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					                                                                           Fat h e r S e r r a C at h o l i c S c h o o l

                                  Father Serra Catholic School
                                                              11 1 S u n R o w Dr i ve , To r o n t o , On t ar i o M 9P 3 J3
                                                                    Te l : 4 1 6- 3 93- 53 91 F ax : 41 6- 3 97- 60 9 5

                                      111 Sun Row Drive, Toronto, Ontario M9P 3J3
                                           Tel: 416-393-5391 Fax: 416-397-6095

                                   Father Serra Times
                March, 2011         Principal: Mr. J. Pannozzo                                                                              Vice Principal: Mrs. J. Leo-DelDuca
                                    Admin. Assistant: Mrs. E. Barbaro                                                                       Clerk Typist: Mrs. E. Simone
                                    Superintendent: Mrs. L. Notten                                                                          Trustee: Mr. P. Jakovcic

                                    CSAC Co-chairs: Roberto Berton and Shereen Persano

                                                                             Principal’s Message
                                    As we enter the season of Lent, I ask that you join us in preparing your children for
                  A.     Perron     this significant period in our lives as Catholics. We encourage the children to take
           Director of Education    time to reflect upon and celebrate the true meaning of His resurrection. The season of
                                    Lent begins on Wednesday, March 9th. Please join us for a school mass at 10:30
                                    a.m. on that day.
    DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD           Kindergarten registration continues throughout this month. To date we have regis-
      TRUSTEES 2010-2011            tered 36 junior kindergarten students for September 2011. You are encouraged to in-
Wards                               form your Catholic neighbours who plan to enroll their children at our school. I would
1.    Peter Jakovcic
                                    also be pleased to give them a tour of our school.

2.    Ann Andrachuk Chair           Please note that the March Break begins on Monday, March 14th, 2011. The
                                    students return to school on Monday, March 21st, 2011.
3.    Sal Piccininni
                                    The attached calendar provides details of the many events occurring this month.
4.    Patrizia Bottoni
                                    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Father Serra Catholic community for
5.    Maria Rizzo                   your continued support of our fundraising activities. Our Dance-a-Thon for the Leuke-
6.    Frank D’Amico                 mia foundation was again a huge success and we also encourage you to donate funds to
                                    the Polish Orphans’ Charity in memory of Nicole Felcenloben’s mother who passed
7.    John Del Grande               away.
8.    Tobias Enverga
                                    Enjoy the March Break with your children!
9.    Jo-Ann Davis Vice Chair

10.   Barbara Poplawski

11.   Angela Kennedy                                                                                                            Prayer for the Family

12.   Nancy Crawford                Heavenly Father, You have given us a model of life in the Holy Family of Nazareth.
      Natalie Rizzo                 Help us to make our family another Nazareth where love, peace and joy reign. May it
      Student Trustee               be deeply contemplative, intensely Eucharistic, and vibrant with joy. Help us to stay
                                    together in joy and sorrow through family prayer.

                                    Teach us to see Jesus in the members of our family. May we love one another as you
                                    love each one of us, and forgive each other’s faults as you forgive us. Amen

                                    Adapted from a prayer of Mother Teresa
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CSAC News                                                                                  Girls’ Intermediate Basketball 2010-2011

With March comes exciting events and the beginning of Spring! On                      On Thursday, February 10, 2011 at St. Greg-
March 8th, we will once again be serving Pancakes to all our students and
                                                                                      ory School the Girls’ Intermediate Basketball
                                                                               Team competed at St. Gregory’s. We fought hard but
staff to mark Shrove Tuesday. Our sincere gratitude to the pancake com-
                                                                               sadly in the end, we lost. We didn’t let this bring us down
mittee and all the parent volunteers for making this day a much antici-        and went into our second game with a lot of determina-
pated and appreciated day by all.                                              tion. In this game, we faced Nativity of Our Lord and
                                                                               came out victorious with a close score of 16-14. This mo-
                                                                               mentum carried on into our third game against J.C.S and
In cooperation with the school administration, CSAC was able to purchase
                                                                               we won by a landslide with a score of 38-4. This secured
an additional Smart Board for our school. We are pleased to see an in-         us a spot in the finals, where we would once again have to
crease in the use of technology in our classrooms. We thank all the par-       face our toughest competition, St. Gregory’s. We brought
ents that submitted their Activity Fees and participate in the Pizza Lunch     all of our spirit to this game. This placed us in second
program, you make all the CSAC initiatives possible.
                                                                               overall in the tournament. We would like to thank our
                                                                               coach Mrs. Lui and all the parent drivers and
We would like to remind all parents to attend the CSAC meetings that are
                                                                               “cheerleaders” for keeping us going throughout the day.
held on the third Wednesday of each month. It is an opportunity for all
parents to stay connected with what is happening at the school and we          The team members were: Layna Orsino, Gabrielle Major,
                                                                               Katrina Ceccarelli, Natasha Ceccarelli, Karina Stellato,
always welcome new ideas and recommendations. Our next CSAC meet-
                                                                               Natasha Bruno, Cristina Urso, Mikahla Iuele,
ing will be held on Wednesday March 23rd due to the March break. We            Julia Petro, Camila Evangelista, Anastasia
                                                                               Jaffray, Christina Piccinin, Clare Zasowski,
Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC News)                              Rachel Colle, and Olivia Cosentino. By: Gabri-
                                                                               elle Major & Layna Orsino.
          DATE………REGISTER TODAY!!                                                   Intermediate Boys’ Basketball Team 2010-2011

           BARBARA COLOROSO                                                    The intermediate boys’ basketball tournament was held
               March 28, 2011                                                  at St. Gregory’s Catholic School on February 8th. Father
                  7:00 p.m.                                                    Serra played three games. They played against Nativity
 CARDINAL CARTER ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS                                          of Our Lord, St. Gregory, and Cardinal Slipyj.
        (Yonge and Sheppard Ave. E.)                                           The tournament was a success and the boys had a lot of
                                                                               fun participating in it. The boys represented the school
Barbara Coloroso, an internationally recognized speaker                        very well playing with determination, sportsmanship,
and author in the areas of parenting and discipline, will                      team work, and a strong sense of fair play. Special thanks
be giving a free lecture on “Just because it’s not                             and recognition must be given to Mr. Van Hezewyk for
wrong doesn’t make it right. From toddlers to                                  coaching the team.
teens, teaching kids to think and act ethically”.
                                                                               The team members were: Joseph Mazzuca, Jacob
            To register on line visit or            Pasqualoni, Eric Thower, Antonio Terceros-Downey, Luke
    call Mary De Rango at 416-222-8282 Ext. 2374 or fax to: 416-512-3380.
                                                                               Di Giulio, Daniel De Luca, Adrian D’Avella, Samuel Fata,
                                                                               Julian Giannone, Nikola Ljubicic, Luca Martin, Sean
                                                                               Morgan, Eric Petronis, and Joseph Tenuta.
Thank you to all the CSAC’s who completed the
topic survey!

                              Father Serra Chess Club Tournament News
On Friday, February 4th, 2011, at Monsignor John Corrigan C.S., our school competed in the Individual Grade
Girls’ Chess Tournament. The participants were Keelin Farren (Gr. 6), Haley Pinto (Gr.5), Aurora Da Silva (Gr. 4)
and Serena Stefenatti (Gr. 5). The girls played very well against five other schools in our area. We’d like to
congratulate them all for their diligent effort in representing Father Serra C.S. Special congratulations go to
Haley Pinto who came in 2nd place in the Chess Tournament and will be advancing to go to the city finals at St.
Timothy’s C.S. on April 1st. Many thanks go to our Chess Supervisors Mrs. Zastawny and Mrs. Pimento.

We look forward to our next Chess Tournament, The Individual Open Chess Tournament, taking place once again
at Monsignor John Corrigan on March 1st, 2011.

                                                                                                     -Mrs. J. Leo-DelDuca
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Students Dance in Boy's Memory
From: Etobicoke Guardian—February 11, 2011

Students dance in boy's memory. Grade 7 students Catherine Del Rosso, 12 and Natalie Dillio, 12, sit one out Friday during Father Serra Catholic School's
eighth annual Wild West-themed Give From the Heart Dance-a-thon which hopes this year to reach the $100,000 mark in donations to the Leukemia and Lym-
phoma Society of Canada, making it the society's top fundraising school in Canada. The annual dance-a-thon remembers former student Ian Macdonald who died
in 2004 after a valiant six-year battle with leukemia. He was 9. Staff photo/TAMARA SHEPHARD TAMARA SHEPHARD

While Justin Bieber songs got most of the little girls' feet moving, it's the memory of another young boy that warms their hearts.
Bieber's megahit Baby blasted through the speakers Friday morning as tweens and those even younger bopped on the elementary school dance floor-gymnasium
decked out in cowboy hats, boots and colourful scarves. All in memory of a little boy who loved to dance.

Father Serra Catholic School hopes its eighth annual Give from the Heart Dance-a-thon brings its total donations to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of
Canada to $100,000.

The Islington-Eglinton avenues-area school is the society's top fundraising school in Canada.

Give from the Heart remembers former student Ian Macdonald. Ian died of leukemia in May 2004 after a valiant six-year battle with the disease. He was 9.

Leukemia is cancer of the white blood cells. It is the most common type of childhood cancer.

"The continued participation of the school and all the community is amazing," said Ian's mom, Joanne, outside the bass-booming gymnasium.

Her eyes meet a photo on the school wall. It's Ian, then 6, running in the school's Terry Fox Run.

"He had to have that T-shirt and those red shorts," she recalled, smiling.

Ian didn't participate in sports. Dancing was his love.

"Every Friday night was dance night in our house," she recalled. "My husband would turn up the music so loud you could hear it down the street. Ian loved to
dance. He'd dance all over the living room."

While the girls love Bieber, it's Ian they remember.

Natalie Dillio, 12, is taking photos for her class' Yearbook.

"We raise money every year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society," she said.

"It's in memory of a student at our school who died," classmate Catherine Del Rosso continues.

Aurora Da Silva, 9, and Lauren De Luca, 8, hope for a spin of Bieber's hit, Eenie Meenie.

"We both love him!" Aurora gushes about the young singing sensation. "I've already raised $100. My stepdad is asking all his friends to donate, too."

"It's just incredible" how the school and community keep the near Valentine's Day annual dance-a-thon tradition alive, said society spokesperson Diana Mitoff.

Donations to aid Father Serra in cracking the $100,000 mark may be made at or at

"It's a huge accomplishment," Gerri Lucia, teacher and dance-a-thon coordinator said of Father Serra's leukemia fundraising. "We're trying to raise $15,000 this
year. Everyone at the school participates. Usually, we have at least a $10 donation from every child. Some children bring in as much as $150 or $250."

                                                          Waste Free Lunch
During Waste Reduction Week last October, Father Serra students participated in the Waste Free Lunch Challenge, sponsored by
the Recycling Council of Ontario and Metro Ontario, Inc. Nearly 700 schools from 57 school boards across the province participated.
Ontario students successfully prevented approximately 50 tonnes of waste—that’s the equivalent of seven municipal garbage
trucks filled with waste—from going to landfills. Every class at Father Serra was registered for the challenge. Our students showed
a remarkable commitment to reducing or completely eliminating waste at lunch time. As a thank you, the sponsors of the challenge
sent every student a red aluminum reusable bottle.
The students have been using these bottles and will be using them on March 10th, which has been declared BOTTLED WATER
FREE DAY. We look forward to meeting this challenge of not bringing bottled water to school.

Eco Corner

This month let’s remember to bring our lunches and snacks in reusable containers, and avoid using
aluminum foil or plastic bags. Remember that together we can make a difference!

We will be celebrating Earth Hour on Friday, March 25th at 10:00a.m.
                                                                                                        PAGE 4

                                                         R. Troina (Gr. 4)

                                                         Michael Bellissimo, Joseph Monardo, Monica Weremi
CONGRATULATIONS to the following students.
                                                         L. Van Hezewyk (Gr.4/ 5)
The theme for February was LOVE.
                                                         Sabrina Pereira DaCosta, Andia Drago,
                                                         Serena Stefenatti
M. Palermo-Saraco (JK.)
                                                         J. Berneche (Gr. 5)
Isabel Mainella, Nicholas Montisano, Sonya Pashkewych,
John Peixoto                                             Katie Duprey, Francesca Litrenta, Carlo Luit, Julie Shin

                                                         M. MacDonald (Gr. 6)

                                                         Daniel Caponi,Stephanie Clark, Julian Colantonio
J. Salvadori (SK.)                                       S. Bellisario (Gr. 6)
Benjamin Noto, Matthew Palombi, Sarah Trasolini,         Alessandra Bellacicco, Jacqueline Colle,
Catherine Green, Lucas Perciasepe                        Vanessa Cosentino, Francesca Mazzuca

                                                         G. Lui (Gr. 7)
L. Macdonald (Gr. 1)                                     George Alexandris, Jenna Giannini, Eric Thrower
David Di Domizio, Clara Guadagni, Michael Quinn

I. Drohobycky (Gr. 1)                                    M. Parzei (Gr. 7)
Lauren de Domenico, Nicholas Zivkovic                    Alida Greco, Nadia Marrast
C. Traynor (Gr. 2)                                       D. Farrell (Gr. 7/8)
Michael Harquail, Kristina Kardum, Adrian Pereira        Victor Ruso, Caitlin Stange
D. Lloyd (Gr. 2)                                         R. Gargano (Gr. 8)
Melissa Adragna, Madeline Tubaro                         Rachel Colle, Roman Mazzocca, Eric Petronis

                                                         M. Torrieri (Gr. 8)
L.Pimento (Gr. 3)                                        Natasha Bruno, Adriano Rivera, Samuel Fata
Madeleine De Paoli, Isabella Spooner

C. Spatare (Gr. 3/4)

Samantha Cosentino

A. Simonelis (Gr. 3)
Jessica Ierullo, Michaela Ferraro

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