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					Confidential and Privileged Information                                   July 7, 2009


SUMA Executive Council Election Committee Panel

Sub: Nomination Application for SUMA Executive Council Positions

Dear Friends,

In follow-up to the email notification from Mr. Krishnakumar, the Vice President of San Antonio
United Malayalaee Association (“SUMA”) regarding the upcoming SUMA Annual election and
designated Election Panel to conduct the above election, we the designees are pleased to bring
you all the following details along with the “Nomination Application Form” for the
aforementioned task.

First and foremost, we would like to urge you all to carefully go through the key points described
below and also to refer the By-Laws of SUMA posted at website as a point of
reference and guideline prior to filling the attached “Nomination Application” for open electoral
positions available with SUMA’s Board of Executive Council.

After carefully reading and understanding the relevant background information, eligibility
criteria, rules and responsibilities you may offer your candidacy by completing the attached form
and submitting the completed and signed form in properly sealed envelope either in person or
by mail to the physical address of SUMA provided below. The sealed envelopes submitted or
delivered to the SUMA physical address will be securely kept in sealed condition until the
Election Committee Panel jointly open the nomination envelope and undersign for record. Please
note that the completed, signed nomination application form in properly sealed envelopes should
arrive at SUMA’s physical address not later than July 30, 2009.

As stated in the SUMA’s By-Laws, SUMA designated Election Committee Panel reserve the
right to decline/disapprove/reject any nomination applications either inappropriately submitted or
delivered or arrived to the physical address of SUMA past July 30, 2009 deadline. All questions
and concerns related to SUMA election and election proceedings shall be directed to one of the
following Election Committee Panel Members.

A copy of the attached Nomination Application can also be downloaded directly from web site.

   •    Election Committee Panel Members:
            o Vinod Nair, 8018 Rolling River, San Antonio, TX 78249 Phone: 210-364-4985
            o Joy Joseph, 5802 Barton Hollow, San Antonio, TX 78249 Phone: 210-272-0416
            o Harry Kochat, 2507 Steepleway, San Antonio, TX 78248 Phone: 210-378-3068
   •    SUMA’s Physical Address:
            o “SUMA”, C/O Mr. Vinayan Sasidharan, 3538 Pin Oak Drive, San Antonio, TX,
   •    Eligibility Criteria for Candidacy:
            o An active SUMA membership is a must. Memberships previously taken must be
                within a calendar year period time. If the previous membership was taken prior to
               the last one calendar year needs to be renewed along with the submission or
               delivery of the Nomination Application Form
          o Twenty one (21) years of minimum age
          o San Antonio resident with residential address fifty (50) miles perimeter of
               Metropolitan City Center.
          o SUMA members who are currently holding Executive Committee Council
               positions of any competitive organization are not eligible for the submission of
               SUMA Nomination Application
          o All Nomination Applications should be completely filled legibly and signed and
               dated by the candidate. Original completed, signed and dated application should be
               delivered to the above mentioned SUMA physical address. No PDF format or fax
               copies are acceptable.
          o In the event of making any typo while filling the application do not use erasers or
                   • Option 1: single cross over the typo or handwritten error, initial and rewrite
                       above, below or by side within the respective column
                   • Option 2: Download a fresh copy of the Nomination Application from
              and complete, sign and date.
   •   Deadline for Nomination
          o Please be aware that all nominations should be arrived at the SUMA physical
               address provided above on or before 5 PM on July 30, 2009
   •   Withdrawal of any already submitted nominations
          o The deadline for the withdrawal of any submitted nominations is August10, 2009.
               If you decide to withdraw your nomination, please feel free to do so but the request
               for withdrawal should be in a written format with candidate signature addressed to
               and submitted to the election panel members.
   •   Ballot Sheets:
          o After the scrutiny and evaluation of nominations by the Election Committee Panel
               Members, all Malayalees of San Antonio (members and non-members) will
               receive Ballot sheet and instructions along with an addressed stamped envelope.
               All Ballot sheets with instructions will be mailed between August 15 and August
               20, 2009
   •   Mailing Address:
          o In order for us to promptly and accurately mail Application for Nomination and
               Ballot Sheets, we need your correct addresses. We truly appreciate if you can
               access the following link to make sure the address on file is current. If there is any
               need for update, please go ahead and make the revision.
           o If you have any technical difficulties in accessing the above link, please contact
             Arun Nair.

Sincerely yours,

Vinod Nair
Joy Joseph
Harry Kochat

Cc: SUMA files.