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									                      How to Blow Dry Your Hair Straight
One of the hottest hair styling trends in the U.S. today is super straight and shiny hair. To get this
hair style you can either go to a salon, or you can use your blow dryer and a brush. The steps and
products that you use to straighten your hair with a blow dryer will depend on what type of hair
you have.

Step 1 – Clean and Condition Your Hair

Before you straighten your hair you will need to wash it and condition like you normally would.
Make sure that you use a shampoo and condition that is designed for the type of hair that you
have. This will wash out styling product residues from your hair and make straightening your
hair easier. After your hair is clean you will want to towel dry your hair about half way. Your
hair should still be damp, but not wet.

Step 2 – Apply Heat Protection Products

Because your hair is going to be subjected to high heats to straighten it you need to apply a
product to your hair to protect your hair follicles from heat damage. There are several spray in
products like spray in conditioners that you can use to protect your hair. Or, if you straighten
your hair a lot, then you may want to pick up a salon product.

You may also want to use a straightening balm if you have extra curly or coarse hair. This
product can be found at most beauty supply stores and department stores.

Step 3 – Select the Right Tools

To straighten your hair with a blow dryer you will need three things. First you will need a hair
dryer. Next you will need a large, round brush. The third item is optional, but it makes things a
lot easier, and it is a hair dryer stand. The hair dryer stand will free up your hands for
manipulating your hair and the hair brush. (You may also want to use a large hair clip to keep
sections of your hair contained while you are working with other strands).

Step 4 – Straightening Your Hair

To start with turn on your hair dry and position it so that it is forcing most of its air directly at the
strand of hair that you are working with. Then select a strand of hair to straighten. Roll the
brush’s barrel under the selected hair strand and roll it down starting from the roots and go all the
way to the tip. Make sure that the heat is applied directly to the top section of your hair as you
brush it from the underside. Move the completed strand out of the way and then move on to your
next section of hair. Some strands of hair may take more than one pass to straighten completely.
Try not to over-dry your hair.

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