Application of Electrical Impedance Tomography for imaging in bio by hcj


									      Application   of Electrical
      Impedance     Tomography
       Imaging   in Bio-Medical
           and         Materials

         Progress Report

 A) Project Number          :01-02-03-SF0024
 B) Project Title           :Application of Electrical Impedance
                             Tomography for imaging in bio-
                             medical and materials technology

 C) Project Leader          :Farrukh Nagi
 D) Period of Performance   :18 months
 E) Date of Commencement    :December 2006
 F) Date of Completion      :May 2008
II. Description

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a non-invasive
imaging technique that has applications in the crack detection ,
medical field [1] and industrial processes. For instance,EIT has
been used to image lung functions.
Additionally, EIT has been used
to determine pulp consistency,
which can be integrated into a
process control loop in the paper
manufacturing process.

EIT is based on the principal that different materials have
different electrical properties. EIT imaging exploits these
properties (i.e. impedance) to produce a cross sectional image in
a non-invasive manner.
III. Gantt Chart
Contd ……Gantt Chart
IV. Project activities                       From Date To Date

• Purchasing Activity                             01/12/2006 01/09/2007
 Electrical Impedance Tomography - updates       01/01/2007 01/05/2008
 Design Criteria and equipment selection         01/01/2007 01/06/2007
 Computer modeling and development of Inverse
 Boundary value problem                          01/04/2007 01/12/20
 Development of Target equipment                 01/06/2007 01/05/2008
• Application program interface                   01/06/2007 01/05/2008
• Testing, experimentation, performance measure   01/07/2007 01/05/2008
• Integration of Hardware                         01/08/2007 01/11/2007
• Computer interfacing                            01/09/2007 01/12/2007
V. Key Milestones

 Milestones                                          Date
 Mathematical implementation of inverse boundary
 value problem                                     01/01/2008
• Hardware and software interface                   01/06/2007
• Interface with Target                             01/12/2007
• Image re-construction                             01/04/2008
• Project Completion                                01/05/2008
 VI. Expenditures

•Total amount approved:       RM 139,000

•Total amount spent:          RM 53, 800

•Balance                      RM 85,200

•Development of electrode tank + accessories
and Purchase order approved for DAQ

• Purchase orders photo copies are available
VII. Work Completed

   Inverse boundary value problem -computer
   Computer simulation and verification of the
   Electrode tank is manufactured
Inverse Algorithm Problem Solving
with FEM
EIT -Simulation in Matlab
  EIT -Electrode Tank for Experiment

Electrodes for connection with Hardware
Multi-Channel Matrix Data Acquisition
System Awaited....
    VIII. Problem Faced in Procurement
    of Data Acquisition Equipment :
    ~RM 44, 000
   Funds were not sufficient to make the purchase in
    May 2007
   Written letter to MOSTI, June 2007, for early
    release of funds for the purchase
   Dec. 2007, No reply............
   Funds were made available by RMC-UNITEN from
    other resources
   Jan 2008, restart the purchasing activity as the
    quotation expired and re-process the procurement
   April 2008 – Agent of the Equipment ‘National
    Instrument’ is in receipt of supplying the
    equipment now
IX. Request for Extension In Project
• Request for one year extension
• Sufficient budget
• Extension is requested to complete the Imaging
  process from the purposely build electrode tank

                    Activities            May, 08   May, 09

        Application program interface

        Development of Target Equipment

        Testing, experimention,
        Performance measure

        Integration of Hardware
        Computer Interfacing

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