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					Case Study: Transport & Logistics Company Identifies
High Risk Workers

One of the world‟s leading freight transport companies identified a strong relationship between
scores on Onetest’s Work Safety Assessment and workplace safety accidents, injuries and sick
days amongst truck drivers and dockhands.

These findings support research that shows, regardless of workplace safety training, policies and
procedures, some people are more likely to cause accidents and injuries than others due to their
attitudes and beliefs.

Business Problem

As one of the world‟s leading freight transport businesses, this company needed to find a way of
identifying high safety risk individuals in order to reduce incidents, and save time and money.

They completed a 12 month pilot of the Onetest Work Safety Assessment before rolling out
comprehensive pre-employment safety risk screening.


152 drivers and dockhands participated in the pilot study. Their Onetest Work Safety Assessment
scores were compared to actual workplace accidents, injuries and number of sick days.

This study found that compared to „low risk‟ employees those classified as „high risk‟ had:

         53% more road accidents
         39% higher accident costs
         2.5 times more medical treatment injuries (MTIs)
         3.5 times more serious injuries and more than double the total number of injuries
         11% more sick days.

Business Implications

The results of this study support the use of the Onetest Work Safety Assessment in screening
potential drivers and dockhands.

This will allow this company to confidently reduce workplace accidents and injuries by screening out
'high risk' candidates before they commence employment.

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What is the Point?

According to National Occupational Health & Safety Commission, 2005, each year:

       650,000 employees suffer work related injury or illness
       120,000 of these will take more than 5 days to recover
       More than 1.2 million weeks are lost each year as a result of safety related incidents
       The cost of workplace injury and illness in Australia is estimated to be $27 billion annually
       The average cost per injury is $10,000

Given the high cost of workplace injuries and legislative requirements to provide a safe working
environment, companies must do everything reasonable to reduce workplace safety incidents.

Onetest Work Safety Assessment (OWSA)

To reduce the incidence of injury and better control the risks in the work environment, the Onetest
Work Safety Assessment allows you to make an informed decision about the risks you take with the
people you hire.

This 10 minute Onetest Work Safety Assessment was developed based on a significant body of
psychological research which shows that the attitudes and beliefs predict the likelihood of suffering
an injury or accident within the workplace. Some individuals, by virtue of their attitudes and
beliefs, are inherently more likely to take risks, ignore safety procedures, and ignore safety training.

This assessment is highly accurate, cannot be “faked”, and provides the following benefits:

       Identify „high risk‟ individuals          Reduced absenteeism
       Fewer workplace accidents                 Reduced compensation costs
       Reduced involuntary turnover              Increased safety awareness

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