§   North Tampa annexations have contributed with 4,078 residential dwelling units and more
    than 630,000 SF of commercial leasable space.
§   Partnered with the Hillsborough County School District (and others) to develop facilities for
    joint use – Municipal Service Buildings and Recreation Centers.

                                                                           A Report to the Mayor

                                           Appendix A:

                                           Project List*

The following is a preliminary list of major public and private development projects that are
planned, completed, or under construction between the time frame of 1995 – 2003. The list was
compiled using data provided by the City’s departments and is sorted alphabetically by
geographic region (Central Business District (CBD)/Harbor Island; Ybor City/Port Area;
USF/North Tampa; Central Tampa; South Tampa; and Westshore/TIA/Rocky Point).

*Please note that the information is the best available data as of this date.

                                                                               A Report to the Mayor

CBD/Harbour Island – Completed Projects
Project                                                        Cost (Millions)           Year
345 Bayshore                                                                 $23.0              1998
400 North Ashley                                                             $ 1.5              2001
Bank of America Parking Plaza expansion                                      $ 3.6              1999
Centex Harbourside                                                           $23.9                 *
Channelside Redevelopment/Shops                                              $49.0              2001
City Hall Surface Parking Lot                                                $ 0.3              1998
Courthouse Square                                                            $ 1.3              2001
Courtyard by Marriott                                                        $12.0              1998
Cruise Terminal 2 renovation                                                 $ 6.5              1998
Cruise Terminal 3                                                            $20.0              2002
Cruise Terminal 6                                                              $3.5             1995
Davis Islands Boat Ramps Improvements                                        $ 0.7              2003
DPW Parking Division Office Renovation at Fort Brooke Garage                 $ 0.7              2002
First Presbyterian Church of Tampa                                           $ 0.1              2000
Florida Aquarium New Exhibit                                                 $ 0.2              2001
Florida Kennedy Municipal Vehicle Parking Garage                             $ 3.4              2003
Fort Brooke Park Phases I & I                                                $ 3.5              2003
Fort Brooke Municipal Parking Garage Expansion                               $11.7              2000
Franklin Exchange Renovation                                                 $15.0              2001
The Garrison                                                                      *             2002
Gold Bank Plaza Renovation                                                   $ 6.0              1999
Grand Central Plaza                                                          $10.0              1996
Greater Bethel Baptist Church                                                $ 0.4                 *
Huntington Plaza                                                             $ 6.0              1999
Hyatt Regency Tampa Renovation                                               $11.0              1999
Island Place at Island Walk                                                  $30.0              2001
Joe Chillura Park                                                            $ 1.2              2001
Joseph Garcia International Maritime Center                                  $ 8.3              1999
Liberty Ship exhibit                                                         $10.0              1999
LifeLink                                                                     $10.0              1999
Lykes Park                                                                        *             1996
Marion Street Transfer Center                                                $ 4.7              2003
The News Center/Media General Building                                       $40.0              2000
One Police Center                                                            $ 3.9              1997
One Police Center Parking Garage                                             $ 3.8              2000
Para-Met Plaza Parking Garage expansion/First Union                          $ 3.6              1999
Park Tower Renovation                                                             *             1996
Parking Garage at Garrison Seaport Center                                    $18.0              1999
Perry Harvey Park Improvements                                               $ 0.4              2003
Post Harbour Place Phase I                                                  $200.0              1999
Post Harbour Place Phase II                                                  $34.0              2000
Post Harbour Place Phase III                                                 $19.5              2003
Publix Supermarket                                                           $ 2.5              1998
Radisson Riverwalk Hotel                                                     $ 7.5              1998
Residence Inn by Marriott                                                    $11.0              2001
Sam M. Gibbons U.S. District Courthouse                                      $85.0              1998
St. Pete Times Forum Renovation                                              $ 4.0              2000
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center improvements                                $0.33              2001
Tampa Convention Center Renovation                                           $ 6.0              2001
Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel                                              $105.0              2000
Tampa Preparatory School                                                     $11.0              2002

                                                                                    A Report to the Mayor

 Tampa Port Authority Parking Garage                                              $18.0                 1999
 Tampa Union Station                                                              $ 2.5                 1998
 Tampa Union Station Baggage Building Renovation                                  $ 0.7                 2002
 Two Harbour Place                                                                $35.0                 1998
 University of Tampa – Brevard Hall                                               $13.0                 2000
 University of Tampa – John Sykes College of Business                             $10.0                 2000
 University of Tampa – Crescent Place Hall                                        $ 9.0                 1998
 University of Tampa – Parking Garage Expansion                                   $ 3.8                 2000
 University of Tampa – Parking garage                                             $38.0                 1998
 University of Tampa – Ronald L. Vaughn Hall                                      $28.0                 2002
 Wyndham Harbour Island Hotel                                                     $ 2.7                 2003
 Sub-total                                                                     $ 993.73

 CBD/Harbour Island – Planned/Under Construction Projects
 Project                                                             Cost (Millions)          Status
 12th Street Townhomes                                                             $ 8.0             Planned
 Channelside 212 Lofts                                                             $ 3.2   Under Construction
 Channelside Redevelopment (2-Cruise Terminals/Hotel/etc.)                         $26.0   Under Construction
 Dr. Pallavi Patel School for the Performing Arts at the Center                    $ 7.0             Planned
 The Edgecomb Family & Civil Law Courthouse                                        $32.0   Under Construction
 Florida Aquarium Aquatic Rescue Center                                            $10.0             Planned
 Floridian Hotel Renovation                                                        $27.0             Planned
 Franklin Street Mall Renovations                                                  $ 2.0   Under Construction
 Fort Brooke Park Expansion                                                        $ 1.5   Under Construction
 The GrandView                                                                     $27.0   Under Construction
 Heritage Park                                                                    $200.0             Planned
 Hillsborough River Tower                                                          $90.0             Planned
 I-4 / I-275 Interchange Reconstruction                                            $77.0   Under Construction
 Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway Renovations                                  $315.0   Under Construction
 Marjorie Park Yacht Basin                                                         $ 5.5             Planned
 Newkirk                                                                           $ 4.0             Planned
 One Bayshore                                                                      $92.0             Planned
 The Pinnacle Tower                                                               $250.0             Planned
 Pierce Street Parking Garage – Hillsborough County                                $ 8.6             Planned
 Port Authority Cruise Ship Terminals 4 and 5                                          *             Planned
 Port Authority Cruise Ship Terminal 6 Renovation                                  $ 8.0             Planned
 Renaissance Center Tampa                                                          $60.0             Planned
 Ribbon of Green Park                                                              $ 2.0   Under Construction
 South Regional Parking Garage Expansion                                           $ 6.0             Planned
 Stetson College of Law/2nd Court of Appeals/                                      $ 7.0   Under Construction
 Hillsborough County Bar Association Complex
 Tampa Bay History Center/Cultural Arts District                                  $50.0              Planned
 Tampa Downtown Partnership School                                                $10.6              Planned
 Tampa Museum of Art/Cultural Arts District                                       $52.0              Planned
 Tampa Theatre Marquee & Blade Sign Restoration                                   $ 0.7    Under Construction
 University of Tampa – Grand Lawn                                                 $16.0    Under Construction
 University of Tampa – Parking Garage                                             $ 6.0    Under Construction
 University of Tampa – R. K. Bailey Art Studios                                   $ 3.0              Planned
 University of Tampa – Stadium Place, Parking Deck & McKay Hall                   $27.0    Under Construction
 Victory Lofts at Channelside                                                     $25.4              Planned
 Washington Street Crossing (Condos & Retail)                                     $20.0              Planned
 Zink                                                                             $20.0              Planned
 Sub-total                                                                    $1,499.50
* Information concerning cost or date of project unavailable.

                                                                       A Report to the Mayor

Ybor City/Port Area – Completed Projects
Project                                                 Cost (Millions)          Year
7th Avenue Gateway Arch                                               $0.14             1999
7th Avenue Streetscape Improvements                                   $ 0.8             2000
Berth 208 General Cargo Terminal                                        $15             1995
Berth 208 Transit Building                                            $ 2.4             1996
Berth 212 Container Facility                                          $ 3.0             1999
Camden Ybor City Apartments                                           $26.0             2002
Cargill Salt – Bulk Cargo Facility                                    $ 1.8             2000
Centennial Park restrooms and new South entry                         $0.16             1999
Centro Ybor                                                           $48.0             2001
Centro Ybor Parking Garage                                            $11.4             2000
Corral Wodiska Cigar Factory Office Development                       $ 5.5             2000
Cuban Club Renovation Phase I                                         $.800             1998
Don Vicente de Ybor Historic Inn                                      $ 1.7             2000
Fernando Noriega Jr. Palm Avenue Parking Garage                       $13.8             2002
Florida Brewery Office Development                                    $ 6.0             2001
German American Club Office Renovation                                $ 2.1             1997
HCC Public Service Technology Building                                $ 9.4             1999
HCC Surface Parking Lot Improvements                                  $ 0.2             1999
Intermodal Shipping Services                                          $ 3.0             2000
K & K Development Office Project                                      $ 1.5             2000 International Headquarters                                 $13.3             2001
L’Unione Italiana and Office Building Renovation                      $ 2.3             2001
Las Palmas de Ybor                                                    $ 2.0             2001
Sea-3                                                                 $21.0             2000
Tampa Juice Terminal                                                  $ 1.7             1998
TECO Chiller Plant                                                    $ 3.5             1998
Tampa/Ybor Streetcar System
    Streetcar Line Construction & Streetcars                         $33.0              2002
    Southern Transportation Plaza                                    $13.5              2003
    Ybor Station Intermodal Facility                                 $ 7.3              2002
The Park at Ybor City/Camden Apartments                              $33.0              2001
Ybor Hilton Garden Inn                                               $ 6.0              1999
Ybor Square Renovation                                               $ 2.7              2001
Ybor Surface Parking Lot Improvements                                $ 0.2              1999
Sub-total                                                         $ 292.20

                                                                                    A Report to the Mayor

 Ybor City/Port Area – Planned/Under Construction Projects
 Project                                                             Cost (Millions)          Status
 Berth 250-252 Improvements                                                        $12.0             Planned
 Centro Asturiano Place                                                            $10.0             Planned
 Children’s Board of Hillsborough County Office Building                           $ 7.0             Planned
 Columbia Restaurant Renovation                                                    $ 4.0   Under Construction
 ConAgra Truck Entrance Relocation                                                     *             Planned
 EPC Relocation within Ybor City                                                       *             Planned
 GTE Federal Credit Union                                                          $12.0             Planned
 Hampton Inn                                                                       $12.0             Planned
 High-Tech Entertainment Complex                                                   $20.0             Planned
 Interstate-4 (14th to 50th St)                                                   $150.0             Planned
 Las Casitas Project                                                               $ 0.6   Under Construction
 Port of Tampa New Berths & Cranes                                                 $13.5             Planned
 Port Ybor Industrial Park                                                         $75.0   Under Construction
 The Senour Building                                                               $ 2.0             Planned
 Vehicle Distribution Facility- Port of Tampa                                      $10.0             Planned
 Ybor City Lofts                                                                       *             Planned
 Ybor Post Office site                                                             $2.25             Planned
 Ybor Villas at 5th Avenue & 20th Street                                           $ 5.0             Planned
 Ybor Villages at 5th Avenue & 20th Street                                         $ 2.5             Planned
 Sub-total                                                                      $ 337.85
* Information concerning cost or date of project unavailable.

                                                                               A Report to the Mayor

USF/North Tampa – Completed Projects
Project                                                      Cost (Millions)             Year
Anthony Pizzo Elementary School                                               *                 1998
Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceutical expansion                                        *                 1999
Benito Springs Playground Activities Center                                   *                    *
Carringt on Park at Tampa Palms                                               *                 1997
Compton Place at Tampa Palms                                                  *                 1999
Copeland Park Community Center                                            $ 1.1                 2000
The Enclave at Richmond Place                                                 *                 1999
Federal Credit Union                                                      $ 3.0                 1997
Fire Station 21                                                           $ 1.4                 2001
Grand Reserve at Tampa Palms                                                  *                 1999
Hampton Inn at Hidden River Corporate Park                                    *                 1998
Hamptons at Tampa Palms                                                     $29                 1999
Highwoods Preserve Business/Retail Park                                   $12.0                 2000
Highwoods Preserve-Highwoods Plaza (Office)                                   *                 2000
Highwoods Preserve-Intermedia Communications                             $100.0                 2000
Heritage Pines Apartments                                                 $16.2                 2001
Hidden Rver Corporate Center I                                                *                 1997
Hidden River Corporate Center II                                              *                 1998
Hidden River Corporate Center III                                             *                 1999
Hidden River Corporate Park-SBC Communications                            $13.0                 2000
Holly Apartments                                                          $25.0                 2000
Hunters Green New Tampa Center                                            $ 9.2                 1996
Kash n’ Karry                                                             $ 2.0                 2000
Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse                                         $15.0                 2000
The Marquis by NorStar                                                    $30.0                 2000
New Tampa Park                                                            $ 5.0                 2003
New Tampa Post Office                                                     $ 4.8                 1998
New Tampa YMCA                                                            $ 6.0                 2001
North Palms Village Shopping Center                                           *                 2001
Park del Mar                                                                  *                 1998
Portofino Apartments                                                          *                 1999
River Manor Subdivision                                                       *                    *
Space Plus Self-Storage Center                                            $ 5.5                 2002
University Technology Center – Hotel Conference Center                    $30.0                 1998
University Technology II                                                      *                 1995
USF – Betty Castor Hall Renovation                                        $ 7.0                 2001
USF – Center for Urban Transportation and Research (CUTR)                 $ 3.0                 1997
USF – Crescent Hill Parking Garage                                        $ 6.9                 1997
USF – David C. Anchin Center                                              $13.4                 1997
USF – Education Building II                                               $ 9.4                 1997
USF – Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center                          $30.0                 1998
USF – Engineering Building III                                            $13.7                 2002
USF – Eye Institute Renovation                                            $ 8.9                 1995
USF – H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center renovation                             $14.0                 2001
USF – Health Science Research Center                                      $14.2                 1998
USF – Hope Lodge                                                          $ 8.0                 2002
USF – Kosove Residential Hall renovation                                  $11.0                 1998
USF – Lawton & Rhea Chiles Center                                         $ 3.0                 2002
USF – Magnolia Apartments                                                 $14.6                 2001
USF – Pediatric Research Building                                           $10                 2000
USF – Psychology/Communication & Disorders Building                       $19.5                 2001

                                                                                       A Report to the Mayor

 USF – Sam & Martha Gibbons Alumni Center                                          $ 3.4                   1998
 USF – Shriners Hospital for Children expansion                                    $13.1                   2002
 USF – Sun Dome renovation                                                         $ 7.5                   2000
 USF – University Bookstore                                                        $ 7.2                   1997
 USF – WUSF-TV 16 Station                                                          $ 4.9                   2001
 Villas at Cross Creek                                                                 *                   2001
 The Vintage at Tampa Palms                                                            *                   2002
 Wal-Mart Super Center                                                                 *                   2000
 The Walk at Highwoods Preserve                                                        *                   2002
 Wingate Inn at North Tampa Palms Village                                              *                   1999
 Sub-total                                                                      $ 530.90

 USF/North Tampa – Planned/Under Construction Projects
 Project                                                             Cost (Millions)             Status
 Commercial, Retail, & Townhouse Complex                                               *                Planned
 The Grand Hampton                                                                     *                Planned
 Highwoods Preserve Holiday Inn Express                                            $ 7.0      Under Construction
 New Tampa Park – Phase II                                                         $ 1.4                Planned
 The Preserve at Tampa Palms                                                       $22.8      Under Construction
 The Shoppes at the Pointe at Tampa Palms                                              *      Under Construction
 Somerset Office Park                                                                  *      Under Construction
 Star Development                                                                      *                Planned
 USF – Athletic Complex                                                            $18.0                Planned
 USF – Beta Residence Hall Renovation                                              $ 7.8                Planned
 USF – Chemistry Building Renovation                                               $ 8.0                Planned
 USF – College of Business Administration Addition                                 $11.0                Planned
 USF – Greek Park                                                                  $14.5      Under Construction
 USF – H. Lee Moffitt Research Tower                                               $85.0      Under Construction
 USF – Health Care & Education Center                                              $75.0                Planned
 USF – Infant & Child Development Center                                           $12.0      Under Construction
 USF – Kopp Engineering Renovation                                                 $ 8.1                Planned
 USF – Maple Residence Hall                                                        $ 7.5      Under Construction
 USF – Natural & Environmental Sciences Building                                   $12.2                Planned
 USF – Parking Facility                                                            $11.7                Planned
 USF – Sam & Martha Gibbons Alumni Center Expansion                                $ 4.0                Planned
 Sub-total                                                                      $ 306.00
* Information concerning cost or date of project unavailable.

                                                                                        A Report to the Mayor

Central Tampa – Completed Projects
Project                                                                  Cost (Millions)          Year
40th St. Widening Project                                                              $ 3.8                *
Albertson’s/East Gate Shopping Center renovation                                       $20.0             2002
AmeriSuites Hotel                                                                      $ 5.0             1997
Barksdale Senior Center at MacFarlane Park                                             $ 1.6             2002
Belmont Heights Estates                                                                $73.0             2003
Busch Gardens’ Edge of Africa                                                            $20             1997
Bush Gardens’ Egypt                                                                    $20.0             1996
Bush Gardens’ Gwazi                                                                    $10.0             1999
Busch Gardens’ Rhino Rally                                                                 *             2001
CDC One-Stop Shop                                                                          *                *
Channel 28                                                                             $20.0             1996
City-wide Ballfields Relocation                                                        $ 1.7             2003
College Hill Community Center                                                          $ 1.3             2003
Desoto Park Aquatic Center                                                             $ 1.4             2002
DPW – Stormwater Maintenance Operations Center                                         $ 6.4             2003
Epiphany Arms                                                                          $ 4.3             1999
Fire Maintenance Facility Expansion                                                    $ 0.4             1999
Fire Station 12 Replacement                                                            $ 0.9             1999
Fire Station 13                                                                        $ 1.4             2002
FirstCare at St. Joseph’s Hospital                                                         *             2000
Forest Hills Community Center Expansion                                                $ 1.1             2002
Holiday Inn Tampa                                                                      $12.0             1999
Home Depot                                                                                 *             1997
J. L. Young Apartments                                                                 $ 1.0
Jackson Heights Center (NFL YET Center)                                                $ 1.7             2002
Kash & Karry Supermarket                                                               $ 3.6             1997
La Quinta Inn                                                                              *             1998
Lowry Park Zoo Expansion                                                               $ 1.5             2000
Lowry Park Zoo Expansion                                                               $12.0             2002
Madison at SoHo Apartments                                                             $25.0             2001
M. L. King Jr. Pool Replacement                                                        $ 0.7             2002
Middleton High School construction                                                     $42.0             2002
Mobley Park Apartments                                                                 $16.6             2001
Museum of Science and Industry expansion                                               $ 2.8
Myrtle Oaks Apartments                                                                 $ 5.6             1998
Nebraska Improvement Project                                                               *
North Boulevard Homes Roofing Repairs                                                      *
Oak Park Community Center Expansion                                                    $ 0.5             2002
Osborne Landing Apartments                                                             $ 3.7             2001
Pepsi-Cola warehouse expansion                                                         $12.1             1998
Port Tampa Community Center                                                            $ 1.3             2002
Regan Park Center                                                                      $ 0.8             2001
Richard & Annette Block Cancer Survivors Plaza at Lopez Park                           $ 1.0             2003
Seminole Gymnastics Center Expansion                                                   $ 0.6             2003
Sulphur Springs Pool Complex & Park                                                    $ 1.7             2000
Tampa Bay Park-Lake Point II                                                           $43.0             1999
Tampa Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s                                              $12.0             1998
Tampa Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s Pediatric Cardiovascular Ctr                 $ 6.2             2002
Tampa Historic Properties (1000 Block N. Florida Ave.)                                 $ 0.1
Tampa Police Department District Building I                                            $ 1.8             2000
Tampa Police Department District Building II                                           $ 1.8             2000

                                                                                    A Report to the Mayor

 Tampa Police – Fire Emergency Communications Center                              $ 3.8                 2000
 Union Station Baggage Building Renovation                                        $ 2.5                 1998
 University Centre for Business                                                      $*                 1996
 Williams Park Playground Activities Center                                       $ 0.3                 2003
 Wingate All Suite Hotel                                                              *                 1998
 Woodland Terrace Community Center                                                $ 0.2                 2002
 Sub-total                                                                     $ 410.20
* Information concerning cost or date of project unavailable.

 Central Tampa – Planned/Under Construction Projects
 Project                                                             Cost (Millions)          Status
 12th St. Yard Vehicle Maintenance Facility Relocation                             $ 6.0   Under Construction
 Centro Español of West Tampa Renovation                                           $ 7.0   Under Construction
 M. L. King Jr. Pool Bathhouse Replacement                                         $ 0.3   Under Construction
 McKinley Center                                                                       *             Planned
 Riverview Trace Public Housing Redevelopment                                      $43.2   Under Construction
 Tampa Bay 1                                                                      $200.0             Planned
 Tampa Bay Park                                                                    $ 3.0   Under Construction
 Tampa Heights Office Village                                                          *             Planned
 Tampa Heights River Front Development                                             $55.0             Planned
 Sub-total                                                                      $ 314.50
* Information concerning cost or date of project unavailable.

                                                                                     A Report to the Mayor

 South Tampa – Completed Projects
 Project                                                             Cost (Millions)                Year
 Alta Key Apartments                                                               $50.0                         2001
 Ballast Point Concession Building Improvements                                    $ 0.3                         2002
 Clipper Cove Apartments                                                           $ 7.6                         2001
 Heron Pointe                                                                        10.8                        1996
 Home Depot                                                                             *                        1999
 Joe Abrahams Wellness Center                                                      $ 0.2                         2001
 Kate Jackson Community Center Replacement                                         $ 1.0                         2003
 Lincoln at Culbreath Key                                                          $21.0                         1999
 MacDill AFB ADAL Physical Fitness Center                                          $ 6.5                         2002
 MacDill AFB Child Development Center                                              $ 3.4                         2000
 MacDill AFB Dinning Facility Consolidation                                        $ 4.8                         2002
 MacDill AFB KC-135 Flight Simulator                                               $ 2.8                         2002
 MacDill AFB SATCOM Support Facility                                               $ 1.3                         2002
 MacDill AFB Temporary Loading Facility (TLF)                                      $ 8.4                         2003
 Temporary Housing (lodging)                                                       $ 7.8                         2002
 MacDill AFB USSOCOM Public Access Building                                        $2.34                         2003
 Mariner Health of Tampa                                                                *                        1998
 Palma Ceia Gold & Country Club                                                    $ 3.5                         1998
 Post Hyde Park Apartments                                                              *                        1999
 Post Walk at Old Hyde Park Village                                                   $10                        1997
 Old Hyde Park Village Renovation                                                       *                        2000
 Sago Technical Center renovation                                                  $ 4.0                         2001
 Salty Sol Boat Ramp Improvements                                                  $ 0.5                         2002
 Sam’s Club                                                                        $ 4.4                         2000
 SoHo Pointe                                                                       $ 4.0                         2002
 South Tampa Athletic Center                                                       $ 0.9                         2001
 The Stovall                                                                       $20.0                         2001
 Tampa Bayside Marina Renovations                                                  $10.5                         2002
 Target Store                                                                      $ 3.0                         1996
 Towne Square renovation                                                           $ 3.6                         2001
 Wyndham Westshore                                                                 $ 4.3                         2000
 Sub-total                                                                      $ 196.94

 South Tampa – Planned/Under Construction Projects
 Project                                                             Cost (Millions)                Status
 Academy of Holy Names                                                             $15.5    Under Construction
 Bay 1                                                                             $25.0    Planned
 Bayshore Pointe                                                                       *    Under Construction
 Clipper II Apartments                                                                 *    Planned
 Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse                                                 $16.5    Planned
 MacDill AFB HQ USSOCOM Renovation                                                 $16.0    Under Construction
 MacDill AFB Hydrant Refueling System                                              $14.0    Under Construction
 MacDill AFB Mission Planning Center                                               $10.0    Under Construction
 MacDill AFB Maintain/Repair Fuel Storage Tanks                                    $ 3.9    Under Construction
 MacDill AFB Naval Reserve Center                                                  $ 7.0    Planned
 MacDill AFB Physical Fitness Center Expansion/Renovation                          $ 6.5    Under Construction
 MacDill AFB Runway Repair                                                         $12.6    Under Construction
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Facility                                                *    Planned
 Townhouse & Apartment Complex                                                         *    Under Construction
 Sub-total                                                                      $ 127.00
* Information concerning cost or date of project unavailable.

                                                                               A Report to the Mayor

Westshore/TIA/Rocky Point – Completed Projects
Project                                                      Cost (Millions)             Year
Bay Club at Rocky Point                                                         *               1998
Corner Stone Plaza Hotel & Restaurants                                          *               2001
Corporate Center I at International Plaza Westshore                         $ 9.0               1999
Corporate Center II at International Plaza Westshor                        $ 9.0                2001
Crown Plaza Renovation                                                          *               1996
Cypress Street Park Restoration                                            $ 0.2                1999
Days Inn Airport/Stadium Renovation                                        $ 2.0                1996
Doubletree Hotel Tampa Airport Renovation                                  $ 7.2                1996
Fountain Square Centre                                                          *               1999
Fountain Square III                                                        $35.0                2000
Harborview Plaza                                                           $18.0                2002
Hillsborough County College Student Services Building                      $ 7.0                1996
Hilton Tampa Airport Renovation                                            $ 3.5                1995
International Plaza                                                       $200.0                2001
Legends Field                                                                $20                1996
Loretta Ingraham Pool & Community Center Expansion                         $ 3.0                2003
Pricewaterhousecoopers Training Center                                       $52                1999
Post Rocky Point Apartments                                                $26.5                1999
Raymond James Stadium                                                     $168.0                1998
Saks Fifth Avenue at Westshore Plaza                                            *               1998
Shriners International Headquarters expansion                              $11.0                2001
Solid Waste Administration Building Replacement                            $ 1.4                2002
TIA Office Expansion                                                       $ 4.0                1999
TIA Airfield Taxiway Improvements                                          $ 7.7                2002
TIA Airside “E” reconstruction                                             $12.0                2002
TIA Baggage Claim expansion                                                $ 7.0                1999
TIA FedEx Facility                                                         $10.0                2003
TIA Parking Garage                                                         $29.0                1997
TIA Rental Car Facility Expansion (Blue Side)                              $ 6.6                2002
TIA Runway Improvements                                                    $10.0                1997
TIA Marriott Hotel                                                         $ 6.0                2001
TIA Raytheon Aircraft Services                                             $ 4.0                2000
TIA Remote Economy Parking Lot                                             $ 4.5                2000
TIA Tampa Bay Galleria                                                     $13.6                1998
Wellesley Inn and Suites                                                        *               1998
Westshore Plaza                                                           $170.0                2000
Sub-total                                                               $ 857.20

                                                                                  A Report to the Mayor

 Westshore/TIA/Rocky Point – Planned/Under Construction Projects
 Project                                                           Cost (Millions)               Status
 Corner Stone Plaza One & Two                                                    $80.0   Planned
 Corporate Center III at International Plaza Westshore                           $ 9.0   Under Construction
 Cypress Point Park                                                              $ 0.6   Planned
 Extended Stay America Hotel                                                         *   Under Construction
 Matrix eSuites Hotel                                                            $15.0   Planned
 Renaissance Hotel                                                               $50.0   Planned
 SummerWalk at Westshore                                                         $24.1   Under Construction
 TIA Airside C Renovation                                                       $120.0   Under Construction
 TIA Airside F Renovation                                                        $13.7   Under Construction
 TIA Eastside Air Cargo Expansion                                                $22.9   Under Construction
 TIA Jet Parking Lot                                                             $ 6.8   Planned
 TIA New Baggage System                                                          $50.0   Under Construction
 TIA Renovation/Expansion of Ticketing Level                                     $21.0   Under Construction
 TIA Rental Car Facility Expansion (Red Side)                                    $23.5   Under Construction
 Sub-total                                                                    $ 436.60
Information concerning cost or date of project unavailable.

 Citywide Summary Table
 Area                                                              Total Completed           Total Planned
                                                                    (In Millions)            (In Millions)
 CBD/ Harbour Island                                                          $ 993.73                $ 1,499.50
 Ybor City/Port Area                                                          $ 292.20                  $ 337.85
 USF/North Tampa                                                              $ 530.90                  $ 306.00
 Central Tampa                                                                $ 410.20                  $ 314.50
 South Tampa                                                                  $ 196.94                  $ 127.00
 Westshore/TIA/Rocky Point                                                    $ 857.20                  $ 436.60
 Total:                                                                      $3,281.17                 $3,021.45

                                                                           A Report to the Mayor

                                           Appendix B:

                                      City of Tampa Projects
                                     Public Works Department

The Table beginning on the following page lists City of Tampa projects that were initiated in
October 1996 (FY 97) and managed by the Public Works Department. The completion date
most often corresponds with date when the facility was put into use. For consistency, cost
figures identified in the table reflect construction contract amounts (other project costs are too
diverse and were not readily available for this report). Where contracts have not been awarded
and/or construction is not complete, the item is marked as an estimate (Est). In addition to
maintenance projects, the Public Works Building Maintenance Division has completed several
capital improvements and upgrades. This has increased significantly due to the creation of the
'facilities maintenance improvements crew'.

This report is preliminary and all information should be view in that context. Also, due to
recording procedures, some of the City projects shown on this list may also appear on the Project
list found in Appendix A.

                                                                                                                      A Report to the Mayor

Department               Program                                       Project                                 Cost             Completion
Tampa Police Department
             Police Bond Program:          TPD Headquarters Relocation                                          3,000,000         January-97
                                           TPD District Buildings I and II                                      3,600,000       September-00
                                           Police-Fire Emergency Communications Building                        3,800,000            May-00
             Other TPD Projects:           Old TPD Headquarters Demolition                                        443,000            May-02
                                           Remedial Action at the TPD Pistol Range                              3,000,000            April-99

                                                 Police Department Total (includes actual and estimate):      $13,843,000
Fire Rescue Department
             New Fire Stations:            Fire Station 12                                                        850,000          August-99
                                           Fire Station 13                                                      1,400,000         January-02
                                           Fire Station 21                                                      1,300,000         October-01
             Other Fire Rescue Projects:   Fire Stations 1,4,11,14 Kitchen Improvements                           168,000            Dec-02
                                           Fire Maintenance Building Improvements                                 427,000         October-99
                                           Tampa Fire Rescue Storage Building Improvement                         110,000 Est        May -03    Est
                                           Fire Station 11 Emergency Generator                                     43,000           March-97
                                           Fire Apparatus Ventilation Improvements at Various Fire Stations       600,000           March-00
                                           Bathroom Renovations at Fire Stations 6,8,19,13,14,15                  104,000        February-97

                                                        Fire Rescue Total (includes actual and estimate):       5,002,000
DPW Parking Division
            Parking Expansion Projects:    Fort Brooke Parking Garage Expansion                                11,700,000            June-00
                                           Florida Kennedy Municipal Vehicle Garage                             3,400,000         October-00
                                           Centro Ybor Garage                                                  11,400,000         January-00
                                           Palm Avenue Garage                                                  13,800,000            June-02
                                           City Hall Surface Parking Lot                                          294,000       November-98
                                           Ybor Surface Parking Lot (Sheriff's lot)                               212,000         October-99
                                           HCC Surface Lot Improvements (Y7 and Y8)                               156,000         October-99
                                           Lowry Park / Zoo Parking Expansion                                   1,200,000       November-00
             Other Parking Projects:       Nations Bank Structural and Lower Level Plaza Repairs                  240,000         January-00
                                           Parking Division Office Renovation at Ft Brooke Parking Garage         675,000             Dec-02
                                           Tampa Convention Center Parking Garage - Lighting                      117,000         January-02
                                           Davis Islands Parking Garage Improvements                             297,000        September-02
                                           Twiggs Garage Elevator Upgrade                                        107,000             May-02
                                           Poe Garage Cazaly Hanger Improvements                                  40,000 Est          July-03   Est
                                           Davis Islands Parking Garage Elevator Improvements Phase I            144,000 Est    December-03     Est

                                              Public Works Parking Total (includes actual and estimate):       43,782,000

                                                                                                               A Report to the Mayor

             Park Improvements:         Lowry Park Stormwater/Habitat Improvements                         325,000              May-02
                                        Ragan Park Center                                                  763,000          February-01
                                        Cypress Street Park Restoration                                    235,000         December-99
                                        Cypress Point Park                                                 608,000   Est   September-03     Est
                                        Nick Nuccio Sculpture and Plaza at Centennial Park                  56,000            August-99
                                        Lowry Park Shelter (c/w 99)                                         60,000             March-00
                                        Salty Sol Boat Ramp Improvements                                   458,000               July-02
                                        Davis Islands Boat Ramp                                            737,000              April-03    Est
                                        Centennial Park Restroom Open Shelter Improvements                 166,000             March-99
                                        Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza at                       0
                                        Lopez Park                                                       1,000,000              March-03    Est
                                        Ballast Point Park Concession Building Improvements                287,000               April-02   Est
                                        Rivercrest Park Shelter Building Replacement1                       27,000                July-02
                                        Ragan Park Shelter1                                                 40,000            October-02
                                        Fort Brooke Park Improvements (Included Riverwalk)               3,497,000           February-03    Est
                                        Rowlett Park Shelter Replacement                                    73,000             August-99
                                        Curtis Hixon Park Open Space Electrical Build-out                   92,000         November-96
                                        New Tampa Park (Phase I)                                         5,000,000              March-03    Est
                                        New Tampa Park (Phase II)                                        1,400,000   Est   September-03     Est
                                        Ribbon of Green (does not include Riverwalk)                     1,500,000   Est          July-04   Est
                                        Marjorie Park Marina                                             4,985,000   Est         April-04   Est
                                        Bayshore Marina                                                    780,000   Est   In permitting    TBA
                                        Tampa Convention Center Boatslips                                  438,000   Est         June-03    Est
                                        Davis Island Seaplane Basin Moorings                               250,000   Est                    TBA
                                        Riverfront Park Lighting Improvements                              190,227         November-97
                                        Hillsborough River Greenway (Phase I)                              350,000   Est      August-03     Est
                                        Ballast Point Pier Improvements (conditions assessment)             85,000           October-02
                                        Ballast Point Pier Concrete Repairs                                120,000           January-03
                                        Parks CIT Shelter Project1                                         102,000              April-03    Est
                                        Installation only. Shelters purchased by Parks Department.

                                               Parks Department Total (includes actual and estimate):   23,624,228
Recreation Department
             Recreation Bond Program:   Barksdale Senior Center at MacFarlane Park                       1,600,000            March-02
                                        Jackson Heights Center (NFL Yet Center)                          1,700,000            March-02
                                        Oak Park Community Center                                          487,000            March-02
                                        ML King Recreation Center Pool                                     700,000              April-02
                                        Cuscaden Park Soccer Fields Improvements                           130,000              July-01
                                        South Tampa Athletic Center (field lights purchased by             870,000           October-01

                                                                                                  A Report to the Mayor

                             Joe Abrahams Wellness Center (Equip. purchased by Rec. Dept)     150,000            August-01
                             Benito Springs Playground Activity Center                        290,000           October-01
                             Kate Jackson Community Center                                    971,000          February-03    Est
                             Seminole Gymnastics Center Improvements                          626,000               July-03   Est
                             Forest Hills Community Center                                  1,100,000           October-02
                             Port Tampa Community Center                                    1,300,000         November-02
                             Perry Harvey Park Improvements                                   354,000               May-03    Est
                             DeSoto Park Aquatic Center                                     1,440,000         September-03    Est
                             College Hill Community Center                                  1,307,000           January-04    Est
                             Loretta Ingraham Community Center                              3,010,000         November-03     Est
CIT Neighborhood FYO2:       Williams Park Playground Activities Center                       327,000              June-03    Est
                             Bayshore Little League Building                                  100,000   Est         July-02
                             Palma Ceia Playground Improvements                               120,000   Est   December-03     Est
                             Henry and Ola Playground Soccer Field Improvements                75,000   Est         May-03    Est
                             Temple Crest Playground Improvements                             188,000   Est   December-03     Est
CIT Bond Funding:            Hunt Community Center Relocation                               1,400,000   Est     January-04    Est
                             Cuscaden Pool Restoration                                      1,900,000   Est        April 04   Est
                             Ballfield Relocations                                          1,652,000   Est         May-03    Est
Other Recreation Projects:   Copeland Park Community Center                                 1,100,000               July-00
                             Cal Dixon Tennis Court Improvements (c/w 99)                      41,000               May-00
                             Greco Softball Complex Improvements                              339,000             March-00
                             Rowlett Park Tennis Court Improvements (c/w 98)                   33,000         December-99
                             Cyrus Green Playground Court and Parking Lot Resurfacing         122,000              June-00
                             Rey Park Multi-purpose Court Improvements                         81,000         December-01
                             Citywide Tennis/Multi-purpose Court Improvements at                    -
                             MacFarlane Park (fy00)                                            51,000              July-01
                             Woodland Terrace Community Center                                229,000              May-02
                             North Seminole Youth League Lighting Improvements                135,000              April-02
                             Highland Pines Playground Improvements                            25,000         December-96
                             Hyde Park Center Parking Lot Improvements                         22,000           October-96
                             ML King Gym Improvements                                          54,000             March-97
                             Belmont Heights Ballfield Lighting Installation                   87,000           January-97
                             DeSoto Park Community Center Improvements                         12,000         December-96
                             Springhill Playground Field Lights Improvements                   14,000         December-96
                             Rey Park Community Center Improvements                            79,000              May-97
                             Sulphur Springs Youth League Field Light System Replacement      121,000              May-97
                             Seminole Heights Gym Structural Improvements                      79,000           January-98
                             Citywide Tennis Court Improvements FY97                          103,000          February-98
                             DeSoto Park Community Center Floor Improvements                  117,000              April-98
                             Giddens Center Improvements                                       33,000           January-98
                             Robles Park Center Improvements                                   60,000              July-98

                                                                                                                    A Report to the Mayor

                                             Palma Ceia Youth League Field Light System installation            129,000            August-98
                                             Sulphur Springs Pool Complex and Park                            1,700,000              April-00
                                             Fair Oaks Center Roof Improvements                                  34,000           October-96
                                             ML King Pool Bathhouse Replacement (UPARR)                         335,000              June-03    Est
                                             HCC Racquetball Courts Renovation                                   49,500            August-02
                                             Copeland Park Locker Room Building Exterior Painting                13,000         December-96
                                             Bobby Hicks Pool Deck Repair                                        30,000            August-02
                                             Wellswood Community Center Improvements                             25,000   Est        April-00
                                             Memorial Pool Restroom Plumbing Improvements                        24,000   Est         July-03   Est
                                             ML King Community Center Improvements                              175,000   Est   September-03    Est
                                             Tennis/Multi-Purpose Court Improvements FY03                        80,000   Est   September-03    Est
                                             South Tampa Soccer Field                                           100,000   Est   September-03    Est
                                             Parks and Recreation Inventory and Action Plan                     145,000   Est        June-03    Est
                                             Youth League Ballfield Lighting FY03                               256,000   Est    February-04    Est
             Projects Listed by Recreation   Davis Island Playground - Bayshore Youth League
                                             New Tampa YMCA Pool
                                             Pool Heater replacements
                                             Riverview Terrace Hockey Rink

                                              Recreation Department Total (includes actual and estimate):   $27,829,500
Building Maintenance
             Facility Improvements Crew      Fire Station 20 Improvements                                        8,400               April-00
                                             Fire Station 8 Improvements                                        46,600               April-00
                                             Fire Station 11 Improvements                                       12,700                July-99
                                             Fire Station 14 Improvements                                       22,300               June-00
                                             TPD Headquarters 8th Floor Improvements                             1,500           February-00
                                             Port Tampa Community Center Improvements                            6,000               April-00
                                             Southwest Port Tampa Community Center Improvements                 20,000          December-99
                                             Friendship Preschool Improvements                                   4,000             August-00
                                             Temple Crest Community Center Improvements                         86,000             August-01
                                             Hunt Community Center Improvements                                  5,000                July-00
                                             ML King Recreation Center Interior Improvements                    14,600                July-99
                                             Fair Oaks Community Center Improvements                            12,200          December-99
                                             Picnic Island Rangers Residence Improvements                       12,600          September-00
                                             Grant Park Community Center Improvements                          101,000              March-02
                                             Cyrus Green Ballfield Concession Stand Improvements                 1,000                May-00
                                             Fire Station 1 Exterior Improvements                                2,000              March-00
                                             TMOB Elevator Interior Upgrade                                      1,000               June-00
                                             Old City Hall Elevator Interior Upgrade                             2,000          September-00
                                             Construction Services Center Improvements                           5,000           February-00
                                             TPD Headquarters 9th and 10th Floor Improvements                    3,000            January-00

                                                                                              A Report to the Mayor

                            Police Impound Lot Improvements                                 5,000              June-00
                            TPD District Building 1 Improvements                            3,000              June-00
                            TPD District Building 2 Improvements                            3,000              June-00
                            Kid Mason Community Center Improvements                       100,000   Est   December-03     Est
                            Hyde Park Jewelry Center                                       34,000          February-00
                            Wellswood Portables Renovation                                 26,000         September-00
                            Henry and Ola Portable Improvements                             2,500           October-00
                            Hunt Portables Renovation                                       5,000           October-01
                            Tampa Museum Kitchen/Restroom Renovation                       25,000           October-00
                            Fleet Maintenance Office Renovation                           130,000               July-01
                            TMOB 8th Floor Kitchen Renovation                               4,000              June-01
                            Seminole Garden Center Interior Renovation                     19,000           October-01
                            Salty Sol Boat Ramp Restroom Renovation                        21,500               May-01
                            Hubert Storage Bldg and Pre-School                              6,200               May-02
                            Recreation Main Office Improvements                             6,800              June-02
                            Tampa Union Station Improvements                                7,000   Est   December-03     Est
                            Tampa Museum of Art North Gallery Modifications                 4,500             March-02
                            Parks Headquarters Renovation of Break/Training Room            2,700              June-02
                            Colon Cemetery Mausoleum Renovation                            27,000              April-02
                            Parks Department Project Planning Building Improvements         2,800          February-02
                            Parks Department New Project Planning Building Improvements     3,500              April-00
                            Fleet Maintenance Workload Office Improvements                 15,000   Est   December-03     Est
                            Cable Communications Offices Improvements                      35,000   Est      August-03    Est
                            MIS Department Offices Improvements                             5,500              June-02
HVAC Replacement/Upgrade:   Port Tampa Community Center HVAC Upgrade                        3,000         November-96
                            Forest Hill Community Center HVAC Upgrade                       6,000           October-96
                            Sandra Freedman Tennis Complex HVAC Upgrade                    11,000         September-97
                            Fire Station 1 HVAC Upgrade                                    25,000              April-98
                            Parks Dept Administrative Offices HVAC Upgrade                 10,000              April-97
                            West Tampa Community Center HVAC Upgrade                       11,000         September-97
                            12th St Inventory and Stores Building HVAC Upgrade              7,000         September-97
                            Grant Park Community Center HVAC Upgrade                        5,500         September-97
                            TMOB Water Cooler Replacement                                  10,000           October-98
                            Cable Communications Production Trailer HVAC Upgrade            3,000            August-97
                            Building Maintenance Offices HVAC Upgrade                       6,000            August-97
                            MIS Data Center HVAC Upgrade                                   15,500              June-98
                            Fire Station 14 HVAC Upgrade                                    8,000         September-99
                            12th St Yard Main Office HVAC Upgrade                           7,500              April-98
                            Fire Station 16 HVAC Upgrade                                   11,000              April-98
                            Electronics Building HVAC Upgrade                               9,000              April-98
                            Record Retention HVAC Upgrade                                  10,000         September-99
                            Eddie Lopez Meeting Facility HVAC Upgrade                       7,500              April-98

                                                                                                                  A Report to the Mayor

                                           Rey Park HVAC Upgrade                                               5,000             May-98
                                           12th St Supervisors Office HVAC Upgrade                             7,500             May-98
                                           Barksdale Community Center HVAC Upgrade                             7,000             May-98
                                           Copeland Park Ranger House HVAC Upgrade                             5,500            April-98
                                           MLK Pottery Center HVAC Upgrade                                     9,000             May-98
                                           Fire Station 15 HVAC Upgrade                                       18,000       September-99
                                           Oak Park Community Center HVAC Upgrade                              9,500         January-01
                                           Tampa Museum HVAC Upgrade                                          12,500         October-00
                                           DPW Testing Lab HVAC Upgrade                                        2,500          August-99
                                           MIS / Data HVAC Upgrade                                            12,500          August-00
                                           Fire Station 10 HVAC Upgrade                                        2,000         October-00
                                           Fire Station 14 HVAC Upgrade                                        2,000       September-00
                                           Fire Station 7 HVAC Upgrade                                         2,000            April-99
                                           Fire Maintenance Shop Heater Upgrade                                5,500       September-00
                                           TMOB Air Handlers (Unit Purchase Only Awaiting Installation)       80,000             July-00
                                           Citywide HVAC Upgrades FY02                                        50,000             Sep-02
                                           Citywide HVAC Upgrades FY03                                       147,000 Est   September-03    Est
            Reroofings (via Utility Tax)   Fire Supply Reroofing                                              10,500             July-98
                                           Fire Station 7 Reroofing                                            9,200         January-98
                                           Fire Station 17 Reroofing                                          11,700         October-96
                                           Fire Station 9 Reroofing                                           55,800           March-01
                                           Fire Station 18 Reroofing                                          56,400        February-02
                                           Fire Station 6 Reroofing                                           60,000 Est   December-03     Est
                                           Seminole Heights Garden Center Reroofing                            9,500          August- 98
                                           Grant Park Community Center Reroofing                               9,500            June-97
                                           Forest Hills Community Center Reroofing                            13,000             July-99
                                           Fleet Maintenance Reroofing                                        20,000           March-01
                                           Old Fire Station 5 (Metropolitan Ministries) Reroofing             19,000        February-98
                                           Centro Espanol Reroofing                                           15,000        February-99
                                           Old Fire Station 5 Reroofing                                      100,000 Est      August-03    Est

                                              Building Maintenance Total (includes actual and estimate):   $1,419,100
DPW: Other Contracted Projects
                                           Seventh Avenue Gateway Arch                                       144,000        February-99
                                           7th Avenue Streetscape Improvements                               813,000            July-00
                                           Ybor City Trash Compactor Enclosures1                              25,000 Est        May-00
                                           Tampa Theatre Roof Replacement                                    145,000         October-99
                                           Tampa Theatre Marquee Restoration                                 724,000           June-03     Est
                                           Tampa Theatre Concession Stand Improvements                        20,000 Est        July-03    Est
                                           Fleet Maintenance Waterproofing and Painting                            -

                                                                                       A Report to the Mayor

               Improvements (North end)                                            107,000           October-00
               Fleet Maintenance Waterproofing and Painting                              -
               Improvements (Center and South end)                                  61,000              June-02
               Fleet Maintenance Various Improvements1                              25,000   Est     January-98
               Fleet Maintenance Dynamometer Improvements                           30,000         December-97
               Fleet Maintenance Roof Replacement                                  750,000               May-98
               Fleet Maintenance Ventilation Retrofit                               33,000             March-01
               Fleet Maintenance Master Plan (Study)                                30,000             March-03    Est
               Solid Waste Administration Building                               1,396,000               May-02
               Solid Waste Building 3 Replacement                                1,000,000   Est                   TBA
               Centro Espanol Decontamination                                       28,000          February-98
               Citywide Painting at Various Locations FY97                          95,000               July-98
               Citywide Painting at Various Locations FY98                         150,000         December-00
               TMOB Outside Air Improvements                                       319,000              April-02
               TMOB Emergency Generator Improvements                                89,000              June-02
               TMOB Elevator Upgrade – Phase I                                     200,000               May-02
               TMOB Elevator Upgrade – Phase II                                    497,000   Est   December-03     Est
               Old City Hall Elevator Replacement                                  225,000   Est   December-03     Est
               Old City Hall Testing Room Improvements                              35,000           January-03
               Tampa Union Station Baggage Building Restoration                    592,000           January-03
               Tampa Museum Courtyard Renovation                                   428,000          February-97
               Tampa Theatre Sidewalk Improvements                                 300,000   Est    February-04    Est
               Old City Hall Cooling Tower Upgrade                                 100,000             March-97
               Old City Hall Hoist Construction                                     33,000             March-97
               Old City Hall 7th Floor Improvements                                 12,000         December-98
               Old City Hall 8th Floor Improvements1                                45,000   Est   December-00
               Old City Hall Council Chamber Improvements1                          50,000   Est   December-00
               TMOB Water Storage Tank                                              23,000          February-97
               TMOB Water Information Desk Modifications                            15,000             March-00
               TMOB 3E Lounge Modifications                                         35,000               May-98
               TMOB 1N Office Renovation - Mayoral Office                          243,000         September-98
               Public Works Maintenance Facility (40th Street)                   6,400,000          February-03
               Tampa Museum of Art                                              44,000,000         December-04     Est
               Citywide Performance Contracting                                  PENDING              PENDING
               Tampa Convention Center Renovations                               5,900,000           October-01
               New Tampa Municipal Services Center and Recreation Facility       3,000,000               May-02
                   Multiple purchase orders
Public Works Department Other Projects Total (includes actual and estimate):   $68,117,000


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