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									MAC-PAC eXpress

                                                                                                             Summer 2010
                                                                                                         Volume 9—Issue 1

                         Don’t Miss the September MAC-PAC User Conference!
                         The 2010 TDCI Customer               doing with MAC-PAC XE and        A Solution Center
                         Forum will take place                complementary partner              where you can
                         September 20-22 in Columbus,         solutions.                         learn about TDCI
                         Ohio. If you haven’t already        Catch up on MAC-PAC XE            and partner
                         registered, now is the time!          enhancements and PTFs             products and
                         The discounted Early Bird fee         made available over the           services.
                         of just $695 ends after August        past year.                      Plenty of
     September 20-22     9th. Visit the TDCI web site for
                                                            This year’s conference has a         networking opportunities,
  Columbus Marriott NW   agenda and registration
                                                            full 2-day agenda starting at        including fun events Monday
       Dublin, OH        details.
                                                            1:00 on Monday and ending at         and Tuesday evenings.
                         The 2010 TDCI Customer             noon on Wednesday to make          Optional training classes
                         Forum is the only event of the     travel easy. Agenda highlights       Monday morning and
                         year where you can:                include:                             Wednesday afternoon.
                          Learn new ways to leverage       TDCI and MAC-PAC XE            Bring a Team!
                            MAC-PAC XE capabilities for        direction update sessions.     Many people in your
                            improved                         Two concurrent tracks          organization can benefit from
                            operational and                    dedicated to MAC-PAC.          attending this conference: end
                            financial                                                         users, department managers,
                            performance.                     The MAC-PAC XE Customer–
                                                               only meeting run by the UAB.   executives, IT… So, start
                          Find out what                                                     organizing your team now –
                            innovative                                                        September will be here before
                            things other companies are                                        you know it!
Inside this issue:

Link-Belt            2
                         Watlow Streamlines Lean Production Scheduling with
Webster              3   MAC-PAC XE Priority Manager
                         Watlow Electric Manufacturing                                        Challenge
Watlow (cont.)       4
                         Company (Watlow), a MAC-PAC                                          Because Watlow is using Lean
                         user since 1996, has recently                                        production methods, it is
MAC-PAC              5   implemented MAC-PAC XE                                               critical that production orders
Community                Priority Manager to streamline                                       are scheduled for release to
                         production scheduling at the       minimize inventory levels. In     the shop floor only when all
Advisory Board       5
Updates                  company’s Columbia, Missouri       addition to Watlow, Priority      materials and production
                         manufacturing plant.               Manager is in use by MAC-PAC      capacity are available.
PTFs &               6                                      XE companies such as , Link-
Enhancements             Priority Manager integrates the    Belt, Ruskin, Gilbarco, Camfil    And because demand for
                         award-winning OTTO (‘On-Time       Farr and others.                  Watlow products is high the
Spotlight Tip        6
                         Orders’) software product                                            company limits the quantity of
                         developed by Systems Plus Inc.     Among other things, Watlow        certain products that can be
                         with core MAC-PAC XE               production planners are now       manufactured per day so that
                         manufacturing applications to      using Priority Manager along      customer needs are prioritized
                         clearly identify the near-term     with MAC-PAC XE Business          based on prescribed customer
                         actions operations managers        Process Manager (BPM) and         segmentation rules. Many
                         need to take in order to           core MAC-PAC XE                   customer orders are for
                         effectively schedule production,   Manufacturing Order functions     quantities that take several
                         ship orders on time, reduce        to schedule production as         days to fulfill using the
                         expediting activity, and           customer orders are received.     established rates.
                                                                                              Cont. on pg 4…
                                                                                                                         Page 2

                        Link-Belt Deploys Insights Analytics PPV Data Mart for
                        MAC-PAC XE
For more information
                        Link-Belt is now in the process
about MAC-PAC XE,       of deploying the Insights
TDCI services, or any   Analytics Purchase Price
of the companies        Variance (PPV) Data Mart for      Link-Belt expects the PPV             Reporting and analytics
referenced in this      MAC-PAC XE. The data mart         solution will save them               solutions available for Insights
                        provides faster, easier access    considerable time every month         Analytics for MAC-PAC XE
newsletter, contact
                        to historical vendor, purchase    as compared to the previous           include:
Shelley Horn at         order (PO) and PPV information    process of using MAC-PAC and           Sales or       for analysis purposes. This is    custom reports. With the PPV           Finance
800-630-6687 x1119      one of several solutions          data mart, information is
                        available within the MAC-PAC                                                 Income Statement
                                                          updated daily instead of having
                        XE Insights Analytics framework                                              Balance Sheet
                                                          to wait until month-end. The
                        delivered jointly with TDCI       data is comprehensive and              Profitability
                        partner, Vizion Solutions, LLC.   Excel is very flexible. The ability        Order Analysis
                                                          to drill down to vendor, invoice,      Purchase Price Variance
                        Using Insights Analytics PPV,
                        Link-Belt finance personnel can   item and PO detail will help           Inventory
                        now easily report and analyze     Link-Belt better understand                Movement
                        differences in purchase prices    issues that need to be                     Balance
                        between the amount paid to        addressed, and can now be              Manufacturing
                        the vendor and the planned or     addressed sooner based on the
                                                                                                     Efficiency Analysis
                        standard cost.                    timeliness of the data.
                                                                                                “Insights Analytics for MAC-PAC
                        The PPV solution is accessed      Link-Belt’s experience with the
                                                                                                XE are standardized solutions
                        through Microsoft Excel which     Insights Analytics PPV data
                                                                                                that we tailor to each client’s
                        is a familiar and widely used     mart will be highlighted at the
                                                                                                unique requirements and
                        application at most companies.    September TDCI Customer
                                                                                                implement very quickly,” says
                        The PPV solution comes with       Forum – Perspectives 2010.
                                                                                                Ron Baerson, Sr. Solution
                        several pre-built Excel report    Plan now to attend.
                                                                                                Developer, Vizion Solutions,
                        templates with data that is                                             LLC.
                        refreshed daily from MAC-PAC
                        XE. This reduces the burden on
                        IT resources to build and run
                                                                       Page 3

Webster is Latest to Upgrade to MAC-PAC XE V12

Webster Industries Inc. recently    The V12 upgrade followed a
completed the upgrade from          November 2009 TDCI MAC-PAC
their customized version 11.1       Usage Assessment which was
of MAC-PAC to MAC-PAC XE            performed shortly after Webster
version 12.2. The process took      returned to TDCI’s MAC-PAC XE
just a little over three months     Maintenance & Support
and was done completely in-         Program. They had been off the
house with guidance from TDCI       program for five years.
Support.                            “Access to MAC-PAC XE
                                    V12 is one of the real
“The upgrade went quite             benefits of being on the
smoothly and on schedule,”          maintenance & support
said Wanda Heyman, Webster          program,” said Heyman.
IT Manager. “We have good           “And we continue to be
AS/400 skills and MAC-PAC           pleased with the
knowledge in our IT group. So       knowledge, helpful
with the tools provided by TDCI,    attitude and quick
it was pretty straight-forward.”    response of the TDCI
Webster is the latest MAC-PAC       team.”
user to upgrade to V12 in order
to gain new functionality as well   Webster Industries is the
as maximum supportability. In       world’s leading manufacturer of
addition, Webster is now            engineered class chains,
planning to use Business            commercial castings and
Process Manager (BPM) and           vibrating conveyors. Webster
Repetitive Supply (RS) modules      offers its products on a stocked
to streamline a number of           and make-to-order basis, and
different processes.                has facilities in Tiffin OH,
                                    Meridian MS, and Tualatin OR.
                                                                                                                     Page 4

                        Watlow Streamlines Lean Production Scheduling with
                        MAC-PAC XE Priority Manager (continued…)
For more information
about MAC-PAC XE,       The combination of these           Solution                            Job done and the planner
TDCI services, or any   factors means, in order to         The solution using Priority         moves on… On average, each
of the companies        schedule production to meet        Manager is simple:                  line item now takes just
                        customer orders, planners                                              minutes.
referenced in this
                        must:                               A MAC-PAC BPM process
newsletter, contact                                                                            “Using Priority Manager, we
                                                              automatically creates a list
Shelley Horn at          First identify when all                                             expect to cut hours of laborious
                                                              of new customer order lines
                           material, on a line by line                                         planner effort every day,” says or                                             that need to be promised
                           basis, down to the basic                                            Al Allmon, Watlow Business
800-630-6687 x1119                                            per planner.
                           purchased items, will be                                            Analyst, who worked with
                           available given planned          For each order line, the         Systems Plus to define and
                           supply and other demand.           planner simply selects an        implement the new scheduling
                           Using standard MAC-PAC             action code to run Priority      process. “With this process now
                           this requires looking up           Manager. Standard Priority       established as the standard
                              availability for each item      Manager functions quickly        work for our planners, we
                              one screen at a time and        indicate material availability   should be able to level load our
                              making notes – often            based on the shipment date.      production schedule while
                              dozens of screen lookups        A single Priority Manager        consistently maximizing
                              are required for each           screen shows availability of     capacity utilization. As a result,
                              item.                           all components in the item’s     it should increase our effective
                                                              multi-level BOM. Using this      throughput while giving
                              Identify when capacity                                         planners more time to deal with
                                                              function, planners can also
                             is available.                    determine if the actions         exception situations and keep
                             Update MRP-created             required to meet the
                            planned manufacturing             standard Promised
                            orders to reflect due dates       Ship Date can be
                            based on the manual               accomplished. The
                            planner’s material and            planner then
                            capacity availability             determines the
                            analysis. For some order          capacity availability
                            lines many manufacturing          date using a
                            orders must be updated.           standard MAC-PAC
                          Again, this requires a              screen.
                          separate screen function for      Once the Promised
                          each MO, as well as a               Ship Date is determined, the     things running smoothly.”
                          manual calculation of the           planner uses a single Priority
                          dates.                              Manager screen to                “This is just one example of the
                                                              automatically generate all       powerful things companies can
                        Performing this process using
                                                              the MOs required to produce      do with Priority Manager,” adds
                        only standard MAC-PAC
                                                              the order quantity based on      Roy Luce from Systems Plus.
                        functions takes far too much
                                                              the production limits. The       “The data is all there in MAC-
                        time and Watlow was having
                                                              MOs are then simply              PAC – Priority Manager just
                        difficulty getting everything
                                                              reviewed and released to         uses it to automate many of the
                        scheduled efficiently. Planners
                                                              MAC PAC via the Async            tasks that take so long for
                        would frequently spend
                                                              Monitor.                         planners to perform manually
                        overtime hours getting the job
                                                                                               with just standard screens.”
                                                                                                                                Page 5

Tidbits from the MAC-PAC XE User Community
Ceco Door recently upgraded their MAC-PAC XE license from the
traditional CPU-based license to TDCI’s newer a user-based license
when they upgraded their server. The user-based license gives
companies more flexibility to change their server without the need
to upgrade their MAC-PAC XE license.

Federal Mogul recently performed a MAC-PAC Usage Assessment
using TDCI consulting services.

Cast Aluminum Solutions became the newest MAC-PAC XE user
when LV2 Aluminum Castings, LLC purchased of the assets of
Watlow Batavia, Inc. – a former Watlow Electric manufacturing
facility in Batavia, Illinois – to establish the company.
                                                                                                            Calling TDCI?

                                                                                                            When you call TDCI,
                                                                                                            please note that we
                                                                                                            have a new phone
“MAC-PAC Attack” Webinar Series Continues to be Popular                                                     system and all

Since starting in March 2009,                                        MAC-PAC Attack sessions are            extensions now
the monthly MAC-PAC Attack                                           open to all customers using            have 4 digits. Just
webinar series has been very                                         TDCI’s MAC-PAC Maintenance &           add a “1” in front of
popular. Offered on the second                                       Support service. If you would
                                                                                                            the old extension
Thursday of each month (except                                       like to be notified about the
September when the user                                              August topic, suggest a topic for      for your favorite
conference is held), MAC-PAC        The April – July topics were:    a future session, or request a         TDCI contacts!
Attack webinars take place on       “MAC-PAC Capacity                repeat of a past session,
the Internet and last for about     Management”, “Demonstration      contact Kevin Smith at
an hour. Most start at 2:00 PM      of BuyDesign Configurator for
Eastern Time. In each session,      MAC-PAC XE”, “MAC-PAC
an experienced TDCI MAC-PAC         Inventory Accounting Tutorial,
support person leads an             Tips & Tricks”, and “MAC-PAC
interactive session on a specific   Physical Inventory and Cycle
topic.                              Counting”.

MAC-PAC XE Advisory Board Update
The MAC-PAC XE Customer Advisory Board, lead by President            All Advisory Board members are      MAC-PAC CAB Meeting
Debbie Worden from LASCO Fittings, asks for your participation at    listed with contact information         Tuesday 9/21/10
the Perspectives 2010 Customer Forum in September. In                on the MAC-PAC XE web site at                     1:30 p.m.
particular, please plan to attend the users-only Advisory Board
meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 21st at 1:30. Advisory      -services/uab_members.htm.
Board members will, of course, also be available for discussions
throughout the conference.                                           See you at Perspectives!
                                                                                                                                     Page 6

                                  MAC-PAC XE PTF & Enhancement Update
                                  Over twenty (20) new MAC-PAC       Full descriptions of these PTFs      PTFs and enhancements are
                                  XE core product Enhancements       and enhancements are                 always in the works, so check
                                  and PTFs have already been         available for download at            the MAC-PAC XE web site often!
                                  released in 2010.         Click
Training Schedule                                                                                         MAC-PAC XE Online Support is
                                                                     ‘Support Login’ at the top of the
The 2010 MAC-PAC XE class                                                                                 available 24x7 to companies
                                                                     screen, then click ‘Software
schedule is available online at                                                                           with an active MAC-PAC XE
                                                                     Fixes’ or ‘Enhancements’ after
                                                                                                          Maintenance & Support Plan.
macpac-services/                                                     logging in.
                                  A sample of new ptfs and enhancements include:
TDCI offers a comprehensive
schedule of training classes      PCA             Description                                                           Affected Area
on virtually every aspect of      LB04            ALLOW DOCUMENT INQUIRY BY SALES ORDER                                 AR230E,
MAC-PAC. Use these public                                                                                               AR230DF, OP8.
classes to:
                                  LB01            PART DELETION REPORT DOES NOT INDICATE FILES REQUIRING                DE570PF1,
 Train new employees
 Investigate capabilities                       PURGING                                                               DE570E
    you are not currently using   LB02            SHOW USER OPTION NUMBER ON USER AUTHORITY MAINTENANCE                 MA140E
 Refresh key users’                             SCREEN
                                  L3AT            BUYDESIGN MFG CONFIGURATION EC234E IS FAILING BECAUSE OF              EC234E
                                                  IMPROPER DATE OR TIMESTAMP HANDLING.
                                  L3AM            BUYDESIGN CONFIGURED MO CREATION IS FAILING WITH MPC0021              IC102E, SF106E
                                                  DURING MANUFACTURING CONFIGURATION.

                                  Spotlight Tip
                                  Expert Number:          XRMJ1400    want to charge freight.                   sales order at shipment
                                                                      3.) Set-up reference file                 time.
                                  Call Area(s):           OP
                                                                      category 413 for the freight           b. it can be entered in Freight
                                                                      company/location default.                 field on the recap screen
                                  Question:                           4.) Define a sales account,               at shipment time.
                                                                      type 16, on reference file          The account booked depends
                                  How do I set up/charge
                                                                      category 302 for the product        upon entry:
                                  Freight? And to what account
                                                                      class which appears on the Part     1.) If Freight is entered at the
MAC-PAC Support                   will the charge be booked?
                                                                      Master for your Freight part.       recap screen field, the system
                                  Answer:                             To charge freight:                  uses the freight part default on
1-877-4MAC-PAC                    To set-up freight:                  1.) If you want to invoice a        reference file category 413 and
1-877-462-2722                                                        customer for freight, use a ship    uses its product class to
                                  1.) Define a reference part
                                                                      via code - on reference file        determine the account to book.
                                  FREIGHT for each plant on the
                                                                      category 321                        Only one account can be
Hours of operation:               Part Master where you want to
                                                                                                          booked using this method.
8:30 a.m - 6:30 p.m.              charge freight. At shipment          that indicates freight should be
(EST)                             time, the product class set-up      charged. This will generate a       2.) If Freight is entered as a
                                  is retrieved from the part          warning message so that the         reference part on the sales
Monday - Friday                                                                                           order, the line item will be
                                  master to be use as part of the     user will
(except U.S. Holidays)                                                                                    booked to an account based on
                                  key in reference file category       be reminded to enter freight, if
                                  302, which brings back the          applicable.                         the product class associated
                                  account the freight amount will                                         with the part. This allows
                                                                      2.) The actual freight charge
                                  be booked to.                                                           different freight accounts to be
                                                                      can be entered 1 of 2 ways:
                                                                                                          booked for different orders, or
                                  2.) Define a reference part            a. it can be entered as a line   multiple accounts within the
                                  FREIGHT for each warehouse                item on the sales order at    same order.
                                  within the plant(s) where you             SO entry or added to the

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